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After All This Time - Theo Raeken imagine

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Summary: Reader is Stiles’ twin sister and a werecoyote having been saved by Scott after they both got into a car accident. She’s a part of Scott’s pack and bffs with Malia. Theo courts her constantly they finally start hanging out end up dating.

Warnings: Season 6 spoilers,angst,fluff,suggested smut  & Idk what else lmao

A/N: Hope You All Enjoy x


I probably looked like a lunatic smiling to myself as I sat quietly in Theo’s truck Theo looked over at me quickly and reached to touch my thigh gently rubbing up and down “thank you for tonight” he smiled looking at the road “no thank you” I giggled. Theo and I just moved to official by having sex back at his house he was now taking me home but it was a very eventful evening he was so kind and patient since this was my first time it made me love him even more.

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the 100 ways to say 'i love you' teen wolf edition
  • 1. "A key to your house, already?"
  • 2. "I am the one keeping you alive, okay?"
  • 3. "If you die, I will literally go out of my freaking mind."
  • 4. "She is my best friend."
  • 5. "Not all monsters do monstrous things."
  • 6. "You electrified the windows?"
  • 7. "You are the hottest girl."
  • 8. "I would never leave without you."
  • 9. "Dance with me, dumbass."
  • 10. "You can do it."
  • 11. "Am I going to regret this?"
  • 12. "When I kissed you, you held your breath."
  • 13. "You remembered my name."
  • 14. "You are the hot girl."
  • 15. "You were just trying to kiss me."
  • 16. "After everything we've been through, I believe you."
  • 17. "Because I trust you."
  • 18. "I need you."
  • 19. "I knew you liked me."
  • 20. "You are coming back, right?"
  • 21. "I'd like to help you figure it out."
  • 22. "I think you look beautiful."
  • 23. "What do you want me to do?"
  • 24. "You are showing me plenty right now."
  • 25. "It's progress."
  • 26. "I heard you almost got killed."
  • 27. "Why is your heart beating so fast?"
  • 28. "Stay behind me and stay quiet."
  • 29. "Did you find her?"
  • 30. "I don't want you to sleep in the chair."
  • 31. "It didn't matter to me."
  • 32. "I don't want you to be normal, I want you to be alive."
  • 33. "Wait here."
  • 34. "You did not just say that."
  • 35. "Do the right-side brakes on your dad's SUV squeak a little bit?"
  • 36. "She stays."
  • 37. "Stay behind me and stay quiet."
  • 38. "Just tell me how to fix this, alright?"
  • 39. "I will come with you."
  • 40. "Is she okay?"
  • 41. "Just focus on the sound of my voice, alright?"
  • 42. "If you got something else in mind, I am okay with that too."
  • 43. "I am not going anywhere."
  • 44. "Part of you is doing something."
  • 45. "Trust me, I do plenty of sucking just for his benefit."
  • 46. "You're not nervous, are you?"
  • 47. "There's no such thing as fate."
  • 48. "I think you mean..."
  • 49. "Be the Alpha."
  • 50. "Are we still milking that?"
  • 51. "What did you tell her?"
  • 52. "Why do you want to know?"
  • 53. "You wanna play Catwoman, I'll be your Batman."
  • 54. "Can you get me out of here before I drown?"
  • 55. "I won't judge, I promise."
  • 56. "They tip toe."
  • 57. "You know, I put those pants on you."
  • 58. "He can't be dead."
  • 59. "So is that hypothetical situation we talked about getting any less hypothetical?"
  • 60. "Close your eyes."
  • 61. "You want to leave so we can figure it out?"
  • 62. "I'll be your Yoda."
  • 63. "What's this look on your face?"
  • 64. "You're the one who always figures it out."
  • 65. "Can't you trust me just this once?"
  • 66. "You're getting an idea, aren't you?"
  • 67. "What were you thinking going after them?"
  • 68. "I can see it on your face."
  • 69. "I am frustrated."
  • 70. "That's because it doesn't hurt."
  • 71. "Don't be such a sour wolf."
  • 72. "We need help."
  • 73. "I can take care of myself."
  • 74. "Do you still?"
  • 75. "I figured you shouldn't be alone."
  • 76. "I couldn't let that be the last memory you had of her."
  • 77. "Why'd you help me?"
  • 78. "She still is."
  • 79. "Not all of us are."
  • 80. "I wanna paint your body."
  • 81. "I think you could definitely take him."
  • 82. "So what are you gonna do?"
  • 83. "I did ask her out once."
  • 84. "If anything happens, find me."
  • 85. "I am not watching The Notebook again."
  • 86. "We are not leaving without her."
  • 87. "What am I, a nun?"
  • 88. "I am just looking at your eyes."
  • 89. "I really hope you are."
  • 90. "I love your smile."
  • 91. "I only had one friend and she's dead too."
  • 92. "Look at me."
  • 93. "Good thing I had my period last week then."
  • 94. "I hate you."
  • 95. "Who are you?"
  • 96. "I am not leaving, okay?"
  • 97. "You are my brother."
  • 98. "I am here to save my best friend."
  • 99. "Why did you do that?"
  • and...
  • 100. "Because I love you."
50% OFF starters.
  • "You can't have sex with your neighbor's backyard above-ground pool."
  • "let me help you out of that swimsuit-- POOL."
  • "I sure hope we become best friends! but I don't hope we have a falling out, leading us to have a tense, emotion-heavy, dramatic, competitive, love/hate relationship later on."
  • "so anyways I regain consciousness, there's cops everywhere, (name) is covered in blood, got an icepick-- haha it was kind of a weird tuesday."
  • "we're gonna be late for anime school!"
  • "I'm just saying, is it illegal if I'm in my OWN pool?"
  • "(name) WAS A BITCH-ASS POSER."
  • "oh no, he's hot when he's sad!"
  • "this reminds me of prison. this reminds me of prison. this DEFINITELY reminds me of prison."
  • "look at that little pimp. he's gonna grow up to be a prison ass mothafucka."
  • "let's skip all the fluff and get to the part where we're shirtless."
  • "homeboy looks like shark week, I ain't messin' with that."
  • "It wasn't a dream! We got arrested for trespassing! We went to JAIL!"
  • "Nah, man, we went to holding. there's a big difference."
  • "Yeah now we owe Easter Dave a favor-- that is NOT a position you wanna be in."
  • "Wouldn't we have seen him around by now? I mean he is a bipedal shark-person."
  • "I'VE GOT MACE!"
  • "Was macing us really necessary AFTER you remembered who we were?!?"
  • "you took the fall for me and I said thank you."
  • "I went to jail!"
  • "I spent 6 months at a correctional facility!"
  • "I stabbed a girl in the yard!"
  • "I think that guard you killed had a family!"
  • "look at that majestic ass mothafucka. like a dolphin or some shit. a dolphin with legs... and arms... and a jetpack."
  • "that's how they do it in Austrailia."
  • "20 bucks on jabber jaws."
  • "hey, man did you Tivo Glee last night?"
  • "I'm not allowed to watch Glee, my dad says it might turn me into something bad. A musical theater major."
  • "Neither one of them even died!"
  • "they won't let me back into sewing club because apparently when I threaten someone with sewing needles it's deemed 'inappropriate' and I 'have to leave'."
  • "I have to tumblr this!"
  • "a guy with emotional issues who swims away his problems? Lady, that's the whole team, you're gonna have to be more specific."
  • "I ship them! and them!"
  • "they hate each other, but they also fuck each other!"
  • "hey we try not to get this part of the gym wet so whatever you're doing is gonna have to stop."
  • "so do you wanna come back to my place, listen to some Dave Matthews and talk about my work out routine?"
  • "I wonder if that stuff I hid is still here? ...nah, cops probably took it."
  • "do you know? do you know for sure? Because I don't need another incident."
  • "If I get out of this chair I guarantee you'll end up in one with wheels."
  • "Ok. I'll admit, I'm a little threatened."
  • "'sup bitches!~"
  • "aren't you that guy who drowned a kid? and burned down that building?"
  • "get back to it before you learn a lesson in post-war, urban torture practices."
  • "Remember, snitches get stitches!"
  • "shut up you're high as balls!"
  • "you're just mad because mom and dad thought you were a girl for the first year of your life."
  • "right, son. and speaking of crushing disappointments-"
  • "coach tried to get me to vandalize a police station again."
  • "good thing I wore my Heelys."
  • "he's so hot but so crazy! which makes him even MORE hot!"
  • "Come on let me get those digits baby!"
  • "It should be illegal to be that fine!"
  • "oh just basic addition and subtraction. he was subtracting from my profits so I'm going to add a few extra holes in him."
  • "this doesn't seem like the time for polka-renditions of Ke$ha songs."
  • "I hate it when you leave but I love watching you go."
  • "Yeah I've seen him. He's in my scrapbook class. He cuts the eyes out of magazine photos."
  • "your arrest record is extensive... and amateur."
  • "I want that boy to be my bride!"
  • "Pilates will do that man, works your core."
  • "what are we waiting for? let's go bro! let's gbro!"
  • "wow you sure said that."
  • "WOOP! WOOP! hold it, I'm gonna have to pull you over for exceeding recommended hotness."
  • "One time we went camping in the woods, I just left 'em there. Nobody found them for like 5 days. I don't even think their families cared, kinda sad, really."
  • "So, what you're saying is, if they disappeared, no one would notice?"
  • "well I've gotta go not talk to you anymore."
  • "I learned how to swim the old fashioned way. When I was five my dad took me out to a lake and tossed me right in the water."
  • "I'm so happy right now! --and it's not just cause I get to see you in a bunch of different swimsuits. Ok I lied, I'm sorry, that's mostly the reason."
  • "hey I know you! You helped me smuggle some stuff out of the country! How've you been kid?"
Accurate Hamilton songs
  • Alexander Hamilton: the hype song. you hear those first few chords and you turn tf up. 10/10 opening to a show.
  • Aaron Burr, Sir: how to deal with fangirls: a guide by aaron burr, BUT ALSO: song named after burr gets hijacked by laurens, lafayette and mulligan: a metaphor for burr's life
  • My Shot: hey this new kid is kinda cool. this is how you make friends. a masterpiece. 10/10.
  • The Story of Tonight: drunk revolutionaries, drunk politics, is this what having friends feels like???
  • The Schuyler Sisters: are we talking empowering women in the revolutionary era? hell yeah we are! WERK!
  • Farmer Refuted: street preacher gets REKT
  • You'll Be Back: the king is terrifying, but like, in a really cute way.
  • Right Hand Man: how to get senpai to notice you: a guide by alexander hamilton. also, fuck burr.
  • A Winter's Ball: burr is salty, but admits alex has game. hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey
  • Helpless: eliza schuyler is too pure for this world, but also: y'all got married after two weeks????
  • Satisfied: angelica schuyler chooses her sister's happiness over her own #queen
  • The Story of Tonight - Reprise: drunk revolutionaries the sequel.
  • Wait For It: aaron burr has an existential crisis.
  • Stay Alive: I'M A GENERAL WEEEEE!! also a lot of people die. CHICKAPLAOW.
  • Ten Duel Commandments: counting has never been so cool.
  • Meet Me Inside: daddy issues.
  • That Would Be Enough: gdi alexander stay with your wife and unborn child
  • Guns And Ships: MOTHERFUCKING LAFAYETTE! also daveed diggs is a gift to humanity
  • History Has Its Eyes On You: I fucked up, but I won't let it happen to you.
  • Yorktown/The World Turned Upside Down: immigrants, we get the job done. HERCULES MULLIGAN!
  • What Comes Next?: the king is terrifying, but also sassy as hell. AWESOME, WOW.
  • Dear Theodosia: "i had daddy issues, but i promise you won't". breaks my heart 10 times out of 10.
  • Non-Stop: alex is a workaholic and i'm mad (and so is burr)
  • What'd I Miss: jefferson is back after an exchange year in france and he's better than ever (not really, he still holds slaves)
  • Cabinet Battle #1: what all political debates should be like.
  • Take A Break: gdi alexander spend time with your wife and your 9 year old son, which your wife had to remind you is turning 9 TODAY
  • Say No To This: alex didn't have time to go on vacation with wife and child but he had time to cheat on his wife *slow clap*
  • The Room Where It Happens: burr has a serious case of FOMO
  • Schuyler Defeated: "they don't need to know me they don't like you" aka burr finally decides to do something but fucks over alexander in the process (not that burr cares)
  • Cabinet Battle #2: what all political debates should be like, the sequel
  • Washington On Your Side: jefferson, madison, and burr are all salty af because hamilton is washington's fave
  • One Last Time: washington steps down and tells alexander to "deal with it"
  • I Know Him: the king is /still/ terrifying, and he's also a washington fanboy and tells john adams "good luck :):):):):):)"
  • The Adams Administration: the adams administration is a shitshow unlike any other
  • We Know: u done fucked up, alex, and ur enemies know
  • Hurricane: alexander hamilton's gonna prove to everyone that he can write his way out of a crisis. WRITING ISN'T GONNA SOLVE EVERYTHING, ALEX.
  • The Reynolds Pamphlet: aka hamilton never gon' be prESIDENT NOW *jefferson makes it rain* also poor eliza
  • Burn: eliza won't let anyone know how she reacted to alexander's infidelity #protecteliza2kForever but also damn now those letters are lost in history
  • Blow Us All Away: how to graduate, schedule a threesome, duel someone, and die in one song: a guide by philip hamilton
  • Stay Alive - Reprise: he ded
  • It's Quiet Uptown: fuckin heartbreak goddamn i cry 11/10 times, also eliza forgives alexander and everyone wonders why
  • The Election of 1800: jefferson is tired of the feels and wants to talk politics again, also fuck burr
  • Your Obedient Servant: a sass battle between hamilton and burr. a.ham vs a.burr
  • Best of Wives and Best of Women: eliza just wants to sleep
  • The World Was Wide Enough: "I JUST KILLED MY BEST FRIEND" "and your worst enemy" "SAME DIFFERENCE"
  • Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story: Eliza Hamilton is goddamn queen god bless her, all aboard the feels train! YOU GET SOME FEELS AND YOU GET SOME FEELS AND YOU GET SOME FEELS

