i hope you'll get better soon!

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Hey yeah so I wanted to thank you, your art is like a safe space for me, even now that I'm in a rough part of my life (I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder), every time i see your art it makes my day, and I'm so amazed by your progress, hopefully you'll never stop drawing. Thank you.

Thank you for your words! This kind of messages is always the best<3 

I hope the situation in your life will get much better soon! 

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I hope you'll get better soon! :)


So do I, for the past 2 days I’ve been the most sick I’ve been in years. I’ve had a steady fever of 38.5 - 39.5 C (101 - 103 F) and a really bad cough and sore throat. I’ve literally been just a lump in bed, just waiting it out. The fever has finally calmed down a bit, but I still have trouble swallowing and I had to dim the brightness on my phone all the way, and wear sunglasses to look at any screen, or my eyes burn. No fun!

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V with 304? Also! Congrats on 300! I'm really glad you're getting more exposure, since your work is incredibly amazing. I've admired what you create and how you do it for as long as I've been on this site (admittedly, not long, but enough to love your pieces) and I really hope you'll feel better as soon as possible. Much love to you!

Thank you <33 you’re too kind

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if yourself in sans version? [ it's okay u don't had too, i hope you'll get better soon]

[ old drawing ]

[ it’s not look like any characters you know and thank you! ]

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i hope you'll feel better soon! congrats on the followers!!! also, do you have any bilingual hunk&lance headcanons?

Thank you so much!!! And as for the headcanons…

  • I may have mentioned this before, but I have this headcanon that Lance is super good at learning languages. He loves to learn them too because it means that he can talk to and get to know more people, which is pretty awesome tbh. 
  • He caught on to English real quick because he always took the time to listen to American music and sing along, it’s the best way to practice language if you ask me.
  • He loves to listen to music in all different languages, even if he doesn’t quite understand them yet.
  • He probably took French in high school because it’s the so-called “language of love” and he wanted to impress people he was flirting with. Turns out he really enjoyed learning it and he wants to learn a bunch of new languages in the future.
  • Lance has trouble trying to remember various words all the time because he keeps coming up with the word in a different language, which is not what he needs right now, thank you very much.
  • He talks to himself in Spanish when he’s feeling homesick, it’s a comforting sound and it keeps him grounded. Plus, it reminds him of his family and the fact that he’s doing this for them.
  • Hunk probably learned English a lot earlier on in life because of how common it is on Samoa, but he prefers speaking Samoan to anything. He never uses English when he’s with his family.
  • He talks to himself in Samoan all the time, it’s so calming and he loves it because it’s such a pretty language and it makes him feel at home.
  • Lance and Hunk will rant to each other in Spanish and Samoan respectively because, even though they can barely understand a word of what the other is saying, it’s such a nice feeling to be able to talk freely. 
  • They are the greatest of friends and will often teach each other small phrases and words because just spreading the language is a happy feeling.
You'll Be Better Soon

Requested?: Yes

Hi! Can you write an imagine were Liam is sick and the reader looks after him, just lots of fluff? Xx

so the reader and Liam are not a thing, they have crushes on each other. This one isn’t my best, but I still wanted to put something out there before the weekend started. Maybe I’ll retype it later on, idk. But thank you, anon, who requested it. Hope you like it! xx

credit for the title is @beaconhills17, thankyou love xx

              For some reason, you thought werewolves couldn’t get sick because of the healing powers. They can’t get drunk and they can’t get high, but for some reason, they can get sick.

                Liam had been coughing for a week now. At first, it started off as a tickle in his throat, nothing too major, right? But then came the sneezing… then the running nose and fever. His body ached and all he wanted to do was sleep.

                “You look terrible,” You said as you came up behind Liam, your hands on his shoulders, who was busy grabbing his books out of his locker. He turned to look at you and you caught sight of his red nose and tired eyes. “Are you sick?” You asked with your brows furrowed. You place a hand on his forehead and he was burning up.

                Liam coughed and looked at you, “Thanks, (Y/N), I know.”

                “You need to go home,” You said sternly, “C’mon, I’ll take you home.” Your arms wrapped around him and he let you lead him out of the school without hesitation.

                You pulled up to Liam’s house and he turned to you and said, “My parents aren’t home, but I’ll be fine.” He gave you a small smile.

                “Oh no,” You chuckled, “I’m going to take care of you, Liam.” You beamed at him, grabbing your bag from the backseat.

                “But you’ll get sick too, (Y/N)!” He protested, “And plus, you don’t have to!”

                You rolled your eyes at the sick boy, “My mom is a nurse, I know what I’m doing.” You stated, getting out of your car and going to the other side to help Liam out.

                “Your mom is a nurse, not you!”

                “Calm down, colds are easy to take care of.”


