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Hello! I wanted to drop by and say that I love your OC's! Noah is definitely my favorite and I look forward to seeing more of him. Hope you have a wonderful day.

knowing that you like him already made my day very wonderful i’m so happy 🌷

(here he is, trying hard to hide his crush… but obviously failing)

look at the face izuku is making… look at how long-suffering and deadpan… look at him…. i cant believe we’ve been blessed with a glimpse at izukus true personality…thank u horikoshi…. ill never forget…

Luke Hemmings as a South Park character.

Michael | Calum | Ashton (coming soon)

I hope that you remember me like that. In pain and about to cry but still fighting. I hope you’re haunted by how stupid you are and I hope you regret everything you’ve ever done. I hope we never see each other again because if we do I will still cry. I hope you know this

He sent me that “See you then” on the night of the 5th of May. It’s now the 10th of June and I haven’t heard a word from him. We were happy, flirtatious, friendly, I never had any indication anything was wrong. Wherever you are, I hope you’re happy. If you see this, never come back.

I don’t know if you think you’re funny or if you’re actually a fucked up individual but I want you to unfollow and block me. I’m blocking your IP when I have the chance regardless but this is absolutely disgusting and you should be disgusted with yourself. You’re a horrible person for sending this and I hope that you can see what a waste of oxygen you are.

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What is your vampire canon like how do you see the lore I know people see it differently I was just curious I like hearing about the. Idk why 😅

I got like really into this question but I don’t know where to start exactly so!! I’ll start with eye colors!

In my story Vampires have different eye colors depending on what type of feeder they are
Red - feeds off human blood
Golden - feeds off animal blood
Purple - feeds off energy
As a vampire gets older their eyes become less vibrant making the color more dull until it’s basically black

Moving on to aging. Every 10 human years is the equivalent to 1 vampire year so if a vampire is 100 human years old they’re only considered to be 10, still a child. This only applies to born vampires who can grow up, bitten vampires age but still look the age they were bitten at. Child vampires fangs aren’t fully sharp until age 10 (12 at the latest)
there is a power difference between Born and Bitten vampires. I’ll just explain the two groups to hopefully make it easier??

They’re stronger, faster, and have better senses of smell, sight (in the dark), and hearing than humans. They can live for up to 2,000 human years. A downside is that these vampires tire out a lot easier than humans, meaning it’s easy to outrun them.
Additionally, they are extremely allergic to garlic. They can’t go out sunlight without some form of protection. (Gardening hat, umbrella, etc.) which is why most prefer to live somewhere where it’s almost always cloudy/foggy. Born vampires have abnormally pale skin.

Contrary to born vampires, bitten vampires are not stronger or faster than humans. They do however have heightened senses of sight and hearing, most likely gained in their comatose state. They’re not sensitive to garlic but do however burn easily in the sun meaning they need the same sort of protection. The average lifespan is 1,000 human years.
When a human is bitten by a born vampire they go into a comatose state for an undetermined time. During this time their canine teeth grow slightly sharper. When they wake up, their eyes are always dull red and depending on their diet they change later. Bitten vampires skin tone remains its original color.

I didn’t really go into weaknesses and briefly touched on powers but this ask is already so long I’m sorry ovmsjajw AAAA I’m just excited abt this ask ogm thank you!!

  • Someone:Why do you love Josh Dun so much? He is just a person!
  • Me:*inhales dramatically*... no, first of all he is a god and have you see his drumming? Don't even get me started on that! His hair is the most angelic thing you will ever see and his v-line ugh. And he is the cutest bean in the whole entire world with his adorable eye wrinkles! Oh and his jaw line, I could grate cheese on his jaw line. His smile will end the world someday and I hope you will be there to see it!...
  • Someone:
  • Me:I could go on...

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Hi Cookie!! I just dropped by to say that I hope you're having a great day! I always look forward to seeing your doodles on my dash and they always make me smile! You da best!

OOoh that’s so kyote !thank u! (•ө•)♡

sincerely thanks!  i wish i had moar time for doodlin’ but glad u like mah doodly trashy doodles! 

♪( ‘Θ’)ノ~☆ thanks for always being there as well //wink wonk// have a gr8t day too! 

Big announcement! Me and mom have been talking and with her being busy and me being lazy in the winter, we have decided to make a change to my page. Don’t worry! I will still be here every day to bless you with my sexiness. The change is that Mango and Torty are going to be moving over to my page. It gets hard for mom to keep up 3 pages and she feels that Mango and Torty haven’t been getting their fair share of posts. Our Instagram page has been posting as all 3 of us for quite some time and mom finds it much easier to maintain. I hope you don’t mind seeing posts from my sister and brother. On the bright side, they can pick up some of the slack while I work on my death ray.

on hiatus

Ugh, I haven’t been around for about… two weeks? To be frank, I got too emotionally involved with the matters happening here and was getting almost depressed, which is silly but oh, well, I let it happen to myself. Anyways, with the help of the loveliest, kindest, and the most understanding friend @pidgy-draws, I took some time off and now I can say I’m well :) 

I plan to take some more time off from the ship though. There’s a good possibility I may return to this account once the next movie is out of course, or when the trailer comes out! So, thank you and sorry. I hope to see you all once again! <3 <3 <3

So last Monday I got this shirt from my mum (who was in Barcelona) and decided to, if the whole Instagram selfie thing Paulo proposed to celebrate his 3 million followers turned to be fishing for pics to make a big edit (what eventually happened), be the odd one out with the Barça jersey. I also felt good with my face (rare occassion) so yeah, I waited until today to show this pic here for Selfie Friday.

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Auntie Jilli, I hope you are doing very well. Did you see BPAL's Halloween scents? Any of them catch your eye to buy? *many hugs to you*

Thank you for your well wishes, pumpkin!

I saw that the Halloween scents went live, but I haven’t had a chance to read the descriptions! I’m hoping to do that … Sunday? Yeah, Sunday. That’s the first bit of free time I’ll have. But oooh, Halloween BPAL

I regret every single second I lost sleep to you. I regret every penny I spent on you. I regret the tears I shed for you, the pain I felt for you. I regret my comforting words to you and the back to back 12 hour Skype calls. I’ve never regretted loving someone more than I have at you. I regret everything I have ever done for you and I hope to God you burned the things I sent you. I want you out of my life but for some reason the pain I feel about you won’t ever go away. I regret you. But your too stuck in your pitty party and “Oh poor me"s to see just how wrong you were. I hope you grow up one day and get your head out of your fantasy life and realise just how wrong you were. I hope you are hurting just as much as I am.