i hope you see thissssss


Happy (belated) birthday, Hamletmachine! 

Even though I’m not a visual artist, I still can’t help but find tremendous inspiration from both your art and your person as a whole.

I work as a theater technician and from time to time, a lighting designer. I figured since your handle itself comes from a theater background, I could send you my own form of birthday message. Theatrically; through electricity, filters, and data.

What you see here are a couple of lights with templates (a few handmade) and color. I’ve projected them onto the black curtain at the back of my theater. Nothing like a little space glam to brighten up a work space!

Wishing you much love and luck for the upcoming year and onward!

grammy museum adventure yesterday! kaitlin (sparkleswift) and i (anthony) met up with mylissa aka mymy (bemyoldselfagain), who i have been talking to for 3 years on tumblr now! it was the first time i ever met her and it was so amazing to finally do so, and to share this experience with both of my friends that i met through taylor. we had such a blast at the taylor swift experience exhibit in the grammy museum, so many amazing things!! thank you taylorswift for introducing us, we love you!!!