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Hello there! Do you have any AU ideas where a toddler or a child unites two people or two families? Most particularly two ppl who used to be rivals before? I hope this makes sense, omg, thank you so much! ❤️

  • I may hate you but you’re the highest rated babysitter on the local forum ugh
  • you go on all the school fieldtrips because you’re a sibling of a teacher and I’m one of the parents that always goes and we try REALLY hard not to bicker in front of the kids but its so difficult
    • whoever just yelled “kiss already” is getting left behind at the next bus stop
  • my kid and your kid were best friends and we tolerated each other before then but now your kid hates my kid and it’s all out war now
  • you’re the lifeguard at the local pool and I look away for two seconds (for whatever reason) and you have to save my kid and now you’re yelling at me for not watching them
    • I’m an emotional wreck now because oh my god my baby are you okay????????
  • we’re from rival sports teams and while I said I’d let my kid root for whatever team OF COURSE you’re their idol and they root for your team and now they wont stop throwing a tantrum until they see you

I hope these were what you’re looking for!!!!! :D
~Mod Karissa

why i hate the words, "i hope you get better soon"/"i hope youll be healed up soon" as someone with a chronic illness

so, the obvious answer here is that chronically ill means that i wont get better but, theres a lot more to this.

yes, i get that people who say this to chronically ill peeps tend to have good intentions and i know they dont mean to sound ignorant, but the problem is that when they say this, all it proves is that they ARE ignorant, and so are their words, no matter how well intentioned they might be.

i also hate it because it reminds me that im not getting better, and that people dont care enough or generally dont know enough to acknowledge that, so them trying to be comforting, telling me that “itll be okay soon” and “they hope i get better soon” is a lot like giving me a tissue to wipe off spit on my face, but they didnt realize that that tissue is also covered in spit.

like, thanks, the intention is nice and all but it doesnt help and it can make me feel worse. idk if im making sense but honestly im tired of being told that people are just trying to be nice so i should deal with it, like, how about i talk to them and try to make them understand why its not the best thing to say.

i want to tell them that it makes me uncomfortable, that im not sure how to respond because what i was ignorant and frustrating but because they didnt mean to be rude i should just let it be? nah my guy, listen, theres a ton of things you can say that would help, like “im sorry you have to go through that, you shouldnt have to” or “i dont know what to say, but i wish i did” or literally anything else

cause honestly when you say “i hope you get better soon” or “i bet youll be healed in no time”, all youre doing is showing how little you know about my issues and my struggle, because often a part of my struggle is knowing that i wont get better.

Haechan Does Your Makeup Vlog’s Voiceover

Author: Admin Kay 

Artist: Haechan (NCT)

Genre: fluff, humor 

Length: Long enough to call it long

Requested by @gingerbreadhyuckie / @gxddammit (aka the person who motivated me to start this blog bc we would just spill our feels about donghyuck and i needed to write that ish down)

Based off: My Boyfriend Does My Voiceover Challenge (Rap Monster of BTS) 

Originally posted by zeusmayo

A/N: i live for this look i’m crying

  • ok so no one one requested for donghyuck to do this
  • he asked to do it
  • you filmed a really versatile look so you could wear it on a normal day or a fancy day 
  • he cant fuck it up right???
  • you were so wrong
  • ‘ok guys its me haechan and im gonna be telling u how this cutie uses magic to somehow get cuter’
  • *mimicking your voice* ‘hi guys this is y/n and im gonna show u how to be as cute as me’
  • ‘ok we’re gonna start with whatever it is that im holding up to the camera’
  • *normal voiced* ‘ok shes spreading the clear stuff all around her face’
  • ‘her face is squishy’

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But I honestly worked so hard on that video,it took me all day to finish! They copied my description! They got views!! They got likes! They got more subs?! And they really hurt me!! This was not funny.Im really sad…this person is really rude they like to make money off of stuff they didn’t even make.they get nice comments,they get paid! They don’t even say a word about the artist.thats really depressing.



