i hug it when i'm lonely

There are suddenly all of these reasons for why you don’t have time to talk to me. And yet, I still remember when talking to me was all you could do.
—  🖤
I want to know the you that not everyone has the chance to know. I want to listen to your favourite song until I know it off by heart so I can sing along with you. I want to snuggle on a rainy day and watch your favourite movie. I want to stay up all night with you talking about your childhood, your dreams, Harry Potter, the origins of the universe. I want to travel the world with you, skinny dipping in the sea at midnight and making bonfires on the beach. I want to know your fears and your flaws, but I also want to know your strengths and your passions. I want to know your weird fetishes. I want to hear about your worst memories, the last time you cried yourself to sleep, and your heartbreaks, but I also want to hear about the good times, and what makes you laugh. I want to know if you’re ticklish. I want to hear about your family until I know them almost as well as I know my own, who you get on best with, who pisses you off, the stories you grandparents have told you about the ‘old days’, what perfume your mother wears, any family traditions. I want to know your ambitions and where you see yourself in 10 years time. I want to hear you try speaking a foreign language. I want to know who inspires you and motivates you most. I want to know which side of the bed you sleep on, and how many pillows you like to sleep with. I want to know what your favourite meal is, and which foods you hate, and how many pancakes you can eat in one sitting. I want to see you when your happy, or out in public, but I also want to see what you’re like at home, or when you’re sad and I want to be there to comfort you. I want to know how competitive you get when it comes to fighting for what you believe in. I want to know what you think of politics, abortion, climate change, genetically modified foods. Are you a cat or a dog person? What do you like doing in your spare time? I want to find out what your dream job as a child was, and argue about what super power would be best to have. Do you prefer showers or baths? Can you solve a Rubik’s cube? I want to know if you’re a morning person, or if you prefer to sleep in until lunchtime. I want to be able to make your perfect cup of tea or coffee. What would you do with £1,000,000? I want to listen to the songs you listen to when you’re sad and read your favourite book. I want to know the sound of your voice and your laugh, the taste of your lips, the feel of your body against mine, the warmth and comfort of your hugs. I want to know your personality, your mind and the way you think. I want to know and love the real you, more completely than anyone has ever done before

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Is it bad that I feel bad for Anti? It's just, he reminds me of myself when I was younger. I was troubled and I lashed out to get attention. I was lonely. And I feel like...if that's why Anti keeps acting up, shouldn't we be trying to help him? I think he just needs a friend. Idk maybe I'm projecting but that's how I feel.

can we start a hug train for that glitchy bean please and thanks?

I’ve reached a point where loneliness isn’t as sharp of a pain as it used to be. There were times when it hurt all over, times when I’d find that I didn’t know what to do with myself. And now I kinda just lie here in the numbness, feel my heart beat. I’m here. I’m alive. That counts for something.
—  🖤

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Every night I'm crying because I'm craving affection. I want someone to come, gently touch me and hug me. I feel so lonely..

I think when you think you are crying because of a matter like this, it is actually because of something else that goes much more deeper. If you are unhappy alone, its not going to be enough to have someone with you gently touching you or being with you. Trust me. I used to think if someone loved me then everything else would be okay - because at least, you know! i would be loveable right?! But I was very wrong. It doesnt make anything better really, you will find more reasons to worry and feel lonely in love, too. You need to stand alone and be proud and content in your skin. Then, love will be something fully worthwhile. Love never cured me. Having someone lay beside me never cured me. I helped myself, no one else could help me. Also putting the burden on someone else helping you and making you less lonely is unfair and not reasonable. There is too much pressure for them that way. Too much pressure to be the thing that helps you out. Its unfair, both ways.
It is normal to be alone. You have got to get to the point where you know this. Not everyone is engulfed in this world of intimacy and love. You need to get comfortable with falling asleep alone before someone else can join. Affection wont make you happy in the long term. Maybe not even in the short-term. Work on yourself, get yourself confident and glowing - thats when people can enter your life. X

sgfg summary
  • money: there's no time for cupcakes but here have my money
  • she's kinda hot: introduced the album aesthetic, you is chill I'll fuck wit u
  • hey everybody!: wtf you were giving your money away two songs ago you put yourself in this situation
  • jet black heart: how the fuck is there a hurricane underneath your heart are you ok
  • catch fire: I am a pyromaniac and depressed, don't test me
  • safety pin: we can't use the tally anymore and this song has imagery BAM COPYRIGHT LOGO
  • waste the night: Calum lisp and inTERLUDE NO.1
  • vapor: we get it u vape
  • castaway: I'm lonely and it's your fault fuck u
  • the girl who cried wolf: who are you why are you playing these boys, I hope you get eaten by a fookin wolf, little red
  • broken home: yikes gtg
  • fly away: we're jetlagged but our schedule is full so we'll pretend we're having fun
  • invisible: when will my reflection show who I am inside
  • airplanes: michael, do you need a hug?
  • san fransisco: emo ballad version of rock me by 1d
  • outer space/carry on: HIGH NOTES AND HARMONIES
  • catch 22: voodoo doll 2.0
  • story of another us: sad but I can still bop to it

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So what 2ps wouldn't mind having a S/O that's always close to them. Like with me, I love people so much that when I'm not with people, I get really lonely. So what 2ps wouldn't mind someone that's always hugging them and giving them lots of love?

