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What OC has done to RC

Before I start this post I just want to say something important: I do not think that OC is reprehensible for taking his brother’s name.

At the time of the contract OC was severely traumatized, starved, abused and a shadow of the child he had been a month earlier; this is a person who had considered himself inferior even before the kidnapping.

In retrospect, OC had just seen his brother (and countless other children) slaughtered in front of him, he saw his parents corpses only a month earlier and had recently sworn his own life away to the same demon who potentially ate RC. OC is also intelligent, he knew that if he returned as himself things would never be easy and he would never be seen as equal to his brother.

Therefore, it makes sense that OC took his brother’s name, he was a young child and the adults around him (though it is the society at fault more than the Phantomhives themselves) should take the majority of the blame. Not that this excuses everything, especially the negative actions OC has taken as a teenager, but that isn’t something I’m going to discuss here.

The main point:

So of course it can’t be ignored that RC didn’t have a choice in any of this either! As far as we know, RC should not receive any less sympathy than OC has ever been given; just because OC was the ‘spare’ does not mean it’s acceptable to overwrite the existence of RC who was equally helpless in their situation.

The more you think about how RC’s identity was taken the more horrific it seems:

  • Nobody knew that RC was dead, they stopped knowing he was gone and caring that he had died.
  • RC’s grave was probably removed, his existence has literally been overwritten and given to someone else; the person he was no longer exists as it has been replaced by OC’s persona.
  • Had RC never returned, nobody would have known that “Ciel Phantomhive” had even been murdered. Just because RC and OC look identical does not mean they are the same person, RC’s life is not interchangeable nor ‘equal exchange’ for his brother’s ‘deceased’ status.
  • Whilst it’s horrific that OC is allowing people to think he is dead (another issue entirely) at least he is given the respect innocents should receive in death. RC is not even given this, nobody will ever mourn him for who he was, they will mourn his brother and the life he made.
  • RC has also been ‘betrayed’ by his brother, his only surviving family.
  • Lastly, in the same way that it’s unfair that OC wasn’t the heir it’s also unfair that RC isn’t allowed to be? If you take his status away from him he is in the same situation OC was - the adults are the ones to blame for this situation not the children who were forced into it. The right of primogeniture makes it hard for any situation to be 'fair’ for the twins.

However, again OC was just a child so I don’t blame him for acting as he did, it really wasn’t his fault considering everything that happened to him. RC isn’t completely a victim either, he’s clearly done bad things just as OC has done! His behavior towards OC in CH129-30 is particularly cruel, though he does have a good reason to be mad… so I’m hoping Yana explores that idea.

Oh and this is assuming that RC wasn’t “evil” in the past, since I believe there’s currently little indication that he had been! Other than his Phantomhive blood of course, but OC has that too.

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yo, new follower here, human-experimentation mad scientist ocs are my fucking jam. tell me more about this guy

HELLO, yes

to all my new followers: Abominathan is my mad (but quite happy) scientist oc!

despite having loose morals and a strange affinity for skeletons; he’s very sweet. He’s quite the oddity, too, having installed a zipper in his chest/thorax for better access to his own organs.

he currently works as the new professor of biology at a relatively small college, in a small, peaceful town. But he has big ideas. Slowly but surely, he turns everything upside down and inside out.

you can find him in your local cemetery, looking for new subjects to work on

~watch the speedpaint here~

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Is GTA Buttons any good at flying? I figured he'd have some fun with the new planes if so

He’s decent at helicopters but he’s not a big fan of flying airplanes.
We tried the Bambushka run the other day, it was fun as a gunner - I’m guessing not so much as a pilot. That thing is sloooowwww!!

Anyhow, here’s old-timey turret operator Butts based on an illustration: