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My Hero - James McAvoy x Reader

Prompt: can you do one with the are you flirting with me prompt from that list you posted with james mcavoy? maybe you guys meet at a party or something???

A/N: Yess! Love McAvoy! - this was originally part of the Christmas thing i was doing but I missed the posting day, then it was going to be posted New Years Eve but I hadn’t finished it so… here it is! Hope you like it!

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It was New Year’s Eve; once again you were planning to spend it at home, alone. That was the way you liked it, your friends didn’t seem to understand even though you had told them countless times. You just couldn’t work out why one of them was stood at your door, waiting for you to get ready to go out.

“Come on Y/N!” Your best friend pleaded, hands on your shoulders and a desperate look in their eyes. “Please? I’ll be fun, I promise!”
You stood there for a moment, running through your options. As far as you could tell, you had two. The first, go out, meet up with the rest of your friends and bring in the New Year surrounded by the people you love. The second would be to say no thanks and go back to the film you were trying to watch. “Fine, give me ten!” you reluctantly gave in, allowing your friend to enter while you went to get changed out of your pyjamas.
“Yes!” your friend cheered, “I knew I could get you to cave.”
You shook your head as you walked away; they always knew how to wrap you around their finger.

Once you were ready, the two of you called for a taxi and headed off to the bar to meet up with the rest of your friends. You had barely even walked through the door when another one of your friends had come bouncing up to you and put a drink in your hand.
“Y/N! I’m so glad you decided to come!” She shouted. The music was so loud it was almost impossible to hear anything.
“Yeah, well I figured it was time for a change in tradition” you responded at a similar volume.

Hours passed, you were being bought drinks left right and centre. You hadn’t even been up to the bar yet and you’d had too many drinks to count. “I’m getting the next round in, what do you want?” your best friend asked.
“No, no you’re not, I haven’t been up to the bar once! I’m going!” you insisted.
“If you say so!” they replied before listing everyone’s order.

You went up to the bar and put in your order. You were waiting for the bartender to pour the last few drinks when you spotted him. As far as you were aware, he hadn’t seen you but you continued to stare at him. He was just so…. handsome.
“Here’s your drinks” the bartender interrupted your thought.
“Great thanks, how much do I owe you?” you replied reaching into your bag for your purse.
“Nothing, that guy paid for them” he pointed to the handsome man opposite you who looked up, smiling and winked at you. You smiled back and nodded a thank you, picking up the tray of drinks.

You walked back to your friends carefully, trying not to spill anything.
“Okay guys” you shouted as you approached them, “here we go!” One by one, your friends collected their drinks, leaving just yours on the tray. You picked it up with your free hand and placed the tray down on the nearest table. “Hey, I’m just going to go get some fresh air” you said into the ear of the friend closest to you, gesturing to the door.
“You want some company?” they asked.
“No, no I’m good thanks. I won’t be long” you smiled and headed for the door.

You stood outside, thinking about everything that had happened that year and how in just a matter of hours it would all be behind you. The New Year was fast approaching.
“Fancy seeing you out here” said an unfamiliar voice.
“Sorry, are you talking to me?!” you questioned as you span around. “Oh, it’s you!” you smiled at the man who had paid for your drinks.
“Sorry, is it a bit weird that I followed you out here?” he asked.
“Well it wasn’t, but it is now” you laughed.
“I’m James, by the way” he smiled.
“Well James, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Y/N”
“Believe me, the pleasure is all mine”

You began to shiver. Unsure of whether it was due to his immense charm or the cold December wind, you ignored it.
“Are you cold?” he asked. “Why didn’t you bring a coat, surely by now you know how cold it is in December” he said taking off his jacket. “Here, take mine” he draped his jacket over your shoulders.
“Thank you” you smiled, “you truly are my hero!” you added with a hint of sarcasm.
He laughed. “You’re most welcome”
“Oh, also I never thanked you properly for the drinks, you really didn’t need to do that”
“How else was I going to get your attention?” he asked, “Besides, now you have to see me again to return the favour” he had a Cheshire Cat like grin on his face.
“James, are you flirting with me?” you asked in disbelief.
“I believe I am indeed flirting with you” he responded.
“Okay fine, I’ll tell you what, if you’re sober enough to put your number in my phone, I will agree to go out with you and buy you that drink” you smiled. He gestured for you to hand over your phone, you unlocked it and did so.

He began typing in the number, “there” he announced triumphantly, “done!”
“How do I know that’s your number?” you asked. Before you could finish your sentence completely, he had pressed dial. Moments later, his phone began to ring. He took it out of his pocket to show you and indeed, your number was on his screen. “Well I guess that settles it then” you smiled.
“Why don’t you let me call you instead” he proposed.
“Okay” you whispered with a smile. You took your phone back from him and looked at the time. “Shit, I’d better get back to my friends” you began to take his jacket off your shoulders.
“Keep it on” he stopped you, placing a hand on your shoulder. “I’ll come and find you at midnight; you can give it me back then.”
You dropped your head slightly; you could feel yourself going red. You lifted your head back up and nodded in agreement.

Walking away from him, you couldn’t help but smile. You made your way back over to your friends.
“Hey, where’ve you been!” your best friend asked, “and who’s jacket is that?!”
“You’ll find out” you smiled.

Sure enough Midnight rolled around; everyone was clinking glasses to the New Year. You began looking around the room for any sign of James, but you couldn’t see him anywhere. Before you could come to the conclusion that he wasn’t going to show up, you felt a pair of hands on your shoulders from behind.
“Can I have my jacket back please” he chuckled.
“I was beginning to think you had left” you responded.
“What, without seeing you again, I don’t think so” he smiled. “Happy New Year, Y/N” he said in a low voice, placing a kiss on your cheek.
“Happy New Year, James.”

Best of Wives and Best of Women

Alexander Hamilton x Reader (fem)
Words: 551
anon: Hi! Can you write a Alex x reader based off of best of wives and best of women? I need sadness in my life. xx 

i’m sorry for being a lil inactive lately friends, but i haven’t been feeling quite as inspired as i usually do. i still love you all a lot and i hope you’re all feeling incredible. 

are you all doing well? i hope so. i send love your way these holidays.

requests are open and my masterlist will be linked below. I love you all so so so much.

i’m not sure how much i’ll be able to post over this christmas weekend, but i’ll try my best. i’ll definitely be writing christmas day because i’m going to my father’s and… yeah.

finishing my rambling now. stay safe friends.


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Alexander had been more distant than usual lately. After the election, he had been spending hours on end in his office, writing letters to god knows who.

When he did come out on rare occasions to eat, and to sleep on even rarer occasions, he was tense. The circles under his eyes kept getting darker, to a point that he looked pale. His hair was a mess, and he smelled disgusting.

After a few weeks, you couldn’t take it anymore. You were fed up with being ignored and you were so sick of watching Alexander hurt himself. He couldn’t keep this up forever, so you knew you had to intervene.

Late one afternoon, you had pulled him out of his office and brought him to the table where you fed him one of his favourite meals. You sat next to him, holding his hand and resting your head on his shoulder.

“I’m worried for you Alex. Your lack of sleep and eating… it’s concerning. Why won’t you tell me what’s been bothering you so much?” You asked quietly.

“It’s… It doesn’t concern you. But everything will be fine. I promise. By tomorrow afternoon, we’ll be back to normal,” Alex said, his voice weak.

You dropped the subject, letting him continue eating. You played with the loose strands that were falling from his ponytail, letting out a quiet sigh. After he had finished dinner, you brought him upstairs to your bedroom and tucked him in.

You laid next to him, resting your head on his chest. “You mean the world to me. I love you so much,” You whispered, taking his hand in yours and squeezing it.

“I love you the most,” Alexander whispered as you fell asleep.

You awoke a few hours later in an empty bed. You sighed, sitting up and rubbing your eyes. You made your way downstairs, creeping towards the office door that was spilling light into the dark household.

You put a gentle hand on his shoulder, frowning as he tensed under your touch. “Alexander… come back to sleep,” You whispered, rubbing his shoulder with your thumb.

He relaxed, sighing quietly. “I have an early meeting out of town…” He mumbled, shrugging his shoulders slightly to move your hand off. You frowned, holding your head up high.

“It’s still dark outside…”

“I know.”” He said quickly, putting down his quill and looking up at you, “I just need to write something down.” He turned again, picking his quill up once again and continuing to write at a rapid pace.

“W-Why do you write like you’re running out of time?” You whispered, crossing your arms over your chest. “Come back to bed. That would be enough.”

“I’ll be back before you know I’m gone,” He huffed, biting his lip.

“Come back to sleep,” You begged, putting a hand over his.

“This meeting’s at dawn.”

You sighed quietly. “Well… I’m going back to sleep,” You mumbled, letting your hand drop from his and leaving the office.

Alex dropped his quill quickly, following you out and grabbing your wrist. “Hey. Best of wives, and best of women,” He whispered, pulling your hand towards him and kissing it gently. You shook your head sadly, pulling him into a tight hug where you both stayed until the sun peaked over the hills.

All about you

WWE Imagine

Not requested, just felt like writing it…

Word Count:1867
Warnings: Smut, Language, NSFW.
Rating: Mature, mature, MATURE.
Prompt: You have been super busy lately, and haven’t had a lot of time to spend doing anything but worrying about other stuff, and your best friend Aj, wants to show you that someone can take care of you.

