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Thirsty Zayn is my fav. No kidding though he looks like he's gonna pounce on Liam 24/7.


Listen thirsty Zayn is one of my all time favourite things too, not only because I relate with Zayn on an atomic level, but also because he cannot conceal it at all. For instance, look at this picture:

I geddit, Liam looks amazing and you both look hella sharp withyour matchy matchy business but come on, Zayn. And I know people say that it’s just a picture, he might have been looking for a moment and it got captured, means nothing. Okay but explain this:

If you drew a tangent and connected Zayn’s line of sight to it, you’d know Zayn is looking at Liam. With lust.

But tbh mayyyybe we’re being extra and Zayn just looks, I mean Zayn does like Liam’s ass, look at the focus:

If you draw a dotted line extending Zayn’s hand. you’ll find it ends at Liam’s ass

The intensity of the gaze (also just looking is never enough.mp3)

Zayn also likes Liam’s chest (Zayn was thirsty that day, jokes, he’s all day everyday so)

Bruh is wiping his mouth, like, that’s fairly obvs

Zayn likes Liam’s face

Look at how he gets lost

External image

Zayn likes Liam’s lips

Look he gulps a little also the eye movement kjshjkdhkjhfjkgsjk

Zayn likes Liam’s hands

Zayn likes the back of Liam’s head


I am both Zayn and Niall tbh


But also Zayn just likes all of Liam

External image

But the best part is that sometimes all of space and time suspends as Zayn gets completely entranced by Liam, so much that he completely zones out

External image
External image
External image
External image
External image

So yeah Zayn looks like he’d pounce on Liam anytime but like, can y’all blame him?


Can we talk about the fact that Liam’s sweatshirt has a YELLOW crown with the word KING scribbled inside it on top of a YELLOW heart whilst in NY where there is a certain Englishman currently spending most of his time there? And that said Englishman had worn a coat from the same collection on his recent Billboard spread? And that KING literally means the surname of said Englishman? And that the image translates as King of Hearts? Who is the king of your heart Liam? 😏

FUN FACT: Liam rarely wears Dolce and Gabbana in public. The last time he was spotted wearing one was last year and guess what? The jacket he wore then matches with Z with their jackets coming also from the same collection bearing the same theme: x

Inspired by this video + 

thanks to @ziampoets for the inspiration too, here’s a first part of a possible story to come some of which is under the cut as it’s 


“This is the worst idea you’ve ever had Harry, even worse than the time you put me on that tv show for kids where I got gunged so I’d do better in the charts and I ended up getting covered in yellow god knows what and my single went down 20 places.”

Zayn glares at Harry whose facial expression changes several times from one of mock outrage to indignation to a smug smile.

“Yeah but the fun we had on all the Christmas cards and Birthday cards you received in the year after that though with your pouty face and that expensive haircut covered in yellow stuff, I mean who cares about your career when you give us material like that for years.”

Zayn mutters a swear word or three under his breath and questions once more why on earth he picked Harry Styles as his manager then as the driver stops the car and turns round from his seat to say, “We’ve arrived,” and Zayn looks out the window at the sign, he just wishes he could steal Marty McFly’s car and basically go back to when he ended up sat next to Harry at an event four years ago, and sit anywhere else but there.

The door opens next to him and Harry’s there holding it open and gesturing with a flourish towards the pavement and Zayn could hold the driver hostage, go back home and get his passport and travel to Australia and hide somewhere in the outback but Harry would probably be there first so there’s no use delaying the inevitable so he mutters a, “I really hate you,” which doesn’t even sound convincing to his own ears and jumps out the car.

It’s quiet on the streets but then again it would be as it’s just after 5am because this what he’s about to do, or think about doing more like, is top secret for at least a few more weeks and though it’s not the first time Zayn’s been up at 5am, it’s the first time he’s been up at 5am to go the gym.

He looks up at the sign, “Metaboli London’ and he could say no right now, he could turn away right now and Harry would try and persuade him, but ultimately Harry never forces anything, just like the gunge tank tv show, just like everything, and that’s why they work so well cause Harry as much as Zayn hates it, gets these things right and that’s why Zayn never says no, cause the reason his single plummeted twenty places was because it just wasn’t very good and yes he could say no to all this, and it goes so far against the grain that it’s crazy and yet he feels like if he doesn’t just try then he’ll regret it so before Harry can say anything before he can be that cajoling voice that’s more like his mum when he was trying to ride a bike for the first time,  Zayn, strides forward and opens the door calling out, “Well are you coming?” before Harry can even blink.

Zayn’s not the first one there, there’s a few faces he recognises, the people Harry had mentioned would be taking part.  He kind of knows a couple of them already, at least to say hello to, or in Louis Tomlinson’s case sing along drunkenly to Oasis songs at 4am at some crap showbiz party a few years back.

