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I'm very interest in the gifs you're reblogging, what's the name of the show?

Hello, friend, you are just the sort of person I want to hear from right now.
The show is called Timeless, and here is the trailer:

There is also this other cool promo. You don’t have to watch it. I just think it’s really fun with all the effects and transitions:

I watched the trailer and sort of fell in love instantly……… with the villain antagonist character and his potential interactions and relationship with the heroine. (WHICH have not let me down, btw. They have, in fact, lifted me up and added five years to my life span.)

Timeless is airing now on NBC. There have been 11 episodes so far with 5 more left in the season. And the reason that inquiring people like you are a such a beautiful gem is because the show is a little on the fence right now. We’re really hoping for a second season and need as many people as possible on board to boost ratings. It’s a great show with amazing acting, sets, and writing that just gets better as it goes. Please don’t let a possible threat of cancellation deter you. It is my opinion, where Timeless in concerned, that it is truly better to have loved and lost.

The premise is super fun as they go to many different periods in time ranging (so far) from 1754 to an upcoming episode taking place in the 1980s. All of the actors and people involved go on about how much they love it because each episode is almost like its own movie with different events and environments. And it really is. You’ve got the Hindenburg, the Lincoln assassination, the Alamo, Watergate, the American Revolution. Not to mention historical figures like Bonnie and Clyde, Katherine Johnson, Houdini, Benedict Arnold, etc. Every episode it’s new and beautiful sets. It’s gorgeous, period costumes so the time traveling characters fit in. And it’s a little mystery trying to figure out what in the world they are doing there. lol. Plus, if you like three-dimensional villains, the villain antagonist from Timeless is the embodiment of the saying, “Every villain is the hero in his own mind.” He has such understandable motives and is not 100% bad. Always a plus to me.

But also the series is not afraid to address “unpleasant” issues. As shown in the trailer, one of the time traveling characters is black. Another is a woman. And quite often they do not have an easy time because of it. So it’s really great that Timeless not only has a diverse team but also takes the time to present a realistic image of what their experience would be like. And it’s also nice to look back and see how far we’ve come. A+

So! If you are interested, all episodes are on Hulu right now. And NBC’s website. (Some episodes on their site need a cable subscription to watch, BUT the first three episodes are FREE!) 

Anyone willing to give Timeless a try and help ratings will have my express gratitude and love. ♥

I was just saying to myself that Tumblr seems pretty dead right now, but then I realized that it’s a Saturday night and I’m probably the only person sitting at home in my underwear right now lmao


Margaret and Mary Tudor, princesses and later Dowager Queens, the daughters of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, the sisters of Henry VIII. Born nearly a decade apart, the two knew little of each other after Margaret departed to Scotland, yet shared the same passionate and self-possessed nature, choosing their own mates to the scandal and scorn of others.

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“When were you happiest?” Poppy asks.
Daisy smiles fully as she thinks about it. “The moment I started filling my time with him. I no longer did these fun things by myself. He surfed with me. He snorkeled with me. He jumped off cliffs with me. I had a friend. A real friend. I’ve learned more about myself, about my likes and dislikes and my limitations and my expectations, in the company of Ryke than I have all the years I spent alone. And I don’t want to go back.”

a [very late] happy birthday to sue ❤ @daisycalloway


My sweet delinquent

I’m sorry I haven’t posted something recently … Here you go, a short (kinda fluffy) YouRiko fanfic! I hope you’ll forgive me hehe

I’m currently writing 4 fanfics (including YouRiko’s first time :3), I just hope I’ll publish them soon!

→ This is an AU! (deaf!Riko and delinquent!You :’))
With a sequel now!
And a Christmas fic!

The moment she received You’s text (‘at ur place in 5mn’), Riko knew something was up.

Usually, You does not care about rudeness, because she is the type of girl who acts as she pleases -fine, her latest message can be considered as rude, but not to Riko ; You would never be rude to Riko. But, for once, with this text, she was informed of her imminent arrival. Normally, You never lets her know that she is going to drop by her place -when Riko realizes that You is coming, it is when You is already standing in front of her, in her bedroom.

