i hope you never get laid ever

Cards Against Humanity Starters:

“I drink to forget alcoholism.”

“This is the prime of my life. I’m young, hot, and full of crippling debt.”

“Dear [NAME], I’m having some trouble with doing the right thing and would like your advice.”

“During sex, I like to think about Mufasa’s death scene.”

“White people like all-you-can-eat shrimp for $4.99.”

“I’ve had enough of your face.”

“Having problems with menstruation? Try shutting the fuck up!”

“The gypsies said my inner demons are how I’ll die.”

“I don’t need luck! I have edible underpants!”

“Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s daddy issues.”

“My superpower is being a dick to children.”

“Studies have shown tasteful sideboob is good for you.”

“Honey, mommy and daddy love you very much, but apparently mommy loves daddy’s credit card more than daddy.”

“When I am a billionaire, I shall erect a 50 foot statue to commemorate a tiny horse.”

“The class field trip was completely ruined by puberty.”

“Licking things to claim them as your own will always get you laid.”

“Hope is a slippery slope that leads to a disappointing birthday party.”

“Step one: almost give money to a homeless person. Step two: taksies-backsies. Step three: profit.”

“Me time never fails to liven up the party.”

“Why not spice up your sex life by bringing that thing that electrocute your abs into the bedroom?”

“Ever since the ‘incident’, every time I close my eyes, I still see your sad little naked body.”

“Women get turned on by tentacle porn.”

“Help! My son is farting and walking away!”

“I lost my virginity by pretending to care.”

“I learned the hard way that you can’t cheer up a grieving friend by giving a tumor a cutesy nickname.”

“Thanks to the sharing economy, I can now make money renting out my used panties.”

“Instead of coal, Santa now gives the bad children a can of whoop-ass.”

“Honey, I have a new roleplay I want to try tonight! You can be shutting the fuck up and I’ll be not having sex.”

“The next Happy Meal toy is pinkeye.”

“My mom freaked out when she looked at my internet history and saw 'a-big-black-dick.com/a-bigger-blacker-dick.”

"Can it wait a bit? I’m in the middle of making poor life choices?”

“Remember the old days when you could just slap 'SWAG’ on everything?”

“TSA guidelines now prohibit whining like a little bitch on airplanes.”

Don’t Listen to Mark

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Request: I love reading your Ethan x reader imagines!!! Can I request one where you’re friends and Ethan likes you and so he starts using really bad pick up lines on you but you think it’s a joke? Thank you!!!!!!!😘

Summary: Fem!Reader has a crush on Ethan and doesn’t quite know what to do when he starts bombarding her with bad pickup lines. Quality memeage ensues.

A/N: Ah I’m not too happy with how this came out, but it’s decent? I don’t know man I might just be tired but his is what I got for ya! Hope you all enjoy my trash™. Perfect gif is perfect. There is a text conversation in this so ‘-’ is Ethan and ‘=‘ is reader. Enjoy!

Wordcount: 896, good length yes(?)

Warnings: so many meme

Request some things! I really enjoy writing for you guys!

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As Long As I’m With You

I wrote this at work when I was insanely bored. I just got to thinking of our precious Fire baby and how we never get to see his thoughts. This may be deeper than he is canon-wise.. yet I think it’s not because he is actually very mature, we just don’t get to see it because he is very carefree and laid back. But I hope you do enjoy this :)

Summary: It’s always more fun when we’re together. One of the most powerful things that Lucy has ever said to Natsu. But how did Natsu take it? What were his thoughts on it? After their experience with the Eclipse Gate at the GMG, he really starts to wonder…

Natsu stared across the guild hall. He was sitting alone at the bar one rainy day, most of the members had already left for the evening.

There hadn’t been much excitement throughout the day either. Laxus and the Thunder Legion were out on a job, Gray had given up and finally let Juvia cook dinner for him, Erza had decided to stay home for the dad and reassess her armor, and then Lucy said she was tired from their last job and planned on staying home for a few days.

He sighed heavily, laying his head on the bar. He could have just gone out with Happy on a small job… But…

“It’s always more fun when we’re together.”

It had been a while since she had uttered those words on Tenrou Island. They had just got home to their new guild hall after their win in the Grand Magic Games a few days ago, after all.

“What did she mean by that?!” Natsu squeezed his eyes shit. He was at a lost.

Looking over at her again, he smiled behind the folds of his scarf. Lucy and Levy were excitingly talking about a book they both read, Lucy’s whole face lit up, it was adorable.

He furiously scratched his head, he didn’t know what to do now!

“Natsu, what are you doing?” Happy put his fish in his lap to stare at his friend. He had been watching Natsu for a while now; he would look at Lucy, put his head down, act all weird and put his head back down. Then look at her again and start over.

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“You’re acting weirder than Lucy.”

“I am not,” he groaned, trying to keep the goofy grin off his face, “she’s the weirdest person we know.”

“Whatever you say,” the blue feline was done with the conversation, he happily dug back into his meal.

Natsu hummed before he glanced over to Lucy yet again. She said that in the midst of battle, her head was being crushed by that insane sumo… yet she wouldn’t run.

Natsu had ever had so much respect for one person than in that moment.

And then after that, he watched her die…

Well, not her. Her future self. But it was still Lucy. He watched the life drain out of her eyes. It could have easily been his Lucy that was hit.

His Lucy… he buried his head in his arms. She wasn’t his. She never would be. He was her best friend and partner. That’s all he’d ever be.

“Here you go,” the beautiful white-haired bar maid set down a tankard of Fire Whiskey in front of the dragonslayer.

“Thanks!” he grabbed it and immediately guzzled it down.

“My, my. Calm down, sweetie,” Mira watched Natsu for a moment, “Are you OK? You’ve seemed a little down today.”

“Uh… I’m good!” He grinned sloppily, raising the drink back up so she wouldn’t bother him with more questions he didn’t have answers to.

Mira didn’t seem convinced, but she smiled and walked away.

“You lied to her,” Happy whispered.

“I ain’t lying!” Natsu growled, spilling a bit of the fire, “Nothing’s wrong!”

“Sure, ya dummy,” Happy’s white wings shot out and he flew over to Wendy and Carla who were leaving the guild. He tried to share his fish with Carla but to no avail.

“I’m fine,” Natsu rested his hands on either side of his drink, “I'm… fine…”

But one more look at the blonde Celestial Wizard told him he was dead wrong.

What was wrong with him?

He realized on Tenrou Island that he cared about her more than a friend and he had no idea how to handle that.

He realized during the GMG that he couldn’t live without her and really had no idea about dealing with that.

And now… he was afraid he’d never get to tell her. Because he wasn’t what she was looking for. He was the furthest thing from a nice, intelligent, well read, quiet, princely type of guy she told Levy she was attracted too.

He could protect her and provide for her… but could he make her happy? He thought he did a pretty good job of that for a long time, but his oversensitive hearing debunked that idea. He wasn’t even sure if Lucy was physically attracted to him at all… Not that it mattered. But he was always kinda half naked and she never seemed bothered by it. He always freaked out when she was naked, but he hid it well enough to fool everyone. It wouldn’t be fair if she wasn’t effected either!

So… what do I do with these feelings?” he asked himself, raising his hand to pull on his scarf, wishing for the millionth time Igneel was here to help, “I don’t want them to go away.”

He stood from his bar stool and headed over to her table. She may not feel the same, but that was OK. She was his friend first, no matter what. And for now, that was enough. Plus, he made it his personal goal in life to keep her safe. There was no way anyone was going to hurt her while he was still breathing.

That’s why in a few weeks, when he left after the battle with Tartaros, she would be the only one to get a proper goodbye from him. He was leaving to become stronger, so he would be able to protect her.

But he didn’t know that the dark guild was getting ready to attack. He didn’t know he was about to have another run-in with Zeref, or learn about END…

Right now he was just a member of the strongest guild in Fiore. And he believed he had all the time in the world to spend with Lucy.

Grinning, he ran the last few steps to her and threw his arms around her, “LUCYYY!”

“Gah! Natsu! What are you doing?”

“I’m bored, let’s go do something!”

“I told you I’m not going on a job for a few days.”

