i joke to keep from crying

Time Out.

Hi. Jakei here. The real one.

I’m gonna delete the latest posts because this silly game is over. I learned something about this…”kind” of excersise. It was funny, but very serious as well..

Let’s get straight to the point.

In three days Underverse will have one year since I created the first animation, the pilot showing my favorite Sanses from de AUs. 

When I had the chance I tried to said all time this project started as a mistake, like a lucky moment to show people my love for art and videogames. But I learned to stop calling this story like that. Is just something that came up to my mind and made me feel more confident to do something I love with the chance to earn money with this to accomplish my goal to have my own house where I can live in peace with my only family that is my mother.

That’s my main goal. So, don’t think the rushers and haters are making me feel bad and forcing me to quit. I had to deal with real rude and evil people before, getting paid for being humillated from Mondays to Saturdays and coming back home crying because of a real stressing and miserable situation. I don’t think this is the same case here. I’m not receiving money from them. I keep with this because is a way when I can reach my goal giving love to my current job as a independent artist.

The latest posts were just for joking but I realized that some people was taking it too seriously. I’m very, very sorry for worrying you, but also I want to thank you for supporting me. Please don’t hate people who was involved into that shitpost, and don’t hate people who are really trying to hurt me. I don’t want you get hurt or having a bad time trying to defend me. 

Unlike other cases similar to this one. I learned to stop worrying about this. I prefer ignore this or even taking this with humor like I did this week for distract myself in some way due the delay of Underverse 0.3 has been a bit stressful to me because I’ll continue animating until the video is released. Stereohead Studios has also many important things to do so blaming someone is just useless and unfair.

Something that I’ve learned from other big artists that I admire with all my soul like Crayon Queen and Myebi/ Comyet… is that we have enough living hard situations in this world, in our personal lives, and the less thing we can do as recognized artists in this fandom is trying to make our blogs a nice place and spread positive feelings despite hatred and the amount of terrible asks people make to them, because we’re motivating people and teaching kindness and respect to each other.  Not for nothing exists options on this platforms to avoid those bad comments. Is a waste of time crying and messing up your entire day because two or three guys said something that could hurt you. 

Is not that hard when you’re used to it.

Those guys don’t even know you and You don’t know them. So… man… why even waste your thoughts and feelings when you can keep working on your own stuff and improving your skills? Making a space for you and your fans to laugh, to smile, to show you how far have you came because of their support.

You’re doing something you love and that matter. Probably others not, probably they won’t have to deal with this style of life. And I’m sure many of us started to be recognized thanks to this fandom. Everyone started with a little level or we was too shy to show our stuff. 

Drawing well, animating well, telling amazing stories won’t decide your happiness if you’re not happy, if you don’t try to trust happiness and show them that you’re really fighting for that.

If you feel your blogs or another places with things like “uuh I don’t like this thing i made” “I suck” “this person told me that and i’m so upset i hate them” “that person made something terrible go and hurt them because them deserve it” “i love what i do but my life is hell” “i’m tired of x and y because they want z” … things can’t change in your life if you don’t start by yourself.

I thought many times about cancel Underverse and leave this fandom, not only because of haters and stuff. It was because I was judged by many of other big artists that doesn’t like this kind of fandoms and are working in their own projects. I thought it was unfair because I was getting recognition because something that I didn’t create. I just created a fan story. 

I’m pretty sure when I post the next animation the chaos will be back again but I don’t even care. I don’t have 100k yet so I don’t have a multitude telling me what to do and asking me when. Anyway, if I had them, I wouldn’t still care. Because I have clear what to do and how to make it works. I’m not here just for teaching people how to draw or animate. I’m here too for showing them how to be nice and patient and how those two things can bring you to a better way to see the world. 

That we are real, nice people and we’re having fun, putting effort and love when we’re making something for you. Fandom or not fandom content.

Have a nice day.

And XGaster.

To the corner. Right nao.

