i hope you won't kill me for posting something like this

Y’all need to chill honestly

What even is all this fuss about?
A character that’s asexual and by that ruins your fangirls need?

Do you people realise how much of an unnecessary scandal this has been?
One thing is to question the inconsistency the authors made in certain aspects, but what you’re all doing is far from that.

You’re acting like Mika being asexual completly restrains your freedom to interpret Mikayuu, when all it does is give Mikas character a more realistic trait.

Guys, Mika being asexual doesn’t change anything that we were doing before. It doesn’t make his relationship with Yuu (which, by the way, I also believe is a demi/asexual) any less strong.

It also doesn’t kill the possibility of them making love.
All it does, for example, is show that Mika (and other vampires) don’t have the same interest Norito has in seeing the curves of a girls body.

What you all need to comprehend, is that the way you’re acting, is the same as if a straight person with no knowledge of homesexuality were questioning what makes gay people gay and how that doesn’t affect the aspect of their love nonethless.

So yes, Mika is asexual.

Yes, he doesn’t feel horny when looking at people he has no interest in.

No, his and Yuus relationship doesn’t need to have sex to be strong.

Mika can still feel like making love to Yuu.

Because if that happens, it won’t just be a sexual drive, it will be their feelings overwhelming them so much, making them want to stay with each other so much, that it just happens naturally, without any sexual instincts. It’s just starts slowly, and them it get’s there because they need one another.

So, I truly do hope you all understand what this means. You don’t need to act differently towards them (as long as as your view doesn’t involves fetish that is, because that’s something most asexuals don’t like) just do what you’ve been doing all this time. Love the way they look and act towards each other, how happy they are in the presence of their beloved one, how they act like dorks, smilling to the full extent of their soul.