i hope you're afraid now

Chen; Safe And Sound

❝so it’s raining horribly here, loud thunders and such and holy shit another lightning just scared the crap out of me so here it is, something I poured out onto Word because why the heck not ;-;
►1100+ words | scenario; fluff | superpower!au

You thought that you would’ve gotten used to it by now, you thought that the horrible clashing outside by your window, throbbing and loud, tremendous and incredibly deafening would be something that would not scare you anymore but you’d be one hell of a liar if you said you were not afraid of anything like that anymore. You’ve heard them enough to last a lifetime but each time they come about in a storm, lightning flashes every few seconds due to a drenching storm, heavy and dark, grumbles and growls from the sky as they envelope you in, sinking in to the darkness had you clutching onto your knees as you remained on the bed, partially afraid, partially scared but definitely on your feet to dash out and run and hide wherever that came to mind because that’ll be useless especially when your number one thought out place to hide at was not here.

You felt your heartbeat racing, skipping a beat when there was this bright light flashing at the window once more before a loud clap of thunder could be heard. Your hands meekly clutched onto the pillow with fear, watching the water drench the whole town with its power, the mighty wind roaring with the droplets of water following its cue to dominate the weather, taking up the whole sky with this dark grey shade of color that had you hitching your breath when the constant thunder rumbles would not give up as they continued to sound over and over again.

Your back sunk in deeper against the bedrest and you flinched when suddenly a hand rested on your head, making you look up to meet with a pair of eyes you’d never expect to see at this time—he… he was supposed to be working…

“I… I came back as fast as I could,” He whispered softly, following your cue to sink into the bed when you subconsciously scooted over to give him plenty of access to cuddle in. His warm and strong arms held you in an instant, engulfing you in his warmth, drowning you with his scent as he kissed your worries away with just one against your temple. You sighed in content having your safety back home, you felt entirely relieved being in the arms of he could hold you tight and would never let you go. He cradled you in as you settled between his legs, wrapping the blanket over you when he felt how cold you were despite not having any air conditioner on nor the lights.

He felt you breathing against his chest, your back facing the window, how you clutched the back of his shirt when you swore another flash of light brightened up the room before it disappeared with a scary bang to make you flinch in his arms.

Scared…? His voice was delicate, soothing you easily as he had you melting in his arms, seeking for more protection because he had the strength to do so. Sometimes you forget it, sometimes you don’t—but either way, you love him regardless of anything at all.

Y-Yeah… your voice was timid as you felt him humming in your hair after hearing your answer, the way your voice shook as one simple word left your lips. The thought of him being at work right now just didn’t matter because you needed him more than anyone else in the world at this moment. You swore there was about to be another clashing of the thunders, lightning controlling the way your heart was pounding against his chest when the familiar yet horrendous flash of light appeared again, making you gasp as you braced yourself for the next blow, burying your face deeper against his chest but… one second, two, five, ten, thirty… there was nothing.

You meekly brought your head away from his chest, leaning back so you could gaze over your shoulder to see that indeed, there were flashes of light but there were no sounds at all. No rumblings from the lightning and thunders to make you feel the floor was vibrating or no violent grumbles from the walls to make you feel as if the place was about to explode from the powerful yet lethal sparks of light—none of that.

Instead, you saw that Jongdae’s hand was lifted up in midair, something crossed in his eyes that he was focusing yet he spared a moment to blink down on you to notice how your eyes were directly on him, afraid yet intrigued, blank yet full of questions—definitely, you had forgotten once more; one of the many reasons why he loves you because you treat him like a normal person, you love him like he’s your world and you look at him like it’s the first time.

“A-Are… are you controlling…” You breathed out in the silent room, no more grumbles, no more roars of thunder and… no more flashes of light as they died down. The rain was still heavy and pouring down, pitter pattering against the window pane but everything felt okay, everything felt in place—everything was alright as long as you had Jongdae here.

“Mm…” He nodded with a small smile on his lips as the peaceful sound of water falling from the sky could be heard, light breathing and everything in between that you love about Jongdae was present as his hand still lingered in the air. With a few swirls from his fingers, you turned your head to the window once more where you could see that the rain slowed down a bit, holding back in pouring at full blast but it was still raining—just less aggressive than before.

You snapped your head back to him when his voice echoed into your ears, the only thing that you could hear as of now besides his heartbeat against your chest.

I don’t care if God’s going against me controlling his anger with all the lightning but… I’ve managed to make them stop, he whispered in your hair, muffling the words a bit but you didn’t seem to mind because you could understand every single word, every syllable perfectly. Your timid voice was what shook him the most, not the threatening grumbles of thunder that could happen any minute, J-Jongdae… you didn’t need to…

He snorted playfully as he leaned back to take a good look at you, his eyebrows raised up in a questioning manner and his tone was as if he was stating a fact, when you’re this badly shaken up by the thunder and lightning? I must be a fool to let my princess go through that hell when I can stop it.

What about work… then?

He shook his head with a sigh, planting another kiss in your hair, another smile on his face, another sentence leaving his lips, you don’t give up, do you?

Without a word, you shook your head obliviously and he grinned wider, his heart feeling much more warmth and that was his only source in this cold night, I got off early… I knew how afraid you would get whenever there were thunderstorms and… such…

You didn’t care how weird it was to just smile widely as you stared into his eyes, you didn’t care how he smiled widely back at you when you did to him, you didn’t care of the consequences of him leaving early from work when you have him here because you wouldn’t let him go back, anyway. You were just so thankful and you were always this grateful for the little things he does—well, controlling lightning isn’t exactly little but… you get the idea.

Thank you, Jongdae… I… I feel safe, with you here, you admitted sheepishly, burying your face in his chest once more, feeling him relax as he brought you in closer into his embrace and he leaned back against the bedrest as you leaned forward into him despite being curled up in a ball and his legs wrapped around you to make you feel this rush of appreciation and protection that only Jongdae could ever give to you. Then you felt his lips in your hair once more, humming a soft lullaby as the rain passes, as more droplets of water run down the window glass and as more flashes of light appear in the room before leaving with the threat to clash into a loud breakout but with Jongdae here, it didn’t happen. They just dissolved away in mute, not a sound, not a grumble, not a rattle from the clouds above.