i hope you two will really get married

sirius black giving people advice he has zero intention of following for himself is 100% canon and i feel like ppl miss this as a fic opportunity??

sirius: moony you really want to stop lending out your possessions if you’re this fussed about them coming back damaged
remus: you were the one who returned my jumper with a sleeve missing???
sirius: my point exactly. 

sirius: james, mate, you’ve got to listen to birds if you’ve any hope of wooing them.
james: mate, you’re gay.
james: and i’ve been married for two years.
sirius: your point?

sirius: pete, when you drink, bad things happen…
pete: yeah mate that was you who got trash and pissed on that pool table and got us kicked out, not me, so–
sirius: my point exactly. if you were more sober, you could’ve stopped me.

sirius: evans you really shouldn’t let your sister get to you, you know.
evans: didn’t you just punch your brother last week???
sirius: irrelevant

Arranged Marriage [a Barry Allen AU]

Request: ok ok i have a request : prince!barry and princess!reader in an arranged marriage meeting for the first time


Barry doesn’t really get this whole ‘arranged marriage’ thing. Yes, he understands it’s the eighteenth century and it will, somehow, unite the two kingdoms, but, shouldn’t you marry for love? Sighing, he smooths down his white flowy shirt, deciding not to get too dressed up for a simple meeting.

His knee high black boots scuff down the marble stairs, creating small tapping noises. He stops, hearing his father talk to someone, and presses to the wall. “Now dear, I hope everything is to your liking, if not, we can change whatever you need. As for my son, he should be here soon. Until then, Joe, our royal adviser, can keep you company.” Barry fixes his leather pants, fitting them perfectly on his hips before continuing down the steps.

“Oh, no, everything is lovely, your highness. You have a beautiful kingdom, I must say. I am looking forward to living here.” you reassure, patting King Allen’s hand. Out of the corner of your eye, you notice a tall young man peeking around the stone wall. Thinking he’s a peasant, you smile at him, “You do not have to hide from me, I am quite nice, I think.” you bite your lip, tangling your hands in your ruby red gown.

King Allen turns, waving his hand in the air, “Bartholomew! What on earth are you dressed in?!” he scolds, grabbing the young man’s upper arm and dragging him down the steps. The young man, Bartholomew, rolls his hazel eyes, looking away. “Honestly, you would think the prince would dress nicer when meeting his soon-to-be wife!” the King grumbles, dusting of the white baggy shirt. Your eyes widen an inch; that’s the prince?!

Barry scoffs, playing with the string dangling from his shirt, revealing some of the pale skin of his neck. “Father, I do not even know the princess. How am I to love someone who I only just met?” he pleads, following the King. When his eyes meet yours, his jaw goes slack. Oh dear, you heard that. He coughs awkwardly, kneeling on the ground, “Milady…” he kisses the back of your hand, “I apologize for being so rude, I did not know of your presence. My name is Prince Bartholomew.” he almost throws up saying his full name, “You can address me as Barry if you wish.”

Blushing, you nod, brushing your hair out of your eyes, standing him up. A smile cracks your face and you subconsciously count his moles on his exposed, sharp collarbone. “It is a pleasure to meet you, Barry. My name is Y/N.” you introduce, curtsying, “Tell me, do you always dress so casual? Is my clothing not appropriate?” you ask, self consciously, glancing down at your gown.

Swallowing, he runs his hands down his leather pants, grinning nervously. He brings one hand to his neck while the other sits on his thigh. “I, um, it would appear that I enjoy dressing like a commoner, according to Joe.” he jokes, eyeing the Royal Adviser. You giggle, catching his attention. Barry breathes a happy sigh, “You look absolutely stunning, Y/N. I am a very lucky man to have you as my soon-to-be wife.”

“And I am lucky to have a charming fellow as my soon-to-be husband.”

A rosy blush blossoms on his face, disappearing in his baggy shirt. He holds out a hand, “Would you like a tour of the castle, my princess?” You nod, placing your hand in his. Maybe this arranged marriage will work out after all.

I’m Just a Tall Child

Requested by: @lostamongstthecosmos
Scenario: You and TOP haven’t admitted feelings yet, he sees you with a child, loves it but secretly jealous of all the attention the child gets. The child then proceeds to say that the two of you should get married?
A/N: I felt like this started off in a good direction and then I died. Writing TOP is so tiring, because he’s complicated as hell and I just want to write him as close to who he really is as I can get. I hope this is something close to what you were looking for, my dear. I apologize it took so long for me to get it out. ENJOY!
Genre: TOP x Reader
Words: 4380

Disclaimer: The gifs used are not mine and belong to their rightful owners!

