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Requested - Hi! Could you write something with Aaliyah and Y/N. Like they get along pretty well and like Aaliyah asks Y/N about losing Virginity (Y/N lost it very soon) or something like that. Thanks!

Requested - Heyy, I have an imagine request 💕 so, you’re visiting Shawn in Canada and he’s busy, so you end up spending time with Aaliyah (like take her shopping or out for milkshakes or something) and Shawn finds out and he thinks it’s really sweet and fluff fluff fluff

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“Baby, I’m so sorry,” Shawn says for what seems like the hundredth time as he glances over at you briefly before refocusing his eyes on the road in front of him.

“Don’t be.” You respond with a cheeky smile. “I get to drive your jeep and hang out with your sister, so it’s a win-win for me.”

“Have I told you lately that you’re the best?” He asks.

“Maybe once or twice,” you tease, a smile on your face as you genuinely appreciate this time you’re getting to spend with your boyfriend, even if it isn’t a lot. You came to Canada to visit him, but he ended up having to rehearse at the last minute, which kind of ruined your original plans for the afternoon.

The drive to his rehearsal space goes by far too quickly, and before you know it you’re driving his jeep out of the parking lot on your way to pick up Aaliyah from school. Since Shawn ended up being busy, you offered to pick up his sister from school and take her to the mall. You’ve grown really close to Aaliyah over the past year that you’ve been dating Shawn, and since you don’t have a younger sister, you take full advantage of getting to spend time with Aaliyah and play an older sister role in her life.

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You know, for the first time I kind of feel like 1D really isn't gonna get back together. I really kinda just came to terms that it's done. I think it might have been the way Harry talked about it in the past tense? Like "after one direction blah blah blah". Idk. I'm kinda sad? I still hope they get back together but I don't know anymore.

I’m kinda just where I’ve been with it I think. My original expectations when the band first went on Hiatus changed a while ago, over a year ago now, and I think since then they’ve stayed pretty much the same. 

Like, the band as we /knew/ it is over I think. And I think that’s a good thing? The more time goes on, the more tidbits we get here and there, the more we realise how /bad/ it was, and how unhealthy it maybe was. We were all, us and them, in this crazy cycle and i don’t think any of us realised how fucking crazy it was until it stopped? 

I honestly do see them getting back together, but it won’t be in the 18 months they said, I don’t think that number was ever real? I think it was just because they were pressed so much. I think that’s why it was never certain. I think them having the chance to really, genuinely explore their solo endeavours is the only way the band gets back together, and the only way its a good thing. They need to do what they want, and not be rushed through it.

I think if and when they come back, it will be smaller, it won’t be as crazy, it’ll be smaller venues and less terrible managing. I think it’ll be more authentic? I think they’ll be able to really make what they want to, we’ll be able to see all of them in it. I think the way they’ll come back is when they can all be there, and be /them/. And when that happens I’m gonna be so excited. But in the mean time, I’m also enjoying this.

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so I kinda got this idea from that one IwaOi ask you got from another anon recently, but top 5 dysfunctional but great relationships between two characters?

top 5 dysfunctional relationships anon) I meant Haikyuu!!, but if it’s easier for you to find examples for anime in general, I don’t mind if you do that either :3

Hello bean! I’m actually so dead because here you say recently but this ask is from 16 days ago (this is just an example of how much it takes to get to a specific top 5, rip), but it’s finally time! (For context, this petal is talking about this post, where I was asked if Oikawa and Iwaizumi have a healthy relationship with each other). Ok so, this is gonna be a multi-anime answer, since Haikyuu has not so many examples of that. 

General disclaimer: more than dysfunctional, these relationships are not so healthy but the bottom line here is that, no matter what, they all love, trust and understand each other more than anyone else.  

1. Shinji and Kaworu (Neon Genesis Evangelion). Well, this is not the most painful ship ever for nothing. It doesn’t matter that they met and parted ways in the span of one (1) episode, that time was enough to change Shinji, forever. Kaworu came to Shinji in his darkest hour and was the first person to understand and treat him with love. He was the first person to ever tell Shinji “I love you”, and he’s the first person Shinji said “I love you” in return. This is all nice till you discover that Kaworu is not an actual person, he’s an angel, an angel sent to erase humanity, an angel Shinji is forced to kill, or better, an angel who decided that his only free will act was letting Shinji kill him. And he does, in what is to this day the most heartbreaking scene I’ve ever seen. And if killing the person you love the most or making the person you love the most kill you is not dysfunctional, I don’t know what else is…

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(in the reboot he dies in front of Shinji and not by his hand and I don’t know what’s worst honestly) 

2. Oikawa and Iwaizumi. I already said everything that needs to be said in the post I mentioned above. They are dependent, violent, aggressive, unable to communicate in the proper way, the reaction to everything the other does is incredibly exaggerated, they fight, they yell…but still they made each other the beautiful people they are today. They are always in perfect sync, they are each other’s number one supporter and would kill and die for the other on the spot. They are connected, both physically and mentally so, maybe way more than they even realize. They are not a perfect couple, but still they are unbreakable. 

