i is crying

Speedpainting done!

Happy 26th to Sonic! This blue boi has a special place in my heart. 

I may not draw him much anymore, but he is the main reason I started drawing and posting my art online. I made my first online friend through Sonic and he really helped me through tough school years. 

I also have really strong, fond memories of spending hours playing Sonic games with my siblings who I rarely get to see anymore due to adulting.

So yes, this one is a big part of my childhood and I’ll always love him.

Sobbing in the bathroom at work because I just went on twitter and wheel chair using protesters at the senate majority leader’s office are being LITERALLY DRAGGED OUT OF THEIR CHAIRS BY COPS.

That’s so utterly dehumanized and fucked up. I don’t understand how anyone could treat another human being like that.

Srsly friends if you live in a red state and you care about people living and being healthy CALL YOUR SENATORS. BLOW UP THEIR PHONE LINES