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. - Rumi

TOP held a complexity that often left you baffled.

His mind vast with knowledge that, with the right questions asked, he unleashed eloquently and unrehearsed. His excitement at your input shimmering behind dark eyes that held barriers you’d yet to breach.

He could be charismatic and artistic in one fatal swoop, yet dark and sharp like that of his favorite wine. Mysterious with a childlike innocence that made him almost feel whimsical, instead of melancholy.

The months’ you’d shared with him were wrapped up in long nights and brief mornings. Each other’s features continuously shrouded around warm orange hues of rising light or shaded in shadows of stars. The scent of his expensive roast of coffee mixed in with the faded aroma of stale cigarette and cologne lingering on your clothes. The same way a delicate brush of fingertips outlined your skin; as if he’d set to paint every imperfection you claimed you’d had. A quiet, “Hmph,” always exclaiming between pressed lips of his disapproval at your harsh self-criticisms.

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I'm kind of annoyed by some parts of the phandom tbh because all i see is 'they're so married' and shippers in general but i mean ... just because two men really like each other and show it doesn't mean they're together..i hope it doesn't annoy dan and phil because shipping already destroyed some friendships and i'm worried about that 😥people should really normalize friendships between boys... Sorry i just had to tell that someone haha, i love your blog and i hope you have a great day 😊👋🏼

i cant believe dan and phil are in love, getting married, and getting four dogs



1C for @uighean, I really hope you like this :’3 <3 (and look how very smol and tiny Two is, all wrapped in Jamie’s arms :’3)

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i found your face tag from @secretyschuylersister and first you are really pretty and second you two should get married. coz you are very cute

Aww you’re too sweet! I hope you’ve seen her face too, because it trumps mine by a thousand times. We’re getting married in october, and the color scheme is gonna be champagne and lavender, maybe with some accents of gold and navy, if @secretschuylersister likes those colors at least. 

Sweet Pea - USUK FF

This is a fic for a fanfiction trade with @kokorocloud that we decided to do I think like two months ago? Anyway here you go I really hope you like it. : )

Summary - Some domestic married fluff with a side of baby
AU - Omegaverse, Married
Warnings: SFW, Mpreg

Arthur held up another fry to Alfred’s lips, hearing his husband attempt to hum and sing even with food in his mouth. His plan to get Alfred to stop singing Backstreet Boys at the top of his lungs wasn’t working as well as he wanted it too. Even though they’d stopped through a McDonald’s, Alfred’s favorite “five star fast food joint”, the call of the fries and the cheeseburger wasn’t stronger than his desire to serenade their child with what he claimed to be “the best boy band in the world”.

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Our Arranged Marriage - Chapter One

Title: Our Arranged Marriage – Chapter One

Word Count: 1,257

Request: “Can you please do a Taekwoon or Vixx Leo scenario where him and the reader are for some reason getting married because it’s an arranged marriage but at first both of you don’t really get along. Than some things happen to bring you two close than… some smutty stuff happens”

A/N: Hi! So, this is requested but I have decided to make it into a short fanfic. I hope you like it!!! ^^

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alecikat-blog  asked:

Hey Kat! I'm sorry for what happened this week with some CSers, not all of us are mean and unrespectful. For example, I love CaptainSwan but also love Snowing, and respect that SF existed. I hope things will be better for both ships in 6B. I would be really upset if CS get married without Snowing awake. Could you tell me please if Gosh filmed together for 6x15 or 6x16? Also, do you know if Jenn and Colin filmed together for the same two episodes?

Hey! It’s alright! I figured I would get people who would say nasty stuff, but its all good! I havent heard if Josh filmed? I think it was mostly Ginny. As for CS filming, I have no idea too! 😞

We Got Married (JB)

Request: May I request something along the lines of We Got Married with our boo JB? Where our chemistry seems real enough that we always get questioned about whether we’re dating for real? + Can you do a scenario of you and JB on We Got Married? I loved the Jr. one you did a while back! Like when you two first meet on the show?

Length: 1,692 words

Genre: Fluff

*A/N: I hope you don’t mind, I combined the two WGM requests. Also, I’m making a reference to Wooyoung’s first WGM episode for the first encounter of this scenario.

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Always by Your Side

Anon: Hey! Can I request a thing? I was born deaf and I got a cochlear implant two years ago, I still can’t speak,but now I can hear all the wonderful words and sounds! Could I please get an imagine or something where Dan dates/is married to a deaf girl? Idk, I just feel like this type of thing is not shown enough in imagines and fanfics and it makes me feel kinda left out sometimes! :)

Oh my, congratulations on having the implants! Thats so exciting :) I sort of used the idea of the surgery, I hope thats okay? Im really sorry if this isn’t what you wanted.
Let me know what you think.


