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White Noise [Billy Hargrove]

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Prompt: Billy is head over heels for (Y/N) Harrington.

Pairing: Billy Hargrove x Reader, (platonic) Steve x sister!Reader

Fandom: Stranger Things

Warning: cursing, drunk-ness (?)

Author’s note: by popular demand, the fourth part to the Billy imagine. You guys asked for a happy ending, so I’m trying to give it to you. Hope you like this. Also, I might only write one more part to this series. I still don’t know. 


(Y/N) Harrington thought she’d seen the last of Billy Hargrove. After all, before the day he asked her out for the first time, they hadn’t cross a word. And then, she’d told him what she thought of him. She hadn’t been the nicest, which wasn’t how she normally was (she was more of an overall-good girl), but she thought he deserved it. 

(Y/N) and Steve’s parents had never really been around, so naturally, Steve had assumed both the role of a big brother and a paternal figure. He’d made sure she never got hurt. So when he came home with her face looking almost unrecognizable, she couldn’t feel anything else but despise for the person responsible.

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Prompt number 50 for Shakarian

[OKAY FINALLY. Sorry my love, you know how I am…. so slow and…………………………… soooo slow. lol I hope you like it. <3 It’s pretty short kinda angsty but it’s got a cute happy ending, annnnd as you know first hand (because I’m constantly bitching about it to you lol) I’m having a hard time with my Mass Effect stuff ;.; IDK WHY BUT I JUST AMMMMM. So hopefully this is good and you enjoy it? Because I don’t even know anymore. *eye twitch*


“Please… I need you.”

When Shepard woke today things still felt off… They felt off because the night before Garrus had given her an ultimatum. Well, it was more of an observation followed by a question than an actual ultimatum, but it had the same effect.

It was something like ‘Hey, I know you’ve been flirting with the drell and since we’ve been hooking up, it’s me or him… who’s it gonna be?’ And even though she knew that Garrus had a right to know, she didn’t realize he wanted to. 

She’d always had a thing for him of course and since they started their late night ‘hangouts’ that crush had gotten pretty bad. Which was probably why she found herself flirting with Thane so much now that she thought about it… 

Not unlike you to push someone away when they got too close… As she lay staring at the exposed stars that pass by above her, she realized that most definitely was the case. She was doing it again… but maybe the damage hadn’t been done. Maybe she could fix this still…

Only, would Garrus still want her after last night? 

Most men didn’t do well with the ‘uh……….. I should go.’ especially when those men where Garrus, and knew exactly why she used that excuse. 

That answer was shit, she knew it– but feelings and emotions had always been hard for Shepard, even before the whole dying-and-being-brought-back-a-cybernetic-zombie thing. 

Plus with everything going on and the Suicide Mission coming up… There was a lot on her mind. Too much to really justify a relationship.

Jane drew in a deep breath, pulling her hands to her face and running them through her crimson hair in a stretch After an exasperated sigh she pulled herself from bed and threw on her N7 hoodie, and some Blast-O’s slippers ready to make her way downstairs. 

Her plan had been to get some breakfast and a nice big cup of coffee… to avoid the situation for as long as possible. But once she reached the kitchen and looked down that hall towards the Main Battery, she just knew what she had to do. 

She turned, and strode straight towards it with determination. When Shepard reached the door, she paused second guessing herself for a moment… The light was green which was a good sigh she supposed, but just because it wasn’t locked didn’t mean he wanted to see her. 

It was only about 0600 hours and aside from the quiet humming and the soft click of nails on keyboard from the other side of the door the air was still. She knew he’d be working on calibrating something… no doubt trying not to think about their previous conversation and its complete failure. 

She raised a fist, hovering just before the door… almost knocking more than once as she pulled a nervous lip into her mouth; biting it harder than she should trying to regain that strength once more. Upon her exhale she closed her eyes, and knocked three times.

The clicking stopped abruptly, but Garrus didn’t say anything. 

Jane lowered her brow, pulling her face into a small frown as she lean her forehead to the door; waiting. 

“Please, Garrus… I need you.” and when she said that the mechanical door buzzed open.

Garrus was standing there, closer than she expected he’d of been and when he looked at her she stood up straighter and cleared her throat uncomfortably. “Do you have a minute?”

His normally warm eyes were sad. He didn’t seem angry with her, just hurt and Shepard didn’t like it one bit. But she just didn’t know what to say last night… Or maybe she did and she was just too scared. One thing she did know was that she wouldn’t make the same mistake again.

“Garrus, I’m sorry.” 

“You don’t have a reason to be sorry, Shepard…” he said quietly with mandibles pressed tight to his face as he stepped aside allowing her further entry. After a moment he started again, leaning against the console as he crossed his arms. “Really. I sort of just sprung it on you. I-I should have know better…”

“No. It’s not that…” Jane was somehow perfectly calm as she stepped forward wearing a faint smile. 

“I understand why you’d want him.”

“Garrus,” she tried to stop him, but he continued looking to his feet as his tone raised slightly, not in anger but deep in thought– trying to understand.

“He’s mysterious, and… he’s good with a sniper– not like you didn’t already have a perfectly good turian already–

“Garrus! Will you shut the hell up?” when Shepard interrupted him this time, her eyes were light despite her volume. A soft chuckle later, and she slid a hand to the scarred side of his face; resting it there lightly. “I’m trying to tell you that I love you here, big guy.”

He pulled his crystal eyes forward almost as if he thought she was just playing a joke on him. As if her words couldn’t possibly be true. “You…”

Jane nodded fully closing the space between them, nearly touching his chest when she spoke; raising her other hand to rest around his carapace. “Yeah, I do.”

Garrus let out a sigh of relief that echoed through all layers of his voice. He nodded shallowly as he slid his hands to rest at her hips, lightly pulling her closer as he ease himself into the situation and his realization. 

“It’s always been you Garrus… you just caught me off guard is all. I might be the great Commander Shepard… but I still get scared sometimes.” she leaned her forehead to meet his, the cool sensation of his plating instantly grounding her. 

“You had me worried for awhile there,” Garrus cooed back, his comfort growing with each second that passed. “but you should know I’d never hurt you… you don’t have anything to be afraid of with me.”

“I know, Garrus. Wouldn’t be here if I didn’t.” she said with a smile pulling him closer, pressing her nose agains this softly.

“Good. Oh, and Shepard? I love you too.” he smiled then, mandibles flickering lightly as he kissed her. 

Jane wasn’t sure when he’d gotten so good at this, or if ‘this’ would even last. With the Reapers, and the mission, things didn’t look good. Love didn’t look good.

But it didn’t really matter. What mattered was that she had him, and that he had her and that together they could do anything.


Request: So sweet and fluffy…how about one where reader and Sam are dating and they have the avengers over to their place for like a Friendsgiving? And while they’re shook at first by how seasoned the food is, they spend the rest of the time sitting around, talking, roasting each other (mostly Sam and Bucky tho) but it ends with them all bonding as a big family (maybe even a giant group hug)? Hope that’s happy enough for ya ❤️

Your name: submit What is this?

