i hope your superman is good


Kuroo from @eicinic‘s Superman AU. 
Because Gin is amazing and deserves all the Kuroos in the world (so he better save it).

I’ve been listening to this song a lot while drawing, and I think the first verse is awfully fitting

There’s a war we can’t ignore, waging silence on our lives
We will overcome, let the cowards run and hide

We were born to take it back
This is revelational

I am not afraid

– Dillon Francis - Love in the Middle of a Firefight

I think my favorite thing about Henry Cavill’s Superman is that he isn’t this brash, talkative, overly confident person. It’s cool to see that you can be heroic without those qualities, that it isn’t necessary in order to be good. I like that he always tries to do the right thing, regardless of what people think of him. I believe that in this modern world that’s important. Everyone has an opinion on everything and they can break down your dreams and it can seem easy to give up, but, Superman doesn’t give up on doing the right thing, regardless of how the world feels. That gives me hope that I can do the same thing too. I might be reaching with this feeling but if I’m reaching for anything it’s the stars, hopeful that I can be quiet but still great, just like Superman. 

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RFA+V+Saeran meet MC before the party while she is a coffee barista? Maybe she recognizes them and leaves them a little note or something :3 ~ I love your headcanons btw. Also your english is totally fine. Have a nice day ;)

Oh, thank you! Okay, maybe this is silly, but this request made me feel really touched. And I’ll explain why, I remember when I joined tumblr and started reading mm headcanons, I saw a request just like this and it was soooooo good, so freaking cute! I decided I could try to write hcs too and started this humble blog. I never found that headcanon or that blog again, tho :(

So it was so hard to do this, because I kept thinking about that hc, how good it was, and how mine could never get that good. (never compare your writing, children, it’s an endless road of insecurity and self sabotage) But I think in the end these are cute? Hope you like it!

RFA + Saeran and V meeting a barista MC


  • He thought about getting some coffee before a morning rehearsal
  • And there’s this coffee shop on his way to work. Perfect!
  • He walks in and you immediately look at him. No… Zen? H-here? Did he find you? No, he couldn’t, your profile pic is not that good and…
  • “Uhm… excuse me? Lady?” he tries to get your attention, you’re taken aback. He chuckles, yes, this is a normal reaction for women when they see him.
  • Then you proceed to take his order and you keep glancing at him. Well, he’s used to it, but this barista is really cute…
  • “I really liked ‘Promiscuous Jalapeno’” you say and smile cheerfully. “Oh… so you’re a fan? Thank you!”
  • “Yes! Can I get an autograph, please?” oh, usually his fans ask for pictures with him… You’re really different, ain’t you?
  • “What’s your name?” “Hum… you don’t need to put my name, just write… ‘With love, Zen.’” He blushes a little, what’s with him? He does this all the time.
  • “Here you go, sweetie.” He hands you the napkin he wrote the autograph and you hand him his order. “I can’t wait for your next musical!” you say as he gets out of the shop, he turns and smiles.
  • He’s smiling to himself, what an interesting girl… no, forget about her, what about MC?
  • Then he sees the little note on it: “I couldn’t ask for a photo now, I would rather do at the party when we’re alone. With love, MC.”
  • He wants to go back, but he’s pretty late for work. Oh well… guess he will have to drop by again tomorrow, and the next day too, and the next…


  • He was on his way to college and needed some caffeine after putting an all nighter playing LOLOL.
  • You see those violet eyes and immediately smile. Oh my god… what are the chances? Hum, this should be fun…
  • You get his order and keep smiling the whole time. Okay, he knows the people who work here are usually nice, but you are on a whole another level.
  • Or maybe there is something in his face? Oh no… so embarrassing! He looks like a fool in front of such a cute girl…
  • “I couldn’t help but notice, is this a LOLOL bottom in your hoodie?” “Wh-what? Oh… yes! Yes, it is!” Oh, there’s nothing wrong with his face, thank god.
  • “Do you… do you like LOLOL?” “Oh yeah, I’m ranked #12 in the shooting star server.” “WHOA, SERIOUSLY? I… play there too.” “Cool, are you having problems with that Superman Yoosung too? I gotta say, that guy is good!” OH. MY. GOD!
  • “Yeah…” he just chuckles, he doesn’t know what to say, he wants to yell “It’s me! It’s me!” but he’s too embarrassed.
  • You also want to yell “It’s me!” but it would ruin the fun, so you just hand his order and tell him “Good luck with LOLOL!” he’s so flustered he just waves to you as he walks away.
  • Wow, you’re amazing! And so cute… wait! He shouldn’t be thinking like this, he’s already talking to MC in the chat room… oh, but she’s probably into Zen anyway…
  • He’s on the bus stop when he sees the note: “LOLOL is fun, but I hope this helps you focus on your studies. Go get’em, Superman Yoosung! ~MC”
  • He immediately pops in the chat room: “Oh my god, MC! Why didn’t you say anything?” “Meh, it wouldn’t be that fun, right? I like your hoodie, by the way.” You bet he needs that coffee to focus after that…


