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Three days later

[Summary: Reid and reader are at a crossroads in their relationship, and have a huge fight. After some angst, fluff ensues.

AN: This is my first proper piece of fan fic. Do leave feedback. @reiding-and-writing, I hope you read this. <3 

“I don’t know why the hell I even try with you anymore.”

“You don’t mean that, Spencer. Where did that even come from?”

“Well, news flash, Y/N. That’s all I’ve been thinking of, since the last time I asked you to marry me. I’m not surprised you haven’t noticed. Just like how you fail to notice my heart breaking a little each time I bring up marriage and you shoot it down!”, Spencer wheezes a little as he finishes his rant. 

His words feel like they’re being carved into your skin. What began as a small disagreement had now blown into an argument you had no come back to. 

He has a point, you admit to yourself. Why did he have to hang around? Every time he brought up the topic of marriage, you refused. You told him you did not believe in the institution. You had seen your parents’ marriage crumble, had been the collateral damage to the battles they waged inside your broken family. You were certain marriages were destined to doom. 

“Well, do you have nothing to say?!”, Spencer’s voice shakes you out of your stupor. 

You open your mouth to respond, and realize telling him how much you loved him would not cut it. He had been through a lot last year, and with Diana’s situation worsening every day, he was constantly on edge. 

The phone rang suddenly, scaring you for a second, and distracting Spencer from his anger and resentment. He takes a deep breath and answers the phone, and you gather that there is a case somewhere. He finishes his call, and looks at you. 

“Just in time, eh, Y/N? Saved by the bell, quite literally. Well, you know what, you don’t have to respond right now. I doubt you even have a response. I will be gone for at least three days, so how about you think long and hard about this? When I come back, do let me know what you want to do with ‘us’. Whether you even really want an ‘us’, anymore.” 

He turns and walks into your bedroom, to gather his things, leaving you to your gloom. 

As he walks out of the apartment, you call out to him. “Spence. I love you.” 

He must have heard the urgency in your voice, as he turns and faces you. “I love you too, Y/N. I do. But I am tired, and I don’t want to go on like this. I’ll see you soon.”

He shuts the door gently, and the kindness in that gesture makes your heart ache. You walk into your room, feeling certain that it was now or never. The truth is, you had noticed Spencer’s pain. You had noticed the loneliness he was carrying with himself. You would go to any end, pay any price, to change it. And you knew what you had to do.

You had to put your plan into motion. You grab a change of clothes, your phone charger, car keys, and wallet, and walk out of the home you shared with Spencer.

Three days later. 

As he walks into the apartment he shared with Y/N, Spencer senses something is awry. It was too quiet, too dark. “Y/N, are you home?,” he calls out. 

Even as he asks, he knows no one is home. Spencer feels a sense of worry trickle through his body, as the events that took place three days ago flash into his mind. . 

Fear sits heavy at the bottom of his stomach as he dials Y/N’s number. Where was she? Normally she would have been home by this hour. He notices her overnight bag is gone. She wouldn’t skip a work day without good reason. 

“Hello, this is Y/N L/N, and I cannot come to the phone right now. Please leave a message, and I will call you back when I can. Thank you!” 

Y/N’s chirpy voicemail greeting sends a fresh jolt of guilt through him. 

“Y/N, I just got back from the case. Please call me as soon as you get this? I’m sorry we left things that way on Friday. Please, just call me? I love you.” 

Spencer ends the call, wondering whether he should call Y/N’s work place or Garcia. Garcia was one of her closest friends, and she would have spoken to Y/N over the weekend. Even if she hadn’t, she probably would help him track Y/N’s phone. 

Garcia picked up on the second ring, like she had known he would call. 

“Garcia! Have you spoken to Y/N?” 

“Oh hello to you too, pretty boy. Why are you asking me about Y/N?”

“Well…”, Spence stuttered a little, “.. we might have had a fight on Friday evening, just before we were called on to the case.”

“Uh huh. And?”

“And, erm.. I might have said some things I didn’t exactly mean. Well things I wanted to talk to her about anyway, but I shouldn’t have done so in an angry outburst.The point is, she isn’t home, she isn’t picking up her phone, and I haven’t spoken to her in the last three days. Her bag is missing, and it doesn’t look like anybody’s been home for the last few days..” He was beginning to ramble.

“"Ooookaay boy wonder. I hear you. Listen, I might have an idea of where she might be. But I cannot tell you. It is something you need to hear from her.”

Spencer grips the phone tight as he processes what Penelope just said. “You know where she is? Is she okay? Pen, ask her to come home. Or pick up the phone.”

“Spencer, you need to trust me, and you need to trust Y/N. She should be back home today. Talk to her yourself, alright?” 

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Still Hurting, Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Prompt: Reader was recently cheated on and has to go on as Eliza.

Words: 1000

Author’s Note: I’m getting into the swing of this writing regularly thing! I’ve missed it! I’ll be working a lot in the next few weeks so let’s hope I cans stick to it! Don’t forget to keep sending me prompts! Also, I totally got the title from The Last Five Years. Also, I drew inspiration from ‘You Matter to Me’ from Waitress!

Warnings: Mentions of cheating.

Askbox | Masterlist | Part 2

Lin shot you a reassuring thumbs up from the wings as you took your queue, crossing the stage, lantern in hand.

Your face had a serious scowl that you felt had been there for weeks now - weeks since you had cut ties with the man you had put your faith into.

Tonight was the first night you were on as Eliza since it had happened. You knew Lin had been tip-toeing around the idea of you going on for Pippa, and it took a lot of reassurance to convince him you were fine.

And you thought you were.

Honestly, until this very moment you had forgotten about it, happily caught up in the whirlwind of the show. With a final glance at Lin, you realized that maybe you weren’t as fine as you thought you were.

You published the letters she wrote you. You told the whole world how you brought this girl into our bed.” You spat, noticing most of the cast were squeezed into the tiny section of the wings where you could watch the show without being seen from the audience. You could only assume the rest were watching from the backstage monitors.

You could barely handle the look of guilt that flashed across Lin’s face as you directed the final line to the audience.

I hope that you-” Your breath caught in your throat for a moment as you suppressed a sob, “-burn.” You forced the final word, standing tall stage right. You crossed slowly back offstage, leaving behind the smoking letters.

You avoided Lin’s worried eyes as you were dressed for your next scene. As people passed you to take their places they offered kind words - none of them knew just how close to home that song had hit.

You smiled in appreciation as you heard the end of ‘Blow Us All Away’.

Lin put as much support for you as he could into ‘It’s Quiet Uptown’, and he held your hand a little tighter than normal when your voice quivered on the final line.

You didn’t have much time together until the end of the show. After final bows, you locked yourself in Pippa’s dressing room and quickly dressed back into your street clothes. You found comfort on her couch, piled with hand knitted blankets that were just as warm as she is.

Three knocks sounded at the door, and you knew exactly who it was.

Forcing yourself from the couch, you prepared yourself for Lin’s sad eyes - something he had been giving you ever since he had coaxed the story of your cheating ex-boyfriend out of you.

You smiled when you saw him - you found yourself always smiling when you were with him. He didn’t ask any questions or really say much, he simply closed the door behind himself and led you back to the couch.

He tucked you close to his chest, looking straight ahead as your eyes began to water. He waited - patient. He focused on evening his breathing, allowing the smallest of smiles to grace his lips when you matched yours to the rise and fall of his chest.

You let out one long sigh, the finality of it took him by surprise. You pushed yourself into a sitting position, tucking your legs underneath you as you faced Lin.

“Why wouldn’t he just tell me he wasn’t happy?” You asked with a surprising amount of clarity. “I can work with unhappy. We could’ve broken up and he could’ve had what he wanted. Why did he have to take me down in the process?”

“I hate to tell you this.” Lin paused, trying to find the right words, “He was kind of a dick.”

You took this in for a moment before bursting into laughter. Lin followed your lead until both of your stomachs hurt. After a minute, it died down and you sighed.

“Yeah, you never did like him.” You mused, “You never like any of my boyfriends.”

“They’re not good enough for you.” He answered immediately. “No one is.”

“What about…Leonardo DiCaprio?”

“Nope.” He popped the end of the word, laughing as you giggled.

“Bruno Mars?”

“Ugh.” He rolled his eyes at the thought.

“What about you?”

“No-” His eyes shot to you when he realized what you had asked, “What?

“Are you good enough for me, Lin?” You asked again.

“No.” He responded without hesitation. “At my very best, I am nothing in comparison to you.”

Your breath caught in your throat at the careful consideration he had put into this - as if he had thought about it before.

You held your hand out to him, and he quickly took it, linking your fingers together.

“Love you.” You muttered to him.

“Love you, too.” He pressed a kiss to your knuckles.

You suddenly realized the time and both decided it was time to head home if you wanted to be able to function for the next day’s show.

He walked the few blocks to your apartment building even though his was in the complete opposite direction.

“You’re on as Eliza again tomorrow.” He reminded you with a quirk of his eyebrow as you climbed the stairs to your building entrance.

“You’re on as Alex, that means we get to kiss again.” You teased, unlocking the door. He rolled his eyes, standing at the bottom on the steps, waiting for you to be safe in your building.

“Don’t act like you don’t like it.” He winked as he turned on his heel, adjusting the strap of his backpack, heading back in the direction in the theater.

“Hey!” You called from the door. He turned back, “I love you.” His face split into a grin.

“I love you too.” He answered casually.

“No, I mean that I’m in-”

I know.” He assured you. “Me too.” Your shoulders sagged as an unbearable weight was suddenly lifted off.

He saluted you as he continued his trek back to his place, leaving you breathless on the front steps of your apartment building.

From Starbucks to where we are now (Elliot Alderson x Reader Smut)

Request: An imagine where reader (girls) is as socially awkward as Elliot and works at Starbucks. Elliot comes in one day and she notices him extra and then a few days after HE asks for her number but she says no but writes it on his cup. And then some relationship stuff and fluff, and maybe some smut at the end if you’d like.

A/N: I hope you like and enjoy this imagine, because I do! Leave your comments behind!

Word count : 2,032

“Next, please!“  You shouted and took care of the next customer in the line. Today was a very rough day at Starbucks. So many people came in and out and you barely had time to take a little break. Unfortunately, one of your co-workers fell ill so the whole work was waiting only for you and for another girl. It was pretty exhausting. You had to take orders and serve people at the same time, while your other co-worker prepared everything.

After a few hours, you were very tired and your feet began to hurt terribly. You took a look at your watch and noticed that only three hours had left for your end of work. Rolling your eyes, you pulled yourself together and continued your working.

As always, there were some jerks who tried to hit on you. You experienced such things every time at work. But you didn’t pay much attention, not even defend yourself. You were not the type of girl who socialized a lot. You were different. You rather spend some time alone instead of meeting people or going out. Besides, you barely had friends to hang out with and reject everybody who tried to spend some time with you. The only friend you had was Amanda, your co-worker. She was nice and funny. You could trust her.

Once you gave an old lady her order, a young man at your age stepped in front of you. You gave him slight smile. “What would you like to order?” He stared at the menu behind you, surveying it thoughtfully. Then his green-blue eyes gazed at yours. “What would you recommend?” His question took you off guard. Normally, you never got questions like this. Something told you that he was very different than other people, maybe even more different than you. Your eyes wandered at the black hoodie he was wearing. You always had a thing for hoodies in general. You almost had a collection of different colors of hoodies in your wardrobe. Admittedly, it suited him very well.

