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To be perfectly honest, I’ve noticed way less people trying to deny Victuri ever since episode 9, especially when compared to episode 7 (despite the fact that that was when they became canon).

Apart from the fact that whether the kiss happened or not was a point of debate (and it was a kiss, but to be fair, I can sort of understand if some people didn’t see it), I think it might all come down to the idea that true, tangible relationships don’t need visible, explicit kisses to justify them, that a single airport scene can convey all the relevant emotions, that what truly matters and what truly shows the connection of two people is what they say and how they act around each other (especially in times of trial) and not simply how and when their lips touch.

I think it shows that deep, serious relationships like that can be felt even without seeing the couple properly kiss, or say “I love you” or have sex or lay in bed together.

Don’t get me wrong, I still think that the kiss from ep 7 was hugely important, and what I’m saying here actually supports it - they didn’t need to show their lips touch to get the message across.

Same was the case with the airport scene in episode 9. They never said “I love you” or “I want to spend the rest of my life with you”, but those feelings got across anyway. We all understood it, we all felt it.

And the best thing is that this is true also for people who had doubts regarding Victor and Yuuri’s relationship. It wasn’t just the people who already believed they loved each other who felt it, it was anyone who was open-minded enough to allow a small possibility that hey, they might actually really love each other. And it all got across in the end. It convinced the people who weren’t entirely sure how to feel about their relationship and I think that is impressive to say the very least.

I just want to praise Yuri on Ice’s direction. I believe making people see things in certain ways and feel certain things is already a huge feat. Add to that the ability to do that without ever being explicit or direct about and I think it would be fair to call this a high form of art, also known as amazing story-telling.

The Romance Arc (Destiel)

So, I know we always say it, but the other day I was finally fed up enough - or weird enough - to decide I’d make a list. And, guys, this is going to be a long-ass post, so if you haven’t got time, here is the tl;dr version: if we look at the love tropes most commonly used to build an onscreen relationship, Dean and Cas score an eye-watering 61/91 - that’s a 67% total.

Now, to put that in perspective - in order to build a romance arc, you’ve got five obligatory stages (meeting each other, falling in love, becoming a couple, a period of conflict, a resolution) and each of these stages will include at least one common trope, more or less hidden according to the kind of media and the author’s intent and sophistication. tvtropes lists a total of 91 tropes, but no love story will ever use them all. That would be ridiculous - either a parody or complete insanity. Think of a story where our lovers were destined to be together and also promised to each other as children and also the reincarnation of past lovers; where they meet by spilling coffee on each other and then she goes on to lose her handkerchief and he picks it up and runs after her to give it back but - whoa - now she’s been attacked by pirates and the hero wants to save her but his king is ordering him not to and oh no, what will he do? That sounds like overkill, right? And it totally is: a story with too many tropes is a ridiculous, unrealistic, unwatchable mess. To give you a better idea of what I mean, if look at those 91 tropes tvtropes lists as possible steps to build a romance arc, Dirty Dancing, one of the most romantic movies ever made, only scores 19 points; 10 Things I Hate about You, another big favourite of mine and an absolute ALL the love, ALL the feels story, scores 16 points. And Jane the Virgin, an actual soap-opera parody on the CW complete with sudden rain and snow to highlight special kisses, scores even lower: 13 points.

Meanwhile, normal friendships between men like Sam and Frodo’s in the Lord of the Rings trilogy or Ted and Marshall’s in How I Met Your Mother score a grand total of zero points - so, yes, it’s perfectly possible to write a non-romantic male friendship even when that friendship is a dramatic I’ll walk with you to the very edge of the Earth and then carry you up the slopes of a dangerous volcano and finally die with you sort of thing. Because, funnily enough, you can be friends with somebody and be ready to die for them without actually having a sexual interest in them. 

(Johnlock scores 29 points.)

(Wincest, 4.)

Something you could be wondering at this point is, why tropes though? Why are tropes a thing, and why does it matter how many tropes Supernatural chooses to use between Dean and Cas? And, look, I’m sure someone else could say it better, but essentially tropes are the bones of a story. Every single story you see out there, from the Odyssey to Torchwood/Gossip Girl crossovers to coffeshop AUs is built out of the same building blocks. There are, like, seven possible plots and about two dozen kinds of characters and maybe two hundred common tropes - and that’s it. Try tagging any classic novel with AO3 tags and you’ll see what I mean. 

