i hope you're feeling happy today!!

I’ve posted so much today but I just wanted to post something and say I’ve honestly never been this happy in such a long time. Like I actually had enough sleep for once and the weather has been so lovely and warm and I got to wear my cute new clothes and rings and I actually applied makeup nicely and I feel so good about myself. I bought some new makeup, paid off some of my holiday, won a 20% off skincare voucher, got myself a free hash brown from mcdonalds, joji dropped his new song and its so beautiful, and I’m going into the city again later to watch a movie with my best friend and her family. I’m honestly just so happy. I’ve had a really lovely day and idk I wanted to write it all down.

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Heya Mum (Oh boy i hope i don't set the whole Mum/Mom discourse into motion). I know you're super swamped with asks rn but here me out here. SOOOO today is my birthday (Just turned 21!!! Turn Vertical!!!) and i just really wanted a fluffy Sanvers birthday scene (Either can be celebrating) - but only if you feel up to it, if not that's completely fine. This is my first time intruding anyones asks tbh but I digress. Thank you for all the love you shine unto us, it makes our days that much brighter


She doesn’t tell Alex that her birthday is coming up.

She doesn’t tell her, because it doesn’t occur to her: it’s never been a priority for anyone she’s dated before. She’s never been a priority for anyone she’s dated before.

And in school, before there was dating, there were white kids, straight kids, who glared and who took her lunch money and who would make a regular day ten times worse when it was supposed to be her special day.

So she doesn’t tell her, but Alex knows anyway, because Alex is observant and Alex may or may not have had Winn hack into Maggie’s file because she’s gotta have a birthday sometime and she knows Maggie, knows that she’s not the type to tell her, to expect anything.

But she should expect something – she should expect everything – because Alex notices, and Alex pays attention, and Alex dotes on her.

So the morning of Maggie’s birthday, Alex gets up for her run extra early. She says nothing out of the ordinary as she kisses Maggie’s temple, as she makes sure she’s snuggled tight into the sheets. She says nothing as she tiptoes back into the apartment an hour later, sneaking extra quietly because she has extra things in tow. Lots of extra things.

Half a dozen helium balloons – one in the shape of a motorcycle – and pancakes and syrup and eggs and coffee from Maggie’s favorite bodega, and, to her own surprise, a stuffed animal puppy with wide, excited eyes and tongue hanging out.

Stealthy as she tries to be, the motorcycle balloon knocks onto the door frame, and Maggie sits up groggily.

“Al?” she asks, her voice scratchy and thick with sleep.

“Morning birthday girl,” Alex smiles as she drops everything on the counter and pads into the bedroom – her bedroom, rapidly becoming their bedroom.

“Birthday – what – Ally, how’d you – you – why would you – “

“Because,” Alex explains, pushing Maggie back gently by the shoulders, straddling her and kissing her soundly as Maggie’s groggy confusion turns into a sleepy, perfect smile. “The world became a much better place the day you came into it, Maggie Sawyer. And that needs to be celebrated, don’t you think?”

Maggie sighs breathily and arches her body up sleepily as Alex traces kisses from her lips down her jawline and her neck.

“Alex, you… you didn’t have to go to any trouble – “

Alex stills and leans back to look down at Maggie with a furrowed brow and anger at past lovers in her eyes. “Maggie, celebrating you? Treating you like you deserve to be treated? Why would that be any trouble?”

Maggie arches an eyebrow and says nothing, because she can’t say anything, because this must be what birthdays are supposed to feel like, and she glances over Alex’s shoulder and sees the motorcycle balloon and laughs and squeals like it’s Christmas morning and flips Alex off of her and pads across the apartment to see what else Alex got her.

Alex laughs as she sits back up, as she watches, as she follows, and she checks her phone to make sure that Kara and the others are still on for tonight.

Because as thrilled as Maggie is with the balloons and breakfast and stuffy, Alex Danvers hasn’t even begun yet.

There are flowers from her girlfriend on Maggie’s desk at the precinct when she gets there, and all her colleagues know, and all her colleagues thump her on the back and pile bottles of wine and hockey tickets and Supergirl action figures (from their kids) and lesbian sex dice (from her teasing, laughing work partner) onto her desk throughout the day, and Maggie knows exactly who is responsible for making sure everyone knew and shook down with gifts.

Lunch – from her favorite vegan restaurant across town – is delivered to her in the field by one Adrian Rodriguez, the bill footed by one Alex Danvers, Adrian’s absence from physics class excused by Alex Danvers, who has agreed to tutor him in everything he’s missing and pay his train fare so he didn’t have to put out a dime for anything, except for the comic book he’s gotten made for Maggie, tracing the story of her and him and a bunch of the other queer kids she’s helped out and befriended over the years, and Maggie tries not to cry because she’s at work, dammit, but she cries anyway.