“Uhmm.. I would prefer Caramel Macchiato, sir.” You replied politely. His eyes still was fixed on you, which made you feel very uncomfortable. It felt like his eyes would pierce wholes through your body. “Caramel Macchiato it is then.” You wrote down his order as he took a place at the end of the room. You followed every single move he made, so mesmerized by this young man because you knew he was unusual. As he looked back, you instantly tore your eyes away from him and told Amanda to prepare his order so you could give it to him.

A few minutes later, you nervously walked to the young man of whom you did not even know his name. “Here you go!” You mumbled as you lay the cup of Caramel Macchiato on his table. “Thanks.” He said before you walked away with some strange feeling in your stomach.

It was not the only encounter with him. He would used to come every day from now on, always ordering the same drink and sitting at the same spot, while he used to tip something on his laptop. You wondered what he did.

Once in a while, he would stare at you, observing every move you did. You must say, you kind of liked his attention. He was very handsome and the most beautiful man you had ever seen in your life.

“Hey..” You heard someone mumble behind you. As you turned around, you saw him, clothed in his usual black hoodie you fell in love with. Sometimes you wished he would give it to you so you could add it to your collection. “Hey..” You answered. It was Sunday and the store wasn’t as much as full as it used to be. He handed you over some money. “The usual, please.” You nodded and started to prepare his order.

“C-can I have your number?” You almost got and heart attack and nearly dropped the whole macchiato on the floor. What was he asking? Your number?  “No!” You shook your head. How could you give him your number? You didn’t even know that guy. You turned around only to look at his sad facial expression. “What a pity..”  You thought about it. Maybe giving a try?

He wanted to grab the cup in your hand but you pulled it away from him. You sighed, grabbed a marker and noted your number on the plastic cup, which made him smile widely. After he went out of the store, you hoped inwardly not to regret the choice you made. And you didn’t.

Only a few hours later, he called you only to tell you that he wanted to meet you. And since you had no other plans for the week,  you agreed at his offer.

You spent your first “date” in his apartment. His name was Elliot Alderson, a very wonderful name, and he was working for AllSafe. As you suspected, he was pretty different. You found out he suffered from anxiety, depression, paranoia and delusions. Besides, being touched made him feel very uncomfortable but he made an exception when it came to you. He didn’t mind you touching or hugging him, no he felt better.

You always used to play with Flipper, because you loved dogs with your whole being. And Elliot loved watching you when you played with her. You told him about your hoodie collection, that you loved long walks, dark rooms and coffee. That’s why you also worked at Starbucks. The rest of the night you used to cuddle a lot, watching films on Netflix while eating Popcorn.

From that day on, you both were dating each other. He would take you out for long walks as you used to like and sometimes spent the whole night with you awake and surrounded by the dark, talking to you about different stuff. And you grew to love him every single day. He created feelings in you that nobody had before. He may be awkward or unusual but he was interesting too and you loved him.

It was a rainy day as you came back from work, paying Elliot a visit. Actually, you spent every day in his apartment, he even asked you if you’d like to move in with him. You clothes were wet from the rain because you were too silly to take an umbrella with you. All you wanted was taking a nice shower, wearing some of Elliot’s comfy clothes and cuddling with him on the sofa.

He greeted you with an amused smile as he opened the door, giving you soft kiss on your cheek. “Save your silly comments, El!” You warned him and entered the apartment. On your way to the bathroom, you took of your jacket and shoes, Elliot watching you. “I’m taking a shower, babe.” You told him. You were too busy with taking off your clothes so that you not noticed that you hadn’t locked up the door.

And of course, Elliot took the advantage of sneaking into the shower. He was waiting for this moment a long time. As you stepped under the shower and turned off the water, you were greeted with hot warm water, that instantly calmed your tensed muscles. You sighed contently, feeling the exhaustion washing away from your body.

Suddenly, two strong arms were wrapped around your waist and you flinched at the sudden contact. You were almost screaming if there wasn’t Elliot who held his hand over your mouth. “Shh.. baby.. It’s me. “He whispered seductively in your ear. “Elliot! What are you doing here?!” You hissed, as he pulled away his hand. “Wanted to shower with you. What else?” You slightly felt nervous because it was the first time he would ever see you naked. You were very self conscious about your body, and didn’t like it very much. “Elliot, please go out.” You pushed him away but it was useless since he was stronger than you. “No..!” He whined. “I want to shower with you!” You turned to him, looking lightly sad. “Elliot, please. I don’t want you to see me like this.” He stared at you confused. “Like what?”

“My body.” You gulped. “I don’t want to see you my body like this.” He pushed you against his well built chest, stroking your wet hair lovingly. “What’s wrong with your body?” He asked. You buried your face in the crook of his neck, kissing his tender flesh. “I don’t like my body, El. I feel fat.”

“That’s nonsense, (Y/N). You’re not fat. You’re perfect.” You smiled a little bit at his statement. “And besides, I don’t care what you’re look like. You’re beautiful to me. Inside and out.” You pressed your body against his, mumbling an “Thank you,Elliot.” He kissed your forehead. “May I show you how much I love you?” You exhaled nervously, knowing exactly what he meant. It was your first time and he would take your virginity in a bathroom. Not really the way you imagined your first time, but hey it could be very exciting. You nodded your head in determination. “You may..” You softly spoke.

Elliot pushed you carefully against the wall, his lips were pressed against yours, kissing you with hunger and lust. His hands were trailing all over your body, leaving shivers wherever he touched. As he nibbled on your neck, a low moan escaped your lips and you could feel yourself getting wet between your legs. Elliot found your sweet spot with no difficulty, sucked and licked the tender skin.

You wrapped your hands around his body, your nails digging into the skin of his back. He pressed you more against the wall, loving the way you made him feel. You could notice his erection against your stomach, biting your lip. “Jump.” Elliot panted and you did as he ordered, wrapping your legs around his waist. He continued to pleasure your neck until there was nothing more left than hickeys. Although they would be visible at work tomorrow, you could care less. You were too much into this moment and enjoyed Elliot’s amazing mouth on your neck.

One hand wrapped around your waist, his other hand trailed down to your sensitive area, his thumps teasing your clit. You rolled your eyes in pleasure, moaning out his name. “Elliot!” He continued to tease your entrance and later on inserted one finger into you, pumping his finger in a slowly and agonizing way. “Mhmm, Elliot.”

Elliot could get used to the sweet sounds you made because of him. He looked at you in admiration, how you bit your lower lip, trying to muffle your moans and how your eyes fluttered with lust. He couldn’t wait any longer and slowly slid himself into you. His already hard erection was filling you completely, stretching your walls. Deep and low moans escaped your lips and after Elliot gave you time to adjust to his size, he began to move. First very gentle and carful, later wild and passionate.

“(Y/N)!” Elliot groaned, pressing your foreheads together, losing himself in this intimate moment. Thrusting harder, he hit one spot you craved for the whole time, making you yelp. He kept thrusting  that spot, making you see the stars. Slowly, you felt something build up in your stomach and knew that your high was approaching. “I-I’m going t-to cum, El!” You panted. Elliot nodded his head. “I’m c-close too..”

You buried your face again in the crook of his neck, feeling your high coming closer and closer. Suddenly your walls clenched around Elliot’s member and you arched your back, screaming his name. Elliot rode you through your orgasm and after his thrust became sloppy, he came himself. You were on birth control, so you didn’t mind him releasing into you. You both took a moment to calm down from your highs. Elliot pecked your lips, sliding out of you. “I love you, (Y/N). It was beautiful.”

“I love you, too Elliot.” You responded. “And yeah, I agree with you. It was beyond beautiful.” You washed each other before you stepped out of the shower. From now you were definitely a fan of bathroom sex.

Who is in Control - Part 6

10 years ago, you and Tony Stark met and he adopted you.
Today, you are his heir and the newest member of the Avengers.
Your first mission? Help Bucky Barnes.
Oh boy, you wished things were this simple.

Word counting:  1600+
Notes: Keep in mind: Age of Ultron Never happened here. Gifs are from google or tumblr.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Mutant!Reader
Present characters: Female Reader, Bucky Barnes, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, OMC Patrick O’Malley
Chapter: 5/??
Chapter name: You Trust Me
Warnings: Semi-nudity (Is it a warning? I don’t know); reader is a bit sassy; telekinesis display; poor Patrick never gives up. It’s an incredibly soft chapter guys, don’t worry. 

 Series Masterlist

It took almost an hour for Bucky to find Y/N, and she was literally in the middle of the massage Tony had scheduled the previous night.

He came into her room without caring about the guy massaging the woman and sat down on her bed.

“You trust me.” He stated.

Y/N smirked.


They went silent for a while, until she interrupted the masseuse.

“You can go, thank you” She said, wrapping herself in the towel while getting up.

After the man left, she was finally alone with Bucky, who refuse to look in her direction, and didn’t fail to notice he had quite a lot of blood in his cheeks.  

“We’re going shopping, so we can buy you new clothes.” She told him. “Half of your clothes are from Steve, and the other half are older than my father. The only exception is your uniform, and you hardly ever wear it.”

He wasn’t looking at her, so she grabbed his chin and fixed his piercing eyes on hers.

Originally posted by rohgers

“I won’t bite you if you look at me, Bucky.”

He stood up and walked away, leaving the Stark alone, and she sighed.

“J.A.R.V.I.S.” She called, letting the towel fall.  

“Yes, miss?”

“I’m leaving in 30 minutes.” She told him. “I’d like my car to be ready.”

“Which one would you like?”

“Pick your favorite.”

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anonymous asked:

Can you do a Max x reader where the campers slowly get kidnapped and Max doesn’t notice until the reader gets kidnapped

Love, love, loved this request! I hope I did it a justice!

Triggers: Cursing (featuring my least favorite curse word), dark themes. 

The day had started out normal enough. Max didn’t really feel as if anything was truly off. He had rolled off his cot and grabbed a cup of coffee from the tent’s pot. Neil was always up before him and would leave at least one cup’s worth left brewing so Max could have it when he woke up.

He had sat, sipping his bitter coffee and trying to coax himself into actually getting up and facing the day. It wouldn’t be too bad, he supposed. David had said yesterday the activities were going to be a bit lax today, due to Gwen not feeling well. After finishing his first cup, he slid on his hoodie, tucked Mr.Honey Nuts under the bed, and made his way out of the tent and towards the mess hall.

On his way, he passed Y/N’s tent. And, as always, they walked out just in time to be in step with him.

“Good morning!” They cheered at him, voice slightly thick with sleep.

Unlike him, they never took time to actually wake up, just getting up and going. It had taken him awhile to figure out exactly what their schedule was, but now he could almost always walk them to the mess hall in the mornings. They were a creature of habit.

“Yeah?” He said, inquisitively, an eyebrow raising, “What’s so good about it? The day has hardly started yet.”

Y/N just smiled as they walked up the steps of the building where others had already gathered to eat, they opened the door for him, allowing him to pass as they started to speak, “And in what little time I’ve been awake, the day has had no mishaps!”

