i i actually liked drawing the kitties


Le Chat devient…le chat?

i’ve been having a hard time drawing stuff lately due to time constraints and stress so i self indulged and drew chat noir as an actual cat. don’t know how it happened, but it was probably plagg’s fault—either it being an accident or totally (hilariously) on purpose because of lack of camembert

it was definitely on purpose

don’t worry though, it’s only temporary—it’ll probably last about an hour or two before adrien bribes plagg with enough cheese to turn him back to normal!

still callin him kitty noir

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♠ Pliroy Week 2017 ♠ Day 1 : Birthday ♠

I’m super late because of college work and commissions, but here’s my submission for day 1 of Pliroy Week. 

JJ got Yuri a kitty for his birthday, and kittens always make Yuri emotional, especially if they’re going to be his. But JJ didn’t quite expect that reaction from Yuri…

I’m not really satisfied with this drawing doodle, and I actually at first refused to post it but well, I guess I’m still doing it ?

Hope you like it.


My first attempt at drawing Jaal and his weird but lovable face. I’ve fallen so hard for this dude and I don’T EVEN HAVE THE GAME YET. I’m still trying to avoid any and all spoilers too, but I HAD to try and draw him.

For… you know… future reference >u> I really want to make and develop my Ryder but it all depends on what kind of announcement Bioware will make tomorrow. I’ll either buy MEA RIGHT AWAY and play the shit out of it… or wait until it’s super cheap while I wallow in angry disappointment.

Anyway, he’s fun to draw even though his head shape is challenging, and there’s still a lot of room for improvement, but it’s actually not as difficult as I thought it would be. Dude has like the prettiest eyes ever.

As for that second pic… I HAVE NO EXCUSE. He’s a cat squid alien, I had to make him do a kitty thing. :D Sorry not sorry *shot*



I included my very first post and some old art just to show you guys how far I’ve come!!! please tell me you guys can see a difference lmao 👀 may 8th was my first post but its like 12:00 am rn oops!! im slow ;(

I don’t wanna thank any specific blogs and turn this into some friendship call out post or wjtvr but I really do wanna thank the 4 badlydrawn blogs that had actually re-blogged my first ever post! Thank you guys for looking past my drawing mistakes and in general ugliness lmao. I really wouldn’t have bust it wide open if you guys hadn’t reblogged my post :’) 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

@badlydrawn-narancia@badlydrawnmiki@badlydrawnyuyafungami@badly-drawn-jojo-kitties​ 🍊👽👣🐈 💜 👄

Also thank you to everyone in this community for just being here ya know? Starting out was really weird and some annoying/bad things happened but I’m glad I didn’t let that stuff chase me away because I do have fun with you guys.

Also Iunno why I be using so many dang emojis yo,, but yeah ya’ll are k e w l 👏✨😜 Idk how people see my josuke in comparison to the others but I really hope its because my josuke has the prominent juicy lips 👁💋👁

anonymous asked:

Thought for no voltron. Is hawkmoth Gabriel agreste here? Because if that's the case then Adrien's part Galra, and he just can't seem to dodge the kitty ears no matter what universe he's in.

Okay so. I didn’t actually mean to do this.

But Galra Adrien is so freaking fun to draw oh my god. I don’t have too much of an idea of how far @agrestenoir‘s storyline goes but I was kinda predicting it’d be Adrien or Chloe being part Galra? Throwback to when someone asked me what Galra Chloe would look like :3

theotherstarkbastard i know you asked for anders playing with ser pounce and I’ll most likely actually do that later, in the mean time have (some sort of modern au because tshirts are easy to draw) Anders n Pounce sleepy cuddletimes

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Hi, I'm writing to tell you that I love your drawings, they're great, and I wanted to ask you if it would be possible to draw dettlaff and regis like cats. thankyou

Thank you! I think they’d make nice maine coons. Because, you know, they’d be fluffy kitties capable of wrecking your shit if they so choose to.

Heyy, he doesn’t look too bad as a kitty cat.

I decided to draw Rias as a cat, inspired by frigidloki’s Yugioh cats ^-^ they look so cute, I wondered how Rias would look like as one.
(Plus I have a cat irl and she means the world to me. So I just had to join in and draw one)
Also some markings you wouldn’t normally see under his clothes (especially pants) are showing.