“I didn’t say let’s take a job. I said let’s do something. Let’s go to your house and play games!”

“I don’t want to play games, I’m talking to Levy.”

“But I’m boredddd!” he held on tighter to the blonde, not noticing how pink her cheeks were at the contact.

“I am not going to go home just because you’re bored! Go to your own house and do something with Happy.”

“Happy went home with Wendy and Carla. Guess I’ll go see what kind of food you have…”

“Wait! Don’t go to my apartment without me!”

Ignored~Mino Angst

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*GIF is not mine credits to the owner*


Prompt:  hi!! i wonder if you could do a mino scenario where (y/n) and mino have been best friends for years, but when he gets casted into yg he breaks everything he has with her and ignores her for his career. no happy ending please~~

Mino and you have been very close friends since you guys were in middle school. It was the begging of eighth grade, and you were a new student at the school. It was a big school, so not many people took notice that you were new. Most people ignored you, except Mino. Mino saw that you were asking people for help, and when he saw that everyone was ignoring you he took it upon himself to show you around. Ever since that day you two have been inseparable. The two of you did everything together. Many people thought you two were dating throughout the years you’ve known each other. 

 You’d be lying if you said that over the years you haven’t developed some feelings for Mino. He took care of you, not many people cared about you the way Mino did. That was one of the things you really loved about him. When he cared about someone, he wasn’t afraid to show the person how much he actually cared about them. 

 You both were in your twenties now, both of you pursuing different careers. Mino wanted to be an idol, and you supported him as much as you could. Even when no one else would, you stayed by his side. You on the other hand wanted to be a fashion designer. You always had knack for making used clothes or worn out clothes look better. When Mino or one of your other friends would wear something that didn’t quite look right, you would always try and find ways to make their outfit look better. Mino and your friends would always praise you on how talented you were when it came to clothes and fashion, so you decided that you wanted to make a career out of it. You wanted to do something you loved. 

 You looked out the window of the coffee shop you were sitting in and smiled. The sun was shining so bright today. It made everything outside seem more beautiful and alive. You took a drink of your latte and looked down at your phone. Mino was suppose to meet you today, but as per usual he was late. 

You never really minded that he was always late. He was never really good at kept track of time. Also he would usually be working on his music. You were happy that he didn’t give up on his dream, just like you weren’t giving up on yours. The two of you were each other’s support system. Both of you would always encourage each other to keep going. To keep fighting for your dream. That was part of the reason you depended on Mino so much, he was your support system. He was always there when you needed him. You smiled at the thought. Just like you would always be there for him. 

 Your thoughts were interrupted when someone sat down in the chair in front of you. 

“Y/N I’m so sorry I was late, but some people from YG pulled me aside and asked me to audition for them. So now I have an audition next week on Tuesday!” Mino exclaimed. 

Your smile brightened. “Mino! That’s amazing, I’m so happy for you!” You told him as you leaned over the table and hugged him. Mino quickly hugged you back. “It feels like a dream. I can’t believe I have an audition next week.” He mumbled into your hair. Your grip on him tightened.

 "You better believe it Mino.“ You told him as you pulled away. You sat back down in the chair. "I guess both of us have good news today.” You told him. Mino looked at you with a confused expression. “Both of us?" 

You nodded. "I got excepted into the program I wanted!” You smiled. “They only let like fifty people in a year, and I’m one of those firstly.” You squealed. 

Mino could see the excitement rolling off of you. His smile widened as you told him what happened. He grabbed your hand from across the table and held it tightly. 

“Looks like things are looking up for us y/n.” He murmured fondly. You blushed as you looked down at your intertwined hands. 

“Yeah. Hopefully things will only get better from here.” You told him as you smiled. You seemed to be smiling a lot lately. 

As the weekend passed both of you got busier. Mino preparing for his audition on Tuesday. While you got prepared for the program you got accepted into. The two of you hardly seen each other since the coffee shop, which was on Monday. As Tuesday rolled around, you made sure to stay near your phone at all times, just in case Mino called. 

You were working on a new jacket idea when all of a sudden your phone went off. Someone was texting you. Hoping that it was Mino you sprang up out of your seat and rushed over to your phone. 

It was a text message from Mino. “Meet me at the coffee shop in ten.” You read. You bit your lip, you weren’t sure if it was good news or bad news. So you quickly got dressed in some skinny jeans and a baggy sweatshirt. You grabbed your keys, locked your apartment, and headed out. 

 As you walked into the coffee shop you looked around. Eventually your eyes found Mino in a booth near the back of the coffee shop. You quickly walked over and slid into the booth. 

“So, how did it go?” You asked him. Mino looked up at you. “I got in. They weren’t really supposed to tell me, but they said I was really good and that they would be happy to have me become a trainee under YG.” He told you. You smiled brightly. “Mino! I’m so proud of you!" 

Mino smiled at you. "Thanks. Look I have to go, but I just wanted to tell you that I made it in.” Mino told you as he stood up. You nodded in understanding. “Thank you for telling me, now go. You have a lot to do.” You giggled. Mino smiled slightly, and waved at you as he left. 

 A couple days had passed, and you haven’t heard from Mino. You were kind of getting worried. He would usually text you at least once a day, but he hasn’t since he told you he got into YG. You sighed as you ran your hand through your hair. After a couple minutes, you decided that you were going to head to the YG building. 

You couldn’t handle not talking to Mino, you needed to know what was wrong. You grabbed your keys and headed towards your car. It would only take you about ten minutes to get to YG. You got into your car, and headed towards the building. As you pulled up to the building, you saw that there was no where to park. So you drove down the street to a parking lot, and parked there. 

You quickly got out of your car and headed towards the building. As you were walking towards the building, you saw Mino walking out of the building with a couple other people. 

You smiled as you saw him. “Mino! Hey!” You called out. Mino looked over to see who called his name, and frowned when he saw who it was. 

“Hey, man. Who is this chick?” One of the guys he was with asked. Mino rolled his eyes. 

“Some girl that won’t leave me alone. I would’ve thought she got the hint when I wouldn’t answer her texts.” Mino told them in annoyance. 

 You stood there frozen in shock. Never have you ever heard Mino talk about you like he was right now. “She'a getting so annoying man, she keeps texting and calling me. Even when I don’t answer back, you’d think she’d get that I don’t care.” You heard Mino say. 

Tears started to form in your eyes. You walked up to Mino and slapped him. “You asshole.” You mumbled. “I hope it was worth it. Never talk to me again.” You told him as tears fell out of your eyes. 

 Mino held his cheek and looked at you in shock. You’ve never laid your hands on him in an aggressive way. “Y/N-” “No! Don’t even think about apologizing. After everything we’ve been through, this is how you repay me? Go to hell.” You said as you pushed him. 

You wiped your eyes and took a deep breath to try and calm yourself down. After you composed yourself you looked around, and saw that all three boys were staring at you in shock. You rolled your eyes. “Mino, do me a favour and delete my number from your phone.” You said as you turned around, and started walking back to your car. 

You could hear someone in the distance calling your name, but you ignored it. As you got back to your apartment, you couldn’t help but think about what Mino said about you. Had he thought this way the whole time you were friends? Why didn’t he say anything to you? When you walked into your apartment you collapsed to the floor. 

The more you thought about it the more upset you got causing the tears to start running down your cheeks once again. It’s funny how people that you thought cared about you can drop you like it’s nothing when they have a better deal offer. So much for friendship. The worst part of it all though was that you were still in love with him. 

 You still loved Mino.

*Hope you guys enjoyed this scenario! I enjoyed writing it. Thank you for requesting it!*

I’m always going to remember him as the one boy I could never get to love me. I knew I could never change that, or him. I could’ve handed him my heart and he would’ve said he didn’t want it. He’d drop it on the floor, and like glass, it would shatter into pieces, and he lets you clean up the mess; a way of letting you know he doesn’t want you, nor will he ever want you. I meant nothing to him, but I constantly hoped there was something more, something behind the chaos that laid between us. I thought it could’ve been love, but it was just chaos, it was that simple; I shouldn’t have tried to look at something simple and make it more complex. You could’ve seen it from a million miles away, it wouldn’t change what all of this was, because it was nothing, and of course what it was not, because it was certainly not love.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #138
"Don't Ever Fuck Up Like This Again"

The only emotion that had not changed was the nervousness she felt at that moment. There was no excitement like there usually was or no hapiness. She didn’t felt bubbly on the inside, she just wanted to go home alone and sleep. But she was at the airport waiting for her boyfriend. She wasn’t coming out of here without Luke and she wasn’t happy about it.

