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rogue one + last words

Don’t start your posts with “Oh I’m not a fan but-”

Doesn’t matter if you knew of him or not. Don’t make this about you. This is about a talented guy, a sweet and strong one that openly supported minorities, spoke up on behalf of people that have mental disorders, advocated for the LGBT community… All that while living in a society that keeps on ignoring said issues, treating them like they don’t exist. This is about a brave man that defended people that suffered from mental illnesses with his all, and as we can tell today it’s also because of how he knew what they were going through. Respect him, think about his good actions and how he did make a difference while he could. How he touched many lives. Understand that the routine idols are forced to endure have consequences. Stop ignoring that the industry is hurting these people, pay attention to what they’re really saying. Pay attention to how the companies are treating their artists. And please remind yourself that it honestly doesn’t matter if they’re constantly smiling - you don’t know how they’re truly feeling. Please, please take mental health seriously and take the time to be kind to others.

I made such a huge mistake. It was poor preparation honestly. 

I beat FFXII last night finally, and I wanted to try new game plus so I did. Everything was going as well as could be. 

(You start at level 90 so, you’re strong.)

As a result of this newfound strength my confidence soared into vertigo-inducing heights. That is… until HE came.

Now you’re asking me with bated breath: “God damn it, just get to the point what happened?!”


So, for those who have played FFXII… you know the Flowering Cactoid is an early game hunt. It’s supposed to be easy. Knowing this, I was screwing around with it taking vid for gifs. And I’m level 90, what’s the worst that could happen? My lack of respect for my opponent would be my downfall. 

Did you know… that the Flowering Cactoid has the potential to blind you via melee attacks? Because I went to school that day, and the lesson was: 

“Excruciatingly Slow Beating by Tiny Bi-Pedal Succulent.”

I couldn’t hit him. At all. I’m level 90 and this vertically challenged son of a bitch cactus is dodging my every swing. I’ve never seen anything like it. 


I’m screaming, I’m guzzling potions, I’m swinging in absolute desperation. Trying to delay my inevitable fate, but it was all for vain.

So to close: Yes, the Flowering Cactoid went through 4559 of my new game plus HP with nothing more than hits for 15-18 damage. And I couldn’t land a SINGLE attack while blind. NOT ONCE.

I have a newfound fear and respect for this unstoppable force of desert foliage.

Ravenclaw: Do you ever sit in complete silence and hear this kind of ringing noise?

Slytherin: I’m not one to really care for your health, but please get that checked out.

me as a kid: watches kids cartoons and family friendly films because my parents don’t want me watching mature content and I want to respect their wishes

me as an adult: watches kids cartoons and family friendly films because its more entertaining/engaging/fun than the adult content