The Incredibles AU
Part 1 (as a pilot version with scribbles)

YAS, i did it in the digital version, maybe not so neatly as i could

There`s some things i want to describe about this au:

  • I changed a little design of costumes (ahah, i wont get tired to do it, but i just added kind of hero`s signs) just to make them in this cartoon`s style
  • There are no kwamies, characters have their powers/abilities in genes, so they just … wear their costumes without transformation, i guess (wow, how is it possible). About their powers.. Hm, they`re almost the same, if someone is interested i will tell about that more.
  • I want to mention about the kids. Yes, everithing is almost perfect, if talking about Emma, Louis and Hugo as Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack. But i have reaaally, um, strong headcanon that, firstly, Emma is the secong child and, secondly, her character is more like Dash`es as Louis is like Violet. You can say that`s all sounds stupid, but i wanna think about it like that. Sorry @luullaby, bc you mentioned about the kids first.
  • And the most important thing.. Turtle Nino as Frozono, yas. Ive never been so into this idea and Im not sure who created it, but, damn, i like it now. His costume was inspired more like by Frozono and another designes of Turtle costume. 

Jade Turtle is a good name for the superhero, i hope @thelastpilot you wont be mad :0 (or who created this name, im really confused, im so sorry, if im wrong about it).

Thats all, i still have no idea whats happening here, just tell me if something is really not okay (with me or with this au, idk)

Unfollow , block or blacklist at your comfort.


Look in whatever fandom you are in you will meet people that right off that bat you will not get along. They will be into things or say things you do not agree with and you know what? Its okay to unfollow, block or blacklist their url. It doesn’t matter that your friends are their friends. A friendship between you cannot be forced upon.

Please respect your friends when they do this. Yes you might be friends with this other person but you can’t make your friends be in one place if one is uncomfortable with the other. It is the the most stressful and manipulative thing you can do.

Later on you will also make friends with some who at first you click very well. Yes you feel close. Heck you are friends but that friend will break once you find out more about your friend.  You find out they like stuff you don’t agree with. They have actually hurt people you are close with too. Do you have to be friends with this person? No you don’t. It doesn’t matter how close you are.  If you are no longer comfortable you can get away from them.

It is okay to forgive them , ask them ti give you space for a while or simply not give them another chance.


I am posting this because I noticed that this is happening a lot with my friends. They meet people, turns out they are really not nice and feel forced to be there with them. They get scared if they leave, said person will talk about them to others or guilt trip them to stay. But let me tell you this.





And please, you do not need to go other to your friend to make them chose you or that other said person. You do not need to force them to be friends because of you either. Because besides hurting yourself, you are hurting another friend of yours.

Yes I know it hurts to maybe read this. But not all friendships are perfect or last long but my gosh I want to do my best in letting you know all of this to avoid hurting yourself and others.

This was a very long post, which I do apologize, but this is what I was going through in my hiatus and saw many of my friends dealing with. As I say so many times and I will probably wont stop saying this…


If this kind of mentality that I have bothers you, its okay for you to the following to my blogs. Don’t feel you need to stay here. You don’t need to tell me either you no longer want to follow me or be a friend. In the end I want you too to be comfortable in your own blogs. I just ask please keep yourself from sending anon hate to me or to others who do this.

I hope that anyone who is dealing with these kind of situations understand that you are not alone and you are not bad person for making these choices.

Yes you may reblog this and add your comment if you want. Am I open to discuss about this? Yes. I will give you my option and let you know more of my experiences but I will not force these upon you. Ever. I just want you to know these are choices you can take for your own comfort.

like, i rly dnt understand it wen ppl on here cite th “trans person has 1 in 12 chance to be murdered in a lifetime” statistic bc…im not trying to be mean, but do u understand why that cant possibly be true?

ignoring for now the fact that the 1 in 12 statistic has never actually been reliably sourced and is thought to have originated from a now-deleted article on the hrc america website;

 if u understand statistics, then thats an impossibly high rate of murder for any one group of people (and, before u point out ‘yes but this is what makes it shocking!’, its just…impossibly high.)

in USA, about 5.2 per 100000 people is estimated to be murdered. obviously, the rates go up depending on things like race, class, or indeed gender expression. but even for a group with proportionately one of the highest murder rates in the whole world, say, a black young man living in usa, the murder rate is estimated at around 19.4 per 100000. to express that as a fraction, it would be, uh, like around 1 in 5155. and thats only murders that were recorded as murders! the actual number is likely much worse. but anyway, for the recorded deaths, thats a really high number. much higher than pretty much any other group of people when u look at th stats in terms of race, age, sex, nationality etc.

