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Do you remember the specific comic where Superman's white privilege is addressed? I would love to read it.

Okay so I found the comic I was looking for and the specific panels I remembered. Unfortunately, it’s less awesome to reread it. Which… sucks. It’s an issue of Action Comics I think, where Lois is interviewing Diana while dealing with her own internalized misogyny (it’s a thing…)

And this conversation happens:


Okay so while it brings up the clear fact that Superman came as far as he did because he has the privilege of looking like and being raised as a conventionally attractive white man (comparing him to both J’onn Jones and Black hero Steel), it’s also still very “well it’s not his/Diana’s fault that they have privilege and at least they use their powers for good”.

Which is not cool and I’m sorry I got your/everyone’s hopes up about this comic.

While the panels do spell out the basics “if Superman didn’t look white, he wouldn’t have the freedom he does to maneuver” which pokes even more holes in Supergirl’s whole “white aliens experiencing racism/if they date it’s interracial/whatever” nonsense, it’s not done in as progressive a way as I swore it did.

If you want a comic that more explicitly looks at the privilege Superman has and directly compares it to the lack of privilege a Black hero has in the same/a similar world, io9 has this piece up about Icon #16 which pits Superman up against his Milestone analogue Icon (who was raised as a slave in the South and whose slowed aging/near immortality means that he’s lived through some of the most dangerous times in history to be a Black man.)

It doesn’t get resolved the way I wanted but as with the other comic, this was written in the early 1990s and well… few comics ended the way I wanted them to, back then.

If you want me to try and hunt down the issue for you, let me know and I’ll answer you privately, but here’s a scan from the issue that io9 posted within their article:

This comic though, better than the one I’d mentioned earlier, is a much better example of the privilege Superman has and how that informs the kind of hero he is and how much power he has.

I’m sorry for my mediocre memory and i hope Icon #16 is more satisfying!

(I’m going to add a link to that post back to this so people can see this because man, while I wasn’t wrong about the comic… I wasn’t hella correct about what I was remembering. Ugh.)

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Hello Lyscal! Could you do a drabble about Diana visiting Artie and meeting Bizarro and Jason? It could be hilarious and I really love Artie and Diana's relationship (respectful and a little competitive). Thank you. Good luck!

Hope this is something like you wanted!


In the aftermath of the battle that had drawn the Justice League itself into the Outlaws’ business, Artemis somehow found herself standing with Wonder Woman, apart from the rest of the group. 

“It’s good to see you’re well,” Diana said.

Artemis shrugged, looking away. “Your assistance was unnecessary.”

Off in the distance Red Hood was yelling at his father. Bizarro was in the air, having successfully avoided crossing paths with Superman.

“You chose some interesting teammates,” Diana commented, as the little one threw his hands in the air and stormed away from Batman.

Artemis scoffed. “I did not choose them, they were forced upon me against my will.”

Red Hood appeared beside her. He still had his helmet on, but Artemis could practically feel the waves of sulk he was emanating. “Arty, how much would it cost me to get you to punch Batman in the face?” He turned to face Diana and he said, very quietly, “Hi.”

Diana smiled. “Hello, Jason.”

Artemis sighed. “I will do it for free, you know this already.” She grabbed him by the arm and started tugging him in the direction of his father. “You only came over so you had an excuse to speak to Wonder Woman.”

“She’s so cool,” Jason said, before clearing his throat. “But, y'know, you’re pretty cool too, Arty.”

She rolled her eyes. “Your appreciation is noted, little one.”

Midnight Playdate

Scenario: In the middle of the night your husband, Jiyong, is woken up by your kids. They’re needing more pillows for something top secret.
A/N: I really love the idea of GD being a dad. I know one day he’ll make a great father so I decided to write this little thing based on that and how he’s acted on Superman Returns. I HOPE YOU ENJOY! - J
Disclaimer: As always, the gifs are not mine and belong to their rightful owner.

Genre: G-Dragon x Reader

Jiyong was having a really good dream. So good that the first time he felt a tug on his pillow he ignored it. His groggy mind only wanting to fight to go back to sleep, hoping that the dream would pick up where he left off. When he felt a second tug on the pillow, his brow scrunched in annoyance. The third tug freed his head from the pillow, ending with his head bouncing lightly on the mattress.