Nothing frustrated you more than when people treated you differently. Throughout your childhood and even in your young adult years, it was something that often happened. People would give you sympathetic looks and avoid conversation with you when they found out, not knowing how hurtful that was.

What got to you the most is when someone would associated your hearing impairment with intelligence. Two completely different things. There was one specific time when at a cafe, you where simply trying to order a drink and something to eat while the cashier treated you like a 5 year old, even reaching out to count the money for you. A tall presence suddenly appeared beside you, and as you looked up you found an extremely handsome man with a distressed look on his face.
You watched his lips as he started to speak to the lady, and you were shocked that he was standing up for you and not treating you like everyone else.

“She’s not stupid. She can count the money herself.” He had said as he took you purse out of the girls hands and returned it to you with a smile. Instead of the sympathetic smile you had gotten used to, his was a genuine one.

You smile back at him and nod in appreciation as you quickly get the correct amount out and pass it to the lady, who currently looked stunned by the tall mans forwardness.

You take a seat at a table and watch as the tall man orders his coffee. He was truly stunning. Chocolate eyes that match the dark fringe that swept across his forehead. His lips pink and plump and his dark cloths both sexy and endearing. You were pulled away from your daydreaming when he walked over to your table. He made eye contact with you while asking “may I sit with you?”.

A blush crept onto your cheeks as you nodded a yes. He smiled as he pulled out the chair and sat across from you. You were thankful that he spoke so much, as you could not speak. At times where you couldn’t reply with a simple shake of the head on nod, you would type into the notes of your phone.

That day was one of the best in your life. That man, who you now know as Dan, had asked for your number before you both went your separate ways. From then on, he would text you everyday. Eventually he asked you on a date, which you quickly agreed to go on. You had never felt this way about any other person. You would get butterflies every time you looked into his eyes and when you touched, your skin would burn and tingle for days.

On your one month as boyfriend and girlfriend, Dan had excitedly, and nervously, made you dinner. Once you had both finished the beautiful meal, her reached over and held your hands. He smiled at you before letting go of your hands. You watched as he moved his hands before a gasp left your lips.

“I love you” he’d said, but in sign language. Not only had he taken the time out to learn sign language for you, but it was the first time either of you had said the L word. That night was the first time you had both made love, and it was magical.

This all leads to now. You and Dan were still together, you had moved in with Dan 2 years ago. You were holding his hand by the door as he turned to face you.

“Ready?” He questions. And you instantly nod, not a doubt in your mind.

For months you had been saving up money, and today is the day. Today you go into surgery for cochlear implants.

You can’t hide the smile on your face, and that smile makes Dan the happiest man on earth. He bends down, placing a soft kiss to your lips before heading out of the door.

Of course you were nervous, but with Dan by your side the whole time you knew nothing could go wrong. He was the last person you saw before the drugs kicked in and everything went black.

Throughout the surgery Dan had sat patiently in the waiting room. Nurses had said he could leave and return later on but he’d refused. The love of his life was in a life changing surgery and he wasn’t going anywhere.

Blackness began to fade as my fission returned, slightly blurred from the bright lights. I smiled lazily as I found Dan, right by my side, holding my hand.

“How are you feeling?” He asks in sign language, knowing that in my drowsy state it would be hard to concentrate on his lips.

I smiled once again and nodded at him, letting him know I was okay. Sure my head hurt a little, but seeing him always made everything okay.

4 weeks went by and it was finally the day that my cochlear implants were activated. I was almost jumping with excitement. Dan simply watched me with the biggest smile on his face.

We entered the doctors office and he explained to me how everything would work, also warning me that it may be all very overwhelming. When the time came, Dan reached over and held my hand on my lap. The doctor activated the implants. He looked at me for a moment before..

“I’m going to start with some simple sentences” He spoke.

He spoke, and I heard it. It wasn’t the clearest sound, but I heard it. In that moment I could hold back the tears, I placed my spare hand over my mouth as tears rushed down my cheeks.

“The sound my be a bit off, maybe high pitched, but your brain will eventually adapt” He continues. Still completely shocked I simply nod as tears still flow. Dan squeezes my hand, making me turn to face him.

I look to find Dan with a few tears on his face as he smiled at me.

“Hey Beautiful” He says, and I never could have imagined a smoother, more perfect sound than his voice. I quickly wrap my arms around his neck as he holds me in return, twice as tight.

