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Guess who’s finally joining the Fatesona bandwagon ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Anyway, I decided to go for Mercenary because a) it has been my favourite class since FE7 (I mean ngl, it’s also mostly bc of Raven LMAO), and b) I’m like, 98% Nohrian scum, so ofc I gotta pick a Nohrian unit, and also c) Mercenary/Hero outfits are hella cute. I just did a bit of adjustment for my Fatesona’s outfit bc I prefer pants over skirts

Oh, and also shoutout to @cynphonium @fabledtactician and @yuruya for their wonderful Fatesonas and for giving me the motivation to finish this lol

EDIT: I’ve made a new ref here~ (sort of)

Okay, I am officially joining the delulu/reaching Kaisoo shipping bandwagon and am going to contribute a little.

I had never noticed it, and never saw anyone commenting about it, so here I go. I was watching Showtime for the nth time and noticed this:

When they were describing each other’s faces in ep. 1, Baekhyun said this about Kyungsoo:

Notice where he is looking at. Instead of looking at Kyungsoo (since he is talking about him) or at the camera, he is looking at the left (his right) side. In the second pic, it looks like Kyungsoo is also looking at the same direction. And guess who was sitting in that direction?

Yes, you guessed right. Jongin (this pic is of an earlier moment, that’s why they are looking at Luhan, who was about to choose the most handsome member. But you get my point.).

What does this mean? I don’t know. But why would they look at Jongin when Baek was talking about Kyungsoo? Yes, I know. Weird.

Death is Whimsical Today

So recently I have joined the Overwatch bandwagon and not only have I fallen in love with all the fanart, the lore, and the game (when I wasn’t being massacred by better players), but I fell in love with Zenyatta and Genji.

Their relationship (whether it be platonic or romantic) is the embodiment of recovery, trust, and friendship… something that cannot be overlooked in the story.

This idea has been kicking around in my head for a while now and it overlaps with one of Zenyatta’s quotes: “Death is Whimsical Today”. Possibly a drabble, nothing more.

— Death is Whimsical Today —

The mission was wrapping up. It started as it usually does: the team raced to a payload that carried an EMP device that was slated to be delivered to the Omnic Underground by an organization with Anti-Omnic sentiments. It needed to be stopped.

Soldier 76 lead the team with Tracer and Genji following him into battle. Mercy and Hanzo followed at a steady pace and lastly the Omnic Monk Zenyatta strayed behind the Angel.

The enemy did not seem to be Talon, but that didn’t mean the shadow organization did not have a hand in this mission.

Gunmen attempted to keep the EMP moving, but to no avail. The Overwatch offense was strong and their defense was stronger. The enemy either laid strewn about the ground unconscious or had run off in fear.

The plaza where the statue of the Shambali leader, Master Mondatta, fell silent with the hum of the floating payload as the only sound. Before Tracer jumped high into the air and pumped her fists up, “Woo~ we got'em!”

She zipped over to Mercy’s side and hugged the medic, “That was neat, right Love~?” The high of battle and victory caused her to giggle as she appeared suddenly by Soldier’s side as he pulled out the heart of the device: computer and microchips alike.

Genji sheathed his sword and made his way to his master, who serenely levitated in front of the sculpture dedicated to his brother. “Are you unharmed, Master?”

Zenyatta hummed in ascent and continued to gaze upon the memorial. The ambiguous answer did nothing to quell his thoughts, so Genji asked, “Does the suffering of the Omnics here trouble you, Master?”

He was silent for a moment longer before turning his unblinking gaze to Genji and replied, “It does… my brother, Mondatta, gave much to improve their lives… but it was not to be.”

The monk’s demeanor changed slightly as he raised one of his hands out to the orb constantly gyrating in the statue’s extended hand and he added, “He understood the danger he would have been placing himself in as he set out to spread the word of peace… I will always respect him in his convictions, but wonder if things would be different if he chose another method to share the Shambali beliefs.”

Genji paused before tentatively replying, “You always told me not to dwell on what could have been-” He cut himself off and added, “I-It’s that… it does not seem right for you, the wisest person I know, to question the past.”

