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Hi sorry if this bothers you but me and some of my friends have been going through some tough times lately and, well, it would probably warm everyone's heart if you were to give us some fluffy naegiri :)

Ah, I feel your friends!! ;v;, I haven’t been in that much of a good shape lately. I hope they feel better soon and get right back on their feet! When I was drawing this I looked up flower sayings, and this one right here is supposed to mean “happiness”. I hope this makes you and your friends feel a bit happier :)

I love naegiri too, so drawing them occasionally would warm my heart also!//

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I love your writing! I hope you start to feel better soon. How about a CS as doctors au?

I hope by doctors, you were looking for smutty doctors, because that’s what happened… #sorrynotsorry 


Emma leans her head back against the door of the on call room, exhaustion dragging at every last muscle in her body. She’s been on her feet for close to twenty hours, and she probably should go home, but she’s too exhausted to contemplate the drive. A quick nap in the on call room should set her straight, and then she can safely get herself home.

She doesn’t bother turning on a light, shuffling over to her usual bunk. With the pileup on the freeway, everyone is either in the ER or an OR, which is where she would be if she hadn’t been kicked out for being there too long.

Except when she drops down on the mattress, the bunk isn’t empty.

“What’re you doing here?” she snaps after grabbing her phone and turning on the screen, the weary face of Killian Jones, most arrogant of surgeons, staring back at her. “Aren’t you supposed to be in OR 3?”

“Finished twenty minutes ago,” he mumbles, twisting until he’s on his back and blinking blearily at her. “Nasty bit of work, that wreck.” His accent is thicker when he’s this tired, and between that and his grogginess robbing him of his usual obnoxious swagger, the subtle attraction Emma has always ignored – he’s a jerk – flares to life. “They still coming in?”

“No, we’ve got them all,” Emma confirms, and it’s then that she realizes she’s still sitting on the edge of the bunk. “I, uh, I’ll just…go over there.”

“You don’t have to.”

If he had said it like he usually spoke to her, innuendo dripping from every syllable, Emma just might have slapped him – but he doesn’t. It’s the offer of a port in the storm, the shared horror of a really bad day, a day where they’ve lost some and saved some, and others yet that are still waiting their turn. A wave of helplessness crashes over her, and it might be against her better judgement, but Emma lays down next to the cocky surgeon and lets her breath out slowly.

He curls around her almost instantly, a mumbled question against her throat seeking permission before he wraps his arm around her waist at her nod. Maybe Emma isn’t the only one who’s felt it today, and she didn’t ask, but she’s beginning to wonder if what he meant by finished twenty minutes ago is I lost a patient.

She lost two. It’s all she sees when she closes her eyes.

So Emma decides not to close her eyes just yet, turning in his arms and meeting his brow raised in question with a soft, “I don’t want to think right now.”

“Are you asking me to assist you with that?”

She kisses him in response, a needy, hungry kiss that’s more teeth and tongue than lips. Their scrubs are thin, and it doesn’t take much to feel him stir to life against her hip. It’s exactly what she wants, the weight of him as he rolls her onto her back, the way his hips fit between her thighs, the scratch of his stubble across her throat.

Emma shimmies out of her scrubs, clumsy in her eagerness, but Killian is right there with her, and they probably shouldn’t be doing this here – the door isn’t locked, and anyone could walk in. But she doesn’t care, because she still closes her eyes and sees terrible things, so she threads her fingers through Killian’s hair and yanks his mouth back to hers, determined to erase the image burned into her mind.

He growls against her mouth, kissing her back just as fiercely, his hips pressing into hers as he moves against her. It should be embarrassing how desperate she is for him, and he has to feel the slick heat between her legs, and there’s a good chance she’s going to need to avoid him for a few weeks, but it’s worth it as she reaches between them, guiding him forward. Her breath hisses through her teeth, pleasure mixing with the faint burn of her body accommodating his, unfamiliar but exactly what she wants in that moment.

His curse is low and filthy, his breaths harsh against her ear as they move together, a tangle of limbs on the narrow bunk. Killian nips at her shoulder, his hands roaming her body with all the precision of the surgeon he is, leaving a devastating trail of pleasure in his wake. Emma arches into him, pressing her hands against the wall above her head for leverage and wrapping one of her legs around his hips.

The angle shifts and he’s right there and her breaths grow more and more shallow, panting gasps mingled with groans of pleasure. He’s the only thing in her world in that moment, the flash of desire in his eyes, the way his fingers glide over her skin, rough against her nipple, gentle against the curve of her waist, and everything narrows down to chasing after the exquisite pleasure of him between her legs.

And then she’s there, her eyes snapping shut and her teeth sinking into her lip to contain herself, pleasure exploding behind her eyelids. Killian slows down, his thrusts deeper and slower as she rides it out, but he grins when she finally opens her eyes. “Not through with you yet, love.” His voice is low, a wicked promise behind every word. “I intend for you to forget your own name by the time we’re done.”

Emma squeezes her thighs around his hips, momentarily trapping him buried deep, the aftershocks still running through her. “You’re good,” she admits with a saucy smirk, but before he can preen, she adds, “But not that good.”

“Challenge accepted, darling.”

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to the anon that doesn't feel happy - i have some advice that normally helps me back on my feet. the advice: try something new. whether it's as simple as starting a brand new book series or listening to a fresh new band, find something that will spark your interest and leave you a reason to be hyped about waking up each morning. i hope you feel better soon, dear <3 i promise you'll be alright, even if it's not in the immediate future.