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3. Rin and Haruka (Free!) Speaking of overreacting people, here you have a perfect example. These two are literally obsessed with each other, neither of them could sneeze without affecting dramatically the other’s life. Despite everything, they understand each other without having to say a single word, they would give up everything for the other, they could have had it all…but still they are the classic couple that can’t be together but yet can’t be apart. You can’t escape relationships like that. 

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4. Hinata and Kageyama. As I already said here, I firmly believe that Kags is unconsciously replicating the iwaoi dynamic with Hinata. They are just as violent, intense and obsessed with each other, but they have the potential to create even a deeper and greater bond. They already live in such a perfect sync they can’t function properly without the other (especially Hinata has still to find his place without Kageyama), so much that they are afraid of being torn apart. If you read the manga, you know what I’m talking about, if you don’t, just think of the last shot of Kageyama and Hinata at the end of season 3…while the rest of the team was happy for the news Kageyama just got…were they really?

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5.  Yahaba and Kyoutani. The iwaoi curse strikes again, and how couldn’t it. The setter/ace relationship is pretty strong on its own and I think Yahaba’s new leadership is gonna deliver us some good character development. I really hope they’ll find a healthier way to communicate and Yahaba will keep his slamming-his-boyfriend-against-the-wall thing just for the bedroom. 

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p.s. as crazy as it sounds, Bokuto and Akaashi are not in this chart and here I explained why. 

Thank you for your message!

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I hope this isn't annoying, I only ask because I love all your threads, and I'd love to see it, and I'm selfish like that. Have you ever considered making a thread of Lyall and Hope Lupin meeting as Rowling described it? He saves this muggle girl from a boggart she thinks is a scary man going to kill her, and she's so pretty and thankful and he's such a dork he doesn't tell her he's a wizard??

(( OOC: Andy and KP actually made that thread… and I was the boggart. XD You can see it HERE and HERE. *thumbs up* )) 

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Can you do one where harry is your husband and is oblivious to the fact that your "friends" Mistreat you and you just don't say anything because they're the only friends you have left And harry finds out one day and it's a lot of loving from him Pleaaaaase I'm dying to read something like this

I’m so sorry this took forever and I think it might be a piece of shit? I hope you like it though!


“True Friend”


You were sitting on the corner of the couch, surrounded by your friends who were supposed to be over for a movie night. After moving in with Harry and starting a new job, it had been pretty difficult to get to know new people. He had encouraged you to start hanging out with some girls from work so you weren’t so lonely when he was gone for the day, so you’d invited them out for dinner one night and things had progressed from there. But not necessarily in a good way.

You had always been paranoid that people didn’t like you. The slightest glare or sarcastic comment had you worrying that there was just something about you people had a problem with. However, this was different; these girls pretended they wanted to hang out when all they really cared about was belittling you. You weren’t sure if you really hadn’t caught on until recently, or if you were just in denial the whole time.

“Let’s just save the movie for another night and head to the bar!” One of them suggested, and the others cheered in agreement. Your heart sank, because you’d put a lot of planning into that movie night and hoped it would help change their minds and show them that you were just as ‘cool’ as they were.

You tried to protest, but it seemed that once the idea of getting drunk off their asses was in their minds, they weren’t going to be able to let it go.

“I mean, we can just go without you. It’s not like you’ll be much fun, since you’re in a ‘committed’ relationship and everything. I mean, you usually don’t get much attention from guys anyway.”

The way they all giggled after the last comment made you wonder what else had been said about you behind your back. As much as you didn’t want to let it affect you, their words stung. You were in an even worse mood now than you had been before, and you definitely didn’t want to spend any more time around them, so you halfheartedly told them to head out without you. They were out the door within minutes, leaving you alone to pick up the empty soda cans and rethink your idea of ordering pizza for dinner.

It wasn’t long before Harry came home, and he tentatively walked down the hallway expecting to see a big group of girls giggling on the couch. Instead, he found you curled up in a blanket alone while he tossed his keys onto the kitchen table.

