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Of The Tide And The Sea: snapshot

Author’s Note: This really was meant to be uploaded here for Suho’s birthday but I fell quite behind with life and editing/plotting things for Hero. It’s quite short, but I do hope everyone enjoys it. I’ve written things here in my phone over the past year and decided to put my favourite parts together for our glorious leader. Enjoy <3

Genre: Art History Professor!Suho x Reader (oc; ambiguous gender)

Rating: PG-ish

Warnings: some angst; some sexual references but they aren’t terribly graphic

Word Count: 1,950

The whole of his Ph.D amounts to you.

His work, his lectures, the papers, the art, it all amounts to nothing but a pathway to you. Junmyeon knows these things the moment he meets your eyes, and thinks he should feel frustration or contempt, but all he can muster is the glorious acceptance of fate. It nestles in his veins like a simple syrup, sticking to all the secret parts of him and making his blood feel like sugar. Somehow, every brush stroke held a whisper of your pull. Somehow, every enchanting sculpture assumed your shape. Like he had been expecting you. Like he had been waiting.

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Sapphire-Shores’s Commissions are open!
These commissions will be completed via me drawing on my phone. I hope to earn a bit of money for this holiday season, so that I may buy gifts for my loved ones and maybe even donate a few to those less fortunate!

Full body ponies are $10, and adoptable ponies are $5.

Info on adoptables under cut:

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