  • She drops by this cute coffee shop on her way to C & R. Well, this wouldn’t take long and… tbh, she’s not that worried with C & R as she used to be…
  • She admires the decoration in the place, and finds this smiley barista staring at her.
  • You want to greet her and tell her who you are, but nah… her face when she recognizes you in the RFA party will be really cute to watch.
  • “Did you like the decoration, miss?” “Yes, everything here is so cozy! Your boss have a good taste!”
  • “She does, it’s a shame she’s selling this place…” “Oh, she is?” you can only imagine all the thoughts she’s having right now, considering your last conversations in the chat room and can’t hold back a chuckle, which she thinks a little… odd.
  • She watches with attention as you prepare her coffee, you notice and explain to her the grounds you used, the techniques, she’s extremely interested.
  • “Here you go, miss.” “Thank you! Oh… I should get something to Mr. Han too…” Yes… she almost forgot about Jumin…
  • You hand hers and Jumin’s coffee. “Have a good day at work, miss!” you smile,oh… what a weird familiar sensation.
  • Yes, there’s something about you that’s really familiar… almost like… MC? No… it can’t be, you would have say something if it was you, right?
  • “Assistant Kang, why does my coffee says ‘go easy on Jaehee, okay?’?” she looks puzzled, than she notices hers has a little note too: “I bet your coffee tastes better, but enjoy this! I’m always rooting for you! ~MC”
  • She smiles for the rest of the day, so many thoughts running in her mind… especially that little fact you shared about the coffee shop being up for sale…


  • He’s there to prove a point, okay? Zen teased him about always making Jaehee doing the simplest tasks for him, he probably couldn’t even get a coffee by himself!
  • Well, challenge accepted! But as he steps into the coffee shop, he regrets it. How… how does this even work? Do they come to you or…?
  • You can’t believe what your eyes are seeing. Is that man over there Jumin Han? Well, judging from his fancy clothes and completely lost, yet very stoic expression, it can only be him!
  • “Sir?” you go to him, “can I help you?”  “Yes, I would like to…” “Oh, follow me to the balcony, please.” Hum, so that’s how it works, he has to go to you… still, how considerate of you to go to him…
  • “What do you recommend?” you tell him and he asks for that, you smile and he feels… really amused.
  • When you hand him his order, you notice he’s uncomfortable, as if he wants to say something. “Can I get you anything else, sir?”
  • “Yes, I… I need to take a picture, but my photos keep getting blurred, can you take it for me?” Jesus Christ, you want to hug this man! Control yourself, MC!
  • “Of course” he hands you his phone and you take a picture of him holding his order, hoping he doesn’t notice your little note.
  • And he doesn’t, as he thanks you and walks away leaving a veeery generous tip to you, you’re not sure if he’s paying that much because of your extra service or because he has no idea how much he should pay.
  • He notices the note when he’s in his car: “I hope you’ll let me take a lot more pictures of you, maybe of us? ~MC” he chuckles and suddenly feels really hot.
  • “Driver Kim, make sure to stop by this shop every morning from now on.”


  • He knows where you work, and he really wanted to see you. He was worried after the hacker attacked the chat room.
  • He doesn’t share selfies of him in the chat room, so he should be fine.
  • As soon as he walks in, his phone rings. Shit, it’s Vanderwood! Did them already notice he went out of his house?
  • You listen to this voice and turn your head to see this cute red haired guy with colorful glasses. Oh my… could It be…? Yes, that’s definitely his voice!
  • “Hi! Do you have Dr. Pepper here?” yep, it’s definitely him, and he’s definitely teasing you. Oh well, let the games begin!
  • “We do not, sorry. But we have this new latte with honey. Do you like honey?” As in Honey Budha Chips? Sure… wait!
  • He’s staring at you. Do you…? No, how could you know? He’s pretty sure he never sent any photo of him in the chat room.
  • He’s feeling a little embarrassed at the way you look at him, oh shit! This was a bad idea, wasn’t it? Yeah, he shouldn’t feel like this when you look at him.
  • “Can I get a name for the order?” “Uhm… Tom.” “What a cool friendly name!” you tell him and smile innocently. “Here you go, Tom!” Oh… maybe you don’t know it’s him after all.
  • Well, that was close… and he thought he would feel better and able to focus if he saw you like that? Well, bad bad mistake, 707…
  • At least you didn’t know it was him, and… wait… “I know you’re worried, but I’m fine, as you saw for yourself. Now go back to defend justice, God Seven! ~606”
  • He should feel worried that you actually recognized him, but right now… all he can do is smile.


