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sequel to Seaside

A/N: it’s finally here! sorry it took so long. there is more coming but i have a lot of other projects in the works (including requests!) so please be patient! hope you all enjoy! <3

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The Color Of Your Smile


Summary: After a particularly bad detention Sirius finds himself in Remus’ bed in search for some comfort. Problem is, Remus is busy studying. This just won’t do.

A/N: Based on this prompt. I hope you like it!

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Sirius had always used colors to describe seasons. For example; winter was white and silver. White, for the thick snowflakes blurring his vision and ruining his hair. For the icy ground that he had to skate over for several months. For the early morning sun’s reflection that almost blinded him.

Silver, for the glittering windows and pavements that made him feel good inside. For the countless decorations once Christmas came around. For the shimmering shadows in the afternoons.

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