That night Dan had arranged yet another beautiful dinner with wine as celebration. He played music softly in the background, and I simply loved being able to hear all of the beautiful sounds.
Once the meal was finished Dan stood up from the table. I assumed that he was going to take the dishes, but all of a sudden he twist my chair to the side and get down on one knee.

“Y/n, I love you more than anything in the world. You make me the happiest man alive, and I know this day has already been so overwhelming for you, But I couldn’t wait any longer. I wanted to do this last year, but when you decided to have the surgery I decided to wait so that you could even hear my words. Y/n I love you, will you marry me?”

As he speaks, he also uses sign language and when he’s done he pulls out a black box with a diamond ring. As if I haven’t cried enough today, more tears leave my eyes. I leap up, nodding my head ‘yes’ as quick as possible. Dan stands and slides the ring onto my finger before connecting his lips with mine in the most passionate, loving kiss that we have ever had.

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As for whose child would succeed the throne, I think it would come down to Kougyoko and Hakuryuu's connection to the previous emperor. I think Kougyoko was the 8th princess (?) and Haku was higher up, so I think his child would succeed, if he has one

But like you said, the story might not go that far, and one of them might not have children. I just really like the idea of those two co-ruling together, and I hope that could be the case. :D

Your thoughts on who should inherit the kingdom make sense. It is also possible that one of them won’t get married and/or have kids. But as I said I doubt the story will go that far.

When it comes to Kou Empire and who should rule it between Hakuryuu and Kougyoku my opinion is:

Originally posted by marvel-dc-addict

Just ask her!

“Can you do one where you and george have been together for a few years and milky really REALLY wants you two to get married… You can make the rest up”

“Hey love I was the one who requested the "milky” imagine, when I typed Molly I guess it corrected it to milky"

[Ugly sobbing in the background]
Also, I wrote this in 2nd person because it seemed easier that way. It ended up longer that I expected, hope you like it!

It’s been a few years after the war and everyone was trying their best to live a normal life, while at the same time cleaning the mess Voldemort and his Death Eaters had made.

Everyone was now having a good time at Teddy’s 4rd birthday. Everyone who knew and was a friend of Tonks and Remus’ took an important part of his raising and he spent time with many of them, it was as if everyone were his parents! But he was officially living with his grandmother Andromeda.

“Aunt (Y/N)! Uncle George!” As soon as he saw you both he ran towards you.

“Teddy!” You bent down and opened your arms, receiving his hug and holding him tight, lifting him up. “Happy birthday, buddy. We got you a present.” When you let him on the ground once again, George hugged him too and gave him the present you had bought to him: a toy broomstick, but it was wrapped and he refused to open it until everyone had arrived.

He then ran away to play with some other people who were there, and Andromeda welcomed you both.

You sat at a table with some of the Weasley siblings (From Fred to Ginny) and their spouses, while Bill, Charlie, Percy, Audrey and Fleur with a baby Victoire in arms where in another table near them with Molly, Arthur and your parents, quietly chatting yet sharing some laughs from time to time. You were holding your boyfriend’s hand while talking to everyone. It was a bit strange the fact that they were all already married and you both still were a non-married couple, but you didn’t really care. You were just taking your time.

Hermione, Ginny and you were having a bit of a different conversation than the boys, but still managed to make a few comments now and then about their topic. But after some time had passed everything had started to become more silent, and in one point Ginny gave Harry some sort of look, to which he just nodded. You noticed and raised an eyebrow, was everything all right with them?

“Guys, uhm, I-we, have some sort of announcement.” The youngest of you all sitting there began spoking and held her husband’s hand, and everyone stopped talking waiting for her to finish. After a couple seconds, they both said the same thing at the same time, as if they had even practized saying that. “We’re going to be parents.”

Everybody’s expresion had changed the second they heard that. You and Hermione smiled wide and stood up to hug her, trying not to be so rough now that you knew that.

“Congrats, Ginny. I know you’ll be great parents!”

“Thank you so much, (Y/N).”

The guys congratulated Harry and the twins put a hand on both his shoulders, smiling, happy for him and their little sister.

“My sister and my best friend are having a child, oh my god that sounds so weird.” Ron had let escape a little nervous laugh, as if trying to fully process the news.

“Don’t act that surprised, Ronald! We all knew this was going to happen someday.” His wife gave him a little glare, and he just joined the congratulation ceremony. After everyone had expressed their happines for the couple, and just as you were to sit down again, Molly approached you with her usual smile.

“Dear, do you mind if I talk to you for a second?”