“Where is everyone?”

You put on the most realistic smile you could manage, and turned around to meet his confused gaze.

“They decided to head to a bar.”

“You didn’t want to go?”

You shrugged nonchalantly, trying not to let on that anything was wrong.

“I’m just tired, that’s all. I wasn’t in the mood for drinking tonight.” You lied. You weren’t in the mood for drinking, that was true, but only because you got the feeling they didn’t want you to go anyway. Your time at the bar most likely would’ve been filled with their nasty comments, and you probably would’ve been forced to stand alone while they danced with anyone they could get their hands on.

Harry sat down next to you and cautiously placed his hand on your leg, studying the look on your face. He could tell you weren’t happy, but he didn’t really consider the fact that your 'friends’ were the reason you had seemed a little off lately. He’d believed you when you insisted that you were just stressed and overwhelmed after the move.

“Are you sure everything’s okay?” He asked.

You nodded convincingly and looked into his caring eyes. You knew you wouldn’t be able to resist breaking down if you stayed close to him much longer, so you quickly stood up off the couch before tears could well up and made your way to the kitchen before you spoke again.

“I was planning to get pizza for everyone, do you want me to order some for just us?”

He gave his approval and you were quick to dial the phone number before Harry could ask you what was wrong again. By the time you were off the phone, though, he was standing in front of you with his hands on his hips.

“Are you gonna tell me what’s going on?” He prodded. He had a serious expression on his face, but you knew by the look in his eyes that he was genuinely concerned.

“Baby, I’m fine. Just bummed I didn’t get to watch that movie.” You joked, managing a small laugh as you turned back to him and smiled.

You knew he wasn’t entirely convinced, but he could tell that you didn’t want him to press it any further. If something was really wrong, he was confident that you’d tell him whenever you were ready.

“We can still watch the movie.” He suggested quietly, not waiting for an answer before he went to spread some blankets and comfier pillows over the couch.

You managed to watch the entire movie without being distracted by the situation from earlier, but the ringtone of your phone made the bitter feeling come back again. You answered the phone as cheerfully as you could, not totally surprised when you recognized the slurred voices of the girls you were trying to forget about.

You managed to decipher their speech enough to know that they needed a ride home, and of course they hadn’t hesitated to call you and use you as their chauffer.

“I’ve gotta go pick them up, they’re wasted.” You sighed, pushing your blanket aside as you unhappily unraveled yourself from Harry’s arms.

“Do you want me to go with you?”

You quickly shook your head as you slipped on your jacket and shoes, assuring him you’d be fine and it shouldn’t take more than an hour. Truthfully, you were just afraid of what they’d say to you now that the last little sliver of good judgement had been taken away by alcohol, and you didn’t want Harry to know that the only friends you made since moving here weren’t friends at all. It was almost like you failed.

The drive to the bar wasn’t long, and as soon as it came into view you could see the familiar figures standing outside. They clumsily piled into your car, giggling while they all tried to speak at once.

“What are you wearing?” One of them asked from the back seat, and you sighed when you realized you hadn’t changed out of Harry’s shirt and sweatpants before you left. You certainly wouldn’t hear the end of it, but you hoped none of them would remember by the next morning.

“Hey, that’s Harry’s shirt! I’m surprised it fits you! He’s so thin and you’re… not.”
They all erupted in laughter and you tried to take a few deep breaths as you drove off. The entire car ride was filled with their snide comments and them constantly trying to talk over eachother’s slurs.

It seemed like it took hours to drop them all off, but you were on your way home in record time when you finally let some tears fall. You couldn’t believe these were the only people you could call friends. There was nobody else you’d met that seemed remotely interested in talking to you, and you were terrified you’d have to spend the rest of your life with no one else but those girls to spend time with.

You drove around the block a few times while you tried to calm down, but it finally become clear that you had no choice but to tell Harry. It would be much too painful to keep this inside forever, and knowing Harry, he’d probably know exactly what to do.

You unlocked the door, wiping a few tears from your cheeks but deciding you wouldn’t bother trying to hide the fact that you were upset. As you stepped inside, Harry rounded the corner.

“I made some ice cream sundaes if you want to- hey…” He immediately frowned when he saw your tear stained cheeks and sad eyes.

You sniffled as he walked over to you and tilted his head a bit while he waited for you to say something. What he didn’t expect was for you to fling yourself into him, but he was quick to wrap his strong arms around you and hold on tight.
Once your cries and sniffles had quieted down a little, he kept you tightly pressed to him while he looked down at you and spoke.