I’ve been seeing post about peopling attacking Bumleby shippers for attacking Arryn and bitching and moaning about Bmblb and let me say:

Screw you.

Look I can’t say if people have attacked Arryn. I don’t have Twitter. Probably some asshats did but most didn’t. Here on Tumblr people were going on and on about don’t attack Arryn. People are angry but most are just /venting/ and not actually attacking Arryn.

Which leads me to my second point. I am a queer woman. I want to see wlw relationships. Like in another post I made, I am not here to claim that Bumbleby will be canon. I ship it and want it to be canon but whatever happens, happens. This isn’t why people are mad. People are necessarily mad Bumbleby won’t be canon (they are but it’s not the underlining cause)

The main cause is that Bmblb is now queerbaiting. This song is about a girl having a crush on a girl and wanting to be with her. It’s sung by a girl and it’s directed towards a girl. And to me, I think Yang is singing it. Meaning, Yang is LGBT+.

People where happy for the song because after 5 long years of nothing, not even a shard of a bone to chew on, we got something. Songs in r/wby are meant to be canon to the show and we finally had a character who was queer. We finally had /something/ to say “this character is not straight”

But now for that to be ripped away and said no one knew about it and it’s not actually canon? That it was just added just cause? And a MONTH after the song came out? That’s queerbaiting. You got our hopes up then crushed them.

Arryn should not have said anything tbh. She is a VA, she is not a writing. I’m still not blaming her for this, she probably snapped under pressure of fans asking her about it, but she should not have said anything (especially if she didn’t listen to the song)

RT themselves should have A) came out about it right after the song came out. Still sucks but it’s less of a stab in the back and B) should never have let Jeff put it in the official soundtrack. Jeff should have just gave it out as a single track.

So please, please, try to understand. People are mad because we don’t see ourselves on TV. And when we do, we are mocked, censored, or killed off. The reason many push for Bumbleby is because so many people ship it in the fandom and at Rooster teeth and we see a lot of interaction between Blake and Yang. But again, we just want a queer character. We want to see ourselves. Our lake is so dry that we get excited when there’s sun shower. That’s how badly we are starved for LGBT+ rep.