The last time they had talked to each other was two weeks ago -when he left for work. They had had a huge fight and it was big enough that they didn’t call or facetimed each other for the past fourteen days. She had texted Luke twice and it was about bills and irrelevant things like that. He had responded, but they hadn’t started a conversation. They both knew Y/N was supposed to pick him up at the airport and that’s when they would figure things out. Y/N didn’t feel like figuring things out though. She just wanted to watch a movie and pretend things were going great.

She felt someone step terribly close to her and that’s when she looked away from her phone to glance at those incredibly blue eyes. This time it wasn’t butterflies she felt in her belly, it felt like she had been kicked and it was awful. She couldn’t breathe for a second and that caused her to cough shortly after that.

She observed him. Even though people around them were talking loudly and running, it was silence for both of them. Luke looked scared, he had caused the fight after all. She noticed the bags under his eyes, they weren’t rare or anything, but this time she knew she had helped them to stay alive. There were a few marks on his cheek and she knew he had been sleeping on the plane.

“Do you need help carrying your things?” She asked, surprised her voice didn’t fail her. Luke was surprised, too. As much as it felt right to hear her voice, it felt awfully wrong that it was the first time in two weeks.

“I’m good,” he replied, wanting to smile but he felt like it wasn’t the right time.

She closed her phone and started to walk towards the exit, Luke following behind her. He wanted to say something so badly, he wanted to explain himself but he knew she would hate him even more if he created a scene right now. Each step was harder, he knew the moment was coming.

“I can drive,” Luke said as he placed his suitcases on the back of her car, Y/N watching him as he did so.

“I’m good,” she used his words. Luke looked at her, he knew she hated driving with passion. He realized his lips were slightly parted as he observed her with nervousness, he quickly closed the gap and went to sit in the passenger seat. It was such an habit for him to pull out his phone during awkward moments, but he couldn’t that to her. He had done enough and he knew it.

“I want to say sorry, but I know you’ll just get even more upset. Just know that I want to say I’m sorry,” Luke said before she started driving. She didn’t even look at him, she just drove with her eyes on the road.

He knew that this was such a twisted situation. He had to tell her at one point, but telling her the day before he left for two weeks had been a bad decision. He had decided that with his friends. For the past weeks, not only Y/N hated him, but his best friends did too.

Luke felt upset, how could they blame him when they were the ones who had put him in this situation? They were the ones that I had told him he couldn’t get Y/N to sleep with him. They were the reason why this relationship had started this way.

He had learned, over the past days, that telling your girlfriend that she was once a game to you was the worst thing to do. He didn’t like himself for accepting this challenge, but now it was easy to forget about that game and focus on the beautiful and amazing girl he had as a girlfriend. That challenge seemed so long ago, he had fell for her and that somehow changed everything for him. It didn’t do much for her.

Luke thought about something he could say. God, he had been thinking about that the last two weeks and nothing came up, he had hoped something would come up when he’d see her. Karma really is a bitch, he thought. His friends hadn’t helped him, they had said he had fucked up and they was nothing he could do. Should he really had kept this to himself? Would it have been better to never tell her? Would it have been fair to her? To him?

He stopped thinking the moment he heard her sobbing. Quickly turning his head to look at her, he felt like the biggest idiot for not noticing the tears that had filled her eyes during the ride.

“Hey, hey, pull over,” he said softly, not wanting her to drive whilst crying. She pulled over at a random parking lot’s shop and stopped the car. He wanted to place his hand on her shoulder, but he could remember how embarrassed he felt when she pulled away before he had the chance to hug her at the airport two weeks ago. He didn’t want to experience the feeling one more time.

“Y/N, you need to tell me what to do and what to say,” he desperately asked, trying to look at her but she was hiding herself with her hands.

“Say nothing. I don’t want you here,” she said with a voice that sounded higher. He hated that voice, the voice she had when she was crying.

But her sentence hurt. He had gotten mad at her many times, but he had never wished to be without her. He had always wanted her around, even when he hated her.

“I just can’t believe you’re that dumb, are women objects to you?” She asked, finally looking at him.

“What? Don’t tell me you never went into a club just so you could get laid!” Luke replied, feeling like she was arguying something completely different. Little did he know, his answer was also completely different to the answer she had been hoping. She only wanted a simple no.

“Fuck, you’re really the dumbest guy I ever met,” she sighed, wiping her tears. She slowly leaned her head on the steering wheel, taking deep long breaths, trying to forget she was in her car with the biggest asshole on the planet.

For the first time in two weeks, Luke felt like he wasn’t going totally to be hated after the words he was about to say.

“I’ve never thought women as objects and you were never an object to me,” he muttered.

She slowly looked at him and frowned.

“When I look at you I can only see a guy that won $1000 for sleeping with me.”

Luke didn’t reply to that. He had fucked up, he knew. But he couldn’t just forget he had fell for her and leave because he had made that mistake one year ago. He couldn’t.

She sigh laughed, but obviously nothing was funny to both of them.

“What did you even do with that money? Paid some drinks to other women before we ran into each other the week after?” She waited for his answer, she knew she could easily get an answer from his body language before he could talk.

“Can’t you see past that? Yes, I fucked up and if I could go back I’d change the beginning of this, but I can’t. I love you and you became a lot more than a hook up… Isn’t that enough?” He said, trying so hard not to raise his voice because it was just human to do so during a fight, but he couldn’t raise his voice after the domage he had caused.

“So did you sleep with other womens after we slept together that night?” Y/N asked because she weirdly hadn’t been able to understand Luke’s facial expressions.

He shook his head no, “I didn’t, but that’s because we were really busy that week. I can’t say I kept thinking about you 24/7 and so I can’t say that I’m positive I wouldn’t have hooked up the nights after if we wouldn’t had been at the studio,” he said and even though this once again wasn’t the answer she had hoped for, she was glad he was honest.

A few tears streamed down her cheeks, but those tears felt more silent and sad as they slowly fell. He wanted to cry at that point, too.

“I know you love me now,” she whispered and he felt like a weight had been pushed off of his shoulders. If she knew that, that was what mattered the most. “But I just can’t help but to feel so unrespected by you…”

He slowly reached for her hand and he thanked God she let him grab her hand. He looked at her hand, softly tracing circles with his thumb, enjoying the skin on skin contact he had missed.

“But I do respect you now,” he stared into her eyes, but her tears were distracting him.

“I know that,” she closed her eyes for a second, hoping she’d stop crying, but other tears were more than ready to escape her eyes.

“I love you,” he uttered.

“I know,” she said, but that was the first time Luke was disappointed by her response. He wanted to know she still loved him. He waited a few seconds, maybe she’d add something but she stayed silent. The tears was breaking his heart, but he was glad the sobbing had stopped.

“Do you hate me?” He finally asked.

She wanted to laugh, how could she ever hate him? His eyes were patiently waiting for a reply, his thumb wasn’t tracing circles on the top of her hand anymore.

“I’m just upset, that’s all,” she wiped her tears. “Anyway, had a great trip?”

Luke rolled his eyes, but he was happy to know she was slowly forgiving him.

“It was awful,” he quickly said and he didn’t even need to explain why. Y/N knew he had messed up and she also knew he hated himself for it. “Do you still love me?” He didn’t mean to make his voice sound so desperate, but the words were out and he couldn’t do anything about it now. He now noticed she had stopped crying when he saw one single tear run out after he asked her his question. It was the first time he had made her cry that much and he promised himself that he would never let that happen again.

“That’s a stupid question, Luke,” she mumbled.

“Can you please answer my stupid question then?” A smile made its way onto his lips.