Just as those words left their mouth, a sudden yell across the mess hall gathering the pair’s attention as Nikki was currently cackling, David standing brushing what looked to be her breakfast off his face. The safest assumption was that it had been catapulted at him.

Max gave Y/N a pointed look as they went through the line, the latter simply shrugging.

“Well, mo mishaps for me, so far.”

He just rolled his eyes, but couldn’t help but laugh slightly as the two sat at the table.

Y/N turned their attention to Nikki, but couldn’t help but frown as they realized Max hadn’t gotten breakfast. They would make sure he ate something at lunch.

“Already attacking David, Nikki? Couldn’t you at least wait until after he announced a disappointing activity?”

Nikki shrugged, spooning some more of what may have been oatmeal into her mouth before she spoke. It almost seemed as if she was determined to speak with her mouth full.

“You can’t blame me. I was hopelessly bored. I need to be stimulated at least once every five minutes or chaos ensue. chaos ensues.”

Y/N seemed slightly amused with this answer, but they turned to Max, mouth open and questioning in their eyes. However, before they could ask whatever it was they wanted an answer to, David had started the daily announcements.  daily announcements.

“Alright campers! Today we’re going to do some bonding exercises! Let’s all meet up outside and get into groups for some fun!”

There was some mutual groaning, but everyone began to clamber outside anyway.

Max too grumbled, raising up and leaving before Y/N could get a word in.

They simply brushed off their discomfort, grabbing their tray and Nikki’s, since she had left hers.

They couldn’t stop the nagging curiosity though. Neil was usually with Nikki in the morning, he would leave after making Max coffee. He was usually the thing keeping her occupied, that or Harrison. But, neither were anywhere to be seen.


David’s idea of “bonding exercises”  ended up being an array of schoolyard games.

Everyone had complained at first, but it ended up being quite enjoyable. Everyone got fairly into the games and even Max was having a good time being loud and getting to act like a child.

That wasn’t too say everyone wasn’t still messing around.

Their game of telephone had been particularly funny. It started with David whispering to Y/N the simple phrase, “Campe Diem!”

However, everyone seemed to agree that it needed to tweaked and changed, and by the time it got to Max, he proudly smirked and stated, “Cunts and Dicks”. David had paled greatly and, while everyone laughed hysterically, quickly changed the game.

They went through a game of Red Rover, Freeze Tag, and even did some actual Trust Falls. (Everyone learned not to trust Nurf.)

By now, most of the day had passed. Surprisingly enough, everyone seemed too distracted to realize it.

“Okay, campers!” David started, seeming to be a bit distracted. He kept going to check on Gwen, and as the day had progressed, he had appeared to get skittish. “We’ve got one more game! We’re going to play Hide n’ Seek, but you have to have a partner! If you two get found, you have to race to the flagpole. Whoever gets there last, will join the seeker side, and their partner will get to hide again! Now, do I have any volunteers for seek-”

Before he could finish, Nikki was waving her hands around frantically.

“Oh! Oh! Me!” She dropped to the ground, “I can sniff hiders out like a bloodhound!”

Like that, it was decided. A few people grouped off, but Y/N appeared to be a bit lost.

“Hey, Y/N,” Max interrupted their slight crisis, distracting them for a moment, “Wanna pair up? I’ve got some wicked hiding places. I bet we could lay low until the game ends.”

Y/N just hummed softly, “I dunno, I was supposed to be with Preston, he said he wanted to talk about his new show… But, I don’t see him.”

They looked around a moment longer, “Maybe he paired up with Nerris and they’re already hiding?”

It seemed they were more talking to themselves, but they just shook it off, facing Max.

“That sounds great! I already have a plan!”


After the sound of a horn hit the air, campers went scrambling in all directions. Nikki’s loud counting following after them.

Y/N tugged Max’s hand as they made their way to the hiding place they had in mind. Their worries seemed to drain away at the prospect of winning a game, and the dropped down underneath a picnic table, surprisingly close to the starting point.

Max gave them a mock accusing look, “You’re not planning on getting us found, are you?”

Y/N sputtered, shaking their head defensively as their real plot to take out the competition was unveiled much sooner than they thought it would.

“I would never!” They said, quite convincingly, had it not been for the pitch of their voice and the shiftiness of their gaze.

Max just snorted, willing to play along with them. Before he could retort, a thump above them startled the two. Y/N’s head crashing into the bottom of the table with a yelp. Nurf’s head suddenly hung over the edge of the table.

“Found you, losers! Get running!”

Max didn’t bother pointing out that he had obviously been found within the first few seconds if he was already seeking, because Y/N had already taken off running in front of him.

He simply shook his head, shoving his hands into his pockets and making his way to the flagpole. With no real prize at risk, he didn’t see any reason to not let them win.

He was fully expecting to see their gloating face when he got back… But they weren’t there.

“Congratulations, Max! You beat Y/N! Now go hide again before you can get caught!”

Max scowled on instinct, shaking his head in disbelief.

“That’s not possible. They were way ahead of me…” He trailed off, he couldn’t have passed them.

It clicked then. The dwindling numbers per group. Y/N not having someone claim them as a partner before Max got to them. Nikki’s boredom this morning. Max turned in a full circle, surveying the surrounding area.

“David… When was the last time you did a head count… Or even bothered to check on the fucking campers.”

A look of confusion crossed the counselor’s face.

“Well, probably this morning! All these games have kept everyone in the same place, so there isn’t any need to worry about-”

Max took off in the direction of the counselor cabin before David could finish. The counselor had to have noticed kids weren’t participating. The kids had ganged up on him before and all hidden to not take part in activities, so maybe that was it. But, he seemed uneasy, he had to know subconsciously something was wrong.

The one thing he’d done regularly through the day was check on Gwen. He would leave. He would leave for mere moments just to see her.

But this game had required he stay at the flagpole. Which meant he hadn’t checked Gwen in a while, and, as Max confirmed his suspicions by throwing open their cabin door, she was gone too.

He stepped in, heart pounding as his brain screamed to get back to David, that there was safety in numbers, but his eyes were drawn to a piece of paper that been stabbed into the desk with a kitchen knife.

I warned you. Now, I’m back.

His eyebrows scrunched in confusion just as the cabin door slammed shut. Max whirled around, coming face to face with none other than Cameron Campbell.

The man had a wicked glint in his eyes.

“Ah, little Maxwell. If I remember correctly, you’re the brat that made David ignore his responsibilities. You’re the reason I got thrown into Super Guantanamo. But! That’s okay, because I got out! And I’m back now.”

Max felt frozen, all sassy remarks stuck in his throat as his eyes darted around the cabin. As Cameron took a step forward, he took a step back.

“Fuck off! What did you do with the other?! With Y/N?!”

The man chuckled, his signature smile sending chills down Max’s back.

“Oh, you’ll find out soon enough.”

With that, he lunged forward, knocking Max to the ground. He had attempted to dart past him, but it ended in a slight scuffle. The younger ended up pinned, extremely dizzy as Cameron’s glinting eyes met his own.

“David is gonna pay for turning his back on Cameron Campbell.”

With those words came a sudden pressure across Max’s face, a rag pressed roughly over his mouth and nose. The boy tried to struggle against the weight on top of him. But, it was no use, and slowly but surely, his vision faded to black as panic flooded his veins.

Before you guys ask, yes there is going to be a part two of this! Let me know what you thought!

Sasuke's feelings for Sakura

As we all know, the Naruto fandom has been a mess since the final two chapters were released last week.  Some people love the ending, some are indifferent/neutral, and some hate it.  You can’t please everyone, and I’ve seen many people attacking SasuSaku, wondering how the pairing happened when Sasuke “never cared about Sakura” or was “abusive”.  

These people fail to understand Sasuke’s character. And that’s what it comes down to, because Sakura has always and will always love Sasuke romantically.  Of course people are bashing her too, but that’s for another post.  Right now, we are talking about Sasuke. I don’t want to make this too long, so I’ll try and sum it up as best as I can.

Argument: “Sasuke has never cared for Sakura/does not love her, it doesn’t make sense he ends up with her”.

Really? Allow me to show you panels from part one, you know, before Sasuke fell into the darkness.  I took many of these from une-nuit-pour-se-souvenir’s SasuSaku moments master post (thank you my friend, I hope you don’t mind!)

The panels below depict moments where Sasuke has either saved Sakura, noticed something about her, shown concern, or cared.  There are also moments that showcase Sakura affecting Sasuke in more ways than one.

It's clear from these moments that Sasuke held a soft spot for her before he left the village in part one.  As Databook two states, the one who filled Sasuke’s lonely existence with the emotion called love was Sakura.  It states, he could not let her in, and that is due to his ambitions.  Therefore, he could only leave with a word of thanks. 

I also believe that Naruto himself noticed Sasuke’s feelings during the hospital scene, and when they were fighting Gaara.  Hence the “Sasuke… you…”

Argument: “Sasuke tried to kill Sakura!”

Sasuke tried to kill Naruto too, but I don’t see SasuNaru getting shit on as much as SasuSaku does. I also don’t see Naruto himself getting shit on for forgiving Sasuke/accepting his apology, yet Sakura is the worst character ever for doing the exact same thing.  

And here comes the part about understanding Sasuke’s character again.  He tried to cut away every bond he had, especially the ones closest to him.  Sasuke outright says this himself; admitting Team 7 became his family.  Once he started to get out of his funk, Sasuke started working with Team 7 again, which ultimately lead him to realizing he was wrong.  He apologizes to Sakura.

The scenes above depict Sasuke working with Sakura, and Sakura affecting him in part two when he is not bat shit crazy nuts he is starting his real redemption.  

You mean to tell me that two instances where Sasuke tried to kill Sakura and a genjutsu when he's insane not in his right mind, cancels out all the times (as you can see from all these panels, there’s a crap load) he has shown care for her when he IS in his right mind/normal in this fictional manga? Where it’s all about people accepting other other people? Congrats, you failed to understand the manga.

It’s also not a coincidence that Kishi did this:

Sasuke remembers.  He always did.  Sakura’s second confession made him shake; there’s a panel of his feet shaking before he calls her annoying (direct parallel to 181). The last two instances aren’t supposed to be negative.  They are call backs.  Sasuke is smirking.

Coincidence that every Team 7 reunion starts with Sasuke saying Sakura’s name? No, Kishimoto did this on purpose.

Sasuke could not reciprocate Sakura’s feelings in part one due to his ambitions.  He even tries to apply “logic” via this scene:

Sasuke does not say he has no interest in Sakura.  I have no idea where Mangapanda got that.  In the RAW, all he tries to apply is “reason”.  His own logic that he thinks is right.  In other words, no matter how he feels (like or not), there is no reason for them to like each other.  This was his mindset before he is fully redeemed. 

Once redeemed, we get his apology and the forehead poke.  This is significant because Sasuke is not one to apologize so sincerely, yet you can tell from his eyes and words he truly means it.  The forehead poke brought everything full circle, because not only is it a very emotional gesture Sasuke shared with his brother, Sakura always had an insecurity due to her large forehead ever since part one. We also don’t get to see Sasuke’s eyes as he thanks Sakura (again), yet she is able to see them.  Judging by her reaction, he gives her a positive response. "Thank you" is another way of Sasuke showing affection to Sakura.


tl;dr: Sasuke has always had a soft spot for Sakura; he cared for her in part one and only tried to kill her (along with Naruto) because he fell into darkness and tried to cut away his bonds.  When starting his redemption process, Sasuke starts to help Sakura and became affected by her again.  They end up together because Sasuke is finally able to let her in/accept his feelings for her that have been growing since part one. 

