i i actually liked drawing the kitties

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Thought for no voltron. Is hawkmoth Gabriel agreste here? Because if that's the case then Adrien's part Galra, and he just can't seem to dodge the kitty ears no matter what universe he's in.

Okay so. I didn’t actually mean to do this.

But Galra Adrien is so freaking fun to draw oh my god. I don’t have too much of an idea of how far @agrestenoir‘s storyline goes but I was kinda predicting it’d be Adrien or Chloe being part Galra? Throwback to when someone asked me what Galra Chloe would look like :3

theotherstarkbastard i know you asked for anders playing with ser pounce and I’ll most likely actually do that later, in the mean time have (some sort of modern au because tshirts are easy to draw) Anders n Pounce sleepy cuddletimes

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Do you have any short and sweet Klance headcanons/scenes for short comics that I can draw....? ;___; i'm in a stump and your klance fics give me life /cries

I can probably do that for you anon! But you should definitely show me whatever you draw!!

-Lance being super affectionate with Keith as often as he can because when Keith gets flustered he turns red quick and Lance likes making jokes about how he matches his lion, like “Oh so this is why Allura chose you to pilot the red lion~” Keith elbows him in the stomach for it but actually really likes Lance being affectionate with him

-Galra!Keith being very self-conscious of his fluffy, purple kitty ears and Lance thinks they’re the most adorable thing, but he doesn’t want to admit it, so he tries to find reasons to touch them without Keith knowing he thinks their cute. Keith has caught on but hasn’t told him. 

-Keith is much better at sparring and constantly leaves Lance with a bruised ego on the floor of the training room. 

-Lance has to call Keith to remove bugs from his room. He doesn’t want to hurt them, but he definitely does not want to touch them, ever. Lance also thought that Keith had gossiped about this to everyone, but in reality Lance just wound up yelling it out in front of everyone only for them to confirm Keith never told them. 

-When KIeith initiates ccontact it’s usually a fraction of what he actually wants from Lance. it took Lance a while to figure out that if Keith took his hand he really wanted a hug, if he ran his hand through his hair he wanted to cuddle, etc. Now though, Lance just doubles the contact whenever Keith touches him automatically and without thinking which usually leads to him hugging Keith at rather awkward times because he’s not thinking. Keith doesn’t really mind. 

-Lance will occasionally get quiet which means he’s either thinking about home or he’s really starved for attention, Keith has figure out the best thing to do is wander over and lean on him until Lance pulls him into his lap on his own. 

I hope this helps anon!! <3
***Requests Open***

Well first things first I usually draw most characters in a sequence of 3: messy sketch, cleaned up sketch and final line art. For example those amethysts I posted yesterday were cleaned up sketches and not final line art, while the jasper I posted the day before was! Heres a good representation:

Most of drawing her is me just following my hands and where they lead me/loosly following the sketch before

When it actually comes to me drawing her I generally start with the head shape, go onto the lips, nose, eyes and then some super messy hair. Then ill usually clean up from there unless I’m lazy

I usually like to use a kinda slanted egg/almond shape for most of her facial featured. Also kitty mouth. Idk if that’s good enough, I can’t help but stress that I’m really bad at telling people how I draw

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I was wondering, if you're doing requests, I would love to see Ardyn with some kind of kitten. He just talks to it since it's the only being that will actually listen to him like it's interested in the fact that, yes, Ardyn is the Chancellor. Also, the kitten loves to curl in Ardyn's neck when it's time to sleep (because who wouldn't?)

akfakds I’m not currently taking requests but sometimes I do! Keep an eye out for the next time I announce open requests! I have a lot of drawings to work on this weekend but idk maybe next weekend I’ll be able to.

