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I'm just noticing that your artstyle seems to have changed a little bit over the past month (in my opinion, at least.) It looks really.. soft now? Like, it has a really relaxed feel to it? Idk, hard to describe. I like it a lot though!

Thank you very much!! Yeah I try out new techniques every … time I draw? I want to improove myself (:

Not dead yet! (Update)

nope! i checked it myself, and can confirm, that i am anything but dead :3 just wanted to say thank you to everyone who supports me. it really means alot to me! also sorry for being not that active atm :C i’m working on several projects and cant entertain you with any new content soon :( but, if one is finished, i’ll be posting macro/micro art-thingys soon again x3 i’ll also start to do regular streams in the near future (friday or saturday)! aaand i will introduce you to 3 new non-MLP
characters :3 i really hope you’ll like them.

(oh yeah, i was able to improove my art-style. srsly, you’ll love it x3)

thats it from my side!

stay awesome i cant thank you guys enough ;0;7




Ohmahgerd! I never thought people would even like my shitty doodles!!! Wow thankyou all! And thankyou @luxter77 (the first person to ever follow me❤) idk what i should do for this milestone yet.
Here are some of the amazing artists and people that follow me (i wanted to add more but i ran out of room >:v) so yeah go check em out and once again thank chu all >3<
@unlikelykingdomsuit @mikidrawz @blogthegreatrouge @edgysoup @ji-ji-jiru @ink777gaster @trashy-artzy-me @aubergene-517 @pandurrpink @ghost10s @swaysway4433 @a-sinner-insomniac @xxpurplesketchxx @awesome456gamer @armitie @ask-genosans (wow seriously thanks each and every one of you, for you have inspired me to keep drawing and improoving💗damn i am a cheesy bastard sometimes)

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How is the best way to deal with it when those who you love very much don't seem to be willing to connect with you in the way that you need?

I love this question a lot.

It’s very difficult to find people who love us in the ways in which we feel most loved. It’s even more difficult to ask for the things we need from the people we love most. But the best way to get anything you need from a someone? Ask. You can’t move forward unless you talk about it. While it seems scary to discuss, it is the only way. Start off positive; list things you love about the person and your relationship with them. Then talk about the things you’d like improoving. Use ‘I feel’ and ‘I’d really like it if you’ statements. Then talk about what you two would like to do in order to move forward. It takes bravery, but the relief is worth it. 

Not everyone will be able to satisfy every need we have. As we go through life, we realize we get different things from different people. We can’t get everything from one person. But of the people we want in our lives forever, we can ask for things we need in order to stay happy together.

Stay Awesome

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 1080p and 60 fps how about that?

Please ignore the lack of the guitar strap I am a lazy bum

Anyway heres a little MMD I did quick that I deticate to a few people whose birthdays I missed! Sorry that due to my going away I wasn’t able to leave anything special like I always want to but the least I can do is this and a few messages for each of you. I aplogize if I miss anyone!

First of all happy late birthday to the lovely kkumri​!

She’s been one the first people I ever talked on tumblr and she’s definately the first to send me a message complimenting my art! Ally bubu you’ve grown so much and I was so happy seeing you grow so fast in art and in everything. I’m a bit jealous of course but I’m also really happy! You’ve got all these lovely people there for you and your art just got so lovely and it kept the same charm to it that I originaly fell in love with. You’re also one of the sweetest most supporting people I’ve seen. You don’t let all those bad things happen to you and you’re always there to lend a hand to someone who needs it. You’re patient, sweet and caring and just cute from head to toe. I really hope you get far in life! I hope you achieve your dreams because it truly feels like you can do anything with just what a lovely person you are.

Second goes the lovely little-dragneel

Changed url why I was gone huh? Anyway Happy super late birthday too!

We haven’t talked all as much but the times we’d sometimes do I’d always have a blast! Your art is also something I adore really much! I was jumping from joy when I found out you’d draw again! Because your art always amazed me. Your style, your sketches they all have so much energy and expression to them, they’re so pleasing to the eye. Just your sketches and full work have such lovely lines I love them ;A; Your chibies are so precious too! I am still in love with that page nalu chibi because it’s so precious I’d buy anything with it on it because it’s just too precious and adorable I honestly hope I could do something as precious as that. And your cosplays are so cute too. Aimee you’re too cute for your own good.Thank you for stopping by my streams from time to time. I hope you fully get over the insecurities of your art couse it’s honestly so good and unique like it has a lot of potential! I feel like you could go a long way with such an expressive and full of energy art style! I hope you reach whichever goals you have set for yourself! Please stay well and keep drawing! I’d love to see more of your work!

Third we have the lovely yanderechild

Everyone seemed to changed their url while I was gone *sobs*

Really we haven’t talked much either but Stefi you’re a such a strong and talented person! Thank you for the messages you’d send me and your inclusions in the follow forever thingies you do! You have a really really nice art style and you keep growing in it too! And just like the above two your art always keeps the charm I fell in love with. You make such lovely things that inspire me so much. You seem to explore all sorts of things in drawing and that’s so interesting to see. Especially all the colours you use. They’re always so nice and just aaah. You have a lot of really nice ideas and the way you draw nalu makes my heart melt. I really really like the earing thing you give Natsu so even inspired by that I added it into this Natsu model for that! It’s a model to be used for a bigger thing but the design isn’t finished yet. But the earing for natsu is such a nice touch like omg. Thank you for making me discover this wonder! With how fast you’re improoving I feel like you could do so much! You’re so young and have your whole life ahead of you! I hope you achieve something nice! You’ve been through so much as I’ve seen and it hurts me to see you like that. I hope you can continue to go on. I believe that you can do so much with that talent of yours! You can do so many things! Please continue what you’re doing because you’re absolutely rockin! Keep growing and don’t let such a wonderful person like you with such lovely talent go to waste! 

I feel like theres more people but eh. I forget because well I didn’t have a chance to catch everyone with the things overcrowding me and just life crumbling into pieces.

In short all of you people are absolutely lovely! It was truly an honor seeing you all grow so much and throw away some insecurities away, to see you keep going, not letting the bad things bother you too much. You’re all an insparation. I hope I can continue watching you all grow!