the types as things they've all said to me

ENFJ: “yeah i’ve take the personality tests a few times and it can never type me, i always get like 50/50 on each of the things, so i’m really balanced; i’m EXXX” (bitch MORE than 2 of you have said this to me, you are all problematic and project those questions onto yourselves you fake ass hoes)
INFJ: “i should start a psychic business and pretend to take people’s fortunes because i’m so good at this.” (this was said after she guessed that her boyfriend would get a 96 on his philosophy exam after he had gotten a 97 on the last one, and was exactly correct. tl;dr every INFJ is a demon)
ESFJ: “i get to take care of you and treat you until you’re better!” said with real tears in his eyes after i had rolled my ankle and it was the size of an actual softball. he held my hand as he said it.
ISFJ: “i’m trying my best!” said very flusteredly (it’s a word, shut up) after we poked fun at the fact that he was still 4 labs behind on homework. he was also on youtube at the time.
ESTJ: “joe hasn’t answered me and we’re leaving for austria for spring break in TWO months and i need a plan for what we’re going to do the first weekend ASAP or i’m going to literally kill him with my bare hands.”
i have no more context to add to this, yall are literally just the most extra people i’ll ever meet.
ISTJ: “i feel like…” and then you proceeded to lie to me because none of you have felt anything, ever.
ESFP: “what’s happening?! should i talk to him?! should i ignore it and be oblivious?! idk what to do im not an intuitive!” said when i was pissed at everybody and he accidentally got the brunt of my rage. you are all pure and naive and just want to have a good time and i respect that; you do you, boo boo the fools, just keep doing you.
ISFP: “i’m about to make a transatlantic flight to austria to instill the fear of god into every one of those girls playing with joe’s heart over there.” said about her little brother while still in her horse riding gear, in between walking from the dinner table to her laptop to watch sherlock and dr. who. im 100% not joking about this, her name is Mary Duran and she paints on the side too.
ESTP: “well, enough of that.” said moments after crying for two minutes, and seconds before throwing a lawn chair across the yard and breaking a window because he didn’t know how else to process his emotions. @everyESTP, pls get help.
ISTP: “HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF A FUCKING BLINKER. USE YOUR BLINKER BEFORE I SLIT YOUR THROAT.” (this is literally every time i’m in the car with him, no matter what, no matter how long; tl;dr every one of you shouldn’t drive, ever.)
ENTP: “but was kant really that bad?” said by some hoe in one of my higher level philosophy classes as he introduced us to Irrelevantland™. stick to your memes and stop antagonizing every person you meet you bored ass mfs.
INTP: “the old lady thinks i’m going to fix our neighbor’s AC, which means i have about 45 minutes to get to a town 34 minutes away to see if the guy has one of the car parts i’ve been looking for. it’ll cost about $200-$220, but i gotta take the money out in small increments around town so she doesn’t get suspicious.” said by my best friends dad, in reference to his wife and his unhealthy obsession with fixing up old, unusable cars.
ENTJ: “socrates was probably the dumbest person to ever live, and i wrote an entire 12 page paper on it and got an A.” (i have no more to add to this; you’re all just as bad as the ESTJs and must be stopped.)
INTJ: “that was a good burn. i think i’m going to like you.” said to me after i said something witty and sarcastic to my ENFP best friend. p.s. every INTJ has an XNFP best friend, it’s just a fact, accept it).
ENFP: “hey remember how you’ve been telling me for the past three months that im overcommitting myself and doing too many things? well today after my seventeenth breakdown of the semester so far, i realized that you might be right.” (said by my best friend. not much else to add to this, really; you’re all insane.)
INFP: “my friend brought me a puppy between classes today and it was only the second of four times i cried today.”

I Must Not Tell Lies

Request from anonymous: Prompts “You hide it in jokes and sarcasm, but I can see how broken you are” and “Who did this to you?”

Thank you anon! I decided to base this around Umbridge’s year (Order of the Phoenix) and the reader was Cedric’s best friend and is dating Draco, and Umbridge says that Cedric’s death was just an accident and says bad things about him so they stand up for him and get punished.

**** NOTE!! The lesson is not based on the actual lesson, therefore it is not word for word!!! :)****

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Dialogue Prompts

1) “I want people to tremble when they see me.” “And I want some coffee sweetheart, and let me tell you, only one of these wishes is gonna be coming true.”

2) “I’m not as damaged as I seem, I swear.”

3) “I will move sea and sky to ensure their safety.”

4) “This isn’t me, I’m not this person.”

5) “I’m so sorry.” “Don’t you dare say that word like it changes anything you’ve done.”

6) “Hey, hey, calm down, they can’t hurt you anymore.”

7) “Stop treating me like a little kid!” “You are a little kid.” 

8) “If you keep screwing around like this you’re going to get yourself killed.” “I hope so.” “You shouldn’t joke about things like that.” “Who said I was joking?”

9) “I have no words left for you, I won’t waste my time here.”

10) “Darling don’t try that, you know it’ll never work.”

11) “You make me sick to my stomach, in all honesty, I’d be fine never seeing you again.”

12) “So from the bottom, of my cold, dead heart, screw you.”

13) “Don’t waste your time on me love, I’m a lost cause.”

14) “The skies are crying for you darling, some call it rain.”

15) “You’re wrong.” “I’m always wrong.”

16) “Please don’t do this, you’re only going to hurt the people you love.” “Who said I ever loved them?”

