i intend to draw only happy things yes

It totally sucked however

To be honest, I don’t see why so many people hate Kishimoto for how Naruto ended. I can see why people hated THE ENDING, because it totally sucked. But, Kishimoto said in multible interviews that he never intended to end the series that way. It was his Editors and the whole Editorial that declined his proposal for an ending. Frankly, he wanted to give the series an ending where Hinata and Sakura were out of the picture and were SasuNaru were canon.

“ Masashi Kishimoto creator of Naruto, who openly declared the he liked Shounen-Ai, his favorite pairing was SasukexNaruto and that he was going to give the Manga an end of that Nature.Though its going to be an open ending, it will be preceptiple that Sasuke and Naruto end up together”

Mini Conference-ExpoAnime (USA)
“A group of fans asked Kishimoto what he though about Fanfics and other stuff of this pairing. He simply responded that it was his favorite pairing and that he always collected stuff of it. In addition he stated that he wanted to give the Manga a Shounen-ai ending”

So, he confirmed it twice, that Sasuke and Naruto was actually meant to be. He was FORCED to end the series with Naruto ending up with Hinata and Sasuke with Sakura. He even said it himself that he never understood why Hinata was so popular. She were only given more panel time because of her fanboys and popularity. He never intended to make her an important character.

The Last was only designed by Kishimoto, he never wrote the story-board nor gave the idea for the movie. Studio Pierrot was the source of this movie, just because the NaruHina fandom is so weak with so little background that it needed a whole movie to become canon.

Kishimoto said in an inteview that he never intended for NaruHina to happen. SasuSaku likewise. Gaiden was plain proof of that. Sasuke only spending one day with his “family”, not even recognizing his own daughters face. All Kishimoto did was to bash down on SasuSaku even more to prove that they aren’t happy together and that Sasuke DOESN’T love Sakura. If he really loved her, he wouldn’t have turned his back at her when she was like craving a kiss.

All the new Boruto crap, yes, I don’t like it and that is indeed part of Kishimoto’s ideas. But the ending wasn’t his idea. The only thing he did wrong was to sell too many rights to his Editorial so that they legally had all their rights to twist the ending the way they wanted. Kishimoto never intended to blow Naruto’s and Sasuke’s arm away. His first idea was to draw them making the Unison sign. He just wasn’t allowed to publish it if he went with his own ideas.

So, don’t hate Kishimoto too much. The ending wasn’t all his fault.