  • He knows where you work, he just wanted to make sure his target is behaving and not doing anything stupid that could ruin his plans
  • Oh, and they serve sorbet here, cool!
  • You spot this weird guy with this grumpy expression… where do you know him from? Think, MC, think!
  • Ugh… it’s so frustrating seeing such a familiar face and not being able to tell why.
  • “Cool tattoo.” You tell him as you make his order. He just nods. That tattoo… you saw it before!
  • He notices you keep staring curiously at him. What could you possibly be thinking?
  • Oh, the tattoo! This eye… yes! It was in that weird email Jaehee was talking about in the chat room. Mint Eye or… something like this…
  • Shit! He knew sending that picture when he was trying to convince you he was not a creepy was a bad idea. But he thought he was so well disguised… or maybe he underestimated you…
  • Call it intuition, 6th sense, whatever… you just knew! This guy was Unknown!
  • You weren’t afraid, he wouldn’t do anything with all these people around, and he should know you aren’t scared of him.
  • So you calmly hand his order and tell him to have a nice day. Okay… that was just a weird vibe, you probably didn’t suspect a thing.
  • Then he saw the note as he got into his car. “Why did you never text me back? Are you afraid? You should be… ~MC”
  • He couldn’t tell what he was feeling. It should be anger, but for some reason, he wasn’t angry, he was amused… You were very cute thinking you could threat him like that.
  • He grins, yes, he is definitely making you pay for defying him like this when he takes you to paradise.


  • He stopped by this cozy coffee shop before going to the airport.
  • Seven told him where you worked, but he genuinely didn’t remember. Yes, so much was going on, and he was so worried for you staying in that apartment, your job was just a detail he completely forgot.
  • Of course you noticed this really handsome customer with blue hair. How could you not notice?
  • But he looked familiar… this blue hair… so unique and beautiful… where have you seen it before?
  • V? Well, you couldn’t see much from his profile pic, but yes… it looked like this guy standing in front of you, waiting for you to take his order…
  • He smiles softly as you apologize for spacing out. He even asks if you’re feeling well… yes, it’s him! You’re pretty sure!
  • “Cool camera! Is that a Nikon D5300?” you’ve been studying to exchange emails with his friend Rui, you really want him at the party since he’s V’s friend. “Yes, it is! Do you like photography?”
  • “ I do!” “Well, I just take pictures as a hobby.” Modest son of a bitch… “If you’re interested, you should check Rui’s work, he’s really good.”
  • “I hear that V guy is pretty good too. Have you heard about him?” Wow, you were cute… he couldn’t hold back his arousal from you saying you liked his work.
  • “I’m pretty sure he would like to take pictures of you, you would be a perfect model!” you blush, oh shit! You thought you were in the control here? Bless your soul…
  • You hand his order and watch him walk away, almost regretting for your silly note.
  • That he only sees when he’s about to catch the plane: “You shouldn’t be so modest, I bet you can make even me look good in a photo. ~MC”
  • He laughs softly, yes, he’s been so worried he almost forgot how sweet the new RFA member is.
  • Now he can’t wait for the party, maybe everything will be solved until then and he’ll be able to talk to you… and take lots of photos of you.
Choice and the DCEU

I’ll have more to to say about this when I finish up my third (lol) viewing of Wonder Woman tomorrow morning, but I have to say that my absolute favorite thing about Wonder Woman - and the DCEU as a whole - is this idea of goodness and heroism being a choice. I don’t want heroes who take goodness for granted. I don’t want heroes who I’m just supposed to accept as being good because narrative tells me they’re  “the good guys.” 

Because you know what? 

Goodness is hard. Love and hope and kindness don’t come easily or naturally - in general - and especially when faced just how fucking hard and cruel this world is. So what I love especially about the DCEU is the fact that they show us this - they show us heroes who struggle with the weight of just how shitty this world is, how cruel people can be…and choosing to be good anyway

That - to me -  is what makes them truly heroic. Choosing to believe in love and hope and the goodness of men despite everything in your life, everything before you that shows you and tells you the exact opposite. Superman chose to protect a world that was suspicious of him, at best, and reviled him, at worst. Batman chose to once again believe that men could be good even though twenty years in Gotham made him feel as though no one could stay good. 

Wonder Woman chose love - chose to believe in the power of love - even when it was lost to her. 