17) “I know this isn’t a smart decision-” “Then I would recommend not doing it.”

18) “I hope you know how much I-” “Awww, love me?” “No, hate you.”

19) “I trust you.”

20) “Well this has gone horribly wrong.”

Bts reacting to you two breaking up!

Request: Bts reaction-breakup


He wouldn’t necessarily be upset at you or put you at fault, he’d just want to talk it out and see exactly where you guys went wrong. This doesn’t mean his heart wouldn’t ache. He’d also try to turn everything into a life lesson… more than usual.

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Jin would probably let the kids starve including himself. He wouldn’t be very useful and would just lay around. Fake smiles and no dad puns. He would talk to his mates, one on one, if they asked him if he needed to talk. He’d cry to them and accept their hugs.

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He’d try to put up a front but once the boys figured out something was wrong and asked him he’d start bawling then and there. He’d want to do something to keep his mind off of it, dancing. He’d be in the practice room practicing for hours until someone made him stop and rest.

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I know he may seem like a tough guy but I feel like he’d cry himself to sleep for a while. He’d use this as a life lesson and interpret it into his music. Would want some space away from the boys and would take lone walks at night.

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He’d try to cover his sad aura with jokes and smiles. If he wasn’t distracting himself and everything was still and quiet he’d think about the break up and become a sad mopey Tae. Would most definitely cry but all in all would try his best to keep being bright for the ones around him.

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He would be visibly upset. Pouty, mad, sad, all the negative emotions would be there. He wouldn’t want to talk to anyone about it and would stay away from the members. Would slowly but surely get over it but he’d want to do it by himself.

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He’d become irratable, get mad very easily. Wouldn’t want to talk about it with anyone until he felt the urges to cry go away. If he did feel the urges he’d storm away into his room and wouldnt come out for a long time. Would try to distract himself with hours of the gym and days of video games.

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Are these accurate? Most likely not but I honestly don’t know how they’d react bc I dont like imagining my babies sad let alone seeing them cry. So at the anon who sent me this, why you hurt me? I started crying once I got to Yoongi. ;-; Tell me what you think about this!

Somebody Else Pt 6

Pt 1 Pt 2 Pt 3 Pt 4 Pt 5 

Genre: Smut, Angst, college AU

Pairing: Jungkook x reader x Taehyung

Summary: You had met Jungkook on a summer day at the age of 10,  at 12 you became best friends,  at 14 you had your first kiss,  at 15 you fell in love and at 16 you made love. You’ve never really knew what heartbreak was until at the age of 18 he broke your heart.

Inspired by Somebody else by the 1975.

A/N: Sorry if i have grammar mistakes, English is not my first language.

I didn’t know which of the three photos to pick so I put the three of them lol. 

You stopped abruptly and turned around to see one of the worst things you’ve ever seen, Jungkook sprawled on the floor, blood sprouting from his body, eyes closed and body covered with glass. You feared the worst, running to his figure lying on the ground you crouched, crying and calling his name.

“Please don’t leave me, please. SOMEBODY CALL AN AMBULANCE!”

You felt the air being sucked from your lungs the minutes it took the ambulance to get to the place and the path from the accident to the hospital, tears flowing from your eyes incessantly, unsteadily breathing while you strongly held Jungkook until the doctors took him away to the emergency room and you had to let go of him.

Three tortuous hours passed before the surgeon emerged from the emergency room.

“We have stabilized him, he suffered a fracture in two of his right ribs and a spleen rupture, but we were able to close the wound fast enough.” The doctor explained to you, blood returning to your pale face.

“Are you a relative of the patient? I need you to sign these papers that authorize Mr. Jeon’s hospitalization,” the doctor asked.

“I am his girlfriend,” you replied without really thinking, the weight of those words quickly making effect in your mind, you pushed the thought to the back of your mind.

“That will suffice, please sign here” the surgeon handed you some papers and a pen to sign them, you signed them quickly and gave them back to him.

“You can see him in an hour when he is taken to intensive care” the doctor told you before turning around and leaving.

That hour served you a bit to think about the events that had happened in the last weeks, your feelings for Jungkook, your feelings for Taehyung, Jungkook’s thought of  him being ripped from your life forever, his almost lifeless body lying on the pavement , you never wanted to see or feel the same thing again in your life. It was terrifying to think that someone could disappear from your life with the snap of two fingers. What had happened was your fault, because you were the one who ran away from the place without looking back, no mattering that Jungkook was running after you, shouting your name, imploring you to listen.