Wouldn’t mind the affection: 2p!America, 2p!England, 2p!China, 2p!Canada, 2p!Germany, 2p!Romano, 2p!Prussia

Would mind: 2p!France, 2p!Russia, 2p!Italy, 2p!Spain, 2p!Japan

I noticed all of the small things, like you not asking for hugs when you were sad, and when you stopped wearing any of the jewelry that I’d gotten you, things you probably thought I wouldn’t notice.
—  “I noticed everything, I was just too scared to ask why”
CocoRosie {Sentence Starters}
  • "Maybe I had lied when I said I was ok."
  • "I don’t need no human friends."
  • "I had dreams that brings me sadness."
  • "This is the end of time."
  • "But, for the record, my heart is sore."
  • "A heart of mine prefers the darkness."
  • "I always knew I would spend a lot of time alone."
  • "I used to watch the butterflies."
  • "I guess I'm waiting for nightfall."
  • "In a dream, I was a werewolf."
  • "I feel the lonely brokenness."
  • "Lets all hug and say goodbye."
  • "Maybe I should go and live amongst the animals?"
  • "You blew through me like bullet holes."
  • "Do you have love for humankind?"
  • "No one would understand me."
  • "You left me broke down."
  • "I'll wait for you."
  • "Once they go, they don't come back."
  • "Life is like a rollercoaster."
  • "I'm not for sale anymore."
  • "In a dream, my father came to me."

Ahhh.. Roy. Who is he exactly? I personally think he represents the media. We see him for the first time in episode 2 and since then he seems to be everywhere!

Episode 3:

Also, notice how Red Guy is there too on the left??? Dafuq! Wasn’t he having a picnic???????

Episode 4:

He is on the right and hard to spot (especially if you’re on mobile) but trust me… he is there… being creepy.

Episode 5:

Roy just casually avertising himself… 

Roy’s phone number on the fridge… (Also Red Guy’s head in the microwave, probably to remember us his head exploded in the previous episode)

When I noticed this one it scared the shit out of me. So creepyyyy!!! 

I also had a theory that Roy might be Michael in a way because (no offense) but he is ugly and maybe lonely too? 

Did Roy kidnap the puppets? Is he the media? Is he Michael? Still have so many questions about the whole Roy thing…

Feel free to send me your theories about the whole Roy thing and also if I missed some of his appearences! 

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hi I'm new to the whole 2jae ship and I just wanted to ask what is it about them that makes people ship it?


  • they also have the same sense of humor and jb likes to look at youngjae when he makes a joke because he needs the validation knowing if it’s funny or not (i’ll try to find the moments but i’m so tired *sobs*)

and pretty much-

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An Encounter

Ghoul Hide Week Day One- Hearing/Meeting

To be completely honest, Kaneki didn’t know what to expect. In his mind, reuniting with his best friend would be some sort of grand event, back at the sewers or saving him from some type of danger like he did so long ago. Some kind of extravagant, dramatic moment that would fit how he felt their relationship was.

But instead he finds him at the park they went to as children, on top of that plastic whale staring at the moon seemingly in a daze. More symbolic than extravagant, if anything.

At first he wouldn’t have thought it was him. As far as he knew, Hide was long dead for giving his life for his in the sewers. Yet there he was. Kaneki didn’t know wether to cry from happiness or laugh because he thought he was hallucinating. He didn’t know how to wrap around the idea of Hide being alive before him, breathing, completely in tact. No missing limbs or scars. Meaning that he didn’t kill him all of those years ago.

And for the first time ever, he had no idea how to approach him. He assumed Hide would sense his presence and welcome him with a smile or a hug, but there was…nothing.

He wanted to say something. Greet him, ask him what he was doing, something, but words fell flat. Instead, the only thing he could say was, “Hide?”

That made the man perk up slightly and remove an earbud from his ear. Again, Kaneki expected his eyes to light up in excitement and for him to greet him, but still nothing. He just turned around and stared at him. No smile. No…anything really. Just a blank face.