I’ll Be There - Part 7

|Part 1| |Part 2| |Part 3| |Part 4| |Part 5| |Part 6| |Part 8| |Part 9| |Part 10| |Part 11| |Part 12| |Part 13| |Part 14| |Part 15| |Epilogue|

Member: Hoseok

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 3200 (bless) 

Summary: You and Hoseok are best friends and just like any story that starts like this, nothing good ever happens. One night when Hoseok is in his drunken state, he says some things that make you reconsider how much worth you actually have in his life.

A/N: I have a feeling this series might go over 10 parts 😁 Enjoy Xx 

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“Oh God, my head hurts so damn much.” You wince at the pain from turning your head even just to look at your phone. You feel the nightstand for your phone, but then your hand brushes over a piece of paper. You pick it off of the table and read it.

You drank a lot last night Y/N. I stayed the night just in case something happened, I hope you don’t mind. I also made you some hangover soup. I don’t know how long you’re going to be asleep for, but if you wake up early it should still be warm :P I have to leave now because of work. Feel better soon!

- Hobi

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Wisdom Teeth

Boy; Leo

Wisdom teeth is not a game. It’s almost like a rite of passage into adulthood, except there are some exceptions with teeth. You may not have  to get wisdom teeth removed, but there is an 85% chance you will have to. Think of wisdom teeth as big jerks that like to screw around with other teeth and make them grow awkward and weirdly. As bad as it sounds, it isn’t as immensely terrible as everyone makes it seem.u are actually getting those teeth extracted today.
Sure your mouth swells up, you look like a chipmunk, and you can’t eat most foods for a week, but hey you can have ice cream all week!
Speaking of wisdom teeth, I should probably mention that you’re on your way right as we speak.

 Your leg would not stop shaking as you bounced it up and down in the backseat of your (M/p) car, Leo, your boyfriend, was seated beside you with a comforting smile lacing his perfectly shaped lips as he talked about how adorable you would be and how he couldn’t wait for the laughing gas to take effect once you got there.
“You’re going to look like a chipmunk! It’s going to be so cute it’s like you have your mouth stuffed with a bunch of nuts or something. ”
You fidgeting didn’t seem to bother him much because it only made him keep talking, “ Leo I’d appreciate it if your mouth was closed from now on. ”
You snapped at him in a nervous yet icy tone. 
A look of hurt flashed across his face and he shut his mouth, a pout becoming noticeable on his lips while he turned to look out the window.
Panging hammered at the edges of your heart, it seemed like all it needed was a chisel to make you break and apologize and your (M/p)’s glare from the rearview mirror was the missing chisel. You sighed deeply and turned your head in Leo’s direction, “ I’m sorry for snapping at you, I shouldn’t have done that. I’m just really panicked about people sticking their fingers in my mouth. “ 
Leo’s usual happy demeanor disappeared once he saw your troubled face, your brows were furrowed and your breathing pattern a little faster than normal.
” I’m sorry too, I didn’t think you were this nervous about it. I swear on the river Styx that ’ll be there the whole time until this is over and you feel better. “
A slight sound of thunder rolled in the distance indicated that the oath was heard and that Leo will now be held to it on pain of death.
A ghost of a smile hinted at your lips at his unnecessary use of an oath, but no matter how much you tried, you could not simply ignore his attempts at comforting.
You leaned over to meet your lips to his cheek as a ' Thank you for trying to calm me'  gesture.
Soon after the thank you kiss; you all arrived at the parking lot of the orthodontic center, your (M/p) swung the car to the side and pulled into a parking space.
Biting your lip and bouncing your leg once more showed Leo that you were nervous, again. He took your hand in his and squeezed reassuringly so you would know he’s there.
 Taking in a sharp breath and slowly letting it out, you opened the car door. ” Let’s get this over with. “