[This story is Jules Verne’s fanfiction of an Edgar Allan Poe novel, and, yeah.]

Now, since it’s only possible to build a story in a limited number of ways, the problem all authors face is to find an original way to make it work. Some will use tropes religiously, either because they can’t think of anything different or because they hope a tried-and-tested formula will appeal to readers (see every romance novel under the sun; also most thrillers). Others will make fun of tradition by throwing the tropes back in your face (one of my favourite takes of this is Diana Wynne Jones’ Howl’s Moving Castle). And others will manage to bullshit you so thoroughly and completely you won’t notice the tropes are there until it’s too late - those are the stories where you’re truly surprised and shocked by events and you sit up in bed like a fool gasping out loud and you only stop reading because you need to tell someone asap, You won’t believe what just happened. A good example of this is the ending of the first season of Game of Thrones - we were all so convinced Ned Stark was the hero, filming people who hadn’t read the books as they watched him die became something of a hobby; and many became convinced George RR Martin was this all-powerful deity without any rules (not true: he’s a good writer, however, and he managed to convince most of us Ned was the hero when in reality he was the ‘Dumbledore’ figure - and therefore his death makes perfect sense).

And if we’re talking about Destiel - as I explained in the very first meta I wrote for this fandom (though at the time I hadn’t even realized I was part of a fandom, and didn’t know what a meta even was), I didn’t start to ‘ship’ Dean and Cas out of nefarious reasons, or tedium, or a desire to write smutty fanfiction. In fact, I still don’t consider myself a shipper in any way. I am not particularly interested in romance, and I never go out of my way to see who may be suited for whom. And I’m not saying there’s anything wrong in doing that - just that it’s something I don’t do. If I started to see Destiel and to write about it, it’s because to me (and, apparently, to a lot of other people), it was clear that there was something there; that that was how the story was built. And if I started to look at it more closely, it was simply because my expectations as a viewer were disappointed, and the relationship of trust between author and reader was - for me - crumbling into nothingness. 

And, look, I won’t lie: I was angry and upset by the implications - that there was something wrong with me - that I was trying to force a sexual relationship on two friends just because. That, as a woman, I couldn’t enjoy a story without making it all about the romance. No, I am a huge book nerd, and I like writing stories, and I mostly analyse stuff for a living and I also sort of have eyes? - so, to me, it was clear I was being lied to, and at that moment, I was left in an uncomfortably ambiguous position which will sound familiar to many of you - I was furious at the show, but at the same time I was still in love with the characters (so very much in love). This was a frustrating feeling which presented me with two equally unappealing options - to keep watching and not expect anything, or to walk away. In the end, I tried a third way, which I suspect many of you have chosen as well: I was too invested in these characters to abandon them, but I also wanted this story to be an honest story, so I started complementing it with ‘viewing supports’. I started to read (and write) fanfiction. I looked for fanvideos, fanart and gifs. And, most of all, I fell into the habit of reading (and writing) metas after every episode to make sure what I was seeing was actually there. Because, well, for me - that’s why I write metas about Supernatural when I don’t write metas of other shows I enjoy much more: because most of the time Supernatural is more focused on not telling a story than it is in telling one, which means what we are left with what is a half story where our characters have their own secret life offscreen and many lines of dialogue could mean anything. Ironically enough, Supernatural has become like its hero and POV character, Dean Winchester: a con and a liar and a charmer who tries to be liked by everyone. 

(And let’s not forget the swings both ways thing).

As for the other question - are we crazy? - I’m hoping this post will help clearing things up: no, we are not crazy. The reason we see a romance unfolding is because the relationship between Dean and Cas is written to fit a romance arc - and does fit a romance arc by 67%.

[Longer analysis under the cut.]