Jealous!Baz fic

for the prompt thingy, could you please do “Baz are you jealous?…that’s kinda cute”

Anonymous said:Maybe a jealous baz fic?

So two people requested this so I decided to combine them as they’re sort of similar? Hope that’s alright. Here we go.

He sat across from Baz at that same spot, at that same table, wearing the same jumper, sitting with the same two people day after day after day. Simon Snow wasn’t much to look at Baz thought. Not with those bouncy ginger curls, those cute freckles, those beautiful eyes…

Baz shook his head to clear it. He was staring at him again. He sighed deeply. What if his friends saw him doing that? They’d probably think he was staring at Bunce, who he wasn’t the least bit interested in. Besides, she had a boyfriend didn’t she? I bet they’d say “can’t help a guy for trying” and Baz would just laugh it off. 

He wasn’t sure why he hadn’t told anyone he was gay. It just never felt right, never really necessary. He was already a disgrace to his family name for being a vampire, he didn’t want to add another disappointment on top of that. He sighed again. No matter what, he was truly gay, and he was gay for Simon Snow.

It didn’t matter anyway. Simon and Agatha had been together for over 3 months now (not that Baz was counting) and they didn’t seem like their relationship was souring at all. They were always really lovey-dovey at the table they both sat at, Bunce would always roll her eyes and stick out her tongue or say what Baz thought was “you two make me lose my appetite”. 

Stupid Agatha, stupid Snow, stupid feelings, stupid, stupid, stupid. Why did he have to fall for Snow? Snow was one of the most annoying human beings he’d ever met, but he drove him crazy in a good way for sure. He’d annoyed his way into Baz’s heart and he fell for him and fell for him hard. 

He side-eyed Agatha and Snow from across the cafeteria. Agatha had just said something that made Simon laugh and Baz visibly gushed. 

That playful smile that teased his features, stretching his adorable freckles, the way his dimples stuck out on either side, his posture when he threw his head back to laugh really hard, his curls bouncing behind him. 

Baz had to tell him. Snow and him had to work on that project for history class anyway (or rather Snow wanted to teach him some Normal history for whatever reason) and as curious as Baz acted about learning a new subject, he mainly just wanted to spend time with his roommate, the one he was crushing on so deeply. 

He fished his phone out of his pocket and texted Simon.

Snow, don’t forget about history project thing. Meet me in our room at 8 o’clock on the dot. Thanks, Baz

Baz’s texts to Simon throughout their living together had always been a touch too formal. Baz couldn’t figure out if that was because his family had raised him like that or if it was to hide his raging crush. All the same, it put Simon at arms length, to make sure Baz didn’t act on any of his impulses. He wanted to text him I love you before when he was drunk out of his mind but had luckily fallen asleep.

But maybe tonight he’d summon his courage and—no. He couldn’t. Simon wasn’t gay. And even if he was bisexual, he was dating Agatha. He couldn’t ruin Simon’s chances to be happy, no matter how lonely it made Baz feel.


That night, Baz was lying on his bed reading when he heard the door to his room click open. It was Simon. He looked a bit disshelved, his jumper was wrinkled, his hair messy but his green eyes were warm and inviting. Baz made sure not to look directly into them. He looked like he’d just made out with Agatha for the last half hour.

“Ready Snow?” Baz inquired, trying not to comment on Simon’s appearance.

Simon glanced over at him absentmindedly. 

“What? You’re not gonna make fun of how I look? Or maybe ask me if Agatha attacked me or narguls?”

Baz scoffed. Damn him. Why does he always have to bait me?!

“Shut up Snow.” Baz hoped Simon couldn’t tell how much he was blushing. 

“Baz- are you–are you jealous? That I was with Agatha instead of you? Oh my God that’s adorable!!”

“Bite me Snow. I’m not jealous of you and your little girlfriend.” Baz replied evenly. 

“If you don’t bite me first! Actually, I was going over to Agatha’s to ask her permission…” He paused, approaching Baz.

Baz looked surprised, his eyes went wide as Simon’s lips brushed his. THis is what he’s always wanted, but…

He pulled away. 

“What about Agatha? This isn’t fair to her.”

“You’re worried about Agatha? I kiss you and you’re worried about Agatha?!” Simon retorted. He wasn’t mad but he was starting to yell.

“Quiet down I just meant–if you’re gonna pity me and kiss me then–wait. Did you say you asked permission for you to kiss me? What the bloody hell do you mean by that?!” Baz demanded, grey eyes flashing.

“It was a joke. I broke up with her.”

Baz was dumbfounded. Maybe their relationship had been rocky afterall.


“She doesn’t love me anymore Baz.”

“Oh…well I’m sorry. I don’t think you should move on with me quite so quickly though.” Baz turned to leave, hoping to escape before the situation could get even more awkward.

Simon pulled on his arm to stop him.

“I’m not disrespecting Agatha. We had our fun but…truth is I’m gay. We were never going to work out.”

“You–” It felt like Baz would never find words to speak again.

“And don’t think I didn’t see you staring at me and Agatha today and every single day since 3rd year. I know where you sit. I look over at you every single day. How could you not notice?”

“I-I guess I just figured you were looking at someone or something else.”Baz mused nervously. Simon looked at him thoughtfully, if not a bit sympathetically. Here he thought Baz had unending confidence, but he guessed when it came to Simon, when it came to love, and being loved back, he was as unsure as one could get.

He cupped Baz’s face in his hands.

“There’s no one else I’d rather be looking at Baz.” He told him reassuringly. 

Baz smiled brightly, believing him. 

Simon grabbed his cheeks and moved him forward into a kiss. Baz returned the kiss then they pulled apart and Baz took Simon’s hand and led him to his bed where they sat down, Simon resting his head on Baz’s shoulder, making him blush red. The man of his dreams was his. He had Simon. He had Snow.

“What you been reading?” Simon inquired curiously, looking at the book Baz has placed gingerly on his bed when he heard Simon coming into their room.

“Oh nothing…a book about two lovers.”

Simon grinned, gazing at Baz.

“How does it end?”

Baz gazed back at him.

“Happily.” Baz answered. 

Thank you for your request(s)! Hope I did them justice, hope you liked this! Feel free to request more! :)

Adam and Eve Chapter One: Scapegoats

Summary: Betty and Jughead get surprising news from Archie that ultimately creates a riff between the red head and beanie boy. (Also smut, I couldn’t help myself).


Word Count: 3299

(PS. if formatting is weird it’s because i did this on my boyfriend’s mac and i have no idea how to work them)

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Anonymous said to hurr1can30m3l1a:

41 and 61 please😍

To anon, you sent this prompt in before I moved blogs, sorry it’s late. But I hope you enjoy it!

41. “That was an accident…” & 61. “Oh yes.”

As he lined himself up with her opening and slowly slid himself into her she couldn’t help but call his name out in response. He began to thrust in and out of her, picking up tempo, going deeper and deeper each time; she knew she was close, he could tell she was almost about to fall off the cliff, all of her tell-tale sign were on display. As their tongues fought for dominance, her nails were digging into his shoulder and the back of his neck. The trailer was hot, sweaty, steamy; the windows were foggy and the smell of sex lingered in the air. Amelia was never one to make religious comments, but she definitely yelled a few in vain while screwing Owen; and at that moment in time the words “Oh God!” were being thrown around the trailer, luckily there was no one within a 3-mile radius, so they could be as loud as they pleased. As they were both about to fall off the cliff Owen intertwined his fingers with Amelia’s and threw them up about to pin them above her head, as he assaulted her jawline with kisses. Suddenly Amelia called out, assuming she had fallen off her cliff, Owen was about to allow himself to fall off his. Just as quickly as she had called out, she called out again stopping Owen in his tracks.

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anonymous asked:

Oooooo I love a scenario where shanks, Mihawk and smoker and sanji get In a argument with their s/o, what would it be about and how would they solve it ? (It can be in headcanons if you want)

Sorry for the late answer, I hope you like it!

Getting in an argument with his s/o:


You couldn’t believe he was already leaving. He was arrived last week and now he was going to leave you alone again.

He noticed you were upset about this and tried to comfort you, but it was useless.

“Don’t think you’re going to calm me with some kind words!” you answered before running away, mad at him for his selfishness.

Now you were in your room, crying.

“You shouldn’t cry. You’re beautiful when you smile.”

You jumped. You really didn’t expect Shanks to be there. “How long have you been there?” You asked, but he just sat on the bed next to you and dried your tears with a finger.

“You must hurry up dear.”

“For what?” you muttered, trying to not start crying again.

“We’re leaving in an hour.”

Had you heard it right? “Did you just say… we?”

He smiled. “Yes Y/N, you’re coming with me this time.”


You and Mihawk had just argued like never before. You had never imagined that he could be so possessive to the point of not letting you go out alone.

“I’m doing this to protect you.” He said. But couldn’t he understand that you need your freedom as well?

You were now trying to calm yourself with a warm bath, surrounded by scented candles and mountains of foam.

You closed your eyes, feeling every single muscle in your body relaxing. You really didn’t heard him coming until he was into the bath tub with you.  

“Mihawk, what do you think you’re doing?” Did he forget that you were mad at him?

He silenced you with a long kiss while his hands moved under the water to reach your body.

“I’ll let you go alone, but just for a couple of hours.” Whispered to your ear, while massaging your sensitive spot.

You nodded. It was reasonable, and having him saying that was a huge victory for you.

However, you had something more interesting to pay attention now.


You didn’t ask for the attentions of those men, so why was he mad at you?

“You shouldn’t go around dressed like that.” He said, and you just couldn’t control your words anymore.

“My body it’s my property and I can put whatever I want on it.” You shouted, slapping him in the face. You hated that pathetic excuse that men used to justify the fact that they were all perverts, and hearing your love saying that was even worse. “From today you’re not even allowed to come near my body.” You added.

Since then you hadn’t heard him for days and now you were starting to accept the fact that he wasn’t going to apologize for his behaviour.

You were just thinking about that when someone knocked at the door.

It was Smoker and he had an enormous bunch of white roses for you. He was visibly blushing and you hardly held back a laugh.

“I’m sorry dear, I’ve been an idiot.” He said, looking to his feet.

It was hilarious. You were laughing so much that tears were forming in your eyes but you still appreciated what he did.

“Apology accepted dear. You can come in.”

Smoker dried the sweat on his forehead, mentally thanking Tashigi for the idea she gave him.


You couldn’t stand anymore that behaviour. Why did he have to go after every girl he met? Even when you were around!

“If you don’t learn how to control yourself, this is the end for us.”

You could hear his heart breaking in pieces while you were saying those words, but you didn’t care anymore. You had had enough.

“Please Y/N, give me another chance.” He begged, almost crying.

“You’ve had it Sanji. And you wasted it.”

He threw away his cigarette and pulled you towards him.

“Look me in the eyes Y/N. I’m not lying. I won’t make you angry anymore.” He was deadly serious, as you had never seen him. Somehow, his voice was deeper and you found him extremely sexy like that.