The whole surgery was actually pretty easy. It took  around 35 minutes in total of putting the IV in, going under with laughing gas, taking each tooth out, and finally waking up. A few moments after you woke up completely intoxicated with pain meds and laughing gas, both of the two were taking up your senses and blocking out any straight thoughts that came to mind. The hygienist led you to the front room to hand you off to Leo so your m/p could  sign forms. You slumped right to Leo’s side and wrapped your arms around his waist loosely with Leo doing the same, only his arms wrapped around your whole body to hold you up.You gazed up at him weak-eyed,” or os is werd ” You slurred from the cotton in your mouth and the lack of feeling in your mouth. He looked surprised and then busted with laughter, “ My nose is weird? ” Instead of answering him you poked his nose lightly and get tapping it repeatedly which caused him to laugh even more. He took your finger in his hand and pressed it to his lips lightly in an attempt to be sweet. You narrowed your eyes at him suspiciously, “ or oin ta bit me? ” He grinned and bit your finger lightly teasingly. You made a weird sound that sounded that a scream and smacked him as hard as you could manage on the chest, which wasn’t that hard at all.
He chuckled and shook his head, dusting your face with soft curls. “ You crack me up, Y/n.” When your m/p waved you both over to the exit he encircled his lanky arms around you and walked you out safely. 
Once in the car and buckled in, your head lolled over into Leo’s lap lazily. He laughed and smoothed your hair out to tuck it behind your ear, leaning down to kiss your cheek swiftly.
You groaned the best you could and certainly as loud as you could, “ No on lush meh.” You droned out with your (e/c) shut tightly.
Leo gasped like he was offended, “ I love you! I’m your boyfriend, after all. ” He stated proudly with a smirk edging its way on his lips.
Without any warning; you started gagging, in your fingers the cotton that was supposed to stay in your mouth.
“No! What’re you doing? ” Leo panicked, snatching the cotton out of your hand and stuffing it back inside your swollen mouth.
Your gagging lessened after the cotton was re installed in its original place.
“ Uh, Mr./Mrs. (L/n)? Are we there yet? I think she’s going to puke… “ 
Your (m/p)’s head whipped back to look at your gagging self laying in Leo’s lap, still in a daze. 
” Sit her up! Make sure she doesn’t choke on anything. “ The car swerved to the left then swerved to the right in a fast moment that made your stomach lurch and the fluids from your stomach  fill up your throat, the stomach acid burning your throat and giving a bad taste to linger once it went down.
” I pheel…. punny Eo. My tummy ise phloppy. “ You tried to get out, letting some extra saliva drip on Leo’s brown cargo pants, they’re stained anyway so who cares?
Leo made a face at the spit on his knee, but knew you didn’t mean it. He sat you up between him and the window, rolling the window down so the cool breeze would hopefully help you keep your stomach’s contents inside.
Your (m/p) whipped the car into the driveway to park the car, unintentionally making your forehead come in contact with the seat in front of you.
Leo’s shot forward and brought you back to his side so you wouldn’t move anymore. You reached down slowly and unbuckled yourself, giggling slightly at the whirring sound it made when it retracted itself. Leo unbuckled himself as well and pulled you to his lap so you could get out first.
” Here, I want you to hold on to the door until I get out too, okay? “ Leo instructed looking straight into your cloudy (e/c) eyes with a serious look in his chocolate brown ones, giving off that high authority vibe. 
You nodded once and slid out of the car to grasp the open door and wait like he said to do. What either of you seemed to notice is that blood was dripping from your lips in a slow manner, Leo slid out of the car easily and immediately came to your side, wrapping an arm around your waist and steadying you as you both pursued to walk to the front door of your house, blood still  not noticeably dribbling down the side of your chin through the side of your mouth.
Once inside of your home; the pattering of blood finally caught Leo’s attention as he gasped  and shouted for your (m/p) to get a towel. 
Right on Que you started to gag again, only this time more violently than the time in the car, the fluids not dispersing back to your stomach like it should be. Leo didn’t even second guess your actions this time but instead forced you into a run to the bathroom, but you didn’t make it in time unfortunately. The fluid shot out of your mouth like a water hose and on the the bathroom tiles, painting them a juicy red color.
You groaned and placed a hand on your throat in displeasure, ” I phink I swallowed tha chotten.. “ You were right, what used to be a fluffy white ball of cotton was now the evidence of cause for your spew of red.
Leo saw your (m/p) in the doorway starring at the floor in disgust before looking back up to you in sorrow, ” Leo, “ He/She said in a exasperated voice, ” You take her up to her bedroom and make sure she doesn’t cause another murder scene in the floor. “ Leo nodded and took your waist for better grip once more, ” She could dress herself, right? “ He asked with a faint blush dusting his dark cheeks. Your (m/p) nodded quickly while they cleaned up the blood out of the floor, ” Just make sure she doesn’t get hurt and she can dress herself. “ 
So up to your room you went with a awkward Leo helping you along the way. He went over to your drawers and pulled out a Penguin sleep shirt and some plaid black and red pajama shorts for you, ” Just put these on and I’ll just turn this way.. “ He looked down at his feet while he faced the wall, he had way too much respect for you to watch you undress without consent from you or from your parents.
” I id it! “ You attempted to shout in success, raising your arms over your head in triumph. 
Leo turned back around to see you fully clothed in your sleeping attire and happily snuggled under your sheets with your favorite childhood stuffed animal wrapped up in your arms.
Leo grinned at the sight and went to sit beside you the bed, making it sink down a little with the new weight.
” I hope you feel better soon, mi amor. “ He pushed back your hair with his rough calloused fingers and leaned down to place a soft kiss to your temple.
He slowly stood up with a gentle smile crossing his face, your eyes shut without effort and your breathing relaxed. He started to turn and leave when he heard a small whining sound, ” Stay an puddle me baybay. “ Your words were slurred a little more from the pillow, but your message was received nonetheless since he slid in next to you a few seconds later. Both of you cuddled next to each other was a lovely sight to see, especially since he was taking care of you for a change. "I told you I’d be here with you, do I ever break promises? ”

**Research. Research. Research. Ugh I’m so done with being so detailed in things like this. This is 7 pages long guys. This is the longest in this imagine thing so far and man was this hard to write. I hope you enjoy it because I know it’s been anticipated for quite some time. Sorry for making you wait!**

Comfort [REQUEST]

Ah, my first request! I hope it did it justice and you are happy with the scenario kpopandanimelover :)

Baekhyun paced the length of the rehearsal room, barely able to contain his excitement as he waited for you to answer the phone. Their choreographer was so impressed with how hard all the members were working that he had decided to give them the rest of the afternoon off. In a spur of the moment decision, he decided to call you up and take you out for dinner and a movie. It had been so long since you had just gone out and done boyfriend/girlfriend things and Baekhyun was really missing you.

You answered after a long period of ringing, making him squeak slightly in excitement. “Babe, we’re going on a date. Put on that beautiful outfit you bought last week. I’ll be round to pick you up in an hour!”

“Oh Baek,” you sighed before breaking out into a coughing fit.

Baekhyun just looked at his phone with a frown and then held it back up to his ear. “Are you ok?” he asked in concern, his pacing stopping with each slowing step.

You finally stopped coughing and cleared your throat. “Today’s not so good for me Baek. I think I’ve come down with the flu,” you told him, your voice distinctly weaker than usual.

Leaning against the mirrored wall, Baekhyun ran a hand through his hair and sighed away from his phone. All of his excitement instantly drained out of his body, leaving him to just slump his shoulders and drop the corners of his smile sadly. “Do you need anything?” he asked softly.

“No I’m just going to take a nap on the sofa. I’m sorry about the date, can I get a rain check?” you asked him, the optimism audible in your voice which made Baekhyun smile a little bit.

“Of course babe! Hope you feel better soon!” He told you he loved you and then hung up, grabbing his bag and heading for the showers.