We feel double crossed and we are just upset. Had any other song been like this, like “lmfn” where someone at RT said it’s just platonic, people also would be up in arms. Just put yourself in our shoes and try to understand why we are mad. Stop going out to make us look bad. It’s making us more angry.

Remember Me - Malia Tate AU Imagine

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Summary: Y/n McCall is the younger twin sister of Scott (she’s human though). She and Malia have been dating for 3 years now. Instead of Stiles being taken by the Ghost Riders it’s Y/n. Stalia never happen here but Stydia is canon. Story will be told from both Malia and Y/n’s POV.

Gifs are not mine credits to owner.


I saw them. 

My heart raced as I felt some beads of sweat fall down my face. I raced down the hallway running into my brother “Scott!” I smiled at him he turned around and looked at me weirdly but replaced it with a small smile “Hi” he spoke “thank God listen I saw them I saw the riders they’re coming for me” I said all in one breath “what? who’s coming?” Scott became panicky “the Ghost Riders from the Wild Hunt” I told him freaking out completely “Listen calm down” he spoke softly I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly “why don’t you tell me your name.” Scott smiled that’s when I felt my world shatter,my own blood even know me.

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I want to talk about Wanda Maximoff in the MCU and specifically in Civil War today. I know nobody is going to read this, but I want to talk about it. I’ve seen a lot of different reactions to what happened to her, most contained in a sentence or two, and I admit I haven’t done the best job myself dealing with it, in meta or in fic. But I thought about it a lot last night and want to try to work it out.

I don’t even want to deal with “I cannot control their fear, I can only control my own.” I just want to deal with “you locked me in my room.”

It’s such a childish line, but Wanda Maximoff is not a child. The narrative of Civil War goes out of its way to say she is, but it’s a back and fourth. One minute she’s locked in her room, one minute Steve sees her as a child in need of protection, the next her temper tantrums graduate to actually pushing a loved one through half a dozen floors, or throwing cars.

Let’s review who Wanda Maximoff is. She’s an adult. She’s not a US citizen and, judging by how much respect for authority and law Steve has, something tells me she doesn’t have a Visa or a green card and no one wanted to say anything…while the Avengers were still a popular institution. Plus, it does take a while to get that type of documentation, especially if it’s for a permanent stay. So she’s an undocumented, super powered, adult on US soil continuously drawing attention to herself with her powers.

She’s also a former Nazi. We don’t talk about this much because it’s gross and it never should have happened, but it did and that means we need to deal with it. Wanda and Pietro volunteered to be experimented on by HYDRA so they could get revenge on the man and the world they hated. They literally volunteered to work for the Nazis.

She enabled Ultron with far more intent than Tony or Bruce ever did, she turned the Hulk deliberately on a crowded area on Johannesburg.

Wanda Maximoff, at this point, is an adult foreign national living on US soil (likely without documentation and therefore much legal recourse), a former Nazi, and someone with immense powers.

She’s also, by and large, untrained. Look at Lagos–it’s a training mission. Steve and Natasha are training her. They’re talking her through a recon and showing her the ropes. It’s all kinds of gross that they bring her into the field and decide to train her using the citizens of Lagos as essentially props.

(Don’t think I don’t notice that Wanda’s two biggest fuck-ups happen in African nations. I think largely this can be attributed to a studio choice, and knowing that, grossly, a large segment of their audience would forgive her far quicker for being complicit–purposefully or through a general team negligence–in the deaths of Black people than they would be White people. That’s the gross reality of the world. I do think there’s an interesting characterization argument here too, but that would be a massive digression).

Steve and Natasha are training Wanda on essentially running recon in Nigeria. Wanda says “You guys know I can move things with my mind, right?” This makes me think she feels this portion of herself is being overlooked. Essentially, Steve and Natasha feel she’s “got that,” work with her on other aspects of running a mission, and assume the mind stuff is handled. But she’s undisciplined, and her powers seem by and large triggered by instinct and emotion. And look, I’m not trying to sound like “she should have done better”, but yes, I am. If you’re using your powers in the field, you should have finer control.

Unless, of course, it’s a training mission. With real, live people involved.

So let’s review. Wanda Maximoff is an adult foreign national, likely undocumented with little legal recourse. She’s a former Nazi and has wreaked her fair amount of havoc on the world. Now, as an Avenger, she has little training and has superiors who honestly think training her on active missions is a great idea.

We’re all caught up.

In Civil War, Wanda is locked in the compound. It’s rather like administrative leave pending investigation, with the added caveat that a.) she’s not technically legally in the country and b.) she’s a danger to others. If others push her–and we see on the news that they’re calling for her head–she’ll lash out. How do we know? Well, she’s lashed out at the Avengers before (the visions), and soon enough, she’ll do it to Vision, doing something that would literally kill a normal human.

If the world was clear and good, and Civil War didn’t happen, I would hope this “administrative leave” would conclude that a.) Wanda did have the best intentions, b.) if she didn’t act worse would have happened, c.) Steve and Natasha deserve just as much if not more censor for literally having a training exercise with people’s lives on the line and d.) more training–structured and controlled–is required. Except, of course, it would have been half-assed, because who would have been concluding this? Who would have enforced it?

Tony made this choice to place her in the Compound. Should he have told her? Should the man Wanda has spent her life hating, the man Wanda pushed to feel the necessity of Ultron, the man Wanda literally joined a Nazi organization for so she could get back at him, be in any position to communicate with her?

Tony had Vision stay with her and ultimately tell her. Should Wanda’s friend, closest friend, be in that position? Who else?

This is what I’ve been driving at. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was, I don’t know, some sort of council or something that jointly made discipline decisions, amongst other things, so the decision could be official, technically impartial, and followed through? Wouldn’t it be nice if the Avengers kept one hand on the wheel so they could work out a discipline system they trust and believe in with a council they have a mutual trust or at least respect with?

Wouldn’t it be nice if a board reviewed what happened while Wanda was in the compound, concluded what I said above in my points, and meanwhile the Avengers PR works on the press perception of her so she’s safe? Wouldn’t it be nice if it wasn’t Tony trying to protect her and everyone else and not having the means or resources, but rather a system in place?

Wanda Maximoff and what happened to her isn’t an argument against the Accords. She is literally one of the biggest arguments as to why the Accords and some sort of official body to govern the Avengers are necessary. This is what discipline, order, and limitations means, and to me, it looks a whole hell of a lot better than anything else.

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Hey! I am sorry you are sad, I hope writing it out will help, so here is a prompt: DrunkRegina verse, Robin tells her he cannot be her mentor anymore (due to being in love with her of course) or Robin tells her they need to set up boundaries otherwise the whole mentor thing won't work. Another for the What Once Was Lost verse cuz i miss it so very much: Huge fight where Regina says she never wants to get back her memories of him or more like them. Thank you! I hope you'll feel better soon! <3

Okay so, I went with the Sponsor Verse prompt just because that one is literally written just on a prompt basis whereas I’m currently in the middle of a complete re-write of What Once Was Lost as I still like the premise of the fic but I don’t like my original writing for it. I’ll post a sneak peek of the new version below the Sponsor Verse prompt. Thank you lovely xo

Sponsor Verse

“It’s just…” he sighs, swallows thickly and drops his eyes from her face, from the hurt there, “it isn’t working anymore. It’s nothing personal,” he hates himself for lying to her because it is personal, of course it’s personal, “I just can’t continue on like this. I have a friend though, John. He’s agreed to take my place and continue on with your weekly sessions. He’ll look after you.”

“I don’t want another mentor, Robin,” she shakes her head, taking a step closer that he matches with a step back and he can practically feel the betrayal rolling off of her in waves, can taste it. “I don’t understand, we’ve been doing so well, I’ve been doing so well?”