After all, she does not hear when someone enters her house, or when they push the door of her bedroom open -and You always lectures her about this, because it’s dangerous Riko-chan!

But if You has sent her a text, it means that something is up, definitely.

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Everlasting Party - Mystic Messenger Time Loop AU (pt 8)

<- Previous Chapter | Chapter Index Next Chapter ->

Summary: You’re caught in a time loop during the 11 days leading up to the RFA’s party unless you can do… what, exactly?

13+ Recommended you’ve played at least one of Zen, Yoosung, or Seven’s route due to small spoilers.

Shit. An icy hand grips your insides. You try to slam the door shut, but the intruder – Unknown, whatever his name is – thrusts his leg in its path and forces it back open. You almost fall over at the strength behind his shove and scramble to regain your footing, pushing off of the wall and running to the kitchen. There has to be a knife, o-or a frying pan… anything you can use to defend yourself…

The intruder is in the doorway to the kitchen just as you pull out a knife and brandish it in front of you with both hands. Goddammit, it’s your bread knife. The rounded tip and serrated edge do little to make you look menacing. Why had you spent all your excess time cooking and reading instead of studying judo or self-defense?

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I just want to extend a huge "Fuck you" to those who made Jung Hoseok feel this way.

If you’ve been rude to him on VLive, FUCK YOU.
If you’ve ignored his existence, FUCK YOU.
If you’ve been a general shithole of a human and said that he needs to be removed from Bangtan, FUCK YOU.

This man has done more than pull his weight in the group, he does things that he knows aren’t going to get noticed for the most part like his harmonies. But he still does it for us. He gives all of himself and still puts a fucking smile on his gorgeous face so that the fans don’t worry about him. So fuck any of you who have disrespected this golden ray of sun.

For those of us who love and support him like we should, thank you. Let’s continue to flood him with love and support and show him that people do respect him and miss his presence. Let’s open our arms to take this sad man and make him smile that heart-melting smile once more.

He deserves better than this.


maybe the best gift of all is all the toms we met along the way

so why don’t we go, somewhere only we know…

My Struggle

Notes: I’m rewatching season 10 of The X-Files and after all they’ve been through, I’m simply not buying the part of them being estranged. I know that things happen, people change, and relationships fall apart, but not Mulder and Scully. Nope. This will be slightly out of canon but I feel like a lot of feelings were left unsaid and I’ve tried to dive into that making both of them write letters to each other (that they don’t send) with all the things that are hard to say - or just the things they needed to say. Hopefully, there are going to be 12 letters.

Thank you so much to the lovely @carrie11 for helping me!! :)

Dear Scully, my Scully.

I saw you.

You have no idea how many times I’ve written your name down on a piece of paper to make you seem more real, to obliterate the longing for a little moment. Now, it’s not to obliterate anything, it’s just to keep you closer. I wanted to kiss you when I saw you today. I wanted us to fall back into character. I wanted us to be us again - just us. I didn’t want us to meet because of the files or because of some disillusioned douche bag, I didn’t want to dredge up the past. I didn’t want to cause you pain. God knows, there’s been enough of that.

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Flower Petal Wishes

Summary: He loves me not. He loves me not. He loves me not.

Dan has convinced himself that he is worthless, a complete failure, unlovable. He doesn’t understand why this dark haired man is even interested in him. Why he would ever waste his time on him.

Genre: Angst, fluff, implied smut

Word Count: 3K

TW: Alcohol, low self-esteem, implied homophobia, bad parenting.

A/N: I can’t help but feel like this entire thing is just me translating expressions from Dutch into English. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! 