 Author’s Notes: I know it isn’t requested, but I’ve been having a lot of thoughts about our lovely southern hunk lately, and I have had this idea bouncing around in my sinful brain for a couple days. I hope you all enjoy it! Love you all! Thank you for putting up with my tomfoolery.


    “Ok, yeah…I will grab your dry-cleaning on the way home.” You sigh into the phone quietly.

   “Yes, I will, ok be careful Seth, Tell Ro I said ‘Hey’ when you see him…..Ok, bye.” You hang up the phone just as you pull into Aj’s drive-way, a smile spreading across your face as you see your best friend leaning on his motorcycle, his large tan arms exposed under his black tank top, matched with tight-in-all-the-right-places blue jeans, his feet bare as ever on the cool grass of his yard.

    “Hey there!” You giggle as you stumble your way out of your car, dropping your phone as you climb out into the cool night.

 “Hey, I got it Darlin!” He chuckles as he bends at the hips to grab your phone, his large hands dwarfing the small piece of technology.

  “Thanks, I got the food in the car if you want to take this..” You force your bag into his arms and giggle at the face he makes, “I will grab that and meet you inside, but I can only stay for a few minutes I have to run some errands for Seth, and then drop by and check on Finn one more time.” You smile at him and nudge him towards the front door, then turn to grab the pizza out of the front seat of your car.

   As you walk in the still open front door, you kick your shoes off, and push the door shut with your free hand.

   “Aj?” You call as you walk into his all-too-familiar living room. You and Aj had met when the WWE hired you as a full-time ‘Wrestling supervisor’, but that was a fancy way of saying wrestling errand-girl. You had bumped into him back stage when grabbing a cup of coffee for a very tired Seth Rollins and had been best friends ever since, spend all of the little free-time you had at the best-friend in questions house, in the very spot you sat now on his over stuffed sofa more often than not.

   Sure you occasionally slept in his bed, when you were to tired to make it to your house from his, or when you passed out on the sofa and he carried you upstairs, and covered you with his over-sized blanket. You loved Aj, for just that reason, where some other man might have tried to get in bed WITH the drunk passed out girl in a tight dress, Aj slept down stairs on the sofa.

 “Y/N? Ah, there ya’ are!” He smiled a toothy grin at you as he plopped onto the couch next to you, and handed you a freshly open beer.

  “Oh, you’re a saint!” You nearly moaned as the cold liquid touched your lips. You leaned back into the couch, relaxing and letting your eyes close for a moment, savoring your beer.

 “Hey you ok over there?” Aj’s voice was soft, but concerned, his large warm hand coming to rest just above the knee of your jeans, making you jump.

 “Yep! Just a little stressed, it’s already noon and I still have a bunch to do.” You groan, and reach for a slice of pizza.

 “Shit! It’s cold! I’m sorry, I got so side-tracked with stuff that I let the pizza get cold, I can go get another on-” You try to stand but two large hands clamp around your hips as you try to scoot past him.

  “Oh no ya don’t! It’s just pizza, I’m not hungry anyway.” He says, pulling you down onto the couch between his legs, your back nearly pressed into his chest.

 “Aj, hey! What are you doing!” You squirm a little as his hands move from your hips to your shoulders, rubbing strong circles into your back and neck. “Oh, oh my god..” You cant help the soft moan that escapes your lips.

  “You are too busy taking care of everyone else, you need to let someone take care of you for once.” His voice is husky and hot in your ear. You have had a crush on Aj since the day you laid eyes on him, but never tried for anything more; as what would a guy like him want with a girl like you?

   “Let me take care of ya baby girl.” He commands, standing suddenly, taking you with him and then scooping you up in his arms, pressing you into his chest as he make his way to the stairs.

  “Aj..Are you sure?” You smile as you lean into him, kissing his exposed neck, and giggling as his grip tightens around you.

 “I’m the surest I’ve ever been about anything.” He growls down at you, placing you at he foot of the bed, and ripping his tank top over his head as you pull your own shirt over your head, exposing your white-lace trimmed bra.

  “Jeeeez.” He whistles as he leans down over you, pushing your exposed back onto the bed, his hard chest and abs pressing into your stomach as his mouth finds your hungry lips, his hands lacing into yours and dragging them above your head.

   “Fuck, Aj, let me touch you.” You moan, trying to free your hands from where he now has them pinned over your head with one large hand, his other pushing your bra down to expose your breasts, tugging gently at the hardened peaks of your nipples.

   “Nope Y/N, this is all about you.” His voice is soft and deep as he slides down your body, sending waves of need, hot, down to your mound, making you squirm.

     His rough hands find your pants, and he releases his grip on your wrists, pulling them down your thighs slowly, his blue eyes never leaving yours as he drops your pants to the ground, then slowly pulls your legs apart, pushing himself between them.

   You gasp as his large finger finds our mound through soaked panties, pressing into your and rubbing a gentle circle, making you moan quietly.

  “Aj, please?” You beg as he pushes your panties to the side, slipping two of his fingers into your dripping mound, curling them as his rough thumb circles your clit.

   “Jesus, you’re so wet baby girl.” He growls, removing his fingers from you quickly, making you whimper, as he yanks your panties down your legs and off, tossing them over his bare shoulder; onto the floor behind the bed.

  “Oh my god, please, just please!” You writhe under his large and hot frame as he rocks back onto his heels, making quick work of his jeans, his large cock in hand as looks down at your naked form.

   “Come here.” He growls in his deep gravely voice, his large hands gripping your exposed thighs, yanking you forward roughly until you were positioned in front of him, your dripping mound inches from his face.

  “Fuuuuuck!” You moan loudly as his tongue makes contact with your throbbing core, his tongue flicking pointedly over your knob, making your legs shake with each pass, your fingers curling into his long hair, and holding his face firm into you, making him grin.

  “Tell me how good it feels baby girl.” He purrs around your pussy, his hot breath driving you crazy as he laps at you, sucking your lips gently, then pushing his flattened tongue into your core, curling it slowly at first, then faster as you whimper his name.

  “A-A-Aj, please, fuck-k m-m-me!” You moan out, your grip on his hair tightening a you near your orgasm.

 “Oh, baby doll, I will, but first let me finish my plate.” He growls, suddenly pushing two large fingers into you, pumping them quickly as his tongue matches the pace on your clit, making you scream, your orgasm rushing fast over you, your toes curling as you grip his hair hard, your body quaking under him.

   “Holy hell woman.” He smirks as he kisses his way up your still shaking body, his hard cock pressing into your thigh as he does, making you whimper. He was big, very big.

  “Aj, that was..” You try to speak, but his lips find yours, silencing you, one of his hands cupping your face as he kisses you deeply, your taste and his mixing as his other hand finds his cock, pushing the tip into you slowly, gripping your hip when you gasp and arch into him.

  “Jesus, you’re so tight Y/N.” His breath is hot as it blows over your face, his blue eyes locked with yours when he pushes the rest of the way into you.

  “Oh-Oh my G-God, Aj!” You exclaim, your nails digging into his broad shoulders, your teeth sinking into your bottom lip as you try to suppress a scream.

  “Let me hear you baby, tell me.” He growls as he begins to thrust into you, his thick cock hitting the wall of your cervix, making you moan out loudly, pain and pleasure filling your senses.

  “F-F-Fuck! Right there! Oh my fucking g-god right there!” You beg, gripping him tightly to you as your pussy contracts against his length. Another Orgasm rolling over you, your eyes rolling back into your head as he continues to pound into you, his teeth on your neck, moving over your jaw and to your ear, nipping at your lobe, his facial hair tickling you.

  “Fuck, I’m going to cum!” He pants, breathless, moving to pull out of you.

“No! Cum in me! Please!” You beg, pulling him back to you, pushing yourself into him, his eyes wide for a moment before he finds his release in you, string after string of his hot cum pulsing into your cunt, collapsing on top of you, his cock still buried in you.

 “Oh my god Aj.” You pant under him after a moment of loud breathing, your eyes still shut. You both jump as your phone buzzes somewhere under you in your pants pocket. When you move to find it, Aj’s large arms constrict around you, holding you firmly in place.

  “Oh no you don’t.” He says, his brilliant eyes shinning up at you as you look down at him frustrated, the phone had stopped buzzing, indicating you missed the call.

 “Aj! That could have been important! What if Finn needed some hel-” You start to protest, but are cut off by his mouth hot against yours as his tongue pushes into your own.

  “It can wait.” He growls, his mouth moving from yours down your jaw and to your breast.

“Well, since you put it t-that w-w-way.” You whimper.

Pancakes and Valentines - a V-Day OneShot

Happy Valentines and Belated Shrove Tuesday! I still can’t believe America doesn’t have Pancake Day omg? Dude what have you been doing? WHY HAVENT YOU BEEN EATING THE SUN?! 

This is dedicated to @freedthequeenjustine who has been waiting impatiently for this fic, and to @darkmagicianknight, @xxgajevyloverxx and @abbieeadaa-x. I put in a little something for all of you just because :)

Hope you enjoy!

Pairings: Fraxus (Freed x Laxus), Gajevy (Gajeel x Levy), Stingue (Sting x Rogue), Elfgreen (Elfman x Evergreen), Nalu (Natsu x Lucy), Gruvia (Gray x Juvia) 

Levy woke up with a grin on her face. It was Shrove Tuesday - her second favourite day of the year (because Christmas trumps all) - and she had planned to spend it the best way possible: with Gajeel, of course.