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How MM Characters React to Finding Out You're Pregnant


  •  He already noticed slight changes to your mood and body before you did. 
  •  At first he thought it might be the flu, but that thought changes when you are too tired for your usual love fest in bed.
  • “I’m sorry, Jumin. I’m too tired tonight.”
  • Elizabeth 3rd also becomes extra clingy to you. 
  • Jumin makes you go to the doctor and they can’t find anything wrong. He insists to do further tests but you beg him not to.
  • “It’s probably stress, Jumin. I’ll be fine.”
  • Wrong answer. Jumin has cleared your schedule until he feels like you’re feeling better. 
  • A week later you realize your period hasn’t happened. 
  • Jumin knew this before you and scheduled another doctor’s appointment after asking Jaehee to research information on missed periods (poor Jaehee.)
  • He makes you go back to the doctor for blood work. Suddenly this all makes sense: The fatigue, your bras no longer fitting, and feeling sick. 
  •  The doctor walks in with the good news. “Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Han. You’re going to be parents.”
  • Jumin doesn’t say anything at first. His face loses color. The news is a surprise. 
  • “Sweetheart, are you okay?” You ask. You’ve never seen him this way before.
  • He nearly faints from processing all the emotions he is feeling on the way out of the doctor’s office.
  • Jaehee cancels all of Jumin’s meetings for the week citing “exhaustion” as the cause.  
  • Jumin holds you close to him later on that night, confessing he is both terrified and delighted at the news. He wonders if Elizabeth 3rd will feel jealous. omg really jumin. 
  • “I’m sure she’ll be happy too,” You whisper in his ear as you accidentally fall asleep on his chest. 
  • He admires the glow your face is beginning to show as you sleep peacefully. 


  • You’ve been much more emotional lately. 
  • Every time Zen had to leave on set you find yourself crying, but why?
  • You even beat yourself up about it. “Why am I acting so strange..?”
  • Zen invites you to come on set with him one day and you’re immediately say yes! 
  • You couldn’t help but keep refilling your plate with cakes from catering. Zen tries to crack a joke “You are what you eat, huh babe?” 
  • But it backfires.
  • It backfires BAD. 
  • You walk away sobbing. This is entirely out of character. 
  • “Wait! BABE! I’m so sorry!” He runs after you and pulls you in for a hug. 
  • You sob into his chest for a few minutes and then go silent.
  • He pushes you in front of him to see what’s wrong. “Babe…?” 
  • Your face turns white and you go limp in front of him. 
  • Zen FREAKS out and immediately yells for someone to help. 
  • He carries you himself to the ambulance and he demands you get rushed you to the hospital. 
  • The paparazzi outside of the set take photos of the incident. A video is uploaded to Youtube.
  • You regain consciousness when arriving to the hospital. “What’s…what’s going on?” 
  • Zen cries with joy seeing you’re awake and hugs you. “Shh. Just rest, my princess. We’ll find out. I love you.” 
  • He refuses to leave your side as the hospital runs a bunch of tests, but, you tell him he should get something to eat while they do an ultrasound. 
  • The doctor comes in a couple hours later and tells them it was a combination of exhaustion and dehydration.  “This is a common symptom in pregnancies. She’ll need to make sure she drinks more fluid and get rest.”
  • Wait. What? Both you and Zen look at the doctor with confusion.
  • The doctor informs the two of you that you’re already 13 weeks pregnant. He gives Zen a picture of the ultrasound showing a little baby bean! 
  • You start crying at news. It’s happy tears. Eventually Zen starts crying too. He’s just as happy. 


  • It’s not secret you and Yoosung wanted to have kids immediately.
  • You two tried every month for six months. 
  • You have a bulk stash of HCG strips in the bathroom, an ovulation 
    tracker on the your phone, and have read every article online on how to improve your chances at becoming pregnant.
  • Every month your period came, Yoosung started to doubt himself. 
  • “Is.. Is there something wrong with me?”
  • You’d hold him and reassure him. “Don’t say that. There’s nothing wrong with you! Sometimes it just takes time, I guess.” Deep inside, you wondered if there was actually something wrong with you instead.
  • After a year of trying, you both go to a fertility specialist to have tests done. 
  • The specialist tells the both of you there is a problem with your ovulation. They immediately start on you a treatment plan with fertility drugs. 
  • You act okay with the news, but in reality you are the opposite of okay. 
  • Yoosung finds you crying underneath the covers and panics. 
  • “Please don’t cry! It’s not your fault!”
  • Soon he’s crying too. 
  • By the third treatment cycle you start to notice changes in your body.
  • You start doubting your feelings. You try to remain calm. 
  • Every day you and Yoosung talk about all of your different things happening with your body.
  • When you take one of your test strips at home you notice a second faint line, causing your heart to skip a beat.
  • “Yoosung! LOOK!” 
  • Each test on each day has a darker, and darker second line. You two get hopeful. It’s been a hard two years, but it feels like you two are getting to the light at the end of the tunnel. 
  • You two are SO nervous at the fertility specialist. Yoosung can barely breathe.
  • The fertility specialist confirms what you two have been dreaming. You are pregnant!
  • Yoosung sobs tears of joy at the news.  You two are so happy to finally become parents. 
  • The fertility specialist interrupts the celebration with even more good news.
  • “There’s just one thing…”
  • He shows on the screen there are four baby beans. 
  • FOUR.