“Of course you have,” he chances a glance up and wishes he hadn’t because there are tears in those dark eyes now and he just wants to take her into his arms and apologise, tell her he doesn’t mean it, kiss those glistening tracks from her- “But I’ve already made my mind up,” because this can’t continue. He’s supposed to be caring for her, keeping her on track, not falling in love with her for fucks sake. She deserves better than that. She deserves better than him. “I’m going back to England at the end of the month.”

“You’re…” she gasps as though he’s stolen the very air that she breathes and he hates that he’s done this to her, that he’s let himself get too close when she’s so vulnerable and in need of so much more. “You can’t.”

“Regina,” he begins, swallowing thickly against his own emotions because it’ll only complicate things if she sees how much this is killing him, “I-“

“No, Robin,” her voice trembles along with her chin as she shakes her head at him, “I’m better with you,” and there’s no pretence in her now, no denial of feelings she shouldn’t be having for him as there has been before when they’ve gotten too close to doing something stupid and he aches for her. “I’m better with you, you make me better.”

“John can-“

“I don’t give a fuck about John or anyone else for that matter.”

A tear escapes, rolls down his cheek.

“You and Henry, you make me better. You make me want to be better, for you. You can’t just leave me,” her momentary burst of anger ebbs out of her like breath from her lungs as she whimpers, “please don’t leave me,” takes another step forward and then another before he can move away, grasping at his arms as she pushes her forehead against his own and all but begs, “please don’t leave me.”

What Once Was Lost - Sneak Peak (Re-write) It’s a big preview to (hopefully) see if you guys are still interested in it!

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Random pet peeve but it genuinely bothers me in fics when Kara says something to the effect of "I don't wanna hurt you" and the other person replies "you won't". It's? A? Valid? Concern??? Like all the faith or true love in the world won't protect you if Kara midjudges her strength for even a second. Let homegirl set her own boundaries, jeez

Honestly? I am 100% with you.

Oddly, I didn’t really note this as a concern enough to voice- yet - but it was still there. I think it’s because it’s the same kind of issue one has with like general positivity posts that miss how hard something is.

I mean, yes, thank you, I know I am a powerful person who can overcome anything, but um I have a real??? problem??? and positivity doesn’t cut it in this case, I need real advice or coping mechanisms to deal with them.

Solutions, not encouragement. Not this time.

Like I understand the urge to pull the mind-over matter plot device so that it can be all about emotions and love overpowering everything, but no amount of positive thinking would stop Kara’s vagina from dead ass crushing her partner.

In some ways, it’s kind of like engaging in bdsm without a safe word. Like saying “I trust you,” and then ??? hoping for the best??? When the person just said they didn’t trust themselves????

That’s not safe. And if the partner actually cares about keeping them safe, it’s not fun for them, either, to be unsure if they’re really going to hurt them.

I also think, particularly with sex, we should be careful with how we write fic situations. 

From the consent issues in using Red K as a smut prompt, the consent issues with having Kara lying about her alien Supergirl identity while sleeping with someone, to putting Kara’s partner in real physical danger and making Kara uncomfortable in the process by not using external means to control Kara’s abilities, it’d be wise to try to understand these outlandish scenarios within the context of reality. How people would really feel about these situations.

Plus, how the hell is Kara supposed to enjoy herself if all her focus is on controlling her powers? Not breaking her partner’s ribs? 

And on that note, I’d kill for a fic that has Kara’s partner try to encourage Kara that she has control over herself enough to engage in intercourse, but then have the partner realize that it’s Not Fun for Kara and try to come up with real solutions, because Kara should be able to let go for a little while.

anonymous asked:

Hi! So I have a friend that's obsessed with KS.I hate it , but how can i explain to her that it's disgusting and harmful? She won't listen to me and says that I'm over dramatising :(

Hi!!, you need to tell her about the blatant ableism, homophobia and fetishization. 

I’d suggest telling her that KS directly hurts you and/or others, and since she’ll most likely ask why/how, here’s the ableism:

This is evidence of Koogi (the creator of killing stalking) being ableist towards those with BPD. She is implying that people with BPD don’t act normal. 

People try defending this by saying “well not all representation has to be positive”, which of course mental illness representation doesn’t have to be positive about the mental illness, it is still extremely ableist to imply that those with BPD, or just any personally disorder, don’t act right.

Moving onto the homophobia and fetishization:

Koogi is a cishet woman who is basically, long story short, making r#pe porn for other cishet women to get off to and treating the subject of mlm as some porn category.

Koogi made Yoonbum extremely feminine, which is a homophobic way that people depict gay couples.

She also….oddly made the r#pe scenes not as uncomfortable/terrifying as r#pe actually is. This is because the r#pe scenes are supposed to be viewed as hot/enjoyable for the reader. Plus, Koogi, being a straight woman, shouldn’t even be writing something like this that involves mlm. Yes, straight people can have lgbt pairings but….this kind of subject isn’t her thing to tell. 

Again, ksers use the “not all representation has to be good”, which again is true but koogi still shouldn’t be trying to tell a story about this subject. If anyone is going to be writing a story about gay r#pe, it should be a gay r#pe survivor, not a cishet woman. She handles the subject terribly. 

I would in general suggest telling her all of this information, and if she still says you’re overreacting, i’d suggest dropping her as a friend in general. I hope these things help!

Talking about why i stop with the comic/story of bendy(of this blog)

((warning: im not good at English and it’s not my maternal lenguage, im from Mexico, and it’s not at all easy for me to speak or write in English, so please, forgive me if i make any dramatical erros in this long post, thanks~))

Hi!, it’s been a while since i didn’t post nothing (almost 2 months i guess..)

Sorry for stop the comic/storie that i start in this ask-blog of my Bendy.

look it just didn’t work for me anymore.

reason?: “life problems” happends.

that’s kinda the long storie short, but if you want details of what else make me stop my work on this: family issues, and people who get bored for wait to much time for the next pages.

look about that people who get bored to wait: im not mad at them, it’s more i understand them!:

even if it cost me a lot this comic and blah blah blah, i understand that it’s really broing to wait to much for a storie to continue (example: some ex-fans of the hometsuck comic, when hussie decide to be in a long hiatus for almost a year or two to just post a single page).

not only that: i just didn’t feel at all into the storie anymore, i feel more like: lost, trying to do something to make my Au of Bendy interesting(u know like the tipycal: hore for atention, lol), try to …idk just maybe be popular like the rest of bendy blogs.

i was so lost that i even sometimes put some escenes without sence in the comic/storie, making this one more long, bored and with more and more and more pages.




then i say “STOP. You don’t need this, you don’t need to make something fucking “”””Cool”””” for make people think you are a great artist/ writer/ etc., you just: need to chill, fix the real life problems you have, try to comunicate again with your friends(internet and real life friends) and then maybe you can try again with this blog, but a bit diferent.” 

so i dicede to just do what i say to myself, but at the end it didn’t work (at all).

now, i’ll explain what i mean with “ try again with this blog, but a bit diferent.”:

  • i’ll try to have just a normal story with the characters, nothing like the comic/story i start, it will be like: just characters with a past story who now (try) live a normal life with they coulpes and/or family (for example my Bendy that it’s the husband of Binnie ( @ink-family ), Alice the girlfriend of Randy ( @bumblela ) and boris that it’s the brother of Alice and Bendy).
  • i’ll try to make a normal drama sometimes in the story, instead of the novela i was making (the story/comic, lol)
  • i’ll try to show new characters ( “new” just because i didn’t show them yet), they storys and they interactions with the other characters and the person who make them a question.
  • etc.~

sorry if i upset some people with this, but i just hope you can understand, and if you hate me for this then ok, good, maybe i deserve it.

and thank you very much for the ones (even if it wasn’t much people) for follow me, support me a bit and for try to make me feel better (especially friends

and a special thanks and sorry for @ink-family, @cooltrashwoman(i know she it’s actually deactivated, but she it’s my bestie of the real life, and this is in case she create another account in tumbrl and/or check my blog/tumbrl) and @unificationfamilyandfriends 

a thanks becuase: of all the support and patient you guys give me about the storie

a sorry because: i didn’t talk much with you guys about this, for didn’t talk much with you, for didn’t rp much with you 2, and for a lot of things more.

and i know this might sound a bit (really) childish to say but..for say sorry i make you some pics. And i hope you enjoy them:

