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i love you so much, Keaton, both as a poet and as a human being. i've never sent a prompt before, i think. anyway, prompt: the book of revelation (my personal favorite book of the bible).

I. the call of the distant temple
haunts me, lord; my bones
thunder. exile is a word that reeks
of roman bronze. see how the guards
laugh at me, their foreign captive,

a wingless starling who they say
curses the dawn winds. i curse nothing
save the hands that robbed you
from me. promise, my king,
your return will taste of ashishot.

II. i saw you sitting on my bed quilts,
columbines in your hair, constellations
in your eyes, the wounds open.

you touched my mouth with bloodied
fingers & i knew then that to wait
for the psalms of your ribs is better

than to run from sun to sun seeking
ounces of finite heats. you weave
my dreams, lord, so i’ll carry the arc

of your throat as far as ink & my lungs
allow; your throat which is both
the hammer & the home being built.

III. night will fall as red as a martyr’s
corpse. lions will walk toothless,
dragons shed their scales. alleluia
to the mirrors melting & the bones
exhuming themselves. alleluia to fears

clotting shut & music clinging
in chainmail to our bodies. alleluia,
your ghost will be blooming green
as veins & we shall bite into it.

IV. when red tides lie
pregnant with salt,

baptize me there
& kiss me

clean again.


February spits; not a lot for this month but that’s fine also you can totally tell which one’s the favorite

  • andrew: a man can only have so many issues
  • neil: emphasis on "so many"

Drafts. The second one’s my wakfu huppermage <3
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY @amazingphil!

If I have ever loved you, then I always will…. in some way… in some form. No matter what has transpired, or the time and distance we’ve put between us – if you are a person I have held in my heart then I will always care for you.
If you hurt me I will have forgiven you - if only for myself so I could heal and move on.
If you gave me your trust I will never break it, even if you broke mine.
I spread neither vindictive lies nor uncomfortable truths - I will either speak of you fondly or not at all.
But no matter what the reason we are no longer in each other’s lives, please know that if we were once close I will most likely think of you often and that I am wishing you well.

sansaregina’s 14 days of christmas

@cosmonauthill: “She pictured the two of them sitting together in a garden with puppies in their laps, or listening to a singer strum upon a lute while they floated down the Mander on a pleasure barge. If I give him sons, he may come to love me. She would name them Eddard and Brandon and Rickon, and raise them all to be as valiant as Ser Loras. And to hate Lannisters, too. In Sansa’s dreams, her children looked just like the brothers she had lost. Sometimes there was even a girl who looked like Arya.”


If you’re somebody that’s losing hope on their art cuz you think it isn’t good enough, or you think that you’ll never improve, don’t lose hope on your art because of that.

Just remember, You WILL improve on ur art.

Don’t get jealous of others
You WILL be as great as them someday
And also, don’t compare ur art from their art

Just be patient 👌👌👌

Practice everyday or when you have the time 👌👌👌
And after a few months, you will see that you’ve improved

Never lose hope on your skills X33

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I love your aus so much! your writing is one of the things that i look forward to the most on tumblr! i hope you're having a great day! and can i request a small au for the8 please? ◕ ◡ ◕

thank you sm!!!

  • professional figure skater!minghao 
  • performs solo and always chooses dark, dramatic classical pieces because they challenge him more
  • also because can you imagine him in a silken black shirt, poets sleeves, bedazzled red jewels around the open collar and then,,,,,ofc,,,,,The Eye Makeup
  • a dashing blood red eyeliner that glitters when he steps out onto the stage
  • and holy moly,,,,,he’d look like some kind of,,,,,,evil prince,,,,,evil handsome prince,,,,,,,im crying writing this
  • his long legs look amazing when he’s on ice and doing the turns and complicated jumps
  • and like,,,,,,hoW CAN someones body be so flexible and look like Actual Water when they move????
  • idk but minghao manages to pull that off. while on ICE
  • and the skating ring where he practices is open to the public on some days and ,,,, you happen to be there because a friend of yours dragged you along
  • and you,,,,,,,cannot skate to save your life. or anyone else’s for that matter
  • and your friend is having a grand old time skating backwards  and doing little turns and you’re stuck clinging to the wall for dear life
  • until suddenly you bump into someones back whose  also on the wall and you’re like!!!!!! im sorry,,, i just suck really bad
  • but when you look up,,,,,,,,,,,,you see a somehow familiar face,,,,,,,,a very handsome ,,,, familiar face
  • where have you see him before???????
  • and then you realize,,,,with a small sound,,,,,that you’re looking at XU MINGHAO,,,,,,,,,,,a world champion figure skater?????? and you’re like oh my god this is ten hundred times worse,,,, i made a fool myself on skates in front of a literal gOD of skates
  • but minghao is thinking the total opposite, he’d been leaning against the wall watching you try to wobble your way across the ice,,,,,,and tbh he found it really charming
  • and as you’re standing there, flustering over what to do, he takes your hand off the wall and he’s like “let me teach you, you’re not gonna learn if you don’t try.”
  • and your speechless,,,because??? he’s an professional????? how?????
  • but somehow you don’t feel scared with his hands in yours as he leads you to the center of the ring and he’s like “let’s first learn how to stand, ok?”
  • and,,,,it’s some kind of magic,,,,,minghao magic that he’s making ice skating fun for you,,,,,,,,,the person who was least excited about being here
  • and every time you look up, he’s smiling and his eyes sparkle and you swear,,,,,,you’re looking at an angel
  • and he’s gently still holding you but you’re learning fast and suddenly he lifts his hand to twirl you around and you’re like oh,,,, oh my,,,
  • but you successfully do a twirl
  • and minghao leans down and is like “im more of a solo skater, but soon enough you’ll be good enough to be my partner ^^”
  • and you’re like gfkdhsljafdls,,,,turning super red and hot in the face even though this indoor ring is freezing
  • because wow xu minghao just flirted with you,,,,,,,,and it was really cute and oh his hands still on your  waist,,,,,,,,,,,,don’t lose your balance and fall on the ice!!!!

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uh... im still really confused. i cant figure out tumblr! i see a bunch of anons leaving question and comments WITHIN each post. How do i do that? i really really care about the story and want to be part of it, but im just too dumb to figure it out! lol. SOS!!! HLP ME PLZ! before some flowers and skeletons get bitchslapped by some purple eyless people. i wanna HEEEEELLLPP!!!

this is how you do it, don’t worry 

We drifted apart.
The tide was rising and we didn’t know how to save each other so we fell apart to save ourselves.

I miss him now. The way he used to gently brush my hair behind my ear. The way we used to talk on the phone till early in the morning, half-asleep. The way we lied to our parents just to steal kisses.
He was my friend before he was my lover.
And I don’t have resentment for the way he had to leave.
I just hope he is doing well.
I hope he found someone who can love him in all the ways I couldn’t.
I hope he found happiness again, instead of the desolation that always shrouded him.
I could never calm the raging storms in his head, or be there for him when he couldn’t catch his breath on the nights his thoughts got too overwhelming for him to hold himself together. I hope she can.
I hope the ghosts of our memories don’t haunt him at night
And I hope he finally found peace.

—  Tamarind Fall; Writing prompt: An ex lover is talking about how they miss their boy but they hope their love is doing well and they hope he found happiness and they hope he is at peace finally.