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ROBINS + LABELS (Happy birthday, @henwick aka my sweet smol child!)

doors in survival horror/horror vidya
  • Silent Hill: The door is rusted shut. It also has no knob and isn't real. None of these doors are. What, did you think we'd let you in any of these doors? Fucking idiot.
  • Resident Evil: This door requires an absurdly specific key only obtainable by doing an absurd puzzle. Why is everything in this building fucking locked?
  • Resident Evil 4: Just kick the door in half. You don't give a fuck. Fuck this guy's house, it's my house now.
  • Haunting Ground: Go print out some words on a stone printer. They're like keycards. But rocks.
  • Rule of Rose: Some little fucker is going to shut the door on you. What a prick.
  • Dino Crisis: I hope you like scrabble.
  • Dino Crisis 2: It seems that someone misplaced a large vehicle into this door. Go find a key in a pond to open the other door.
  • Fatal Frame: Hey I hope you like doing silly puzzles because here's a clock, go ahead and input that time you read about earlier.
  • Left 4 Dead: I mean, yeah, that door opens, but the hunter behind it isn't going to make things easier for you. Oops, it was just a horde.
  • Penumbra: Well that door's right fucked, innit? You see those boxes over there? You know what to do.
  • Amnesia: Same as above but with Mr. Struts on your ass the entire time.
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: If it's a locked door, you're gonna need a keycode. Hope you're ready to fight the burer behind it. The pseudogiant, too.
  • X-COM: There's a lobsterman behind that door. Don't open it. Don't even open the sub door. There's lobstermen out there. Time to leave.
  • Cryostasis: You're going to have to go into some guy's memories and make it so that he doesn't get dead to get through this door. Or maybe a bear's memories. Awesome.
  • Echo Night Beyond: Look through some really slow moving cameras until you figure out what you need to open the door, then proceed to immediately make a mad dash for the items while a ghost of a little girl kinda jogs towards you in an apparently immensely threatening fashion because your heart rate is literally breaking 300 bpm whenever she's within 3 feet of you.

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Honestly you're the only blog that can actively try to sell me things and I love it bc your beautiful gremlin weasel is on it and her face makes my day

if you’re into Pangur-veiled money-grubbing, then HECK I got just the thing!

the Aspects print is back…and this time….it’s BLUE. there’s 30 copies, & you can pick em up for $11 each at greerstothers.com 

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Hey there! I hope you're doing okay so uhm things aren't going okay with me in the past few weeks I've made my mom sad because of my stupid social anxiety while I'm struggling with uni :c Sorry for just coming here and being like a stupid person but can I ask for a "cute Dan" post please?

I’m sorry you’re having a tough time! Hang in there, alright? In the meantime please enjoy some cute Dans!


February spits; not a lot for this month but that’s fine also you can totally tell which one’s the favorite

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When were you going to tell me that you're pregnant? +Feysand I've also been greatly enjoying all the little fics you've been writing :)

Thank you, friend!! This is probably not exactly what you were asking for, but for whatever dumb reason, this popped in my head reading the prompt. Hope you like!

BTW peeps: I’m still doing these, just working through them slowly. Feel free to keep sending them and I’ll try to do them when I can. Link to prompt list is at the end. <3

When Feyre rounds the corner into the produce section of the grocery store, the last thing she expects to see is Cassian shoving a watermelon under her husband’s shirt amid a choir of snickers from the pair of them. Cassian has his phone out and is just about to Snapchat a pic when Feyre clears her throat. The boys freeze, Rhys blushing just a tad.

“When were you going to tell me that you’re pregnant?” Feyre asks Rhys pointedly, stifling a smirk.

“Just getting a feel for things,” Rhys says cooly. “We can never be too prepared.”

“Man, don’t drop it!” Cass barks suddenly, seeing the huge melon begin to slip. Rhys removes it without a problem and replaces it on the shelf.

“You two are going to get us kicked out of here if you keep goofing off. We still have a lot of shopping to do and Nesta’s already bit my head off about the right kind of cheese to go with the appetizers.”