“Why, of course not Molly.” You turned to see your boyfriend and friends. “I’ll be back in a minute”

“Mum, please don’t.” You heard George say as you walked away with his mother, and swore you could even /hear/ Fred’s smirk.

“What is it?” You asked a bit concerned, was there any problem?

“It’s nothing bad (Y/N), don’t worry.” Her smile and words made you sigh in relieve, it was always so nice talking to Molly. She just made sure you were always comfortable; really, the Weasleys couldn’t be any nicer! “You see, I believe Ginny already told you the news,” You nodded, “Don’t you find it a bit strange that you and George are the only ones not married yet?” Oh, so that’s what George meant with ‘please don’t’.

Marriage. You had indeed thought about it, and it was a nice thing to imagine, but even if you felt ready to it, it was a thing of two, and you didn’t want to push George into something he wasn’t ready.

“I…” Yeah, you didn’t see that coming. “I don’t think it’s 'weird’ or anything, Molly. We’re just, you know, taking our time. When we started dating, back at Hogwarts, we both agreed that we didn’t want the things to be too quickly. Then, bloody Umbridge came as well as Weasley Wizard Wheezes. We both had other things to take care of. Our relationship has been important, of course, but not the only thing in our minds.”

“I see…” It broke your heart to hear her say that in that tone, but it was the truth. “I’m sorry if I was trying to push you.”

“Please, don’t apologize.” Should you say something to make her feel even a bit better? It sounds as the correct thing to do. “But I assure you that we will, perhaps not so soon.” Maybe you shouldn’t had said, but you still had to keep things real. Anyway, it apparently worked, since she smiled again. With a somewhat awkward “excuse me” you made your way back to the table, but soon as George saw you he quickly approached you and took you a bit farther to talk about what just happened.

“Please tell me she didn’t talk to you about marriage.” You just looked away and heard how he groaned in clear annoyance. “I told her a million times not to mention it!”

“Don’t be mad, dear.” You took his hand in yours and grinned, trying to calm him a bit. “She didn’t do it to annoy us.”

“I know, but still.” With a sigh, put his other hand over yours and the other. “Anyway, what did you say to her?”

“I told her that we were taking our time and didn’t want to push things.”

“Good.” He kissed your hand and then your lips, smiling. “Now, come on, Ted’s about to open his presents and wants us all to be there.”

Everybody cheered just as he opened everything, and after what seemed like an hour or so he fell asleep. Andromeda carried him to his room and everybody started chatting a bit more. Just as you took a sip of your firewisky, you heard how a glass cup was being carefully hit with a knife. Turning to see where the noise was coming from, you saw Fred standing in his chair. “Excuse me, everyone. My brother George has something to say, if he may.” After that, George was the one standing in top of a table, while you looked straight at him with a playfull smile, slightly amused about this.

“Well, as my sister here,” he looked down at Ginny, “has already made her announcement, I might as well do mine.” Now his gaze was placed on you, but looked at Molly for like half a second. “Even though my mother has somehow ruined the magic,” a couple of laughs were heard after that, “I believe it’s the right time to say this. (Y/N)”, now you felt every eye in there above you, “You’re the best woman I’ve ever met. You’re smart, funny, kind, interesting and I’ve never felt like this about anyone else.” Now he jumped off the table and kneeled down in front of you. “So, would you do me a favor, and marry me?” He opened a tiny box with a beautiful ring inside. Everyone fell silent as he popped the question, just as you felt a tear fall down your cheek.

“Yes, of course!” You hugged him and he lift you from the ground. Still in his arms, you held his head between your hands and kissed him. Everyone cheered, and he slid the ring in your finger. After talking to some other people and recieved some congrats and compliments, your parents approached you both.

“My little girl is getting married,” your mother began. “I can’t believe it. Time has certainly passed so quickly.”

“Mum, we haven’t even set a date yet.” You chuckled and hugged her.

“Take care of her, she’s the most important thing to me.” Now she was talking to him.

“To me as well, ma'am. I promise, I’ll do everything to make her happy.”

“Treat her right, young man, or I won’t be afraid to hex you.” Your father spoke with a threatening tone, even though George smiled you knew he was kinda nervous. Since, yeah, your father could actually hex him.


“Yes, sir.” After that they shook hands and they said goodbye, it was late and they had to go home.

Then, his parents were the next to talk to you, Molly almost crying of joy as you could see her watering eyes. Arthur congratulated and hugged you both, he seemed so proud of George. When Molly talked, she took one of your hands between hers.