“Kaneki.” It wasn’t so much of a question as it was an acknowledgment, like noticing the sky was grey.

“It's…” Good to know you’re alive? What are you doing out here? How are you not dead? “Nice to see you.” He decided.

“You too.” Hide’s voice was rather dry, as was the rest of his appearance. Kaneki usually associated Hide with the bright colors of his jacket or headphones. Or even the obnoxious yellow that was his hair. It felt odd for him to be clad in completely dark colors, ones that he usually dressed in. Even his hair was a rather dull shade of brown, and put up in a rather messy ponytail. When had it grown out? When had the color faded?
He even fully registered that those were earbuds and not his bright orange headphones he used to wear around his neck.

Kaneki cleared his throat, waiting for Hide to say something else, but the other only continued to stare at him with completely blank eyes. What was the proper thing to say at this moment? Ask him how he’s alive? What he’s been doing? Why he looked so dull?

“How have you been? It’s been a long time.”

Hide shrugged. “Dunno. Tired, I guess?”

“I see…”

There was a beat, then that beat became a pause, then the pause went back to full silence. Hide had never been this quiet before, he had noticed. He’d usually have a pause in between a joke or having a more serious moment, but nothing more than that. It felt like a longer moment of him being serious, and he would be lying if he thought he wasn’t expecting Hide to just bounce back.

More silence.

“Do you mind if I sit with you?”


Kaneki was sure that moment he got on the whale was meant to feel nostalgic. That he was supposed to flashback to the days when they were children, being up in the weird hours of the morning talking about whatever. He was sure Hide would feel the same, and they would start doing that again.

Instead there was a thick air of…something. As a former literature student he felt he should’ve had some type of word for it. Dread? Anger? Bitterness?

“So you’ve been busy.” Hide finally said something.

“Yeah, I have, I’m glad you’re safe though.”

Was that the right thing to say? Years ago he only cared about making sure Hide never got involved in anything he did, but that didn’t work out. Since Hide was alive, shouldn’t he try harder to make sure he’s safe again?

For some reason that wouldn’t feel right.

“Safe? That’s a word you could use for it.”

As long as Hide was here, he was safe, right? Living a normal life. Probably finished college. Working a normal, safe job. Somehow able to recover from him…eating him.

“I’m glad, though.” He placed his hand on his chin. “It’s good to know you’re okay.”

Hide’s eyes hardened.

He was taken aback. Yet another thing he didn’t expect. He didn’t know his eyes could harden.

Kaneki tried to wipe any signs of being uncomfortable off his face and gave him a small smile.

Hide chuckled rather humorlessly. “That’s
pretty subjective, Kaneki. As long as I’m not bleeding out, I’m okay, right?”

A beat.

“Sorry, that was tasteless.” Hide said, his eyes softening a bit.

Oh, it was a joke.

“No, it’s fine. I just didn’t get it.”

Hide’s face fell. Kaneki then realize he had a half smile on his face, though now it was gone. The air felt heavy again. Humid, even. They weren’t saying anything, and it was strange. Off? Uncanny? Was that right?

“It’s late, Hide, shouldn’t you be at home?”

Another beat. Then silence.

Kaneki tried again.

“I mean, you should be sleeping. You said you were tired, after all.”

“I’m only out here because I can’t sleep.” Hide put both of the earbuds down and sighed. “Stuff has been crazy lately and I’ve been restless.”

“What kind of stuff?”

“Helping a friend. Doing things that may or may not have been for the greater good. Hell if I know or care.”

They fell into silence again. Kaneki wasn’t sure how to process it. He wanted to ask Hide to elaborate, but he never had to in the past.

Then again, did Hide ever tell him anything in the past? The more he thought about it, the more it felt like he didn’t. It was never “what’s wrong, Hide?” Or “How are you doing, Hide” It was always “What’s wrong, Kaneki?”

Selfless. Far too selfless.

Did he ever see Hide sad? Even once?
He couldn’t remember.

“What happened? You can tell me.”

Then Hide’s eyes darkened. “No. I can’t.”

Kaneki felt his heart sink. Has Hide ever snapped at him before? Hardened his voice? Glared at him? He felt bad.

“I’m sorry, I can drop it-”

“Don’t apologize. Please don’t apologize.”

He opened his mouth to speak. Tell Hide that he could talk to him about anything, assure that he could help him…but, nothing.

Hide melted down and put his hand on his face in frustration. “Dammit. I’m sorry, I just…” words seemed to have escaped him too. There was a beat, then a pause, then he reached a hand out and touched his face. His eyes were much softer, familiar.