She remembered the times where she had spent time with her friends when he left and even though they hated Luke for the mistake he had made, they couldn’t associate that Luke to the Luke they knew now. He was caring, loving and ready to do anything for the girl he loved. She could clearly see how much he had changed over the last months, even Luke’s mom would tell her how mature he had become with her.

“Yes, I do love you,” she sighed.

Luke smiled and squeezed her hand.

“Good, we’re going home then,” he announced before he got out of the car so he could be the driver. He opened the door for her and she got out of the car, taking a moment to look at her boyfriend. “Asking for a kiss probably is a bit too much, but is a hug alright?”

She quickly wrapped her hands around his neck and didn’t miss a second to kiss him on the lips. The kiss wasn’t long, but Luke felt terribly lucky to have one when he deserved nothing. She stayed in his arms after their kiss and tears were still falling out of her eyes, she couldn’t seem to stop them.

“Don’t ever fuck up like this again,” she mumbled.

Dating Remus Lupin Would Include...

Dating Remus Lupin Would Include…

·        “love”

·        “baby”

·        Constant affection

·        Nuzzles

·        Back rubs

·        Tummy rubs

·        Soft forehead kisses

·        Playing with his hair

·        Deep conversations at night

·        Him being able to read you like a book

·        Him always being open to talk

·        “babe can we talk..?”

·        “of course love, c’mhere”

·        Reading to each other

·        “ Pride and Prejudice or the Raven?”

·        CUDDLING

·        Spooning

·        You usually being the little spoon

·        But he loves being the little spoon too

·        AND THE SEX


·        You already know he’d be into the praise kink

·       p>

·        Wearing his sweaters nonstop

·        He’s lost all hope of ever getting his clothes back

·        Getting into a monthly argument about going with him to the shrieking shack

·        “Y/N its too dangerous, and I don’t want you getting hurt”

·        “I’m willing to take that risk, Remus”

·        Study dates in the library together

·        Him helping you cram for tests

·        “You’re gonna do great on that potions test, love”

·        Spontaneously professing his love for you

·        “I love you, y’know that? I never tell you enough, but I’m so damn lucky to have you m’love.”

·        ALWAYS

·        HOLDING

·        HANDS

·        Literally being everyone’s relationship goals

·        You’re the most beautiful thing he’s ever laid eyes on

·        No one could change the way he feels about you

·        He treats you like the queen you are

·        Spontaneous Hogsmeade dates

·        Just being the sweetest most caring boyfriend anyone could have

·        You’re both head-over-heels in love with each other

Another long one! I like doing the long ones, more to say! Thanks for all the notes on the last one btw, I really appreciate it! It’s nice to know people enjoy my writing!

Jekyll and Hyde

Pairing: MOC!Dean x Reader

Warnings: Angst, mention of Demon!Dean, mention of killing, mention of fighting, MOC Dean’s self hate

Word count (With lyrics): 959

A/N: for @mrsbatesmotel53 100 followers challenge…congrats sweetie!! My song was Jekyll and Hyde by Five Finger Death Punch and I also added another song, Wrong Side of Heaven to kind lighten the demonic shit up a bit…I promise I’m done with angst for a while after this. I will be back to warm and fluffy with a little heartbreak within the next couple of fics lol. Sending out a huge thanks to @avasmommy224 for betaing and helping with my flow and @mysteriouslyme81 for saving me when I was stressing out and helping me figure out the darker side of Dean! Hope y’all enjoy!

Gif is not mine!!

Originally posted by bringmesomepie56

Supposed to be happy but I’m always getting colder
Wear a smile on my face but there’s a demon inside

Dean was happy with his life before the mark, things were great between you and him…before the mark. Since he’d taken on being a knight of hell the tension had grown between the both of you. When he wasn’t around you and Sam he felt free, like he could do whatever he wanted, even if he knew he shouldn’t. Those times were very infrequent as you and Sam made a point to babysit him just about every minute of every day. Even though he was grateful, it still pissed him off to no end, all he wanted to do was live his motherfucking life.

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anonymous asked:

So this may be a weird ask but do you have a playlist or songs when you think of feysand or acomaf in general?

DO I EVER. ACOMAF Music Crack List:

Close by Nick Jonah ft. Tov Lo [Feysand]: This song SCREAMS Feysand. Just do yourself a favor and listen to the lyrics. It’s literally their story. The music video is sexy as hell too, so that’s worth watching.

Army by Ellie Goulding [Moriel]: THE FEELSsssssss

Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding [Feysand]: Bless this song. “You’re the night. You’re the light. You’re the color of my blood. You’re the cure. You’re the pain. You’re the only one I wanna touch. Never knew that it could mean so much. You’re the fear. I don’t care cause I’ve never been so high. Follow me through the dark. Let me take you past the satellites. You could see the world you’ve brought to life.” AND I COULD GO ON AND ON AND ON IT’S PERFECTION

Wherever I Go by OneRepublic [Feysand]: I always picture for this song Feyre and Rhys being separated in the next book and it doesn’t matter. They could give up. They could do anything. But at the end of the day, they end up with each other because they can’t help it. I also like to imagine Feyre walking in all BAMF at the Court of Nightmares to this one, sort of a triumphant reunion.

Burn by Ellie Goulding [Nessian]: Yep. Every ship gets an Ellie song, haha.

Ride by Twenty-One Pilots [Feyre]: This is my Feyre depression song circa the first half of ACOMAF. She’s falling and she’s taking her time going down, down, down.

Heathens by Twenty-One Pilots [Azriel]: I listened to this song non-stop before I wrote the bit of my Shadowsinger fic where Az kills Keir. It’s such a dark, brutal song and I think it’s perfect for Az. I’d like to think if Az had an iPod when he goes Dexter on people, this song would be first on the playlist.

Stand By You by Rachel Platten [Feysand]: “If your wings are broken, please take mine so yours can open to cause I’m gonna stand by you…” Such a sweet song. I kind of think it fits the whole Squad generally too.

Fight Song by Rachel Platten [Feyre]: Feyre’s counter song to Ride when she starts to get out of the hole.

That’s My Girl by Fifth Harmony [Morrigan]: I. LOVE. THIS. SONG. It’s empowering. It’s strong. It’s everything Morrigan stands for. She’s my girl, haha.

Cold Water by Major Lazer ft. Justin Bieber [Moriel]: This song (and the next) were fellow Heathens non-stoppers while I wrote Shadowsinger. This one I listened to a lot for the last chapter when Mor’s trying to convince Az to just go for it with her. “And if you feel you’re sinking I would jump right over in to cold, cold water for you. And though time may take us into different places I will still be patient for you. I hope you know I won’t let go. I’ll be your lifeline tonight.” IT’S SO PERFECT BECAUSE THEY WAIT FOR EACH OTHER AND THEY ARE PATIENT AND THEY WILL NEVER EVER GIVE UP. And coming off the chapter where Az just laid it all out there for Mor killing her dad, it’s like - ughhhhhh I’ll jump into that water for you, as cold as it gets and I don’t care. I LOVE IT.

Let Me Love You by DJ Snake ft. Justin Bieber [Any Ship]: Biebs just gives me feels, okay?

In the Name of Love by Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha [Any Ship]: This song is gorgeous! Literally pick any ship and you will find something in it to relate them too. It’s soooooooo good.

Out of the Woods by Taylor Swift [Feysand]: This song was the major inspo for the first ever Rhys POV I did of when Feyre gets cornered by Lucien in the mountains. And yes, this is why the title of said fic is “Out of the Woods” lolz. I think about this scene probably more than any other in the books oddly. I’d like to write it about ten different ways and this song just amps that up for me for some reason? The lyrics aren’t a perfect fit, but the chorus and the way the song builds are.

Crazy in Love (50 Shades of Grey version) by Beyonce [Feysand]: Pure sexiness. A 55 song, if you will. (Or any other time Feysand gets nasty in public, haha).


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my crush is the prettiest thing i've ever laid eyes on,,, and she's just,,,, i've never met her irl but she's just the kindest girl and i've seen pictures and i'm in love. but i won't be able to confess until i'm an adult bc homophobic parents :'))))

Awwww :c I really hope you two get to meet in the future though!!!!

This seems promising.

oh my god, karkat. Two lines in and I’m losing it already.

