i improvised my cosplay

there’s a convention in my country next week and i just found out i wont be able to finish the cosplay i wanted.. so i had to improvise something from my unfinished cosplays…. so i tried on my deadpool suit but i dont have swords… and just when i needed it….. let it go came on my playlist! so i got my elsa dress and tha dhaaaaa




“I slept and saw God’s forge in frost. Its hearth was quelled, and as it cooled so swooned the verdancy it kept above. In slumber it grew a thick winter skin, white as bedsheets. In their folds the waker dreamt, her breath as steam, her touch as hot as iron, forgotten in the fire.

 Oh, that this too too solid flesh would melt, thaw and resolve itself into a dew!”

How I made my Papyrus cosplay!?!

So I may not be the best Papyrus cosplay,but some people have wondered how I made my Papyrus and I want to help people who want to know how to make something of similar quality for roughtly $25!

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I watched the Korra season 3 finale today and I’m still a mess (I cried so much), so I thought, why not finally share the pictures that were taken at Castlefest in the beginning of August of my improvised P'li cosplay that I assembled in 3 days before going to the festival? I am going to make her actual outfit as well at one point, but I discovered I had everything for an improvised yolo summer-edition P'li in my closet so I went with it, and it was a lot of fun!

Pictures by Da Isch
Combustion Lady / Sparky sparky boom girl / P'li: Me