Levy was glad that he’d offered to teach her how to make pancakes: last year half the guild hall nearly burnt down. She was still in awe of how Natsu had managed to burn the milk before it was even in the bowl, and Wendy dropped the eggs on the way back from the store, which thankfully were still useable; that is, until they were thrown at Gray, who got into a brawl with Natsu to the extent that Erza had to resort to the frying pan to get them to stop. When Gajeel had heard what had happened, he laughed so hard he cried. He grudgingly agreed to go this year though, but Levy knew he was secretly excited.

The bluenette brushed her azure locks, donned her usual orange babydoll and headband, and left for the guild hall. Luckily she wasn’t the only one in high spirits. When she walked through the large wooden doors, the place was filled with the sounds of banging and scraping: as per usual, each table was set up with a flame, thanks to Natsu and Romeo, and each had a frying pan and ingredients, thanks to Yajima, who kindly allowed the use of his utilities to the guild. Erza was dashing about in her blouse and skirt, singing about how she was going to incorporate strawberries into her pancake this year. Natsu was staggering around, holding a crate of hot sauce above his head, and people were starting to pair off at each table.

It didn’t take her long to find the tall raven-head, who was stood by the table near the bar. When he caught sight of her, he gave her a small grin and waved her over. She skipped over to their allocated table, eyeing the ingredients, and then finally, her partner. Gajeel, contrary to his usual black getup, was wearing a gray tank top and beige jeans. But the funny part was the apron he was sporting. The light pink thing around his neck was adorned with frills, the red swirly print on the front reading “Kiss the Chef”. Levy couldn’t stop herself from snorting out a laugh. Gajeel’s face went bright red as he realised what she was laughing at.

“Hey Shrimp, I forgot mine, and this was the only spare Mira had left.” he growled, bopping the girl on the head with the back of his hand. Levy kept giggling to herself, and Gajeel couldn’t help but smile at the little solid script mage beside her. Damn, she’s cute.

He was cut off from his thoughts when there was a flash of blue hair and a hand on his shoulder as he received a peck on the cheek. Levy grinned up at him, a light blush across her pale face. Gajeel’s eyes widened in surprise, and Levy shrugged. “It’s what you told me to do,” she said simply, pointing at his apron. His eyes narrowed as he leaned down to her eye level, their faces inches apart. Levy, taken aback, opened her mouth in surprise, her light blush turning into flaming red embarrassment. Gajeel smirked, making her heart skip a beat.

“That was a sneaky one, Shrimp.” he said before exiting her personal space and standing to his full height. As he turned to prepare ingredients, Levy stood shocked. What just happened? she thought to herself.
As this was unfolding, four new people strolled into the guild hall, namely the Raijinshuu, dressed in casual clothes, rather than their usual outfits. They were discussing who was partnering who.

“Well, to be honest, I don’t mind.” said Freed. He missed the glance Laxus gave him, but that did not slip by the notice of Evergreen and Bickslow as easily as that. Giving each other a knowing look, they set their plan into action.

“Well, I’ve already planned to work with Elfman, since his sisters are pairing up together.” said Evergreen, priding herself on her lie. They hadn’t planned anything, but she was sure her boyfriend would be happy to partner her. Bickslow, too, scratched his head.

“Yeah, about that, I’m partnering Max. Well, that sorts your problem out, doesn’t it, Freed?” he said, while Evergreen gave Laxus a wink. The Dragon Slayer scowled at her, but gave no signs of protest as Freed led him to a workbench. The rune mage took his own purple rune-decorated apron out of his bag and donned the garmet, as Laxus did the same with his plain black one. Freed’s green hair spilled out over his shoulders as he grabbed the flour and emptied out the required amount into the ceramic bowl in front of him. Laxus, sensing an oppourtunity, walked up behind him and moved his mouth closer to the other’s ear.

“Hair.” he whispered. Freed jumped about a foot in the air and turned to glare at the blonde, his features crossed with rage, shock and… panic?

“Y-Yeah, right, t-thanks.” he said rushedly, grabbing a band from his pocket and tying up his long green hair into a high pony. Laxus stared. It wasn’t like the Captain to get flustered easily. In fact, he was ever composed and collected. Laxus smirked at his friend’s reaction, rolling up his sleeves and grabbing the milk carton.

Across the hall, Levy was struggling. “Gajeel, help me.” she panted. They had spilt their milk everywhere, and she had gone to get more. Except it just had to be on the top shelf, didn’t it?

The Iron Dragon walked teasingly slowly towards her. The short mage was on her tiptoes, stretching upwards fruitlessly. “What’s wrong Shrimp? I thought you had this under control.” he smirked. Levy then gave him a glare to rival Erza’s.

“Okay, okay, I got it.” he said, before grabbing her by the waist and plopping her on his shoulders. She squealed. “Gajeel! What are you doing?!”

He looked up at her with a confused expression. “What? I thought you wanted me to help you up.”

“I was actually gonna ask you to get it down for me.” she growled. Oh, he thought. Right.

“Oh well, now you’re up there, how’s the view for a change?” he chuckled, earning yet another glare. Levy simply grabbed the carton and demanded to be released. He did so, making sure not to put his hands anywhere he’d get a slap for.


Laxus stood back from the flame, frying pan in hand. “Hey Freed.” he called out. The greenette turned from his job of adding more flour to the mix to pay attention to him, his eyes widening in realisation as he spotted the pan in his hand. “Laxus, are you about to do what I thin-”

“Shut up and watch this.” he grinned, stepping back even more. The pancake was now completely withdrawn from the flame. Laxus moved his legs apart for balance, keeping one hand on the handle. “Three - two -”

Freed, panicking and fearful of their pancake’s life, launched himself at Laxus, grabbing the handle of the pan with one hand and with the other -

Wrapping it around Laxus’ neck, apparently.

The two’s faces were closer than close, noses brushing. Freed realised what he had done, but he couldn’t move, trapped in his guildmate’s eyes. Their awkward and surprised blushes combined lit up the almost closed distance between them. Laxus could feel the weight of Freed’s arm around his neck, and honestly, he didn’t want it gone. In reaction to the spontaneous action of the rune mage, the hand that was not holding the pan had grabbed the back of Freed’s jacket, and he let his hand relax until it was resting on his upper back. Freed could feel the contact burning through the suddenly too-thin material. Freed’s limp hand brushed the skin of Laxus’ neck. Laxus, without thinking, moved his hand, cupping the back of Freed’s neck. Laxus’ eyelashes fluttered in that way that got Freed’s stomach in knots. Their breaths mingled, fanning each other’s faces, and the-

“MIRA GET THE CAMERA!” screamed a voice suddenly. Laxus promptly dropped the frying pan, the clattering gaining the attention of everyone in the hall who wasn’t already watching. Freed quickly withdrew his arm, jumping back and glancing around the hall. Nearly every head was turned towards them, bearing smirks, people giving each other knowing nods and looks.

Laxus scratched the back of his head. “Shit, did everyone see that?” he mumbled. Freed, looking for an excuse to hide his face, ducked down to retrieve the frying pan, sighing to see that the pancake had ended up all over the floor. So his attempt to save the thing had been unrewarding.

Well, I wouldn’t say ‘unrewarding’… said the devilish voice in his head.


“Well would you look at that,” said Gajeel. “I knew it was only a matter of time.”
“What do you mean? They weren’t kissing or anything.” asked Levy. Gajeel chuckled. “It’s so obvious though, ain’t it?”

Levy scoffed. “And what do you know about romance?”

“Enough.” he shrugged. “I can identify key moments and actions.” He paused. “Such as that.”

Levy, confused, turned around to see two figures dashing out of the hall, hand in hand. Her eyes widened when she realised who it was.

“Is that-”

“-Bunny Girl-”

“-and Na-”

“They sneaked out when everyone’s back was turned, fufufu.” said a blue exceed as he walked up to the pair.

Levy gaped. “Really? Since when were they a thing?”

“Oh, they have been for ages.” said Happy. “But it’s all very secret, so I’ve only told about twenty people.”

“Good to see a reliable guy around these days.” said Gajeel sarcastically.

“Gajeel!” Levy gasped. “The pancake’s burning!”

“Shit.” He spun around and whipped the pan off of the flame, flipping it one handedly at light speed. Levy raised an eyebrow, impressed. Gajeel caught her expression and smirked. “Admiring my skills, are we?”

Levy looked away grumpily. Happy giggled. “They liiiiiike each other.”

“SHUT UP CAT!” they both screamed.


“Are you sure this is edible?” asked Levy cautiously. The brown-black pancake was a bit too crisp around the edges, and it’s smell was masked mainly with burning.

“It’ll be fine Shrimp.” said Gajeel. He had stopped after the first one was made, just in case there was too much of this or not enough of that.
The small mage nodded uncertainly, squeezing maple syrup over it, hoping it would disguise the flavour of the pancake itself. Grabbing a fork and knife, she cut into it and ate, chewing -

“Holy Mavis! This is awesome, Gajeel!” the girl exclaimed. And with that, the rest of the pancake was gone in a heartbeat. Gajeel gawked at the sheer speed of consumption. This girl could eat.

“Well?” she said, wiping her mouth with a napkin. “Go make more!”