These are my heroes. 

The Rise of Justice - Requested

Requested by anon:  Could you do a Bruce Wayne x reader but the reader is Clark Kents little sister? She’s not kryptonion, just a normal human that Ma and Pa Kent had after Clark showed up. And Clark is super protective of her, and Bruce is head over overly priced shoes for her! And can this take place in BVS and the boys are still, all like, you need to be stopped, No YOU need to be stopped! Reader knows about their secret identities and is trying to hint that maybe they’re over reacting. Plus a little smut…Thx!

Pairing: Bruce x reader

Word count: 3,492

Warnings: Language, smut - unprotected - and I changed the whoooooole story line.

A/N: Wow, BvS was so much time ago…


Originally posted by kryptoniteclois

Sunday morning after spending time at home felt both sad and lazy. (Y/N) would visit her parents and brother at Metropolis every weekend, arriving there during Saturday mornings and leaving at Sunday’s afternoon.

She loved visiting her family, and she surely missed home, but her job at Gotham was better than anything her older brother Clark could get her on Metropolis. Therefore, she moved out and agreed to visit every weekend.

“I have a friend that is looking for a…”

“Clark.” (Y/N) interrupted his brother. “Enough, we’ve talked about this.”

“I don’t like you to live in a place where a psycho killer can’t be controlled.” Clark hissed.

“Don’t worry about Joker; I’m sure I don’t fit in the victim-profile.” She joked.

“You are dating Joker’s favourite millionaire. I’m sure you’re on top of the list.” Clark fumed, “Also, I was talking about Batman.” (Y/N) rolled her eyes.

If her older brother only knew what kind of relationship she held with Batman…

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Dating Diana Prince would include:


  • “No Diana, we can’t have ice cream for every meal of the day.”
  • You going as Wonder Woman for Halloween and she rolled her eyes so hard they nearly fell out her head.
  • When you crack jokes you can never tell if she is amused, she can either has a stone cold face or one that is really fluffy.
  • She loves it when you explain things. Like at museums when you explain what each thing is you often catch her just smiling at you.
  • “What’re you looking at?”
  • “You’re sweet when you are really concentrating.”
  • You can never breath when she hugs you but it’s so worth it. One hug can always make you feel on top of the world.
  • Diana describes her home to you and you sketch/write a beautiful description of it. She saves everything you do.
  • Not even just for her, she admires your talent so much.
  • I hope your a fan of PDA because oh boy is she not afraid of it.
  • Especially when someone starts flirting with you, she will kiss you.
  • Imitating her accent.
  • She always slips you into conversation when talking to the Justice League.
  • You’re really good friends with Clark. and she’s jealous
  • Her celebrating Earth holidays (Christmas/Easter) and you celebrating Amazonian ones.
  • Going through old photos of her as Wonder Woman.

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Do you remember the specific comic where Superman's white privilege is addressed? I would love to read it.

Okay so I found the comic I was looking for and the specific panels I remembered. Unfortunately, it’s less awesome to reread it. Which… sucks. It’s an issue of Action Comics I think, where Lois is interviewing Diana while dealing with her own internalized misogyny (it’s a thing…)

And this conversation happens:


Okay so while it brings up the clear fact that Superman came as far as he did because he has the privilege of looking like and being raised as a conventionally attractive white man (comparing him to both J’onn Jones and Black hero Steel), it’s also still very “well it’s not his/Diana’s fault that they have privilege and at least they use their powers for good”.

Which is not cool and I’m sorry I got your/everyone’s hopes up about this comic.

While the panels do spell out the basics “if Superman didn’t look white, he wouldn’t have the freedom he does to maneuver” which pokes even more holes in Supergirl’s whole “white aliens experiencing racism/if they date it’s interracial/whatever” nonsense, it’s not done in as progressive a way as I swore it did.

If you want a comic that more explicitly looks at the privilege Superman has and directly compares it to the lack of privilege a Black hero has in the same/a similar world, io9 has this piece up about Icon #16 which pits Superman up against his Milestone analogue Icon (who was raised as a slave in the South and whose slowed aging/near immortality means that he’s lived through some of the most dangerous times in history to be a Black man.)

It doesn’t get resolved the way I wanted but as with the other comic, this was written in the early 1990s and well… few comics ended the way I wanted them to, back then.

If you want me to try and hunt down the issue for you, let me know and I’ll answer you privately, but here’s a scan from the issue that io9 posted within their article:

This comic though, better than the one I’d mentioned earlier, is a much better example of the privilege Superman has and how that informs the kind of hero he is and how much power he has.

I’m sorry for my mediocre memory and i hope Icon #16 is more satisfying!