According to the National Center for Transgender Equality, there are around 3,139,000 transgender individuals living in usa. so, applying the 1 in 12 rate to this, that would mean around 261583 murdered trans people in a lifetime. around 25 trans people per year are estimated to be murdered in the united states (but we can probably assume the actual number is much higher), so in a lifetime (lets say 85yrs just to be on the safe side) the total amount of deaths is estimated to be around 2125. thats an appallingly high amount, for sure, but nowhere near the 261583 that would be necessary for the 1-in-12 statistic to be possible. just for some context, the total amount of murders recorded in the usa in 2014, for ALL types of people, was estimated to be around 14,249. 

its not possible that trans people are on average murdered at a rate of 1 in 12 in usa. it isnt doing any favours for trans people to run around citing this totally made-up number when ur trying to argue with ppl abt transgender rights n stuff, bc anyone who has a basic understanding of statistics is going to immediately know that this number cannot possibly be accurate and wont take ur arguments seriously any more. the actual rates of transgender people murdered in hate crimes etc are (sadly) high enough, you dont need to cite made-up statistics to prove ur point, the evidence enough is here alrdy. 

no hate, and i hope this post was informative, pls correct me if i made any mistake + hav a nice day all

tsunderepancake  asked:

Can you believe there are people out there (e.g. on YouTube) that are seriously comparing Charioce to Hitler and Trump? I'm just flabbergasted. Please assure me that it is not in any way true whatsoever~ 💕

Im really sorry for the late reply. And I will try to answer with this question as much as I can. Maybe @elel-kyutto@capsing​ help me with this their amazing writing, political and historical knowledge. :’)

Firstly, i cant really really assure you, because i dont really know much about Hitler as much as Charioce.(Well, i dont fully know about Charioce, but because of character in story, we can understand him)

For me it is quite understandable for comparing Charioce and Hitler, but as a leaders and murderers. I have seen quite a bit comparison for Charioce and Hitler. I don’t really understand why they are comparing Charioce with Trump, so I don’t want to say anything about it for this. As for Charioce and Hitler, there are people like this:

  • 1.    People who likes Charioce, but don’t like Hitler

Some of them thinks Charioce is better or some of them just saw different sides(because of fiction itself) But dislikes Hitler(because of real life itself)

  • 2.    people who dislikes Charioce, also dislikes Hitler

They think they are same

  • 3.    People who likes Charioce, also likes Hitler

It mostly about people who really dont like them as a person. But loves to make comparison for them as a Leader and Murderer.

It all depends which side you are on like:

Just think about like this we were victim demons or angels, or maybe humans of Charioce’s army. What do you think we react to him?

We only think about something like this: He is evil, He is dictator, He should die, He is not forgivable.

But why Charioce work for us?(For his fans)

We can love any kind of character in fiction. It doesn’t matter what kind of characteristic they have, we can love good character who is important for the plot of story.

Maybe Charioce had to do cruel thing for his own gain, or his people, or his humanity, no matter what, we love this guy’s guts, pride, courage, charisma and goal. We simply love this character.

But Charioce is gonna work for us( in real life)?

No, definitely not especially if he was in present time. We would think He is dictator, crazy, How cruel.

Then what about Hitler?

The thing is he is real life person we disliked what he did. But to be honest who is here to judge him as a bad person or good person. What about other people? Who simply killed tons just as much as Hitler? But called as a “Heroes”?

I don’t really know about this.

If we really want to compare Charioce and Hitler, it can work only as a murderer and leader.

It is just don’t work if we compare their personality or way they lived.

The thing is, if Hitler wasn’t real life person but a character in story. Not just with that alone, also good character in good story. Do you think some people love him? Yes, because it is fiction, Somethings work for us.

We can see their life, their way, their daily life, their interactions with each other. No matter how you hate what that characters did, sometimes you cant help just love them.

But why Charioce and Hitler not that comparable? The wall is Fiction and Real life. It is just doesn’t really work for me. I don’t know if some others can make it happen.