“Yes, mistress.” he chuckled, pouring more mixture into the pan. Levy continued to bounce around him, impatient for the next one to be done. “Oh! Oh! We should add cinnamon in the one after! And then maybe - maybe chocolate powder! And then -”

Suddenly, his hands were on her waist yet again, and she was raised into the air, and she felt herself being dropped onto the table. “Gajeel!” she huffed.

“What? You were distractin’ me.” he justified. She stuck her tongue out in response.


Freed was mixing batter like no one’s business. Whisking at eighty eight miles per hour really helped get his mind off of things, such as the feeling of his hand on his neck, his eyes -

Freed continued whisking.

It wasn’t his intention to end up in an intimate situation with him. He didn’t mean for the tiny crush he’d had for years come raging back to the surface. He didn’t their friendship to come crashing down, the reason he’d buried his feelings in the first place.

“You whisk any faster and all the mixture’s gonna be on the floor.” said a voice. Freed spun around to face Laxus, who was admittedly much closer than he anticipated. The captain swallowed, avoiding eye contact and trying not to remember the feeling of them being closer than they were now. “S-Sorry, I’ll slow down. Just trying to b-beat out the lumps.”

Laxus peered over the other’s shoulder at the bowl. “Well you’ve done a good job.” he said, eyeing the completely smooth batter. Freed nodded. “I’ll pour it out then.” He turned back around-

“Wait,” said Laxus, grabbing Freed’s wrist, spinning him back around. “W-What is it?” asked the greenette.

“You’ve got batter on your nose.” Freed blushed, and moved to wipe it off with his other hand.

Laxus grabbed Freed’s other hand and moved closer to him. Freed’s eyes widened, Laxus’ now impossible to ignore. Freed held his breath as instinct took over the blonde and he dropped his head down and licked the batter of off his nose, causing Freed’s insides to squirm and his heart to race.

“L-Laxus?” he breathed.

Laxus, too, was a furious shade of red, not quite believing what he’d just done. And in public, too.

Freed was against the table, staring up at the blonde trapping him there. The not unpleasant feeling of Laxus’ hands on his wrists was setting of fireworks inside of him. Laxus was gazing down at him, his eyes clouded by some unreadable emotion that he was sure was reflected in his own. He felt hands move up from his wrists to his bare forearms, cupping his elbows, waves of feelings crashing together at the touch. Laxus began to lower his head slowly, closing the gap between them as he pressed his lips to Freed’s.

Freed’s sharp intake of breath at the contact did things to Laxus’ stomach, and as he realised what he was doing, he broke the kiss, releasing his hold on Freed immediately.

“Sorry.” he exhaled. “Too close?”

Freed was staring up at him, breathing heavily despite the short-lived nature of the kiss. Was he mad? Was he going to hit him?

Freed just shook his head, never breaking eye contact. What did that mean?

Then Freed raised his arms, his hands on Laxus’ shoulders. He moved closer, lost in the eyes of the man in front of him, raising his head so they were centimetres apart.

Not close enough, Freed thought.

Laxus’ hands went automatically to Freed’s waist, pulling him towards him without permission from his brain.

Not close enough, Laxus thought.

The greenette was standing in between the other’s legs. He moved a hand to cup his cheek, his thumb caressing his scar. Freed’s voice was rough as he spoke, his hot breath washing over Laxus like a spell.

“Not close enough.”

He closed the gap between them again, pressing their lips together with a need known only to them. Laxus’ eyes fluttered shut, kissing back with equal force, the two lost in each other.

Freed wrapped his arms around Laxus’ neck, pressing himself against his chest. Freed’s back hit the table, knocking aside ingredients but they didn’t care, they were absorbed in each other.

When they broke the kiss, it was only to gaze into each others’ eyes.

“I’ve waited years to do that.” mumbled Freed.

Laxus smiled, not a smirk, but a true smile. “I may have the tiniest crush on you.”

Freed chuckled. “Really now.”

Whatever Laxus was going to say was interrupted by a loud applause from all around them. The two looked up at their guild mates, who had apparently been watching their little affair.

“It only took half a decade!” called out Cana, who had apparently been in the middle of making a very alcoholic pancake.

“Pay up!” said Mira to her sister, who grudgingly did so.

At last, Laxus spoke. “You bet on us?!”

“Most of us did.” admitted the youngest Strauss sibling. “It’s been going on for a while.”

“I’m back! What did I miss?” said Levy, coming back into the hall.

“While you were in the ladies’, loverboys over here was making out.” explained Gajeel nonchalantly.

Levy’s eyes nearly bulged out of her head. “What?! Really?”

Gajeel grunted. “Yeah, and now I owe Salamander this month’s rent.”

Freed just stared, his hands still around Laxus’ neck. “I can’t believe you were all doing this behind our backs.”

“I organised it in the first place.” confessed Bickslow, grinning evilly, earning a glare from both of them.

“Oh, and by the way,” piped up Evergreen. “your pancakes are burning.”

Freed, more concerned about the food than anything, spun around immediately and whipped the pan off of the heat, sighing in relief and he flipped it out onto a plate. Laxus chuckled behind him, kissing the greenette on the cheek, gaining a blush and a smile.

Across from them, Levy sighed. Gajeel frowned at her. “S'matter, Shrimp?”

“Oh, it’s nothing, really.” she mumbled. “It’s just I wish love was always that easy.”

Levy looked up at him abruptly when he started to laugh. “What’s so funny?”

Gajeel smirked. “It is easy. All you have to do is-” He spun around, grabbing a plate off of their table. “-something like this.” he said, presenting the plate to the solid script mage in front of him.

Levy’s eyes widened at the small stack of pancakes, covered in chocolate sauce, cream, and they were all… heart shaped?

“Gajeel…?” she trailed off, looking at the slayer quizzically.

“Gihee. Happy Pancake Day, Levy.” And with that, he gave her a tender kiss, nothing more than a quick peck, even so resulting in copious blushing from both of them.

Levy couldn’t stop her smile from spreading as she set down her plate and threw herself into his arms, her heart bursting with joy.

Maybe love wasn’t so hard after all.

Well, only if a Dragon Slayer is involved.


“I still can’t believe you were so bold.” giggled Levy, nudging her partner with her elbow.

Gajeel grumbled, smiling all the same. “Yeah, well, someone had to do something.”

It was a few days after Fairy Tail’s Pancake Day, and the guild was in higher spirits now that there were some new couples about the place.

Apparently Gray had finally accepted Juvia’s confession the day after the event, and they were rarely seen apart since, and even Lucy and Natsu, who hadn’t been seen since full stop. Happy delighted in telling everyone that they’re hiding out at Natsu’s house, because Lucy’s landlady had kicked them out for being too noisy “whatever that meant”.

But today was Valentines Day, and everywhere you looked there was some form of decoration or proclamation or indication of love.

Alzack and Bisca were being all cosy in the far booth while Lisanna looked after Asuka. Elfman (after asking for advice from nearly everyone in the guild) had gotten his girlfriend a huge bouquet of flowers. Each colour apparently meant something, but if you asked the ‘man’ in the couple, he would have no idea what they meant. Evergreen loved them though.

Freed was sitting at a table with Bickslow and talking about God knows what when a tall figure walked up behind him and poked the back of his neck.

“Hey there.” said Laxus, kissing him on the top of the head and depositing a wrapped gift on the table. Freed looked up at his boyfriend’s face and smiled, pecking his forehead. “Morning,” he greeted, pulling out a box from under his seat. “and Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Laxus accepted the box and sat beside him, wrapping one arm around the other’s waist. “Happy Valentine’s. Now open it.”

“You didn’t have to get me something.” mumbled Freed, unwrapping the package anyway. It turned out to be the final volume in Freed’s favourite book series, and Laxus found himself suffocated by hugs and words of appreciation.

Bickslow watched in amusement as Laxus opening his gift, revealing a box of chocolates home made by Freed ‘Masterchef’ Justine himself. He’d never get over how goddam blushy Laxus got around Freed nowadays. He doesn’t even try to hide his adoration for the rune mage like he used to, he’s always a freaking blushing mess whenever Freed so much as breathes.

As Levy watched the couple, she gasped and slammed her head against he table, groaning. Gajeel looked on in concern. “You alright there, shorty?”

He received a moan in response. When Gajeel finally managed to unstick her face from the wood, she covered it with her hands. “Seriously, what is wrong with ya?”

Levy sighed. “I forgot to bring your gift.” After getting no sleep the previous night thinking of a present sh could give to him, she forgot it.

Gajeel grabbed her shoulders. “It’s okay, it doesn’t matter. I get to spend the day with you and that’s all I care about, 'Kay? Quit yer worryin’.”

“But that doesn’t seem very special.” protested Levy.

She squealed when Gajeel hoisted her over his shoulder and started heading out of the guild hall. “Then let’s go somewhere that’ll feel special, huh? Where d'ya wanna go, Shrimp?”

“Uhh.. the- the park?” she said randomly, still taken aback by the situation.

“Alright, let’s go to the park, I’ll buy ice cream and then I’ll give ya my gift. We can talk and cuddle all ya want, okay? That special enough for ya?”

Levy blushed, thankful he couldn’t see it. “Um, s-sure.” He was being unusually sweet, and Levy wasn’t sure how to handle it.


Back in the guild, there was a fight going down. Natsu and Lucy has reappeared, and now Natsu was having a brawl with Gray over who’s girl was better. Said girls were now trying to calm down their boyfriends desperately, Gray being the first to cave in after Juvia had threatened to start crying, to save both himself and the town from being flooded.

