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no I have never heard of the date tech volleyball club I swear I do not know who they are


If you run into a wall and pretend it doesn’t exist, you’ll never make progress. The wall will never change, so you’re the one who has to change.

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I’ve been waiting to post this draft for a while hahah but I’ve been rebooting my Redbubble store for the past month and there’s new art stuff and I’m excited.


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okay yes i didnt say it couldnt be angst but this is my revenge: something about a funeral like there /has/ to be a funeral but it cant be ur usual angst and its gOTTA BE FUNNY (and yes i do realize im getting less and less specific but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

“You two are unbelievable,” Cat muttered through her gritted teeth while trying to glare at her son and her soon to be wife. They were barely containing their hilarity and she could see, in the small dips on either sides of Kara’s mouth, that the girl of steel was actually bitting the inside of her cheek to not laugh out loud. “Sorry mom. Sorry. It’s just … Whoever did this, it was an awesome joke,” Carter tried to whisper, breathless from trying to stay serious. “Come on Cat, even you had to admit that the mistake was good, putting Ding Dong, The Witch is dead instead of her requested piece of classical opera …” Kara swallowed a fit of laugher as she finished her sentence. Cat stared at the both of them before smirking, a mischievelous gleam sparkling in her eyes. 
“Well of course it was good but who said it was a mistatke though? Who do you think handled the funeral planning?” She murmured before focusing back on the priest’s speech, leaving the whole church to turn and stare at Kara and Carter, the echo of their gasp echoing loudly in the perfect acoustical space. 

(I used an idea I already put here but it was a good one so …)

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Since Sebastian is a creature of the night and he is a demon, how about his s/o was terrified of the dark? Headcanon or scenario, I don't mind! It all depends on you! I'm sorry for you and your cat. I hope you're doing well right now...

I’m terrified of the dark and I love Sebastian so I’ll do this one right now bc it’ll comfort me. Thank you. I’m doing as well as I can. I keep thinking I hear him meow and I turn and it fades away and he’s not there :(


Sebastian’s s/o is scared of the dark headcanons

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- I think he’d be amused by it, firstly, because humans are such amusing creatures

- I think he’s the type of person, demon, to use his eyes in the dark when his s/o is laying down to sleep, thinking they’re alone.

- You’d see his eyes glowing in the dark, hear his breathy low chuckle, feel fingers, tendrils, on your skin, and you’d whimper or swear and he’d chuckle again, finding amusement in your suffering, and would stop.

- He’d take pity on you and climb into your bed, if you allow him to - he wouldn’t ask, he’d expect you to tell him any boundaries you have right off the bat so he remembers.

- His arms would come around you, holding you to him, and he’d murmur in your hair sweet nothings.

- “You’re safe, my love, no dark creature can reach you under my protection.”

- If you mention vampires, I guarantee you that he’d wince and say “please don’t compare me to those graceless creatures”

- He’d be so offended.

- I think he’d ask you about why you’re so terrified, and though he wouldn’t understand it, he’d ask how he could help you with your fear.

- He’d probably be the type to randomly expose you to it. 

- You’re walking in the corridors of the Phantomhive manor and suddenly all the candles go out, plunging you into darkness.

- It’d be like experimentation for him, analysing your reactions and what happens if I do this? and he’d really pick it apart and find out how you’d react in any given situation.

- He’d sometimes take it too far and would have to make it up to you.

- He’d cook your favourite meal or would buy you a small gift to make up for it, and it’d be incredibly meaningful and sweet and so you that your heart aches and you forgive him immediately.

- He’s cruel, so sometimes he’d trick you for his own amusement.

- But ultimately, he just wants your happiness.

- He’d allow you to bury your face in his chest at night, his strong arms winding around you, holding you to him. 

- If you glance up from his chest to survey the room, the fear creeping in, he’d shush you gently, pressing a kiss to your hair. “Nothing will find you. I’m here, Y/N. You can relax now.”

- I think he’d sing to you sometimes, if you were super super scared, and his low baritone would just send you right off to Dream Land.

- He’d definitely be with you every night, once his duties are done.

- Coincidentally, everything is finished by the time you’re off to bed, so he’s there waiting for you.

I hope you like this! This really comforted me, tbh. Stay safe my lovelies! <3

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hi! i hope you're doing well! now that we know what Isak and Even love most about each other, i was wondering what they find annoying about each other? like doesn't Isak hate when they don't make a pile of their clothes? or something like that haha

HI MY LOVE I HOPE YOU’RE DOING WELL TOO I’M SORRY THIS IS SO LATE. i think i just answered a question that basically answers what they find most annoying about each other (even if they do find the qualities interesting), but yes, for some reason, isak is very stuck on the idea that maybe they should stop throwing their clothes all over the room when they’re having sex, which still hasn’t happened, by the way. 

he also finds it really annoying that even doesn’t know how to do his laundry properly. he’s turned a lot of white tshirts into pink tshirts and he doesn’t care, so isak’s taken to casually doing even’s laundry with his and eva’s – since, you know, even has a washing machine at home, and he doesn’t have to go down to the basement of an apartment building, it’s all very convenient, okay, no special reason.