THAT IS SO CUTE THO weehhhhh I love kitties and I love Ardyn ;w;

Little Girl looking for a Full-Time Daddy

Name: (I will say later~~)

Age: 16

Role: Little~

About Me: I like Kpop, and art and cleaning (things must be clean or I’ll throw a fit)! I’m homeschooled and I study a lot. I can be sassy and sarcastic most days, which can be an up or down lol.
Little Me: I’m not actually sure of my little age, probably 4-8 though. I really like cuddling and playing games and healthy snacks in shapes, and cute clothes. And pandas, and KiTTiEs. And movies (My favorite is Ponyo)! And drawing and games. (Wait I said games twice..) I will give Daddy all of my love and make sure he is never sad~~!!!

What I want in a Daddy: I am A LOT of work, I need a full-time and long term daddy who can enforce my routine and remind me to do even simple things like drink water and take my vitamins. I need a strict (not mean) daddy who will help me grow and make me do my schoolwork, but still play games with me. He should have a lot of time for me and expect to be woken up in the middle of the night cuz I can’t sleep and I need a story. I require Skype at least twice a week, and we need to watch movies together.. PLEASE do not contact me if you are not ready to be a FULL-TIME, very busy daddy, I’ve been hurt and left before, let’s not do it again.
Requirements: Mono, male, in between the ages of 16-20, and no more than two hours difference in timezone! These must be met!
Preferences: I prefer not to have a switch as a daddy, not that there’s anything wrong with switches, just that I feel as if there is a part that I can’t  fulfill and I want my daddy to be all the way happy. I would prefer a non-sexual relationship, but I don’t mind a little bit as long as we talk about it thoroughly first.

Contact me: Kik me @cuteusay with your name, age, and current time.

moer meems

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RULES: Tag 10 people you want to know better 

Relationship status: Single 

Favorite colours: pink hues from the sky yo. And sunlight 

Pets: a dog and a cat. My dog’s name is candy, she’s old but acts like a baby all the time. She has hypothyroidism:-( I have to give her two pills every day. My mother named my cat “kitty”. Yikes, I know I know!

Last song I listened to: Doused by DIIV! I’m listening to the same playlists all the time and I’m tired of that lol

First fandom: Sakura Card Captor 😅 

Hobbies: Oh, I draw. I finally got my stupid butt into digital art a month ago. That’s my hobbie but I’m actually no that dedicated to it. Spacing out is what I do all the time tho. like, I started ink cus wanted to be better w it a few months ago, dropped it and now im digital. And before ink I liked colors so… anyway, digital? how the fuck do you eat that? I’m figuring out. So far i’ve only done this I’m a huge fan of art, so be it.. Talk to me about art 

Favorite book: I like trashy stories so there’s ‘’nausea’’ 

Worst thing I’ve eaten: Listen, I don’t like food that much, it has to be good and I’m so picky! but I tried sushi when I was in primary school. My best friend would never stop talking about sushi and how good it is and I just like, grabbed the  thing and shoved it into my mouth, however I didn’t want my friend to know how uncool I am and like… I ran to the bathroom that was in the third damned floor and almost puked. then went back and said: oh, they have cucumber and I don’t like cucumber. They were like, ‘take it away’ wow, no thanks. I also don’t like cucumber. I’m very uncool, unfollow me now, i don’t like sushi. But actually imagine how ‘’cool’’ a lad like me seems suddenly standing up after shoving a roll of sushi in their mouth, running as fast as possible to the fucking bathroom. Oh, but I wanted to not be uncool. Nailed it, lol.

Favorite place: I like the beach a damn lot!!! I love staring at it + pink sky in the afternoons. Going to the boulevard. That’s close to me. Also, México D.F, cus I like big cities and buildings a lot and the mexican aesthetic.

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Do… you like leisurely strolls in the park?
‘Cause I do! ♪

Yep, don’t have much time for clean art. But gosh, I need more of these two.

Must be the first time ever I draw two characters together actually.
Wow shit.


Click to full view.