Only Nesta could make cheese and crackers feel unbearably stuffy. And as much as Feyre really does trust Nesta’s expert opinion that brie will be best, she’s not going into this dinner without a hunk of good old fashioned cheddar to see her through.

At the mention of Nesta, Cassian’s eyes spark. How he could have forgotten for even one minute that Nesta was within a five miles radius after she’d let the shopping cart slip against his shins is beyond Feyre. “Don’t worry,” Cass says walking swiftly past Feyre and patting her on the shoulder the way he does when ‘the bro’ is winning, as Azriel likes to call it. “I’ve got this.”

Feyre feels Rhys pull up even with her as she watches her friend strut off to face the horrors waiting for him in Dairy.

“I love Cassian,” Rhys says, and Feyre turns back round to face him, “but I think he has a death wish.”

Feyre tisks and pushes the cart toward the lettuce. “Stop, Nesta isn’t that bad.”

“The fact that you need to specify-”


He holds his hands up in surrender and promptly plucks an apple from a nearby stand, juggling it in a way that’s supposed to seem impressive - never mind that it’s only one apple.

Romaine… baby greens… organic… iceberg… Ugh, nobody even likes iceberg. Classic Cesar will do, Feyre decides. Or possibly… The baby greens stare up at her.

She looks back at the watermelon crate Rhys and Cassian had been messing with and feels her stomach tighten. She and Rhys have been together for nearly five years now, if you count the three years they dated before getting hitched. She knows he wouldn’t pressure her. Not ever. But sometimes he makes an offhand comment and she wonders if Rhys might not be considering beyond her present wishes.

Feyre clears her throat. “Rhys?”

“Yes dah-ling,” he says. Neither of them turn around from their respective produce. Feyre’s not sure she could if she tried.

“Did you mean what you said earlier?”

She chances a peek over her shoulder and finds Rhys has swapped his one-apple juggling act for a rather thorough examination of the differences between Fuji and Granny Smith that has his brows knit together. “What’s that?” Rhys asks, and Feyre whips her head back to the salad options.

“About… not being too prepared.”

“Too prepared?”

The misters switch on unexpectedly, dousing the lettuce and Feyre’s outstretched hand with a fine layer of mist that take her by surprise. “Oh!” she yelps and jumps back, some combination of shock and nerves forcing her into motion. Rhys chuckles and slinks over to lean on the cart.

“Don’t worry,” he says with a cheeky grin. “Last I checked, water is actually good for you.”

“Very funny,” Feyre says, the humor not entirely making it past her lips. She feels rather than sees Rhys’s face twitch.

“What’s wrong? If this about Nesta again and whether or not you thinks she’s going to throw a tantrum over your choice of rabbit food, I promise I’ll protect you.”

“Do you want to have a baby?” Feyre blurts out before she can help herself. Her stomach does a back flip just asking the question. They’ve never talked about it before. Not since they were just starting out dating and trying to decide if this was even a good fit. She knows they both want kids. Maybe just a kid. But there’s something terrifying about the idea that Rhys might want one now.

“Feyre,” Rhys says, leaning forward and dropping to a whisper, “you know I enjoy making love to you at all hours of the day, but if you think me shoving a watermelon up my shirt is gonna piss the employees off, I don’t think they’ll appreciate us-”

“I’m serious,” Feyre says, cutting Rhys off. He blinks at her a few times, mouth parted open slightly. But Feyre wants to know. Is determined to know. “Do you want to have a baby?”

Rhys backs up a step. “Do you want to have a baby?”

“I asked you first.” A small flash of intrigue in those deep blue eyes searches her making her feel known and exposed in ways only he’s ever managed.

“Alright,” Rhys says, folding his arms and seeming to sense that she means business. Feyre draws a deep breath waiting. “You know I want to have a kid - eventually. If you’re asking, do I want one right now?” Feyre nods. “No. I don’t think so. I mean, shoot, if it happens, then great. I’ll welcome it with open arms and shove a watermelon up my shirt for nine months so you don’t feel so bad.” Feyre releases a small chuckle at that and Rhys smiles. “Why so curious about kids all of a sudden?”