There’s a couple of daytime tv celebs and then a few others milling around who he sort of recognises but hasn’t a clue who they are and well, if he signs up to this, officially that is, then he guesses he’ll know them pretty damn well by the end of this journey.

“Here you go,”  Harry slips a bottle of water into Zayn’s hand which Zayn pulls his face at.

“Water?  Seriously Harry, does my face look like the face of a man that can even hold a conversation with someone at this time of the morning without a coffee in my hand or what?”

“Well it can definitely whinge for England at this time of the morning,” Harry responds drily, “Anyway, coffee dehydrates you and your body my friend needs to become a temple in the coming weeks if you aren’t gonna collapse and die on the first day out there so quit whining, have a sip or two of water and then, oh hey up, I think your motivation just walked into the room.”

Harry finishes his sentence with an accompanying waggle of his eyebrows and that’s all Zayn needs to know that someone fit’s walked into the room though fit in Harry’s eyes is a whole different kettle of fish to Zayn’s view of fit, but the sound of a someone clearing their throat pulls Zayn away from that thought as he undoes the lid of the bottle, turns around and well, okay maybe Harry’s idea of ‘fit’ isn’t all that different after all.

There are three fellas in front of them, two of them are engaged in conversation and nudging into each other laughing, one of them’s got bleached blonde hair with little bits of brown poking through at the roots, he’s whippet thin but there’s a solidity to him that speaks of someone able to take care of himself, and then the other guy is bigger and taller, dark haired and even from a little way away, Zayn can hear his Irish accent.  

Then there’s the other guy who’s stood a little bit further apart,  he’s about the middle in terms of height and size, he’s got hair and a lot of it, that looks far too artfully styled almost for this time of the morning and for a gym, and brown eyes, and even from here Zayn can appreciate the fella’s lips especially as he chews at them, he’s got a pair of pale yellow  jogging bottoms on and a cream coloured top on, just like the smaller bloke, he’s whippet thin but as the guy puts his hands on his hips and blows out what seems to be a frustrated breath, Zayn can see his arm muscles and well, fuck, no one told him he’d have to wear looser jogging bottoms today.

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Another one bites the dust and maybe I should leave this alone and let it be, but honestly, how does someone go from claiming to love Liam and standing against every biased wrong that the fandom has done him to go around and pull the same shit on their own? How does someone have it in their conscience to sit and dish ready-made yet completely baseless hate for Liam when everyone already fucking knows how much this screwed up fandom gets off on hating Liam, irrespective of the reasons and its validity. How does someone even begin to justify crap and say stuff like “it hurts the most because I loved him the most” like, are you sure you loved him in the first place? Did you really even love Liam at any point in the past or was it just for show? Or was it the idea of Liam you liked, or more specifically, your idea of Liam? Was Liam ever a person to you or just some side piece of a ship that you were obsessed with? I am actually wondering, no shade, but I really don’t think this justification helps because this is almost as bad as those ugly DMs Liam received where he got shit said to him on the pretext of people “loving” him. 

Calling Liam “embarrassing” when it’s you who has made innumerable theories that could easily be counted as embarrassing, so that’s rich. Listen, anyone is free to walk out of the fandom and unstan whomsoever they want to, at any given time, that’s not the problem here and that’s clearly not what I am addressing but like one of my friends said (you know who you are), move on quietly and live and let live, it’s that simple. You have no right to make broad proclamations when you have ZERO proof to support your statement and no, you don’t get to endorse Liam hate just because he doesn’t fit your bill anymore. 

To all the ziams who stand for love for all the boys and Liam and Zayn, I hope y’all are taking notes because you lot are quick to shun any and every person hating on Zayn out of nowhere (rightfully so) but I better hope people see through this also, but then again, would I be surprised if yet again Liam hate gets tolerated and passively encouraged? 

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I definitely think of that bg theory too. Because it was Harry the one to react like that! Idk but it always surprised me so much the things he said. I definitely it fucked something up and it affected louis greatly (either bg or something personal).

I guess it’s a possibility. I don’t have a strong opinion on that theory but I guess that if you look at it from a certain point of view it makes sense?

Our guess is that Zayn said he’d leave in September-November 2014 and we know that Breep’s social media was wiped around the same time, so babygate must have been in the works for longer then that. It makes sense for it to be meant for Zayn at the beginning because he already had the image they had to create for Louis in order to make bg believable: the party boy who was known for having one night stands and has a thing for blondes. Throw in that he was ‘engaged’ with Perrie at the time, who is also a Syco client, and the scandal would have created huge publicity for both the band and Little Mix.