You woke up from your nap to someone banging on your door loudly. Groaning to yourself, you got to your feet, knocking a pile of used tissues to the floor in the process. Your blanket formed a little cloak as you slowly moved towards the persistent knocking. “Ok, ok! I’m coming!” you said tiredly before breaking out into a coughing fit.

Opening the door, you were surprised to see Baekhyun on the other side, a grocery bag in one hand and a mask over his nose and mouth. “Please don’t cough on me. Manager-hyung would kill me if I got ill.”

You coughed a final time into your blanket and then wrapped it tighter around your body as you let him into your house. “What are you doing here Baekhyun?” you asked, closing the door while he took his shoes off.

“I’m here to take care of my girlfriend,” he said through his mask, holding up the bag in his hand. “I have all your favourite foods with me, including the biggest tub of cookie dough ice cream they had in the store.” He took your hand and slowly led you back to your sofa.

“Baekhyun, you shouldn’t be here,” you moaned softly, pulling the blanket up to your mouth to cough again. “I don’t want you to get ill.”

He pulled you down on the sofa beside him and made sure you were all tucked up in your blanket. “As long as I don’t kiss you, which is slightly problematic seeing as you look beautiful even with the flu, I think I’ll be ok,” he joked, pulling everything out of the bag, including the ice cream and two spoons. “We all got the rest of the day off and I wanted to spend it with you, regardless of whether you are ill or not.”

“Thank you babe,” you replied, resting you head on his chest while he handed you a spoon and opened the ice cream. “And I am really sorry about the date. Trust me to get ill when you get a day off.”

Soothingly he ran a hand through your hair and pulled you closer into his side. “Just get better babe. There will be other days off, don’t worry,” he told you, his voice although slightly muffled by the mask, still melodious and comforting. “Now what’s on TV at this time of day?” he asked to himself, grabbing the remote and flicking through the channels while you tucked into the ice cream, the coldness comforting your sore throat.

In the end he settled on an old black and white comedy. You nuzzled in closer and picked up his spoon to feed him ice cream. “I love you Baekhyunnie,” you told him earnestly, looking him straight in his beautiful brown eyes.

He pulled down his mask and swallowed the ice cream with a smile on his face. “Oh you are just too cute. Forget manager-hyung!” In a flash, he dipped his head and pressed his lips against yours, the touch gentle and delicate. Almost in the same breath, he pulled back and pulled his mask back up, leaving you to recover from your breathlessness. “Now stop looking at me with that beautiful face and watch the film!”


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I just wanted to drop by and let you know that your art is amazing. You are an amazing artist and your Hux is my absolute favorite Hux. I hope you feel better soon, depression can be a right old bitch. ❤️

Thank you for dropping in and leaving such a lovely message ♥ I’m over the moon that you like my Hux. He is such a sod to capture but i love drawing him so will always try to give the ginger monster my all. I’m getting back on my feet and once I have a new tablet I hope to be back on art duties again.

BTS reacting to you challenging them~(Requested)

Jin: He would gladly accept you little challenge and if he wins you’ll probably end up making dinner.


Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Namjoon: He would accept the challenge even when he knows he will lose. He will ‘accidentally’ break the controller in attempt to not play. GOD OF DESTRUCTION

“But I can’t play, my controller is broken.”

Originally posted by jiminrolls

Yoongi: He would be tired from staying up all night, working on lyrics for a new song. But he would always make time for you. He would start to play and as soon as he lost he would make you tuck him into bed.

“Good night baby~”

Originally posted by yovibeispretty

Taehyung: He is one of the most childish members of the group so he would gladly accept and he would probably win and definitely tease you about it.

“Since I won, that means I’m better than you and you should rub my feet.”

Originally posted by hellosarang

Hoseok: He would probably win and would scream his famous 'J-hope scream’. He would be excited that he won but when he saw your pouty face he would try and make you feel better.

“Aw Jagi, we can cuddle if that will make you feel better.”

Originally posted by hobismole

Jimin: He would play and then when he lost he would definately get pay back by tackling you and kissing you all over your face.

“Don’t try and get away, you deserve this.”

Originally posted by bwipsul

Jungkook: Since he does like to play a lot of games he would definately beat you and when he would win he would rub it in your face, for sure.

“Haha I won!”

Originally posted by redvelvet-daredevil

Thank you guys for reading my reaction! This was requested by one of my favourite people, Niamh!!! <3 Hope you guys enjoyed it! 


Fur Feather or Fur Worse [Chapter 1/?]

Summary: Gavin stays home sick after falling ill suddenly, but he’s not sick; He’s earned his training wings. Bizarre things are begining to happen in the Rooster Teeth office…

Rating: Teen

Characters: Basically everyone

[Next Chapter]


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Was that a Kick? >> J-Hope, You (Drabble)

SP: Drabble week! Send me a word, phrase, quote,  anything to inspire me to write it

Hoseok sighed as he approached you and sat next to you on the bench. It was late, so the play yard was empty as the kids went to their home already.

On the other hand, you were sitting on one of the benches at the park, your knees were pulled toward your chest as your arms surrounded it and your face was hidden in your arms.

He knew that you were crying, he could hear that when you called him. Your voice was cracking and breathing hitched. This bastard broke your heart again. How much he wished to punch him hard enough to know how precious you were.

You didn’t look up at Hoseok when you felt him sitting next to you, you knew it was him. It was always easy to tell when your childhood and best friend was around.

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got my wisdom teeth out, loopy on narcotics, and mildly suffering to death. help a guy out, gimme some ginhiji cuddling headcanons for my sanity

Well, my headcanons are best represented through my fics, so I really suggest reading those! But I’ll definitely write some stuff out for you because getting your wisdom teeth out isn’t fun. I hope you get feeling better soon! 