Feyre rolls her eyes, more at herself than him, and tosses a hand up. “I don’t know. I saw you joking around with Cassian, but then you made that comment and you’ve said stuff in the past, that I just wondered if maybe you were…” She pauses, catches Rhys watching her intently with his brow raised in amusement, and lets out a shaky laugh. “I’m being ridiculous, aren’t I?”

Rhys pulls Feyre into his arms with his own chuckle and it feels like she can finally stop fretting. “No, you’re not. It’s good that we talk about these things. I just don’t understand why you’re so concerned with it? You know we can take our time. And if overgrown melons are all we end up with, we’ll be well fed.”

Feyre snorts. “Now you’re being ridiculous.”

“Yeah, but you can’t deny it’s a good idea.”

“No, I really can’t-”

“Get that out of your nose!”

Both Feyre’s and Rhys’s heads snap to the side where Nesta has found the produce section along with Cassian… who has shoved a small wedge of brie up his nose much to Nesta’s chagrin.

Feyre grimaces. “At least it’s shrink wrapped?” Rhys offers, and then laughs when Feyre smacks her head into his chest with a groan. “Come on,” he says, rubbing up her arms a few times for confidence. “Let’s go sort them out.”

“Go on. I just have to grab some lettuce first.” Rhys nods, heading off.

Feyre looks back down at her options and decides, maybe the baby greens aren’t so bad after all. A nice watermelon salad could be good for spring.

Send me a prompt + otp or brotp and I’ll write a drabble!

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For the art meme! Can you do pose 1 with lance and pidge? The poor child overthinks about a lot of things. She needs a giant hug from the resident tall noodle. Thank you, and I hope you're having a good day!!

Aw, thanks for asking so nicely anon, here you go! You didn’t specify which “1″ pose to draw so I picked the hug I didn’t draw yet! ;7;

I hope you’re having a great day as well :’)

Pose meme

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real life comes first? wow. you're like, way more responsible than i am lol

Well that’s more to keep myself sane XD. I’m a busy person. I have a full time job, grad school starting in fall, and friends and family to spend time with.

I try to be consistent, but pages take a long time. Sometimes I run out of time. l hope people are understanding but this comic is done for free and for fun. It isn’t my job, and I like doing other things with my time too. I’m not going to sacrifice holidays with family, and days to hang out with friends to work on it. That’s a quick way to get stressed and a quick way to kill a project. xD But for now we’re good. Sorry forgetting to give a heads up that there wasnt going to be an update!

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If You dont mind could you please talk about Shiro's dark humour ? Like in s2e1 keith says that Shiro changed his life to which shiro responds 'yeah if it wasnt for me you wouldnt be in this situation so you're welcome' and later on he responds to Keith being worried about him with 'my wound is getting bigger and bigger' to 'lighten the mood'. I think it says a lot about him but id love to hear your thoughts

Honestly as bad as it sounds I think that it’s a really heartening thing to hear? I really hope we hear more of Shiro’s bleak humor going forwards, I think it’s very important.

Because Shiro’s got kind of a thing where… he’s pretty heavily sidelining his own mental health for the benefit of his team. He wants to be there for everyone but we see things like in s2e5 where he catches Allura coming back to the bridge and urges her to take care of herself and rest- in a feat of flagrant hypocrisy because he basically just sat in the bridge and kept watch the entire time everyone else was taking a break.

It’s at a point where I don’t think Shiro actually realizes how bad he’s doing. He’s just not looking at his own psychological state. And when he does think about it… every single Lion and paladin is integral to the team, except Shiro is firmly of the opinion that he’s the only one who needs to set up a potential replacement. Shiro is the first one to unsubtly suggest he might be less worthy of the Black Lion than Zarkon- and he’s the one who takes Black connecting with Keith to save him as not proof that Black cares about him enough to open her doors to someone other than her bonded paladin if he’s in danger, but proof that Keith is a better candidate than he is.