This is a work of fucking art. I’m gonna print this entire thing out and nail it to my door so I can look at it evert morning and remember that I can never hope to write dialogue this good. I have no words.


this is the best fucking thing i’ve ever laid eyes upon. holy shit

Of course John would be so nonchalant about it. You can just see Karkat staring blankly at the screen as his train of thought gets violently thrown off its rails after a direct collision with the phrase “hi karkat!”.  It’s wonderful.

Poor guy. His fate had been sealed the moment he attempted contact with John Human, Friendship Specialist Extraordinaire. Now the microscopic worms of this disease are nesting deep inside his brain, rotting it slowly. The illness has claimed another victim.

An aside: oh god will this bug get off my desk arleady. Sir. Madame. Excuse me but could you get off? Please? You need to get off. I’m trying to write a reaction here and you’re rather killling the mood. No, this is neither an exit nor the moon, it’s my fucking computer screen and knocking yourself against it won’t help you in any endeavor I can imagine.

So here’s Karkat, subtly dancing around inviting John to a romantic hatedate, candles and all. And what is John’s response?

Ouch. Poor guy.

Karkat that doesn’t even make sense. You okay dude

Oh man, this whole thing. There’s Karkat getting kismesisblocked, again. There’s him running out of complex metaphors and collapsing in a puddle of fuck you’s. There’s “see you soon”, which can only mean they’re gonna meet at some point and THANK GOD I’VE BEEN WORRIED THEY’D BE STUCK IN SEPARATE PLANES OF EXISTENCE FOREVER. I was so concerned about this, because between the backwards trolling, the miscommunications and half the trolls refusing to communicate there haven’t been many chances to form linear relationships and if the last John heard of Karkat was some shitty trolling attempt from minute 1 it would break my heart into a million pieces. So thank every possible deity that isn’t happening. Can’t wait for them to actually meet.

In conclusion, this is my favorite log so far and I am in fact convinced that God made this world solely so this piece of text could one day be written.

Imagine You’re The New Prophet

Request: Hello! I was wondering since requests are open if you could do an imagine where they find the next prophet and she’s around 17 and has no idea what’s going on and the boys take her under their wing and stuff? I know this isn’t a lot to go off of but it would be awesome if you could write it!:) thank you! - Anonymous

Author’s Notes: I sure can! I hope you can forgive me on how short this is, but I hope you like it. Don’t forget to send in your request! – Haley xx

You laid in the hospital bed staring up at the ceiling. Your fingers tapped against the plastic mattress, trying to get that itching feeling out of your head. Ever since that lightning strike that hit you a few hours ago, all you could think about was Kansas.


Of all the places.

You have lived in Florida you’re entire life, even going to Florida State University when you graduated high school, but you’ve never been passed Georgia. Though something was telling you that you have to go to Kansas. There was something there you needed to see, something that you needed to touch or your fingers would explode.

There was a soft knock on the door. You sighed and sat up, coming eye to eye to three men. One was taller than the other two. The ones dressed in plaid and jeans favored, with their brown hair and freckled cheeks, while the one with dark hair wore a trench coat.

“We heard you got struck by lightning,” the taller one said.

You nodded your head.

“Have you been thinking any weird thoughts?”

“Kansas,” you answered. “Never been, but it’s like there’s something there for me.”

The dark haired one spoke up, “She’s definitely the next prophet. I can tell.”

“Prophet?” You asked, “What are you talking about?”

“Do you trust us?” the other man wearing plaid said. “My brother and I need your help.”

You had nothing going for you. Even though you were in college, you weren’t any good. You never got along with your roommate and your parents could care less. So you nodded your head again. Dean, he introduced himself, and his brother Sam, the tall one, and their friend, Castiel. They needed your help, and you went with them. To Kansas.

When you walked into The Bunker for the first time, and they showed you the Word of God and the Demon Tablet, electricity soared through your body. This was what you were supposed to find. This was what the nagging feeling inside your head was wanting you to do.

Castiel explained you were a prophet, chosen by God himself long ago to read His word and translate it. The prophet before you was their friend and died by the hands of an angel, and now they needed your help. You finally had a purpose in your life, these strangers took you away from a life full of people who didn’t care to gaining three friends over night. You would be forever grateful for that lightning strike.

Hidden Crush

Hidden Crush- Brett Talbot- Teen Wolf
Word count- 909
Plot- You’re mom had passed away and Brett bullies you until he realises what he did was wrong.

You were living a nightmare that you just couldn’t seem to wake up from. It’ had been a week since your mum passed away and it wasn’t getting any easier. You were dreading having to go back to school and having to be surrounded by a bunch of people you didn’t want to have anything to do with expect your friends but it was reality and you knew you’d have to deal with the vast population of beacon hills high eventually.

The one person you’d hoped to avoid for the rest of your life was the class bully, Brett Talbot. He knew exactly what to say and what to do to annoy the absolute crap out of you and whatever you did would only fuel his hate for you. You hadn’t actually done anything to Mr Popular for him to not like you in the first place, he just so happened to decide on the first day of school that you would be his victim and that’s how it’s been so far.

It was the morning that I was dreading for so long, my dad told me that I couldn’t hide in my room forever and that mum would want me to carry on living me life. It took me at least two hours to get ready because I was just so mentally drained that I didn’t have the energy. I wasn’t going to put any effort into my outfit today and just put on my favourite jeans and a plain t-shirt and dragged my hair up into a messy bun.

Parking my car in its usual spot, I headed straight for the doors. I could see people looking at me differently, with sympathy and pity on their faces. I hated that, I just wanted things to go back to normal and people to leave me alone. Putting my head down I pushed my way through the students and found my locker. I just wanted to get this day over with so I could go back home to bed but no, there he was coming my way and I already could feel the tears brewing in my eyes.

‘Brett seriously not today, I beg of you, just give me one day.’ I hoped and pleaded that he had some ounce of respect to just give me some space but I was clearly incorrect.

‘Aw, what are you going to do Y/n, run home and cry to Mommy.’  I looked up at him with the most hurtful expression on my face. I’ve never been so distraught and livid before. I run away from him without retaliating.

Liam came storming towards Brett hearing everything with his supernatural powers and pressed him up against the lockers with a furious look on his face. Brett just smirked knowing Y/n couldn’t stand up for herself and had to get other people to do it for her, but that wasn’t the case.

‘Dude, what the fuck is wrong with you? Did you not hear about her mom? She passed away last week.’ Liam shouted at him while seeing Brett’s face expression turn completely different. Liam could sense Brett’s guilt straight away giving him the answer that Brett didn’t know her mom passed away. Brett pushed himself off the locker and ran for Y/n, he knew exactly where to go because he could follow her scent that was so strong for him.

‘Y/n, please stop! I didn’t know, I’m so sorry. I’m an idiot.’ He pleaded with me to slow my pace but I was too angry to stop.

‘Y/n,’ he whispered while grabbing my arm. I turned with tears streaming down my face. When I went to look at the ground his hand reached for my face and laid on my cheek, pulling me to toward him.

‘Honestly, I had no idea and I swear I would never have said anything if I knew. Just know that I am so sorry for what I said and I really hope you don’t hate me, I never meant to hurt you.’

‘You hurt me every day Brett, you’re the one that hates me and I have no idea why. I never did anything to hurt you, ever.’ I squeaked out trying to keep myself from crying even more.

‘You don’t get it, I never said those things because I hated you. It’s because I really like you Y/n and it scares the crap out of me, I’ve never felt this way for someone before and I don’t know how to handle it. I didn’t tell you because I never wanted you to find out about me and I never wanted to put you in danger but then Scott told you all about the supernatural and I thought I would be able to get closer with you but every time I tried, I got to nervous and just did what comes easy to me.. Being an asshole. I really am sorry for how I’ve treated you and I hope you can forgive me sometime so I can take you on a…’ He rambled on for what felt like forever and I thought that the only way to shut him up was to kiss him and I did.

‘I’ll go on a date with you, if you promise to never be a horrible person to me again, okay?’

‘Never again’ he beamed with a huge smile on his face while grabbing me hand and leading me towards the door.