  • It doesn’t matter who’s the big spoon or little spoon.
  • They move around at night, shifting in their sleep, but they naturally like to have some part of them still touching in some way. 
  • Sometimes Gintoki will drape himself over Hijikata in some weird way just to be annoying, but then he’ll find it’s comfortable and he’ll stay there and Hijikata will let him. 
  • Gintoki will shove his cold feet onto the closest part of Hijikata he can.
  • Every once in awhile, Gintoki will push himself between Hijikata’s legs and rest on top of him because it’s comfortable and Hijikata likes the weight of him.
  • They don’t hold hands, it’s just not something they do, but sometimes one or the other might grab onto their lover’s hand and give it a quick squeeze ((like, if they’re out in public and haven’t seen each other in a few days, they’ll do that as a subtle greeting and it also says missed you and similar messages)).
  • Gintoki enjoys it when Hijikata puts an arm around his shoulders and Hijikata enjoys it just as much when Gintoki does it – though, they rarely do such displays in public.
  • Gintoki surprises Hijikata from time to time by walking up and holding him from behind – the kisses to the back of Hijikata’s neck are gentle and welcome. 
  • For Hijikata, Gintoki makes an excellent pillow, particularly his stomach ((he has read many a report reclined on his back with Gintoki’s belly as a nice cushion)).
  • Hijikata is a master of stealing the blanket and Gintoki is a master of entwining them so they can share it.
  • Once they’re comfortable with each other, no touch is weird or unwelcome and any position is fair game. 
  • Hijikata will shove his cold hands onto sensitive parts of Gintoki just to hear him let out that high pitched scream he does so well. 

So, there’s some! Again, my fics are the best way to go, but lord, I could go on and on and on talking about them lol I REALLY HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER!!! 


ssweet-dispositionn I miss you so so much , we all do , i miss that precious smile on your face and you being all hyped and dorky and the sparkle in those magestic green eyes and your voice, pretty much everything that makes you , you. I wish you didnt have to go through all of this , it’s only been 2 months since the year started and you already have so much to deal with and i wish i could be there for you and hug you as tight as possible and make sure you that you’ll be okay again. And trust me it kills me to know that theres nothing i can do to make you feel better , nothing but words. You are so important to me , to us , to the girls and you not being there with them , with us , it’s the worst thing we ever had to go through and this week completely sucks without you. In fact nothing makes sense without you, nothing feels right. And im so sorry for your loss and i wanna let you know that you’ll get back on your feet, i promise. I’ve been through the same , three times actually and if i found strenght to get back on my feet so can you. just know that your grandma is in a better place now and that she is very proud of you just like i am and everybody else is. I hope you know that we love you and support you endlessly. Hope you get back to us soon cause honestly this really sucks without you. Love you more than words can explain kid 💗

Pork Noodles and a Shotgun (Part Seven)

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six

“Ugh, my pants don’t fit,” I whined, tugging futilely at the button that just would not meet its hole. “Takuto, can you come in here for a minute?”

“Whaaaat,” he groused, returning to the bedroom where I was dressing. “I don’t want to help you pick clothes again, I don’t know the difference between sky blue and peacock blue.”

I huffed a bit. “It’s not that! I’m gaining weight, do these pants still fit my butt?”

Turning around to give him a look, I waited for Takuto’s answer. When none came after a moment, I turned around again to see my fiancé wearing a flustered, flushed expression. “Y-you can’t just ask that kind of thing!” he said, the scarlet in his cheeks never fading. “Use a mirror!”

“Seriously? You get embarrassed over the strangest things, Taku.” I giggled, then went to check myself in the mirror. My weight gain had mostly been through my waist so far and the pants fit fine everywhere else, so I grabbed a hair tie and looped it through the buttonhole and around the button, rigging a temporary solution for my wardrobe problem.

“Humph. Girls are resourceful,” Takuto observed, studying my makeshift maternity wear.

“It’s something my mother mentioned the last time I called her. I’m going to have to get some real maternity clothes soon, though… I’m almost to the second trimester, so I’ll start getting huge.” I pouted a bit, my hands resting on my growing stomach. A pair of larger hands soon rested on mine. Takuto knelt in front of me, his face level with my abdomen.

“I hope you love your mom a lot, kid, because she’s going to get really fat for your sake,” he said to the little one. “Everyone is going to think she got greedy and swallowed a watermelon.”

“H-hey!” I bopped him on the head, earning myself a glare. “You’re not helping me feel better!”

Rising to his feet, Takuto just shrugged. “You’re going to get bigger. That’s just how this pregnancy thing works. I don’t know why you’re so worried about it, I don’t care.”

I frowned, not sure I believed him, so he leaned in and softly kissed my stubborn lips. My pouting face immediately softened to a blush. “Now who gets embarrassed at weird things?” he chuckled.

Our intimate moment was brought to an end by the ringing of my phone, and I hurried to answer it after glancing at the caller ID. “Ranko, hi!” I answered cheerfully, thrilled to hear from my best friend for the first time in a while. She had been traveling for a series of articles at work as of late, and we had not talked in weeks.

“Aiko! I’m finally home for a while. Today is your day off, right? Let’s meet for drinks tonight!”

“Sure, I’ll go out,” I agreed, carefully avoiding the topic of alcohol. Ranko was my very best friend, and I wanted to tell her about my pregnancy in person. She was so observant that if I gave any clues ahead of time she would guess. “Where did you have in mind?”

We made plans to meet for dinner that evening, and I was smiling when I hung up the phone. I felt like a bit of distance had grown between Ranko and myself since I joined the Black Foxes and had to keep things from her, but in the end she was still my best friend and I enjoyed spending time with her. I rejoined Takuto, who had retreated to the living room while I was on the phone. “Ranko’s back in town, so I’m going out to dinner with her tonight. Will you be okay on your own?”

