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sweet taste of victory

Happy birthday Jazz!!!!!! and happy Kagehina day! (✿´‿`) th-this is my first time writing kagehina so i’m a little wary, but since it’s a giftfic for jazz, i shall prevail! 

title: sweet taste of victory
pairing: KageHina
summary: Kageyama was always taking things from Hinata, much to his chagrin. His first kiss was no exception.

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So I decided to make the honeyed apples from Spice and Wolf today. I haven’t watched the show in awhile, nor read the passage in the LN, but I’m pretty sure it’s apples in honey and maybe some other stuff. As you can see here, the ingredients are apples. The thing clamped onto my counter is probably my favorite kitchen gadget I have. 

It’s an apple corer! I peels the apple (mostly, it misses a little bit), slices it into a slinky pretty much, and also cores it. This thing saves so much time when you need to do this to a lot of apples. 

I’m bad at taking pictures while I’m working so here is the final spice blend. I used whole star anise, all spice, one cinnamon stick, and some nutmeg. That got toasted until it just started to smoke, then into the mortar and pestle to break it up and release the oils in the spices. After it got smashed up it got a quick toast to give it some more flavor. It smelled soooo good. 

The liquid here is what the apples will be submerged in. It’s a combination of water, honey, brown sugar, a touch of lemon juice, and a touch of vanilla extract. It also smelled delicious. 

Once everything combined in the liquid I threw the spices in and poured it into the jars that had the sliced apples in them. This was an incredibly easy recipe to do and I would go encourage all of you to do it. I don’t actually know what it tastes like yet since you’re supposed to let it sit for a day or so. But it smelled delicious and there is no way you can go wrong with pouring that onto apples. I

In the show I think they were honey pickled apples, which is a bit different. There is no vinegar in this to pickle them, nor is there any salt in solution so it’s not a brine. No pickling or fermentation is happening in these jars, so this is basically apples stored in honey syrup with spices. Which sounds delicious. I want to learn more about pickling and brining things, but I figured I’d start with something really simple just to get used to the stuff. I think tomorrow I’m going to try and brine some apples. The only thing I don’t really like about pickling and what not is that you have to wait like a month before you can eat the food you made >.>

anonymous asked:

I just wanted to say hi and ask how you're doing and make sure that you're doing well because you're a beautiful person and beautiful people deserve to be happy and healthy so I hope that all is well and that you're taking care of yourself and if not please do because you should be relaxed, well-rested, hydrated, and not extremely hungry. I hope you're doing well c:

you are way too sweet ilysm anon

  • first time someone is a guest in my house: hello friend would you like to drink? my soul? feel free to visit every room straight our of an ikea catalog
  • second time they come around: hi my mom woke me up at 6am to dust everything. you're worth it tho.
  • third time they come around: sup. i hope you're not hungry because we have zero food. my make up is two days old
  • fourth time: ignore the fact that im still in pajamas. smash bros is on bitch
  • fifth time: I live here so I get the better controller get me a glass of oj