“What’s wrong?” He asked carefully, afraid to set you off into another round of crying if you tried to explain. By now, he was pretty sure he knew the source of your sadness lately but he didn’t want to push you any farther than you were ready for at the moment. You backed up to look up at him but quickly avoided his gaze.

“I think I need to talk to you about something.”

You could see him tense a little, because you knew it always scared him whenever you acted serious about things like this. You were generally a pretty laid back person, so if there was something you really needed to speak to him about, it usually meant it was a pretty big deal.

He slung his arm around you as he led you to the couch and invited you to sit on his lap. You cuddled into Harry’s chest and his arms held you close to his body, while he rested his cheek on top of your head.

“This is about the girls, isn’t it?” He finally prodded. All he got in response was a teary eyed look from you, and he knew he was right when the wetness threatened to spill down your cheeks again. He stared at you sadly, wiping a few tears that fell before you were ready to speak.

“They’re not my real friends, Harry.” You sniffled, leaning back against him as you watched for a reaction. He nodded slowly, rubbing his hand gently up and down your back.

“You could’ve told me.”

You frowned as you turned to look at him again and saw his eyes filled with complete concern and sadness.

“I know, but I just.. I have no friends, Harry!” You whined, hiding your face in his neck while the emotions seemed to hit you all over again.

If his heart wasn’t broken already, it definitely was now. Obviously he’d meant no harm when he encouraged you to make friends, and he never wanted you to feel down about yourself if things didn’t work out as expected.

“Baby, no, it’s okay. Don’t cry over them.”

He held you tight until you had calmed down again. He didn’t want to ask what was said during the car ride, and he didn’t want to know what else they’d put in your head over the past month. So you both sat in silence for a while until you finally looked up at him.

“I don’t want you hanging around them anymore, okay?”

You normally would’ve argued, but you knew you’d be much happier if you never had to see them outside of work again. Now that the barrier had been broken and Harry knew the truth about them, there was no sense in keeping up the charade that you actually enjoyed their company.

Your comment from a few minutes earlier hadn’t been forgotten; he kept hearing you say “I have no friends” over and over again in his head and it was making his heart hurt.

“And I don’t ever want to hear you say you have no friends, okay?” His voice had the sweetest, most gentle tone possible and when you opened your mouth to speak, he knew exactly what you were going to say. So when it slipped out that you really didn’t have any friends, he had the perfect response.

“You’ve got me.” He argued, pressing his lips to the top of your head.

“I know it’s not the same, but I love all the girly gossip and random stories you tell. And you know I’m always here for advice when you need it and I won’t mind those awful movies you girls watch, because I’ll always enjoy watching them with you. I know I’m your boyfriend and that’s not quite the same as being your friend, but I’m always going to be here for you, angel.”

The end of his rambling had you smiling up at him.

“You’ve always been my best friend, Harry. My true friend.”

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Hi, I'm sorry if you have discussed this before but I just started following you and wonder what your tag You can tell a man by his ankles means? Have a nice day : -)

Hi! Please don’t apologize, I’m happy to help :) At least I can speculate and you can make up your own mind about my theories, okay? 

So, Harry tweeted this on August 21st, 2013:

The day before, on August 20th, One Direction was at the TIU premiere in London. They all looked smashing as I’m sure you remember?

And one boy in particular stood out. Not only for his flawless outfit, but for his very visible ankles. Ankles displaying a well known symbol. A triangle:

So what is it about this symbol in particular? Well, in short (and, if you are reading this, please! correct me if I’m wrong) a ‘pink triangle’ is a symbol of queer liberation, originally used by the nazis as a symbol of shame. In the 1980′s the triangle was reclaimed by gay rights groups and is today seen as a rather unambiguous symbol for gay pride. 

So Louis, a person who is known for showing off his ankles, wearing rolled up pants and no socks, as part of his trademark look. Clearly being - still - kept in the closet. For him to mark his skin with a symbol that literally screams ‘I’m gay and I’m proud’ is rather provocative and brave, if you ask me. And that picture of his ankles was spread on social media the day after the event for everyone to see. 

Now, Harry tweeting about ‘a man’s ankles’ that day might be coincidental of course, or not at all. But it was certainly interesting timing, and knowing Harry who rarely makes statements without meaning I personally think it is pretty significant. 