(( this blue one for: @ink-family ))

(( @Cooltrashwoman ))

((  @unificationfamilyandfriends ))

thank you all for everything, hope to see’ya all soon, bye and thanks for your atenttion/for read this long post!

 about how marta went from overanalyzing x-men to meta about extent of merlin’s powers.

so, it was already established that my x-men obsession has returned, that much we know, but rewatching and seeing the old movies made me want to point out a couple of things about merlin. see, we have jean grey who’s an extremely powerful mutant and perhaps the only level 5 mutant alive. she has telekinesis, telepathy and her phoenix powers which basically means she can alter the reality to her will, right?

and then i have merlin, and i think if he were a mutant there would probably be no possible class for him, with how powerful he is.

see, i know just fine that magic is obviously different than mutations, but still it makes me consider it for a little longer. because really, when merlin arrives in camelot (he’s eighteen), his powers are still purely instinctual, by the time it all unwraps in the show he’s already extremely powerful (he’s just twenty-eight). and yet it is said he has power he cannot yet conceive. which makes you think that yes, he will be more powerful. even more so, that by the modern times he’s already 1500+ years old. he is so powerful that his magic makes him immortal. as much that he mastered the power over life and death.

now, if we know that and we know he’ll have all the time in the world to develop his skills, let me analyze what he could already do during the young years of his life we already saw in the show. mind you, some of which were accessed through spells, and yet seeing as he is claimed to be the most powerful sorcerer to ever have walked the earth, it’s still the specific abilities he possesses that allow him to do so many things.

keep in mind all of these are canon things he could do just in the show.

  • telekinesis. one of the first abilities he’s ever had. he mentions he could move objects with his mind before he could talk or walk. a very powerful kind he used from day one to the end of the show for very different purposes (as much just levitating things to flying countless people through the air with blasts of telekinetic energy).
  • control over elements. it’s also been shown from early on, in various forms, and all four of them. example is simple lighting fires, creating earthquakes or dangerous creation of handy tornados, etc.
  • control over weather. a little different from the control over elements, but still very valid. could be for example creating fog to cover up, or creating huge ass lightnings (like the one that killed Nimueh or defeated the entire army of Saxons).
  • slowing down molecules / time. it’s actually the first magical ability that was purely instinctual that was shown on the show. it’s hard to say whether it’s just molecules or the time itself, but it’s i think very close to one another.
  • telepathy / borderline mind control. seemingly different, but tied together. merlin first started to hear, as well as communicate with other magic users through telepathy. it was a thing yet to develop, but we could later see him using crystals to communicate with arthur for example. plus, he did use his magic to bend will (of arthur’s once, to get him safely out of camelot).
  • empathy / sensing. he was always very tied to places and magic, as well as being able to sense the magic in places and people. he could also sense spirits or magic cast at people.
  • healing. he could heal great wounds that were not inflicted by magical creatures (with obvious practice) as well as the effect of poison, some injuries or certain types of magic. 
  • projection / conjuring. it’s a very difficult skill that generally speaks against all the laws of magic (ones we even see in harry potter). merlin himself said no one can make butterflies appear from thin air, and yet we see him do the exact thing much later. it’s basically complete bending of reality and making things with actual body and purpose out of thin air.
  • energy / energy blasts / bending life and death. he was able to conjure blasts of pure, raw energy (like seen with killing sophia’s father for example), as well as conjuring energy that could kill things already dead or created from pure magical essence (like griffins for example).
  • shields / defensive magic. he was able to shield himself from many attack from both magical as well as non magical threats, like for example creating magical force protecting him from dragon’s breath. putting barriers around his mind definitely count too.
  • clairvoyance. this was always more of morgana’s true purpose and merlin wasn’t a seer, but he did have prophetic visions, sometimes dreams. he was also one of the very few creatures able to use crystal of neahtid which was essentially one of the crystals from crystal cave which allowed him to see the past, the present and the future.
  • necromancy / mediumship / summoning spirits. all of these appeared, though on yet different level and up to discovering more in the future. necromancy was especially shown when morgana summoned lancelot’s shade and he proved capable of it, and spirit work happened a few times as well, though not always by his hand (but clearly he was capable of both).
  • transfiguration / shapeshifting. it’s very close to conjuring, however it’s about changing the things that already exist into something else. it was for example turning a statue into an animal or conjuring snakes. but it was also himself turning into his various aliases, like ageing spell with dragoon or turning into the dolma.
  • dragonlord legacy. this is something inherited from his father and merlin is the last of his kind. he can command dragons and creatures alike, make them rise to life and many other things tied to his kin.
  • many other abilities. there are plenty of other abilities he had shown, but i can’t possibly name them all. they include things like extremely fast gathering information, very high resilience to things, seeing the path ahead of him, and plenty, plenty other things.
  • immortality. that alone is a result of being so powerful. the druids called him emrys and it’s his second true name, which means sorcerer cursed with immortality. it means that merlin can die, but never permanently, unless he’s ran through a sword forged in dragon’s breath through the heart. the last sword of that kind (excalibur) he both created and cast away to avalon with king arthur after his death, resulting in him being unable to die and having to wait for centuries for the arrival of new age.

now, there are obviously more abilities there which i failed to mention, and keep in mind that these are just things that he could do while still in the show (up till he was twenty-eight). he will develop his skills over time and become truly the most powerful being, and then truly the last of his kind (as it is canon that magic is dying out from the lands). the only things he cannot do is die, truly bring back the dead to life and move in time.

still, also keep in mind that while merlin is extremely powerful and being called magic itself, while he’s half being of old religion, the other part of him is still human (even if that part of him would cool off over time). there is also no doubt that whichever universe he’d be, it’d force him to hide away, because knowing about such power is asking for trouble. people do seek power and whatever it can bring them and that alone has been a trouble back in the show ; it surely will prove to be in the future too.

This is pure crack and I’m sorry but Online Gay Revolution Clexa AU:

- Clarke as a Suffering Bisexual on Tumblr leading the boycott against shows that kill off gay characters;

- Lexa as a smol gentle bean who’s really put off by Clarke’s attitude at first;
- Lexa coming at Clarke on anon and completely missing the point bless her poor secretly gay soul;

- Clarke intrigued by this anon because while all the other anons are The Straights™ screaming about their boring het ship sailing, this one actually challenges her and with every new message, it looks like they are actually trying to understand instead of reprimanding her;

- Lexa dubbed as The Babe Anon by Clarke because once Lexa let it slip that she’s had women hit on her before, like, a lot, which was frankly a stupid argument but hey they are my problematic faves in this AU;

- Lexa slowly learning and seeing the bigger picture and becoming enraged with this stupid trope because a) she scrolled through Clarke’s blog and those gifs of that Lexark ship were rather intriguing so she caved and watched the show and holy fuck how is it possible to be feeling so much for two fictional queer girls; and b)every time Clarke posts something new Lexa’s heart flutters in her chest and damn the gay agenda must be working because the thoughts she’s been having lately are so not straight;

- Lexa stumbling on ‘me’ tag on Clarke’s blog and being blown the fuck away and yup she’s not straight;

- Clarke refreshing her inbox every second hoping The Babe Anon sends her something and stupidly smiling when she does;

- The Babe Anon’s asks becoming supportive and friendly and then just asking for advice;

- Great Fandom Angst when The Babe Anon confesses she thinks she might be bi or even gay and mentioning some girl when the whole fandom already highkey ships her with Clarke;

- Countless asks flow to Clarke’s inbox saying that “ugh I know you’re two actual real-life people but goddamn The Babe Anon better take her head out of her ass and propose to you already” and Clarke never posting them but lowkey being on board;

- Lexa wanting to come clean to Clarke but being afraid because there have been so many people saying they were The Babe Anon and Clarke’s really tired of it and Lexa’s blog is just a tiny lil boat compared to Clarke’s so Clarke won’t even notice her;

- Lexa getting drunk one day and spilling her guts in Clarke’s askbox and then accidentally sending it;

- Great Fandom Celebration because the next morning Clarke posted the ask from The Babe Anon confessing how much she likes her and Clarke’s response just reads: I know it’s really you, and the feeling is very mutual;

- The fandom making posts not to be jerks and not to pretend to be The Babe Anon so the real one has a chance;

- Lexa finally gathering up her courage and sending Clarke a message and after a while of messaging back and forth Clarke just knows it’s actually her

- Clarke stumbling into ‘me’ tag on Lexa’s blog and there aren’t any pics so she asks Lexa for a pic and is so fucking blown away because Lexa is truly The Babe;

- What are the fucking chances they live in the same city well you guessed it they are really fucking high they live in the same city and they meet up and post a pic and their followers go wild;

- Lexa’s actually a hot shot journalist and she uses her connections to help the cause and yup the showrunner is fired;

- Five years from the moment they met, Clarke Woods is announced the showrunner of a young-adult- TV show and her wife Lexa Woods is there to cover it;

- Man I’m such a gay nerd I’m sorry;

Y’all need to chill honestly

What even is all this fuss about?
A character that’s asexual and by that ruins your fangirls need?