Biting words of disapproval clung to his tongue as his eyes snapped open. He was turning to face you but found you were curled into the soft sheets of the bed. A tiny intake of breath off to his left prompted him to find out what it was.

The dim annoyance he felt earlier quickly dissipated as his eyes fell on your little girls. Four-year-old Ae Cha and three-year-old Chin Sun. Ae Cha was clutching onto the pillow like a lifeline. Big brown eyes of terror at having woken him staring up at him. When he went to speak he saw them flinch together. Ready for him to scold them.

“Yah, baby girl what are you doing?” he inquired running a tired hand through his hair.

“Appa,” Ae Cha’s little voice was filled with apprehension. She thought she was in trouble. “We just needed the extra pillow.”

Jiyong ran a hand over his face with his fingers massaging his eyes. Doing the best that he could to wake himself.

“What are you trying to build, princess? It’s late. You should both be in bed.”

Chin Sun reached out with a timid hand to take one of his. She pulled with all her might, indicating that she just wanted to show him.

“Appa,” she pleaded and Jiyong felt his heart melt.

He let out a huff of air that ended up making his lips dance in a raspberry. Earning him a giggle from his girls. He would have to get them back to bed anyways, which means, in the end, he’d have to get up. Resigning to his fate he got up slowly from the bed as not to wake you. His feet hitting the cold floor making him wish for a moment he’d worn socks to bed.

“Alright, princess. Show appa what you’re talking about.”

With Chin Sun’s little hand still wrapped around his index finger, she began to drag him forward. Ae Cha taking his other free hand so they could drag him out by force.
You woke up with a heavy chill weighing down on your body. Your hand snaking out to drag the duvet up only to find nothing there. Your eyes squinted open, your body still fighting to go back to sleep, as they looked around the bed.

The duvet was completely removed from the bed.

“Jiyongie,” you whined.

Turning over on your side you went to look at your husband only to find the space that usually held his sleeping form missing. You let out a tsk of annoyance as your eyes scanned the bedside table. The alarm clock on his side read it was 7:36 in the morning. Another groan escaped you, wishing you could have a little more sleep, but it was time to get the girls up for school.

Your tired legs untangled from the thin sheet and landed on the floor. You ran a tired hand through your hair with your fingers finding a few knots that had been made from sleep. A stretch demanded to be made and you gave in as you removed yourself from the bed. Arms spread out wide as you closed your eyes to enjoy it while your feet shuffled out towards the girls’ rooms.

“Ae Cha! Chin Sun! It’s time to get up and get ready for school!”

Your voice bounced around the hallway as you came to their door. Only to find it was already wide open and missing two very important people. A moment of panic overtook you; now you felt fully awake.

There was probably no reason to panic. Jiyong probably already had them up and might’ve taken them to school, you reassured yourself. Sometimes, when he wasn’t dead to the world like a bear in hibernation, he took them to school. Giving you a few more hours of rest before you left for work.

When you entered the living room your feet stopped like dead weight. The two couches were missing their cushions; ending up in a massive pile between the center. A castle structure stood with your missing duvet placed over the top.
The girls giggling could be heard underneath as Jiyong’s face made an appearance through the sheets. Your daughters’ soon following after.

“Umma!” Ae Cha giggled. “Come have breakfast in the castle!”

A smile tugged at the corners of your lips as you moved towards what apparently was a castle, but resembled more of a teepee. Jiyong lifted up the side of the duvet so you could climb inside to find plates filled with breakfast food sitting in the middle. You leaned in to receive Jiyong’s good morning kiss as you sat down next to him and crossed your legs underneath you.

“What is all this?”

“The girls woke me up in the middle of the night. They were trying to steal my pillow.”

As you listened to your husband’s words, you found yourself chuckling. One side of his hair was sticking start up from sleep and you moved your hand out to flatten it.

“Steal your pillow for what?” you inquired.

“We wanted a castle! Umma! Appa built us a castle!”

