i hope you remember the episode references too!!

Just a few quick announcements this morning:

We have been experiencing some serious negativity in the ask box over the last 24 hours. We are therefore closing anon-asks until further notice. I offer my sincerest apologies to our non-registered passengers and the kind anons who have stopped by over the last several months.

We have also been receiving an over abundance of asks about the same topics. I would like to refer you to a few of the topics we’ve covered over the last few days in hopes they answer your questions:

  1. Did Daryl say “Will you carry” or “Want me to carry”
  2. Episode names “Heart Drift,” “Know Thyself
  3. Do we know the names of other episodes? (No, not officially)
  4. Our thoughts on the reunion between The Younger Dixon Brother & The Younger Greene Sister (Her name is apparently too offensive to even read for some passengers.)
  5. Our thoughts on the relationship between Squirrel Slayer and The Singer

Also, I would like to remind our passengers to please remember our cardinal rule:

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Melissa herself has approved this rule and emphasized, “BE NICE!!! Be nice to each other, to other shippers, to everyone involved in our fandom. Remember, Melissa herself is among us. She, Norman, and many members of TPTB know of our community and just how ugly things can get. Let’s make them proud of us and rise above all of this. We have way too much to be happy about to spread such negativity.

Caryl on, dudes, but in a most excellent way.

~Capt. Janne