“Do you want me to fix the cornbread,” Sam asked you as he got done washing his hands.

“Oh yes, please, I almost forgot about it.”

“Well, you’re doing the damn thang over there. Those greens smell damn good.”

“I’m just being sure they’re not gonna boil over right now,” you answered, putting the lid back on the crockpot. The greens cooked overnight and were now reduced to a low simmer to stay warm and make the leaves more tender and flavorful. You moved on to working on the rest of the components of the dressing. You prepped most of the food the night before, so now it was just a matter of popping things into the oven. Part of you wanted to curse your past self for volunteering to host a Friendsgiving for the team. Thor had just seemed so excited to partake in the one midgardian custom centered around feasting. You couldn’t say no to that face, so while you initially planned on making a good dinner for yourself and your husband, you were now feeding a small army.

“Oh check the sweet potato pie for me, will you honey?” you asked as you chopped celery at lightning speeds.

“Yep,” he opened the oven and looked at the pies, “Perfect timing. They’re done. Apple pie looks about ready to come out too. ”

“Okay, cooling racks on the table.”

You’d been cooking since about six AM. It wasn’t truly Thanksgiving unless the cook had been on their feet for hours and felt like they were on the edge of a nervous breakdown.

“God damn, these look good,” Sam complimented.

“Thanks, Sammy,” you smiled. Despite being dog tired, you were happy. This was a labor of love after all, and Sam was a great help in the kitchen. He continued making the cornbread while you moved on to stirring the sweet potatoes and mashing the mashed potatoes just a little bit more.

By the time the Avengers arrived in your home, you were dressed in something pretty yet comfortable. The food was arranged on the big dining room table as well as cutlery, drinks, and anything else they might need. Steve walked in a bit early and helped you set it all up. You were used to Steve being early to everything. That’s how you got the big ass turkey out on to the table.

“Everything looks delicious,” Steve complimented as he stepped back and looked at the arrangement on the table.

“Thanks, man. I can’t wait for you guys to eat. I just want to see the look on your faces when you realize you’ve never had good food until this very day.”

“Yeah, and maybe y'all can finally understand why I gained a few pounds after marriage,” Sam chimed in as he joined you in the dining room. He fiddled with his cufflinks all the while.

“So it’s not because you’ve been off duty too long,” Steve scoffed.

“No. It’s not.”

“Is Bucky coming?” you asked.

“Of course he is. He’s coming in with Nat. They went out to the gun range this morning.”

“Ah, okay. It’s weird to see you and Bucky apart. You two are joined at the hip.”

“Oh, they’re joined somewhere around that vicinity.”

“Sam,” both you and Steve called in a disappointed tone. He just cackled quietly to himself, satisfied with the intrinsic value of his awful joke.

“He’s taking a while to get used to things. I think this dinner will be good for him.” Steve answered you, choosing to ignore your husband completely.

“I think so too. I also can’t wait to just rub Tony’s nose in how good this food is, after that whole catering thing last year,” you grinned maliciously. Steve smiled knowingly. Last year you brought a dish to the Avengers Christmas party, only for Tony to just sit it behind all of the ridiculous catered food. Catered food is good, especially the fancy catered food that Tony gets but it lacks heart and soul. Nobody made it with love and you in mind.

“Do it.” Steve smiled. He was well aware that you were an amazing cook, being Sam’s best friend he was over for dinner a lot. In fact, your house was Captain America’s second home.

A couple of hours later Natasha and Bucky showed up, all looking like something out of a fashion magazine. You weren’t sure you’d ever get over how attractive all the Avengers are.  Natasha held a bottle of your favorite wine in her hands, red lips pulled up in a hospitable smile.

“It smells delicious in here.” She complimented.

“Thanks, Nat. I’ve also got a killer sangria waiting for us in the fridge.”

“I love it when you make sangria.” She sighed happily, “Who wants to go through the holidays sober?” she scoffed, handing the bottle of wine over to you. You put it in the fridge. Right after that Thor showed up with Tony, Wanda, and Vision in tow. They all sat at the table together, good-natured banter started up immediately. Tony took to flirting with you while Sam carved the turkey. You knew it was harmless, and he wouldn’t act on any of the propositions if you accepted any of them, but it got under Sam’s skin.

“You listen here Stark, you gon’ get enough of flirting with Y/N like that,” Sam threatened pointing the knife at Tony.

“Oh Sam, calmed down, he’s like a dog chasing a car, he wouldn’t know what to do with it if he ever caught one,” you intervened, diffusing the situation.

“Oh trust me, sweetheart, I’d know exactly what do with you.”

“Yeah, yeah old man. I’m past the point in my life where I need a sugar daddy.” You put your glass of wine to your lips.  Food moved about the table and Natasha sat down with a cup of the sangria.  She took a sip then moaned loudly.

“Oh, Y/N, divorce your husband and marry me,” she called out holding the glass in the air.

“I think about that every time Sam crosses me.”

“Is it really that good?” Bucky asked curiously. He sat beside Steve who had a glass of the sangria. The alcoholic aspect meant nothing to them so it meant a lot that alcoholic beverages tasted good. Bucky reached over and grabbed Steve’s glass.


“Shut up, punk,” Bucky rolled his eyes and took a sip. His eyes widened as he drank, “This is mine now,” he informed Steve. Steve only sighed and grabbed his glass of water.

Once everyone’s plate was assembled you waited in quiet delight and heart-stopping suspense as they tried the first bite. A chorus of delighted sounds filled the dining room and you smiled a little to yourself at your tiny victory. Of course, you knew you were a good cook, but no matter how many times you were told, you were always a little nervous with each dish.

“Jesus fucking Christ,” Tony exclaimed as soon as he was done chewing.

“Is it good?” you asked with a smug smile.

“This is amazing. Why am I never invited to dinner.”

“Because you boujee as fuck, and nobody is trying to roll out a red carpet for your ass every time you come over,” Sam answered. That earned quiet chuckles around the table.

“Oh fuck off,” Tony snapped back but he was smiling. It was your idea to invite Tony, you didn’t like the idea of him spending holidays in his big house all alone. He deserved a family, underneath all the bravado you knew he was a good man. You realized you hadn’t heard a word from Thor. You worried things weren’t to his liking, he had a “royal” pallet after all. However, when you looked over at him you realized he was too busy rapidly shoving food in his face.

“Anthony Edward Stark you cannot hog all of the mac and cheese. I can and will shoot you.”

“Jeez alright,” He grumbled and passed over the bowl.

“So what’s your flaw?” Bucky asked you. You looked at him curiously.

“Well you’re beautiful,” he continued, “you’re kind, smart, kick ass, and you cook like a fucking genius… what’s your flaw?”

“Y/N doesn’t have any flaws.” Sam boasted.

“Oh… no sorry to say… I found it,” Bucky nodded slowly, knowingly, “It’s you. I forgot you two were married.”

“Fuck off, Barnes,” Sam tried to seem upset but he couldn’t stop himself from laughing.

“What do you do to your ham,” Wanda gasped, looking at you wide-eyed and excited.

