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You see my oppression, yet do not heed my discretion. You hear my sorrow, yet forget it all tomorrow. A tear streams down my cheek, I let out a cry, ever so meek. Yet you do not care. For you are my oppressor. Opinions, that we do not share. My people peer through the glass ceiling you constructed. They tear it down, your view now obstructed. Check your privilege people. Especially you "amazingatheist". I hope this poem spiritually guided you

I see you moan that I stifle and oppress you 

But I see in your head, you want me to undress you 

Fuck you in the ass, fuck you in the mouth

Fuck you in the north, and fuck you in the south 

Cum in your face, cum in your eye 

Fill you with cum until you explode and die 

Then I will tapdance on your fucking grave

Which reads: “Here lies an oppressed, cum-sodden slave” 

Thank you. Thank you. 


Peter Alan Tyler

There’s something to be said about the differences between Rose’s father and Pete’s World Pete. Yes, in a sense they’re the same man, and they both saved Rose’s life. But the Pete that Jackie lost was very different from the one that she reunited with in the end. I’m certain I’m not the first person to come to this conclusion and I’m totally okay with that. I also hope you’ll bear with me in knowing that these two men led very different lives. 

Both Petes can be a bit selfish (as can Rose, nothing wrong with that). And they both have convictions or principles that they live by. It’s pretty obvious that they both have an undying love for Jackie. 

I just really, really love the reasoning behind why this Pete saved Rose’s life. Have you ever seen a father with his newborn child? Love at first sight is real. The sight of a new daddy with his baby is the cutest, sweetest thing ever. And then there’s this look they all get on their face that says, “Oh my god you’re so tiny. I have to help you grow up? I have to make sure you have a fighting chance at life? Crap, that’s gonna be hard.” 

Pete and Rose in Father’s Day is pretty much the same thing. It’s just presented to us in a different way. I love this Pete so much more because he realizes not only that Rose is his child but that he has a responsibility to her as a father just as much as he does his baby. To him they’re both his baby girl, they both need saving, and he gives his life for them. They both save Rose’s life, but this one gave his life for Rose because she’s he’s daughter, he loves her, and wants her to grow up to be this amazing woman that he met. 

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Hi I am a dancer as well, also on the bigger side. But I don't call myself a fat dancer. You seem to be even a little bit smaller than me and it makes me sad that you deem yourself a fat dancer. I just call myself a dancer, so I just feel like I should be calling myself a fat dancer, which makes me sad.

It’s kind of funny. I started labeling myself a “fat dancer” years back because as much as I loved dance and loved sharing my love of it, I never dared to call myself simply “dancer” because I thought my body was wrong. I was fat. I danced. But dancers were not fat. So my solution was to call myself by another label: fat dancer.

Then I came to realize what bullshit that was. I absolutely am a dancer. I am also absolutely fat. I reclaimed what had been my equivalent of an apology for daring to attach the word “dancer” to a person as large as myself, and realized that yes, I am fat. And yes, I am a dancer. I am a fat dancer and that is a fabulous thing.

We have been conditioned for so long to think that ‘fat’ is the worst thing a human being can be. It’s to the point that fat stopped being a simple descriptor of size long ago. We have been trained to believe that fat = lazy,stupid, gluttonous, ugly, selfish- just to name a few things. It means none of those things. Fat is fat, plain and simple. 

That said, only you can choose what to label yourself. 

I choose to label myself as fat because that’s how I see myself. If I’m being honest I’ll probably always see myself as fat, no matter how much weight I lose (yay body image issues). If I continued to see that as a negative thing I’d lose my mind. Choosing to embrace it instead has saved my sanity. 

You do not have to do the same. If I can give you a word of advise, I would tell you to stop comparing your body to other people’s. Existing in your body is not a competition. I posted a quote a few days ago “Comparison is the thief of joy”. Think about that for a moment. Your body is yours and yours alone. There will always be those that are bigger and there will always be those who are smaller. It doesn’t matter.  If you can’t call yourself fat without feeling sad, then by all means don’t do it. It makes no difference if you’re bigger or smaller than I am.  Your body is uniquely yours and it will always be deserving of love. If you can begin to realize and internalize that idea, that is all that matters.


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TCAF!!! It’s this weekend!! I’ll be at table 213, on the second floor, but on the opposite side of where the webcomic room is. 

Here’s all the new stuff I’m gonna have, stickers, a guidebook to the world of Boozle and an all new sketchzine!! Not to mention I’ll of course have my usual copies of Haircut, Wicked Queens and other short stories I’ve done. 

Aaaaaa I’m so excited, I’ll hope I’ll see you there!!


Today, as I tackled through my uni work in order to meet deadlines, I also realised that I turned another year older and basically had a rainbow fall on my front doorstep to say happy birthday. 

Hearing the rain suddenly die down and have my room brighten up… I turned to see the formulation of this gorgeous arch of colours. As it grew, so did the feelings of contentment and gratefulness - so the need to document the following was in order.

To have friends think of me despite being scattered across different faces of the earth; for a family who always has my best interests at heart; for having seen and been to so many wonderful places on earth so far and having a place to share these on here for you, dear reader, to see: I am beholden.

I hope you have an especially great evening/afternoon/morning everyone :)



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hello !! katy tenmyoujis and i have to decided to start a new zero escape network! 

what this is gonna entail:

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it’ll be a pretty laid-back network overall!

to apply please like/reblog this post and then fill out this application

if you have any questions you can direct them to me or katy. thank you and i hope to see some of u apply!