“She’s so annoying,” Takuto grumbled, which was not an answer at all. I prodded him until he insisted that he could feed himself for one night.

“I’m so excited to tell Ranko the big news. She’s going to freak out. Ah, she’ll probably ask to be a bridesmaid… Hmm…” I suddenly realized how very little we had discussed about a wedding since we officially got engaged nearly a month ago. I had been more concerned with my first doctor appointments and beginning to arrange for maternity leave at work- baby preparation had trumped wedding planning.

Takuto poked me in the side of my head, rousing me from my thoughts. “What are you spacing out about now?”

“Oh, um…” I hesitated for a moment, but decided now was as good a time as any to bring up the subject. “Are we going to have a wedding?”

“Huh?” He stared at me as if I had grown a second head. “What kind of stupid question is that? Why the hell do you think I bothered to propose?”

“I know we’re getting married, I just wondered if it would be easier to forgo a ceremony and just get our marriage license. We only have a few months before the baby is here, and weddings get so expensive too, especially on short notice…” I bit my lip, thinking hard about the options, and worrying a little too.

Takuto sighed. “Listen, weddings are a pain in the ass, but if you want one then we’ll have one. I don’t care how expensive it is either. Do what makes you happy, got it?”

Much to my surprise, I felt tears welling up in my eyes. “You really mean it?”

“Why are you crying over that?!” He looked panicked, and I laughed despite myself. These were tears of joy, and still he didn’t know how to handle it. Maybe some day he would learn.


I glanced around the restaurant, looking for Ranko, when my eyes fell on my friend waving at me from a booth by the window. I froze for a second; she was not alone. Tatsuro sat next to her, smiling at me from across the room.

I gulped, knowing the detective’s presence was going to make this encounter a little more awkward than I wanted. Telling Ranko was one thing, but Tatsuro didn’t approve of Takuto at all, and he was not likely to think of our engagement as good news- who knew what he would think of us actually starting a family. Even his presence was not going to keep me from sharing my excitement with Ranko, though, and I put on a smile for her sake as I joined the Togoshi siblings at their table.

“Aiko, I missed you!” Ranko exclaimed as I sat down. “I hope you don’t mind that I brought Tatsuro along. I haven’t seen him this whole time, too, and it’s been ages since we all got together anyway!”

“Yeah, it’s fine,” I replied, only lying a little. Of course it would have been fine any other time, and Ranko could not have known I had something to share. “Good to see you again, Tatsuro.”

“You too, Aiko,” he said with a smile. “How have you been lately? Anything exciting going on?”

Though I tried to keep cool, I chuckled nervously. “You have no idea.” Both siblings gave me strange looks, but thankfully we were interrupted when the waiter came to take my order. Because of where I was sitting, I had to reach for my glass of water with my left hand. Ranko’s eyes went wide all of a sudden, and I froze. She saw.

“Come back later, we’re busy!” she shouted at the poor waiter, reaching across the table to grab my hand. “Oh. My. God. Aiko, did your tsundere boyfriend finally get the guts to pop the question?!”

“D-do you have to call him that?” I cringed. “But yeah, he did…” Ranko looked thrilled, as expected, but I glanced at Tatsuro and he seemed to be doing his very best to keep a neutral expression.

“This diamond is huge. Takuto has great taste! How did he ask? Have you set a date yet? Have you started looking for dresses? Can I be a bridesmaid?” As usual, Ranko had so many questions. She was practically vibrating with enthusiasm.

“Please, slow down!” I laughed. “Let’s see… Long story, no, no, and of course! There’s no one else I’d rather have as my maid of honor, did you ever doubt it?”

“I’m so happy for you!” Ranko’s voice was almost unbearably high pitched now, and Tatsuro and I were both urging her to quiet down before she drew too much attention. “Let me buy you a drink, anything you want! Let’s party!”

“Uh, that’s okay, I’m not drinking tonight…” Ranko gave me a searching look; like I feared, she was way too perceptive for my own good.

What I had forgotten was that investigative skills ran in the family. “Aiko, don’t tell me you’re…” Tatsuro trailed off, either too embarrassed or too shocked to complete the thought.

“You’re pregnant.” From Ranko it was not a question, and her eyes were wide. “So that’s how you got him to propose!”

I gasped at her implication. “Ranko! Don’t you dare say it that way! Takuto and I already intended to get married, we’re just having to move ahead a little faster than planned.” Thankfully I managed to sound convinced, even though a part of me felt the same way. I suppressed that seed of doubt; I would not let my friends think poorly of my fiancé, especially Tatsuro.

Unfortunately it was too late for him, and he did not plan to keep his disapproval to himself. “Aiko, you don’t have to be with someone just because you’re having a baby.” I glared at him, but he continued. “I never have liked the way he treats you! You deserve-”

“I deserve to be with the man I love, Tatsuro, regardless of how you see him,” I interrupted. I was in no mood to put up with his lectures tonight. “Please try to be happy for me. I’m very excited to start a family with Takuto, and he’s taking very good care of me.”

“I see.” Tatsuro’s face fell, and he stood up from his seat. Very formally, he bowed to me. “Congratulations, then. I think I’ve overstayed my welcome. I’ll catch up with you later, Ranko.” Despite a protest from his sister, Tatsuro hurried out, never once looking back.

“He’s such a sore loser,” Ranko sighed. Then she turned back to me and managed to smile again. “I for one really am happy for you, Aiko! I’m going to be Auntie Ranko! Now you said the proposal was a long story- tell me all of it!” Thanks to my best friend’s genuine enthusiasm, I managed to have fun, and we spent the rest of the evening chatting about weddings and babies.