  • Remember that one time he wanted to leave evidence he existed on you?
  • Well he wanted to do that again on your honeymoon. And then some. 
  • A couple months later you notice you are craving Honey Buddha Chips and Doctor Pepper more than normal.
  • At first Saeyoung thinks it’s really cute how much junk food you’re eating.
  • And then he realizes an entire giant box of Honey Buddha Chips are gone. 
  • He asks Saeran first if he knew what happened to them.
  • “Why would I eat all of your chips? I saw your wife with the box. Ask her.”
  • And then he wonders if maybe you’re emotionally eating.
  • What if she regrets our marriage? 
  • Later on in the day you visit Saeyoung in his computer room where he’s playing LOLOL. “Hey… Saeyoung.. we need to talk.”
  • Your voice makes him immediately spin around. He has tears in his eyes. “I.. I knew this day would come.” 
  • Your heart immediately sinks. “I’m.. I’m so sorry Saeyoung!”  You feel even more guilty at eating his precious Honey Buddha Chips as you add “I’ve been so hungry lately and they just taste so good. I’m so sorry for eating them I will never do it again!” 
  • Saeyoug looks at you confused. “Wait? You’re not leaving… me?”
  • “I WOULD NEVER LEAVE YOU.” omg you stupid idiot i love you. 
  • Suddenly you feel hot and sick. You run to the bathroom covering your mouth.
  • Saeyoung panics when he hears you vomit in the bathroom. It’s enough to get Saeran out of his room too. 
  • He’s never heard you this sick before and makes you go to bed. This goes on for a week. 
  • Soon he’s starting to search for answers online. He even goes to WebMD.
  • When you’re sleeping he calls Jaehee in a panic, worrying you might be dying and because you both are girls maybe she would know how women things work. 
  • Jaehee calmly explains to him that you’re not dead and dying. She suggests to him that you may be pregnant and should take a test. (I guarantee she facepalmed at the convo.)
  • A week later, you’re start having suspicions too. You look at the calendar and realize you haven’t had a period in two months.  “Could it be..?” 
  • You go to tell Saeyoung you think you’re pregnant and He confesses he already purchased a bunch of pregnant tests for you.
  • You think that’s the most romantic thing ever and hug him to pieces. 
  • He waits outside while you figure out how to use to use the test. How do girls pee on this thing omg. The test immediately comes back as positive. 
  • You rush out of the bathroom with the test in hand. You both are sobbing tears or joy together. 
  • You lean in to kiss him when you’re stomach starts to growl again. 
  • “Can.. Can I have more Honey Buddha Chips?” 
  • He’ll be glad to give you anything for you and the baby. 
Kaldur/Aqualad X Reader-  Laughing Jackass (Sequel to ‘I Say We Follow Him’)

“Just tell us who she is, Bart!” Gar begged through the mind link, barely dodging a bullet from one of the hired assassins.  “Kaldur won’t tell us anything!!”

“No way, dude, I don’t want to reveal any spoilers!” Bart replied while knocking out one of the assassins.  “Plus Kaldur threatened me….”

A boisterous amount of groans echoed through the mind link until Kaldur stated: “Focus on the task at hand, not my personal life you invaded.”

The link remained silent for a few minutes until Robin broke the silence, “There’s a new hostile in the field.  Um, forget that, they’re attacking the bad guys.”

“Do not attack, I will deal with this,” Kaldur stated and started running your direction.

You knew that it would be risky to join in the battle when Kaldur’s team was at the location where you tracked the assassins/mercenaries you’ve been searching for months, but it was the only time where you had a confirmed location and you weren’t taking that chance.  It wasn’t your fault that the team was sent here, but you knew you had to lay low if you wanted to succeed.  Robin had spotted you when you were taking down the gunmen, but you had let him.  You needed to find Kaldur and make sure he knew what he was involving himself in.  You dodged a fist and wrapped your legs around the man’s neck, easily taking him down and knocking him out.  The sound of guns clattering made you freeze and slowly turn around, revealing dozens of soldiers armed from head to toe.  You smirked, took in a deep breath, and let out an ear-deafening Canary Cry that caused all of the men to be forced back against the building, which was now damaged.  Debris continued to fly in the direction of the men until you ran out of breath, instantly letting the man and debris fall to the ground.  Once you regained your breath, you ran into the building, leaving dozens of unconscious men behind you.  You listened carefully as you were cautiously sneaking through the building, taking down anyone you came across silently and quickly.  As soon as you cleared through the men, a hand grabbed your waist and pulled you into a room.  You struggled, but calmed down when you recognized the voice of your assailant.

