i hope you're enjoying your tea

If the 2Ps were invited to their crush's birthday party
  • 2P!America: shows up with a red ribbon on his head and goes up to you like, "ayyee, look at me. im your birthday present" ;))))
  • 2P!China: leans into you and tilts your chin up to smoothly say "hey cutie, would you let me give you a birthday kiss?"
  • 2P!France: he'd have no idea how to act, like "uh, happy birthday. thanks for the invite... i guess."
  • 2P!Russia: "i didn't know what to give you so i hope you don't mind a gift card. um." coughs awkwardly
  • 2P!Italy: "you're glowing... i've never seen you look more beautiful. happy birthday, bella principessa."
  • 2P!Germany: shows up and crashes the party like "HEY FUCKTRUCK HAPPY BIRTHDAY" which works as some kind of ice breaker
  • 2P!Japan: gives you an authentic japanese gift like a tea set/ parasol/ kimono whatever based on your taste "but don't use them incorrectly. you'll be in trouble"
  • 2P!Canada: isn't sure if he wants to show up bc he gets annoyed with crowds, especially with people he doesn't know, but would eventually make himself go to the party just for you
  • 2P!Romano: legit treats you like a queen and spams your facebook/ instagram with happy birthday posts
  • 2P!Austria: hogs all your attention
  • 2P!Prussia: shows up late bc he isn't a social person but gives you a hand-made gift that took him weeks to create "it's not much but i hope you like it..."
  • Dorian: Here we go again. What a change of pace from the Winter Palace.
  • Dorian: A clear sky, a beautiful view, and...yes! Fields and fields of stripweed as far as the eye can see!
  • Sera: Right, here we go. What's the story with the weeds?
  • Dorian: Terrible stuff. Looks like grass, stings like a knife, and causes sores if you so much as brush against it.
  • Dorian: So of course everyone in Minrathous insists "it makes a very decent tea."
  • Iron Bull: You bring your handkerchief?
  • Dorian: I'm not allergic.
  • Iron Bull: You always say that, and a half-hour later, you're taking mine.
  • Dorian: Amatus, can you not fuss like an old— (sneezes)
  • Iron Bull: Aha!
  • Dorian: Let's move on, shall we?

anonymous asked:

Yo-any chance you would think about doing an Armin for the SNK Grunge AU? I almost picture him in some ratty old-fashioned formal clothes-like a waistcoat with a T-shirt or something similarly strange and nigh-on anachronistic. I just loved what you did with Annie and Erin! If it's not your cup of tea, I totally understand, I just figured I'd ask! Regardless, thanks for giving us all of your art, and I hope you keep doing what you're doing! Thanks again!

He wears your granddad’s clothes, he looks incredible.

I don’t know if this is what you had in mind, anon xD But either way, I enjoyed this~!

Do not worry, as long as I have my drawing tablet, I will never stop drawing :D

vanilla-cherry-cream  asked:

Fun fact: If you can't accept that people might not like something, you're ALSO what's wrong with the fandom.

I think I need to clarify myself here…

Dislike != Salt

When you dislike something, you just didn’t enjoy it. It wasn’t your cup of tea. You’re like “Meh… I was hoping for something better…” or “That was kinda dumb”

When you’re salty about something, you’re like “Fuck this, fuck that, fuck the fandom, fuck hasbro, and fuck this PoS cartoon. Why do I even bother watching this fucking show?”

And believe me, there are people falling into the latter category. And that’s my issue… if you’re getting that angry over a cartoon, there’s a problem with your outlook.

I’m not saying you can’t take it seriously - trust me, I’ve invested enough time in MLP and the Brony fandom to be classed as ‘taking it seriously’, but when you’re getting yourself so worked up over a joke you didn’t find funny, that’s when serious starts turning into obsession.

You got to find a balance, you know?