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Can I please get Ryuga Hyuga relationship headcannons? There's almost nothing anywhere about that guy.

You most certainly can!

“Dieu! I’m in love!”

  • Ryuya’s not exactly the kind who gets in and out of relationships so when he wants someone, he WILL go get them
  • He will only pursue them if he sees this relationship to be long lasting and fulfilling for both
  • He’s also quick to realize when he has a liking towards someone.
  • He then thinks over and if he knows its worth it in the long run, the chase to make you his lover (and perhaps more) begins.


  • He is Mr. Right. Warm, comforting, caring and at the same time, reeking of manliness. Sensei is THE guy you’d want as a lover if you’re one for serious relationships too
  • He’s not keen on outdoor dates due to paparazzi but if thats what his lover wants, he’ll indulge them
  • He lovesssss to spoil his lover. Little gifts, notes and trinkets are his way of showing his affection
  • A very devoted man. He also is on the possessive side so if he sees someone checking you out, he won’t react but he does burn of jealousy
  • Love is not a game for him. Nor is a relationship. Do NOT play with his feelings for his easygoing side can turn cold.


  • He is a rather clingy lover so his cuddles can range from lazy hugs to bone crushing embaces.
  • His lover being in his arms is what soothes Ryuya the most
  • He likes to pat his lover’s head affectionately when they’ve done something good or achieved something
  • He likes it when his lover slowly removes his glasses, eyes locked on his, when they pull him for a kiss


  • Sensei here likes to cup your cheeks as he tilts your face upwards, claiming you in a loving kiss
  • He is one for planting his lips gently on your forehead
  • He also likes to kiss his lover’s hair and fingers

Cherry on the top

  • His cooking reminds you of home. He would appreciate both of you making a meal together but sometimes he’d try to surprise you by making your favorite dishes!
  • Long strolls around a park while talking to you or cruising through empty roads on his motorcycle are his favorite kind of dates
  • He’s also one for just snuggling on the sofa after a long day at work
  • Although he loves you even when you wear a potato sack, you can try dressing up just to rile him up a bit ;)
  • You will have the family talk with him. He’d like to meet your family and likewise for you to meet his.
  • He would appreciate little gifts from you and probably keep them safe somewhere. He wants to make you feel like his world but when you reciprocate that, his heart would melt all over you

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can i get some positivity for an ouma??

Of course!

Hey Ouma, Angie here!

I know that times may be rough at the moment, but whatever you’re going through will not last forever. No matter how hard it may seem, you can and will pull through! There are people who care for you and worry for you, so if not for yourself, do it for them. I know that it may be hard to believe, but it will be over soon.

I promise you this, no matter what, there will always be another day for you smile and laugh without a care in the world. It may not be tomorrow or the next day or the next, but the time will come where you will be able to be care free and happy once more. All we have to do is wait, be the rock in the middle of the storm. It’s tough, but I know you can do it.

I really hope you feel better soon Ouma, I’m sending all of my love.

If you ever need to, feel free to message me on my main account

-Mod Angie 

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Sorry, me again. I thought you might like to know that most of the chat in the current livestream on Adult Swim is saying that yes, they will be streaming the new episode of Samurai Jack at 11 pm.


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Voicemail (Communismtordle)

*the first voicemail is incoherent gibberish, no use trying to translate that.*

*the second voicemail is of Harpy drunkenly singing hello by adele and then apologizing*

*meanwhile the third was interesting.* “h…heyyyyyyy Torrdi! I wanT to Sway That i hopwe you fell good for yourselh that you cause the hole relatonship with Eddie fall all around, not jush Newbie but meh two!”

You’re Mine, Understand?

a/n: ya’ll i’m actual trash bUT HERE IT IS MY LIFES WORK I RLY HOPW U LIKE IT KAT
(but fr yayay now i can work on the other things now that this is out of the way :)))))))))

Prompt: Jungkook and the reader go to a fancy party and the reader wears a somewhat “revealing” dress and a lot of guys check out the reader so Jungkook gets possessive

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/Estimated/ schedule for police festival:

From 28th November to the end of January 2016, we will be holding concerts every Friday and Saturday. We will be promoting this with the police stations. Concert is free for the public, if you live near us, you can come join us. There will be musicals, idols dancing, magic shows etc.

Choi Siwon from ‘ She was pretty ‘, Changmin and Donghae will also be participating in this event from December onwards. Hope everyone will give this lots of attention and participation ! (c)