Shiro even joking about not doing okay is important. It’s because he’s actually acknowledging that he’s not doing okay in the first place. I actually would not be surprised if the positive healing process for Shiro involves him actually seeming less okay, because it’s him dropping his performative image as the consummate Black Paladin, team leader, super reliable guy who has no problems- because it’s a problem for the whole team if Shiro is burying his issues. If he can trust these people to have his back in a life-or-death firefight he can trust them enough to not try and shoulder through his problems alone.

“Alone” is not how Voltron does things. In the simplest form, that’s just now how the combining robot works. 

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Hey I want to request something I haven't seen before (maybe I'm blind af and everybody does this but okay). Can you please list the things that would be on changkyuns search history. You can do all members if you want to :) I know it's a weird request and I totally understand if you're going to ignore this :) 🤗 Btw, I LOVE YOUR BLOG 😭😍 Xx A Changkyun stan hihihhi

Okay so, I thought your request was so original to be honest. I think I’ve never saw it too and I’ll try my best okay?? I hope you like it!!
Thank you for your support sweetie


Search history of MONSTA X members:

Shownu - How can I control Minhyuk?

Wonho - How can I stop crying in sad movies?

Minhyuk - Sexy Minhyuk: images.

Kihyun - How to tell the members that I’m not their maid?

Hyungwon - How can I get rid of all the alarm clocks?

Jooheon - Lee Jooheon

I.M - Evidence that aliens exist.

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I just wanted to add on @Anon who asked about the brushes and is just starting out digital. It's perfectly normal for things to be kind of off if you're making the transition from traditional to digital. I think everyone kind of goes through that. Also, its good to try and experiment with everything you have. Everyone has their own personal preference, so when you're starting out, it's good to try and feel out what *you* like, Anon. (Also, hope things are going well for you, vetyr!)

Hit the nail on the head, anon!  Digital is really tricky, so don’t feel bad if it’s taking you some time to get used to it.  

Also thanks <3

for @froggie-fran, the Enabler ™ of Things.

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I hope you're not getting piled on re: TableTop, I was just wondering if there was any possibility that you'd be able to take it to a different channel or some such next season, or if G&S/Legendary owns the rights. They don't seem to be interested in doing right by us or you for S4.

There is a type of person on the Internet who invests a lot of time ranting at me and about me, because they don’t like a thing I did (related to Tabletop, or not.)

Here’s the thing about that person: I’m not going to take a bunch of shit about a thing I made from someone who make nothing. A friend of mine once said, “you made a thing; that guy made a comment.”

There’s also a type of person who is never going to be happy with how we made Tabletop, the games we played, the people we played with, the things I said, the way we did things, etc., etc., etc. Here’s the thing about that person: I didn’t make the show for him. 

So when those people do their dumb little pile ons, I sort of shrug and get on with my life.

As far as the current season of my show goes: I didn’t want it on Alpha, and I was overruled by people who are higher up the corporate ladder than I am. I didn’t like it, I don’t like it, and I am not sure what the future of the show is. I’m not really thinking about it right now, to be honest, because I’m working on some other things at the moment that don’t make me feel frustrated and sad.

I’m not sure if you know this, but Legendary did start putting the fourth season episodes on YouTube two weeks ago, so this coming Thursday, there should be a new episode on Youtube.com/geekandsundry. Right now, there are three episodes on YouTube from this season, as well as everything we’ve done in past seasons.

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If you're still taking requests I'd like to send one in.. teaching you things, from cooking certain dishes to giving head. How fun. ;) xx

How fucking fun, indeed. Btw, love you and I hope you’re well babes! xx

“Go on, love. Show m’ wha’ yeh know.”

Your hand works quickly at the base of his shaft as you’re suckling his tip, tracing and flicking your tongue over his sensitive slit. You’re sitting between Harry’s legs, as he’s slumped on the sofa, his grey sweatpants down to his ankles as well as his boxers. You stop for a moment, but still continuing to jerk him off, to ask “Is this good, baby?” Harry bites his already bleeding lips.