Just as everything was settling down, there was a knock on the door, and in came two figure carrying huge boxes with them.

“Hey, Natsu-San! Come help us with these!” called Sting as he and Rogue stumbled into the guild. Once the boxes were set down, they both collapsed into chairs provided by Mirajane kindly.

“What’s all this?” asked Lucy, gesturing to the crates brought in by the pair.

“Chocolates. Lots and lots of them.” said Rogue.

“Apparently Sabertooth’s Twin Dragons are ideal people to send Valentines things to.” explained Sting. “I wouldn’t dare eat them, as I have eyes only for my dearest~” he teased, poking Rogue’s cheek, who flushed and shoved him hand away.

“So you’re giving them to us?” asked Natsu, his eyes glazing over.

“Yeah, we went to Mermaid Heel first, since you know, 'Girls love chocolates, right?’ Except they called us pervs and threw us out.” Sting shook his head. “Women these days.”

“I’m pretty sure these scars won’t fade. Goddam Kagura.” moaned Rogue, stretching his arms.

“When that Risley tells you not to underestimate a mermaid, believe her for god’s sake.” said Sting.

As the chocolate was distributed around the mages, the Sabers chatted with Natsu and Lucy for a bit.

“So, what you planning for this lovely occasion? Anything romantic?” asked Sting suggestively. Rogue flicked his nose. “He means 'what are you guys doing because I have no idea what to do because I’m a shitty boyfriend’.”

Lucy ignored Sting’s protests and laughed. “I thought you were better than that.”

“You don’t know half of it, before we left the guild he was planning on throwing the chocolates in the sea.” Rogue grinned from the sheer stupidity of his boyfriend. “Sometimes he can be a real idiot.”

“I’m right here!” Sting complained, waving his arms around to emphasise his point.

“Well, anyway, I was gonna take Luce out to the bookstore, since there’s some author doing a signing.” said Natsu.

“I love her books so much!” squealed Lucy. “I can really relate to Sylvestia, and her plot is so good!”

“Speaking of which,” started Sting, but he never got to finish, because Rogue had wrapped his arms around him and was hugging him.

“R-Rogue, what are you doing?” stuttered Sting.

Rogue snapped back into reality, blushing madly and releasing his grip on him.

“Erm- sorry- just felt like- never mind…” mumbled Rogue.

“Is he… Okay?” asked Natsu.

“Yeah… He’s been doing that recently.” shrugged Sting. “Not that I mind.”

It’s not my fault that everything you do makes me want to slap you or kiss you, though Rogue. Just be glad I went for a compromise.

“Are all Dragon Slayers like this?” asked a drunken Cana as she staggered over to them.

“I hope not.” said Lucy. “Hey Cana, where’d you get that necklace?”

“Mm?” Cana registered the question and looked down at the beads around her neck. “Oh, this? Shop owner gave me it because of some sentimental shit about me looking like his sister.” She took a long chug of her beer. “Creep.”

“Happy Valentine’s.” muttered Lucy under her breath.


Gajeel and Levy were both sitting on a bench in one of Magnolia’s parks, chatting about pointless things and laughing while attacking each other with ice cream.

“You’ve got some on your cheek, Shrimp.” Gajeel chuckled, wiping it away with his thumb and licking it off. Levy smacked his hand playfully. “That was still some of my ice cream! I told you not to steal.”

“Then don’t steal mine in the first place!” argued Gajeel.

“What am I gonna do with you?” she sighed, making exaggerated arm movements.

“Kiss me?” grinned Gajeel cheekily. Levy was quick to blush, slapping his arm lightly in response.

“No, you’ve gotta earn it today.” she teased.

The Dragon Slayer huffed. “Fine.” he grumbled, reaching behind him to pull out a small package out of his pocket. He presented the package to Levy, who couldn’t stop herself from smiling.

The package was small and cube-shapes, brown wrapped with a blue ribbon tied in a bow. Shyly, Levy took the package and undid the tie, the ribbon falling on her lap. Gajeel’s eyes never strayed from the ecstatic look on her face, lighting up her features. He wished the would stay there and never leave.

Once the wrapping was off, she was holding a polished wooden box, engraved with swirling borders around the edges of the box’s faces. On the top face, there was a heart engraved, with her initials painted in then centre in a scarlet paint. The faint scuffs around the edges of the box and the slight imperfections let her know it was handmade.

Her shaky hands undid the clasp on the box, and as she did so, a faint tinkling music began to play, a tune that sounded light and airy as she listened. A spinning centrepiece was shaped like a rose, incredibly detailed down to the last petal. She was so happy she could nearly cry.

She turned to Gajeel with tears in her eyes. “It’s beautiful, Gajeel. It must have been so expensive.”

“Well, it is for you, after all. And all it cost me was about half a finger and two sleepless nights.” he grinned.

“You made this?” she gaped. she never thought those large, strong hands could be used for anything this delicate.

“Sure did. Now, have I earned that kiss yet?”

Levy finally let the tears go, wrapping her arms around her dragon and sharing a salty kiss with him.

I’ll take that as a yes, thought Gajeel. He slid his arms around her and pulled her close, content on not letting her go for a good few hours.

Best Valentine’s Day ever, thought Levy happily. I’m so very, very lucky.

And as she thought that, so did every couple in the area, each and every one thrilled to be the one to hold their partner.


I think I spent the best days of my life travelling in this 1989 Chevy, spending my last teenage weeks cramped in a bed with four other people using lawn chairs as car seats hoping we didn’t get pulled over by the cops. Eating oranges for breakfast by a lake in the rain in the rocky mountains. The best trips are never planned; they’re the ones where you wander, never saying no when something comes your way.

I meant what I said the other night about things being over between us except there’s one last thing I have to say before I move on with my life.
So this is to say thank you.
I know it sounds strange.
It’s not the kind of thing you expect to hear from someone after you’ve fail to meet them halfway but here I am.
So thank you.
It was nice while it lasted.
I enjoyed riding a bus forty minutes to see you and waiting another hour just to see you for fifty five minutes. I enjoyed arguing over the best way to spend fifteen dollars.
Thank you for picking up my phone call on the second ring the night my father acted so recklessly.
Thank you for offering me hope.
For giving me something to try for.
And thank you for being proud of me on the days when I wasn’t sure that I deserved the applause.
For laughing at my jokes and letting me read you poetry about old lovers.
Thank you for giving me a hand to hold.
For letting me believe in something.
I may not have grown to love you, but one thing is for sure, I adored you then and in my own ways, I always will.
I’ll remember you for all the goodness you carry on the inside, for all the light inside of you and even the darkness.
I know you could have never loved me. I know it’s not personal, we just happened to be born on different ends of a spectrum and that’s okay.
I knew you couldn’t ever love me but thank you for trying anyways.
Thank you for trying with me.
—  For the boy I met in November / @thewordsyouneverunderstood
My name is Derek

Anonymous said: Can you do a young and cute derek hale imagine? Plz 😄

A/N: This turned out to be short, and not the cutest not best thing I’ve written, but I still hope you like it. Thank you for requesting!


It had been a long day, and all you wanted to do was to crash on your best friend Scott’s couch. You were looking forward to spend the night with him relaxing and talking about nothing, and just being lazy as you always used to be together. 

“Scott! I’m he-” you cut yourself off, seeing Scott, Stiles, agent Mccall and a strange young man sitting at the dinnertable. Your eyes widened as you put down your backpack and made your way over to them, giving them a questionable look. 

W-what’s going on? What are you up to?” you asked them, making your way over to the table. 

Stiles was having a goofy look on his face, Scott was kind of looking down at the table and rubbing his neck, agent Mccall was sipping his coffee and the strange teen was discreetly smirking at you. 

When asking the guys to introduce you to the new guy, their expressions were slightly different from what you had expected. The new guy happened to be Derek, but somehow he had timetravelled and gotten young again. They didn’t quite know how to explain this to you. All of these supernatural things that had happened to Beacon Hills surprised you at first, but after getting used to it you kind of knew how to deal with it. But now this? Timetravelling was a thing too? Scott and Stiles didn’t quite know how to explain this to you just yet.

“Uhm..Y/n” Scott startet. “We have a few things to tell you, and it may be a little confusing but just try to understand, okay?” he said, signalizing for you to sit down on the chair next to him. 

You nodded. 

Scott took a deep breath and looked over at Stiles who was rapidly bouncing his leg up and down. He took some time to breathe and to figure out how to explain the situation to you. 

The young guy shook his head while glancing over at Stiles and Scott. Without hesitation, he stood up and said “My name is Derek. You’re really cute. What’s your name?”

Stiles turned around to look at Derek whilst shocked. This was definately not the way they had planned for this to happen.  

You smiled as you shook Derek’s hand, introducing yourself. Joining the guys at the table, all you could see was shocked and hillarious faces. 

“So… Do you wanna go out sometime?” Derek smirked. 

Stiles grabbed his hand and positioned himself. 
“Hey! We don’t have time for this” he said in an angry tone.

“Come on, man. What do I have to lose?” Derek replied, looking Stiles in the eyes. He turned his head to you and smiled. “It’ll be fun”. 