A/N- Sorry, if there are any mistakes. Please don’t hate me <3



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can you write some oumami fluff?? ;v; i really love your writing by the way!!

Well I love yoooooou anon, so ha! >:V But ye, sure, fluffy stuff is fun to write ^3^ Also, hope ya don’t mind that I added Saihara up in here, for fun, for fun :pp

Note: This is probably one of the most stupidest things I’ve ever written >.>;;


Saihara never thought he’d be using his detective skills to help somebody else get laid, but, here he was, hiding with Ouma in Amami’s closet waiting to…. Waiting to… wait, what?

“… Why are we in Amami’s closet again?” Saihara asked, face palming himself as he thought, and how did I get here? Why did I go along with this?

Ouma huffed, putting a finger against Saihara’s lips, “Shut up! Amami’s going to be coming in any moment! This has to be perfect!”

Oh. Oh right. Ouma was going to ask Amami out, yeah…. Wait, no. This still didn’t explain why they were hiding out in Amami’s closet.  “This is stupid.” Saihara hissed, lowering his voice this time as he said, “If you want to ask Amami out, why don’t you just, ask him like a normal person?”

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Even More Text Message Memes
  • [text] it turns out vodka filled condoms arent that funny
  • [text] I woke on the floor next to a big TV. Apparently I traded my bed for a 52 inch samsung and a box of pop tarts.
  • [text] Got free coffee because I told the guy at starbucks the pleats in his khaki pants made his cock look big.
  • [text] Hahahaha you would not believe what I just pulled out of my vagina. [text] Actually you probably wouldn't be surprised.
  • [text] All I remember is doing a naked tuck and roll off your bed.
  • [text] Well I consider my vagina a dear friend. She treats me good I treat her good. We work together. Glad we could be of service.
  • [text] I didn't notice because vodka
  • [text] I think snapchat is trying to tell you something. It's saying your boobs were meant to be seen by his family.
  • [text] I'm gonna start referring to my vag as my ladygarden
  • [text] my little brother just caught me blowing my step cousin in the lobby bathroom at our family reunion
  • [text] I can't ever handle being "that girl" again. At least not until next semester.
  • [text] Ive been sitting around naked watching magic on youtube.
  • [text] I can't right now...you know Sunday night is whn I get drunk and do laundry.
  • [text] My exam ends at 4pm so I plan to be passed out in the bar by 5pm. Want to join me?
  • [text] as your best friend, I hope we never outgrow 'I Just Got Laid' texts
  • [text] it feels like theres a golf ball between my legs. the sex was totally worth it tho.
Hayes Grier Imagine for Jemma

This Hayes imagine is based off of Truly, Madly, Deeply by One Direction 💕 -Angel http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-5EMaf-BXhA - Am I asleep, am I awake, or somewhere in between? I can’t believe that you are here and lying next to me Or did I dream that we were perfectly entwined? Like branches on a tree, or twigs caught on a vine? - I awoke to arms wrapped around my waist as we laid on the small couch in the middle of Cameron and Nash’s new apartment. Hayes and I, being Hayes’ best friend, came to visit our friends. I was close to the three boys, as well as Carter. We were all being managed by the 26mgmt team, so of course we were almost always together. Hayes and I being the youngest, we were close. Over the long time I’ve spent with them, I may have developed a small crush on my handsome best friend. How couldn’t I? He was gorgeous! I wiggled around to face Hayes, we must have fallen asleep last night in the couch together. I smiled at his sleeping figure before placing a gentle kiss on his nose, friendly of course, and giggled as he stirred. “No. I don’t want to wake up. I have the most beautiful girl in my arms and I’m as comfortable as I can be on such a small couch.” He muttered in his gruff morning voice. “Hayes! Please?” He opened his eyes slightly and I gave him a face, as of begging, and he let out a small sigh before giving in. “Fine.” - Like all those days and weeks and months I tried to steal a kiss And all those sleepless nights and daydreams where I pictured this, I’m just the underdog who finally got the girl And I am not ashamed to tell it to the world - “Come on.” Hayes said, barging into my hotel room, seeing as we had a photo shoot in Washington earlier today. “Where are we going?” I asked excitedly. “On our first date.” He said, taking my hand and pulling me out of bed. It was around six in the afternoon and we had nothing to do for the rest of the day so I was having a follow spree on twitter for my fans. “What? You never asked me on any date? What are we doing?” I questioned, speaking a million miles a minute. He stopped suddenly in front of me and turned to face me, our faces mere inches apart. “Will you go on a date with me?” He asked as his eyes met mine. Wordlessly I nodded, watching a cute smile erupt on his face. “Good because you were going even if you said no.” He tossed me my flannel so I could put it over my crop top before taking my hand once more and guiding me out of the hotel. http://www.polyvore.com/m/set?.embedder=2857073&.svc=copypaste&id=132134473 “Go sit in that little booth over there, I’ll order for us, is that okay?” He gave me a shy smile. “Of course.” I smiled, walking to the corner booth of the small ice cream place across from the hotel. I smiled as I watched him walk back with our order in his hands, and of course he ordered me my favorite. “Here ya go.” He said, handing me my ice cream and a spoon.“ I smiled and thanked him, taking it graciously. - Truly, madly, deeply, I am Foolishly, completely falling And somehow you caved all my walls in So baby, say you’ll always keep me Truly, madly, crazy, deeply in love with you In love with you - "So what brought this on?” I asked as we finished our ice cream and sat deep in conversation. “What?” “The date.” “Well, I like you. I mean, you are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met. You’re personality is awesome. You’re my best friend. I’ve liked you since day one, when you joined magcon I was so happy. Watching you perform is the best concert I could see. It’s just taken me a while to get the courage to do this.” He have me a shy smile once again, looking down at his lap. - Should I put coffee and granola on a tray in bed And wake you up with all the words that I still haven’t said? And tender touches, just to show you how I feel Or should I act so cool like it was no big deal? - “Hayes!” I said happily as I reached across the table to grab his hand of the table. “I like you too, you should’ve told me!” He looked up shocked but quickly recovered. I laughed as he tried to play it off cool, stuttering more with every word. “R-really?! That’s great! I mean, um, cool. That’s… Cool. Well, um, do you, uh, wanna, maybe, I mean you don’t have to, be my girlfriend?” The nerves were obvious, no matter how hard he tried to hide them. “Of course.” I smiled. “Great.” He whispered, both of us blushing. - Wish I could freeze this moment in a frame and stay like this I’ll put this day back on replay and keep reliving it ‘Cause here’s the tragic truth if you don’t feel the same My heart would fall apart if someone said your name - Hayes held me as we sat on my bed, watching frozen on the TV in his hotel room. He laughed as he watched me sing along with every song and quote every line. As the movie ended and “Let It Go” played into the credits he pulled me up, placing my arms around his neck and his around my waist. “I love hearing you sing.” He whispered as I sang along quietly as we danced around the room. His towering figure bent down, laying his forehead against my own. “I just want to stay in this moment forever. No one telling us we’re too young. None of the boys teasing us. Just you and I having fun like we always do.” Dancing was our thing we’d always done it, though neither of us could dance. We just swayed around, enjoying our time together. I looked up as he parted us, his eyes already on me. I let my eyes wander from his to his lips, him doing the same to me. “Can I, can I kiss you?” He asked quietly. I nodded, by now the movie had shut off and there was no noise to be heard but our breathing. I felt his lips touch mine gently as we closed our eyes. He pulled me closer to him as we kissed innocently. - And truly, madly, deeply, I am Foolishly, completely falling And somehow you caved all my walls in So baby, say you’ll always keep me Truly, madly, crazy, deeply in love with you - Pulling away, we stood in the middle of the quiet hotel room in a peaceful silence. He held me close to him tightly as I held him just as tight. “I’m so happy you said yes.” He said in a whisper. “Me too.” “I’ve wanted to do that for so long.” “I’ve wanted you to do that for so long. I’m glad you did.” “And yet, you couldn’t be as happy a I am.” He joked, pulling away from the embrace. I smiled widely as I noticed a familiar cheeky grin appear on his face. He picked me up bridal style, laying me on his bed before he began tickling me. “N-no Hayes! That’s not fair!” I screeched, laughing uncontrollably. “HAYES!” He laughed above me. “Say 'Hayes is the most amazing person I’ll ever meet and obviously the best boyfriend in the whole entire world.’” He said. “Never!” I said in between laughs. “Do it!” He replied, continuing to tickle me. And so I said it. - I hope I’m not a casualty, Hope you won’t get up and leave Might not mean that much to you But to me it’s everything, everything - “Why’d you say yes?” He asked as we calmed down. We laid on his bed, him holding me against him as I laid with my head on his chest and he played with my hair. “Because, I like you. You’re perfect. Hayes, I’ve never met someone I’m so comfortable with. You make me laugh so easily, it makes me happy just to be with you and I like you. A lot.” I smiled up at him. He leaned down and gave me a short peck on the lips. If it wasn’t obvious, our relationship is going to be very innocent. We’re fourteen for God’s sake. In that moment I felt very content. My best friend became my boyfriend, and I could see it working out for a while at least. I’m happy. - Truly, madly, deeply, I am Foolishly, completely falling And somehow you caved all my walls in So baby, say you’ll always keep me Truly, madly, crazy deeply in love (in love) with you (with you), In love (in love) with you (with you) In love (in love) with you (with you) With you, oh! - Little did I know, Hayes and I would last a lot longer than though. We ended up getting married, or at least we will be after today. “Do you, take Hayes to be your lawfully wedded husband?” I was asked. I smiled, knowing my response. After so many years with this boy, it’s never been more obvious. “I do.”