The quote “You can tell a man by his ankles” suddenly has a different ring to it now, don’t you agree? x

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Hi April, thank you for your post, it put things in to perspective for me. Do you think both Harry and Louis could have negotiated deals with non-Sony labels that included the end of stunts (and CO in the future) and then took those back to Sony and they matched them? I'm just trying to work this through semi-logically.

Yes, I think it’s a very strong possibility that the deals they ended up with were the result of matching clause negotiations. And I think that is to their benefit. I hope. It’s been pretty good so far with Harry and I hope Louis will get a similar opportunity to produce the work he wants to, with strong promo behind it.

Yuratchka-Speaks BLOOPER REEL Pt. 1
Yuratchka-Speaks BLOOPER REEL Pt. 1

Contains: every mistake I’ve made worthy of humour between my first audio to now, plus some behind the scenes type info on some audios

Okay so between my parents yelling and a thunderstorm, I couldn’t record a new audio, so I decided to put this up instead!

A/N: I had been saving my favourite bloopers from my first audio until now and I wanted to make a compilation, and since we’re close 1,500 followers I thought I would give this as an early milestone gift! I thought some parts were pretty funny, so I hope you guys enjoy!! Thank you so so much for listening!!!


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I'm fairly new to Tumblr and I just wanted to say that I'm in love with your art style. It's so pretty and seeing how good you are is really inspiring. (I'm thinking of running an art blog but I don't know where to start...) I hope you have a magical day filled with awesome-sauce! ˚✧₊⁎( ˘ω˘ )⁎⁺˳✧༚

Anon: *screaming* Your art is beautiful!!! It inspired me so much!! :D Hope you have an awesome dayyy!            

Anon: Yo, your art is great and I love your aus!! Please keep doing your art!!!  

thank you so much! ;v;

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i hope you don't mind this question - it's about the "wangst" (i'm not sure what that means but i think i get the gist) i don't usually go into tags and most of the time i'm pretty indifferent to hc's etc i don't agree with, but i'm curious, what do you consider ooc langst?

i don’t mind at all! and for the most part i’m pretty indifferent to headcanons i don’t agree with, too, but it kinda grates on me when i can’t go five minutes without seeing them haha

imo, ooc langst is:

  • the team making fun of / yelling at / generally shitting on lance for no reason while he takes it like a human emotional punching bag also for no apparent reason
  • lance disappears / gets captured / leaves and no one notices
  • lance disappears / gets captured / leaves and no one bothers to look for him
  • lance joins the enemy because obviously they’ll treat him better than this awful team!!!!
  • the team exchanges lance for information (i’ve legit seen a few of these like… holy shit)
  • the team mutes lance’s comms because he’s being ~annoying~ and he gets hurt / dies as a result (seen a few of these too and like. what)
  • shiro being weirdly mean to lance or ignoring him or something
  • tbh anyone ignoring lance in general
  • like for the most part he’s the one we see interacting with the others the most?? it’s just weird
  • any fic where lance becomes completely dead inside esp for any of these reasons lol

yeah i dunno for the most part my pet peeves are when people make the rest of the team into these awful jackasses in order to write their lance pain porn. if you’re going to write angst at least make it accurate, in-character angst you cowards

Ladybug distrusting Volpina mixing with fears of Alya finding her out
  • Ladybug: Volpina, please stop relaying so much information to the girl that runs the ladyblog, she's going to have way more than enough information to figure any one of us and then I'm afraid of what'll happen once she's got that information.
  • Volpina: ok, I see what you're going for but it's not like she's gonna put it all out there as soon as she finds out, and most of the stuff I say doesn't even reach the blog anyways, she just shares theories with Marinette.
  • Queen Bee: And you think SHE can keep a secret? I mean she can't even keep her crush low key
  • Chat: Wait, Marinette likes someone?
  • Volpina: Chat, I'm guessing you couldn't tell because you barely know her but if not then you're an idiot.
  • Ladybug: Back to the subject people! Stop giving so much information in interviews, even if they are "private" and "not on film", I don't want to deal with the fallout of Alya knowing.
  • Volpina: fine. She's not gonna hear it from me.
  • -------------
  • Later in class
  • Alya: So word is that Ladybug thinks I'm pretty close to figuring her out, wanna help me go over some theories later?
  • Marinette (internally): that fox is dead to me
  • Marinette: y-yeah s-sure?
  • Alya: Did Adrien walk in? What's with the stutter?
  • ------------
  • (Edit) Even more later
  • Adrien: Hey Marinette, I heard you liked someone. I'm just gonna say that I hope it works out for you and I hope they like you back because you're amazing and you deserve it.
  • Marinette: *panics and walks into a wall instead of a door*
  • Adrien: are you ok?
  • Alya: Those two are idiots. Beautiful beautiful idiots.