(I’m going to add a link to that post back to this so people can see this because man, while I wasn’t wrong about the comic… I wasn’t hella correct about what I was remembering. Ugh.)

Take a Chance

Prompt: Justice League members teasing Bruce about his obvious crush on the reader and she’s kind of oblivious to it? :) by anon

Bruce groaned as he watched Y/N enter the conference room. She had been helping the Justice League recently with paperwork and keeping track of the enormous amount of information that kept flooding in at all times. She was quiet, sweet, and completely and utterly oblivious to Bruce’s affection.

He didn’t think it was obvious, but the other leaguers had picked up on it almost immediately. He honestly though J’onn might have been to blame, if only because of the encouraging looks he would send Bruce’s way when they were all in the same room together. At any rate, now it seemed as though everyone but Y/N knew of his attraction to her.

“So you asked her yet, talk, dark and spooky?” Hal leaned over and asked in a not so quiet tone. Bruce didn’t say anything as he angled his body away from the man. He could practically see the smirk on the Green Lantern’s face widen.

“You know, I think she would probably say yes.” Clark said, over his shoulder. Bruce sent him a glare and superman shrugged and turned back around. Bruce sighed, hoping that was the end of the shenanigans for now.

“I know you don’t want to talk about it,” Barry started. Bruce groaned and rubbed his eyes. He could hear Clark and Hal began to snicker. “But we are your friends and as such we only want the best for you.”

“Y/N is lovely and has a good heart. It would be foolish of you to not take the chance to be with her.” J’onn said softly. Bruce sighed and got up. He walked out of the room and was greatly relieved to find that he was not followed. He had almost made it to the lab when he felt a strong hand on his shoulder. He turned to find Wonder Woman standing there.

“What is it, Diana?” Bruce asked tiredly.

“I want to know your intentions with Y/N.” She said. “You obviously have feelings for her, but you do not act on them.”

“It isn’t really something I want to talk about.” Bruce said as he moved to turn away. Diana grabbed his arm and turned him back around.

“Be that as it may, I still want to know. You can trust me to tell no one.” Diana declared.

Bruce sighed. “Fine. I like Y/N. Quite a bit. She is a beautiful, intelligent, and caring woman, but she deserves more than I can give her. I’m broken, Diana. I have been for a most of my life.”

Diana nodded and patted his shoulder sympathetically. “I believe you should give Y/N the chance to decide what she wants and whether or not you are enough for her.”

Bruce sighed and nodded. “You are probably right.”

“No, I am right.” Diana laughed. “Now go talk to her.”

Bruce smiled and went off to find Y/N. He wasn’t quite sure if she would agree to pursue a relationship with him, but he wouldn’t know until he tried.

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Hello Lyscal! Could you do a drabble about Diana visiting Artie and meeting Bizarro and Jason? It could be hilarious and I really love Artie and Diana's relationship (respectful and a little competitive). Thank you. Good luck!

Hope this is something like you wanted!


In the aftermath of the battle that had drawn the Justice League itself into the Outlaws’ business, Artemis somehow found herself standing with Wonder Woman, apart from the rest of the group. 

“It’s good to see you’re well,” Diana said.

Artemis shrugged, looking away. “Your assistance was unnecessary.”

Off in the distance Red Hood was yelling at his father. Bizarro was in the air, having successfully avoided crossing paths with Superman.

“You chose some interesting teammates,” Diana commented, as the little one threw his hands in the air and stormed away from Batman.

Artemis scoffed. “I did not choose them, they were forced upon me against my will.”

Red Hood appeared beside her. He still had his helmet on, but Artemis could practically feel the waves of sulk he was emanating. “Arty, how much would it cost me to get you to punch Batman in the face?” He turned to face Diana and he said, very quietly, “Hi.”

Diana smiled. “Hello, Jason.”

Artemis sighed. “I will do it for free, you know this already.” She grabbed him by the arm and started tugging him in the direction of his father. “You only came over so you had an excuse to speak to Wonder Woman.”

“She’s so cool,” Jason said, before clearing his throat. “But, y'know, you’re pretty cool too, Arty.”

She rolled her eyes. “Your appreciation is noted, little one.”


What do you want him to be? What do I want? I want to believe there’s someone out there who doesn’t suck, Clark. I want your idea – the good guy with spare time. I want him to be someone who believes in something and stands for it. Even against a monster. Even against Lex Luthor. I want hope, damn it… is that too much to ask?