(Sh..I actually haven’t drawn cats too much.. but I think I seem to be doing an okay job.)

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I love your art and how you draw such soft characters! I especially love Dan and Suzy because I actually have Naga and Siren characters! I hope you have a nice day! (Tbh soft paws are soft when they are from a big kitty like Arin!)

THANK YOU SWEETHEART !💖Nagas and sirens are rad as hell and super fun to design, im glad you feel the same uvu✨

anonymous asked:

Do you have any short and sweet Klance headcanons/scenes for short comics that I can draw....? ;___; i'm in a stump and your klance fics give me life /cries

I can probably do that for you anon! But you should definitely show me whatever you draw!!

-Lance being super affectionate with Keith as often as he can because when Keith gets flustered he turns red quick and Lance likes making jokes about how he matches his lion, like “Oh so this is why Allura chose you to pilot the red lion~” Keith elbows him in the stomach for it but actually really likes Lance being affectionate with him

-Galra!Keith being very self-conscious of his fluffy, purple kitty ears and Lance thinks they’re the most adorable thing, but he doesn’t want to admit it, so he tries to find reasons to touch them without Keith knowing he thinks their cute. Keith has caught on but hasn’t told him. 

-Keith is much better at sparring and constantly leaves Lance with a bruised ego on the floor of the training room. 

-Lance has to call Keith to remove bugs from his room. He doesn’t want to hurt them, but he definitely does not want to touch them, ever. Lance also thought that Keith had gossiped about this to everyone, but in reality Lance just wound up yelling it out in front of everyone only for them to confirm Keith never told them. 

-When KIeith initiates ccontact it’s usually a fraction of what he actually wants from Lance. it took Lance a while to figure out that if Keith took his hand he really wanted a hug, if he ran his hand through his hair he wanted to cuddle, etc. Now though, Lance just doubles the contact whenever Keith touches him automatically and without thinking which usually leads to him hugging Keith at rather awkward times because he’s not thinking. Keith doesn’t really mind. 

-Lance will occasionally get quiet which means he’s either thinking about home or he’s really starved for attention, Keith has figure out the best thing to do is wander over and lean on him until Lance pulls him into his lap on his own. 

I hope this helps anon!! <3
***Requests Open***


some werewolf doodles trying to actually work out what my wolfs are supposed to look like . took a little bit of inspiration from worgen (frm world of warcraft) but i dont want them to have different sex characteristics like worgen do. they will all have relatively the same body structure. female wolfs will not have prominent breasts or slimmer figures or more feminine faces.
second pic is how im thinking kittys body will look in her wolf form, kitty is fat and i have been drawing her as less of a muscular kind of fat in her wolf form than i should (like with an obvious six pack and a slimmer waist) just so she would look obviously beefy and that has annoyed me so im goin with that instead.
thats all ive got for now

Eeeeeyyyy look who it is! My version of Gaster as a young teen. Oh is that a handplate? Whoops. I have my own headcanon and universe it seems. I like it that way. He’s about 13-18 during this time.

He happens to be one of my first digital drawings, the actual first up shortly, maybe, and he’s dine on phone, limited to two layers! Man its hard to do!

Technically a request by @kitty-fry-coded-issue in a discord server. :D


Haikyuu fantasy rpg au!!!!

Some quick shots of my haikyuu postcards from Otakon. I’ll be selling these at AUSA too!!

Here’s everyone’s classes:

Daichi - Knight

Sugawara - Blue Mage

Tanaka - Berserker

Asahi - Monk

Nishinoya - Assassin

Hinata - Swordsman

Kageyama - Archer  (I liked that he was an archer in Haikyuu Quest so I kept that)

Yamaguchi - White Mage

Tsukki - Black Mage

Ignore my carpet I tried to find a bright room lol

And yes I plan to make more characters! I was thinking about drawing Kenma next! I want him to be a sage/fortune teller >w>

I don’t know if that’s actually a class in rpgs but i don’t care, I totally see him as a fortune teller. AND HE WILL BE KITTY BECAUSE NEKOMA. lol