Read on AO3: X

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“It can’t get any gayer” you say. Going through SU… 

wow okay that’s definitely sensual

pearlnet yes bring the gay forward

pearlmethyst. they are cute and gay.


it’s super gay AND THEY SHOULD FUSE


pearl is getting gayer by the episode




RAINBOW quartz? THAT fusion dance?! NOPE CAN’T GET GAYER



When you smiled back at me, I felt thirty times better. When you sat beside me, I felt myself relax. When you started to playfully mess with me, I felt my mind clear itself. When you held the door for me, I felt like grabbing your hand and pulling you towards me. Then when you were walking with her, I still felt okay. Everything is going to be okay. I have hope.
—  All I have now is little things but I’m okay with that
[FULL TRANS] 160508 HYYH Epilogue in Seoul Ending Ment - J-hope

Wow, so we really made it to the Gymnastics Stadium.

When we went up for “Run” earlier at the last concert, I made eye contact with Rap Monster, our Kim Namjoon. How should I say it? I was really really happy. I don’t know why did I feel like that but, you know Namjoon cried yesterday. Thinking of it, we have been living together for quite a long time, 7 years right? 7 years. Living 7 years and going through things together, making it to where we are now, so when “Run” started, we looked at each other and smiled. Why was it like that… I was choked up.

Really, I’m truly grateful that BTS can come to the Gymnastics Stadium, perform our music to this many people and receive love like this.

I said this yesterday, through the “Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa” album, I can feel that happiness is such a small thing, but at the same time, it’s significant. Winning 1st place, topping a famous music chart, receiving global-scale recognition and even performing at the long-awaited Gymnastics Stadium, I’m really really happy that we got to all those things.

It’s a pity that this dream-like “Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa’ series has to come to an end.

This happy feeling seems like a formula right? It’s thanks to ARMYs that we can stand at this place. Thank you. My goal is to show you guys something even better than “Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa”. With ARMYs, I feel like that goal can come true. I’m grateful for all of that. I love you all.

And thank you, for being with me in my youth, my bloom, my most beautiful moment in life.

Young Forever. Thank you.


Jolica: I find it kinda funny, how everyone brings new characters to their blog, because I also planned to bring here a new fnaf cosplay I’m working on lately :’D I’d like to show this cosplay here at first. I just need to finish my top hat (*wink*spoiler*wink), and hope that I’ll get better by tomorrow :’D

a good thing

A friend from hs has a blog and she’s asked me to guest write an article on black history month and why it’s important. Since I’ve started my faith over fear resolution this year, I’m going to do it. And y'all, I’m excited. I’M STOKED TO BE HONEST

This. This is what you do best, and the worse thing about it is, the person you’re pushing away doesn’t understand why you’re doing it, even though they may know the situation that’s going on, they just don’t get why you push them away. You say you need time and space but does that ever really work? You’re just hurting the person you care the most about more and more. They don’t understand that you just want them to hold you, and tell you everything is going to be okay! Because maybe you’re a little too far apart for that at the moment but when you’re near each other, she just doesn’t get it. She’s hurt because she never thought the person she cares so damn much about, could ever hurt her. Her expectations were set to high, she was let down and she was hurt. And right when you think you’ve had enough time and you miss her and you need to talk to her so you want to text her or call her even, don’t. Because I promise you shes still hurting and now she needs time. She needs to realize that things won’t be the same and that they never will be like that ever again. She’s afraid things are going to get worse. She’s afraid that you’ll leave her for good next time. That you won’t come back you will just forget about her. She can’t go through that pain again. She never really stops hurting, she just pushes it to the side to try and fix things and hopefully it will get better. And eventually when you guys talk again, you’re both praying to God that everything works out because you need each other. And I pray to God that everything will work out.


My blog is going to be absolutely nothing but Samurai Jack for like the next six months. Probably gonna reblog all my screencap posts too to build that hype.

I really hope people appreciate how monumental it is that this is finally actually happening for real. This is like if Firefly had actually gotten a revival, except FOR REAL.

Like, this is the type of things that people on /co/ would post about 10 years ago. Like “Boy wouldn’t it be great if they renewed Samurai Jack or made a movie?” It was a fantasy thing that we would say because it felt good to hope for something, even if we knew it was never going to happen.

But now it is HAPPENING.


@pannacottawarrior Idk how hell this valentines card thing works but… Ugh…… I made one………..!?