American Alien #5

Midnight Playdate

Scenario: In the middle of the night your husband, Jiyong, is woken up by your kids. They’re needing more pillows for something top secret.
A/N: I really love the idea of GD being a dad. I know one day he’ll make a great father so I decided to write this little thing based on that and how he’s acted on Superman Returns. I HOPE YOU ENJOY! - J
Disclaimer: As always, the gifs are not mine and belong to their rightful owner.

Genre: G-Dragon x Reader

Jiyong was having a really good dream. So good that the first time he felt a tug on his pillow he ignored it. His groggy mind only wanting to fight to go back to sleep, hoping that the dream would pick up where he left off. When he felt a second tug on the pillow, his brow scrunched in annoyance. The third tug freed his head from the pillow, ending with his head bouncing lightly on the mattress.

Biting words of disapproval clung to his tongue as his eyes snapped open. He was turning to face you but found you were curled into the soft sheets of the bed. A tiny intake of breath off to his left prompted him to find out what it was.

The dim annoyance he felt earlier quickly dissipated as his eyes fell on your little girls. Four-year-old Ae Cha and three-year-old Chin Sun. Ae Cha was clutching onto the pillow like a lifeline. Big brown eyes of terror at having woken him staring up at him. When he went to speak he saw them flinch together. Ready for him to scold them.

“Yah, baby girl what are you doing?” he inquired running a tired hand through his hair.

“Appa,” Ae Cha’s little voice was filled with apprehension. She thought she was in trouble. “We just needed the extra pillow.”

Jiyong ran a hand over his face with his fingers massaging his eyes. Doing the best that he could to wake himself.

“What are you trying to build, princess? It’s late. You should both be in bed.”

Chin Sun reached out with a timid hand to take one of his. She pulled with all her might, indicating that she just wanted to show him.

“Appa,” she pleaded and Jiyong felt his heart melt.

He let out a huff of air that ended up making his lips dance in a raspberry. Earning him a giggle from his girls. He would have to get them back to bed anyways, which means, in the end, he’d have to get up. Resigning to his fate he got up slowly from the bed as not to wake you. His feet hitting the cold floor making him wish for a moment he’d worn socks to bed.

“Alright, princess. Show appa what you’re talking about.”

With Chin Sun’s little hand still wrapped around his index finger, she began to drag him forward. Ae Cha taking his other free hand so they could drag him out by force.
You woke up with a heavy chill weighing down on your body. Your hand snaking out to drag the duvet up only to find nothing there. Your eyes squinted open, your body still fighting to go back to sleep, as they looked around the bed.

The duvet was completely removed from the bed.

“Jiyongie,” you whined.

Turning over on your side you went to look at your husband only to find the space that usually held his sleeping form missing. You let out a tsk of annoyance as your eyes scanned the bedside table. The alarm clock on his side read it was 7:36 in the morning. Another groan escaped you, wishing you could have a little more sleep, but it was time to get the girls up for school.

Your tired legs untangled from the thin sheet and landed on the floor. You ran a tired hand through your hair with your fingers finding a few knots that had been made from sleep. A stretch demanded to be made and you gave in as you removed yourself from the bed. Arms spread out wide as you closed your eyes to enjoy it while your feet shuffled out towards the girls’ rooms.

“Ae Cha! Chin Sun! It’s time to get up and get ready for school!”

Your voice bounced around the hallway as you came to their door. Only to find it was already wide open and missing two very important people. A moment of panic overtook you; now you felt fully awake.

There was probably no reason to panic. Jiyong probably already had them up and might’ve taken them to school, you reassured yourself. Sometimes, when he wasn’t dead to the world like a bear in hibernation, he took them to school. Giving you a few more hours of rest before you left for work.

When you entered the living room your feet stopped like dead weight. The two couches were missing their cushions; ending up in a massive pile between the center. A castle structure stood with your missing duvet placed over the top.
The girls giggling could be heard underneath as Jiyong’s face made an appearance through the sheets. Your daughters’ soon following after.

“Umma!” Ae Cha giggled. “Come have breakfast in the castle!”

A smile tugged at the corners of your lips as you moved towards what apparently was a castle, but resembled more of a teepee. Jiyong lifted up the side of the duvet so you could climb inside to find plates filled with breakfast food sitting in the middle. You leaned in to receive Jiyong’s good morning kiss as you sat down next to him and crossed your legs underneath you.

“What is all this?”

“The girls woke me up in the middle of the night. They were trying to steal my pillow.”

As you listened to your husband’s words, you found yourself chuckling. One side of his hair was sticking start up from sleep and you moved your hand out to flatten it.

“Steal your pillow for what?” you inquired.

“We wanted a castle! Umma! Appa built us a castle!”