Wherever You Are
5 Seconds of Summer
Wherever You Are

wherever you are
luke hemmings audio imagine



“Stop that,” you breathily huff out, laughing. Luke looks up from behind his phone camera, where he’s recording you. 

“No. I need to record you. You’re cute.” he replies, eyes sparkling. Still, you hear the tink of the stop button and he places his phone down on the countertop. Coming up from behind you, he slips his arms around your waist and presses his lips to your neck.

“I love you, Y/N.”

“I love you, Luke.”


It’s six months later that Luke finally announces to the fans that you two are together. There is hate, of course, you never expected it to be all sunshine and rainbows. But the majority of the fans are very supportive, loving every new keek and photo that you’re in. They embrace you and Luke, appreciating that you make him happy.


Six more months later, you’re on a date with Luke in New York. He demanded you dress nicely, throwing the fanciest dress you had stuffed in a suitcase at your head before scampering off to Ash’s room to get ready. You wondered why he didn’t just get ready in your shared room, but you figured he must have a nice surprise. Smiling, you slipped on the black velvet dress that Luke had brought home for you as a gift one evening. It was elegant, yet sexy, beautiful and daring all at once with it’s long sleeves, boat cut neck, and short hemline. You couldn’t resist bright red lipstick to go with it, you knew Luke loved it.

Hearing a knock on your door and knowing it’s Luke, you slip on your heels quickly and pull it open to reveal a breathtakingly handsome Luke in a white button-up and a dark blazer over it. Black skinny jeans, of course, but you never complained. Luke had legs that were to-die-for.

“Evening, Y/N. You look beautiful.” he started, pulling a small bouquet of red roses out from behind his back and holding them out to you. Smiling bashfully, you took them and, of course, sniffed them.

“You don’t look too shabby yourself, Hemmings.” you quipped back, giving him another once-over. “Thank you for the roses.” you stepped back into the front hall of the room, placing them in a vase that you had seen Luke sneakily place there earlier in the day. When you turned back to face him, he had his hand held out for you and his eyes were bright with happiness and admiration, and you wondered how you’d ever gotten so lucky.

“The boys are already at the restaurant, but they’re dining at a separate table. Tonight’s all about you, princess.” he said softly, pressing his lips to your temple as you walked out the hotel and into a car. The ride wasn’t long, but you still spent it snuggled up to Luke’s torso, looking up at him in awe.

Oddly, to get to the restaurant, Luke led you into a high rise and up another elevator. It let you out into one of the most renowned restaurants in the city—a terrace restaurant with a great skyline view. The two of you were seated right along the railing and you took in the great view as the sun had just started to set. Facing Luke, you saw him smile brightly at someone across the terrace, and you turned to see Michael, Cal, Ashton, and John all giving him wild hand signals. As soon as you turned, they abruptly stopped, looking like deer in the headlights. They waved at you, and you waved back, giggling. 

By the time you and Luke had finished dessert and the last champagne glasses of the evening were brought to your table, the sun had just about set—almost, but not quite. Luke looked great in this lighting. You stared at him, and he smiled slightly, knowing that it’s just something you did sometimes.

“Y/N?” he asked, his voice shaky.

“Yes?” you replied, blinking your eyes to remove yourself from that staring state.

“There’s something I need to tell you.” he ran his hand through his hair, and you began to worry. Was something wrong?

“A-alright…” you trailed off, brows furrowed as your heart beat heavily.

“I love you, Y/N. I love you, you mean everything to me. This past year and a half that we’ve been together have been the best of my life, and I don’t know what I’d do without you, I’d be so lost.” he blinked at you, his eyes full of anticipation and meaning. Your heart swelled, and you fell a little more in love with him right there and then, even though you didn’t know how that was possible. “You’re strong and you can deal with the hate, and I know you get a lot, and I would have understood if you had broken up with me because of it, but you didn’t. Thank you, for staying with me, I know that it has been and will be hard sometimes, but I’m willing to risk it and I hope you are, too. I love you, Y/N, with all of my heart and soul and body. Every piece of me longs for you in every way possible. You’re the most beautiful thing i’ve ever laid my eyes on and I never want to look away. Marry me, Y/N. Marry me and I’ll treat you like a princess forever, i’ll kiss the ground that you walk on even though that’s something I already do,” he quipped, and you couldn’t help but giggle, eyes filled with tears. “Marry me and make me the happiest boy alive.” Luke drops to one knee, pulling out a small black velvet box from his blazer pocket. Opening it, he reveals a simple but elegant diamond ring inside. You carefully swipe at your eyes, and nodded.

“Yes. Absolutely, yes. I’ll marry you.” you gasp out, letting him take your hand and slide the ring onto your finger. 

All around the restaurant, there’s applause, even some whoops and hollers you were sure came from the other boys, but all you can really hear and see is Luke.


It’s the morning after the proposal, and you wake up to see Luke’s sleepy face, staring at you.

“Good morning,” you breathe out, smiling. He leans over and presses a gentle kiss to your cheek before sitting up and clambering out of bed. You sit up, too, unable to take your eyes off of him.

He smiles over at you, handing you a glass of champagne.

“In the morning?” you ask, but take it anyway.

“In the morning, because i’m proud to call you my fiancée.”


Two months later, and wedding planning is going well. It’s ten months away, set to be on the exact date that Luke proposed. With all of the professional help and friends Luke’s brought to you, you know it’s going to be perfect.


It’s been two and a half months since the proposal and you’re already counting down the days till your wedding. It’s then that you have a doctor’s appointment, you’ve been having some stomach pains. You don’t think much of it until the doctor sends you to the nearest hospital, arranging test after test that last the whole day, neglecting to tell you a thing.

“Is everything alright? Are you sure?” Luke asks worriedly over the phone when they let you have lunch.

“I hope so. I’m sure it’s nothing. Don’t stop all your meetings for me, your fans need you, Luke.” you reassure him, despite feeling uneasy yourself.

“I know, Y/N, but you need me, too. They’d understand.” he replies, starting to sound slightly panicked.

“It will be okay, Lukey. We’ll talk it all over tonight, I promise. I love you.” you answer, your calming words not reflecting your worried thoughts.

“Alright, fine. I love you, Y/N.” he says, sounding defeated, before you hear the line go dead.


You’re home, stress-organizing the house and going through papers for the wedding when you hear the door open and then shut again, Luke’s familiar footsteps coming from the front hallway.

“I’m in the kitchen,” you call, not looking up from your papers to avoid him seeing your anxious expression. He walks in, slipping his arms around your waist and pressing a kiss to the back of your head before taking a seat at the countertop chair next to you.