“I’ll never tell, Wanda. I can’t tell you all my secrets,” you smiled at her. She playfully pouted, then went back to eating. You ate too, witnessing the light-hearted bantering that went around the table. Natasha was pointing her dinner knife at Steve as she recounted how he had thrown her out of a window on a mission. He tried to defend himself against her endless barrage of insults and curses.

When the dessert came out, there was another round of awe-filled sounds as they tried the various cakes and pies.

“Y/N, you love me right?” Natasha asked offhandedly

“You know I do, Nat.”

“Then I can just have this sweet potato pie, right?”

“Go right ahead Nat,” you smiled at her.

“What?!” Steve exclaimed. You hid your mouth from one side of the table and mouthed “I made a separate pie for you and Bucky.” Steve mouthed back a thank-you and Bucky blew you a kiss. You didn’t hear much from Thor until he sat back in his chair, apparently satiated.

“I have not had a feast such as this since I was home in Asgard. This food was truly magnificent. You have a gift, Y/N.”

“Thank you, Thor.”

You looked around the table and saw all of the Avengers sitting back in their chair looking very full, and some looked drowsy. Natasha was sipping at her third glass of sangria. You looked to Steve and Bucky, a silent signal for them to be sure she got home alright. Steve nodded lazily.

“Nothing reminds you more of home like eating until you can’t do it anymore,” Sam chuckled. Everyone sat at the table a little longer, making fun of each other, and congratulating you for making such great food. When it was time for them to go, you let them take as much food as they wanted. The whole thing was funded by Stark anyway. No way you paid to buy enough food to make an Asgardian satiated. They went home with their favorite dishes and Natasha made-off with at least three pies. Bucky drove her home, and Steve and Tony stayed to help you and Sam clean up. Tony was only good for entertainment purposes. He continued the bantering that made you laugh, and the time go quicker as you cleaned. When all was done and your house seemed something close to what it had been before the dinner, Tony hugged you before he could leave.

“Thanks, Y/N,” he said then he got in the car with his driver, and you got the sense that he meant to thank you for more than just the dinner. After you locked up, Sam pulled you to the living room couch to watch movies until you went to sleep.

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this morning i prayed for an hour then made homemade apple turnovers and watched a documentary about historical gay european royalty. sending good vibes your way ❤️ hope your thanksgiving is joyful, warm, and full of the love you deserve

that’s so fantastic! it’s a political mine field on my end but i made a basil goat cheese cheesecake and i’ve been reading gay poetry in between talking with relatives i love dearly. hope your night is full of warmth and happiness 💐💐💐

i never did (stan uris)

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27: “i wish i’d never met you.”, 5: “why do you hate me?”, and 59: “you own my heart.” with stanley uris and reader pls

happy thanksgiving my wonderful readers and followers! thank you for 406 followers! love you all and i hope you have a great thanksgiving or day/night if you don’t celebrate it :)

psa: i want to start doing headcannons so leave requests :)

pair: stan x reader

warnings: lots of cussing, breaking down, angst

prompts | request here

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you didn’t see the fall of one of your best friendships. you weren’t prepared for the hurt and betrayal or the tears and bloody knuckles. it just happened. the day before was great, you two went to the movie theater, shared popcorn and a large drink, going out for a walk, not even getting home until midnight. then the next day, he spat insults at you. of course you were hurt and taken aback but you retaliated by insulting him back, as any normal person who hangs out with richie does.

every time you hang out with the other losers, you try your best not to make things awkward between you and him but without fail, stan calls you out on it and makes it a huge big deal, spewing the most colorful words that you’d think would only come from richie’s mouth.

slowly, you distance yourself from the group, only coming to hang out every once in a while. today was one of those rare days.

“o-okay, r-richie, m-mike, a-and i will g-go t-to th-the st-store t-to g-get th-the f-food, e-ed-eddie a-and b-ben w-will g-get th-the o-other s-supplies and s-s-stan and y-y/n w-will g-go t-to th-the q-quarry,” bill handed out the assignments for the picnic day he insisted to have and of course, because the world despises you, stan is your partner.

“wait bill-” you start but richie cut you off. “everybody got it? okay great.”

everybody split into different directions, leaving you and stan standing there. “come on, let’s go bike over there so we can pick a good spot,” you say, picking your bike up and looking expectantly at stan.

“don’t tell me what to do,” he grumbled but still walked over to his bike and mounted on it. “well? hurry up or i’ll leave you here, which sounds pretty compelling right now.”

you frowned and mounted your bike, pedaling off. it was a quiet bike ride there, you were not far behind stan and you were just drowning in your thoughts. what terrible thing did you do to make him despise you so much?

“y/n! hurry your fucking self up!” you hear stan yell out and your face turned into a hard scowl.

“you haven’t even turned around you fucking asshole!” you scream back, pedaling faster so that you’re right beside him. “there, better?”

stan grimaced at you which caused your heart to sink a bit, “no, you’re too close to me.”

you groaned and pedaled even faster, ignoring the burn in your calves. stanley uris is just a glorified asshole. i can’t believe i ever called him my best friend. you ended up getting to the quarry first and you threw your bike down on the grass, storming off.

“y/n? stop storming off, bill will have a fit if he found out i lost you,” stan calls after you and you whipped around, your face red and your nostrils flared. “i’m not your fucking responsibility, stanley. why do you care anyway?”

“what do you mean ‘why do i care’“ stan mocked, which only riled you up even more. is he that fucking insensitive? 

why do you hate me? huh, stan? we were best friends!” you lash out, your hands flying everywhere. you couldn’t hold it in any longer. everything you kept bottled up, all the pain you felt from the constant arguments, all the sadness you felt from your broken friendship, all the anger and resentment you had towards stan for just switching up on you like that, came bubbling up and you had to explode.

mad? oh, i’m not mad,” stan stepped forward, his voice in a sneer. “i just wish i’d never met you and i live with that thought every. single. day.”

you felt your throat start to constrict, tears should be coming any minute now. “i-if th-that’s what you want, stan, y-you can have it.” then you slapped him hard. your breaths were starting to get heavy and tears were starting to blur your eyes so you ran. you ran to your bike and you swore you’ve never mounted and pedaled off so quickly from a place before until now.

as you were rapidly biking back home, tears were steadily streaming down your face, your chest heaving in and out. when you got home, you were thankful that your parents weren’t home and you screamed. you screamed all your sobs out, your lungs were on fire and your throat was becoming hoarse. you felt yourself get lightheaded but you couldn’t stop your cries. 

this is what you get for trying.

“hey stan! i just saw y/n biking down the road like a fucking maniac!” richie said as he trudged down the grassy slope.

“she looked like she was crying,” eddie frowned and that drove needles through stan’s heart. he made you cry again. he shouldn’t even be doing it in the first place! he was supposed to mend your heart, not break it.

“what the fuck did you do, stan?” mike crossed his arms, feeling extremely protective over your well-being. he was the brother you never had.

“i s-said bad-d things,” stan’s voice came out shakier than he expected. he was being overwhelmed with regret and sadness and he doesn’t know what to do about it. he was fully aware that he was being the world’s #1 asshole towards you and it hurt. what normal person does this to someone he loves?