You stole a glance over at him as he smiled down at your daughters. That gummy smile of his making his tired eyes come alive with warmth. For a moment, you thought you were about to cry tears of happiness. These were the kinds of mornings you would trade anything in the world for. To have a husband who loved you and your children unconditionally and to wake up every morning to see him staring at them the way he was now. He was in love with your children, and you were completely in love with him.

Leaning in you planted a chaste kiss on his cheek causing him to turn and stare at you. The same look of admiration and love reflecting back at you.

“Your appa is the best appa in the world. Wouldn’t you agree?”

It was directed at the girls, but your eyes stayed glued on your husband. His smile seemed to somehow become wider; shining like a thousand gigawatts as he combed a loose strand of hair behind your ear.

“He’s the best!” Ae Cha shouted back in reply, and you couldn’t have agreed more.

“Obviously fans of Legion Of Superheroes or old Superman comics know what the end result of a character named Mon-El is. Other people watching will be, like, “Who is this guy? When’s he going to leave? When do we get rid of him?” I love that. I hope that people are a little bit annoyed at him at first, otherwise why I am doing this?”

Part of an interview with Chris 😂 God I love this guy so much!! Good to see he’s not affected in a negative way by the hate! Instead you’re basically doing exactly what he wants with your comments and stuff 😂😂 That’s so great!

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I suggest not looking at WW comments on YouTube. People are still saying “hope hack Snyder doesn’t ruin this”
He had little involvement in this movie wtf? It’s not his.
One person even said that “DC movies have always been good at fight scenes, but lack storytelling” like, did they watch the same MOS and BVS as I did. I agree SS wasn’t the best in storytelling, but shit open your eyes. If you think Marvel has good storytelling, then I don’t know what to tell you…

I think my favorite thing about Henry Cavill’s Superman is that he isn’t this brash, talkative, overly confident person. It’s cool to see that you can be heroic without those qualities, that it isn’t necessary in order to be good. I like that he always tries to do the right thing, regardless of what people think of him. I believe that in this modern world that’s important. Everyone has an opinion on everything and they can break down your dreams and it can seem easy to give up, but, Superman doesn’t give up on doing the right thing, regardless of how the world feels. That gives me hope that I can do the same thing too. I might be reaching with this feeling but if I’m reaching for anything it’s the stars, hopeful that I can be quiet but still great, just like Superman. 


Good night lovelies. Sweet dreams of you hiking your skirt up a little more to show your world to me are ahead, I hope… 😉


What do you want him to be?
     What do I want? I want to believe there’s someone out there who doesn’t suck, Clark. I want your idea–the good guy with spare time. I want him to be someone who believes in something and stands for it. Even against a monster. Even against Lex Luthor. I want hope, damn it…
                                  – Lois Lane, Superman: American Alien #5


So we got this sent in earlier and had to chuckle. Like most things from the trolls who now e-mail us since we disabled anon asks….(Imagine going out your way to set up an account to troll other shippers…wow)  I wanted to resign it to the trash but thought you all would be enlightened at  the logic/ motivation that superman/wonder woman detractors possess.

Now I am not sure if veron…venomous…oh sorry…venomace…is trying to convince him/herself or us.  Particularly when they (clois) have their own series now, one wonder what is the motivation for this?  Did Superman/Wonder Woman #22 not go as you wished it? 

Why would we care what clois fans think about a superman/wonder woman fan blog? Sorry some of you can’t deal with the fact some people…gasp.. don’t like what you do. 

Good for you if you have a legion of fans supporting your pairing, why are you posting absurd asks to us? I hope that Legion supports your book and don’t pull the disappointing numbers you all did when you failed Lois’ one shot. Girl could have gotten her own comic by now. But she’s sharing with Superman so numbers should be better, right? In fact in the thousands…heck “everyone” supposedly wants clois so I expect it to beat Star Wars. Walking the Dead and Batman.. SM/WW #1 did a measely 100 000 plus according to Tony S Daniel. Justice League #12 was only the fastest selling digital comic in history.

Now whether we got 5 likes or 5000, that really isn’t your business. There was a time we started off here with a handful of followers  and we had no comic, no tv show, no movies. But hey guess what? We have  thousands of followers now, merchandise and a comic because I guess DC thought us a viable fanbase. Maybe you need to go preach at DC about the legions you have and ask them why they would dare to give us the unpopular pairing so much stuff. Did you see the great HeroClix boxsets this week? Superman and Wonder Woman merch don’t sell always together but people sure as heck put them together.  You don’t have to take our word for it.  We are sure you know that since you check superman/wonder woman tags to know how many likes they get.

