i included the source but the blog is private now

From now on :

Every monday at 8pm GMT+1/+2 during DST (or Brussels time, if you prefer) : ten random pictures from my edited folder spanning 15 years of photography.

(untagged, uncaptionned, those may be including images from varied sources : commission work, personal projects, and private pictures)

The rest of the time on this blog I will :

  • Happily discuss photography or videography with people who so desire
  • Share straight-forward opinions, sometimes served raw.
  • Post reflexions, log emotions, experiences (use it as a diary)
  • Post short video shots from rushes.
  • Share travels or little moments of life mostly in text form with unprocessed or barely edited situational, unpretentious pictures (so, again, a diary).



On the topic of asking where an art piece comes from, I think it would be best to privately ask someone. A good one to ask in our fandom would be iluvfairytail because she’s our sourced art blog, and she’s pretty good at figuring out who drew what. Someone could also ask any one of the known artists in the respective fandom about the art and I’m sure any of them (myself included for our fandom) would be willing to help since we, as artists ourselves, have a pretty good eye for each others’ styles. 

My FAVORITE solution to this, however, is what I’ve been telling many of our fandom artists for a while now-

WATERMARK. YOUR. ART. Put a big ugly watermark smack in the middle. That way people can’t just crop it out and everyone will know where to find the work. I do this with all my work now. Put it somewhere that can’t be cropped out, and don’t put it on a solid color or just in the background where it can easily be edited out. 

This goes out to ALL of our fandom artists-

I will literally make each and every one of you a watermark myself. Just ask me. I’ll do it, because I’m sick of seeing everyone’s art reposted and stolen- some I even see being sold on ebay on products from China. 

Watermarking doesn’t JUST prevent people on tumblr from reposting, it prevents counterfieters from selling your work and profiting on it. Uploading it in smaller sizes helps with this too.

But for real. If you want a watermark and your art has a chance of being stolen/reposted, just shoot me a message. I’ll personalize a watermark for you to use as a photoshop brush. Don’t have Photoshop? I’ll make you a transparent PNG that you can slap on any SAI file.