“I’m so happy for you two, I hope you have a wonderful marriage life.” You hugged her after hearing that, whispering a “thank you” barely audible.

“I hope this means you’ll stop with the insistence, Mum.” He smiled, but you knew he was complitely serious.

“I’m sorry for that, George. I just want you two to be happy, and I know you will. You’ve found yourself a wonderful young woman to spend your life with.”

“Yes. Yes, I have.” Your now fiancé gave you a quick peck in the lips, and right now, nothing could be more perfect.

Congratulations America for finally got 50-states approve for gay marriage !! I’m so happy to hear this that I had to draw something right away for my cute dork >u< This is a really big step for the US ! Congrats for all homo-sexual couples, this is really a big day for all of you :3

I really hope that soon every countries will support this ~ ( especially Japan =v= )

Yeah and I won’t forget about my gay couple, now get married, you two =w=

Chapter Thirty-One

A/N: Yay! Finally an update! I’m sorry for the wait, and there’s a bit of an abrupt time jump, but I really hope you enjoy this one… xx

The next two weeks were plagued not only with engagements but with preparations for the wedding. After recovering from their hangovers, they fell back into their normal routine, with Harry undertaking engagements every day of that week. On Monday night, he attended a concert for Wellchild, at which Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett performed. Lady Gaga asked him about whether he and Emmy had had ‘bachelor and bachelorette parties’, which led Harry to say, “We did, the second best thing about getting married, after the marriage, of course”.

The next day Harry was at the Royal Hospital Chelsea, and the day after that he and Emmy launched 100 Days until the Rugby World Cup, before, that evening, Harry and all his cousins took Philip and Elizabeth out for drinks to celebrate Philip’s birthday. The following day, Harry and Emmy were at the National Memorial Arboretum, to inaugurate the new Bastion Memorial. On the Friday, Emmy found herself with Harry, William, Edward, William’s private secretary Miguel and a cameraman in the gardens of Kensington Palace; the princes were recording a video message to congratulate the Queen’s Young Leaders, and Emmy wasted no time in distracting Harry and making him giggle, disrupting the filming and eventually being forced to go back inside by Edward, so that they could finish the message.

The next day was Trooping the Colour, and Harry and Emmy headed to Buckingham Palace for the celebrations for the Queen’s birthday.

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Dino as your best friend would include...

Originally posted by satanteen17

I realise I haven’t done anything for this ball of sunshine yet. So here it goes I guess! Hope y’all like it!^^

-Admin J<3

-He’d be super dorky around you.

-Always trying to show off his ‘cool’ moves.

-You always teasing him by calling him ‘baby’ or ‘jagiya’ just to see him blush.

-He’d get all flustered whenever old ladies thought you were a couple.

-you’d just play along to see him turn bright red.


-His hyungs always saying you two should get married.

-You two would be really close.

-Always worrying about his health.

-But he’d assure you he’s fine since he didn’t like to see you upset.

-So much teasing about his mansae hair.

-”Dude! You look exactly like this pokemon! Its name’s even Deino!”

-”Yah! Shut up! What did I ever do to deserve this?!”

-Sticking your tongues out at eachother or giving one another the silent treatment when one of you doesn’t get your own way.

-You two would be so childish.

-The boys making bets on how long they think it will be till you two got together.

-And then getting disappointed when either you or Chan got a boy/girlfriend.

-Teasing him when he tries to act all cool and tough in front of girls.

-You doing aegyo and calling him oppa in a really high pitch voice to get something.

-*Hides wallet*”What do you want from me, Y/N?”

-Dancing together.

-Laying your head in his lap.

-If you fell asleep he would just watch you whilst stroking your hair.

-You guys would be so cute together!


One Chance (Harry Imagine)

Thanks melilovatics for the request!
I really hope that you like it <3

Y/D/N = your daughters name

When you married Harry, you thought you were making the best decision of your life. He was the most beautiful, thoughtful and caring man that you had ever met. He always made sure to take the best care of you and the two of you were smitten with each other. Magazines frequently printed pictures of the two of you together and you became a supercouple, with everyone loving you together almost as much as you loved each other. You thought that things couldn’t get more perfect, but then you got pregnant and when you told him, a happier Harry you had yet to see. He was over the moon at the news, and so were you. You had a pretty easy pregnancy and just under 9 months later you gave birth to a tiny baby girl. Harry was utterly convinced that there couldn’t be a more beautiful baby and he adored her. Suddenly your unit of two had become three, and your world was turned upside down. Harry took to your new life like a duck to water, it was as if he had been made to be a father. You, on the other hand, didn’t take so easily to your new life as a mother at first. You found the adjustment from being a fairly care free person, to being depended on 24/7, a challenge. But Harry made you feel capable and with his help you quickly learnt to love your new role. The new addition to your family had strengthened your bond with Harry, even though neither of you would have thought that possible. She complimented the two of you, beautifully.