And yeah all of you many many people of different gender, races, ages, orientation on our blog…apparently you’re all the same people. And if we lucky we can barely muster a 100. 

First time i watched your movie was man of steel. I just want to buy ice cream magnum in supermarket near south kensington London..but suddenly saw you besides the shop.i still cant believe can see you in real eye of my life when i in London..I just watch your acting in the film. You are very polite and very humble. Today , i watch your movie again in cinema which is BATMAN vs SUPERMAN Man Dawn of Justice..very sad the ending film but never mind you are still my superman😘💘🇬🇧 great job @henrycavill .. You are good actor.😎💐 hope can see you when im in london again with Kal-el cute dog [Nurul Nazurah Mohamed Nor]

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heyy, so i was wondering if you could rec any good ziam fics/writers, preferably on ao3? thanksss :)

Hi! Sure, I hope you enjoy these! :)

Best Ziam authors:

Favourites: Lover Dearest, Not Happening, The List, Floating On The Water and Can I Keep You.

Favourites: Be More Like the Man You Were Made To Be, Like Peter Pan (Or Superman), Run For The Woods Now and the color of your cheeks (and the ink in our hearts).

Rubycrowned (An underrated author imo!)
Favourites: where i belong (and long to be), A Place to Rest, they were all messages of love [this one is half larry]

Also check out vastlyunknown, romancemesomeziam, gaysubtexts and retts.

Here are a few fics that I’ve read recently and liked:

And If the Hook Sets In by sunfair [35K, Explicit]
Illegal underground boxing AU.

people fall in love in mysterious ways by vanessamary [18K, Explicit]
Ziam Weekend AU.

What’s behind and what’s before by Justcarryon [11K, Mature]
Zayn is getting married, and Liam doesn’t know how to deal anymore.

Some Love Wait Till Its Time by wasp [63K, Explicit]
University!AU where heart-in-the-right place but always-trying-to-save-people Liam Payne meets slightly pretentious hipster Zayn and tries to mend his broken heart.

Boy Most Likely by saltwatergirl [54K, Explicit]
Zayn’s the chair of the abstinence club, Liam’s the last person anyone expected to join it.

Warm Blooded Animals by saltwatergirl [32K, Explicit]
An amnesiac soldier keeps a car crash survivor captive in a remote cabin during a snow storm. [This was good but really unsettling, personally. Do take note of the warnings before reading.]

Let Lips Do What Hands Do by erstwhiled [36K, Explicit]
You’re not supposed to fall in love with students, it’s unethical or something.

built to fall apart (and back together) by weareonceinalifetime
[15K, Not Rated]
The one where the five of them have been inseparable since they met at the neighborhood park when they were kids and Liam and Zayn were in love until Liam decided to change everything.

Be cruel to me (‘cause I’m a fool for you) by Paynegerous
[37K, Explicit]
The one where Zayn is a stressed out single dad, Liam might just be what he needs, Louis and Niall are always happy to babysit and Harry’s a loud snorer.

And Wonderful Is True by jannika [10K, Teen]
An AU in which Louis owns a bar he should probably close on Wednesdays, Niall turns down job offers, Zayn doesn’t make art anymore, Liam’s scones come premade and frozen, Harry cooks in other people’s kitchens, and two of them are lying. Or the one where Liam, Zayn and Louis are too tangled in each other to move anymore until Harry shows up.

Luck You Got by inkedimage
Shameless AU. [This one isn’t on AO3 but give it a read]

If you need more:

Happy birthday, Superman!

Happy birthday, Kal-El/Superman/Clark Kent! You will always be the greatest inspiration for people to become a force for good.

I hope you will forever have a happy ending with your eternal soulmate. No matter the circumstances.

I wish that you will save even more lives ahead of you. Both in your stories and beyond.

Keep being our favorite goody-two-shoes boyscout superhero that takes care of the entire world and every living being he encounters. As you always taught us, no matter how hard it seems…