You kissed him roughly, your tongue searching for his.

The argument was already over, how could you leave a man like that?

Blue Handkerchief

Written for @crowley-trash aka @stuck-in-a-fandom-hole ‘s 900 Follower challenge. 

Summary: Dean was expecting to meet a monster in the woods. Instead, he discovered someone else looking for the same monster. A beautiful woman in a bright blue scarf. 

Characters: Dean Winchester x Russian!Reader

Content: Fluff

Word Count: 1649

A/N: Title comes from the Russian song “Blue Handkerchief” . Translation notes at end. Considering doing a part 2. 

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Request: Take It Or Leave It

Request: Hey I just read Not So Bad and loved it!! can you write a lucifer x reader one where lucifer says something that really shows his hatred towards humanity and the reader starts to feel kinda bad about theirself and luci notices something is up thanks!

Word Count: 549

Here it is, I hope you like it!:)

Psst… remember to request, now they’re open again:P

“Dammit, dammit, dammit!” You watch as a tree goes up in flames, reduced to a heap of smouldering ashes. “Humans are the pettiest, most useless breed of animal, you know that?” Every word is laced with venom and you wince, pulling your legs upon to the wall upon which you’re sat.

“They’re not all so bad.” You say softly, trying to calm Lucifer. “Like… I don’t know-“

You’re about to spout a name when he whirls on you.

“You’re all pathetic! Your achievements are mediocre at best, your emotional range is that of a simpleton- every. Single. One.” He hisses. You take a breath, sliding off the wall and landing on your feet easily.

“Thanks. You really know how to make a girl feel special.” You say simply, walking away from him. You hear a sizzle as the next tree goes down, the orange light reflecting on the ground around you.


“Y/N? Are you in here?” You hear someone walking around in the other room. Of course he checks your apartment first, where you hid to protect yourself from his rage. He’s never physically hurt you, but you would never risk it. “Come on, talk to me!”

“I’m through here.” You call out, sipping your coffee. He appears beside you and smiles as he sees you.

“I was worried when you left.” He says softly. “Not that I blame you.”

“I’m okay.” You smile as he wraps an arm around you, pulling you close to him.

“You always are, I’ve noticed.”

You spend the rest of the day together, but you’re quiet, dwelling on his harsh words. Does he really think I’m that useless?

It’s when you’re curled up together, making sarcastic comments at an old soap opera, he finally sighs, his chest moving further up than you’ve seen it in a while.

“What’s wrong with you today?” He asks. You shrug.

“What do you mean?” You say nonchalantly. He laughs quietly.

“Come on, you’re quiet, you seem sad, and I thought you’d be making more comments at that sappy couple.”

“Maybe you thought wrong. Humans are stupid, you know.” You mutter, more venomously than you’d intended. He’s silent for a long, long second that seems to last an age, and for a moment, you think he’s going to get angry again.

“This is about what I said?”

“How would you feel if I insulted every single Angel? Every last one of them?” You shrug, closing your eyes for a moment.

“I wouldn’t like it. Of course I wouldn’t. But you should know, Y/N, I don’t mean you. I never mean you.” He whispers, kissing the top of your head.

“I hate to tell you this but no matter what you do, I’m human. I’m one of them. That’s me. Take it or leave it.”

“You know I’d always take you.” He says softly, practically pulling you into his lap. You sigh quietly.

“I just don’t understand why you hate us so much. I mean, some of us are pretty shitty, sure, but… there are good people out there.”

“I know. I know there are. You’re the best of them.” He smiles. “I just get so muddled up in anger sometimes… you keep me on my feet. You know that, right?”

You nod, and smile. “Yeah, I know.”

Teen Wolf Stiles - You’re My Batman

This was requested, here is the exact request “ Can I have a Teen Wolf imagine when I get hurt and Stiles saves me”
Thank you for your request!  I hope you like it!
Word Count: 1193
Requests are open, all requests are appreciated!  I am in multiple fandoms, please send requests here.

Your feet pound along the ground, kicking up leaves as you go.  Your music keeps you at a steady rhythm as you run through the trees.  Your eyes are squinted against the glare from the sun which filters through the reddening leaves of the trees, and your breath is coming in short pants, although you try to keep it as steady as possible.  As you run your mind wanders and you stop noticing where you are running, paying less attention to the surrounding area.    
You are far from the edge of the woods, and almost about to turn back when you hear the snap and feel the shooting pain.  You let out an earsplitting scream as you fall, the metal teeth tearing at your leg as you do so but still clinging on.  You twist as you fall, landing heavily on your side, the breath being stolen from you.  It takes a moment for you to get your breath back and you are groaning in pain, screaming again as every small movement tears at your leg even further.  You take a deep breath and brace yourself before looking down at your leg.  The trouser leg is shredded, as is the skin beneath it and the teeth are gripping a huge chunk of your leg in a vice-like grip.  You yell from the pain every few seconds as you fumble in your pocket for your phone.  Your hands are slick and you almost drop your phone as you pull it out of your pocket, scream through gritted teeth when you see the message in the top corner.  ‘No signal’.  Warily you edge yourself up into a sitting position and test the strength of the jaws, they are firmly stuck and every time you gain an inch it then goes flying back into your leg leaving another gruesome mark.  The ground surrounding you is painted red as the blood continues to spill.  You can’t stem the bleeding because you can’t get to the deep gashes with the jaws still in there.  Screaming for help is the best you can achieve, until you spot another steel jaw protruding from the undergrowth.

You are laying back when you hear the thundering footsteps and begin shouting as loud as you can.  “Stop!”  The footsteps continue getting closer and you can hear the voice accompanying them.  Stiles. “Stop moving Stiles, listen to me!”  The footsteps stop just as Stiles comes into view up ahead, his face whitening when he sees your leg.  He moves towards you and you fling up a hand.  He freezes as you explain, rambling.  “There are more Stiles, you need to be careful.”  You try to pull yourself further up into a sitting position and let out another scream pain when you accidentally move your leg.  Stiles looks panicked but is careful as he steps towards you, picking up a stick from the ground and moving the leaves in front of him in-case there is another trap.  He crouches down beside your leg, and examines it.  You can see his worry written all over his face.  “Stiles, I don’t have a signal.  You need to call someone, you’re with a different phone company, check if you have a signal.”  Your voice is weak and Stiles wastes no time in grabbing his phone.  “One bar.”  He stands up, reaching his phone around to try and improve the signal and stops in an awkward position as he calls a number.  “Dad?”  You can’t hear anything from the other end of the line and focus on staying awake as your vision blurs at the edges and spins.  “Its {Y/N}, she’s caught in one of the traps.  Use the tracker in my phone, don’t even try to deny it I know you put on there, you may not use it often but it’s there.”  He listens to his Dad for a moment, looking over at you and taking note of your swaying form.  “Yeah, definitely get an ambulance.”  He hangs up the phone, rushing to catch you as you fall backwards, your vision blurring in and out.  “Stay with me {Y/N}.  Just till the ambulance gets here.  It looks like you’ve lost a lot of blood but you’re going to be okay.  Come on, focus on me.  Talk to me.”  He reaches down for your hand as you force your heavy lids to remain open, staring at his beautiful eyes.  “How did you find me?”  Stiles tries to shrug but your body prevents him from doing so.  “You didn’t show up at mine when you said you would.  My Dad had told me about the traps, it seems some crazy guy set them all over the place and I knew you went running so I came here.”  
You beam at him.  “You always know where to find me.”  He nods down at you, his head upside down from the angle he is at.  “You’re like my own personal superhero.”  
Stiles shakes his head but keeps talking to keep you awake.  “You’re a superhero.”
“No, I mean it Stiles.  You always seem to help me, or even save me.  Even if it just seems small it’s a big thing to me.”
“I’m no superhero.”
“Yes you are, you’re my Batman.”  You giggle, reaching your hand up to bop his nose.  “I don’t mind being Robin, not if you’re Batman.”  Stiles blushes and you giggle again, the sound slightly forced and quiet.  Your vision blurs again.  “They’ll be here soon, don’t worry.”  Stiles strokes your forehead and you relax into his touch but keep your eyes open, knowing how important it is.  

You wake up in the hospital, your leg feeling oddly numb.  You blink open your eyes slowly, wincing at the harsh light.  “You’re awake!”  You go to speak but all that comes out is an indistinguishable croak and Stiles grabs the glass of water at your bedside, spilling a bit on the floor in his haste.  He helps you take a small drink before popping it back down and helping you sit upright.  “What happened?”  Your memory seems to have a blank in it, you can’t remember much after you’re whole Batman and Robin speech.  “The ambulance arrived, it took them a while because of where you were.  They brought you here, I think they did some sort of operation on your leg but I don’t really understand it, you should ask Melissa about that.  The rest of the pack left to go get something to eat.”  
“Thank you for finding me Stiles, and saving me.”
“I didn’t save you, I couldn’t do anything.”
“Stiles, you did save me.  You found me, called for help.  You kept me awake.  Stiles you saved me.  I meant what I said you know.  I may have been half crazy from blood loss but I know how I feel about you.  You were my Batman.  Now come here.”  You beckoned him closer and he shuffled up onto the bed, clambering over you to lie down beside you but you grab his shirt and pull him back for a second to peck his lips before allowing him to wrap his arms around you and pull you into his embrace.

When The War Is Over - Captain America (Steve Rogers aka Captain America)

Pairing: Steve x Female!Reader

Requested by: Anonymous

Request: Could you do a Marvel imagine (based in the Captain America: The First Avenger and present day Avengers eras) where you’re Howard Stark’s little sister and you meet Steve when he participates in Operation Rebirth? You and him start dating but then everything happens and he gets frozen in the ice. Fast forward to present day and you’re still alive because shortly after the end of the war you became immortal and you see Steve again in present day. Thanks xx

Warnings: None

A/N: Since it’s the premiere of Captain America Civil War in a lot of countries today (not here, since we got it April 27th ;p), so here is a little tribute to that! I hope you all like it and ENJOY! 

Marvel request are open and being prioritized at the moment! Wonder why, check out THIS post. 

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*gif not mine* 

«What are you thinking about?» Tony walked into the room, two cups in his hand. He placed the tea cup in front of you, while he sat down with the other, most likely containing coffee. 

 «The old times.» You pointed your cup to the news paper on the table, a picture of Steve awake and in present day filling the front page.

He gently caressed your cheek, a warm smile on his face. 

«When all of this is over, will you marry me?» He whispered down at you, and you couldn’t help but smile back. 

«Only if you go down on one knee when the time comes, Rogers.» You whispered back, leaning up a little bit, so your lips were only inches apart. 

«That wouldn’t be a problem. I would get on my knees any time for you, Y/n Stark.» He winked at you, before stealing a quick kiss. 

Bucky had definitely thought Steve that, there was no way your very careful Steve would have come up with something like that himself. You giggled as you pulled him down to you for another kiss. 

«Oh, good luck with fixing that relationship up again, my dear aunt. Even for a Stark that seems like quiet a challenge.» Tony whistled, setting his coffee cup down on the table in exchange for the newspaper. 

 «A challenge, yes, but not a impossible one.» You smirked back at Tony, who just shook his head smiling at you.