And Adrian accompanies to the bar that night – “no alcohol for you, mister underage” – and Maggie expects it to just be Alex, but she should have known better by now, because not only is it Alex: it’s Alex and Kara and M’gann and James and Winn and J’onn, but it’s also her sister and her niece and her favorite cousin and her best (and only) friend from back home.

And it’s all her favorite music blasting out of the bar speakers and it’s a massive vegan rainbow cake and it’s streamers and it’s her girlfriend decked out in a tight red dress, and Maggie knows exactly what she’s wearing underneath it and exactly how her last birthday gift for this year is going to be given to her, and she licks her lips and she has no words for her perfect girlfriend, but Alex doesn’t need them because her smile is enough, and she tries to hold in her tears but she doesn’t have to, doesn’t have to, because this is her family, her family, her family, and – for once – everyone just wants to celebrate her.

We have a love so incredibly desperate and tragic that everyone around can feel the tension when you look into my eyes. Today when you and I were talking, we looked up to people’s eyes starring back at us. It’s been a long time but everyone still knows that there’s something there… Or maybe it’s just me hoping there is and they just feel sorry for me.
—  I know what I’m doing.. I think
4/20 progress

so I guess it’s not good or bad, I just stayed at 139.6. I was hoping it went down, but I was really worried it would go up. So I guess this is fine.

I’m still on my period so maybe it will drop once that stops? Can someone tell me if that’s a real thing? I can’t remember if being on your period actually makes the scale show higher, or just makes you feel bloated.

My plan for today is to take it relatively easy. I don’t know why I keep waking up with such bad migraines (and it’s not water intake, I drink 2 liters a day). My boyfriend is coming into town tonight so I’ve got to clean and such.

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Every time I see your art, I'm so happy. I can't even explain it. You're one of my favourite people and you deserve so much more love. I hope your day is great and that something amazing happens to you today and every day after. Much love from me.

please accept this sweet gif of Harry as a representation of this happy, peaceful feeling that I get when reading messages like that. Thank you, anon, you are wonderful and deserve even more love in return! And thanks to everyone else, you’re always so lovely to me, thank you for keeping me going!  ❤ ❤ ❤

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Oh! Oh! Oh! First off, I hope you've been having a lovely October so far 💕 I reeeeally love your daily dresses! That's such a creative way to do the drawing challenge! Also, #143 totally reminded me of our dear Murdoc Niccals and, if you're feeling some Gorillaz, might I suggest some super spooky edition Muds? Have a spooktacular rest of your month-long Halloween!!

Hey, friend! I can always make time for Uncle Murdy, especially today. Happy Birthday! :-)

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Hi Pan! I'm really sorry you're not feeling well today...I get that way a lot too and it's not at all a fun feeling...I hope you do feel better about work and your art (which btw, it's amazing!) oh and whatever you do! Don't imagine Porter in stilts so that he can be taller than Hugo!

too late

  • What Jimin says: I was born in Busan first!!!
  • What he means: I'm so glad I have someone like Jungkook with me in the group, who is also from Busan. We can always help each other out when we're feeling homesick, and we help remind each other that home isn't that far away. Thank you, Jungkook, for being born in Busan too. I love you.💙

It’s December 25th so I just wanted to wish you beautiful people a Merry Christmas!!! All of you are so awesome and I’m truly happy to have found you on this website. Hope you have a lovely day and lots of good feelings!

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Happy National Coming Out Day

To anyone who’s planning to come out to someone today - I hope it goes well for you, good luck!

To anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable coming out right now - well, someone’s gotta keep Narnia fabulous, keep up the good work!

BTS Celebrating your Birthday.
  • Can you do a reaction or scenario where BTS congratulates you/ celebrates your birthday ;) ? Since it's my birthday today, I'd love to see what you come up with ! Love your blog <3 <3
  • ~You know what? I'll do both! I hope you enjoy!~
  • You: *walks in the room*
  • You: Omg thank you so much
  • J-hope: Okay I want to give Y/N y present first *Goes behind the couch* *Pulls out cardboard angel wings* Lets spread hope together.
  • Jimin: Y/G can't even fly with those, man get the way. *Lifts up shirt* Feel~
  • You: *Feels*
  • Jimin: You're welcome.
  • Jungkook: I'm the golden maknae so I already have the beast gift *Hands you box*
  • You: *Opens the box* Jungkook....there's nothing but plain white shirts in here.
  • Jungkook: What more do you need?
  • Jin: You got me. I mean look at me.
  • Suga: I got you swag. *Hands you a piece of paper that says swag on it.*
  • Rapmonster: I got you wisdom becau-
  • BTS: Shut up Namjoon.
  • V: I got you a turtle. It has a bow. I think you should call him Mr.Whiskers
  • You: Thank you guys I love all my gifts but....the cake...
  • Jin: Shit I knew I forgot something.