“A little bi’ deeper” Harry pants, his hand gripping to the blanket, as the other one gently cups his balls. He’s right on the edge. You do as you’re told, you take your hand off of him and go down on him fully, making you gag around him. And that’s when he cums, his hot spurts hitting the back of your throat, his moans echoing in the living room.

“Fuck, fuck!” Harry curses loudly, his groans scraping his throat. With shaky hips, he tries to take himself out of your mouth, but you don’t let him, you want him to come completely undone in your mouth. His hands fly in your hair, tugging and pulling your roots, making you moan around him.

Once Harry has finally come down from his high, his head flies back at the couch, the veins on his neck popping up. His eyes are shut, and he’s trying his very best to try and sort out his breathing, as the cool air from your breathing hits the wet tip of his cock, making it twitch.

“As easy as makin’ tiramisu” Harry breathes out heavily and laughs, his tummy still jolting slightly.

You lick a bold stripe up his shaft to his tip, collecting every last drop of cum. “But you still taste sweeter” you say, looking up to him with a pleased smile.

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With all this Taem x member thing going on, I think it's only fair if we get a 2min spam too, no? I love the fact that you answer asks like this too, I appreciate it Fytaem, thank you for running this blog, you're a blessing


You both stop with the overdose of love, I know your dark intentions 6v6 I hope you all gonna sleep happily tonight lmao.

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Hey Sunny! I wanted to ask if you had any tips on getting comfortable with or accomplishing anatomy when drawing people. I'm trying to get away from using references and getting used to doing it from scratch. Anything would help so thank you, and hope you're having a good day ♥

eyy, I don’t think you have to stop using references completely if you don’t feel like it, generally if you draw something a lot and try to figure out why things look the way they do, the basics tend to stick after a while and you remember the general rules of it, but you can always go back and look at more refs if needed!

and a nice day too c:


Margaret and Mary Tudor, princesses and later Dowager Queens, the daughters of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, the sisters of Henry VIII. Born nearly a decade apart, the two knew little of each other after Margaret departed to Scotland, yet shared the same passionate and self-possessed nature, choosing their own mates to the scandal and scorn of others.

for the lovely @margarettudor

book of mormon-actual song titles
  • Hello!: If You Don't Believe In God You're Going To Die Alone
  • Two by Two: Congratulations! You Are Not Being Sent to Orlando
  • You and Me but Mostly Me: I'm Better Than You- That's What The Universe Says ft. Elder Price
  • Hasa Diga Eebowai: Our Life Sucks and So Does God
  • Turn It Off: Depressed? Compress.
  • I Am Here For You: Cunningham Just Wants A Friend
  • All-American Prophet: Wildly Inaccurate, Yes. But also a Bundle of Fun.
  • Sal Tlay Ka Siti: This Girl Gets Her Hopes Up
  • Man Up: Gotta Be Like Jesus; Now Flex!
  • Making Things Up Again: It's Okay to Lie, It's Right In Theory.
  • Spooky Mormon Hell Dream: Think Committing Crimes Is Bad?! Local Mormon Proves Hundreds Wrong.
  • I Believe: Even if Things Don't Make Sense They're Still Correct.
  • Baptize Me: Mormons' Excuse For Sex
  • I Am Africa: We are Africa, Not African.
  • Joseph Smith American Moses: This Girl Gets Her Hopes Shattered but At Least They Tried
  • Tomorrow Is A Latter Day: Ignore Your Impending Existentialism Because At Least We Have God

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Can I get one acceptance parent hug ? ( Going through some rough times with everything now ) btw your art it's amazing and the reason why I still trying to do all this shit. You're amazingly sweet and honestly I don't think it have a word to describe how amazing and kind you are.

im so proud of you for being so strong and getting through each day!what a warrior! you go through hell and yet here you are!!the kindest and coolest kid!!its amazing!youre amazing!