                After a few minutes of bickering, Liam decided to let you take care of him. You were so excited when he said okay. You sent him up to his room to get out of his school clothes and into comfy ones.

                He came down when you had started some water for homemade chicken noodle soup. You smiled at him in his sweat pants and old lacrosse t-shirt. The thing between you and Liam wasn’t really complicated. You liked him and he liked you, although both of you mentally refused to date, in fear that it would ruin your friendship in case it didn’t work out.

                “See,” You said, “Don’t you feel better now that you’re in comfy clothes?”

                Liam chuckled a bit, “But I’m still sick.” He walked over to stand next to you and slung an arm around your shoulders. “What are you making?”

                You blushed, but turned your head so he wouldn’t see, “Oh you know, chicken noodle soup. But you should rest, you have a fever.”

                The boy playfully rolled his eyes and started walking to the living room, “Fiiiine.”

                You giggled and went on with making the soup.

                The soup was almost done and you decided to look for some Tylenol for Liam’s fever. With great luck, you found some in the medicine cabinet and took two pills out of it. You grabbed a cup of water and made your way into the living room.

                Liam was asleep when you walked in. You kneeled in front of him, nudging his shoulder and whispered, “Hey Lee, wake up.”

                Reluctantly, he opened his eyes and pulled the throw blanket up. “What?”

                “Here, take this.” You offered, “It’ll lower your fever.” You handed him the pills and then the water. Liam drank all of it before handing it back to you.

                “Thank you,” He mumbled, his voice thick with sleep.

                You smiled and rubbed his cheek with your thumb. “You’re welcome. The soup should be done in a bit, okay?” He nodded and went back to sleep.

                Within ten minutes, the soup was done and ready to be eaten. You grabbed two bowls from the cabinets and fixed you and Liam’s lunch. Both bowls were set on a tray and two glasses of water to go with it.

                You set the tray on the coffee table and began to wake Liam up, apologizing. “Sorry, but you need to eat, okay? Eat some soup and I’ll leave you alone.” Liam sat up and took the bowl of soup you had offered him. You took your bowl and sat down next to him.

                The both of you ate your lunch and watched TV. “How are you feeling?” You asked as he handed you the empty soup bowl. You set your empty one on top of it and put them on the tray.

                Liam rubbed his face, wanting to lay down again. “A little better. Ugh, I just want to sleep.”

                You smiled and pulled Liam over to you so his head rested on your shoulder, slowly but surely, Liam had fell asleep once again while you pulled the blanket over the two of you and watched TV.

                You weren’t sure when you fell asleep, but when you woke up, it was dark out. You also woke to find Liam’s arms loosely holding you around your waist, your back against his torso. You were in heaven, how many girls would kill to wake up from a nap with their crush?

                After a few minutes, Liam stirred, his arms moving from your waist so he could rub his eyes. By then, you were playing on your phone, a small smile on Liam’s face appeared. “Hey.”

                “Hey sleepy head, feeling better?” You asked, putting your phone away and turning your body towards him.

                Liam seemed to contemplate the answer, he finally settled, “Yeah. I think it was because you took care of me.” He ran a hand down your face, a blush appearing on your cheeks. “Thank you.”

                You smiled and giggled, “You’re welcome, I’m always glad to he-“ before you could finish your sentence, you sneezed.

                Liam laughed, “I think I got you sick!”

                You sat up on your elbow, shaking your head, “No, no. It’s just allergies.” You denied and sneezed again.

                He stared up at you, his hand finding a way to your forehead, which was burning up. “(Y/N), you’re burning up.”

                Before you denied any more of it, Liam interjected, “I guess it’s my turn to take care of you, (Y/N).” He sat up and got off the couch, pulling the blanket up so it covered you. “I don’t know how to cook, but I’ll open a can of chicken noodle soup!” Before you could say anything, he took off into the kitchen.

                You rested your head on the arm rest of the couch, a groan left your lips. Your throat was sore, nose was running and your body ached. The nap was nice while it lasted, but you were beginning to think it wasn’t such a good idea.

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Otayuri headcanon here: Otabek is really good at singing but he's shy about it so it takes long for him to get comfortable with singing in front of Yuri, but when he finally is, he'd hum Yuri to sleep every single night, even when they're apart. Hope you'll feel better soon, sweetheart <3

Yes, I can see this so much *.* Yuri would be so mesmerized by the songs Otabek is singing and when they’re apart it would be only thing making Yuri calm😍 i love this headcanon so much!
And thank you! I hope i will be better soon, too~ It means a lot!