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….just a little friendly Randler that wants to brighten your day…. :3

if you had asked me 5 years ago what i thought i’d be doin today, my answer would not have been “living with my kind and gentle partner, taking a drunk pee while eating a rice krispy treat”, it would have been “dead”

but let me tell you

this rice krispy treat is dope and my partner is sleeping soundly and its raining outside and i am proud of myself for fighting every goddamn day for even a bit of happiness

I may have listened one too many times to a certain opening and all its countless remixes and versions while thinking about my sons like I always do.

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okay, let me just, let me turn the capslock off, let me talk like normal people who handled this chapter like rational adults [takes a deep breath] okay but seriously this chapter was just so so good, and so domestic, and it made me so happy, it was literally the best thing to come home to after an exhausting day at the hospital, and thank you so so much for sending me this message, anon, because i really had to scream about it!!!!!!

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I'd love a fic about lonely spinster Harry falling in love for the first time (with Eggsy preferably). Full of angst, emotions, and maybe some unrequited love (or not).

Being alone is what Harry knows. It’s long since ceased to be comforting but it’s all he has. And it’s starting to drive him crazy. There’s only so much time one can spend in a head like his before that becomes an inevitability, he supposes.

Time has not been kind to him. Gray streaks his hair after five decades of stress and anxiety, scars and marks of his career as a spy riddle his skin. The biggest change is in his eyes. What once was clear and mischievous has become clouded and troubled as he takes account of the person in the mirror. Forgiveness is hard to give to anyone, especially oneself.

Harry has finally stepped down from his role as Galahad and into a life of retirement. His last mission had left him half-blind and dealing with aftershocks of PTSD, washing over him like waves and waking him in the middle of the night, gasping in sweat-soaked sheets.

He’s never felt weak before. He does now.

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Happy 1st Anniversary of Xenoblade Chronicles X!

So here’s my little story on the game:

My friend had gotten me interested in Xenoblade Chronicles (not X), and I had asked for that for Christmas. However, my uncle didn’t understand that the new one, X, had just come out, and he assumed that this was the game I wanted. Thus, I received X, and unsure of what to do with it, I didn’t play it until February Break of 2016.

But when I did pick it up and play it…I knew I would never be able to put it down. Not only did I love the story, I felt myself loving the characters, the soundtrack, the amazing details and all of the possibilities for your own character. I know this has been a small complaint: your character should’ve been able to talk, given that they had voice actors chosen for them. But the story isn’t about you - it’s about her.

You all know who I mean.

She has shown us the way through all of our tough decisions in the game. She’s not afraid to speak her mind, she’s an amazing fighter, and in both forms, she’s the most beautiful character - inside and out.

So, as said in game, maybe it’s something about this planet. To us, it’s something about this game that has led us to become such amazing fans.

But I’d also like to think that it’s something about our favorite Elma that has led us to love this game so much.

It's a classic

This one is for anonymous! I hope you like it.

AN: Newt and the reader have been seeing each other for a while and he’s finally coming to her apartment for the first time.
Characters: Newt Scamander, Pickett
Pairings: Newt X reader
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Prompt: “You make me happier than anyone I’ve ever known” & “Is that me? Did you draw that?”


Your laughter cut through the evening air, bringing a smug smile to Newt Scamander’s face. He loved that he could make you laugh, and not just the polite giggles he was used to, but real belly laughs that made you throw your head back and scrunch up your nose in that adorable way that always made him blush.

“You’re an idiot Newton Scamander.” You chuckled, bumping his shoulder with yours, your eyes twinkling with humor.

“Am I now?” He teased, wrapping an arm around your waist and pulling you to his side.

“Yup,” you assured him, nodding, “you’re lucky you’re cute, otherwise I would’ve dropped your ass ages ago.”

“Oh I don’t doubt it.” Newt laughed, “That’s why I’m counting on Pickett and Doogle to keep you around when my looks start to fade.”

You feigned looking thoughtful, “That’s a foolproof plan, trap the girl with adorable animals. It’s a classic.”

Newt chuckled again, kissing the top of your head affectionately as you walked. The silence between you was a comfortable one, as you both got lost in your own independent thoughts. Tonight was a big one for you, as a couple and, despite how at peace he usually felt with you, he was a little bit nervous. Newt’s mind began to race as you reached your destination, an apartment block that Newt had seen from the outside on many occasions but had never entered. As you led him through the doors and up the stairs, his heart started to pound with a level of anxiety that he usually associated with coming close to a particularly dangerous beast. As your hand reached out to grip a doorknob, Newt stopped.