“What are you doing here?” Kaldur asked quietly, releasing you from his grip.

“Finally shutting down the group of assassins and mercenaries that I’ve been tracking down for months, what about you?” you questioned and walked over to a wall, tearing off the vent cover before climbing in.

Kaldur sighed, “You could join the team and make this process simpler.”

“Where’s the fun in that?”


You sighed as you watched the assassins and mercenaries being shoved into trucks, enjoying the feeling of relaxation and the cool wind on your skin.  Kaldur and his team left to return back to their headquarters, but he promised that he would return once he was finished with dealing with Batman.  


You froze, instantly recognizing who the voice belonged to.  Of course, Kaldur set you up or she found out you were here.  It had been so long since you had seen her, twelve years to be exact.

“Dinah,” you said and remained still, still keeping your eyes on the tiny people below you.  “How’d you know I was here.”

You heard footsteps behind you, “When the team described a hero that could produce a Canary Cry, I knew it was you.”

“I guess Batman isn’t the only detective,” you joked, trying to prevent the tears from forming in your eyes.

“Where have you been all of these years?” Dinah asked, taking a seat next to you on the edge of the roof.

“Around,” you replied.

“Do you know how I felt when the team told me that they saw you?  It has been over a decade and you decide to tell them to say you said ‘Hi’?”

“Probably pissed off you couldn’t find me first?”

She laughed, “That’s part of it.  I know we had some difficulties in the past, but I made a mistake when you left.  You were my family, but I let my emotions get in the way.  I understand if you wish to never see me again, but know that I regret what I did to you.”

“I don’t blame you, Dinah.  It’s not everyday you find out someone stole your DNA to build a better version of yourself,” you said and gestured yourself.  “You weren’t the whole reason why I left.  I left because I needed to find myself, I needed to understand who I was, not your mini me.”

She nodded, “I see.”

“I never used the name Laughing Jackass either,” you admitted.  “It was a cool name when I was a kid, but it was ridiculous, even for my adult standards.”

Dinah bursted out laughing, causing you to join in with her.  Once the two of you returned your breathing to normal, you both focused on the sunset and enjoyed the comfortable silence.

“Will you come back home?”

“I’ll give it a try, but only if you’re ready to get your ass handed to you.”

“I’ll take that chance.”


Bart smiled as he looked at the crumpled photo he brought with him from the future.  His parents were holding his small form, holding a worn down book that he kept for years until he came to the past.  His parents read about all kinds of superheroes when they were still alive, but it was your stories and adventures that truly inspired him to become the way he is.  You may have been created because of evil intentions, but you had changed your destiny and did great things.  You are his hero

Not Today (Pitch Shift)
Not Today (Pitch Shift)

방탄소년단 - Not Today

All the underdogs in the world

A day may come when we lose

But it is not today. Today we fight!

No not today

언젠가 꽃은 지겠지

Someday the flowers will wither

But no not today

그 때가 오늘은 아니지

That time is not today

No no not today

아직은 죽기엔 too good day

It’s still too good a day to die

No no not today no no no not today

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lab partners. (m)

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader x Jimin
Genre/Warnings: Smut | threesome, thigh riding, oral 
Word Count: 9,974 

Description: When you and Min Yoongi had first been assigned to be lab partners you thought that your fantasies about him would stay just that, fantasies. But now here the two of you are several months later involved in a full blown friends with benefits relationship. Things are going pretty well, you both get what you want when you need it, but what happens when new transfer student Park Jimin comes into the picture?

Note: This is technically a sequel to my fic lab partners (here) but it’s honestly so different that you can read this on its own. Also @cynicalsyub (:

Originally posted by lethargicmin

It was the intoxicating ministrations of his tongue that knocked you from your deep realm of sleep. Your eyes flew open as you felt the fiery sensation shoot through your core making you arch your back in pleasure. You felt his hands begin to dig into your thighs as he kept you pinned against the mattress. You looked down at yourself, already completely writhing in a white t-shirt that was most definitely not your own. You see the way his body is hidden by the mounds of covers, and you quickly pull them off of him so you can see the way he worked against your already dripping core.