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[Aldnoah Zero/Orangebat] Nightmares

Sooo last week that whole “weaving a new future” picture with Slaine and Inaho happily drinking tea and playing chess right next to a garden full of bridal roses really screwed me up because DID INAHO EVER PROPOSE TO SLAINE? DID THEY EVER GET MARRIED? I DON’T KNOW. THE WORLD WILL NEVER KNOW. I can only hope Inaho can stop playing chess with Slaine because ughhhh obviously that is way less important than proposing to Slaine silly Nao-Kun! please go get married you two 

enough ranting. Basically I just really want to see Slaine and Inaho happy forever so yeah…..another orangebat fanfic. Hope you will like it! 



This is not the first time Inaho waken up in the middle of the night because of Slaine’s horrified cries, yet it never ceases to pain him when he hears Slaine screaming in his sleep.

“No! Please……don’t……I am sorry……stop……!”

Inaho sits up immediately and turns on the small lamp next to their bed. He can see that Slaine’s pale face is covered with tear tracks. The pale blond is gripping his shirt tightly and shaking his head as he lets out heartbreaking sobs. Watching Slaine in such fear pains Inaho. He reaches out and wipes away his tears softly.

“Slaine. Wake up. It’s a dream.” Inaho shakes Slaine’s shoulders and tries to wake him up. Slaine’s glossy eyes open widely, and he turns his head towards Inaho with a panicked expression on his face. “Inaho……?”

“Yes. I am here. You are fine now, Slaine. You are safe here.” Safe from whatever that was trying to hurt you. Inaho brings Slaine into his embrace, gently putting his arms around him and letting Slaine put his face against his chest. He remembers one time after Slaine has woken up by nightmare, he had asked to be hugged like this, hearing Inaho’s heartbeat somehow helped calm him.

“I……I am sorry, I have waken you again……I am fine now……” Slaine lowers his gaze apologetically, he can’t help but to think about all the trouble he has caused Inaho up to this point. Inaho has sacrificed so much in order to be with him, yet he has done so little for Inaho in return.

“Don’t apologize.” Inaho kisses the corner of Slaine’s eyes, it hurts every time to see Slaine cry. It reminds Inaho of how much suffering Slaine has been through, and how little he could do for him to take his pain away. “I am happy with my life right now. I wouldn’t change a thing. ” Sensing Slaine’s guilt and uncertainty, Inaho put his hand on Slaine’s face and caresses his cheek slowly. “Now, you are not telling me the truth. Slaine, you are still shaking. If you want to talk about it, I am here to listen. If you don’t want to, that is fine too.”

Even Inaho must admit himself, normally it is rare for him to reveal his emotions so blatantly. However, when he is with Slaine, everything just feels simple and natural. If Slaine is feeling scared and hurt, it will only be logical for him to do anything to comfort him and make him feel secure again.

“…….I……I had a dream about the war, and all the people that died because of me.” Slaine buries his face on Inaho’s shoulder, his voice broken and regretful. “It was all my fault……”

He should have died that day. Sometimes these kinds of thoughts appear in Slaine’s head, and staring back at himself in the mirror, he couldn’t help but to agree. He has committed numerous crimes, taking away lives of countless people. This kind of happiness doesn’t belong to him.

In his dream, he saw the faces of those who fought along with him. He saw the faces of those who fought against him. He watched their demise helplessly; the flames of war destroyed everything before his eyes.

But that wasn’t the worst part of Slaine’s nightmare.

This is the part that Slaine truly does not want to reveal to Inaho. He is afraid that Inaho will hate him after listening to it. But he can’t lie to Inaho. Not after he has promised Inaho that he will stop hiding his feeling from him.

“I……I……also dreamed about……the day I shot you……” Slaine’s body starts trembling again, his eyes fill with tears, it was the exact moment he does not want to relive. “I wanted to stop……but I couldn’t control my body……I shot you……Inaho……it was me who gave you that wound…….” The wound that nearly killed Inaho Kaizuka. The wound that nearly took him away from all his loved ones. Inaho had all the reasons in the world to resent him. But instead, Inaho gave him his love.

“Slaine, that will never happen again.” Much to Slaine’s surprise, Inaho is calm, as usual. “That was part of the past. We are living in the present. We used to be enemies, but we are not anymore. ” Inaho turns Slaine’s face towards him, he needs to hear this from Slaine. In order to move on from what has happened in the past, they need to be on the same page. “Tell me, Slaine, what are we now?”