Do you people realise how much of an unnecessary scandal this has been?
One thing is to question the inconsistency the authors made in certain aspects, but what you’re all doing is far from that.

You’re acting like Mika being asexual completly restrains your freedom to interpret Mikayuu, when all it does is give Mikas character a more realistic trait.

Guys, Mika being asexual doesn’t change anything that we were doing before. It doesn’t make his relationship with Yuu (which, by the way, I also believe is a demi/asexual) any less strong.

It also doesn’t kill the possibility of them making love.
All it does, for example, is show that Mika (and other vampires) don’t have the same interest Norito has in seeing the curves of a girls body.

What you all need to comprehend, is that the way you’re acting, is the same as if a straight person with no knowledge of homesexuality were questioning what makes gay people gay and how that doesn’t affect the aspect of their love nonethless.

So yes, Mika is asexual.

Yes, he doesn’t feel horny when looking at people he has no interest in.

No, his and Yuus relationship doesn’t need to have sex to be strong.

Mika can still feel like making love to Yuu.

Because if that happens, it won’t just be a sexual drive, it will be their feelings overwhelming them so much, making them want to stay with each other so much, that it just happens naturally, without any sexual instincts. It’s just starts slowly, and them it get’s there because they need one another.

So, I truly do hope you all understand what this means. You don’t need to act differently towards them (as long as as your view doesn’t involves fetish that is, because that’s something most asexuals don’t like) just do what you’ve been doing all this time. Love the way they look and act towards each other, how happy they are in the presence of their beloved one, how they act like dorks, smilling to the full extent of their soul.

Psych Sentence Starters
  • "We may have a children of the corn situation happening here."
  • "You realize I carry a gun right?"
  • "I've heard it both ways."
  • "Don't be a rabid porcupine."
  • "I don't love you."
  • "Maybe when we get two gourds we can work that out."
  • "I'm never doing anything with you blindly again. I learned that at the mexican border, twice."
  • "You know how I zone out when other people talk."
  • "I got the tiny girl with the limp!"
  • "You don't have to prove you're a great criminal."
  • "Don't eat the chicken."
  • "The best way to convince someone you're not lying to them is to tell them you are!"
  • "I know, you know, that I'm not telling the truth."
  • "I left my cell phone in your car, along with a tuna sandwich. I really hope you found that."
  • "I was not hitting on your wife."
  • "Yours? That's funny I didn't see your name on it anywhere."
  • "I honestly have no response to that."
  • "Good help is hard to find I suppose."
  • "I can't be the fall guy in front of my hero!"
  • "I'm sorry sir, I didn't see you standing there. You know, being so stealth-like."
  • "Hear about Pluto? That's messed up, right?"
  • "There are over 400 stars in our galaxy! Maybe more, no one knows for sure."
  • "I'll be nice to you, just do me a favor, stop stealing the gum out of my locker."
  • "People are gonna miss me so much."
  • "You are gonna die, soon. Definitely before me if statistics prove correct! Which is so wrong, cause I'm practically asking for it!"
  • "Sorry I tried to kill you with a sword."
  • "You kiss him/her, you die."
  • "One minute you're witty, and sarcastic, and smart, and the next second your like a six year old looking for a popsicle."
  • "Dude, we already hung out with enough crazy white people with year."
  • "Just because you put syrup on somethin' don't make it pancakes."
  • "I feel like I've been incarcerated in a blueberry."
  • "You're supposed to not get arrested for murder!"
  • "Stay calm, I'm pretty sure ninety percent of gunshot wounds are psychological."
  • "What is the point of his face?!"
  • "I would like to use my out now!"
  • "I'm sorry this as far as I can take you."
  • "Why are you helping me, really?"
  • "Seriously, get out of the car."
  • "Hello, assface."
  • "I'll be damned, this is the second mexican standoff I've been in today."
  • "I'll quit when you're behind bars or dead. I don't really have a preference at this point."
  • "I'm just happy that you're safe."
  • "I'm just trying to help you, father."
  • "People need to know!"
  • "Doesn't anyone check for a pulse anymore?"
  • "I'm a sympathetic crier!"
  • "Why do you hurt me?"
  • "Only psychos answer ads on craigslist, you might as well have posted it on murder me this instant dot com!"
  • "How is it that I'm now being punished for being honest?!"
  • "If you killed him just tell me."
  • "Here's something stupid, I think I'm dying."
  • "How does that saying go again? Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, won't get fooled again. Fool me a third time, and- the second time didn't really count because- damn didn't he look dead?"
  • "What would you do if that were Jesus' yogurt?"
  • "You want to walk my dog?"
  • "Security had to taze me."
  • "There is nothing funny about a three hole punch!"
Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Episodes 10-11 (part 1)

[It’s finally happened, my thoughts on a pair of episodes have ballooned to such a degree that I can’t put the all in one post. The things this show does to me. I avoid BBJX altogether this week, but the post still includes spoilers through episode 11 of SH:R. Part 1 sticks mostly to episode 10 and the SoSoo dynamic. Part 2 will deal with Court Lady Oh, Wook and broader themes. Enjoy.]

Let’s talk about the unexpected positives that came out of the end of episode 9: Contrary to what many people feared, Soo did not waiver and begin to fall for So during the kiss scene, or at the beach, or even during the makeup scene that followed. In fact, Soo’s heart didn’t waiver throughout episode 10. She was very firm and clear with So about her feelings, and seemed to have every intention of marrying Wook and trying to make a life with him far away from the intrigues of the palace.

And I think So’s sentiments are supposed to have a certain ambiguity, not just for the audience but for Soo. Is he the dangerous, possessive homicidal maniac who would kill for her without hesitation or remorse (whether she wants it or not)? Or is he the emotionally inarticulate little boy struggling to make his feelings known to her, when the language of love is so totally unknown to him he can only express it in warlike terms? 

The answer I keep coming back to being…can’t it be both? A character like Wang So can be more than one thing.

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Figured I’d post this on tumblr, too. 

Title: Burst Rate
Fandom: Life is Strange
Characters: Max, Nathan
Relationship: Platonic Caulscott
Summary: Max and Nathan have a chat a year after the ending of the game.
Warnings: SPOILERS for Episode 5.

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♥ I Love Him , He Loves Me Not ♥ (BTS Jungkook) Part Two


    " What's she doing here !? " You whisper/shouted 

           " Aish ! ___ could you be a bit more louder ! " Taehyung said  sarcastically 

                 Tonight was movie night and your parents had given you permission to sleep over at the guys house. Let's just say everything was perfectly fine until Minah unnie showed up. You weren't gonna lie you were kinda jealous of Minah. Well not of her but because she basically had Jungkook wrapped around her fingers , But you being the girl you were instead of complaining to Kookie oppa you were over here complaining to V. 