Anonymous said: oh my god, your blog is perfect! I love it so much, you are the best! By the way, I have a request, both teams + Kisumi + Gou, how would they react if they had to spend the night with their s\o in locked room, thank you so much, cutie аnd have a nice day! <3

Thanks love, you’re too kind :3 Hope you have a wonderful day!












The Art of Seduction

I had an idea to write a steamy George fic ages ago. There’s no smut I promise but the kissing does get a bit intense. ;). This was way too fun to write and I hope you love it just as much as I loved writing it. 

Warnings: Steamy ;) 

A/N: Characters from the potterverse belong to J.K. Rowling

It was a lazy Saturday afternoon for you and George. After an eventful Friday evening of hanging with family and friends, you decided the best way to recover was spending the day at home. Currently, you were curled up with your favorite book with the sun shining through the gossamer curtains providing the perfect light for reading. George stuck to his side of the couch reading his young wizards in business magazine. Well, he was attempting to read it. You noticed his eyes continuously strayed from the page and watching you. Eventually the weight of his gaze became so noticeably heavy you you couldn’t ignore it. You marked your place and set your book aside. When you turned to face George he made no movement to look away but instead met your gaze with a look of mischief.

“George, you look like you’re up to no good,” you began, shaking your head in mock disapproval.

“That’s because I am,” George smirked, not bothering to hide his playful grin. “You should know that I never allow my brain a break from its state of constant frivolity.” You laughed at his word choice. Even after all these years away from Hogwarts, he still remembered Professor McGonagall using the word to scold him. Now it was an ongoing joke for the two of you.

“Well out with it then, Mr. Weasley. What are you planning?” you pleaded, your lips forming themselves into a pout. George’s expression was not his usual crooked grin, instead his lips were pressed in a fine line. His orbs were darker now, no longer the color of a warm autumn day but rather a cold winter’s night.

“I’m planning on seducing you Love,” George purred reaching his hand out to graze your arm, leaving a trail of goosebumps in its wake. “Your beauty is just so tantalizing.” His tongue danced over the words, and you felt blood rushing to your cheeks.

“Is it?” you mused arching your body toward him, enticing him to come closer.

“There are far too many parts of you I find alluring Love,”George divulged as he leaned toward you. His  distinct cologne paralyzed you as it overpowered the other smells in the room. “ I like the way your brow furrows when you read. I love the way you fix your hair to keep it out of your eyes.  I adore the way you look basking in the sun.”  His hand was casually toying with your hair, but his eyes were anything but amused. He was completely captivated by you. You were his addiction, and he couldn’t get enough of you.

“How do I look in the sun George?” you whispered into his ear, your hand curling around his arm in an attempt to close the gap between you. You felt his body tense at your touch and you smiled devilishly, amused that a single touch from you was enough to shake him. George wouldn’t allow you to bask in the success of your tender gesture. Instead he prepared for his next attack on your heart, one he knew would drive you mad with desire. You moaned in frustration when George licked his bottom lip, as he pondered over what to say to you. You tightened your grip on his arm, pulling him down to you. He was much too far away. You wanted him, no needed him to be closer.

“I love the way the sun makes your skin blush as it kisses every exposed inch of it. I adore the way it uncovers the secrets in the colors of your eyes“ George growled his body pressed tightly to yours.

“Tell me what I do to you George,” your breaths quickening when you felt his fingers brush the side of your neck moving down toward the buttons on your blouse. You felt his warm breath against your neck, matching the rapid pace of your own. Before you could repeat the question, you gasped in surprised as his rough lips made contact with the most sensitive part of your neck causing your back to arch up with pleasure. Your chest collided with his forcing your back to return to the comfort of the cushion. The longer his lips lingered on your neck, the more you became aware of just how much lust you had locked away. How had you held onto this pent up desire for so long? You moaned his name running your fingers down his sunset hair, occasionally tugging on a few strands to elicit a moan from George. As his mouth made its way up your neck, you dug your hands into his back to make up for your inability to arch your back. You could feel his lips curl into a slight smile at your struggle to physically express the ball of emotions associated with his caress. When his lips teased the corners of his mouth, you let out a low groan of displeasure. Instead of indulging you, you felt a small bite on your lips which only intensified your need for George. George knew he was torturing you and he reveled in it.

“Eager are we?” George’s warm breath tickled your ear. You nodded, hoping George would give you want you so desperately needed.

“George, please,” you begged, hoping he would cave into your demands. “I need you. I want-” Before you said another word, his fiery lips collided with your icy ones transporting you to a euphoric paradise. His usual gentle, slow kisses were replaced with rough, rapid ones that you couldn’t get enough. Each one was a deadly combination of love and lust. You loved how he was completely devouring you, leaving you a mess under him. While his lips worked on memorizing yours, his hands went to work on your body. You tensed as his warm fingers traced the outlines of your curves beginning with your chest and down to your thighs leaving a trail of goosebumps that made you shiver with pleasure. He continued this simple motion, several more times before deviating from his path to explore more of you. You wanted to melt right then. How could your body handle this much pleasure at once?  When he pulled away from you, you felt the blush bloom in your cheeks as the two of you tried to catch your breath.

“Now you understand what you do to me, and what I can do to you over and over,” George breathed huskily. Your stomach twisted at the thought of George doing this to you repeatedly. You weren’t sure if your heart could take it, but you nodded ready for the bliss of the day to come.

On their wedding day.

(I hope you don’t mind that I tweaked your requests a little bit.)

So this got really really long, but I’m not even sorry. Although, I kind of spent all day finishing this, so I really hope you guys like it. Let me know who your favourite was, maybe, if you want to.

Ft. Kris and Luhan! (*^▽^)/


Unlike his best men, and most of his guests who are shivering in their seats, Minseok is having the time of his life.

He’s surrounded by friends and family, there’s a ton of great food, and he’s about to marry the love of his life. He can’t imagine a better way to spend the day.

“Yeah, sure hyung, that’s great,” Kai whispers through clenched teeth, “Aish, did Y/N really have to have a winter wedding? I can’t feel my face.”

But Minseok doesn’t hear a word. His, and everyone else’s eyes, are on you. White dress, face flushed from the cold air, Minseok has to be shaken back to reality when the minister calls his name. 

Later, when he leans in for the kiss, he’ll get his revenge by making sure you spend the rest of the night just as flustered as you made him.

“Don’t get too attached to this dress, jagi. I intend on tearing it off you with my teeth.”


There are so many important people here tonight, senior artists, investors, CEO’s of SM affiliated companies. The pressure is high and Suho is pacing the room tensely, his mind on all the networking he’ll be doing at the after party.

“Hyung, relax. Seeing you like this is making me nervous, and it’s not even my wedding,” Chen laughs. 

“I’m trying, I’m trying,” Suho says, sitting down and taking deep breaths.

“See, this is exactly why I wanted to throw you a bachelor party,” Baekhyun says, popping a mini quiche into his mouth, “There’s no stress that can’t be cured by strippers.”

Suho narrows his eyes, and nods a thanks to Xiumin for smacking Baekhyun over the head in his place.

Standing at the altar, he doesn’t even notice the ceremony has started until you step up beside him and take his hand in your own. He glances over, and you smile at him, all bright eyed and happy.

Suho finally lets his shoulders drop, breathing a sigh of relief. Seeing you in that dress, ready to be his forever, was all he needed to relax. 


Yixing hops out of the car when they get to the venue, his face serious and set in concentration.

Last night, as you both sat in bed together, he had given you one last run through of everything you needed to remember today. 

“Don’t curse, not even accidentally,” he had warned. “And make sure you have your vows memorized. Oh and don’t -”

“Yes, Xing Tuo, I know,” you cupped his face in your hands, “Why are you so worried?”

“A wedding is a sacred ceremony, baobei. It’s not just the binding of two people, it’s the binding of two families, it’s every name that came before them, and every name that will come after.”

But all of Yixing’s worry dissipates as you walk down that aisle toward him, your face glowing, white dress fitting snug against your frame. Seeing the dumbstruck look on his face, and unable to help yourself, you lick your lips suggestively at him. He bites the inside of his cheek, fighting a smile. 

When the time comes, you give him a chaste peck, as per his instructions, and it’s all he can do not to slam you against a wall, there and then.


Baekhyun is so relaxed and carefree, you would think he does this everyday. Then again, all he had to do was show up wearing a suit and tie, and not only did he manage that, but he made it here an hour early.

Am I supposed to be impressed, you think, watching him go around with that smug smirk on his face.

Later, you realise that what you saw through the mosaic windows doesn’t do justice to how beautiful Baekhyun really looks. The sight of him while walking down the aisle causes you trip over nothing, nearly falling. You catch yourself just in time to look up and see Baek laughing into his hand. 

What kind of wedding is this, you think, where the groom looks prettier than the bride.

You don’t usually seek out compliments, but you can’t deny that you’re a little disappointed by Baekhyun’s reaction, or his lack of reaction rather. A sigh, a smile, even a wink would’ve been better than nothing.

When the vows have been read, and the officiant says the words, Baekhyun tugs you forward and captures your lips in a deep, heated kiss, mouth moving against yours fervently. You can feel the blush radiating up your neck, as the audience roars, Chanyeol’s voice overpowering them all.

“That,” he says, pulling away, slightly out of breath, “is for being the only woman in the world who can turn me into an idiot with one glance.”

He leans in again, giving you a gentle peck this time.

That is for agreeing to be this idiot’s wife.”


