i hope zayn see it

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Thirsty Zayn is my fav. No kidding though he looks like he's gonna pounce on Liam 24/7.


Listen thirsty Zayn is one of my all time favourite things too, not only because I relate with Zayn on an atomic level, but also because he cannot conceal it at all. For instance, look at this picture:

I geddit, Liam looks amazing and you both look hella sharp withyour matchy matchy business but come on, Zayn. And I know people say that it’s just a picture, he might have been looking for a moment and it got captured, means nothing. Okay but explain this:

If you drew a tangent and connected Zayn’s line of sight to it, you’d know Zayn is looking at Liam. With lust.

But tbh mayyyybe we’re being extra and Zayn just looks, I mean Zayn does like Liam’s ass, look at the focus:

If you draw a dotted line extending Zayn’s hand. you’ll find it ends at Liam’s ass

The intensity of the gaze (also just looking is never enough.mp3)

Zayn also likes Liam’s chest (Zayn was thirsty that day, jokes, he’s all day everyday so)

Bruh is wiping his mouth, like, that’s fairly obvs

Zayn likes Liam’s face

Look at how he gets lost

External image

Zayn likes Liam’s lips

Look he gulps a little also the eye movement kjshjkdhkjhfjkgsjk

Zayn likes Liam’s hands

Zayn likes the back of Liam’s head


I am both Zayn and Niall tbh


But also Zayn just likes all of Liam

External image

But the best part is that sometimes all of space and time suspends as Zayn gets completely entranced by Liam, so much that he completely zones out

External image
External image
External image
External image
External image

So yeah Zayn looks like he’d pounce on Liam anytime but like, can y’all blame him?

ziam duo vibes✨✨

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It's really sad to see how the fandom is treating Liam. I hope his team learns from their mistakes. The sun article seems to be damage control so I'm assuming they didn't see the backlash coming. I hope they realized Zayn's worth! I hope they see that a lot of people care about Zayn! That attacking him will not help them sale songs but have the opposite effect! Although at this point it won't seem genuine I hope they decide to take the we're still friends route.

Agreed. There does at least seem to be a shift in this narrative, as just today in Liam’s FB live broadcast he included Zayn when he thanked the boys:

“Thanks for Niall, thanks for Louis, Harry and Zayn for our musical journey which I think it’s really nice and beautiful.” 

I think Team Liam is definitely trying to undo some of the damage caused, which is good. I hope the message was received that we do not take cheap shots aimed at Zayn kindly (if only they’d dial it back with all Chiam/daddy duty crap, too). Coupled with yesterday’s Sun article where Liam chose PT as his favorite track and there definitely seems to be a new approach happening. Let’s hope it continues.

That being said though, as usual, there’s always that subset that takes things way too far and are now leaving negative reviews for his song out of spite. It’s unbelievable and completely disgusting behavior.

Have you seen that some people are trying to mask their intentions behind the excuse of “what if I really just don’t like the song”? To that I say BULLSHIT. I can see right through that. If you’re gonna go to those lengths at least have the balls to own how gutter you are.

I personally don’t care for some of Harry’s PR either. He’s shaded Zayn in print and I’m also not crazy about his solo music aside from a couple of songs. Despite that, I can see through that bad narrative (as those Liam bashers should too) so you won’t see me running to exact my “revenge” on Harry by posting negative reviews in the hopes that it would negatively affect his sales. 

Everyone deserves the opportunity to experience the boys’ individual music for themselves and not have it be tainted by my own perceptions or biases. I love all 5 boys and want them each to be successful as solo artists. I will never be able to relate to those unprincipled assholes who think this is ever okay. They need to do some serious soul searching and improve themselves immediately.

Time and time again it was clear what had been Zayn’s place for the past five years. How mind of mine was really so damn personal to him, to us, to his experience. Putting his experience into words, into feelings into songs – as deep as Befour, as clear as Truth, as bold as Lucozade, as vulnerable as Rear View. How these songs are his take on what had been his life; for those years he wasn’t able to express his own mind. Can’t help but feel a pang of hurt by listening to these four songs, songs that never felt pretentious but just pure openness, a clear stage of struggle and grief but also a hope for a new beginning. I love Zayn so much – and seeing him in a place of peace and freedom, of endless support from his family and his team, of being understood and being taken care of is all that matters.

I honestly hope Zayn doesn’t see this shit because he’s been through enough! I hope he has people around him who truly care about him and love him and show him their love and support every day because he deserves only good things in life💖💖💖

One day when I was working with Malay, we got to talking about my dad. I was telling Malay about my relationship with him and how important it was for me to do well for him, to earn his approval. My dad’s a hard worker and he has strong values. He was a personal trainer and is solidly built, and he used to go on at me all the time about being a good student and getting the right education. He wanted the best for me, and I wanted to please him in return…. I wanted to show him, as much as everyone else, that I could do it, and once the tracks started coming together with Malay and a number of other producers I’d been working with, I began to feel that I was really able to express myself vocally and I hoped my parents were going to see it from my side.
—  Zayn (Song Notes “Intermission: Flower” from the book Zayn by Zayn. Read the full excerpt on Rolling Stone)

Imagine Flynn Rider!Zayn, in brown, tight pants and denim shirt, trying to steal a crown from the king and queen but runs into Prince Charming!Liam while in the castle, clad in black slacks accentuating his thick thighs and a tight, white button up. Zayn tries to use his famous smoulder to woo Liam into letting him go instead of locking him in the dungeon. And Liam may be the sweetest, kindest prince, but he can’t just let Zayn walk free after trying to steal his crown. Liam also might be a little infatuated with Zayn because he’s supposed to be looking for a wife but everyone at the ball just wants him for his money. And looking at Zayn, Liam realizes that maybe he doesn’t even like girls.

Liam ends up taking Zayn to the dungeon, making sure the guards see so they’ll leave him alone, but only so he can be alone with him, not that he would admit it. The two of them sit in the dungeon cell together and talk and it turns out they have a lot of common interests which makes Liam’s heart flutter.

When Liam lets Zayn go, he kisses him softly on the cheek, then deciding to be a bit reckless, presses his lips quickly to the tip of Zayn’s nose.  “I hope I can see you again, maybe not in the dungeon?”

Zayn giggles, his nose scrunching slightly, “of course.”

Liam takes a step closer to Zayn, whispering in his ear, “I think I might have found my princess”, biting his earlobe gently before pulling back with a smirk pulling at the corner of his lips.

Zayn, wide eyed, clears his throat and nods, saluting Liam before jogging off.

Once Zayn reaches the woods, he might jerk off thinking of Liam’s warm breath against his neck, imaging it was Liam’s big hand instead of his own. But it’s difficult running with a boner okay? 

growing up i always thought that if i met a celebrity they would freak out because i was wearing a scarf, they would get scared, or ignore me, or not want to talk to me. zayn has changed that. and i hope my younger muslims see that even though my feelings were valid, they were unhealthy