Hide must’ve seen everything in his eyes, and for the first time he saw Hide’s eyes. How tired he was, no, how exhausted he was. How the usual olive green had dulled. How he looked like he hadn’t slept well in months.

Has Hide ever looked this tired before? Even when college first started? Finals in high school, ever? Kaneki knew he hadn’t. Why was he just now noticing this?

Hide took a silent breath and weakly smiled. “I want to tell you. There’s so much I want to tell you.” His eyes averted. “But I can’t. You’ll get worried and leave with that whole martyr complex being your reason.”

A beat.

“I’m an idiot. You know that right? Doing everything I can to help you even if you’ve probably forgotten all about me. Maybe cause it was hard to live without you. Maybe cause you were the only thing that ever mattered to me. I don’t know.”

Kaneki almost wanted to argue with him. I haven’t forgotten about you. I just wanted you to be okay. I wanted you to forget about me.

Nothing came out.

He continued. “It’s weird, you know. How people see you on the outside. It almost makes you envy what they see, try to become that person until you don’t care anymore.” His smile faded. “In reality Kaneki, this is all there is.”

Hide took another breath as tears began to fall from his eyes. “I never wanted to worry you. You had more than enough on your plate already. Hell, you still do. Even now, I hesitated to seek you out in my own. I knew you wouldn’t like what you saw, and turn back to the people who make you happy. You wouldn’t need me anymore.”

For a moment, Kaneki remembered his vision of Hide. When he told him how lonely he was without him. He then
realized he never told Hide how much he truly meant to him. He never noticed those looks of sadness Hide had whenever he left his empty house when they were children. The way his eyes were always dark, and the light he saw back then was only around him. The fact that Hide went through so much just to reassure he was alive.

That Hide needed him.

Yet he never noticed.

Not for the first time he felt like an awful friend.

Kaneki didn’t know what to do to make the situation better. He wasn’t like Hide, he couldn’t say something dumb to get him to feel better. Touch his shoulder? Say something he would like?

He knew.

He wiped the tears from his face, and pulled him into a hug.

A beat, a pause, then full silence. A comfortable silence. Words didn’t need to be said.

He needed Hide and Hide needed him. That’s all that needed to matter.

The silence broke when Kaneki finally spoke.

“I’m sorry. Honestly. I'm…really lonely without you too, Hide. I thought…I killed you…back then. So it was-”

“I already told you not to apologize.” Hide cut in. His voice wasn’t hard, just the same dull, tired tone it was before. “It was my choice to help you. And honestly I wouldn’t change it. You’re alive aren’t you?”


“And that’s all I ever cared about.”

Hide sat up more and Kaneki fully noticed that Hide had grown noticeably taller than him. His eyes were drawn to the exposed parts of his skin. Though, something didn’t add up. Hide confirmed that he ate him, so why weren’t there any markings?

“I should get going. I think sleep deprivation is finally catching up with me.”

His heart ached.

“You can come back with me, Hide. I’m sure my group would welcome you.”

“I can’t, Kaneki. I know I wouldn’t have a place there.”


“Really, it’s okay. I’m happy enough knowing you still care about me.” He gave him a rather hollow smile. “Just promise that you’ll come visit? Or at least talk to me?”

There was no hesitation.

“Of course.”

Hide’s smile felt more genuine. “Then, I should go. I…I’m glad I saw you tonight, Kaneki.”

With that he got up, and left.

Kaneki watched him walk out of the park, before he blended in with the rest of the night. His heart felt lighter, but he still didn’t understand everything Hide said. Even if he wanted to come back with him, he should’ve known it was dangerous.

Still, he hadn’t expected for Hide to say no. He didn’t expect for Hide to continue to be distant and…vague.

He shrugged the feeling off, then began to head back to his apartment. Though one question lingered in his mind.

How did Hide know about what was going on with him?

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I'm feeling like garbage today.... Actually I feel like this everyday.. I hate myself. Hey Matt, how can you love yourself? And... Can you give me a hug? I'm very lonely..I don't receive hugs frequently, but I like when people hug me..

Matt: Well, I feel that I’m great just the way I am. And you should feel like that too! You shouldn’t hate yourself, you’re perfect just the way you are. Don’t listen to the ones who hurt you. Don’t hate your looks or personality, love them. Be confident with who you are. Love yourself and smile! 

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I just wanted to say, that when I'm feeling just... so exhausted or lonely, I look at the drawing you did... can't remember how long ago. Anon requested, "Can I have a hug from Fenrir?" And you drew a person next to a fluffy Fenrir with, "You /may/." IDK why but that just heals me so much. It's such a simple beautiful quick sketch but it's so powerful to me. So thank you for the long, long hugs Fenrir has given me. They've been needed. <3 xx

Fenrir kisses this time.