The ceremony was supposed to start fifteen minutes ago, and Jongdae still isn’t here. You pace nervously outside the doors to the hall, your bridesmaids whispering harsh comments about your fiancé behind you. Inside, you can see your guests becoming impatient.

“I knew it was a bad idea to have a morning wedding,” you say, pressing on your temples.

“No, the bad idea was having that dumbass’s bachelor party the night before a morning wedding,” Kris says, patting you on the shoulder.

“And putting Baekhyun and Chanyeol in charge of getting him here,” Luhan mumbles, bitterly. “Me and Minseok would’ve made much better best men.”

Minseok nods in agreement.

When Jongdae finally arrives, running up the steps with his “stupid, reckless, unreliable” (Kris really lets them have it), posse in tow, you place your hands on your hips and scowl at him, almost missing the look on his face when his eyes land on you.

“Woah…” he breathes, eyes wide and mouth parted.

“Where the hell were you!” you hiss.

“I-I…uh,” he swallows hard, his gaze flitting over you, sliding down your body and back up.

As Luhan quickly ushers him through the doors, he cranes his neck to side, trying to get one last glimpse.


Chanyeol is all no-nonsense when it comes to this wedding business. He knows how much it means to you, and he’s determined to make everything perfect.

“Check if the flower arrangements have arrived,” he says to one of the staff members, as he signs off on a delivery receipt for the piano.

Watching him work from behind the large oak doors that lead into the hall, you almost can’t recognize him. This isn’t the goofball who proposed to you by making you search for him in a ball pit.

Sure, maybe you told Chanyeol not to be himself today, but…you didn’t think he’d actually listen! You were counting on his carefree demeanor to keep you calm, and now you’re more nervous than ever. 

The music starts, and you make your way down the aisle, keeping your eyes on the ground, not daring to see if Chanyeol is looking. 

When you step up to the altar, finally lifting your head, Chanyeol’s eyes are huge and he has the biggest grin on his face. 

In the end, he stammers through his entire vows, eventually having to cut them short because he can’t stop giggling.


“No, don’t come in!” you scream, ducking behind the door to the sitting room. “You can’t see me in my dress, it’s bad luck!”

Kyungsoo stands on the other side, laughing.

“I thought you didn’t believe in superstition,” he says. 

“I don’t,” you say, “except this one. This one I believe in.”

“But I can’t wait any longer,” he whines, and you can hear the pout in his voice. “It’s been a week since I’ve seen you, since I’ve touched you.”

He brings his hand to where you’re holding the door and you let him tangle your fingers with his. 

Walking down the aisle an hour later, you’re glad you didn’t give in to his begging. 

His stare makes your heart falter. He looks at you like you’re the air he breathes. And, like air, he clings to you all night, one arm wrapped around your waist, holding you flush against his side.

When you get back home, he takes his hands off of you just long enough to remove his tux.


“I can’t do this,” Tao says, pushing past Suho and barrelling toward the door.

Kris and Sehun block his way. “Yes, you can,” Kris says.

“No, I can’t! Everything is moving too fast. I’m not ready, okay? I’m just a kid! I-I don’t know how to pay taxes or start a savings plan or get life insurance,” he rambles hysterically.

“Who pays his taxes now?” Baekhyun whispers.

Suho points to himself. He opens his mouth to speak, then closes it again. None of them know what to say. Tao does have a point, he’s only a kid, maybe he’s not ready to get married. 

“None of that matters,” Sehun says, his voice as impassive as his face. “There’s a girl out there, waiting, willing to spend the rest of her life with you regardless of all that stuff, because she loves you. If you chicken out now, you’re going to regret it forever.”

They all look at Sehun in shock. A moment passes, the only sound coming from Chanyeol, sniffling at how beautiful that was, and Tao nods purposefully.

When the music sounds, and you come down the aisle, Tao can no longer remember why he was ever nervous. After the ceremony, Tao holds you close, telling you how beautiful you look. It almost makes him want to marry you again, he says. The guys roll their eyes, exchanging looks with each other, and Tao ends up wearing more cake that night than eating it.


Jongin suddenly regrets asking you if you both could write your own vows.

“Y/N…the -” his words catch in his throat when he sees the way you’re looking at him, and he looks away, worried that you’ll make him forget everything he’s memorized. 

He clears his throat and begins again, “Y/N, the day you agreed to marry me was the second best day of my life.”

You giggle along with the rest of your guests, and Jongin smiles bashfully, a blush spreading across his face.

“Because the best day of my life is today. You make me happier than I can ever tell you in words, and I’m going to spend the rest of my life trying to make you just as happy. - When we’re old and gray, and you’re too tired to even walk, I’ll help you slow dance by standing you on my feet. When you get tired of arguing with me about the same old things, I’ll buy you a bullhorn just so I can hear you yell. When the places we live keep getting bigger, and you’re afraid I don’t love you anymore, I’ll remind you that the first time I saw you, you were a sweating mess in a green track suit, and I’ve still never seen a more beautiful sight. When I call you by the wrong name, the first time, I’ll make you breakfast, lunch and dinner. When I call you by the wrong name the second time, I’ll take cursing and slamming the door in my face as your way of telling me you love me despite my flaws. And, I promise, I’ll always be the first to apologize. I promise I’ll always take your side, even when I’m the one you’re fighting against. For as long as you put up with me, I’ll always put you first, Y/N.”

He delivers his vows seamlessly, without forgetting a word, and most of the room is in tears by the time he’s done. After you say your vows, however, the entire room is in tears, and Jongin has to work hard to hold back his own. 

He looks over at you, and the smile on your face makes his stomach flutter. As it turns out, he wasn’t wrong to be concerned before. He’s so busy stealing glances at you, that he forgets to say “I do.” 


Sehun has been pushed and pulled around all morning. First he got his hair done, then his makeup, and then he was dressed by four people. Four fucking people. He thought his wedding day would be fun, instead it feels like work. By the time they get him to the wedding venue, his mood is sufficiently ruined. 

“Hyung, can we please stop with the pictures now,” he pleads to Suho.

“Pictures are an integral part of a wedding ceremony,” Suho replies distractedly, turning to the photographer and pointing out photos in this month’s Wedding Style.

Sehun rolls his eyes. He hasn’t eaten anything all day, and there’s too many people here. He just wants to get this over with.

Sehun doesn’t turn around when the music begins. He doesn’t glance your way while the minister reads out the vows, or when he says “I do.” 

But when he lifts up your veil to kiss you, he forgets how to breathe. You have to lean in and do the honours, as he stands there, mouth open. 

At the after party, you’re not surprised that everyone’s eyes are on Sehun, he is the celebrity after all. But his eyes don’t stray from you for longer than a heartbeat.

Fly-Boy and Saber-Girl

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A/N: My first Star Wars fic! I’m excited! I hope you guys like it! 

You had a tradition. Whenever you passed the best damn pilot in the galaxy, you’d yell at him.


He’d always yell back.


It was just your and Poe’s…thing. No one else did it, which made both extra special, and extra annoying. You didn’t care if it got glares or chuckles, it was your little way of connecting throughout the day. Any connection you could get, you’d take, seeing as pilots and jedis don’t have any reason to spend time together during the hectic days on the base.

But one day he stopped. The week leading up to it you had become a bit distant because of your new duties on base. Leia had asked you to mentor the newest force sensitive recruit, Jax. You and Jax hit it off right away and became fast friends. The lesson that day was on learning people’s presences, and to help Jax get the hang of it, you linked arms. Physical contact allowed you to guide them easier with the force. You sensed him before you saw him and a huge smile grew on your lips.

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Rest Of Our Lives


Description:  one where you have just graduated as a film major from art school and you begin interning for Reel Bear Media, you create the highlight reels and then you and Josh slowly start to fall for each other?? Maybe a makeout session if you’re comfortable writing it?

Requested by anon, but they know who they are and I hope you like it! Message me if you were expecting or wanting something different, I will write another if you’d like! ;)

Night after night, you were reminded of how you had the absolute best job in the world. You got to follow Tyler and Josh around, taking short videos for the highlight reel of their tour videos on YouTube. As if seeing them behind a camera lens every day wasn’t enough, you got to spend way too much time with them because of all of the places they brought you along to. Even though you were just an intern, you felt like you were closer to the boys than the normal relationship between an employer and their employees. Every place that the tour brought you, the boys made sure to take you out somewhere, whether that be to see a sight in the city, to eat at a restaurant that was famous for its food, or just to see a movie if the weather was especially bad. You went along with all of it, desperately hoping that the friendship was felt both ways, though you knew there was something else creeping up from behind that you weren’t entirely sure you could stop. When you took the time to think about it late at night just before you fell asleep, you weren’t sure you wanted it to stop, either.

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Father’s Density Part 2

part 1


Marinette stared down at her sketchbook, her pencil flying wildly across the page. Gabriel had been right, spending the day modeling with Adrien had given her all sorts of ideas, the way the models would pose, how to show the design in the best way and in which angles.

“These look really nice!” Tikki said, smiling. “Thanks! I hope Mister Agreste will think the same thing” Marinette said, smiling at Tikki. “You’ll be meeting him on Friday, right?” Tikki asked. Marinette nodded happily “Yup! I hope he’s happy with my designs” Marinette said, smiling

“Adrien, Good morning”

Adrien looked at his father in surprise. “G…Good Morning…” Adrien said awkwardly. It was strange to see his father sitting down at the table for breakfast…or at all really, the man never came out of his office! “How are you?” Gabriel asked casually. “I’m…fine…” Adrien said, slowly taking a seat on the other side of the table, opposite of his father.