You stole a glance over at him as he smiled down at your daughters. That gummy smile of his making his tired eyes come alive with warmth. For a moment, you thought you were about to cry tears of happiness. These were the kinds of mornings you would trade anything in the world for. To have a husband who loved you and your children unconditionally and to wake up every morning to see him staring at them the way he was now. He was in love with your children, and you were completely in love with him.

Leaning in you planted a chaste kiss on his cheek causing him to turn and stare at you. The same look of admiration and love reflecting back at you.

“Your appa is the best appa in the world. Wouldn’t you agree?”

It was directed at the girls, but your eyes stayed glued on your husband. His smile seemed to somehow become wider; shining like a thousand gigawatts as he combed a loose strand of hair behind your ear.

“He’s the best!” Ae Cha shouted back in reply, and you couldn’t have agreed more.

@dannyelfman bitch 👏🏻why👏🏻are👏🏻you👏🏻like👏🏻this?👏🏻??👏🏻???????????

First off, your so called Wonder Woman theme was the opposite of empowering and did not have me wanting gal gadot punching me in the face while it played but well s h i t at least you t r i e d I guess?????

That was some tacky ass shit you pulled using your own goddamn Batman theme from the 80s for a Batman that does not fit it like i LIKED Hans and junkie’s rendition, it was gritty and chaotic and a n g r y and kinda made me wanna kick some ass not remember BTAS good fucking l o r d

But the real fucking full offense taken was you using Williams???? Theme???? For Snyder’s Superman?????? What. The. Actual. F u c k bro. I have been w a i t i n g for over a goddamn YEAR to hear those hopeful piano notes swell to that drum pounding, guitar riffing, and strings just fucking FILLING the goddamn theater and actually my very being like what the fuck were you thinking??? I love Williams theme but it is not at all appropriate? It sounds like a fucking joke tbh and I am P I S S E D

This soundtrack does not sound cohesive with the rest of the dceu at ALL

I’m gonna love the film and seeing my son back from the dead and all, but…yeah super let down

Clark Kent/Superman X Reader- Science Says Otherwise

Here’s the request from @acuteninja!! I couldn’t contact you through the chat, so I just wrote with what information I had. Also, this is my first fic with Superman!!! I have more diversity!!! YayyyY!!!!!  Enjoy!!!!!

Warning: Torture, Blood, Gore, etc.

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awesomecharlesrhysfrechette  asked:

Hi there, Timelord2126 here. Can you do a fic where Superman finds out about Lena and Kara and shows up to give Lena "the Talk"? Bonus point if you have her (Lena) fangirl before or after the meeting.

Superman Pays a Visit

The second Lena hears the boots on her balcony, she knows it’s wrong.

It’s too heavy, and too loud. When Kara lands, the noise is always for Lena’s benefit; a light tap to alert her to the super hero’s arrival - they both know that Kara could land silently if she wanted to. It’s an almost ballet style grace - to watch Kara descend from the sky.

But this, this is different.

The sound is menacing, in a way; and she almost calls for help before she even turns, but she catches a glimpse through the window in the reflection off her computer screen.


Taking a deep breath, she squares her shoulders.

She’s been expecting this visit for months, ever since her arrival in National City. When Clark Kent had shown up at her office with CatCo’s newest reporter, she had assumed that his alter ego wouldn’t be far behind. But he had yet to stop by, even after she and Kara had started dating almost two months ago.

It’s overdue, she supposes. Although it would be like Superman to wait until its nearly eight o'clock at night to show up - when Lena’s tired and overworked, and utterly over the events of the day. She wants nothing more than to go home, to poor a nice glass of wine, turn on a nice symphony - she’s leaning toward Tchaikovsky’s 6th, but that’s dependent on whether she gets a chance to talk to Kara on the way home; otherwise the mood may call for something a little more somber - and crawl in a nice hot bath with the thickest novel on that’s sitting on her shelf waiting to be read.

That’s all she wants.

Only now there’s a Kryptonian looming on her balcony.

And not the one she wants to see, either.

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There wasn’t much Jon in Action Comics #991, where the confrontation between Superman and Jor-El comes to an end, but damn, these are good pages. They remind me of a fan-favorite fanmade Superman comic, All In a Day’s Work. Hell, you could almost see that fancomics following them, if you want to feel extra depressed. So I wanted to talk a bit about them. 

While the Oz Effect story tried it’s best to not openly take a political side (and seeing reactions from places like FOX, it was a pointless attempt) while quietly doing this Superman-scale equivalent of “Grandpa watched too much FOX” - a story of your parent becoming jaded and bitter in their old years and unable to see any good in the world and people. At least that’s how I was describing it last time. 