I texted Takuto when Ranko and I were done, and as I had suspected he might, he had gone to LRN for dinner. I offered to meet him there since we had been spending less time with our friends lately; since we saw each other at home, it was easy to fall into a habit of staying in. I walked in just as Boss was putting up the “closed” sign, and I was greeted with enthusiasm by the Black Foxes.

“Takkun, you liar, she doesn’t look fat at all!” Hiro immediately exclaimed to my utter mortification as I took my usual seat by my fiancé.

“Stop taking stuff I say out of context!” Takuto spat back, red as a beet.

“Her boobs are getting bigger though,” Riki observed.

“You think so?” Kenshi mused as he looked in my direction, then turned bright red when he realized what he was doing.

“E-excuse me?!” I stammered, subconsciously holding my arms to my chest. “Pregnancy is not an excuse for sexual harassment!”

“Back off, you nasty perverts,” Takuto added, glaring at all of our friends- even poor Boss.

“I didn’t do anything!” Atsumu protested with a whine.

“Yet,” the hacker mumbled under his breath. “And I didn’t say you were fat!” he added for my benefit.

“I believe you Takuto,” I assured him with a giggle, feeling a bit more at ease. “Hey, we need to set a date for the wedding soon- Ranko has to notify the newspaper far in advance to make sure she can attend.”

“Yeah, sure. You can take care of all that and I’ll show up when you tell me to, okay?” I sighed at his total lack of interest, but let it go for the moment. We enjoyed the rest of the evening with our friends.

As we walked home together, our fingers intertwined, I could not help dwelling on things in the silence. “Hey, Takuto,” I finally spoke up. “Ranko thinks you only proposed to me because of the baby. I told her you didn’t, but I think I need to hear it from you.”

“She needs to mind her own damn business,” he huffed, then squeezed my hand. I looked up at him, but he was still looking straight ahead, his face serious. “I picked out your ring six months ago,” he said, never looking at me. In the street lights I thought I could see a twinge of pink in his cheeks. “I just didn’t know how to ask. Sorry.”

For the second time that day I felt happy tears stinging my eyes. “Don’t be sorry! I’m really happy with all of this, you know. I mean, sometimes it has been scary and I know it’s all happening really fast, but starting a family with you is what I have dreamed about.”

Finally Takuto looked at me and smiled a bit. “Yeah, me too.”

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Kuroo falling for a shy kouhai?

Kuroo lay sprawled out on the bed with one foot under the blanket, the other hanging off the bed. Being sick wasn’t too bad, He got to stay home from school and play games, not bad at all. Except for the hot flashes that came with this particular illness. And the headache…And body aches. Okay so this time being sick wasn’t fun.

A knock came at his door and he forced himself over to the door, slouching across the floor with a bed sheet wrapped tightly around him(as the hot flashes had gone away momentarily and he was cold again). He swung open the door, glaring at the person who had forced him out of bed. 

“K-Kuroo-senpai?” A small voice came from behind a stack of papers. His glare disappeared as you leaned over from behind the books and paper work.

“_____-chan!” He mumbled through a yawn.

“Hiroshi-sensei asked me to bring this by for you, I didn’t wake you up did I?” You asked, noticing his wide yawn.

“Eh? No not really, couldn’t sleep.” He said, as he took the books from you to set down on the entry table. he saw his reflection and flinched. Way to look like you’ve just crawled out of a coffin in front of your crush, Tetsurou, he thought. “Sorry to make you come all this way, ______-chan, thank you though, I don’t think I’ll be at school tomorrow either.”

“D-do you have the flu?” You asked quietly, not sure if you should ask questions of your senpai or excuse yourself.

“Maybe.” He grinned groggily, “At least I-” He was about to say got to see you, but would’ve been too embarrassed and instead said, “Don’t have to feel bad about ramen for the third day in a row. Not like I can cook like this.” he sneezed to show what he meant by ‘this’.

“Well…” You looked at your feet before mustering the courage to smile at him, “Well I hope you feel better soon!” Then took off to get back home. Leaving Kuroo in a shade of scarlet. That’s the first time I’ve seen ______’s smile….

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Do you think certain body parts and ailments align with astrology? I have capricorn rising and I usually have joint skin and teeth problems. I'm actually really sick rn with kidney infection and appendicitis and wondering if you think it corresponds to certain signs? Where would I look to see if an ailment is afflicting my chart? (Also I have cap rising for my return as well this year starting today on my birthday...what a way to kick off my year... ) thanks! Love your insights E>

thank you…

yes that sounds typical of capricorns, they rule the joints, skin and bones. they are the backbone of the zodiac.
aries - head, - headaches, migraines forehead, blood pressure
taurus - throat - tonsilitis, strep
gemini - lungs, chest - breathing difficulties
cancer - pancreas, stomach, mammory glands, - nausea, sugar problems, menstural problems
leo - heart, blood pressure… circulation
virgo - digestive system… peristalsis… elimination of toxins
libra - kidneys, electrolyte balance, … back/flank pain.. UTIs
scorpio - reproductive zone: reproductive disorders, cysts, menstrual problems. sagittarians usually have astigmatism.. they usually need eye glasses
sagittarius - hips/thighs .. injuries..sciatica
aquarius - calves , circulation system..blood pressure problems.. eye problems
pisces feet problems, bunions, blisters, flat feet, shoes that wont ever fit
these are just centres of energy so they are easily inflamed, or ailment goes ‘here first’, a taurus… “a cold always goes straight to my throat”. i hope you feel better soon . listen to your nurses :p

love c

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im sick and i have a headache and i really want fluffy sterek -no werewolves or supernatural shit- thanks(:

[Oh no, I hope you feel better soon! Have some human college AU]

“Okay, vampires or werewolves,” Stiles says, propping his feet up on the bunk above him. Derek grits his teeth; he can feel his mattress getting pushed up, and Stiles must know that where he’s kicking—that’s his butt—

“The suggestions for get to know your new roommate were to ask about their hometown, or their families or even their hobbies,” Derek says, turning over on the top bunk.