 After Howard had died over 20 years ago, you had stayed with Tony, seeing you were his only living relative left after your brother and Maria’s death. Tony seemed to be very aware of that himself, being very overprotective and giving you everything you wanted, much like his father, Howard had been. Who had been one of the factors why you had ended up immortal and forever looking like you were in your 20’s, only months after Steve disappeared in the ice. 

 Steve have always been everywhere, at every turn for you after his disappearance. 

Either in a comic, some kind of merchandise or a museum. Sometimes just in your own memories. 


Tony had become one of the Avengers. Steve had also joined the team. The tower, which had been renamed the avengers tower had become their head quarters. The place which Tony had you living whenever you were in New York, so it was only a matter of time before you would run into Steve again. 

You were in the kitchen, making something you had come across on your latest travels. This being one of the things you always became completely absorbed by, you didn’t even hear YARVIS telling you the avengers were back from a mission. 

 «What are you cooking?» Tony came up by your side, startling you as you didn’t even hear him enter the room. 

 «Something new.» You just answered, offering him a spoon of the soup you were woking on. 

«Taste good.» He said as he gave back the empty spoon. 

 «How did the mission go?» 

 «Alright, although your knight in shining armor is really getting on my nerves.» You chuckled at that, continuing to work on your soup. 

 «It was pure reflex, Tony.» Steve entered the room, and you stiffened where you stood by the stove. He had most likely heard some of your conversation with Tony, not really noticing Tony’s special choice of words. 

 «Language, cap.» Tony teased back, before he cleared his throat and turned to you again. 

 «Well, my favorite aunt, I hope you’ve made a lot of that soup, because we are hungry.» Tony gave you a gently clap on the shoulder, meeting your eye. «And dirty, which is why I’m off to the shower.» He added, leaving  you alone with Steve, who still hadn’t realized who you were. 

 You heard him open the fridge as you continued to stir in the soup, your body still stiff as you heard him sit down at the bar stool. 

 «You’re Tony’s aunt? You look a bit young to be his aunt.» Steve asked as you heard him open a water bottle. 

 You didn’t say anything. 

Instead you turned off the stove, pulling the soup aside so it wouldn’t get burned, before you turned around to face Steve who was sitting with his gaze on the counter in front of him. 

 «One doesn’t always look ones age, wouldn’t you agree…Steve?» When you spoke he lifted his gaze, only to freeze.

«Y/n?» He managed to stutter out, his eyes wide in shock. 

 «Hi Rogers.» You gave him a smile, and he slowly rose from his seat walking around the counter towards you. 

 «How-?» He let the question hang in the air, as he stopped in front of you, gently taking your hand in his, giving it a squeeze as if to check if you really were here. 

 «Accidents happen.» You whispered, as he raised his hand to cup your cheek, stepping closer to you. 

 «For once I’m happy for a accident.» He whispered back, letting go of your hand and placing his hand on your waist instead. 

 You were only inches apart when the flash went off, momentarily shocking the both of you.

 «Woops, I forgot about the flash.» Came Tony’s voice and you groaned, resting your head on Steve’s chest as you felt him chuckle. 

 «Please don’t mind me. Continue whatever you were doing.» Tony quickly said as you heard the click of the camera once more, without any flash this time, followed by Tony’s retreating steps. 

 «He reminds me of Howard.» You heard Steve said above you, as he ran his hands up and down your back calmly, a habit of his whenever he was nervous. 

«He’s like him in a lot of ways.» You whispered back as you looked up at Steve again. «But more importantly, where were we?» You smirked, sneaking your hands up around the back of his neck. 

 «Right here.» Steve whispered as he leaned down, right before his lips met yours, for the first time in 70 years.


Some weeks later

The wind was gently tugging at your hair as you stood with Steve at the rooftop of the avengers tower. He had his arm around your shoulders, keeping you flush against his side. 

 «Remember when I asked you if you would marry me when the war was over?» He asked, and you nodded in reply. 

 «And I told you only if you got down on one knee.» You smiled at the memory, looking down at the ground. 

 «Well, the war is over.» Steve whispered as he dropped his arms from your shoulders, turning to stand in front of you instead. Slowly he got down on one knee, pulling out a little box from his pocket. 

 «Y/n Y/m/n Stark, will you do me the honor and marry me?» Steve smiled up at you with the hope and happiness shining from his eyes as he opened the box in his hand, revealing a beautiful ring. 

 You couldn’t help but smile widely down at the man who you thought had been dead for so many years. The love of your life, the one you could never forget. 

«Of course I will, Steven.» You whispered, throwing yourself at him as he rose up from his position, hugging him tightly.

 «I thought I would never hear you ask.» You half joked as you pulled apart. 

«I wouldn’t miss it for the world.» He whispered back, as he slipped the ring onto your finger, pulling you in for a kiss. 

Marking the start of a life with Steve as you always had dreamed of.  

The crow

N/A: hello! I finally have a computer, but since I’m going to my hometown for my birthday i might post a little bit less. So i wrote this but it go way to big so i turned into two parts, ill probably post the next one tomorrow or the day after that. I really hope you like it because i had a lot of fun writing it. if you have any requests feel free to ask :)

Prompt: Reader is a supernatural creature that communicates with the dead. She just arrived to Beacon Hills and meets Stiles’ mom, who has a request for her.

Warning: mentions of death, nothing major but if you’re not comfortable please don’t read.

Part 2 // Part 3


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Your latest visitors just left. They are getting more impatient by the day, not really caring for your rules anymore. Only in the mornings, never during the day. But there they were, on your first day of school, following you like you wouldn’t notice. It’s hard enough to talk to ghosts, it’s even worst when they just think they can do whatever they wanted. Most places you lived they tended to be peaceful, but apparently Beacon Hills was different. It wasn’t really a surprise that something was going on here, the feeling you had, telling you to come only got stronger in the last few months.

This was your eighth school in the past six years. You had fled from an orphanage when you were 12, and since then you didn’t spend too much time in the same place. Your mother’s ghost would always help you, giving you tips on where to go and what to do. Talking to ghosts really came in handy in those moments. When you grew up, other souls  came asking for help, for you to pass messages on to their loved ones. Two years ago you met a very helpful ghost, who taught you a lot about mythology and supernatural beings. According to him, you were a crow, a messenger from the dead. According to him, at some point around your eighteen birthday, two weeks from now, you’d grow wings. Black beautiful wings, his words. Also, that you had to be careful around other supernatural creatures, not all were nice like you.  

You were now leaving the girls bathroom, promising an old lady that you’d leave a message for Coach, saying she was fine, that he should stop drinking. That won’t be awkward at all. You were heading for your first class early, hoping that no one would notice you. When everyone was sat down, the teacher called your name. 

“Y/N Y/L/N, where are you? C’mon, stand up and introduce yourself. I’m Coach Finstock, I teach Econ and run the lacrosse team, do you play lacrosse? We are in desperate need for help.” You were standing up, everyone looking at you.

“I’m Y/N, I just moved here from Denver, and I don’t play lacrosse, sorry Coach.” At least now you knew who you had to message. He really does look like someone who’d drink. The class was smooth, you wrote in a piece of paper your teacher’s mother’s message and when leaving class, you let it fall, knowing he’d pick it up and read it. 

First class, done. Only the rest of the day to go. You noticed a red headed girl looking at you curiously. You smiled at her, trying to be nice. She couldn’t know you abilities. No one living knew, and she was definitely alive. She smiled back and walked up to you.

“Hi, I’m Lydia. You’re the new girl right?” Your skeptical mind already thought she was dangerous. You tried to push those thoughts out of your head, as she pulled her hand out for you to shake it. 

“Yeah, I just arrived to town.” Because you usually had conversations with the dead about their lives, you didn’t really know how to carry a conversation with the living.

“First days are the worst, find me at lunch so I’ll introduce you to some of my friends.” Well, this was really nice of her, you couldn’t deny. You knew that the worst part of first days was lunch time.

“Yeah, I will, thank you. See you later.” She gave you a smile and walked away.

Lunch arrived in the most appropriate time, another class and your brain would explode. The voices were a bit louder than usual, so combining that and Chemistry was too much. You had no problem finding Lydia since she almost jumped out of her seat so you’d see her. Her table was full, everyone looking at you and you can’t help but notice that everyone is as good looking as Lydia.

“Everyone, this is Y/N, she’s new and we all know what that’s like. Y/N, these are Scott, Kira, Malia, Stiles, Liam, Mason, Hayden and Corey.” She pointed out to everyone, but of course you couldn’t remember the first name. The boy with the nice smile got up to give you his seat.

“Don’t worry, you’ll catch up. I’m Scott.” He was nice, he had a good energy vibrating of him. Oh yes, you could also feel auras. And this group had a really strong group of auras. You were quiet, trying to absorb the conversation, catch up on anything, but it was hard, to many conversation going on at the same time.

“So Y/N, where are you from?” The Asian girl asked. Is someone here not nice or beautiful?

“I’m from Boston but I moved here from Denver.” You explained, now everyone was looking at you. 

“So what do your parents do that you move so much?” The other girl asked.

“Oh no, my parents passed away when I was a kid, It’s just me. I’m emancipated and I just like to move around.” They looked uncomfortable. Of course they were. You’re an orphan, people get uncomfortable around orphans.

“Oh, I’m so sorry.” Lydia gave he a little hug.

“It’s okay, I’m fine with it now. I miss them, of course, but I’m used to being on my own.” You gave a smile. You knew you’d be a lot less okay with it if you couldn’t see your parents every now and then.

“So, why Beacon Hills?” The pale boy with a lot of moles asked. He was definetly the cutest of the bunch. There was also something weird about him, he was the only one with a distressed aura.

“I dot really know… I just felt like it was the place to be.” You answered with a shrug, trying not to sound too strange. It didn’t really work, seeing that they were looking at you with a puzzled look. The ready of the lunch went sort of smoothly, apart from the looks that Lydia, Scott and mole boy were giving each other. The blond boy and his girlfriend were really sweet, the black boy and his boyfriend kept a bit to themselves but they also seemed really sweet. Everyone tried to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Your next class was with mole boy and throughout the way to class he never stopped talking. He was trying to get to know you, you thought, but he was actually trying to find out what you were. He didn’t buy the whole it felt like the place to be. There was something different about you, something supernatural, you were drawn here like very one else, it only took you longer to feel it. All Stiles had to do was find out if you were going to bring any trouble or not. After the Dread Doctors, all they needed was some peace.

You learned his name was Stiles, since the teacher called him so many times during class. During a really slow explanation about something really boring, you noticed a woman in the class. She was looking kindly at Stiles, every now and then walking close to him, smiling widely whenever he did something. She looked at you, probably noticing you observing and you smiled at her. She seemed kind and sweet. You thought she would talk to you, they always did, but she just disappeared. With that you tried to pay attention to class. Why would she leave? She clearly wants to talk to Stiles… She looked so young she could be his sister, so why wouldn’t she just send the message?

The school day ended, finally. Looking back it hand’t been such a bad day, you made friends, you learned their names with the help of Kira in your last class. Also, you found out she was also a supernatural creature. You didn’t know what, but her aura just gave it away, it was too powerful for her to control. That made you think that maybe more people here were, more people among your new friends. 