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Radical SJW Culture is collapsing on itself hilariously with this Pewdiepie garbage.


Okay kids.

How about we worry about actual fucking Nazis, like Richard Spencer and the alt-right?

Nah, that would be real activism, better cry about a youtuber who made a problematic joke and demonize him and everyone associated with him.

I don’t even follow youtube/let’s player culture, I don’t even like Pewdiepie, but this is hilarious.  Keep having your meltdowns over nothing and ignoring real problems.

Supermarket Flowers

Words: 1600+

Warnings: death, cussing

Request: Can I request a Madison x reader fic where the reader is friends with the Hamilsquad and Mads comforts her after Alex’s death?

A/N: I got extra inspired while listening to ed sheeran’s supermarket flowers, so here you guys go!

You picked up the withered supermarket flowers from the windowsill, throwing it in the garbage. You forgot to water them, so they died within days. As you stared into the trash, you remembered the day you got them.

“I’m so sorry for your loss.”

“Oh, Y/N, I’m so sorry. I know how that must feel.”

“It will be okay Y/N, Alexander is in a better place now.”

“Y/N, please don’t cry. Aww, it’ll be alright. I’m here.”

“I’m so sorry for your loss.”

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Paper Hearts (Part 2)

Originally posted by tbhobi

Genre: Angst/fluff

♡ Pairing: Reader x Jungkook

♡ Length: 4.1k

♡ Summary: It has been nearly a year since you started writing anonymous letters to Jungkook, giving him words of encouragement behind the thin mask of a paper. He never considered you as a possible suspect behind these letters, because you were nothing more than a best friend. And you couldn’t put all the blame on him either, after all, you were too afraid to confess in fear of tarnishing your precious friendship.

Part 1 ♡ Part 2  ♡ Part 3

It was funny how things worked out in life. You had imagined this very scene for the past year, replaying it over and over in your mind until you could point out the most minor details in your sleep, yet why did it play out so differently in reality? Everything that could have gone wrong, did go wrong. As unsettling as it was to consider… maybe you didn’t know who your best friend really was.

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Mystic Messenger Starters:
  • “I’m just writing random BS to mock [NAME].”
  • “Dude, no need for your lip service.”
  • “I have to go wipe off my snot…”
  • “There’s a cage inside the house, so if you’re bored, why don’t you try going inside?”
  • “[NAME], hello. Please save me.”
  • “Why are you doing this to me…?”
  • “Damn.. don’t look at me like that!”
  • “Why aren’t you mad at me?”
  • “I want to make you happy, but I can’t..!”
  • “You hate me right now, right?”
  • “Haha… I’m joking. Kinda..”
  • “[NAME], be careful of the glass! You’ll get hurt if you step on it.”
  • “She keeps crying!”
  • “If you have a thing for maids, just say so.”
  • “What can you expect from a guy who only cares about himself?”
  • “Goodbye, my freedom.”
  • “Are you tattle telling?”
  • “I did see him read a book on dark magic….”
  • “You gave up trying to be sexy long ago, haven’t you?”
  • “I’ll be off to hell now.”
  • “You have no idea how cute you are fidgeting with your phone in bed.”
  • “He got hurt yesterday..”
  • “I should go drink more wine.”
  • “This feels like a dream..”
  • “I don’t think I can just leave you here and run away.”
  • “[NAME]!! There’s a squirrel over there!!! It just flew away!!”
  • “I made a mistake..”
  • “I kept getting more lost because of [NAME]’s whining.”  
  • “I’ll make strawberry pancakes for you tomorrow. What kind of tea do you like at breakfast?”
  • “But you’re a woman and he’s a man!!”
  • “If someone opens up his skill and studies his brain, I’m sure there will be something wrong with the part that’s responsible for emotions.”
  • “I can barely sleep.”
Fate, I Suppose

“George, stop pulling your sisters hair.” You say sternly from the stove, finishing breakfast. You walk over, placing the food on the table and within a minute the older boys are grabbing it. You ruffle Lucy’s hair, kissing her as the tears start to dry on her face.

“Where’s William?” You say, as George and Peter look at you with stuffed faces, Katie helping feed Lucy in her highchair. “Anyone?” You say, looking at your little army of children. They all shake their heads as you get the last bowl of food, trying not to spill all of it’s contents onto the floor as William runs by you, sitting in his seat.

“What are you-” You begin when you hear John coming down stairs.

“Toys fucking everywhere,” you hear John say annoyed, as he kicks things to the side, stomping angrily into the kitchen.

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Dating Fred Weasley Would Include..