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Hey! I am sorry you are sad, I hope writing it out will help, so here is a prompt: DrunkRegina verse, Robin tells her he cannot be her mentor anymore (due to being in love with her of course) or Robin tells her they need to set up boundaries otherwise the whole mentor thing won't work. Another for the What Once Was Lost verse cuz i miss it so very much: Huge fight where Regina says she never wants to get back her memories of him or more like them. Thank you! I hope you'll feel better soon! <3

Okay so, I went with the Sponsor Verse prompt just because that one is literally written just on a prompt basis whereas I’m currently in the middle of a complete re-write of What Once Was Lost as I still like the premise of the fic but I don’t like my original writing for it. I’ll post a sneak peek of the new version below the Sponsor Verse prompt. Thank you lovely xo

Sponsor Verse

“It’s just…” he sighs, swallows thickly and drops his eyes from her face, from the hurt there, “it isn’t working anymore. It’s nothing personal,” he hates himself for lying to her because it is personal, of course it’s personal, “I just can’t continue on like this. I have a friend though, John. He’s agreed to take my place and continue on with your weekly sessions. He’ll look after you.”

“I don’t want another mentor, Robin,” she shakes her head, taking a step closer that he matches with a step back and he can practically feel the betrayal rolling off of her in waves, can taste it. “I don’t understand, we’ve been doing so well, I’ve been doing so well?”

“Of course you have,” he chances a glance up and wishes he hadn’t because there are tears in those dark eyes now and he just wants to take her into his arms and apologise, tell her he doesn’t mean it, kiss those glistening tracks from her- “But I’ve already made my mind up,” because this can’t continue. He’s supposed to be caring for her, keeping her on track, not falling in love with her for fucks sake. She deserves better than that. She deserves better than him. “I’m going back to England at the end of the month.”

“You’re…” she gasps as though he’s stolen the very air that she breathes and he hates that he’s done this to her, that he’s let himself get too close when she’s so vulnerable and in need of so much more. “You can’t.”

“Regina,” he begins, swallowing thickly against his own emotions because it’ll only complicate things if she sees how much this is killing him, “I-“

“No, Robin,” her voice trembles along with her chin as she shakes her head at him, “I’m better with you,” and there’s no pretence in her now, no denial of feelings she shouldn’t be having for him as there has been before when they’ve gotten too close to doing something stupid and he aches for her. “I’m better with you, you make me better.”

“John can-“

“I don’t give a fuck about John or anyone else for that matter.”

A tear escapes, rolls down his cheek.

“You and Henry, you make me better. You make me want to be better, for you. You can’t just leave me,” her momentary burst of anger ebbs out of her like breath from her lungs as she whimpers, “please don’t leave me,” takes another step forward and then another before he can move away, grasping at his arms as she pushes her forehead against his own and all but begs, “please don’t leave me.”

What Once Was Lost - Sneak Peak (Re-write) It’s a big preview to (hopefully) see if you guys are still interested in it!

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a lil gift for @tomiyeee, who seems to be feeling under the weather. scout wants you to know that you’re tough as nails, and you can find a way to rise to the top again!

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I would so cuddle dragon!Zoro (and even just Zoro XD) because of course he is the fluffiest of all! ...even if both could snap me in half with a mere finger XD Hope you'll feel better soon dear!

i guess you’d be happy to find out that zoro in this au is smol. luffy likes picking him up to sleep on cause he so fluffffffffy.

(ahaha would def cuddle normal!zoro, too!!!)

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Oh hello~ and welcome to the writing community of Overwatch!!! I hope you'll have fun~ I want to request! I HCs on how Reaper and Hanzo would treat his sick s/o~ thank you!

Thank you so much, we’re so glad to be a part of the community!!


At even the sound of a cold coming on, Hanzo is prepared; laying out masks for both of you, plus properly dosed medicine and orange juice with a small handwritten note left on your nightstand, wishing for you to get better soon and to not exert yourself. While sick, Hanzo will bring warm broth, either miso or chicken (depending on your diet) and watch carefully to make sure that you eat it all while still carefully wrapped in the blankets that he left you in that morning while making the two of you tea. After eating he’ll quietly slide into the seat next to you, whether it be on the bed or couch and wraps his arm around you as you lean back into his chest, the two of you contently drinking tea in a peaceful silence, his fingers deftly and calmly drawing patterns into your wrists and shoulders.


As soon as you have your first coughing fit, Reaper is there - it doesn’t matter that he wasn’t there thirty seconds ago, he’s there now. With “vaporu” in his hand indignantly telling you to take it and to use it liberally. Of all the things he remembers; his mama and abuelita and handing him “vaporu” with and indignant “tomalo”is something he’ll never forget and as soon as the small blue container of Vicks is in your hand, he’s gone again. He checks on you often, silently slipping into your apartment or room to make sure you’re alright, and never disturbing you if you’re sleeping, but you always seem to find a fresh always warm bowl of chicken soup left on your table. Reaper is always there at night though, silently slipping under the sheets and pulling you close, oftentimes throwing another blanket on top of you because of just how cold he was but right now, you’re thankful for the chill, his chest able to fight off the flush that won’t seem to leave your cheeks, especially as he presses one silent kiss to the crown of your head.

