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*GASP* EDGE, YOU HAVE OFFENDED ME!! I HEREBY CHALLENGE YOU TO A.....CHURRO DUEL!!!*dun dun dun!!* BLUEBERRY, BLACKBERRY!! BACK ME UP!! -the masked churro/churro libre (CL for short)

Ducky: Y-You’re going against The Great and Terrible Papyrus….with a churro. You’re either brave or stupid. I’ll pray for you.


Q: Why did you guys choose to go to Seidou high school?

Sawamura: It’s was to play baseball with Miyuki Kazuya, of course!!!

Furuya: *sleepy* I found out that Miyuki-senpai goes to Seidou when reading a newspaper about him.

Okumura: …Why should i tell you?


AM I DOING RIGHT?  ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ @sayhellochara

Is this how you join chara haven? 
the fact is 3 charas wanna join it 

Buddy (mine)
Cinnamon roll @digeridoodler
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does CARa count????? ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ jk

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If He Ain’t Gonna Love You

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 776

Warnings: swearing, mild angst, mention of a break up, mention of domestic violence (poss. trigger), light fluff.

**Inspired by the song “If He Ain’t Gonna Love You” by Jake Owen. A cliché storyline, but whatever. Enjoy.

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Whiskey was your best friend lately. It helped lighten the heaviness in your heart. It numbed the pain of the bruises. It forced you to sleep at night when nothing else helped.

Your fingers grazed over the bruise on your face. You winced, remembering the disgusting piece of shit who gave it to you, and how you finally mustered up the courage to walk out. You had been on the street for two days, living on virtually nothing. It had only been a few hours since you returned to the bunker, not knowing where else to go. You didn’t even have the chance to pack some of your things from your apartment before you rushed over to the only safe place you knew.

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Happy Valentine's Day! I actually came up with another Bughead prompt today. Basically, Betty injures herself doing a lift during cheer practice, and Jughead "just happens" to be there (really he was watching her cheer). Betty can't go home because she doesn't want her mother to get angry at her for being reckless, so Jughead takes her to his place and cleans up her wound. Lots of worried, protective Jughead :)

YOU GOT IT! You can tell how old this is (1) By it being sent on Valentine’s day and (2) Because it asks for Jughead’s place lol. Sorry about that, but I made it really long so I hope that helps :)

I improvised for the lack of jughead’s place + I have cheer experience so leggo (I have been informed this turned out super fluffy oops)

1311 words / G / AO3

It’s a sunny day at Riverdale High, with the cheerleaders and football team outside for practice due to the nice weather.

It’s the middle of cheer practice and time for the vixens to practice their lifts. This will be the first time in their new formation on the grass, and Betty is excited as she is going to be the flyer in this one. She is going up.

Veronica sees her excitement and comes up to her for the water break before they do their first attempt.

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Easily Bewildered

Bewildered; the first time someone used the word, I nearly laughed aloud.
There was a group of varied students sitting across the lawn, grouped together in the shade of a tree, all decked out in weird jewelry and with circles around their eyes, hurried pen ink on their wrists. I was at a picnic bench, sitting with my friends from lab, working on some report or something. There was a lull in the conversation, and the hushed voices, filled with awe, scattered across the grass of the lawn towards us. I was looking absentmindedly at my phone, and when I heard the strange phrase, I burst out laughing. Their voices were so quiet, almost afraid, and like so much else at this school, I didn’t take it into account. I instantly lumped them in with the other students, overly superstitious and quiet, clinging to their iron and their salt like this was some episode of Supernatural.
The first time I heard bewildered, I laughed. 

The second time, it was coming from the mouth of my Hall Advisor, in the longest informational lecture I’d gotten that year. I was sitting on a couch in the overly cramped common room, squished in-between two of my closest friends from bio lab, and we were already bored and over dramatically rolling our eyes at one another before it even began. They were talking firmly, as if they believed in everything they were saying, reminding us very sternly of the “advice” from the beginning of the year. Every year. It was about the third or fourth time I’d heard this lecture, despite not having been here that many years. Sometimes, I wondered if the weirdness would ever end, and just leave me to do my labs and lose my mind in peace.
“Don’t go out late at night, if you have to, make sure you stay on the path.” Well, duh. I looked to my right, and met the eyes of my lab partner, who was just perishing of boredom. I could tell she wanted to be on her phone, but we’d managed to be polite this far, so maybe we could make it to the end of the meeting. Our HA would appreciate it.
“Don’t go near the woods. We’ve had way more kids get bewildered this year, it’s not normal and you all really need to step it up.” I snickered. The friend to my left said something under eir breath, and my other friend suppressed a laugh, and we tried, really hard.
Our HA didn’t appreciate it. They stared us down for a moment, while some other students clutched their iron necklaces or slipped hands into pockets, making fists around what was probably salt, if I knew this floor well enough. I elbowed my lab partner in the side, and she shut up, em quickly following suit. Shockingly, we managed the rest of the meeting, finally slipping out and snickering, finally sharing all of the snide comments that had built up the whole time. Other students walked out glumly, faces pale, shoulders slumped.

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Welcome to the Madness - paxton1976 - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Finally got this done!  I wrote this at the request of my dear friend, @minatomano. This fic is complete madness.  It’s the theme throughout the entire story.  Logic is thrown out the window as is self-control.  It’s live in the moment, think of consequences later.  It’s bold, brash and licentious. 

Please make sure you read the tags.  It’s not for everyone. I really want everyone to be aware of what they’re getting into before they read. I will be watching the comments very closely with this fic.  I won’t tolerate haters.  Can’t say anything nice, don’t say it at all.

Hope you like it and thanks for reading.

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Underage
Relationships: Otabek Altin/Yuri Plisetsky, Otabek Altin & Yuri Plisetsky
Characters: Otabek Altin, Yuri Plisetsky, Jean-Jacques Leroy, Georgi Popovich, Katsuki Yuuri, Victor Nikiforov, Yakov Feltsman, Lilia Baranovskaya
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Developing Friendships, Throw Caution to the Wind, Impulse Control, Kissing, Male Homosexuality, Rough Kissing, Hand Jobs, One Shot, Smut, Shameless Smut

After seeing Yuri’s exhibition program, both he and Otabek lose themselves to their own madness.

“What are you going to do about it?” the teen asked lowly, provoking the other.

“Are you serious?” Otabek demanded, “You have no idea what you’re asking.”

“Oh, but I do,” Yuri said, “I’m on a high right now. It’s intoxicating. I don’t care what happens. I want the madness to take over. Join me.”