First two pics from an AU. I just have too much fun drawing Grimmjow, so I wanted to play around with that concept too. I also really like those WWII bomber-jackets that used to have cartoons or pin ups on the back, so I wanted to draw something like that.

Then some canon ships. I think Ichigo came out sounding a lot more dirty minded than I hoped.

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That fancy ass bedroom in that fancy ass mansion was meant for Bellarke smut, I'm pretty sure. Especially the mirrors. Or the giant shower. Think it can inspire you enough to write something?

I managed shower smut and giant-bed-snuggling in one.  Hope you enjoy it!  (And let’s just pretend Bellamy decided to go to Science Island and the whole Emori-Bayless stuff doesn’t happen that first night).

Showers on the Ark were loud, cold affairs.  Water screeched through pipes and blasted down on you with only a cursory bit of heating to put them on just the other side of freezing.  On the ground you generally made do with splashing river water on yourself with a bit of rough soap and counted yourself lucky, so Clarke stood in Becca’s shower as it sent up veils of steam and let the water rain down on her gently, enveloping her in heat, for longer than was strictly necessary.  It was luxurious beyond anything she’d imagined.

“Roan wants to know when he can take the boat back to—” Bellamy’s rough baritone interrupted her hazy thoughts and she spun to find him frozen mid-step, his jaw ajar. “Shit, sorry,” he mumbled and turned away.  Through the fogged glass she could just make out the back of his neck turning red and Clarke bit a smile.

“Bellamy,” she said, and he automatically glanced back at the sound of her voice and then looked away just as quickly.  “It’s okay.”

“I didn’t realize you were still— I’ll come back later,” he stammered.

“Wait.”  The word was out before she could stop it and his shoulders tensed.  She knew what he’d wanted to say on the beach, knew what she wanted to say to him, but words weren’t her strong suit. “Come join me,” she said before she could chicken out.  She didn’t know how to tell him, but she could show him.  Because he was right— time might be running out for them.

Slowly, Bellamy looked over his shoulder, his gaze raking up and down her body.  He licked his lips and turned around, eyebrows raised in a question.  He was barefoot, which she found impossibly adorable, and this time she didn’t fight the smile that spread across her face.

And identical one spread across his like the sun coming out from behind clouds.  He crossed the bathroom in three strides and threw open the glass door, letting out a burst of steam.  He didn’t even bother to take off his clothes, just charged into the water and kissed her.  Clarke kissed him back and felt his curls soften under the water, her fingers tangled in his hair as their mouths explored each other.  She clawed at his shirt and he helped her peel it off his body, hitting the tile floor with a wet plop.  

They were both frantic yet deliberate, eager yet reverent.  Time sped up and slowed down, and when he pushed her against the tile to slip his fingers between her folds Clarke felt the rest of the world fade away.  There was nothing left but dark brown eyes watching her hungrily and soft lips kissing her throat.  She came with a quiet cry and then Bellamy lifted her into his arms, settling her down on his cock and pinning her to the wall with his weight.  Clarke held his face as they moved together, needing to memorize his every gasp, learn each freckle on his face, catalogue the exact shade of his eyes.  And he watched her just as closely, only breaking to kiss her with a need that stole her breath.

They both giggled a little shyly when they were done, but Clarke wouldn’t let awkward nerves steal this night from her.  She helped Bellamy rinse off and then they wrapped themselves in thick, soft towels.  Bellamy rather sheepishly hung up his soaked clothing and then she took him by the hand and led him to the wide bed that had caught her eye earlier.  She went to climb in but Bellamy hesitated with a strange look on his face.

“Whatever it is, it can wait,” she said soothingly.

Bellamy snorted.  “You’re supposed to take those pillows off,” he said, motioning to the tiny pillow behind the small of her back and the larger, faux fur one behind her shoulders.  “They’re just decorative.”

Clarke stared at him for a second and then burst into a giggle.  Pillows were a luxury on the ark and the ones they had were thin, flat things that did almost nothing.  She barely even saw the point of them, and she had been wondering how on earth people before the apocalypse managed to sleep with so many pillows they were practically sitting.  The thought of them being just decorative had been so foreign to her she hadn’t even considered it.  “Oh thank god,” she laughed, and Bellamy shook his head fondly as he helped her throw them to the floor.  The lights automatically dimmed— except for the hearth across the room, which cast everything in a warm, golden glow— and Bellamy joined her beneath the covers.  She settled against him with her ear over his heart and he pressed a kiss to the crown of her head.  She waited for him to fall asleep and then leaned up to kiss his forehead.  “I love you,” she whispered, and maybe it was her imagination, but it seemed like he smiled back.