“w-what d-did y-y-you s-s-say?” bill asks, sitting down on the grass.

stan rehashes the words he told you to the others and when he finished, they all looked at him with the utmost disgust on their features. stan felt his frown grow deeper. he really said some fucked up shit to you.

“you know what? i’m going to make this right,” mike got up and walked towards stan, grabbing his arm. “we’ll try to be back but it might take a while.”

“it’s fine, i’ll live,” ben chuckled and richie tried to protest but bill cut him off.

“g-good l-l-luck.”

stan and mike biked over to your house and mike went over the plan of action.

“okay, i’ll go in and i won’t lock the door. you come in and you listen to what she says, don’t come out until i give some kind of signal. got it?” mike whispered and stan nodded. mike was about to knock but stan had one more question.

“tell me, is she really that hurt?” stan fiddled with his thumbs, scared of the answer.

“she really loved you,” was all mike said and then he rapped on the door. stan heard the door creak open and hid from your view.

“oh, hey mike,” you sniffled. “i thought you’d be over by the quarry with the others.”

“well, i saw you crying on your bike and i got concerned.” stan heard the door close behind them but instead of being met with silence, he still heard your voice and mike’s perfectly clear. you didn’t go back inside but rather sat on the steps of your front porch.

stan caught a glimpse of you and he could feel his stomach clench. you looked- in lack of a better word- horrible. your eyes were so red and puffy, your nose was red as well, an your hair was in a messy bun with all the baby hairs sticking out.

“i don’t know why he hates me so much mike, we had a great friendship then it turned upside down so quickly. i thought about whatever i could’ve done to provoke it but i’ve done nothing! and i-” you had to take a breather and blink the tears away. “and it sucks because i thought we had something. not just a friendship but more, you know? oh god, that sounds so stupidly cheesy.”

mike rubbed your back in comfort, “i’m pretty sure he doesn’t hate you, y/n.”

you scoffed, “that’s bullshit and you know it, mike. you’ve heard our arguments, he definitely hates me.”

“well, would you give him a chance to explain himself? you know, if he wanted to?” mike raised his eyebrows and you sighed. you never really thought about that, probably too consumed with the fit of sobs and shouts you were in.

“well, maybe.”

“okay great, stan? come out,” mike called and you whipped your head towards mike in disbelief.

“mike? what the fuck?” you gawked at him and then you saw stan walk out from the side of your house, looking down at the ground. “no, get away, both of you.”

stan looked at you and met your gaze. you never seen his eyes so sad before. instead of a bright brown color, it looked murky, kind of like the water in the sewers by the barrens.

“please y/n i just-”

“no! you said it yourself, you wished that you’d never met me!” you raged at him. you saw stan wince and you saw mike slowly backing away. in your head, you apologized to your neighbors and made a note to make them some cookies.

“y/n just let me explain,” stan started to walk towards you and you backed away in response. “y/n, stop walking away please. just let me talk to you.”

you backed into your wall and stan cornered you there, leaving you with no place to escape. “stanley uris, get away from me or so help me god.”

“not until you hear me out,” stan mumbled, his voice low in an effort to calm you down.

“don’t you understand? i don’t want to talk to you,” your voice cracked but you refused to cry again, not in front of him anyway.

“then don’t, just listen.”

you press your hands against his chest and push him back but you had little success. you started to beat on his chest, putting as much anger as you can to each blow. stan groaned at the force but took it anyways, he wanted to at least take away some of your pain. but he had enough and grabbed your wrists and held onto them tight, determined to not let go despite your struggles.

“let me go, please stan. just let me go,” your voice was quiet, broken, your words meaning it both literally and figuratively. “let me go and we can forget about all of this.”

“but i don’t want to, y/n. i can’t just drop any connection with you.” stan began to tear up himself.

“you know what, stan? right from the moment you turned on me, i knew i lost you. it was weird because i’ve lost so many friends before and i never cared. less responsibility, right? well that wasn’t the case with you. i cried myself to sleep. why? i didn’t know,” you cried, looking him dead in the eyes. you didn’t even notice that he let go of your wrists. “then i realized, you weren’t just any friend to me. you were the first friend i let myself get attached to and that was the worst mistake i’ve ever made.”

stan felt a tear roll down his face and he sighed, “y/n, there are no words to explain how much of an idiot i am. but i still back up what i said earlier. i wish i’d never met you but not in the way i said it before but because i didn’t want to fall in love and it happened with you. love brings pain and sadness and i didn’t want that. but i was willing to take that risk and it scared the shit out of me. don’t you get it? you own my heart, y/n.”

you couldn’t speak. it was as if your brain shut down and you just looked at stan, staring holes into him. “please say something.”

you struggle to get words out but you manage, “so you think declaring your love for me will make things better? you hurt me stan but i’m also undeniably in love with you too that i’m willing to work on it.”

stan’s eyes shone with a glimmer of hope, was this really happening? he decided to go for it and placed a kiss on your lips. his heart was beating so hard, he thought it would just leap out his chest but you kissed back and stan felt so much weight get lifted off. he pulled away, his cheeks tingling and your ears ringing.

you wrapped your arms around his neck and he wrapped his around your waist and held you tight. you two slid to the floor and stayed like that, tangled in a hug, feeling all the tension slowly lift away. 

everything felt so right with stan again and you couldn’t help but thank the heavens above for your curly headed boy for you knew that he was a keeper and you knew that you and him would do everything in your power to keep each other close, no matter the damage.

Nuzzled Narratives - Wonwoo (fluff)

Request: Can you make a scenario with Wonwoo where it’s bed time an he’s reading to you and keeps touching y/n and they end up in a tickle fight? Please and thank you 💖

A/N: Wow yes. I’m, excited for this. I love my emo intellectual wonu lol. Thanks for requesting !! Also Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates. For those who don’t, I also hope you have a great day. Much luvvv💕

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Poldark's aiming to rule the West End
The first — and last — time Turner appeared on the London stage was as a British soldier in the Abbey Theatre’s production of The Plough And The Stars at the Barbican, back in 2005.

So bummed out, this will be the first of his performances since BH that I won’t be able to see. But I’m so happy for him and I expect he’ll be amazing as always! Hoping some lovely person will have some videos.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The smoked turkey is in the oven reheating, my favorite pumpkin pie is in the fridge chilling, and I’ve got mushrooms & potatoes to chop, then frozen green beans to steam.  I take a lot of short cuts with food prep, but it’s all delicious in the end and I’m not completed fried and cranky by dinnertime.  And we’re an 
eat-Thanksgiving-dinner-at-7pm sort of family.  So I’ve still got some time to relax.

I hope you are all having a good holiday and that you are spending it with people you love who don’t stress you out. 


cute + sexy jinyoungie for @jingogi

Happy 18th Birthday, Sarah! I know I’m late on posting this since there’s only a few more hours left till your birthday ends but! I just wanted to thank you for being my friend, listening to me rant about GOT7 and for putting up with my ridiculous snaps (we’re nearly at 100 days!). Thank you for making me laugh on days where I feel like total shit. I’m glad to have met someone who shares the same humor as I do. I hope your leg gets better soon and I’m wishing you good luck on your exams! I’m always here for you, just know that! I love you very much and hopefully your present(s) arrive safely!!! 