Because of this work of fiction, we can try to understand, love this character and see his journey. But what about Hitler? We only see him as a point of view of other people. Did we really see his journey just like Charioce? Did we really see what kind of the thing he felt? What kind of thing he eats? We just don’t really know. We only know about some historical stuffs. We know that he has done genocide. We know that he was a leader. It is just no matter what, the wall of fiction and real life makes comparison impossible. If Charioce was one character also Hitler was one character. And we try to make comparison is gonna work?

Also it all depends people’s different point of view. There are people out there who dislikes Charioce for what he did. There are people out there like Charioce.

I really cant assure you that they are different. All the things surrounding me makes me believe that Hitler was a terrible man.

About Charioce he is a terrible man too, if we were one of the victims, or the people who cries and agonizes for the souls that died by hands of this man.

But this CHARACTER is Charioce is merely man that trying to achieve what he thinks right. I don’t know if Hitler thought same.

As a leader and murderer they are kinda similar, But one thing I can assure you is that Charioce is not that terrible not because his fiction character work for me, but as a person too.

Also as a person I don’t know what kind of man Hitler was. 

But the real question is killing someone for the good of your country or your own people is good or bad? 

If it is good, Are both Charioce and Hitler is good? If it is bad are both Charioce and Hitler is bad? Which is it? I don’t really know about this.

But no matter how Hitler was cruel, terrible man. Im sure there was a at least one person loved him or he loved.

Just like that I myself don’t like that when some people think you cant think about love with this Evil Character Charioce, or how can you ship him with her, or something like they think of him as a evil. I think even in from fiction Charioce is cruel yet no evil man. But what about Hitler? Especially when he is from real life? Especially when we don’t really don’t know much about besides political or genocides of Jew or the things he did. Do we know him as a Man? We dislikes Hitler because of what he did.

I myself don’t really likes to compare somethings from fiction with real life. I enjoy things what they are, try to understand the characters, try to understand the story, try to realise what creators or authors want us to see. It is just my kind of love thing. I really loves to dig into characters. How they can be driving force of the story, How their actions affects the story. It is just so interesting. I enjoy all kinds of characters no matter what they did, what they are trying to achieve, I just love the characters, I love that characters as them what they are.

Charioce is really my favourite. He is just a Man. He has a heart. He has a emotion. He has a flaw. He has a good side. He has a charisma.(Im not go into detail)

I know there are some people hates him whatever their reason. But I can assure you that he is no Evil. I just really don’t know if he is good or bad guy. I just really don’t know what kind of person is good or bad when it comes to kill. Some call some as a Heroes because how much they killed. Some call some as a Evils because how much they killed. But no matter whatever reason is you can love bad or good guy in story. It doesn’t really matter. If it take your attention. If it was good character, no matter what they did, no matter what they were, if it works for you, it works for you.

Think about some characters that trying to achieve something better for other people dirtying their hand. Like Soo won from Akatsuki no yona, or Lelouch from Code geass. They have their own goal, they have their own character, they have their own story, they are cruel man yet No Evils. But i ask again, if they are trying to achieve something better or trying to protect their own thing and killing others are good or bad? Mostly it is bad. Then in both fiction and real life. Then the all killers are bad?

What about Yang wenli, who cant go out from both Political and war?Also killed many. What about Reinhard who killed tons of but also saved tons of, trying to do better things?  Are they hateful?

What about Meruem, we think him as a villain? But is that was really thats the case? Is he was really villain?Is he was Evil? Just because you did bad things makes you villain? Meruem did lot of horrible things, but we can forgive him because he so much developed or found a good reason to do?

Also killed so many, but trying to do redeem themselves for their own cruelty, their own dirty hand. Trying to find a better reason to live. Trying to not kill. But because of the world itself, you sometimes had to dirty  your hands. But are they bad?

This character who take too much that he even himself couldnt hold it. Killed too many that he couldnt even tell it to the world. But is he good or bad?

You cant save someone without abandoning the other. 

There are characters who just kills so many for their own amusement. But because of how good character that is you cant help crave for them, you cant help love them.

No matter what, these characters are all of them good their own way. But similar thing is that they are Murderers. But we love them. Because they are driving force. They are the power of the story. Just with the “They should die” statement break all point that make you can enjoy the characters or story itself. We can forgive them. We can try to understand and enjoy these characters.