“Y/N, are you sure about tonight?” He asked gently, “Because I don’t want you to think that I-“

“Newt,” you interrupted, “I’m sure.” You gave him a reassuring smile, trying to quell his doubts as you took in the look of panic on your boyfriend’s face, “This relationship means a lot to me, you mean a lot to me.” You shifted your weight from one foot to the other, “And I think that this is important for me, for us.”
Newt smiled, letting out a sigh of relief and pulling you into a slow, thankful kiss. Your lips moved in sync with his and you tangled your fingers in his hair, sighing into his kiss and reaching behind you with one hand to open the door to your apartment. Everything felt right with Newt, from the easiness of your conversations to the heat you felt at his every touch. He made you feel things that you didn’t know you were capable of anymore, like you were a schoolgirl, giddy and flushed with all the infatuation and promise that came with a new relationship. With your lips still connected, you walked together into the room and Newton Fido Scamander officially became the first man to ever enter into your apartment.

As you broke apart, giggling softly to one another, Newt looked up and scanned the inside of your living room. As he inspected everything, you inspected him, caught somewhere in between pure elation and anxiousness. You watched the expression on his face as he touched the picture frames on your walls, and the blankets on your couch, and stroked the curtains that covered your windows. You knew in that moment, that Newt was imagining you here, the way he imagined his creatures in their natural habitats and you felt oddly vulnerable.

You held your breath, still frozen in place at the door, twisting your hands meaninglessly in front of your stomach. Newt turned back, his face lit up with obvious wonder and you felt your body relax. Newt lifted you up and spun you around, laughing loudly. As he put you back on the ground, cupping your cheeks in his hands and pressing a chaste kiss to your lips, you felt your heart swell.

“It smells just like you in here.” Newt proclaimed, “It’s wonderful!”

“It’s just an apartment Newt.” You laughed.

Newt shook his head, “No, no it’s not.” Newt replied adamantly, “It’s your apartment, that makes it extraordinary by definition.”

His eyes couldn’t seem to focus on one thing, preferring to glance quickly between everything. Eventually, after a lot of gentle coaxing, you convinced Newt to sit down on the couch as you went to make tea for the both of you, your hands shaking subtlety. You could hear him cheering with elation every few seconds, occasionally calling out ‘amazing’ or ‘wonderful’. You smiled, shaking your head with affectionate exasperation, stirring sugar into your cups. You barely noticed when the exclamations stopped, figuring that Newt had finally settled down.

“Here you go,” you said, walking back into the living room and pacing the two cups on your messy coffee table, “no milk, two sugars just like you-“

You froze. Newt was bent over a black book, cradling it as though it was an infant, or something else equally as valuable and precious, his eyes blown wide and glued to the page. Your sketch book.

You felt your heart drop as Newt’s eyes flicked up to meet yours, filled with an emotion that you couldn’t identify. He looked back down at the page, his mouth opening as though he was trying to speak, and then closed it again.

“Is this me?” Newt asked, his voice thick with that unidentifiable emotion, “Did you draw this?”

He held open the book for you to see the page he’d been examining. It was an unfinished portrait you’d started of Newt, fast asleep on his desk, with his head resting on his arms and a peaceful, vaguely happy look on his face. You swallowed hard and felt yourself blush and was flooded with guilt. You’d crossed a line, and you weren’t sure how to uncross it, or even you could.

“I-yeah, yeah it is.” You admitted in a small voice, avoiding Newt’s gaze as your eyes began to fill with tears, “I’m sorry, I was just-“

Newt shook his head, sliding along the couch to get closer to you and clutching your hand with his.

“Please don’t-no Y/N don’t-I love it.” He assured you, forcing himself to look directly into your eyes, “I love it Y/N and I love you.”

Newt hadn’t meant to say that last part quite so bluntly but, as he physically watched the blood drain from your face and felt you pull away from him, he hadn’t been able to help himself. It was the truth. The portrait had filled Newt with a sense of reverence and admiration that he had never expected, mostly because it was obvious how much time and care you’d poured into the piece and he wanted you to know that. He needed you to know that.