Will You Take Me Home? - Part One (Maybe?)

Title: Will You Take Me Home?
Pairing: Sam Drake x Reader
Warning: Other than the fact English isn’t my first language, none.
Notes: Still deciding if I’m writing chapter 2. Would you like me to?
The idea comes from two prompts I got today. 
I’m not so sure about this one, but I hope you enjoy it. I’m aware that I’m very hard on myself so it’s probably not that bad. Or maybe it is.
PS: I have nothing against short people haha it was just Sam being jealous.

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anonymous asked:

On this day of giving thx I'd like to extend some to u mostly for Superfluous rn bc I've missed ur writing Bc I Can't read that 1 angst ridden 1 (I won't until it's finished bc I am Sensitive™ and need a happy ending) and that was honestly JUST what I needed,it was beautiful and well written as always n I just SAID I missed ur writing but I'll say it again. U have such a way w words and anyway I'm rambling and probably not making sense but ily and on this gov mandated holiday I'm thinking of u.

Aaah thank you so much anon!!! I’ve missed writing, honestly. Anti-Anxiety kind of messed up my rhythm. But I’ve got several more stories in the works and i’m hoping to have more out soon! (gotta make my Nano wordcount somehow!) 

Thank you so much for this comment, I loved every word!


Ah, this one, this one!!!! It lures you in all innocent with early Karamel and pow, pow, pow beats you up with ALL the angst. And with that I mean it’s very good. Hopeful ending too I would say. Love how they made it look like Kara has the sweetest happy smile reaction to the “never forget you” speech. 

Gwynburn date to Lapland

So this is the second of a series of gwynburn dates @that-random-fanatic and I are collaborating on. In this chapter, they go to Lapland. I hope you lovely people enjoy!

Since their first proper date, and the actual confirmation that Diana and Gwyn were actually dating, Gwyn had been making all sorts of excuses to come to the Institute to see Diana. The Blackthorns all knew what he was doing, and Mark ended up telling Gwyn “you could just say you are here for Diana. We are happy for both for you, so don’t mind why you are here. Please just stop with the excuses” and of course Gwyn was more than happy to oblige. Just as Mark had said, no one seemed bothered that he would just arrive and ask where Diana was.

On one visit, Gwyn ended up getting pleasantly surprised by Diana. He’d gone to her office, and had wrapped his arms around her waist, kissing her on her neck, making Diana smile, and seemingly melt into him. “Do you have any plans for the next couple of days?” she asked, enjoying being in Gwyn’s arms (she had looped her fingers in his, meaning he was literally wrapped around her). “Nothing I couldn’t change, why do you ask my lovely lady?” he asked, and Diana felt her heart lift slightly. “I’ve planned something. A date for us, but it is a surprise my love” she said. There was something oddly satisfying about calling Gwyn “my love” Diana thought.

Gwyns face lit up in excitement. “I would not mind what we did as long as I had you by my side” Gwyn said, and to prove his point, pressed another soft kiss to Diana’s temple. They stayed like that, simply enjoying each other company until Cristina knocked on the door, letting them know Catarina had sent a fire message to say she was ten minutes away. The confusion on Gwyn’s was obvious, “Why would Mark and Kieran’s Lady of Roses tell us that Catarina was nearly here?” he asked, making Diana laugh, more out of the fact she knew more than Gwyn did. “It’ll ruin the surprise! But you can’t go wearing that. Talk to Kieran, he has what you need” she instructed, and who was Gwyn to argue.

As soon as Gwyn had left, Diana had taken all her self-control not to scream in excitement. Quickly, she ran to her room, changed into the clothes she had prepared, grabbed the bag she had packed and went down to the main entrance hall. Gwyn arrived a minute later, looking like a large marshmallow in all the layers Kieran had gotten him to wear. Where Diana had planned on taking them was cold and required a lot of thick clothing. Courtesy of the Blackthorns, they had matching gloves, hats and scarfs, in which Cristina had embroidered their initials. Diana had strict instructions from Tavvy that they had to wear them.

Just as Caterina arrived, Emma gave Diana a tight hug, telling her to enjoy herself, and promised that they could hold the fort whilst she was away. Julian just nodded at Gwyn, making him promise to look after Diana “as she is very important to us”. Gwyn agreed, saying “worry not son of thorns, Lady Diana is important to me as well. No harm will come to her whilst I am with her” and with that, Catarina opened a portal to send the lovers on their way.

On walking through the portal, Gwyn found himself outside a log cabin, surrounded by snow. “Welcome to Lapland Gwyn” Diana whispered, then stepped on her toes to softly kiss him on the lips. Gwyn just looked like a combination of an excited Tavvy at Christmas, and an overly concerned Julian. “But what of your snow allergy?” Gwyn asked, making Diana giggle. “I don’t have an allergy to snow Gwyn, I have told you this! And I wouldn’t have brought us here if I was” she said, then slipped her hand in his, and lead him into the log cabin they would be saying in. Having been reassured that Diana wasn’t going to have a severe allergic reaction, the Tavvy part of Gwyn seemed to take over.

He wrapped his arms around her, picked her up and spun her around her in a couple of circles, ultimately falling over in a pile of snow, as a tangle of limps and scarves. Thankfully Diana had landed on top of Gwyn, but he still worried he had hurt her. She just giggled, then buried her cold face in his recently exposed neck, causing him to squirm, which only encouraged Diana even more. Somehow they managed to pull themselves together enough to get back on their feet, and once they were, Diana slipped her hand in his and walked inside the log cabin they would be sharing.

Once inside and out of the cold and the snow, they were able to take off some of the layers that they had been wrapped in. Cristina had made them both personalised Jumpers – Diana had one with her fish tattoo on it, and Gwyn had one with a massive set of antlers, which had had a string of fairy lights wrapped around them. It made Diana burst out laughing. There was something about seeing this massive, ancient faerie in a knitted Christmas Jumper. Diana was one of those people with a really infectious laugh so once she started, Gwyn soon joined in.

Once they had unpacked, (Well Diana unpacked and Gwyn tried to help but got in Diana’s way so was made to sit in one of the comfy chairs and watch) Diana somehow ended up in Gwyn’s lap cuddling (she’d literally just plonked herself on his lap, one arm round his neck, her other hand with her fingers linked with his, and they spent the next hour talking about the stuff that they enjoyed doing in the snow, and making each other laugh with some of their ridiculous stories.

It soon got late, and Diana decided it was time for them to eat. Gwyn refused to be left in the chair again, so she allowed him to help out and keep her company, which of course was very much appreciated, by both Gwyn and Diana. That night Gwyn had offered to sleep in a separate bed (which was far too small for him) as to make sure he didn’t cross any of Diana’s boundaries, but Diana was having none of it, which was how the pair of them ended up spooning on Diana’s bigger bed.