You can love good character. I have so many times told that you can love either bad or good if it is good character. Also understanding character flaw with good side is just really important.

Try to see the character on their own way. And then make a comparison is gonna work? 

But with fiction and real life, It isnt really comparable.

Im sorry again. If my reply was bad. Also it is so late as well. :’) And i really dont know about Hitler. Just because i know what he did, or what kind of leader isnt enough to know about him. So my assurance really wont work.

The thing that i assure you is that Charioce is not bad at all. Also i said that there are 3 people out there. So dont worry, even if they make comparison, i think not all of them are hateful for Charioce. They are just trying to do make a comparison for their leadership or genocides. :’)

Also sorry for my English as well. My lack of english words wont help me to express all my thoughts. :’)

I hope you have a wonderful day. :’) <3 <3 <3

Love and Peace

Love and Ruin

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Well, despite the fact that I have startlingly little by the way of actual Fan Fiction to share with all of you, I got tagged by @sozdanie-gryazi-eternal

All of these recs are Gradence

A Warning Sugar Daddy AU! Graves found Credence and whatever providence allowed them to meet was nothing short of Divine in Credence’s eyes. He suddenly finds himself living a life out of a fairy tale.

I Conjure Thee to Speak to Me The VVitch AU! Credence thinks that it might not be so bad to be a witch, but it is a lurid, vain fantasy, one made in the hopeful thought that perhaps he would give his mother a reason to hate him.

Kidney Cracker Shameless Omegaverse Snippet! Graves really want Credence’s knot, wants to break himself on it, if he’s honest.

The Devil Canon Universe! Graves has never really taken stock in divination. It’s terribly unreliable and shrouded in superstition and mystery. But Credence wants to learn tarot, wants to be read, so Graves does so.

@ me if you want some original fiction recs!



And anyone else who wants to do this!!


But when I look up… to where the sky should be… I see you… And i know… you can hear me.

A gift for @wineturnstowater, who got me into #transistor (Also for being amazing friend <3) + 2 more versions because I couldn’t decide.


Well, I’ve never celebrated Easter.  So I don’t really know what happens on this day… just a few stereotypic stuff I’ve seen in movies and read in books. But I do know a few general things that happen in every festival –

1) family get together  2)sharing love  and 3)spreading joy and happiness.

And with hopes to celebrate this with my tumblr family I’m yet again seeking you guys out.  

This is a small movement I wanna do, and I really hope you guys join me in this… because you know.. You guys are Awesome.

(Below the cut… there are some dark words that need a notice. However if you don’t wanna do this, I wont pressurise)

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I’ve had a love/hate relationship with this piece for the past month. I was inspired by Lost’s (please forgive me) Music and Silence where it seemed we had similar HCs. I drafted it with hopes of also sharing it for eruri of the month even if it was a stretch for June’s topic. But then I became my own worst critic and only saw the flaws of my literary skills and weak vocabulary. I still don’t believe I did the scene justice. Well here’s a piece of my soul anyways.

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coming to terms

i have always stuggled with self esteem issues and always saw myself as ugly, but the true pain started about a year ago. i associate this with an increase in the use of social media and the reality of adulthood. 

the more i use platforms like instagram and snapcjat, which are full of beautiful people, the more often and more deeply i feel the unbearable pain in my chest of knowing that im simply horrid looking. no, i would not say im not thankful for what i have, because at least im not missing a body part, my face has not been aggraviated with acid or burned or nothing of the sort. im simply ugly by default, which should not be such a big deal.

but as i roam in the accounts of pretty girls i realize that not all pretty women are those with the glamorous life and money and surgeries. there are girls who are younger than me, pure and untouched, makeup free, no surgeries, who post about their average lives and selfies with their gorgeous friends with perfect hourglass figures. and those are the toughest to look at, because they are just effortlessly perfect.

at this point i dont really care about personality anymore. i dont really have any kind of remarkable personality traits anyway, im not funny or nice, im boring, lame, awkward talentless and empty. but i know that even beimg funny or nice would not give me anything. because those pretty girls have it all without trying, life is handed to them in so many ways. 