“Lo……Lovers.” Slaine whispers softly, as if the meaning behind these words are too good to be true. Saying it aloud made him blush slightly. Inaho’s words has an unbelievable effect on him. The fear is gone. “We are lovers.”

“That is correct.” Inaho’s lips curve in a small smile. He is pleased by Slaine’s answer. “We will never fight as enemies again.” Inaho has swore that he will not allow that to happen. Slaine has been fighting alone for too long. If anything, they will be fighting together, on the same side. “Now, if you don’t want to go back to sleep, I can make you a snack, and we can stay up and watch TV.” At this hour, there is probably nothing interesting to watch, but that might actually calm Slaine down and helps him fall asleep.

Slaine immediately shakes his head, he has already woken Inaho up in the middle of the night and disrupted his sleep. “No, it’s fine, it is pretty late already, and you have to get up early for work……”

“I am not working tomorrow. I have taken off work.” Seeing the confusion on Slaine’s face, Inaho gently strokes Slaine’s hair. “Did you forget? Tomorrow is our one month anniversary. I thought we should celebrate. The weather is supposed to be nice tomorrow, we could have a picnic outside, and I will make you a lot of sandwiches, just like the one you and your father had when you were little.”

“Inaho……I…….didn’t know you were planning for this……thank you.” Slaine can feel the warmth surrounding his heart. He feels Inaho’s arms tightening around him. He closes his eye and let Inaho lean closer to kiss him. “I will be looking forward to the picnic.”

“Will you be able to sleep? We can stay up longer.” Inaho’s voice is full of concern. After having that kind of nightmare, it must be difficult to go back to sleep. He does not want to see Slaine wake up crying anymore.

“I will be fine. Really.” Slaine nods, after a moment he adds: “besides, if I don’t sleep now, I will be tired tomorrow when we have the picnic.”

Inaho kisses Slaine again before lying back down on the bed with him. “You are very brave. Slaine Troyard.” It takes a lot of courage to face your own fears. Slaine looks at him and smiles shyly.

“Good night, Inaho.”

“Good night, Slaine.”

Slaine closes his eyes. His mind drifting away further and further, before he completely fell asleep, he can still feel Inaho’s warmth.

This time, there are no more nightmares.



because Inaho is like a genius and so smart and so good with numbers and stuff, I feel like he would be really good at remembering dates and stuff. Like their anniversary. Which I thought was really cute. 

please give me more happy orangebat as I still haven’t recovered from that finale yet…………….

Can't you see how childish and insensible you are?

You’re hurting someone’s feelings. You’re hurting A REAL PERSON’S FEELINGS, Lauren Zuke is not a character. She’s part of the Crewniverse, one of the persons responsibles for creating Steven Universe, the show we love so much and that’s the way you thank her?

You’re not part of the crewniverse, you’re just a fan. Sometimes things you don’t like will happen on the show, and if you don’t like how things are going then just write a fanfic or just stop watching the show!

I know, it’s frustrating when your NOTP gets cannon, I’m a person who really likes movies and cartoons and grew up watching these things, so I had this experience many times too, of hoping two characters get married or something like that, but in the end they never get together. That’s how life is, you can’t always get what you want! And harrass someone will not make your OTP become canon.

I’m nothing on Tumblr, but I had to write this. So good morning, good night, good afternoon, and let’s hope that that small part of the fandom don’t ruin our relationship with the creators of this amazing show. They deserve better. Lauren Zuke deserve better.

Sorry for any grammatical mistakes.

Arranged Marriage AU -Closed.

Kylie was in a very, very bad mood. She’d gotten into a new book lately and had been pouring through it, but instead of getting to finish it tonight, where was she going? On another damn date with that girl her parents had bargained to pair her with. Kylie really didn’t want to get married in the first place, but the two girls had taken an immediate dislike to each other, and they’d be stuck together whether they liked it or not. The wedding was coming up fast, and Kylie wasn’t happy about it.

Glaring at her maid in the mirror, Kylie resisted the urge to snap at her as she tightened the corset strings just a little too much. She was never one to yell at the servants, but she really felt like yelling right now. Finally she was all ready, and cast a longing glance at her book as she was escorted out the door and downstairs to be taken to the place she and that girl were supposed to meet. They’d set up a table one of the gardens for the two to have dinner, or some such nonsense. Kylie didn’t really care, or see the point. It wasn’t going to make her like her, so why force them to be together until the wedding?