The next morning, the couple decided to spend the morning in the snow, and the afternoon visiting Father Christmas (Tavvy had instructed Diana to pay him a visit, and there was no way Diana wasn’t going to turn this instruction down). They hadn’t been outside long when the shenanigans started. Gwyn had been taking in the snow, and reminded Diana of a small child. Taking advantage of her boyfriends distraction, Diana grabbed a handful of snow, ran up behind him, jumped up before shoving the snow down his top.

Gwyn gave a surprised yelp, as Diana wrapped herself round him like a koala. Gwyn then tried to get the snow out, but Diana just tightened her grip on him and was alternating between laughing and calling victory. Eventually Diana dropped back to the floor and that triggered an intense snowball fight between the leader of the Wild Hunt, and a badass well trained Shadowhunter. In both their minds, there was dramatic music as they through snowballs at each other whilst circling. In reality they were sounded like they were doing really bad impersonations of Ninjas.

Diana ultimately won the battle. It was close, but she managed to trip him up and make him fall on the floor, not before he grabbed onto her and pulled her down with him. “You won my lovely lady, in more ways than one” Gwyn said softly, which caused a soft gentle kiss between the two. The moment was perfect, and left them smiling like the pair of softies they were whenever they were together.

Once they had picked themselves up, they went to visit Father Christmas. Gwyn had brought his Antler Helmet (He’d had it the day before when he had visited Diana at the Institute) and Diana had decided it would be absolutely hilarious if they put on a model horse that was outside the grotto. Of course, they took a photo when they were inside with Father Christmas to show Tavvy to prove the encounter really had happened. When Father Christmas asked what their Christmas wish was, Gwyn looked at Diana going “I already have mine” which made Diana blush, and the elves to do a chorus of “aww”.

The walk back to the log cabin included a lot of hand holding and really soft kisses between the couple. That evening was a repeat of the one before, with them cuddling in, then making dinner together, more cuddling then spooning in bed. There had been a time Diana had never even allowed herself to even consider herself to be in a relationship with someone, and yet here she was, spooning Gwyn Ap Nudd whilst on a date with him in Lapland.

The following day they would return to L.A. and whilst they were packing, they decided that it would be a really sweet idea for Gwyn to dress up as Father Christmas for Tavvy. The more time Gwyn learnt about the various Christmas traditions used by the Blackthorns, the more he wanted to try them out, not that he was going to confess to this, but Diana was clever and had worked it out. So when she asked if he wanted to spend Christmas with them, it took all of his self-control not to get over-excited when he accepted.

When they portaled back, they went straight to Diana’s, and with Catarina’s magic, they got a Father Christmas outfit for Gwyn. Together, Gwyn and Diana walked backed to the Institute. It seemed the blackthorns had been looking out for Diana as they were all in the main entrance as soon the door had opened. Tavvy had come charging down the stairs, but had come skidding to a halt on seeing Gwyn dressed up as Father Christmas. The older Blackthorn’s saw straight through the costume to Gwyn, but Tavvy completely brought it. “I told Father Christmas all about you Tavvy, and he wanted to come and say Hello” Diana explained.

Tavvy then took Gwyn’s hand, and took him to the front room, and Tavvy told him everything he wanted for Christmas. Gwyn to his credit went completely into character. It was actually Gwyn’s over-enthusiasm that gave the game away, but Tavvy let Gwyn continue to think he had him convinced. When Gwyn left as “Father Christmas” and returned as himself, Tavvy insisted on telling him all about the visit, only to end by whispering “Thank you” in Gwyn’s ear at the end.

luxlovesee  asked:

I’ve sent this to someone else but I don’t think they got my request so I was wondering if u can do a song reference imagine Lost & Found by Pia Mia with Peter and the Reader where the story has a happy ending or sad one?? U can chose ,, thank you love 🧡🧡🧡

damn, i know how that feels and it sucks. i hope you enjoy this, love!

lost & found - pia mia

it’s been a year since he left. gone. no trace of him anywhere. all he left her with was a tear stained face and no explanation. she didn’t even get a ‘goodbye’. no one last ‘i love you’. absolutely nothing. no one knew where he had went and she never had the nerve to go and ask may. 

people moved on without him in their lives like it was nothing, and she knew that was probably how she should go on too, but she couldn’t. she couldn’t get over the fact that he left without telling her goodbye or where he was going. her heart was broken.

she tried calling, texting, everything. no answer. just the same old voicemail welcome message he’s had for the past 5 years they’ve known each other. she found herself listening to it at night just so that she could hear his voice one last time. 

for the third time this week, she took the back of her hand and wiped away the tears from her rosy cheeks as there was a knock on her front door. she cursed under her breath, swearing that if it was these stupid people trying to get her to buy candy bars she was going to kick them in the face. 

she swung the door open angrily, already starting her sentence. 

“i swear if you don’t leave me alone about your damn chocolate-” 

she cut herself off as she saw the familiar brown curls sitting on his head. the same chocolate brown eyes. she looked at him, frozen. he looked upset, like something had been bothering him for a long time. his face was full of regret, but she couldn’t figure out why. 

“peter?” she whispered. 

“y/n.” he whispered back. she let out a small smile as she felt more tears fall down her face. he pulled her into a hug and she wrapped her arms around his neck.

“oh my god.” she sobbed into his shoulder. 

“i’m sorry, i’m so so sorry.” he said, letting his own tears roll down and drip off his chin. 

 900 follower celebration 

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tysm for adding to the sheitor content !! i honestly live for that ot3 but no one really knows of it so im blessing you with 400 genies to make your wishes come true bc you just made mine come true tyyyyyy ♡♡♡♡

omg this is one of the most beautiful and kindest anon asks I’ve ever received~!! 

I’m so so happy to know my sheitor content is appreciated!! At first I wasn’t sure to post it tbh but I did it at the end and.. I’ve never been happier, you guys reblogged and liked it! Aww

Just, thank you sweet anon, from the bottom of my heart, you made my day with this ask asdfdjhkjjk i’m so blessed ♡♡♡                                                            And to show my gratitude, I drew a little extra for you and for all the people who like sheitor:

I hope you like it /w\

Happy Thanksgiving Tumblrs! I made a delish brussel sprout dish for dinner today. It’s brussels, diced onion, olive oil, sunflower seeds and currants. It turned out better than expected. I love when that happens. I tried to rest from workout today but I ended up going downstairs to do a smidge of weight training and ab mat situps. Tho I made a totally Paleo dinner, it still feels good to move after turkey day food! Hoping everyone had a great day. 💖

undercover-witch  asked:

Hello. Do you happen to have a video source for the bonus scene you gifed from Comrades? I'd really love to hear what they're saying. Thanks!

…(ノ▽〃) This is the gameplay of mine actually. *shy** It’s ok, if you search “ffxv comrades ending” from youtube, you can see many of them! Here is one of youtubers’ video,  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FIrxjfIHC6A , thanks for asking, I hope you enjoy it! *smile**   

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How would the RFA+Minor Trio react to MC being in a K-Pop group and they break up for some reason and shortly after MC’s group performs 2NE1’s “Goodbye” at an Award show? Can you make it with a happy ending?