“Seriously, pick one, it’s not that difficult,” Stiles says, kicking the bottom of the mattress a little more.

“You’re not going to be like this all year, are you?” Derek asks, groaning. 

“Just answer the question,” Stiles insists. 

“Vampires, I guess,” Derek says, answering for the sake of answering. Who in the world thinks its fun to discuss hypothetical supernatural creatures at two am in the morning?

“What! Are you serious? Even with the whole crumble-to-death in sunlight thing? That’s weak, dude. Plus no garlic, like ever. Garlic is delicious, man. I don’t think I could ever give up garlic.”

Derek grabs the pillow and buries his face in it, but Stiles just keeps talking. “Please just shut up,” Derek says. “I have an eight am class.”

“Why would you want to be a vampire?” Stiles is still saying, and the kicking, the kicking is still happening. 

Derek pushes himself up into a sitting position and then hangs upside down and glares at Stiles. He’s sitting atop rumpled covers, t-shirt rucked up, pajama pants low on his hips, blinking wide brown eyes at Derek, who promptly forgets for a few seconds what he was going to say, and upon realizing is furious with himself because he does not think his annoying roommate is attractive. At all. 

“Go to sleep, before I rip your throat out. With my teeth,” Derek says in the most menacing voice he can muster. 

Stiles stares at him for a few seconds before breaking out into a grin. “You would totally be a werewolf.” 

Derek flops back onto his bed, muttering under his breath, ”You’re lucky you’re cute.” 

“What was that?”

“Nothing,” Derek says, turning over and closing his eyes. It’s going to be a long year.

nourgelitnius  asked:

Darcy and Clint are mistakenly arrested and Selvig hires a blind lawyer and his partner to help them out.


“I’m telling,” Darcy says, voice a higher pitch than normal. She rotates her left ankle slowly and manages to wince a little at the pain. It was swelling up like a sonovabitch, and she didn’t want to think about what sort of pain her partner in apparent crime had. Nope.

They’d been at the precinct for what felt like days but in reality was a few hours at best. A few hours that she could really do without. This is the trouble she got in for working with the good guys, well the mostly good guys anyway, the jury was still kinda out on Tony at the moment.

“Who,” Clint says rolling his neck on his shoulders.

“Your better half,”  she smirks eyeing detectives Cumbersome and Killjoy across the room. What was taking Selvig so long anyway?

“Which one?”

“The one that will do more damage.”

“Nat isn’t like that.”

“Not talking about the work wife,” Darcy says. “Dude, are we gonna be here much longer? I gotta pee.”

Detective Cumbersome frowns. Or Darcy assumes the expression he makes is a deeper frown than the vaguely constipated look he had throughout their brief association.

There’s a soft knock on the open doorway and two men enter the room. The man on the right is sporting glasses and a cane, with a fresh cut high on his right cheek. The other man has lighter hair, in need of a cut and sideburns that appeared to have briefly contemplated taking over his  face then decided to back off a bit. Sideburns is smiling far too pleasantly for such an ungodly hour.

“Excuse me, detectives, can you take the cuffs off of our clients?”

“Oh and what would Steve say to that, D?” Clint says. His tone is mocking but she can feel the waves of tension radiating out in circles around him.

“Nothing I can repeat in mixed company,” Darcy says scrunching up her face and wondering what it would take to get Steve Rogers to sing ‘Please, Mr Jailer’. The fantasy playing out in her in her head was nice enough, though wholly inaccurate. Pity that.

“I could take my hearing aids out?”

“That’s why we are here in the first place!”

“I said the batteries were getting low.”


“Don’t mind us. We’re just your lawyers,”  Sideburns says rolling his eyes.

“My name is Matt Murdock, and this is my associate, Foggy Nelson,” Matt says lips twitching slightly. “We were hired by a Dr Selvig. Who says you are in need of help.”

Clint grunts, shifts his feet under the table but his eyes track back and forth. Occupational hazard, Darcy thinks, still rubbing at her unbound wrists and hoping like hell her left ankle feels better soon.

“Which one’s Pinky and which ones the brain?” Foggy says, leafing through the file in his hands.

“Are you pondering what I’m pondering?” Darcy says, eyebrows raising as she takes in the suits in front of them.

“I think so, Darce, but where are we going to find four geese, and a zeppelin this time of night in Hell’s Kitchen?”

“Very funny Mr–”

“Clint Barton, sometimes an avenger, and Darcy Lewis, I don’t know–,” Clint says face cracking into a smile despite the livid bruise covering his jaw. “Hey, D did they ever get around to giving you a real job.”

“Says the man named after a bird.”

“Do you mind if we sit?” Matt asks and Clint shrugs his right shoulder up.

“He shrugged, that’s good enough for me,” Foggy says. He leads Matt forward like it’s second nature.

“Can you tell us what happened, Mr Barton, Miss Lewis? Or shall I begin with what we know?  That you were found on the premises of one…”

“Langhorne S. Clemens,” Foggy reads off the file.

“Seriously?” Matt asks.

“Very seriously,” Foggy replies.

Hi everyone!

Last night, I had to get surgery to have my appendix removed. I feel a lot better but I will be taking it easy and leaving the ask box closed for a couple of days. I have one ask in there from before I closed it and I promise I will get to it eventually. I also never uploaded the last two requests I got and I also promise to get to it.

Thanks for your understanding and patience! I hope to be back on my feet soon.