Originally posted by stunning-i

- Being friends with Fred and George first

- Being the shy person that never breaks the rules and always trying to get them out of trouble but ending up in it

- ‘Come to have some more fun?’

- Fred gets a crush on you in year five when Umbridge comes around and you start standing up to her

- ‘What an ugly, insensitive, irritable, toad!’ / ‘You’re adorable when you’re angry, love’ / ‘I will destroy you.’

- So it’s pretty widely known that Umbridge hates muggleborns, right? So bonus if you’re a muggleborn and Umbridge gets a ban passed that PDA ain’t allowed in Hogwarts.

- Fred always holds your hand and kisses you in front of Umbridge

- ‘There’s my beautiful muggleborn girlfriend’ *kiss* ‘We still on for tonight?’

- Pansy Parkinson calls you a dirty mudblood once when you’re walking into the Great Hall and you lay her out

- ‘I don’t need a wand to kick your cowardice ass, you pureblooded bully’

- Fred has to forcefully remove you from the Great Hall

- You skip the next class because you need to calm down and yell about how unfair the world is

- Molly Weasley knits you a sweater and invites you over for dinner all the time during the summer vacation

- You help him run the joke shop

- You join the Order, Fred hates it, as does Molly

- You end up getting in a huge fight over it in the living room of 12 Grimmauld Place


- You finally break down, and Fred is there, as you cry and cry for what feels like hours

- You save his life during the Battle of Hogwarts

- and in turn he saves you from getting bitten by Fenrir Greyback

- After the war is over you end up moving in with him because houses are hard to afford

- He helps you restore your parents memory

- You take them to meet his family

- Arthur doesn’t stop talking to them about Muggle things for hours

- Life with him is good, for the most part.

Seventeen's Reaction To: Seeing Their S/O Cry

Honestly for me personally, crying freaks me out. Like I love you…please stop crying~! Anywho here we go~


  • Would cuddle you for hours until you felt better. He would also be the type to worry about you constantly. 

Originally posted by seokmind


  • Would let you have some space, but would constantly check on you. Until you finally cave and let him snuggle you for hours.

Originally posted by mountean


  • This lil cutie would sing for you and wouldn’t even think about letting you go unless you absolutely had to.

Originally posted by jishooua


  • Is also the type to give you quite a bit of space with the occasional check in. He’d always have that nagging feeling to comfort you though.

Originally posted by hoshijpg


  • Would hold you close and you would just sit in silence as you cried it out. Would blast out music for you two to listen to while you bawled your eyes out.

Originally posted by ftwonwoo


  • Would be very concerned as to why you’re crying and would give you anything you wanted.

Originally posted by seokmin---s


  • The type to be a worry wart. He wouldn’t want to smother you, but would be sad to now that his S/O is upset.

Originally posted by minghaon


  • He would honestly cry with you and maybe be a bit upset at whatever caused his beloved S/O to be so upset.

Originally posted by hosoeks


  • This ball of sunshine would be so hurt to see his usually bright and cherry S/O hurt. You know he’d cuddle the crap outta you!

Originally posted by ftwonwoo


  • Crying would honestly freak him out. I don’t think he’d be able to stand to see you so distraught. 

Originally posted by wonnhao


  • Even though he may joke around, I highly doubt that he would tease you for being upset. He’d want to comfort you.

Originally posted by wonnhao


  • We already know this boy would be terrified to see you cry. What would cause his small ray of sunshine to cry?

Originally posted by gyuhan-17


  • Would be a bit scared to see you cry, but at the same time would protect you as much as possible from you crying!

Originally posted by hosoeks

Awesome! Another request done! Keep sending them in please~

- Admin Ryn

The Signs as Kanye West quotes
  • Aries: “The plan was,we drink until the pain is over but whats worse,the pain or the hangover?”
  • Taurus: "Everything I'm not makes me everything I am."
  • Gemini: “I'll say things that are serious and put them in a joke form so people can enjoy them. We laugh to keep from crying.”
  • Cancer: "It ain't happened yet, and that's what intuition is."
  • Leo: “My greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.”
  • Virgo: "Believe in your flyness, conquer your shyness."
  • Libra: “If you admire somebody, you should go ahead and tell them.
  • People never get the flowers while they can still smell them.”
  • Scorpio: “I'm so gifted at findin' what I don't like the most.”
  • Sagittarius: “there's leaders, and there's followers...but I'd rather be a dick than a swallower."
  • Capricorn: "For me giving up is way harder than trying."
  • Aquarius: “I hate when I'm on a flight and I wake up with a water bottle next to me like oh great now I gotta be responsible for this water bottle.”
  • Pisces: "Shoot for the stars, so if you fall you land on a cloud."