i hug your face

Sometimes, closure arrives years later. Long after you stopped searching for it. You’re just sitting there, laughing this laugh that is unapologetically yours. As it trails off, the corners of your mouth hug your face and it hits you, ‘I’m happy’. It’s just like that. With no fanfare or epiphany. Suddenly, you are grateful for goodbyes that carried you to this moment; to the space you are now holding.
taehyung when you’re sick

- him getting sick shortly after you get sick “we’re preTTY SICK AREN’T WE” “was that a dope reference tae” “jjeoro!! jjeoro!!” 

- making fun of each other for looking ugly while being sick “your nose is red” “your eyes are red” “you look like you’re half asleep” “weLL SORRY MY EYES ARE SO SMALL TAE” him squishing your cheeks and you groaning 

- sniffling and coughing all the time feat. you with your cute kitten sneezes and tae with his sneeze that could cause a 13.2 earthquake and being the extra couple that you two are, dabbing every time you both sneeze

- him hugging you from behind with a blanket while you cook soup and swaying to an imaginary song in his head “hmmMmmmm” his chin resting on the top of your head because he’s so tall and his arms around your waist “it smells nice” “you have a stuffy nose” “my tastebuds smelled it” 

- listening to him tell you ridiculous stories as you sit in a blanket fort with the humidifier and try to take a nap “and then the bunny chased the little mole all the way up to the moon and you can see the shadow of the bunny today;; are you listening?” “yeeep, keep talking” “and then every night the bun–” and you resting your head on his lap and closing your eyes “keep talking” “oh o-okay” 

I miss your face
I miss your smile
I miss your voice
I miss your hugs
I miss your hand holding mine
I miss your laugh
I miss your dimples
I miss your eye crinkles
I miss your forehead wrinkles
I miss your everything
—  I just miss you

You smell like a dream,
The fragrant of home i dream about.
Your touch shaped like hug i want to life in.
Soft as the face of your smile.
i dragged back to the time when i was fourteen.
When my tummy fully loaded of butterflies,
and the only fear i knew was like,
falling for someone who’s out of my league. 

elanorjoy  asked:

So sorry to hear about your mom, I hope everything works out. *hugs* While you're waiting, tell us your thoughts on Moriel babies. Or your thoughts on what Az would do if Mor decided to get a puppy without telling him.

Thank you. *a million hugs back* Side note real quick: I miss talking to your lovely face, and I saw BATB last night. It was so entertaining!! Really, really pretty film. :)

I love you for sending me a Moriel ask. <3 <3 <3

So, I don’t actually think Mor and Az have kids? Weirdly enough, I have more Cazigan baby headcanons than I do Moriel lol But yeah, I think they are really well suited to be the cool aunt and uncle. They each have so much power and responsibility to their courts, I feel like having their own kids would be a lot that they are fine without. I think their relationship alone fulfills them and they’re happy with that. And if you really want to get dark with it - that nail, bruh. It went too deep, so I sometimes think they couldn’t have kids if they tried. *angst angst angst*

If they ever did have kids, I think they’d just have one and it would take after Az in temperment - very well put together, reserved, and well spoken all around - but then would probably look like Mor. And I think the only way it goes to the Illyrian camps to train is if it’s boy with the wings. If they had a girl, even if she had the wings, I don’t think they’d send her. Az doesn’t like the camps despite the life it eventually led them too and I think he and Mor are kickass enough that they could train her up without having to subject her to a lot of the backwards thinking that goes on there.


Mor’s sitting on the couch flipping through a magazine when Az flies in through the open balcony and pauses. He cocks his head. “What?”

“What’s that face for?” Az asks.

“What face?” She shrugs and turns a page. “There’s no face.” Her lips clamp shut.

“Morrigan,” he steps forward shaking his head. “I know that face.”

Mor scoots a little on her side fighting off a grin. “There’s no face, Azriel,” she replies, enjoying throwing the full use of his name back at him.

“Oh yes there is.” He gives a little chuckle and starts to undo his leathers, walking toward the hall leading to their bedroom. The townhouse they share in Velaris is small, but intimate and cozy. “It’s the same face where you look like you’re dying to tell me something, but can’t because you’re worried I’m not going to like it. Your lips get all tight and your nose crinkles up.”

Mor leans over, her head resting on the back of the couch so that her blond curls fall playfully over her face. “You know you think its adorable,” she teases.

Az pivots back toward the couch and leans over her, an arm braced on either side of her shoulders pressing firmly into the cushions. He fixes her a look. With him standing over her like that, Mor’s suddenly very aware of how much larger he is than her and she really, really likes it. The leather and rain coming off of him smell wonderful. “Yes, I do,” he says and kisses her nose, “And you admitted there’s a look, so I win.”

She shoves him off, batting him with her magazine. He chuckles and pads out of the room making for their bedroom to get dressed. Mor waits patiently, her grin out in full force now that he’s gone.

“Hey, Mor,” Az calls, his voice booming between the walls. Mor stifles a giggle and does her best to reply calmly.

“Yes, love.”

A pause.

“Why is there a dog on our bed?”

“Oh that,” she says and re-opens her magazine, thinking of the adorable brown-eyed pup sleeping cozily in their bedroom. She’d seen him while out with Feyre and fallen head over heels in love. Az wouldn’t care, right? That dog was hers from the minute it bounded up to her and licked her face with the same joy and enthusiasm with which Mor attacked life. “He’s going to be staying with us for a while.”

A snort. “I think you mean forever,” Az says. She hears his steps on the wooded floors and when Az emerges from the hallway, he’s holding the dog in his arms. “Don’t you,” he finishes, with a knowing smile.

Mor leaps up and pummels him with her arms going wide around him. “Really?!” she exclaims. The puppy yawns and Az gives a little sigh. He can’t help but admit the tiny little thing is pretty cute. And his Mor is happy, so…

“One condition,” he says.

Mor’s eyes light up. “Name it.”

The next night, Mor comes home to find Az asleep on the couch - the new puppy tucked under one arm, and a small gray kitten asleep under the other. She quickly changes out of her work clothes so she can join them.



cute bare faced jiyongie all bundled up (๑>◡<๑)

(I’m finally reading the KH Days Manga, and can I just say how much I love that when Rox.as starts questioning shit to Lex.aeus, he doesn’t answer with violence or any kind of remorse. He’s just kind of silently like “I get that,” and tries to explain without actually explaining it why its important that Rox.as keep moving forward– 

But I also feel like he’s determined for Rox.as to make his own path????

Idk guys my blog is just slowly turning into a Xig.bar and Lex.aeus appreciation blog.)

I’m sitting here looking at all 193 of you lovely followers and love every inch of you. I want to squish your faces and hug you and pet you and tell you everything will be ok.

On that front… My idea for our 200 celebration is… Headcannons!! I know surprise right?! Lol

Now I’ve assigned ribbons to those that have asked (still open btw). Now I want to share little headcannons about our dear crew and how they accepted their fate.

Let’s do this fam!!