The troubles for Syco started when Zayn said he’d leave, so now they had to assign babygate to another member of the band as well. I bet they weren’t ready to let go of babygate just because Zayn wanted out. I also think they were hoping he would decide to stay eventually (Ed once said that Zayn had left ‘before’ so I can see them hoping he’d decide to stick around) and then didn’t. So they had to pick another one of the boys: Harry, although he could’ve made sense because of his womaniser image at the time, though it was starting to fade a little by that time, was out of the question; Niall is teflon and no one would have cared; same goes for Liam; and then they had Louis.

Personally, I think Harry and Louis thought they’d come out in 2015 but when Zayn decided he’d leave they were probably told the band couldn’t face two news like that so close to each other. I think this also warrants why Harry (and Louis for sure) is so angry at Zayn for leaving. I can also see the coming out being used as a tool by Syco and that they told Louis they’d use babygate to make Harry and Louis suddenly close again publicly, so that they could have come out in the next future.

If this happened around January/February, it also explains why we last saw Eldemort (or so we thought *hysterical laughter*) in February and it also explains the 24-hour trip Zayn and Louis took to Los Angeles which was also when Louis and Breep were first saw together. I can see that meeting being a ‘hand over the reins’ of the stunt from Zayn to Louis.

And, well, the rest is history. They started to build the Louis!party image. Zayn left. Babygate started. And it’s still ongoing. If it really was meant for Zayn, then Harry’s anger is more then understandable.

But then again, I don’t have a strong opinion about this. It could have happened and it could have not. If I look at it from the point of view I explained earlier, it makes sense but who knows what really went down.

ziam duo vibes✨✨

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the concert's gif that you just rebloged with the kid (cameron aka Eric...hahah) the kid was apparently celebrating his 3rd birthday.... comparing that kid with F size and i'm like....

dhsjkhdjskd yeah i remember something about a birthday… rip 

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It's really sad to see how the fandom is treating Liam. I hope his team learns from their mistakes. The sun article seems to be damage control so I'm assuming they didn't see the backlash coming. I hope they realized Zayn's worth! I hope they see that a lot of people care about Zayn! That attacking him will not help them sale songs but have the opposite effect! Although at this point it won't seem genuine I hope they decide to take the we're still friends route.

Agreed. There does at least seem to be a shift in this narrative, as just today in Liam’s FB live broadcast he included Zayn when he thanked the boys:

“Thanks for Niall, thanks for Louis, Harry and Zayn for our musical journey which I think it’s really nice and beautiful.” 

I think Team Liam is definitely trying to undo some of the damage caused, which is good. I hope the message was received that we do not take cheap shots aimed at Zayn kindly (if only they’d dial it back with all Chiam/daddy duty crap, too). Coupled with yesterday’s Sun article where Liam chose PT as his favorite track and there definitely seems to be a new approach happening. Let’s hope it continues.

That being said though, as usual, there’s always that subset that takes things way too far and are now leaving negative reviews for his song out of spite. It’s unbelievable and completely disgusting behavior.

Have you seen that some people are trying to mask their intentions behind the excuse of “what if I really just don’t like the song”? To that I say BULLSHIT. I can see right through that. If you’re gonna go to those lengths at least have the balls to own how gutter you are.

I personally don’t care for some of Harry’s PR either. He’s shaded Zayn in print and I’m also not crazy about his solo music aside from a couple of songs. Despite that, I can see through that bad narrative (as those Liam bashers should too) so you won’t see me running to exact my “revenge” on Harry by posting negative reviews in the hopes that it would negatively affect his sales. 

Everyone deserves the opportunity to experience the boys’ individual music for themselves and not have it be tainted by my own perceptions or biases. I love all 5 boys and want them each to be successful as solo artists. I will never be able to relate to those unprincipled assholes who think this is ever okay. They need to do some serious soul searching and improve themselves immediately.

Time and time again it was clear what had been Zayn’s place for the past five years. How mind of mine was really so damn personal to him, to us, to his experience. Putting his experience into words, into feelings into songs – as deep as Befour, as clear as Truth, as bold as Lucozade, as vulnerable as Rear View. How these songs are his take on what had been his life; for those years he wasn’t able to express his own mind. Can’t help but feel a pang of hurt by listening to these four songs, songs that never felt pretentious but just pure openness, a clear stage of struggle and grief but also a hope for a new beginning. I love Zayn so much – and seeing him in a place of peace and freedom, of endless support from his family and his team, of being understood and being taken care of is all that matters.

drops of sun (zayn/louis 28.1k)

a Tangled adaptation in which Zayn’s the lost prince high in a tower with magical fingertips that glow, Louis’ an on-the-run thief that’s stolen the palace’s crown and together they find themselves in a deal that may or may not make them wish they never met. 

big thank you to the lovely tori for the drawing!

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I honestly hope Zayn doesn’t see this shit because he’s been through enough! I hope he has people around him who truly care about him and love him and show him their love and support every day because he deserves only good things in life💖💖💖