You are walking to your car when you hear Stiles calling your name, signaling you to meet him. 

“Hey Y/N, I was thinking maybe you wanted a ride home? I kinda need to talk to you.” You really didn’t like that idea. The rule was to never be alone with anyone you didn’t know, they could always be hunters or crazy people that think you’re a witch. Stiles didn’t seem like any of those, but you could feel he didn’t trust you so you choose to not take any chances.

“I’m sorry Stiles, I drove here.” But maybe he was a crow like you. You could sense he knew something was off about you, so maybe he knew something about the supernatural. He didn’t seem to mean any harm, seeing that Kira was clearly supernatural and she’s still alive and his friend. “But maybe we can meet somewhere to talk. I would invite you over but everything is still a mess.”

He looked startled, but nodded. “How about we get some pizza? There’s a good place about three block from here in that direction.” He pointed to the left and you nodded.

“Let’s say at eight?” You smiled and left after he nodded. He clearly didn’t mean any harm, you were meeting in a public place.

You arrived in the pizza place 5 minutes before eight. You waited a few 15 minutes until you saw Stiles coming in, panting a little. 

“I’m really sorry, my car broke down, and then I had to run the rest of the way here.” He sat in front of you, with his hands on his chest. You pushed your coke a bit closer to him, offering it to him.

“It’s okay, I just arrived.” 

You were talking about random things for a while, until the pizza came and you started eating. The silence brought the awkward, and you could see in Stiles’ face he wanted to ask you something. He looked torn and you couldn’t stop thinking between what. Stiles wanted to ask you what you were, but he was afraid you’d be offended. After talking to you, he actually wanted you around more, enjoying your company.

“Please Stiles, just ask. I can see your brain working from here.” You laughed lightly to keep the good mood.

“Okay, don’t take this the wrong way, but what are you?” You choked with your coke, not really expecting him to be so blunt. At least you were right about him knowing. You’re silence made him nervous. “I don’t mean to be rude, but I’ve had some experience in the past with, uhm, different things, and I know you are something. We’re not going to hurt you, maybe we can even help. We just wanted to know…” You were taken aback by his words. Well, not the words exactly, but the honesty that came with it. You could feel him a bit lighter, although his aura was still gloomier then from everyone else’s.

“I.. I’m a crow.” He looked puzzled. “I’m a messenger from the dead. I meet with ghosts, I mean, they find me and ask me to talk to people, usually loved ones, and I do.” He still had his mouth opened, and you made him the favor of closing it for him. “You can ask anything you want, but only if I can ask some stuff myself.” You smiled at him, waiting for all the information to sink in.

“Okay… When did you first saw a ghost?”

“It was after my parents died. I think that it sparked something in me, I don’t know. But I was in an orphanage and then they showed up. At first it was just them, but then the parents of some other children started coming.” You started to remember that vaguely. You were pretty young, but the happiness of seeing your parents when you thought you’d never see them again was something you’d never forget. “My turn… Which one of you are supernatural?” Wow, now his mouth was really open. “I know Kira is something, and you have such strog auras that I figured it couldn’t all come from Kira.”

“Okay.. so you also feel auras, that’s important. So, Scott is a werewolf, as Alpha. Liam is his Beta. Malia is a werecoyote, Kira is a kitsune, Lydia is a banshee and Hayden and Corey are chimeras.” It was your turn to be surprised. They were a lot of supernatural creatures. And they all are friends. Like a pack. Scott’s pack. The idea of being in a pack warmed your heart. It was like a family, the one that you chose and that chooses you.

“Wow, that’s nice. And you and that other boy are just human?”

“Nah-ah, my turn.” He smiled, and so you were talking. For hours. You only noticed how much time has passed when Stiles’ dad, the sheriff, called asking where he was.

“I can give you a ride home if you wanted, and tomorrow we can pick your Jeep.” You were standing in front of your car, offering a gentle smile. 

“Yeah, I guess that’s a good idea.” You continued talking in the car. You dropped him off, heading to your apartment after. You unlocked the door, throwing your keys on top of a box near the door. You really needed to settle your things. You are heading to the bathroom when you feel it. A presence. C’mon, it was almost midnight, and you had school the next morning. You turned to send the ghost away but stopped. You’ve seen her before. Today, lingering around Stiles.

“Good evening Y/N, I need to talk to you.”


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Mystery Hunter

Authors Note: Hope you enjoy! Sorry again if I haven’t responded to your request I will get to them don’t worry .This one’s quite long hope you don’t mind please enjoy. I still have request open just so you know .I  might  not respond instantly but that doesn’t  mean I won’t do them . It just takes me a while .

Word count: 3111

1.      Request : weirdorutter submitted:

Could you please do a Badass!reader where when she hunts she listens to classic rock music and sings too. On one of her hunts the brothers walk in on her finishing up a vamp nest and they are gobsmacked. She takes no notice of them and leaves but the brothers find at a bar later on and she gets with one if them…
(Love you writing, and sorry that’s a pretty long request)





You were in your run down motel room getting prepared .You had brought down your duffel bag you had it filled with your essential items for today’s Hunt  .you were a little OCD about being prepared for hunts .You always sharpened your knifes made sure your dead man bloods syringes were all filled exactly the same and just in case you always brought your favorite gun to clean it .Once you felt like your weapons were in as good as condition as they could be you decided to get dressed .you put on your favorite skin tight black cargo jeans then you put on your favorite tight top .You weren’t exactly comfortable with skin tight but loose clothing was always a struggle on hunts . once you were dressed you put on your machete holster you made sure it was tight and in place .Once that one was tight you put your gun holster around your thigh for easy access .you made sure everything was in place then you wrapped your belt around your hips .It was great for holding syringes .

  once you felt that every holster was in place you decided to fix your hair .You went to the bathroom and plugged the hot iron in .You made sure to make your hair slick once it was straight you wrapped it  in a ponytail .You gelled it back so there was no stray hairs once that was done all you needed was your boots and your jacket .you had black boots and a brown leather jacket .It was cold outside so you needed your jacket .once you went over everything you packed your duffel with weapons .you really couldn’t put your weapons in place while walking out the motel people would probably freak out thinking you’re an assassin .You grabbed your keys and duffel .you locked the door on your way out you walked to your  casually trying not to pull to much attention  .once you made it to your beauty 1970 dodge challenger you open the door and sat in your seat .You threw your duffel in your passenger seat while you stepped in .You loved hearing your car come to life every time you turned the keys .Once it was on you put on your playlist today led zeppelin rang through the speakers you couldn’t help but smile and sing along  .You started to back up out of the motel when a black car speeded right behind you almost hitting your car. You decided to blare your horn and flick him off while you made your way out not paying no attention to the drivers or what car it was.

You drove down to the supposedly abandoned house while pretending the steering wheel was a drum set and singing along  .You wanted to sneak up on them come in surprise .you decided to park 1 miles away hide your car in between to trees  you let Led zeppelin finish before you turned off your car .Once it was done  you got back to business .You made sure you had a hex bag to keep near your car so they couldn’t smell your baby and another for you .You always liked to be extra prepared .Once you adjusted you hex bag you took all your weapons from your duffel and put them in the right holster .You locked all your doors  and started to make your way to the house .Once you made it you went through one of the windows of the house .IT was later then when you would have like but you knew you could handle it .You quietly made it through the window once you were in the room you were bombarded by one of them you easily slashed his head off in one sweep .Thank god to sharp blades you heard more of the vampires in the living room .you wiped the blood off on the vamps shirt then put it back in its holster .You started to walk through the hallway once you made it to the living room there was five vampires in the living room .

“Well hello this is going to be fun.”

“You Bitch she’s a hunter get her.”

You weren’t afraid of them not anymore you taught yourself that

“Come on bring it on “

They all ran at you at once you dodged the first two injecting them both with Dead mans blood in the neck causing them to fall down .Once they went down you pulled out your machete swinging it straight across the next two vampires .Once they were done you faced their leader .

“So you’re the lonely parasite who has to turn others like him because he can’t stand to be alone.”

“You hunters think that your so much better than us .You rid the world of us call us monsters yet you kill for a living.”

“You know I’m tired of hearing a lonely monsters whine about being what he is so.”

You ran up to him pushing him against the wall holding your forearm across his wind pipe his fangs coming out you brought up the blade next to his neck .You were about to cut through when you heard the door bash open revealing two fairly attractive men .You didn’t get distracted though you cut through the leaders neck cleanly getting some of his blood on you not to bad though. You turned to face the two men one taller than the other both with shocked faces they had similar facial structure .They seemed related to each other .One seemed more humble then the other by their posture yet the other seemed more stronger willed. You looked at them both .They both looked like hunters plaid shirts jackets and blue jeans and the fact they had machetes made it obvious .You hated getting involved with other hunters it always just brought trouble .You knew who they were two brother hunters one much taller with longer hair the other one shorter older with green eyes .No one other than the Winchesters. You both stared at each other for a while when you decided to ignore them and head to the two other vampires that weren’t able to move.

“Do you mind if I borrow one of your machetes?”

They both looked at each other before deciding to throw one of theirs .once you caught it you swung both of them down on the vamps neck  on the ground yours going through more easily than there’s .you pulled  there’s back up then threw it down again now going clear through the neck .You tossed it back .

“You know your blades dull and there’s such a thing as sharpening it.”

“Who are you?”

“No one you’re going to know any longer.”

You started to walk back to the window you came in through .You heard them following so you picked up your step.

“Wait come on you just took on a full on nest like nothing and your leaving.”

“Yeah pretty much Winchesters.”

“Wait how you know our names.”

“I’m a hunter not clueless.”

You jumped out the opened window running in the direction of your beauty of a car .leaving both of the Winchester’s behind .They were probably chasing you so you decided to switch directions every once in while still staying in the general direction .once you made it to your car you didn’t hesitate you jumped in and threw your weapons in your duffel .you turned your car back on going to your specific favorite ACDC song “Have a Drink on Me”. You blasted the song through the speakers rolling down the windows speeding through the straight away road .you wanted to celebrate it was a fun hunt and you kicked ass .you felt the wind and you rocked out to your music .Once you mad it to your motel room you locked the door behind you .You stripped from your clothing and washed your face from blood making sure to clean every inch of blood .Once you finished you switched to blue jeans with your graphic tank top you put a flannel on top .You were finally comfortable you changed your boots and let your hair down .You were going to step out when you heard a knock on the door .You looked through the peep hole to see both Winchesters .you knew there were smart enough to know you stayed at a rundown motel like every other hunter .You didn’t really want to see them so you had to make a plan window again or waiting .Better yet you called bobby .

“Hey Bobby Winchester’s outside my door you know my rule no working with other hunters I just need an outlet 10 minutes top.”

“They’re not bad Hunters y/n but I’ll give you the outlet.”

“Thanks Bobby”

“Yeah ill make these two idigits leave.”