I made a few alterations, and I think I understood correctly in that the bad was breaking up. I hope you still like it! ;D

RFA + Minor Trio with MC in a Kpop band that’s breaking up



- When you told Yoosung the band was breaking up.

- This cinnamon boy was,

- d e v a s t a t e d.

- Your band was his favorite KPop group!

- “But MC~ You guys can’t break up.”

- You tried to explain that you all just lost your spirit and couldn’t find any inspiration, but Yoosung refused to take that as an answer.

- He tried to think of solutions or new song ideas, but you told him the decision was final.

- He pouted for a few days, but after you told him that this gives them more time to spend together,

- PSH, forget the band!


- “B-but, babe! You guys performed at an awards show like two weeks ago!”

- “There wasn’t a dry eye in the audience!”

- “You can’t be breaking up.”

- Probably more heartbroken then Yoosung would be.

- That night he watched your final performance of “Goodbye” about fifty times till he finally got over it.

- Although he didn’t want the band breaking up, he supported you and your bands decision.


- It may not seem like it, but she is actually a huge fan of Kpop.

- She isn’t just a musical fan!

- When you told her for the first time that you were in a Kpop band, she was ecstatic!

- And you can bet she was at everyone of your concerts.

- When you told her the band was breaking up, she was upset, but also happy because you told her you were hoping to work at the cafe with her.

- She thought back to your final performance at the Seoul Music Awards, where you performed a song by 2NE1.

- She remembered how beautiful you looked and sounded, and she thought about how much she would miss seeing you up on stage.

- But after all, what made you happy made her happy.

- “Whatever it is you decide, I’ll support you.”


- He didn’t even know what Kpop was when you brought it up, smh.

- At first he was rather critical of it, claiming it gave him a headache and it was “too upbeat.”

- But he saw how much you loved performing and how much you loved the band so he sucked it up for you.

- When you told him the band was breaking up after a huge disagreement, he wasn’t upset.

- As a matter of fact, he was glad.

- “Oh, what a shame,” he says.

- Internally he says, Thank g O D.

- He doesn’t like seeing you depressed after the official announcement from the band of your break up, so he tries to make you feel better.

- Shit loads of flowers and gifts can’t always fix everything though, but you appreciate the sentiment.


- Falls to the ground

- Dramatic flailing

- “whhhyyy???”

- “It just wasn’t working out.”

- “But your music is so good~!”

- “You can still listen to it on ITunes?”

- He questions you if you guys knew you were breaking up when you performed “Goodbye”, marking that your last performance.

- You said no but recognized the irony.

- Overall, he’s kinda upset you guys are breaking up. He loved the shine in your eyes whenever you had a performance.

- He’d miss that shine, but he guesses he’ll just have to find other ways to get that shine in your eyes!


- “I’m sorry.”

- “Honey, this isn’t your fault.”

- Kinda like Jumin, he wasn’t a real fan of KPop, but he made more of an effort to try and enjoy it.

- If it was something you loved, he loved.

- He though all the other girls in the band were really nice, but you said that you were all having a hard time connecting with each other.

- If so, then he thought the band breaking up was the best thing to do.


- Honestly such a huge fan

- And he was so surprised that when he lured you to Rika’s apartment you actually went along with it.

- And that it actually worked.

- Because you were famous weren’t you supposed to be more careful or be better guarded.

- He loved to tell the few people his girlfriend was part of a famous KPop band.

- But now you’re breaking up???

- Confusion????

- He didn’t think your explanation, “We just weren’t feeling it” was enough, but he couldn’t get any farther than that so he just left the subject alone.

- But he was extremely disappointed.

- And he totally thought that at your last performance when you sang “Goodbye” that it was no a coincidence.


- He… really doesn’t care.

- “Ok.”

- “Whatever floats your boat.”

- He only ever went to one of your performances and hated it and watched your performance at the Korean Music Awards.

- He thought you weren’t that bothered either but he could see how downcast you were after the official announcement.

- Comfort isn’t his specialty, but he puts in some effort and cooks you a nice dinner and cuddles on the couch.


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Happy Angst-Giving: The Finale???

Honestly everyone…. I really like how this came out… But I do realize that it’s probably missing something…. 

Still… I hope you all like what I’ve created for the possible finale of the Asahi Zombie AU…..


Happy Halloween Happy Angst-Giving Merry Angst-Mas Happy Halloween II Happy Angst-Giving: The Finale???

They were attacking. The horde of zombies. The horde of the dead. The horde of the familiar no more.

The news of the monsters had come a few days before - and the safe haven had sent out it’s best guards and fighters to try to distract the horde in a different direction… But it hadn’t worked at all. Your safe haven lost a lot of people that day. A lot of good people. People with families.

But finally, this morning, there had been yells of panic, yells of fear. You’d been placed on guard duty, your son, Kazuki, placed in the safe haven’s completely guarded building with the other children, while Suga and Daichi had been posted outside that same building to protect the children.

You sighed to yourself as you popped a few of the zombies in the head, watching as their rotten innards exploded all over their nearest comrade, their already dead bodies falling to the floor unceremoniously. In another life, this probably would have been fun for you… Not this life though. Only a little over a year ago had you lost your husband to this disease. This terrible infection. You’d only seen him once while the infection ate at his skin, bubbling in his veins, taking away all his humanity, replacing his loving brown eyes with milky death. A life worse than death. Worse than being satan’s whipping boy. Walking around, alone or in packs, eating anything that moved or made a noise, taking their life essences to fill their own void. Just the idea of your husband, your Asahi, having to live that kind of life made your finger pull on the trigger more liberally. You were freeing these poor souls. You were taking their suffering away and granting them eternal slumber with a bullet straight through their skulls.

If you were able to free your husband from this life… You would. Without any hesitation. You would save him over and over. Asahi… You closed your eyes and turned your head towards the sky, feeling your heart reaching out for his, reaching out for some sort of sign that he was okay - that his soul was freed from this hell and searching the cosmos for yours once more.

“____! Pay attention! They’re starting to pile up over on the north end of the gates.” A man who’s name currently escaped your memory called out at you, causing you to jump and open your eyes to see the large amount of zombies actually below your post. If you didn’t focus now, they’d pile on top of each other and end up overwhelming this part of the wall. “H-Hey! What the hell is that!” The man called, grabbing his binoculars to see the change in the zombie current just a few yards away. You looked where he was seeing the disturbance, and felt your heart still in your chest.

You jumped down into the horde of zombies before you could even think about what it was you were seeing. You pulled out your knife and stabbed the ones that got too close, using the distraction as a way for you to bob and weave your way through the horde, thanking your squadron for taking them out as you made your way into the thick of the monsters. You’d almost gotten bit, but none of that was registering right now. Nothing but what you’d barely caught a glimpse of. It was almost as if your heart was pulling you towards the distraction, as if your very soul was commanding your feet to run, commanding your arms to stab and push and move any dead being out of the way enough for you to reach what you had thought you’d seen.