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Hey, so I guess something pretty cool happened today! My depression is in remission after 3 years of severe symptoms, and almost 2 years of therapy. I'm actually really proud of myself and I just wanted to thank you for always making me laugh, whether things were going well or not. You're making my life better, and probably others', vine by vine. Thank you so much for doing you, Thomas.

You’re so sweet, and I’m soooo happy to hear you’re doing better!! That’s amazing!! Anything I can do to help you smile is a true blessing! Take care and I hope you continue feeling better!! Love you!

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Please give me all the headcanons!!! I'm thristy af right now waiting for the new chapter

i feel you, anon!! like, i know being an artist is really hard and i’ll respectfully wait for the new chapter for as long as it needs, but im also dying to know what will happen and i have to fill the wait with something

so, in the hopes to make the wait a bit more bearable, and because im still recovering from the flu, have some sick headcanons (well, it’s mostly one big headcanon, but still)

  • he tian rarely gets sick, which thank god for that because he is insufferable when he’s sick and a real hassle to take care of
  • like at first he would pretend for the longest time to be okay, because he doesn’t want to admit to be sick even if deep down he knows he is, and that always puts him in a bad mood - the ‘get away from me if you know what’s good for you’ kind of bad mood
  • so he would go on like this until it gets so bad that he can’t avoid the issue anymore, at which point he just closes himself inside his apartment until he feels better
  • mostly because i feel like he is the kind of person who hates to be seen as weak and ask for help, and he is not used to take care of himself or be taken care of
  • guan shan is not going to take any of this bullshit of course, so as soon as he realizes how sick he tian actually is he shows up at he tian’s apartment to make sure he is curing himself properly
  • which he isn’t, so guan shan ends up taking care of him by taking his temperature, making sure he drinks enough fluids and takes medicines at the right times, cooking him soup, etc. all the while complaining about what an idiot he tian is for making his flu get so bad
  • and he tian is so not used to this the first time it happens, but the minute he realizes that it’s okay to keep his walls down around guan shan, he becomes the most needy fucker when he’s sick, always asking guan shan to cook him something, or bring him stuff, or keeping him warm
  • on the contrary, being sick is not a big deal for guan shan, but he makes sure to stay home so he doesn’t get worse
  • and he assures he tian that no, he’s fine, it’s just a cold, there’s no need for he tian to go there and check up on him
  • which of course he tian completely ignores and ten minutes later he is at guan shan’s house
  • and he tian would try to do all the things guan shan does when he is the one who’s sick, but it always ends in a disaster (he manages to fuck up even pre-made soups)
  • so he tian usually just ends up sitting near guan shan’s bed while guan shan tries to rest
  • but even if he has three covers on top of him guan shan keeps shivering a lot, so after a while he tian just tells him to scoot over and climbs into bed with him to keep him warm
  • guan shan complains about this at first because “you’re going to end up getting sick too” “i don’t mind” “well, i do, because im the one who will have to take care of your needy ass when you’re sick”
  • but in the end he doesn’t put up that much of a fight because it’s actually nice to have he tian wrapped around him
  • so of course the next day he tian is sick too and they spend the rest of the week curled up together next to the humidifier, half buried under a mountain of blankets and crumpled tissues and bickering about being sick
  • “this is all your fault” “oh, really? who stuck his tongue down my throat even when he knew it was colonized by bacteria?”

as usual, if anyone wants to add their own headcanons, please feel free to do it!!

The Bourne Identity // TLSP // House of Blues Boston // 7.31.16

I’ve been trying to think about what to say about Alex and what to wish him for his 31st birthday… but I just don’t know. He’s too special and too amazing for me to ever do him justice with a few words. What I’d like to do is bake him a cake, give him a hug, and ask him if he knows how very special he is, and if he knows how much he means to all of us. Instead I’ll just share this video of him performing The Bourne Identity because it was such an incredible moment for me and even though I wanted to keep it to myself; I think it’s too good not to share. Especially because I don’t know how many times they actually did this song live. 

Happy 31st Birthday Alex!! Thank you for everything. It’s been fun growing up with you these last ten years. xx 💕