This earned him a synthesized chuckle from Zenyatta, who’s aura shifted to enrapture by his student’s words, “Even the teacher can learn from his student…”

“I am only telling you what you have taught me in my more darker times.” Mumbled Genji, his master’s words caused a blush to dust his scarred cheeks.

Zenyatta conveyed a smile despite his facial expression not changing and his hand now reached for his student’s shoulder when something caught his eye.

A shadowed figure stood upon the rooftops and was aiming for Genji’s back. Center Mass.

Without a moment of hesitancy, Zenyatta used his slightly extended hand to forcefully push his pupil out of the range of the attacker.

His audio sensors heard Genji grunt and there mingled with his voice, was the whiz of a bullet that struck him in the chest.

Zenyatta lost control of his orbs that scattered among the floor and he couldn’t recall when he fell to the cobblestone ground exactly.


Genji did not think of the danger that was elusive as a spider.

He did not see Hanzo fire an arrow in the direction of the sniper’s hiding spot. He did not hear Tracer zip up to find the attacker nor did he feel Mercy approaching him.

His hands numbly reached out for his Master and he pulled Zenyatta into his arms; cradling the Omnic as if he were made of fine china.

Zenyatta shakily reached for Genji’s helm and caressed it as he said in a softening tone, “Death is Whimsical Today…”

Genji shook her head fiercely and grasped his Master’s hand into his, “Death cannot take you, Master! You must stay with me!”

The nine brilliant blue chakra points upon Zenyatta’s forehead were dimming, meaning that the sniper was about to claim a kill.

“Master…. please…!” Beseeched Genji weakly… a cloying feeling was making it hard for him to breath. A churning in his stomach made him want to vomit, but he had nothing to eject.

“… I will die… where Mondatta passed… possibly… f-from the same enemy… death… is whimsical….”

His voice was fading, as were the lights up in his forehead… something in Genji snapped as his dragon emerged from his body and coiled around him and the form of his Master.

Mercy was pushed back and would have fallen if not for Jack catching and steadying her.

Bright green and iridescent lights engulfed the street, blinding anyone in the vicinity until as suddenly as it came, it vanished.

Hurried footsteps were heard and Soldier 76 hefted his gun up to the origin of the sound and lowered it as his visor recognized Hanzo and Tracer.

“Did you get them?” He questioned.

Tracer shook her head, “No… Widowmaker got away…. the light startled all of us and she used that to escape. We hurried back.”

Hanzo was silent as his mind replayed what had just occurred in his mind. Genji’s dragon summoned itself with no word from its master.

Genji was in the same position he was posed in before the dragon appeared. Huddled over his Master’s body in remorse.

His eyes must have been closed because he did not see the finger on his master’s left hand twitch and he felt more than heard the whirring of a life system coming back on.

He opened his eyes to see those nine blue lights shimmering like rare jewels and thought it a dream until he heard Zenyatta’s voice, “Perhaps you are right, my Dear Genji…”

The monk reached into the dented chest piece of his body and presented a crushed bullet to his student.

Genji’s dragon emerged to save not only Zenyatta, but perhaps itself in the form of Genji.

A sob escaped Genji’s helm as he hugged Zenyatta closer and buried his face into the crook of the Omnic’s neck, “I do not need to be right, Master… I just need you…”

Death can be whimsical another day.


Overworked || [Claire/Owen]

Summary: Claire is a workaholic and it’s the one thing Owen can’t stand about her.

Word Count: 1390

(A/N): Hey fam guess who’s back B) So yeah sorry for my gross inactivity, I’ve lacked so much inspiration and motivation but I’m back for now and Clawen has taken over my sad excuse of a life!! 8) I’m literally a month and half late joining the Jurassic World bandwagon but I’m here now and ready to get back into the writing scene. So! Send in prompts and all of that. Hope you enjoy~


“Do you even know how long you’ve been on that?”

Owen’s question was white noise to Claire as her fingers continued to click onto the keyboard, wearing out at each collision. Her body hunched over her laptop, legs crossed as her back leaned into the pillows on their bed. Obviously, she was well aware of her timing––she plugged in her laptop twice in one sitting, making it at least six hours––but it wasn’t enough to remove her from work.

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