Your tear filled eyes met Newt’s, and the unbearably sad look on your face morphed into one of confusion.

“What?” You replied softly.

Newt flashed you a nervous smile, brushing your cheeks with one thumb.

“I love you Y/N, you make me happier than anyone I’ve ever known and this,” he gestured to the portrait again, “this is…wonderful. I love it, in fact, I was wondering if I could keep it.”

You giggled flinging your arms around Newt’s neck and pulling him down onto the floor beside you, pressing tear stained kisses to every inch of his skin. Newt clung to you like a drowning man, his heart swelling with love and indiscriminate devotion that made him think that he could spend the rest of his life with you, if it meant feeling like this.

“I love you too.” You admitted, resting your forehead against his, “So much.”

“Well that’s lucky, isn’t it?” Newt teased gently, “Here I thought you were just sticking around for my good looks and my creatures.”

You threw your head back and laughed, scrunching up your nose and sending a stab of near painful love through his chest. He pulled you onto his lap and pressed a chaste kiss to your shoulder, swallowing hard as the reality of how lucky he was rushed over him again.

“Oh no, that’s all true, don’t worry.” You joked, “But I’m still vaguely fond of you.”

Newt chuckled and nuzzled into your hair, letting the comfortable silence of domestic bliss wash over him. Yes, he could definitely get used to this. Your fingers massaged his scalp, running through his silken hair in a way that made Newt both unimaginably calm and strangely breathless.

“I’ll give it to you when I’m finished.” You finally said, “So long as you promise to let me draw another one.”

“Of course.” Newt answered with a pleased hum, “We have years and years for you to draw me.”

“Oh do we?”

Newt nodded, “Remember, I’ve got a foolproof plan.”

Jellal Fernandes

Since I adore Jellal, I decided to draw a picture in his honor, also because I really like his new outfit. I hope you enjoy!

If you want to see Jellal student-version, CLICK HERE!!

[Please don’t repost or delete the author’s name! This is my art!]

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Hi, Newt! I was just wondering... Will you really come back to see Tina? I hope so, bye!

Well I think, that is the plan isn’t?  And it would be very nice to see, or that is to visit, and maybe… yes.  I would definitely like to go back to New York some day, and see, ah, the people who want to see me, and I do have that book I promised her so I would definitely think that I would very much probably come to her.  To New York. That.  

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I would like to see one where they are trying to get pregnant now that Steve isn't small and his body could take a pregnancy, please

“Stevie, Honey please don’t cry!”

“Bucky! You don’t understand, we have tried for three heats and I still am not pregnant!” Steve didn’t hide the tears flowing down his cheeks, he pulled away when Bucky tried to wipe them with his thumb.


“No, don’t. I don’t want to be touched.” Bucky just ignored him and pulled his husband to him. Before the serum pups weren’t even an option for them, but now Steve wasn’t frail and could handle the strain. He wanted pups more than he wanted air to breath, it was his dream he couldn’t have.

“Fine. Close your eyes.”

“Buc- No. Close them” Bucky interrupted Steve and pulled him to the edge of their bed, sitting on the floor in front of him. He put his hands on Steve’s belly and let his nose touch too. Bucky kissed his belly and pulled back a hair’s length.

“Hi, baby. I know you don’t exist yet, but this is your daddy. You papa and I love you so much. Now, I don’t want to ask so much of a tiny human being, but if you could please help us out and start growing in that comfy warm uterus that would be super cool okay?” Steve snorted and looked up at the ceiling.


“Yes, Sir. Barnes?”

“Can you run a scan? I would like to know if I have any complications that would prohibit me from conceiving?”

“Scan Complete. Sir, it would seem the answer is no. As you are already pregnant.” The AI was silent as both men’s eyes went wide in shock.

“HOW FAR ALONG!” Steve was completely floored and let his hands join Bucky.

“It would seem 2 weeks sir.”

“We’re gonna be dads! HONEY! WERE GOING TO BE DADS!” Steve was crying happy tears now along with Bucky.

“I love you, Steven Grant Barnes!”

Hope you enjoyed this! -Ree