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(warning, amateur english) Hey. I don't really know what's the problem but... I know how it is, to feel that way. And I'd like to say : it'll be fine. Just don't give up on what you want to do, and just think about people who are waiting for you. I'm one of them. I hope you'll get better soon and you'll update as well. Please just smile. See ya.

((Thanks I needed to hear that))

Sentence Meme: Tracy Chapman
  • "Can I hold you tonight?"
  • "Choose sides."
  • "Don't you know?"
  • "Everybody thinks that I'm the fool."
  • "Forgive me."
  • "I hope you'll come and find me."
  • "I know things will get better."
  • "I love you."
  • "I'm here to keep the peace."
  • "I've got a plan to get us out of here."
  • "If not now, then when?"
  • "Is this love worth the sacrifices I make?"
  • "It won't do no good to call the police."
  • "Last night I heard the screaming."
  • "Look at me losing control."
  • "Maybe we can make a deal."
  • "The time is coming soon."
  • "There're no words to say."
  • "They're talking about a revolution."
  • "This is the dream."
  • "We gotta make a decision."
  • "Why not leave? Why not go away?"
  • "You better run."
  • Aoi: members and staff, and the fans of course, we're all waiting for you! I hope you'll get well soon and we can go drinking again or something 🍻
  • sorry, I know I should tell them in person but...I don't know their address... but they're like family to me and I kept thinking that I could meet them whenever so I never even asked, now I wish I had done that sooner. you'll definitely get better so make sure to give me your contact details then ! 🌞
When a doctor gets sick...
  • Me: I hope I get better soon. This is no fun.
  • Brain: maybe tomorrow you'll be fine.
  • Me: That is not how bugs work, brain.
  • Brain: OK, fine. But what if we got like, sepsis. Or Meningitis. We don't like those. That would be horrible.
  • Me: Yes, Brain, but that's not going to happen.
  • Brain: But it could. Don't you feel a little sick? Slightly feverish?
  • Me: We are not dying, brain.
  • Brain: OK, what if everyone assumes you're faking it. What if you're not actually sick enough to be off work after all?
  • Me: ...
  • Brain: or maybe we're dying.
  • Something myself and my medical friends seem to have in common is an inability to just be sick. One minute you're feeling guilty about not coming into work (Sure, you're so contagious or weakened it would be dangerous to let you go in, but you're not actually dying, you skiver! And the next minute your knowledge kicks in and you're persuading yourself that your low grade fever and headache are the start of meningitis, or that scratch on your arm is going to develop into nec fash.
  • But this is only actually applicable when you take time off, so actually have time to think about being sick; most of the time people soldier through some pretty nasty minor illnesses without giving themselves time to recuperate (I've seen colleagues at work with kidney stones or pneumonia. For crying out loud), and we hold ourselves to standards that we would never expect our patients to follow. All because we know our team will be understaffed.
  • It's all very well telling the physician to heal themselves, but you have to give them an environment which would make it a viable option.

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Hajimama, I had a panic attack put in pubic again. Can I have a hug please? :D Any tips for getting cofident in going outside without worrying whether or not you'll have a panic attack? Also, stay awesome!

I think panic attacks are something you can never REALLY cope with as in ‘idc’. You can just try to calm down and relax to get it over with quickly. Breathe consciously, try to think of something nice and remember that you’ll be okay. Also try to get out of the stressful situation, to a place where you can kinda relax for a sec. Hope it gets a bit better soon! I love you.

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notes to people i know of each sign
  • aries: i wish i got more credit for how well i put up with you.
  • taurus: just because you're stuck in your own world doesn't mean the one outside of it doesn't exist when you aren't looking. remember that.
  • gemini: thanks for genuinely caring when it seemed like everyone else had no faith in me.
  • cancer: I hope you're doing better than when we departed. You were doing pretty well then.
  • leo: i think you'll always be a part of me. even if we don't talk for a while. call me soon
  • virgo: i hope that despite your addictions, you're in a good spot again.
  • libra: you are the most selfish person I've ever met and i hope that you get over it soon.
  • sagittarius: you made me happy once. but that has since changed, and it's for the best.
  • capricorn: something changed between us and I'm genuinely sorry about it.
  • aquarius: you're an emotional vampire and I'm sorry I don't have more energy to give you. i know your intentions arent harmful
  • pisces: i wonder if anything in your world is stable. i think level ground might do you some good.