i imagine him giving him pointers in practice

Preference 23: Not Like Other Couples

Louis: The tramp stamp.

You and Louis have been married so long that people can’t remember you two ever not being a couple. Yet, there are still girls that don’t know their place. As you were coming back to the bathroom, you notice a blonde girl sitting at your table with Louis. “I’m with somebody.” you over heard him say. You then stop and she looks up at you with a smirk and says, “You know you could do so much better than her.” She whispers seductively to Louis as she caresses his hand. “Trust me there’s nothing that you have that I want, because the girl I am with is everything I wanted in a women.” He says. She then gets up, and looks back at him, “You had your chance.” That’s when you decide to sit down, and take Louis’s hand in yours “You had your chance too when he said no. He would never cheat on me, because that’s love bitch.” You said as you and Louis high five each other the girl rolls her eyes and walks off. “You looked sexy telling her off.” He says kissing you on the temple.

Zayn: Not the Last Time

“How could you.” You say as your walking out the bar with Zayn in hand like a mother dragging a child out of the toy store. This isn’t the first time that you have been called by a random bar manager about Zayn causing a disruption, and honestly this was going to be the last. “I’m really sick of you pulling this shit on me, like do you realize how this makes you look?” you say, “Why are you treating me like a child?” he slurs and that’s when you aggressively let go of his hand and turn around, “Do you realize that is the most you have said to me in a week?” you tell him. He looked at you sharing exhausted look as you, “Can you just tell me what’s wrong? Talk to me Zayn.” You say almost begging as you take his hands into yours, “Look it’s just… I just… I just feel like I’m alone these days.” He says looking down. That’s when you let go of his hands, “Well that’s a shitty excuse since I am here for you. You know what Zayn I just can’t tonight, just attempt to get home safely.” You tell him as you turn away but her grabs your hand, “Wait, don’t,” he says, “What?!” you yell, and that’s when he pulls you toward him and kisses you as hard as he can until you realize this will probably not be the last time.

Liam: She & Him

You and Liam relationship is the cutest relationship anybody has ever seen. Everybody wants to know the secrets of what makes your relationship as good it is, but the truth is the secret isn’t actually earth-shattering. The secret is that you never feel like you have to keep things from him or be something you’re not, because he is your best friend as you are for him. “Hey.” You said as you and Liam are walking down a small town that most people would just drive by. “Yea.” He says with a small smile that can always make your heart skip a beat. “I’m glad you picked me.” You said as you squeeze hi hand tighter. “What made you say that?” he said as you two head towards rundown a gas station. “Because it’s true. You could have picked anybody in the world, but you picked me.” You said and he then lead you to the back of the gas station where he leaned against the wall having you face him. Liam then grabbed your hands to place them on his chest and said,  ” Honestly, I think you’re the one who picked me Y/N.” he says and began to plant kisses all over your face that basically attacked you, and you couldn’t help but laugh but knew it was his way of showing how important you are to him in his life.

Harry: Take Care

As Harry was about to make a bowl of cereal you walk in the kitchen all groggy from sleeping a little too late like usual. “Good morning princess.” He says as he starts to take a few bights from his cereal. “Good morning.” You said as you scratch your eye and yawned. When you got to the counter you swiped a few things next to Harry, and push yourself on to the counter to sit down next to him. “You know you kind of suck at this whole boyfriend thing.” You tell him as he is paying way too much attention to his cereal. “How so?” he asks. “Like if you see your girlfriend still asleep at 11 a.m. on a Saturday shouldn’t you attempt to wake her up.” You ask him. Harry then looks up from his bowl, “Babe, you would have murdered me if I woke you up before 11 am, especially on a Saturday.” Harry pointed out and you nodded in agreement, “Okay you got me there.” You say. Harry then looks at you thoughtfully, “Here I can take care of you, look I made breakfast for us.” Harry says as he gets  a spoonful of his cereal for you to eat. You laugh as you open your mouth, but he ends up playing with you as he makes you follow the cereal up and down before he feeds it to you. “I Hate you.” You pout, “Love you too.” Harry smiles as he feeds you another spoonful of cereal.

Niall: “Spicing” Things up

Just like every day after work you walk into yours and Niall’s apartment ready to just take a shower, but today you have a surprise. There is candles lit everywhere and some rose petals on the ground, “Niall, uhm what’s going on?” you say and that’s when Niall walks out from the bedroom to meet you up in the living room, “Just thought I do something different, you know spice things up a little.” He smiles his boyish grin, “This is sweet babe, but I thought we were fine.” You say as he sits you down in front of him. “We are, but I wanted to do something different, just watch I have been practicing.” Niall smiles and then puts on some slow music. That’s when he starts to shake his butt, and you try not to laugh because everyone knows just how a horrible dancer he is. You try to hold it in because you realize he probably has been planning this, and he faces you and starts to take off his shirt attempting to look sexy while doing it. You look up and down at him and try to keep your straight expression but you can’t help but look like you are in pain, so you finally give him mercy as you stand up to stop him, “That bad huh?” Niall says. You then take off his shirt for him and give him a quick kiss, “It was adorable, but how about I just show you some pointers?” You smile, “Well I’m always willing to learn.” Niall answers as you lead him to the bedroom, “But I really did practice.” Niall says, “Of course you did babe.” You laugh as you close the door behind you.

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