Just… sitting right next to the road, just chilling there. Honestly never expected to find this especially in a place that’s pretty heavily traveled by tourists.

This skull is from one of the many feral/wild po.nies roaming the moors. Most likely hit on the road because they are always just standing in the middle.

So uhh…. do you think this will work? Lol. It’s got tough stuck on flesh that scrubbing wouldn’t remove so my hopes is that a few hours in the pot will loosen it. Had to refill the pot twice already because of the grease seeping out of the bones.

It’s name is Rainbow Crash btw.

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Hiya I sent you an ask about a fic about Kara dealing with body issues (I know you're swamped so please don't worry about answering it soon!) b/c I have a lot of issues with my own body and it's just getting really bad. I feel like there's this voice in my head every time I walk by a mirror that's just really fucking mean and I feel crazy. But I've been working harder at the gym for the last year and I'm hoping that'll make it stop. It just sucks b/c I can't go too often now with school and all.

Alex used to tease her about it – I hope you get fat, she joked as she passed her the last potsticker – and it didn’t feel bad when Alex did it. In fact, it was pretty funny, because it’s Alex.

It still feels funny when the woman at Noonan’s asks how she eats so many sticky buns and still looks like she does, because she answers that she’s an alien, and the woman thinks it’s a joke.

So it’s funny.

But it’s also not funny.

It’s also not funny because her muscles aren’t what her cousin’s are.

It’s also not funny because Mon-El just assumes he’ll be stronger than her because he’s a man, because he’s bigger than her, and she knows he never will be, but sometimes she’s not sure.

It’s also not funny because Alex is solidly human, and James is solidly human, and they can survive – they do survive – without any powers. Without any powers except their training and their wits and their very small, very human, very not-Kryptonian, strength.

They can do what Kara does, but they distinctly cannot fly and they distinctly cannot bench press an airplane.

And she doesn’t hate it. But she hates it.

Because if they’re that strong, and she has powers, but they can survive the same kind of work she does, how weak must she be? How much weakness, how much mediocrity – and Alex wasn’t the only one raised by parents who expected perfection – lives in her skin?

Skin that lasted when everyone else died.

A face that forces a smile when she doesn’t feel it at all.

Hands that all the social media feeds make jokes about what they can do, but really, she just wants to be able to touch someone full force, outside of the green room, without worrying about breaking them?

Because they might be better than her, tougher, more innately strong, more innately special, but she can still break them, completely by accident.

Because her body is not in her control. But it is. But it isn’t. But it is.

But it isn’t.

Mirrors remind her.

Remind her that she must really be nothing special, must really look like nothing special – must really be on just this side of ugly enough to ignore, to not even register, to be completely indifferent to – because they’re all fooled by glasses, because Leslie Willis wasn’t wrong about her awkwardness, her inability to know what to do with her hands, with her face, with her whole damn body.

Her whole damn body that can lift busses and deflect bullets, but that she can’t bring herself to love.

Leslie Willis – Livewire – saw right through her uniform, straight into her damn body.

And everyone else probably does, too.

So she changes in a rush, always.

She changes with Barry Allen-type speed. Always. Even when there’s no emergency.

No point dwelling on what no one’s ever going to notice anyway, unless the uniform catches their eye. No point dwelling on what no one’s ever going to want anyway, unless for the power trip of bedding a Super.

Except, no one sees her with her glasses, so that would never even be a thing.

She doesn’t think about Maggie.

Doesn’t think about how her sister’s girlfriend saw her.

She doesn’t think about how Cat saw her.

How James saw her (sure, he already knew. But still. Still.).

How sometimes, she sees flickers in Lena’s eyes that make her think she sees her, too.

She doesn’t think about these people, these people who see her, who would tell her without hesitation that she is worth seeing – that her body is worth seeing, worth lingering on, worth living in. Worth loving.

She hates how scattered her thoughts are. How contradictory.

How nonsensical.

How raging.

How real.

Alex notices first, that it’s getting worse lately. Kara’s hatred of her own body, of its contradictions, of its dual invisibility and hypervisibility, how everyone wants it and yet nobody notices it. How everyone wants her and yet nobody notices her.

Alex notices.

The way Kara skips quickly over the photos that include her when they’re scrolling through which pictures from game night to throw up on Instagram.