“Good…I wanted to thank you” Gabriel said, taking a sip of tea. “For what?” Adrien asked “For showing me Marinette, she’s a brilliant girl…she mentioned that you helped her build up confidence to enter that competition, so I’m very happy you did. She’s sure to be a great asset” he said. Adrien nodded slowly at his father as he continued to eat.

His father never spoke this kindly of anyone. Adrien simply shrugged it off, He’s proud of his new protege, big deal. He thought to himself. Gabriel waved Adrien goodbye as he left for school “Ah, wait…why don’t you invite Miss Cheng over for dinner?” he asked. “Huh?” Adrien asked, confused. “I’d like to speak a bit more with her, perhaps to get her to model a few clothes with you again.” Gabriel said. “Okay…sure…” Adrien said awkwardly as his father nodded and shut the car door. Gabriel waved goodbye as the car left.

It’s a good thing I found Miss Cheng before she became a major rival…if I have her on my side my empire can expand…the fact that she’s interested in Adrien is also an added bonus… He thought to himself as he entered his office.

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Summary: You work in the library, and Taehyung falls for you.
Member: Taehyung (V) x Reader
Length: 2,387 Words

Okay, so this was by-far one of my FAVORITE scenarios to write. 1st off, I actually work in a library. I am an assistant, but I spend my day reading and shelving and skimming the books as well as helping people find books. 2nd, the books in this story are actually some of my favorite stories, especially Pride and Prejudice. And 3rd, this would be the best way for someone to tell me that they like me. Anyways, I hope you guys like this scenario. It actually took a lot of time to find all the right quotes <3

-Admin Kat

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When Jane and Elizabeth were alone, the former, who had been cautious in her praise of Mr. Bingley before, expressed to her sister how very much she admired him. “He is just what a young man ought to be,” said she, “sensible, good-humored, lively; and I never saw such happy manners!- so much ease, with such perfect good-breeding!” You read the words off the page. There was always that thing about Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. You could open that book to any page and completely fall into the story. You crossed your legs beneath you, leaning forward on your desk. “He is also handsome,” replied Elizabeth; “which a young man out likewise to be, if he possibly can. His character is thereby complete.”

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I hope that you meet a nice guy in the metro and have to step back because your best friend fell for him. I hope you have to contain yourself every day of your life to not do something crazy like tell him you like him, or tell anyone for that matters. I hope you have to watch as they slowly fall for each other and even, sometimes have to give them a little push to be together. I hope you have to watch him call her his princess, and have to find another way to feel something towards him by picking up on him so you would forget how you really feel about him. I hope you have to watch as they kiss and try to date. I hope you have to spend every day of your life seeing the love of your life with your best friend. I hope you see him go through great danger as you freak out cause you can’t stand the idea of him getting hurt, but his princess needs him to be her hero. And them I hope everyone finds out about your real feelings towards him and I hope you find out that maybe you weren’t the only to feel that way. And then I want you to date him for some days and in the best New Year’s eve of your life, with him, I want you to find out that your best friend still likes him and that all that hope you have been collecting in the last couple of days is just useless, cause you are never getting the guy. Then you spend some time in a fracking triangle where every time he says something nice to you he has to say about her, but when is the other way around he doesn’t even try. And then everyone starts saying that you are not you anymore just because you get some good grades and your *almost* father bought you some new clothes, and then starts to question your feelings towards the boy of your life. Then, when they finally “find you” you go on a trip with your class and your fantasy crush boy (hihi) where the triangle is supposed to end. You hear him say “that is not what I like about you” or something like that and starts thinking that he doesn’t really like you. He is gonna choose her. He would never pick you, she is Riley Matthews, his first love. You star to back out, to try and find excuses so when he finally chooses her, it won’t hurt that much, and then he starts to feel jealous about her, now definitely you need to find some excuse, cause that is gonna hurt. Your crush tells you that you didn’t really like Lucas… Okay, maybe that is it. And you accepts that because you can’t stand the idea of not being picked. Now you have to again watch every day of your life as they get closer and closer and date, while you have the “maybe” of someday dating Josh. Yeah, that must suck. I hope you feel like that so you finally realize what Maya Hart is feeling. And you know, “It’s life. Things like this happens for a reason. She will at least learn a lesson.” Yeah.
Everyone keeps talking about how Riley must be feeling, well is time to talk about how riley feels.

And Cupid's Arrow

This is my gift for the Valentine’s Day Exchange! For my Valentine, justlook3​ I hope you like it ^-^

summary: Flynn takes Eve on the perfect Valentine’s Day date, but of course things don’t go exactly as planned.

[ff.net] [AO3]

          Flynn took Eve’s hand and twirled her around. “Are you ready for the best Valentine’s Day ever?” Eve laughed. He loved the way her smile lit up her whole face. 

           “Please tell me we aren’t spending the eveningvanquishing evil,” Eve teased, rubbing at her back. “I’ve still got bruises from last time.”

           Flynn straightened up. “I’ll have you know I can plan a perfectly normal date, emphasis on perfect.”  He crooked his arm, smiling when she put her arm through his. “No peeking till we get through the door.”  Eve sighed and closed her eyes as Flynn spun the globe. Tonight was going to be perfect.  No interruptions, no craziness, no earth shattering crisis. A moment later they stepped onto the streets of Paris.

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Date Night

CS AU Week || Day 2; Cannon Divergence >> Current 

I hope this will make you guys smile! I’m sorry in advance for any errors, I’m just too excited to wait and don’t want to miss out on Day 2! Enjoy just a ton of fluffy times and I’m sorry it’s real short. Regardless of all of the above, I hope you sunflowers like it! <3

His good hand tightened around the small brown bag from Granny’s and the keys dangled and clunk together on his hook as he made his way up the path to the door. He couldn’t stop the smile that had been on his face all day, for it had been one of the best days he could remember. Why? He and Emma had made it a lazy day, taking in the wonders of a day off from saving the town for once and spending some much needed time in each others company.

“Honey I’m home,” Killian bellowed as soon as he had one foot through the entryway. His smile bloomed even more as he heard her answering giggle. He wasn’t sure what it was about the phrase that pleased her so, but he knew if that were his reward he would do it for as long as she would allow him.

“That was quick, I thought Granny would be busier with the down time,” Emma told him as she took the bag from his hand and placed a gentle kiss on his lips. She took his hand in hers and dragged him towards the living room before she plopped down on the couch and patted the empty space beside her. Killian quickly complied and leaned forward to spread out their dinner on the coffee table.

“I may have offered a small bribe, or I guess what you would call a rather large tip,” Killian answered with a cheeky smile and a quick wink. Emma shook her head with a small laugh and leaned back into the plush cushions to take a moment to enjoy simply watching her pirate be domestic.

“I was thinking tonight we could do a cliché you’ve never experienced,” Emma started; pausing long enough to bask in the slightly confused look Killian shot her way.

“Dinner and a movie. I borrowed one from Regina’s stash that I thought you might enjoy,” Emma offered with an almost shy smile and a light pink coloring on the apples of her cheeks. How could Killian say no to such an appealing offer.

He nodded his acquiesce and took his own turn enjoying the view as Emma bent down in front of the television and placed the disk into the DVD player. She returned with a remote in hand and stole one of the french fries from his to-go container.

“I don’t understand why you don’t get them if you always feel the need to steal mine.”

“Because you get fries and I get onion rings so by sharing we get the best of both worlds, why pirate? Can’t handle a little thievery now and again?” She wiggled her eyebrows at him and while he wanted to retort with a witty comeback, he found himself leaning into her and crushing his lips against hers. He smiled when he realized he could taste the salt on her lips. Emma pulled back and her tongue ran over her bottom lip while her eyes remained closed.

“Swan? How are you going to watch the movie with your eyes shut?”

Emma huffed and hit play and tore a piece off her grilled cheese in a sign of frustration, however, the small smile playing on her lips gave her away. Killian placed a feather soft kiss on her cheek before he turned to his own meal and watched a story unfold before him.

The time passed quickly and as the credits began to roll Emma turned to Killian and asked what he thought of the movie. It was one in particular she enjoyed, though she had doubted she would the first time around. He smiled at her, his eyes alight with mischief as he began to respond.

“I think we should buy a zoo.”

SoMa Valentine Challenge- Day 9, Desire

There was meant to be smut. There is not smut. But this is still pretty long and stupid and fluffy. I hope you guys like it!

Mild warnings for NSFW, as in sex is referenced but not to detail.

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6 | Day 7

Day 8 | Day 10 | Day 11 | Day 12 | Day 13 | Day 14

Also available on ff.net and AO3

Maka might have loathed thevery idea, but there was no denying it: she very much desired her best friendand weapon.

And not just in a sexual way (though there was plenty of that), but also in a romantic and platonic way. She wanted to hold his hand and kiss him, she wanted to go on dates with him and hang out, she wanted to spend hours talking and then spend hours revelling in their comfortable silence. And she wanted all of that very, very badly.

Naturally she thought all her desire and want and love was extremely one sided. Plenty of teasing about her lack of sex appeal had firmly instilled the idea in her brain that hell would freeze over and pigs would fly before Soul ‘Eater’ Evans found her attractive.

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