My headcanon of these two kitties (slightly edited for more info/more clarity from these three asks that I sent; the base I used can be found here):

Glunkus legitimately doesn’t realize that they’re creepy. They just want love. Their purr sounds like the dial-up sound, but their meow is actually a perfectly normal meow. Their attributes: glitchy appearance, enthusiastic personality, power level √-1. Their memento is a metal sculpture of a Calabi-Yau space (in all 6 extra dimensions!).

Hobo’s the evil one, but in a sort of lovably ineffectual way; think Dr. Doofenshmirtz from Phineas and Ferb. Their attributes: filthy appearance, “evil” personality, power level -5. The quotation marks on “evil” are required. Their memento is a perfectly preserved dried flower crown.

Hobo actually befriended Glunkus as part of an “evil” plan, but soon actually made friends with them for real. 

Happy holidays, @suprememeep! Both of these cats are incredibly cute!

  • Please Listen

Another comic done by the talented @lousyafternoon ~

Alphys doesn’t want to watch Mew Mew Kitty 2 anymore, okay Undyne? At least, that’s what I imagine from Alphys’ reaction! Haha!

I don’t normally curse, but I made an exception this time since I loved this comic the moment I saw it!~ it’s always fun to see different sides of characters, even if it’s normally out of the ordinary for them. I love how Lousyafteroon draws and writes these characters, it’s really endearing!

The original comic could be found here! :)


No one is bigger shipper than MC/Liz and Yukiya.

EDIT: I just noticed a mistake of mine. Elias was supposed to say: Where do you think you’re going? But I wrote thing instead of think D:

Honestly, I was going to draw some shit like Luca actually going to go the pet store to see the new-born kitties but didn’t want anyone to know, but then I got the feeling to draw some lulias/elica. Luckily it didn’t turned out to some drama-filled comic or it will take much more time XD.

EXO having their own TV show
  • Chanyeol: *Never stops being funny even when he tries to be serious*
  • Kris: *Cool vibe* And this is how you draw a dragon *Kriscasso is back*
  • Sehun: *The one who makes jokes to the guests* "Look look, you have something weird in your face" *Angelic smile*
  • Tao: So today's topic is... GUCCI!
  • Kai: Welcome to how to eat and be happy forever!!
  • Xiumin: *to shy to actually speak* "Baekhyun will do the talking today..."
  • Baekhyun: "Hush! We are talking about me!" *Has his show about.. himself xD*
  • Luhan: *How to be manly show, with a Hello Kitty logo btw* "Oh I love HK! But I'm manly!"
  • Chen: *Is the judge of a tv show like XFactor*
  • Kyungsoo: *Has a cooking show* "Today we will learn how to make Chocolate Mousse"
  • Lay: *Special show for little kids* "Today we will learn how to fall asleep!"
  • Suho: *He is not in the show, he is the CEO of the TV channel*
Jack - Inspires the Block

This is my next door neighbors. I’ve never actually talked to them. But I came home after going to the store and saw the little girl coloring, as he father grilled.

I walked over and started to talk to them. The dad spoke first saying how much she loved the Jack Frost sidewalk art. She stood up and told me that SandMan was her favorite. She went on saying, she like him because he would fall asleep all the time. I asked her about her drawing and she happily told me all about her Hello Kitty picture. He dad drew the outlines based off her shirt. Then she told me she like cats.

I told her I really liked her art and that she was so good at coloring her. She proudly started to color her again. She was so cute! I’m pretty sure she had better chalk than I did. Her colors are SO much brighter than mine! I’m a little jealous.

The mom two doors down (seen in the picture above) watched me on Saturday drawing Jack. She took pictures all the time and kept me company asking different questions. I went to get the mail today and the mom watched me from the deck. She asked if I could take a picture of her whole family from my deck. I was like really?! Okay! The daughter, in the blue, loves Jack Frost. She said, he was her favorite Guardian. I’m so glad all the kids on my block enjoyed Jack so much.

This is why I am proud to be an artist.

Tomorrow it’s going to rain… *sighs* I’m glad I took so many pictures. n_n

Photoshopped Version | Concept Art/Process | Inspires the Block