        " Wae ~ ! , no one invited her anyway " You said childishly 

“ Jungkook invited her ” Taehyung said sounding a bit annoyed

  " Jinja- ahh ! why ? " You whined while tugging onto V's arm 

   " She's his girlfriend why wouldn't he invite her " V replied but completely regretting it 

          " What ? " You said a low sad voice 

  " Anio- ___ I'm sorry wait ! " V said 

               After hearing V say that you felt your whole body go numb. You could even hear the shattering pieces of your poor broken heart. You were so hurt that you didn't notice you were crying. How could Minah do this to you she knew you loved jungkook. Jungkook himself knew you liked him. How could they ? You wiped your tears and quickly walked over to the kitchen where Jungkook , Minah , and Namjoon were making popcorn and grabbing some snacks. You felt jealousy hit you as you saw Minah flirtingly punch Jungkook. As soon as they noticed you were there they all turned towards you. 

         " What's wrong honey? " Minah asked fakely 

              At this moment you felt like smacking Minah with the spatula  that sat on the the table. You knew Minah since 1st grade she could act like your sweet , caring , and innocent Noona/Unnie/Dongsaeng , but in reality she was a complete fake gold digging slut. Then it hit you, how could she be dating Kookie oppa and your schools quarterback at the same time ? You ignored that thought and simply smiled at Minah. 

            " I'm fine Unnie , Kookie oppa can I talk to you for a bit " You asked 

    " Omo ~!  wae~! " Jungkook screamed coldly 

          " Please " You begged 

" Fine , whatever i'll be back noona " He informed 

    You and Jungkook headed towards the park that was just around the corner of the guys house. You felt your stomach in a knot as if this very instant you could literally throw up. You decided to was time to confess to Jungkook , something you probably would never do for anyone you liked. Confessing was just a big "No No " for you. You put your hands inside your sweater and secretly crossed your fingers.You gathered up all your courage and took a deep breath and turned to Jungkook. 

     " Jungkook.....I.I..Need to tell you something " You muttered 

“ Well hurry up Minah noona’s waiting for me ” He said harshly

     Hearing Jungkook talk to you like that broke your heart. He was slightly making you a lot less confident. He always talked to everyone in a nice sweet voice , but when it came to you he easily got annoyed. 

    " Jung...I..i'm in love with you, since day one.I'm in love with your sweet voice, your smile,Your cute Busanish accent, just you in general. I know you and Minah are going out but she doesn't really love you , at least not as much as I do , i've fallen for you Jeon Jungkook, I've fallen hard " You said giving him a weak smile 

      " That's it !? You wasted my time by making me come here ..and just to tell me that ! " He scolded 

         " I...what ? " You asked too hurt and confused by his sudden words

          " What ? what ! " He shouted 

              You stood there completely motionless , his words had hit you like a huge slap on the face. At this moment you expected him to love you back and that you would get your happily ever after. This was the sad reality you feared,Rejection. You felt as if all the times you helped,cared,and loved him had been completely useless. 

             " Oh ! c'mon ___ stop crying ! " He hissed  

    You nodded and wiped your tears. You had to be strong. After all he would have never gone out with you , even Taehyung said he like noona's. 

     " I'm sorry Jeon Jungkook , I...promise to never bother you again , I'll stay out of your way , I won't ....I ...won't ever call you kookie or oppa. This is the last time i'll ever cry for you " You assured 

             You took a seat on the bench and watched as Jungkook left. After 15 minutes of crying to yourself you wiped your tears and walked back towards the guys house. You tried looking happy so that V wouldn't notice you had been crying. If Taehyung found out Jungkook had made you cry there would be problems ,and thats the last thing you wanted. Once you entered the house you quickly took the seat next to V. You noticed everyone was so into the movie , they didn't even notice you came back. 

        " what's wrong __ ? " V asked 

                   " Nothing oppa " You said looking away from him 

           Taehyung stood up and pulled you out to the small porch. You kept your head down not wanting to look at him in the eyes. V lifted your head up with his finger and stared into your eyes. He took a deep breath and sighed. He reached out to hug you. You quickly ran over to V and let it all out. 

       " Yah , don't cry what's wrong " Taehyung asked 

              " I'm just an immature little girl " You said giving him a small smile. 

     " Well, eww ! you don't need him anyway , what you need is a cupcake ! " He joked while smashing his half eaten cupcake in your face 

                  You laughed and playfully punched V's arm , but punching this idiot only caused you to get 10 full minutes of Kim Taehyung tickles.  

       " Yah ! stop it " You laughed 

 " I have an idea ! " He said giving you a well known alien smirk. Which by now you knew was a bad idea. Last time V had a "Great Idea" he ended up breaking his arm.  

         " No way ! Kim Taehyung , I'm not trying to get myself killed " You joked 

   " It's the best idea I've ever had ! ___ be my fake girlfriend and together we'll make Jungkook jealous " He suggested while giving you his normal goofy smile.

        " No way V ! , that really will make me seem immature " You explained

               After thirty minutes of V telling you what a great idea it was, and you completely disagreeing ,you finally gave in . Once you and V went back inside to finishing watching the movie. The idiot you called best friend stood in the middle of the T.V blocking the others from watching the movie. 

        " I have something very important to say ! " He hollered 

“ Anio~! oppa oh no ! stop it ” you whispered while trying to pull him away, You tried saying it as quietly as possible but failed. Jungkook had overheard you.

     " Oh no please continue " Jungkook said curiously 

         " Me and __ are dating now ! " V smiled 

 " Thats the very important thing you had to say Hyung ? " He said coldly 

            You and V frowned and took a seat on the couch across from Jungkook and Minah. During the movie you noticed the room had gotten a bit too cold. You remembered you had forgotten your blanket at home.You were so cold you didn't even notice you were hugging yourself, but V from the corner of his eyes noticed and sweetly wrapped his arms around you. 


                      You had been trying to watch the movie , but you kept looking over at V hyung who had his arms wrapped around ____. You tried doing the same with Minah noona but she just pushed you away saying she was busy texting someone important. You tried multiple times to cuddle with Minah but she simply rejected you. Once the movie was over everyone had left to their rooms to get ready for bed. You shared a room with V hyung.As you walked in the room you saw __ and V kissing. You didn't know how to explain it but it made you somewhat mad. You weren't jealous. Right ? You walked past them and crashed shoulders with Taehyung.You angrily threw him his pillow.  

       " You guys are sleeping on the floor ! " You said sounding a bit annoyed

 Hope You guys like part two !ツ Sorry it took so long :( . Sorry if we haven't done some of the scenarios you requested but we'll have a couple of them done tomorrow, Also Part Three coming soon ! ♥ - Admin A 

Part One –> http://kookieyeol11.tumblr.com/post/98111503750/i-love-him-he-loves-me-not-bts-jungkook-part-one

fairytalesandcurls  asked:

Can you explain (as best OTP can be explained) Dworin? Especially Dworin M rated fanfic. They are cousins and I have so much confusion...

MY TIME HAS COME! *rolls up sleeves, cracks knuckles* I’m glad you asked (THIS IS GONNA BE FUCKING LONG IM SORRY YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE ASKED HAHAH)

To begin, It’s all about preference. To explain why I ship them romantically, I need to mention the ground reasons why their relationship is special before I can explain the rest. I’m sure most of you guys get this already bc it’s really obvious in the movies, but still, here it is: 