But not everything can go as planned. And you were falling to the floor with a zombie snapping it’s teeth towards your neck. You struggled against it’s dead weight, trying to get away from the monster, still feeling your heart, your very soul, pulling you towards what you’d seen. Maybe this was the end for you, maybe your son would grow up an orphan - you’d definitely jumped into the horde as if you were only living for yourself. How could you be so stupid? So completely impulsive that you’d submit yourself to this type of death? Being eaten alive?

The sound of struggling registered to your ears, above the sound of the dead man trying to bite at your neck, above the sound of the front gates starting to creak open as reinforcements were sent in to rescue you. “What the hell do you think you’re doing, ____?” His voice yelled at you above the growling and the groans, a knife plunging into the zombie’s temple before he tossed the body off of you and grabbed you by your hand. You felt as if you could finally breathe again, his hand holding yours so tight and pulling you towards where the gates were opening. “Why would you just jump in like that? Are you out of your mind?” He yelled at you over his shoulder, and you wanted so badly to stop him from moving, wanted to pull him to a stop so you could see him properly - truly see him after all this time.

The gates were only a few yards away, you were going to make it, you were going to be able to have your family back. The light was just on the other end of that gate border - it was blinding. It was heading straight for you.

A blood curdling scream ripped through the air, and your hands were suddenly out of Asahi’s and pushing him into the community gates. Asahi turned as he fell back on his ass, the gates of the community slowly closing just behind him as soon as he’d made it in. But the gates weren’t what he was seeing, what was pulling his entire world to shreds. You held your hand out towards where you’d pushed him, not reaching, more a plea for him to stay where he was and not come after you. You’d been bit. Your blood was seeping through your clothes, your neck having a large bite taken out of it. Another zombie took your stillness as an opportunity to bite at your bicep, pulling back with all your muscle tendons in between its teeth. “I will find you….” You mouthed to him, remembering when he’d yelled it to you the first time in the infected prison all that time ago, “Take care of Kazuki, Asahi….” You whispered, feeling your tears flowing down your cheeks just before a zombie grabbed you from behind, pulling you into a large horde. Asahi yelled, an animalistic scream as he scrambled to his feet and rushed towards the gates just as they’d closed. He slammed his hands on the metal gates, still yelling, still screaming out his anguish. All this time. All this time alone, away from you, and this is how it ended.

He didn’t know how long he’d been screaming, but the guards pulled him away from the gates, dropping him just a few yards away as they closed the secondary gates as a precaution. Your sacrifice had caused the horde to bunch up just outside the gates. Something you hadn’t thought of preventing. Your only goal had been to save Asahi. Save him while you could. Give your life in exchange for his. He kneeled on the asphalt outside the secondary gates, staring ahead of him blankly, not being able to scream any more as his voice had escaped him.

“Look what you’ve done!” A voice yelled from behind him, but Asahi didn’t even have the strength to turn and acknowledge who he knew was yelling at him. Blaming him. He knew. How could he not. He’d seen what he’d done first hand. Right in front of him. “You sick bastard!” The voice was closer now, and suddenly Asahi’s collar was being bunched and pulled, a fist connecting with his jaw causing him to fall back. But there was someone else there, pulling the first voice off of him.

“Suga! Stop!” Daichi yelled, wrapping his arms around Suga’s middle and keeping him from attacking Asahi again. He’d gotten his cheap shot. And while Daichi felt his own heart breaking, his tears streaming down his face at the realization you were gone, he kept it together better than Suga. But Daichi couldn’t blame him for his erratic behavior.

“Do you know what you’ve just done? Do you know who just left the world? For your sorry ass?” Suga yelled, struggling against Daichi’s hold, breaking free and grabbing Asahi by the collar of his shirt again, shaking him harshly. “She was the most important person in our lives, in my life, and you just show up and get her killed? You sick bastard!” Suga sobbed, not finding the strength to yell anymore at Asahi, falling to his knees in front of his old friend. His hands slowly fell from Asahi’s shirt and landed on either side of his kneeling body, tilting his head up with his eyes closed as he cried for your loss. He’d loved you with his entire being, and although he’d known you’d never love him the same… He’d never thought in a million years you’d sacrifice yourself for someone who’d been lost before.

Asahi felt… empty. Hollow. Like his soul had just been ripped out of his body. And it had…. He had no doubt about it. You were everything to him, his heart, his soul, his reason for living. Why else would he have traveled so far, done so much, fought so damn hard to get back?

For you.

He’d kicked and fought for so long, so damn long against everything he came across, just so he could see you again, so he could be with you again. But not like this. He’d give anything to get you back, to bring you back to life, to give you the same serum he’d been given to make you immune. But he knew even the serum couldn’t heal death. And that’s what you’d been greeted with with his resurfacing. Your untimely death. All because of him.

But your words… they finally registered in his brain. The noise of the zombies groaning and hissing as they over took you had been deafening along with his own screaming of horror, but… he’d heard you loud and clear, as if you’d been whispering right into his ear.

“Ka…. Kazuki.” Asahi whispered, looking down at his bloody hands, seeing they were no longer shaking, but knowing he wasn’t completely coming to terms with your death just yet. Not yet. In the privacy of his lonesome, he’d handle what he’d caused, what your final moments must have been like.

“No…. No. Fuck you… NO!” Suga suddenly yelled, getting to his feet and standing in the way of where the baby was being hidden, “You took her from me, you’re not going to take him, too. No! Over my goddamn dead body! Daichi, stop, no!” Suga’s voice was hoarse at this point, and he struggled again against Daichi as he grabbed his best friend. “No! He got _____ killed!” Suga sobbed, feeling his blood boil at just the thought of Asahi touching the baby he raised with you. His baby. Not Asahi’s.

Daichi took a shaky breath as he held Suga in his arms, keeping him from struggling too much and lunging at Asahi again, “Suga…. Kazuki…. He’s not yours…. He’s not your baby, Suga….” He reminded his best friend, holding him closer when he felt Suga start to struggle harder, “He’s Asahi’s!”

Asahi looked up at his former best friends, his eyes wide, looking like a small child himself - A small child covered in the innards and blood of the dead, sweat making his body odor and the dead’s mold into a single awful stench, his usual long hair had been chopped off to be short enough for the zombies to not be able to grab it so easily. “M….. Mine?” His voice was barely above a whisper, the groans and moans of the dead coming from the other side of the gate still and drowning out his realization. His eyes snapped to the gates, slowly shaking his head as he connected the dots. “Fuck….” He bit his bottom lip and closed his eyes, bowing his head as he sobbed, letting his loss overcome his entire body and mourn your death. You’d given him everything you had - your love, your heart, your soul…. Your life…. And now, he realized, you’d given him something he’d always wanted to have with you.

A new beginning.

As much as Asahi wanted to keel over and die, give up on his life with the forfeit of yours, he knew he couldn’t. Because if he left this world, if he followed after you into the ever changing world of the cosmos… He’d be leaving the future behind. Your son. His son. He had to live for Kazuki. Had to keep breathing, keep his head above the waters of anguish and guilt to give Kazuki the chance at a normal life - as normal as someone could have in this dead world.

Asahi had to keep living.

For you.

For his son. For Kazuki.