But now I don’t think Jor-El stands just for that. He is the symbol of everybody who loses hope where they see how many horrible things are happening in the world all the time, young or old. And these pages show how overwhelming it can be - and Superman hears what is on that second page all the time.But it is easy to forget about the good things amidst so many horrible ones. Jor-El himself does that - he says he merely put people in a situation where they could choose good or evil and evil always won….but all of those people clearly act like they had been assholes even before he did that. He became so cynical he couldn’t find better people for his tests. 

And that’s how he misses the point of his own son - because Superman is a symbol of these good people. We might not notice or disregard them, overwhelmed by all the bad things, but there are still good people and good news to help us from losing hope. And they are our Superman, our symbols of hope to keep us going. I have these two stories for today. Tomorrow I might have new ones. Someone else might have others. So remember, to find what gives you hope. Because that is your own Superman and will always save you.

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raincloud-chill  asked:

Heyo :) I saw that you got your wisdom tooth out (ouch, that must've been a pain) I hope I'm not bothering with art requests? I'd love to see some DCEU/BvS superbat/bruceclark in your art style? Anything fluffy is fine, I just love your art style :)

It’s alright haha I’m good now! I got my stitches removed and am feeling much better. I can finally eat omg <3

And thank you! I’m glad you like my art style! It’s my first time drawing them, though. Pardon me if they look kinda off lmao

DCEU’s redemption theme

There is a good part about Superman killing Zod and Batman been lethal to his enemies in DCEU. This whole thing explores a theme about coming back. Can you come back from something like that? Can you still become a better person? Will it automatically erase everything that was done before? Of course not, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t do better from now on and further into the future. It’s all about having second chance and redemption and this is what DCEU explores in a great way.

In Superman’s case his hand was forced to kill by Zod himself and it affected the man of steel. 

This Clark was at the very beginning of his journey to become Superman and in that particular moment, with him also being inexperienced, he didn’t had any other options from his point of view, so he had to do what had to be done at that moment exactly. Otherwise it’s all game of guesses about what could have been, but he didn’t had this luxury of exploring other means to stop Zod who was very serious and commited to his goal of destroying the entire human race. So he killed Zod, he had to at this moment, it was crucial and innocent lives were at stake in that moment exactly. But can Man of Steel still become Superman after something like that? Yes, this is what DCEU tries to explain. We can do mistakes and resolve certain things not the best way possible, but all comes down to us to learn from these mistakes and keep moving forward with gained experience. Later in BvS we can see Superman saving Lex Luthor from Doomsday, the pserson who almost killed Lois and was willing to kill Martha and Superman still forgives all of that and saves this villain’s life, because he learned his lessons and he also does believe in second chances.

In Batman’s case we can see a person who had this established morality and no-killing rule come to some point in his life when he was forced to think that his methods don’t work anymore, he probably lost many close people and was betrayed countless times.”20 years in Gotham, Alfred. We’ve seen what promises are worth. How many good guys are left. How many stayed that way” and there was no one to fix him, to bring back that faith into the goodness of humanity. Ironically, it was done by an alien. The point is, DCEU’s Batman was meant to show that nobody is invulnerable and even the strongest of us can be broken under heavy circumstances, but it all comes to us to support each other and help to come back to light. Remember what Jonathan said? “When I met your mother. She gave me faith that there’s good in this world”. It all comes down to the point that people need each other, no one achieves anything completely alone. I hope this is something that Justice League will be pushing really hard towards the audience. But back to Batman, the reason why he was inspired by Superman’s sacrifice is because he realized that this alien came through a lot, was threatened by possible death of his mother and was almost killed by a human who at the moment represented the perception of Superman in the world “You were never a God. You were never even a man”, yet he did not allowed his failures to define his future and the things he believes in, which is what I guess happened with Batman. His failures started to define what kind of character he has to be, ruthless, who doesn’t give any regards towards criminal’s lives, just like criminals never did for his or his closed ones (Robin’s death as an example). All of that leads us to the point of realization that each of us has his/hers own struggles, our personal demons, our personal darkness, but in the end we can’t be forced by the outside world to define our character, we have to keep fighting for the better, no matter the odds. If we allow our failures to decide our fate, that’s when we will truly lose. Our failures is what should make us stronger, get experience and become sure to never let this happen ever again.

It’s like what Steve Trevor said. Humanity might not be pure and completely out of sins, but it’s not about that. It’s about all that good we can offer and be, like love, compassion, caring, etc.

This is how I see redemption being done in DCEU regarding Superman and Batman. They might not be perfect and made their own mistakes, but it doesn’t mean that they can’t be those recognizable characters from comic books. So far these characters definitely learned their lessons and it’s up to us to follow their example.