  • YES, they’re cousins, related through their great-great-grandfather. Which also means very distant cousins, so there wouldn’t be anything too incestuous happening between them because Durins are all related in one way or another. They share the same ancestor, Durin I, and if it was wrong then none of the dwarves would be able to marry a dwarf of the same line and I’m pretty sure that’s not the deal. Though, obviously you’re not gonna go marrying your brother or sister I mean there are limits.
  • Movie-wise they have been best friends ever since they were dwarflings. This was confirmed by both Richard and Graham and it’s logical, I mean, going by how they act together on screen. 
  • Dwalin [is Thorin’s] equal in all but name, his friend, his advisor, and his sparring partner.” - RA. This quote is so damn important. There is no ‘stronger’ or ‘weaker’ in their relationship. They’re one and the same, except Thorin gets to wear the crown. I’m convinced that Thorin would never consider ordering Dwalin around or holding himself above him in any way unless the situation really calls for it. 
  • Their trust runs deeper than the damn mithril veins in Moria.
  • They have had over 150 years worth of time to strengthen that trust. Dwalin was there when Smaug attacked - he shares Thorin’s pain and besides Balin he’s the only one who can truly understand just how much reclaiming Erebor means to Thorin. He was there for Thorin during the exile. No doubt he was there to help him carry the weight of his crown and to help him rebuild the lives of their people. This also means he must have played a big role in raising Fili and Kili too. He followed him on the quest that screamed suicide from the beginning, because he loves him and because he has faith in him. He has been by Thorin’s side for almost two centuries and he still stays true to his place, steadfast and ”loyal to a fault” as Bilbo would say.
  • Thorin doesn’t doubt Dwalin to ever fail to catch him if he falls, just as much as Dwalin doesn’t doubt Thorin would do the same. 
  • Another example of how much Thorin trusts him is Dwalin having permission to question him. And he does. He confronts him with his mistakes, he helps him see reason if he notices Thorin to stray from the right path (no pun intended). He makes Thorin a better dwarf and in return Thorin makes him a better dwarf too. He makes him more patient and less hotheaded. 
  • They complement each other in every way. Just look at their synchrony in battle or their movements in general. They understand each other better than anyone else. Every look one of them gives the other can interpret within a heartbeat. That’s how familiar they are with each other. 
  • Thorin shares everything with Dwalin. His secrets, his thoughts, his doubts and fears. And Dwalin’s quiet presence alone is what I think is enough to soothe Thorin’s raging mind at times. Because that’s how Dwalin works and Thorin appreciates it more than empty words someone else might give him. 

- so why do I ship them romantically then? - 


How often do you see a pairing with such incredible dynamic, who’ve reached a level of love, trust and loyalty where questioning either would be considered plain stupidity? Why settle with brOTP when there’s potential for so.much.more. I’m fairly certain that a good portion of the fandom is familiar with the idea of some dwarves having a One, aka a soulmate. Someone they love above all else and with whom they connect on every possible level. Well, the way I see it, Dwalin is Thorin’s One. To me, no one comes close to Dwalin in terms of friendship with Thorin. Not even Bilbo. Yes, he was there to share Thorin’s perils and they’ve formed a beautiful bond during the Quest, but Thorin’s bond with Dwalin was being forged for nearly two centuries during which he shared his perils and no matter what he followed and stayed true to him till the end. So, what is it that makes idk Bagginshield the more popular, more truthful ship? When, given the facts, it should be Dwalin more than anyone who has the right to hold the highest place in Thorin’s heart. Bilbo’s offered Thorin nothing more than Dwalin’s been offering for decades and decades. Some say it’s because Thorin sees Dwalin as family rather than a - in lack of a better word - boyfriend. I say it’s because we’ve never seen their relationship grow as we saw Bagginshield. We got the finished product and there was nothing ”interesting” going on between them anymore. People took Dwalin as Thorin’s bodyguard and drew the line there. The end. Very few people bothered to dig deeper to find out how they came to be who they are. Those who did I’m pretty sure ended up shipping them. The reason their relationship is not overly exposed on screen is because there is no need to do it anymore. What they have is there for all to see and interpret as they wish.

For me, their love shows in every look, every simple gesture, every scream of each other’s name when in danger. And just because I can’t hold anyone equal to Thorin’s character besides Dwalin is why I can’t also see him romantically involved with anyone but him. When you think about it, just try to imagine, what that first step in their romantic relationship would look like. Like it’s the most natural thing in the world. They wouldn’t boast about it, they wouldn’t look at it like an obligation, a necessity or something even slightly awkward. They wouldn’t even give it a name. Their friendship wouldn’t change one bit except for the fact that it would become more physical. That’s the beauty of it and something you won’t see in every ship. Their relationship comes in so many flavors but most people don’t bother to explore them. You can look at them as friends whose relationship doesn’t go beyond platonic, and that is amazing, really, anyone who doesn’t see at least that is seriously blind. You can think of them as friends with benefits if it suits you, it’s totally plausible. As two dwarves whose love is not allowed or is never talked about because there’s no need to take that one step further to seal the love on physical level. You can imagine them being violent, both in battle, in bed, in conversations and arguments, and you can imagine them being soft and tender. Taking care of and soothing each other’s wounds and offering comfort when it’s needed. They have spent so many years forging and perfecting that friendship until it’s become unbreakable. Even when Thorin threatens to kill him, Dwalin forgives him and is beside him again in a heartbeat. I mean…… COME ON! There are just so many reasons why their relationship is incredible and why it could totally work as a romance and I’d list more if i wasn’t starting to bore myself, let alone you who are reading this. 

Like I said, it’s all how you choose to view them. Most people settle for them being best friends, brothers in arms, family etc. which is totally cool. I used to see them as that for all of 30 seconds and then my brain supplied me with the romantic aspects of it and I liked it. It’s hella beautiful and you don’t have to agree with me, nor am I asking you to. The fact that they’re distant cousins means nothing to me. Totally insignificant.

I hope I provided at least a certain amount of insight on why people ship Dworin. At least I hope we share the same reasons. Wow ok this was long and I’m sorry. All the awards to you if you’ve reached the end without falling asleep. I can’t help it I’m just way too emotional about these two. ( ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

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I really won't be pleased if Aedion dies because no that's Aelins only family plz lord no killing Aedion. What do you think?


I love Aedion so much, I really really hope he doesn’t die, but I also think it’s a real long term possibility. Let me break it down:

  1. Someone is going to die in Aelin’s court. I think there’s enough foreshadowing throughout Queen of Shadows to feel pretty certain about this: “War—war was coming. And they might not all survive it.” This basically tells us someone is going to die. Sarah doesn’t write light stories, she writes to develop her characters and her themes. War is war, and war without death really isn’t realistic. We read it over and over in literature: war has a price nobody is exempt from and that price is so often the loss of life. This universal symbol of war and it’s price is one that Sarah seems headed towards if her foreshadowing is anything to go by. Sarah doesn’t intend to make this war an easy one. 
  2. So if someone is going to die, who? The case for Aedion is pretty simple: he’s close to Aelin, her only family *dies*, and that means his death would be painful. If it wasn’t painful for us to read, for Aelin to experience, then there wouldn’t be that cost of war. Although Aedion’s death would be painful it wouldn’t be the death of a character we’ve known since the beginning (like Dorian who will probably survive because of his character arc being only midway and since we’ve followed him so long, he’s an og!!). However Aedion is loyal and important enough to be dearly missed. His character is one near and dear to us, but I do think there’s a case to be made for his survival. 
  3. Aedion still has a storyline to live out. Before mentioning the obvious romance brewing for Aedion there is the grain of a plot point that was mentioned in QoS of something Aedion had done with the Bane that was too terrible to tell Aelin. (I can’t find the quote…I’m overdue for a reread of QoS…oops) This is a piece of the plot that needs to be seen through, I think, before Aedion can die. Also Aedion is an important figure as we move into Terrasen in Empire of Storms, Aedion stayed in Terrasen and led the Bane, Aelin, as painful as it is to recognize, has much to answer for as they return to their home, and Aedion has important ties to our absent rebel friends *cough* Ren Allsbrook *cough* so I think we need him for that especially in the beginning of Empire of Storms.
  4. ROMANCE!! Aedion and Lysandra seemed to be set up together. Now idk if you ship this or not personally still undecided bc I sorta shipped Aedion with most of the male cast but… this plot point too needs to see fruition. 
  5. However I could see Aedion living through those plot points only to die in ToG6 because Lysandra doesn’t need a man long term and while she seeks to find an epic Rowaelin love story of her own (don’t we all??) I think part of her could live through another lost love. I feel slightly skeptical about this because Sarah already killed her first love, Wesley, (this is the same reason I don’t think Rowan will be killed because…Sam). Yet, I could see Lysandra living with Evangeline on her estate and finding happiness without him? I’m not sure?? :(
  6. He still seems like the perfect character to kill though?? Aedion will cause us pain. He’s great. We love him. Lysandra will probably love him too. His plot points and character arc could probably be finished through Empire of Storms leaving him to die a great developed hero of a character in ToG6. 
  7. WE SHOULD BE AFRAID. I’ll cry with you now. Because I love him. I don’t want my loyal wolf puppy to go!! *cries*