‘You’re the best Bobby “

“I know “

You hung up and a minute later you heard a phone ring outside .Both Winchesters left once bobby called them .a minute later you grabbed your keys and wallet an ran outside turning the lights off and locking the door quietly then you booked it to your car .once you got in you made a speedy get away to the nearest bar .you drove to the nearest bar it was only a couple miles away .You got a great parking spot right in front of the bar .You made yourself into the bar it wasn’t to packed a couple of guys scattered here or there but nothing too bad .The only other girl that was there was the bartender ./you made your way to the bar ordering a beer to start off with .Once you were three beers into it you heard the door swing open .You Heard the bartender get more excited she automatically asked them what they would want to drink they both ordered a beer you recognized their voices automatically .You turned to see no one other than the Winchesters .You were caught and you weren’t going anywhere you were already comfortable and on your fourth beer .They looked at you with a smize you would have wanted to slap off their faces but you weren’t risking anymore rivalries after your last confrontation .All you could do is smile back .They both moved forward you kept on Drinking .Before they made it to you the bartender brought you another beer .They sat next to you they both turned at the same time .the shorter one talked first .

“To think I thought you were avoiding us “

You let a laugh out.

“What would give you such an absurd idea .Me ignore people know that doesn’t sound like me at all. “

“Funny what’s your name?”

“Y/n Y/l/n let me guess Dean and Sam “

“Yeah “

Dean took a sip of his beer it was Sam’s turn now.

“What got you in the business “

“You know you should buy me a beer before you ask such personal questions Sam .I mean I know you two’s sob story what’s to say I want to blurt out my story.”

“Sorry I just wanted to know.”

You couldn’t help but let another laugh out.

“It’s ok Sam I just don’t tell anyone my story but it was a nice attempt.”

Dean put his Beer down and faced you again.

“OK fine you don’t have to say your story but you have to tell me how the hell you took out a whole nest by yourself without a scratch.”

“Well let’s just say I keep my knifes sharp and I don’t play around when I train.”

“Listen here princess that’s impossible and we would know.”

You faced him with a more serious face you hated being called princess or any other sexist name.

“Let’s get this straight I’m not anyone’s princess and I have my tactics that work it’s not my fault you two are slow.”

“Oh really well ill have you know we’ve probably taken down more monsters then you.”

“You smiled just because I’m not famous in the hunting world doesn’t mean I’m not good .I’m just smart enough to not have strings attached.”

“That’s fair enough I believe you but I still think we win.”

“Believe what you want I’m not making this a competition.”

You took a couple of more sips from your beer when a guy twice your size made his way towards you .you felt him get a little of close .Sam was the first one to stand up to defend but you turned and faced him.

“Hey pretty lady why don’t we go to my place and have fun.”

“Not interested “

He grabbed your arm pulling you .Sam stepped in to defend and Dean did too.

“She’s not interested now leave.”

“What are you going to do about it?”

That’s when you decided to step in

“Oh their not going to do anything.”

He turned around and looked at you seeing no big threat .You smiled back prepared to take him on  before he could respond you twisted his hand behind his back face planting his head against the bar .you held him there enjoying the moment .you twisted his arm almost breaking it .

“Now leave before I make you.”

“Fine ow Lady your Crazy.”

You let him go and he left the bar his friends laughing as he made his way out moving his arm .You could feel both Sam and Deans eyes staring you sat back down and took a sip .The bartender girl clapped and came up to you

“Now that deserves a nice cup of whiskey next ones on me.”

“No its ok just charge both our tabs on this.”

 You slipped the guys wallet and took his Debit card out. You took his money and put it in your pocket for charity .you left the wallet on the counter .the bartender smiled.

“Will do “

You faced the Winchesters again grabbing the whiskey the bartender poured you.

“Thanks for the help boys but I got that under control.”

They both laughed with dumbfounded faces .Dean didn’t know what to say.

“Dean she’s good and you know it.”

“I know my bad y/n”

“No problem I get enough pretty boys thinking their better than me.”

“So you think I’m pretty?”

“Yeah you both are wait, what did I just say shit.”

You started to think the alcohol was getting to you.

“Shut up “

You all started to laugh together one drink lead to another and you and the Winchesters started to share hunter stories .Once you realized you were far too tipsy to drive you decided to leave. You got up and both Winchesters chased after you.

“Hold up y/n you’re in no position to drive.”

“I know Sam “You walked out the bar taking your last drink and putting it down on a table. You pushed open the doors and stepped to your car .before you made it to your car you admired a 67 Chevy impala parked next to it.

“What a beauty whoever drives this car knows a good car. “You tapped on it

“Best wishes hope your owners not an idiot and crashes you.”

You unlocked your car and  laid in the back seat rolling your windows down  .you saw both Sam an Dean look at you shocked by your car .you smiled and rested down you heard tapping on the window .

“Y/n you can’t stay here let us take you home.”

“No not falling for that.”

“Y/ we’re staying at the same motel we’ll give you a lift.”

“No Baby never stays alone.”

Sam laughed at your dedication to your car.

“Fine we’ll drive your car to the motel y/n”

“No I only get to drive Baby.”

“You need to get back to your motel now come on open up.”

“Fine but Sam Drives he only had 2 drinks.”

“Fine “

You opened the door and threw the keys to Sam .

“If you even scratch her I’ll be the biggest monster you should be afraid of”

“Got it “


He turned the car on ACDC blasted through your speakers you heard Dean sing along before Sam turned it off .15 minutes later you were at the motel .Dean opened the back door and carried you bridal style to your room he had keys in his hand. When you made it to your door he opened it seeing your gear station.


You smiled you were proud .He laid you on the bed and started to walk away you stopped him before he could.

“Dean Stay please I’m tired of being alone at night.”

He smiled and turned.

“If you insist “

“I insist.”

He walked back .He laid close to you right next to you .you couldn’t help it they were both so nice and you knew Dean would probably be able to get over it better if you slept with him .you sat up and threw yourself on top of Dean kissing him slowly down the neck .He returned the kissing and you both started to undress each other .IT was too late you were going to sleep with Dean and it was too late .you couldn’t control you had a drive and it wasn’t like Dean was stopping it .Things lead to others and you were sleeping next to Dean naked  with his arm around you waist .You broke one of your biggest rules and now how the hell were you going to run away from him now .You didn’t know if you could but you had to it was your rule don’t let anyone close .You looked at him longer his fit body and his tattoo on his chest .You looked at his jaw line just admiring him for a while  .This was probably going to be the hardest one to leave .You could see he had been through a lot and the closer he held on to you told you he was trying to fill something empty he had inside but you couldn’t be that .You knew you wanted to be that but you couldn’t .The little time you got to know him made you want to protect him .You felt safe near him but that didn’t matter this line of work couldn’t handle it and he would end up pushing you away because that’s what he did. He would be your weakness with his brother .You couldn’t let it happen it was better to leave it as a one night stand .This way we could both move on with no string attached like always .

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Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam x Reader (friendship)

Words: 1083

Request from @msimpala67:  “I have a request of Dean and reader where the reader is in love with Dean but he doesn’t know and she is his wingman at bars. One night she goes back to the room after a couple drinks and she goes to bed only to have Sam try to wake her up in the morning and she’s not breathing angst and fluff please?”

So…it looks like this is going to be multiple parts. I am super excited to work on this, just don’t hate me!

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Request: Heyyy! Can I get a writing thingy where reader is really outspoken, curious and speaka her mind and when she’s kidnapped by the shadow, pan takes her to Neverland and she doesn’t stop asking questions and he gets really annoyed but it’s funny?

/sure, sounds like fun!/

Warning: There is like one dirty joke and me trying to be funny so watch out ;)

As of now, all you knew was that you had apparently been kidnapped by some shadow in the middle of the night, which you were very confused by and we’re being dragged through the forest with some kid about your age. What was going on? You had no idea. But you weren’t just gonna sit back and be silent, you were gonna be you and ask questions.

  “Hey, uh…I don’t know your name, so if you wouldn’t mind, could you tell me that and where exactly we’re heading to?”

The boy didn’t even turn back but you could sense his eyebrows arching. “I’m Peter Pan. But you refer to me as Pan. That’s all you need to know.”

 This made you very confused and you weren’t just gonna let it go.

“Uh…sorry but I’m not gonna go anywhere I don’t know.”

“You don’t have a choice.”

“Okay, at least tell me the country we’re on, that’ll suffice. I’m guessing we’re on an island.”

“We’re not on a country, this is a place of its own; Neverland.” He said it as if it were magical. This time, your brow arched and your mouth opened slowly.

 “Okay…that’s not what I was expecting to hear, I was kind of thinking Hawaii or Australia-”

“Will you be quiet, (y/n)! I have enough problems!

My bloody son and his posse are on this island ruining things!” Your jaw just fell down, literally just fell and your eyes widened.

 “Wait…how do you know my name? You have a son? But you’re no older-”

“‘No older than you’ I know, I’ve heard it all before, lassie. It’s complicated, alright?”

“And you said he’s ruining things around the island? Why don’t you just send your wife after him or go after him yourself?”

Pan huffed loudly and crossed his arms, looking back.

   “I could care less about him! I wasn’t meant to be a father anyway, I don’t have a wife!” He lashed out.

   “Woah…so you ‘one-night-standed’ her…that’s cruel, man…” He gave you a sickening look, frustrated beyond words.

 “You better shut your trap in a matter of seconds.”

“You never answered my question about how you know my name.”

 He just stared at you, dumbfounded.

      “What are you doing?” you asked, noticing his dashing looks.

“I’m thinking about if I should leave you here or take you with me.”

 “Oh, that’s cool.” You kind of hoped he’d take you with him, not caring where anymore or if he even told you. And even though he didn’t show it, Peter wanted to take you too but he had to think about the consequences, but he did kind of like you…

       “Fine, you’re coming with me.” He walked once more.

“I better not be your second one night stand.”

  “Never say that again.”

 “Got it.”

“When the Angel Met the Demon”

Original imagine:  (requested by warrior-in-a-trenchcoat)

Summary: Imagine being a demon who fled away from Hell, and while listening to “It’s Raining Men” as all the angels fall from Heaven, you meet Castiel on the road.

Word count: 2105

Characters: Reader, Castiel

A/N: Trying the new spoiler free style of warnings (which is moot on a phone).

Sometimes there comes a day when you gotta say, “Mom, Dad. I’m sorry to let you down, but this just ain’t the job for me. I’m afraid I’ve got to quit.”

Only in my case, it wasn’t Mom or Dad, but the King of Hell.

And I didn’t say I was sorry. In fact, I didn’t say anything. I just got my ass out of there before anyone could notice.

Our illustrious leader has been MIA for a few days now. Rumors say he’s been nabbed by the Winchesters. A few of the others are talking about searching for him, but I’ve decided to move on to greener pastures. If I were loyal and true, I probably wouldn’t be a demon, now would I?

So far, I have no regrets about my decision. The whole Crossroads deal sounded like a good career path at the start, but my mentors conveniently forgot to mention that not everyone who summons you has a pretty face. Or hair. Or toothpaste, apparently.

You ever pucker up for someone who still has gas station corndog stuck in their front teeth? Extra relish? No? Then don’t judge.

Anyway, like I was saying — no regrets. I’ve got a new meatsuit, a new set of wheels, a new life. My only complaint is the shoddy reception I’m getting on these backroads. Only one station is coming in, and it’s been stuck on a Throwback Thursday kick. They’re currently playing “It’s Raining Men” for the fifth time today. The first three times I groaned. By the fourth, I was ready to rip the radio from the dashboard and throw it at the first pedestrian I came across. Now, I know better.


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