i jack

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jack kelly is a hopeless romantic who believes in all that sappy shitty like love at first sight and the first time he ever sees david jacobs his future flashes before his eyes and it’s with this cute boy who just simply held the door open and jack cannot shake him from his mind and like a week later he’s out eating with race and he sees david pass the window and he literally leaps from his seat and chases david down and just blurts out “i saw you the other day and i’ve fantasized about everything from our first date to our wedding” and davey literally has a coughing fit in the middle of the street from a mix of shock and him trying not to laugh but jack definitely gets a number and a promise for a date later that week

How is it playing off of Melissa? One of the really interesting dynamics this season is Katie and Melissa, so having a third wheel come into that is something that fans immediately stood up and took notice of.

Yeah, they did. [Laughs] It was interesting; I went into it naive. I was slightly ignorant to the intricacies of their relationship and to the fans and what they want for that relationship, and what they were expecting. I got a crash-course lesson on Tumblr and Twitter; it didn’t take long for me to realize what I was walking into. 

It was interesting and slightly intimidating. On my show, we have our own dialogue and relationship with the iZombie fandom and that’s one where, as you’re aware, I’m quite blunt. I feel like because it’s my show, I’m able to communicate with the fans and talk to them in a very direct way. Supergirl, I’m a guest in someone else’s house.

A lot of people weren’t particularly happy to find out that Lena had an ex-boyfriend, but for me, it’s interesting and I’m very excited by that. I think the episode is a great episode and I think it’s handled extremely well. Jack’s presence does not in any way affect the dynamic between Katie and Melissa and their characters. I think a lot of it is just to do with misinformation and not knowing much about the episode until they’ve seen it. I think once they’ve seen the episode, a lot of people will be happy.

Rahul Kohli 

bitch oh my god when lena made a sex joke about her and jack i honestly thought kara was going to burst through the wall and throttle that man look at her she’s about to pop a vein girl chILL

instead of Jack, Bitty  invites Shitty to Georgia

- Mrs Bittle insists that they all call him Mister Crappy. Shitty has no idea who they’re talking to.

- The Bittles are all impressed by Dicky’s lawyer friend, because Shitty knows how to impress parents

- Shitty and Coach bond over mustache grooming

- Shitty watches sports with Coach while Bitty cooks with his mom

- When Bitty comes back, they’re talking about toxic masculinity and heteronormativity in sports

- It seems like Coach is receptive to feminist theory when it’s talked in his language aka à la sports jock

- Years later, when Bitty comes out to his parents, he tells them he’s dating a boy he met on the team.

- Oh, are you dating Mister Crappy??? :D

- …No? I’m dating Jack!

- Oh. Okay.