Best Served Cold || Stiles x Peter

“Oh, it’s just you, Stiles. Just the one I wanted to see. I do hope you’ve come to visit me and give me a bouquet of flowers, since you put me in Eichen and all,” Peter said flatly, glaring at the man across from him.

  • Person X:Hey, Y told me to introduce myself to you. I'm in program B, the one you applied to?
  • Me:Oh hi yeah I was hoping to see you! Yeah, I have no idea if I'm gonna get in but I'm still hoping for a miracle.
  • Person X:Did you spell your name correctly on the app?
  • Me:Yeah...
  • Person X:Then you'll get in. This school is a fucking joke we have no standards. Don't worry!

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Danny and Ethan at a club where Ethan gets jealous because of all the guys that try to pick Danny up

So I cheated and just made it one guy trying to hit up on Danny but I did allude to the fact that Danny gets hit on all the time, so there’s that. :)

Also, I am SO SORRY that this is SO late. I’ll try and do better next time. Thank you for the prompt anon. I hope you get to see this. 

I really, really like this one. One of my better ones.

Ethan’s returning from the bar, a drink in each hand for him and his boyfriend, when he sees it. Some stranger flirting with Danny. He senses no distress from his boyfriend, so he makes his way over at a normal pace. Determined to let Danny handle the situation himself. He can take care of himself, Ethan is sure.

Though, it doesn’t stop the slight tinge of worry prickling at the back of his neck. Occupational hazard, he thinks to himself.

Slipping between a couple of the club’s patrons, he peeks a glance towards his destination. To anyone else, it looks innocent enough; two people having a casual conversation.

But Ethan knows better. Can see the guys intentions with his boyfriend clear as day. Can see it in the way he’s looking at Danny. Can see it in how close he is to Danny; how the gap between them is getting smaller with every second. He can smell the guy’s arousal from where he’s standing.

Even in the middle of all of the sweaty, grinding bodies around him, he can smell it. How it’s mixing with Danny’s pure scent.

That’s what drives him over the edge. Not that the guy is flirting with Danny – his boyfriend. Ethan gets it. His boyfriend is hot. He understands completely. He can handle other guys, and sometimes girls, flirting with Danny. One flash of those glorious dimples and Danny’s got the world at his feet.

He’s a big boy. He’s not worried about Danny straying. At all. He trusts him. Ethan knows that if at any point Danny no longer wanted to be with him, he’d be the first to know. They’ve been there before.

They’ve started over before. Started fresh. They’re on solid footing now. Theirs is a bond that cannot be so easily broken.

No, what drives him over the edge; what brings out the big green werewolf of jealousy, is the guys scent mixing in with Danny’s, looking to erase Ethan’s own. Ever since they’d gotten back together almost a year and a half ago, Ethan’s scent had been mixed in with Danny’s. It excites him to know that other wolves, or any other supernatural someone with enhanced senses, would know right away that Danny and Ethan were a thing. An item. Together and very, very intimate.

It’s a primal werewolf thing, he thinks, to want to mark Danny as his. Though, he’s under no illusions. Completely aware that Danny is not his; he doesn’t own him. You can’t own other people. Just that Danny is as much Ethan’s as Ethan is Danny’s.

They belong to each other. They belong together. That had been painfully clear in all the time that they weren’t.

By the time he reaches them, though, he’s got himself under control and his hand is steady as he hands Danny his drink.

“Here you go,” he says, calmly. Schooling his voice and his features appropriately. “One sex on the beach.” He gives Danny a look as he says it, halfway between flirty and downright filthy. Danny looks up, his eyes meeting Ethan’s and a blush colors his face along with his dimples. 

A flash of memories come barrelling into his mind. Memories of last summer. Clear blue waters, white sand, and the two of them in a secluded spot, away from others. Where they’d been completely alone with each other for hours. 

He smiles into his own drink, taking a long sip. Danny doing the same.

“Who’s your friend?” Ethan says, stressing the word ‘friend’ hard, barely sparing the stranger a glance. All his focus on Danny.

“Oh, we just met,” Danny replies. He gestures towards Ethan, “This is Ethan, my boyfriend. Ethan, this is – i’m sorry. I don’t recall your name?” Something in Danny’s tone, suggests to Ethan that Danny does remember his name, though. He hides behind his drink to conceal his smirk.

The stranger looks pressed that Danny hadn’t remembered his name.

“Mark. My name is Mark.”

“Right, of course. Mark. Sorry, Ethan this is Mark. He was just telling me that he owns the club.”

Ethan’s eyebrows raise in shock, “Really? Well, congratulations. Your grand opening seems to be a huge success.”

“Thanks,” Mark says, dryly, unimpressed. Mark gets up to leave, “Well, I’ll leave the two of you to it, then. Hope you have a good time.”

“We will.” The both of them say at the same time with matching smiles.

Mark leaves and Ethan takes the vacated spot next to Danny. 

“Thank God. I thought he was never going to leave.”

Ethan laughs. “Did you even tell him you were with someone?”



Danny takes another sip of his drink. “I kind of want to leave now.”

“What? No. We haven’t even been here that long.” Ethan protests. “Let’s finish our drinks and have one dance. And after that, if you still wanna go, we’ll go.”



“Ok, then. But I get to lead.”


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i hope i get to see you in person one day somehow just to confirm that you are in fact a real person and that life is indeed worth living

life is worth living! but thank u maybe we shall :3c