as a young adult i dream of a love life, of a partner and a family, i want to have a boyfriend, i want to be asked out and be excited about what to wear to a first date, i want to be able to effortlessly come out of the shower without having to complete a complex routine for my face to look normal. i dont want to have to worry about my bald spots (horrid thin hair) or general uglyness. i dont want to be ashamed of my own appearance.

looking around me and reading the experiences of other ugly girls i know it will be an impossibility. but how can i just give up all my hopes and dreams? i am not academically bright or motivated to be a really successful scientist or something. so because im ugly, im conditioned to be nerdy and studious? of course i want a carreer, but i know it wont be fulfilling enough.

i hate people looking at pictures of my mother when she was my age, they gasp at her beauty. i can see the “what happened to you?” in their eyes.

i cant approach a boy to even ask a question because it embarrasses and horrifies me that they would think an ugly girl such as me would be trying to flirt. something im certain i will never do. 

i hate being insecure about something so superficial. making my friends angry. they tell me i dont try hard enough…. i domt try hard enough to be pretty while they domt realize how hard it is already to hide as much of the ugly as i can. i just cant and will never be beautiful. no matter how hard i try, ever.

i hate that it still makes me emotional, it still makes me cry, because i feel miserable. if i ever feel suicidal, its because of my appearance. and i hate it because i should be mature enough to be over it already. but i cant.

i despise my appearance with all my might. i will never find solace in my uglyness. and i know i will be miserable for a long time still. no matter how many gorgeous girls tell me to “love yourself”. seriously, fuck you, with all due respect. 

i know things could always be worse. pretty people have problems too. but honestly, i dont feel empathy for them whatsoever. uglyness has made of me a bitter jealous fuck (on top of it all).

GoT S7 Meme

I was tagged by @madaboutasoiaf and @anidlebrain. Thanks!!! ❤️❤️❤️
rules: answer the questions and tag seven people.

Disclaimer: I didnt have the heart to watch all the episodes in s5 and s6.
a character/characters you hope gets more screentime: more bran please. Arya and Gendry
 a character you’ll miss: rickon and direwolves
 one death you would like to see: Baelish (sorry, ari)
one death you would hate to see: Starks, Gendry
 a storyline you like: Remaining direwolves coming together (seriously they wont be able to mess that up.)
 a storyline you don’t like: Dorne, Arya, Sansa.
 a pairing you hope to see more of: Arya x Gendry and I’m also interested how they handle Jon and Dany(actors have good chemistry so i hope it translate well on screen)
something you would like to happen: same as Jo and Erin. Also a screen worth of axj reunion and axg reunion please. I want to see gifs before watching an episode.

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To all you queer, trans and non binary potatoes out there

i know it's not easy right now. i know being you isn’t ok for some people. i know pretending to be someone you’re not is like having a needle poked into your arm and pretending it  doesn't hurt. i know it would be so much more easy just to go to sleep and never wake up. believe me, I’ve been there. I’m still in that place. I’m here with you. You dont have to walk this path alone. You dont have to be afraid of the people you used to be able to tell everything to. I know the world may seem like a dark place filled with the hate of other people’s ignorance, but together we are the lights filled with hope and acceptance. It won't always be easy, and we may suffer, But together. The pain wont hurt like it used to. So please remember to stay strong. Not for your family, not even for me… Stay strong for you. You are amazing. You are strong. I dont care who you are, where you came from or what you look like. You ARE A KAWAII POTATO and I believe in you, you can do this.

nativesebby  asked:

You truly are a talented writer and one of my favorites here on tumblr. I would hate to see you go but you have every right to step back and live your life. Dont stay here to satisfy us, your health and well being are more important than anything. You shouldnt feel pressured to post fics, you should want to post fics because you love it and for your own entertainment. I really do hope you reach a decision you are happy with and wont regret :)

Oh goodness, thanks so much my darling. It means a lot to me. Thank you for the support. <3

anonymous asked:

I still love you. Even when you told me you hate me and would choose any woman over me. You hated your chin but I'd kiss it if i could, you didnt like your smile but it was so contagious, you didnt like how your eyes looked like when you smiled but fuck i was so captivated by them. I love you. I cant hate you for breaking my heart. You told me I wasn't worth any love but i still love you. I miss you i know i wont ever play with you hair again but i love you and i hope youre happier.

aww this is so heartbreaking!! love, i hope u find ur way x