The way she jumps and squirms when Eliza is visiting and tells her how beautiful she looks.

The way she avoids mirrors like a vampire desperate to not be discovered.

“So you’ve seen it, too?” Maggie whispers to her one game night as she watches Alex squinting closely at the way Kara’s hand keeps running over her abs, like she’s trying to reassure herself of something, like she’s trying to wish herself into something, out of something.

Because apparently, Maggie notices, too.

Alex just nods, because she doesn’t bother being surprised with what close attention, with what close concern, Maggie watches over her little sister. She’ll reward her for it later. For now, she’s just scared.

Because Kara’s been particularly unsteady lately, and Kara is training harder than ever at the DEO, and she’s eating less potstickers than normal, and it’s a horrendous and scary combination.

By unspoken agreement, Alex and Maggie linger after game night. They linger after Winn and James give their hugs and leave together, still laughing about who would have won Jenga if a certain someone hadn’t faked a sneeze.

“Hey Kara, I just… I wanted to let you know that you’re gorgeous,” Maggie says casually as she washes dishes, and Kara nearly drops a plate.

“Hey, you’re dating my sister, I mean – “ She tries laughing it off, but the hue of her face and the strickennss of her eyes and the way she’s adjusting her glasses furiously give her away.

Alex smiles. “She is, and I’m standing right here, and you know what? I love that she loves you like she does. That she sees you. All of you, Kara. And she thinks what she sees is beautiful. Because it is. You are.”

Alex is talking casually, too, drying dishes and putting them away in the shelves Maggie can’t reach.

Alex might not have superhearing, but she hears her sister gulp, and she might not have mind-reading abilities, but she can all but hear the voices in Kara’s head telling her that her sister and her girlfriend are lying, they’re being nice because they feel bad for her, they’re exaggerating because they love her – for some reason she can’t possibly fathom – and more importantly, if she’s not feeling good about herself, she’ll be less effective as Supergirl, and…

Kara doesn’t know she’s started sniffling and crying until Alex’s arms are wrapped around her, until Maggie’s turned off the sink and is standing against the counter with her arms folded across her own chest, hugging herself as Alex hugs Kara, as Alex holds the body that feels worthless to Kara up from falling, up from figuring out how best to destroy itself, up from figuring out how best to dismantle itself in disguise as trying to make it better.

“Hey, hey, hey,” Alex is soothing her, and Kara tries to push her away, because she doesn’t deserve to be soothed, she didn’t mean to break, she didn’t mean to tell anyone, she didn’t mean to, but her body’s betrayed her again with its tears and its quaking, but Alex knows, and Alex has planted her feet, and Kara doesn’t put any real heart behind the push anyway, because Alex is kissing her forehead like she loves her and supporting her weight like it’s nothing and rubbing her back like it’s beautiful and whispering to her like she’ll never lose faith in her, even if Kara loses faith in herself.

“You’re perfect, Kara,” Maggie is whispering, then, because Alex is using all her energy holding her little sister up. “It’s okay if you can’t feel it now. Your sister and I will feel it enough, believe it enough, for you, until you can figure out a way to believe it yourself. Okay?”

She’s helpless in Alex’s arms and under the thrall of Maggie’s soft words, and she nods as she sniffles and sobs and sobs and sobs.

When she’s stopped shaking quite so much – when she feels like there’s no water left inside her, when she’s wept her way through her thoughts, through her deepest fears, through her stickiest shames, through her toughest contradictions – she just clings to Alex life the lifeline that she is.

She lets Alex carry her to bed and tuck her in like she used to when they were kids and she’d had another nightmare.

“Stay?” she grabs Alex’s hand after she kisses her forehead and starts to stand.

“Of course,” she says without hesitation, and Maggie leans in to kiss Alex’s cheek.

“See you in the morning, ba – ” she starts, but Kara cuts in.

“You too, Maggie?”

Maggie grins down at her girlfriend’s little sister and nods. “Anything you need, Little Danvers. Anything you need.”

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Hello Clef!! I'm super inspired by your piece of Reigen sitting at his desk in the office (with the beautiful lighting WAHH) and I'm trying to draw an office scene with Izaya! I think it's going pretty well, but I'm moving onto drawing the keyboards of his computer and I don't know how to do it (apart from of course using a ref). How did you draw them? Thank you so much!!! ♡♡

aaaaa I’m sorry for replying late, I download laptop keyboard layout from google image

then I create new layer above the image and trace it. I hope this helps! Thank you very much~!