“So, how’d it all go, is everything alright?” he asks, his full attention on you. Reluctantly, you turn toward him and meet his gaze, and you see his eyes dim when he recognizes the apprehensive look on your face. You feel your heart crack down the middle.

“I have terminal pancreatic cancer. I have six months to live, Lukey.” you breath out, softer than a feather falling.




You physically see his world crashing around him, the devastation dawning in his eyes as they widen and he stops breathing. Your eyes fill with tears at this, and your own breathing becomes shallow. 

“No, no, that can’t happen, please Y/N, tell me you’re lying, tell me this is a sick joke.” he begs, starting to come apart right in front of your eyes.

“I… I wish I could, Luke. I’m so sorry. I hate myself for this, I hate my body for this.” you reply, eyes hopeless and empty of happiness.

Luke collapses into sobs, setting you off until you both find your way to each others’ arms, and then to bed, where you fall asleep together crying.


It’s been six months since the proposal, three and a half months since you’ve been diagnosed. You have two and a half months left, and you can feel yourself getting weaker every day. As soon as the boys heard the news, they canceled everything for you. You insisted that they didn’t have to, but you knew there was no point in arguing. The five of you plus Michael’s girlfriend, Olivia, spent the days lounging in their LA house or adventuring around LA. You were all trying to make the best out of the time you had left. The fans had understood, and solemnly accepted the news of the tour cancellation. They knew that you were the most important thing at the moment, and they were fine with that.

Most of your nights were spent in bed with Luke, making love. You wanted to be with him as many times as you could before it all came to a crashing end, and he wanted the same. The nights not spent making love were spent teary eyed and weary, having deep talks with your fiancé about anything from the past to the future. One night you got onto the topic of how at least you’d always be his fiancée. That conversation went well into the night, even through the spilled tears and crumpled tissues that littered the floor of Luke’s room.


A week later, you were again lying in bed with Luke, the boy who acted like a five year old sometimes, but had the true qualities of a someone worthy of only the best. Tangled in the sheets and each others’ limbs, your head lay on Luke’s bare shoulder, your eyelashes brushing his collarbone with every blink of your eyes. You felt him take a deep breath before speaking, and you tried to prepare yourself for whatever came out of his beautiful mouth.

“You know that I love you, Y/N. You know that I’ll always love you. Even when this is over,” he pauses here, taking a shaky breath before continuing “I’ll love you. Ten years from now I’ll love you. No matter where I am, whether it be in our hotel in New York or the dingiest motel in Washington, I’ll love you. And I’ll love you no matter where you are, here in my bed or across the world in London. I’ll love you, wherever you are.”

“Jack, you fat fuck, move.” Alex teased.

“No, I’m quite comfortable.” Jack teased back.

“I need to sit in that fucking chair for the acoustic set.” Alex groaned.

Jack laughed. “But look! I’m center stage!”

“You always have to be the center of attention, let me have this you insecure piece of shit.” Alex teased Jack. Everyone knew it was kidding. Especially Jack and Alex.

“You ass, you always get the attention. But I will move just because I’m nice.”

“Aw Jack is being sweet now?” Alex questioned.

“Only for you Lexy.” Jack’s hand caressed Alex’s check causing the crowd to go wild. I giggled at how cute they were. Sure I have a thing with Jack but that doesn’t mean I can’t think Jalex is adorable.

The show ended and the guys came bouncing off. I smiled at them. “Great show tonight!” Jack came up next to me.

I was expecting him to make the next comment but instead it was Zack, “You say that every night, (Y/N)”

“Well you have a good show every night.” I rolled my eyes and wrapped my arms around Jack’s torso. He looked down at me and smiled softly before wrapping his arms around me as well. That’s strange, usually Jack would take that gesture as an invitation to touch my butt and stick his tongue down my throat.

You see, Jack and I aren’t really official. I mean we are dating I guess. I really like him and I’m pretty sure he likes me a lot too. Yet he still never asks me properly to be his girlfriend.

I shook off the feeling as Matt walked up to us, “Alright, Hotel night. Jack and (Y/N), Me and Zack, Rian and Alex. Sound good?” We all nodded excitedly. It was the first night on tour we were getting a hotel room. As the boys began walking towards the bus, jumping and discussing the show, Matt whispered into my ear, “While you and Jack only have one bed, just remember the rest of us are on either side of you.”

I rolled my eyes. “Shove off, Matt.” He smiled at me as we got on the bus. I sat down next to Jack and handed him a beer. He looked like he needed it tonight. He took it graciously and downed half the bottle in one big gulp.

“Don’t drown yourself, man.” Alex teased.

“Whatever.” Jack quipped with a dry laugh. I kissed Jack’s cheek and leaned into his side for the remainder of the ride.

“Alright here are your keys. Please, please, please, don’t get us kicked out tonight.” Matt said, looking mainly at Jack and I. Usually when we are together, we are the ones to get kicked out. We just get caught up in each other and act like children. Jack flipped Matt off.

We took the elevator up and parted ways. I opened the door to our room and said, “Ah, hotel room sweet hotel room.”

Jack let out another dry laugh. “You’re so corny sometimes, you know that?”

“I know but it’s quite an endearing quality, don’t you think?”

“Yeah sure.” Jack said softly. He plopped down on the bed and went on his phone.

“Hey, I’m going to take a shower… Want to join me?” I asked seductively. You can’t blame a girl for trying, right? It’s been a month and half and we’ve barely been aloud to touch each other.

“Hmm, not tonight. I’m really tired. Plus I’ve got to catch up with some friends.” Jack said. I huffed, that was so out of character for Jack. He usually jumps at the chance to have sex, especially shower sex.

“Oh, okay.” I said, trying to hide my defeat.

I stepped into the shower and let the hot water wash over me. I scrubbed my hair and tried to forget the world. Something was bothering me though; why was Jack acting so weird? He has been quiet since the show ended. And refusing sex? That so isn’t Jack. I decided I would talk to him when I got out.

10 minutes later I got out of the shower. I shook my hair with my towel. I slipped into a pair of plaid pajama pants and one of Jack’s t-shirts. I stepped out of the bathroom to see Jack sitting on the bed with red eyes. He had been crying.

“Are you okay?” I asked. He jumped a little.

“Yeah. I’m fine.” He mumbled. I set my towel down and crawled onto the bed to sit net to him.

“You’ve been quiet since the show!”

“I’m just tired, (Y/N), that’s all.”

“Do you think I’m stupid?” I spat. He looked me in the eyes, taken back by my tone. “Jack, you said no to sex… Shower sex. And your eyes are all bloodshot, obviously you’ve been crying. You can talk to me.”

Jack sighed, “I don’t know, I just…” He paused, “I just hate myself.” He mumbled.

My jaw dropped. “You hate yourself? Why?” I gasped. Jack, the boy that came off a cocky attitude, hated himself.

“Because I’m ugly. I’m fat and people think I’m annoying. I wish I was more like Alex. Everyone likes him more than me, he’s funnier, thinner, more attractive.”

“In no world is Alex skinnier than you. And I think you’re more attractive, hell lots of girls do.” I said.

“It doesn’t mater how much other people love you if you don’t love yourself.” I was silent. He was right, nothing I said about how many people love him would change how he feels.

“Well then, looks like we are just going to have to change the way you see yourself.” I said.


“Jack, you’re amazing. In so many more ways thank you know. I don’t want you hurting yourself.”

“I haven’t.” He interrupted.

“Regardless,” I spoke, “You shouldn’t hate yourself. I’m going to do everything I can to make sure you feel better about yourself.”

“Why are you trying so hard with me? I’m not worth it.” He said, letting a few tears slip.

“You are worth it, Jack. And I’m doing this because I know you would do the same for me if the rolls were reversed.” I rubbed his back as he cried. He wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me closer towards him. He laid down with me on top of him. His crying slowed and now he was just sitting there holding me.

I attached my lips to his neck and sucked ever so lightly. That always cheered him up. “You’re amazing, Jacky. You don’t need to be like Alex. You need to be like you, and I think you is pretty great. ” I whispered.

“Jeez, how did I get so lucky?” He murmured.

I smiled. “Technically you aren’t officially lucky.” I hoped he would get my point.

He let out a sigh. “There is a reason I never officially asked you to be my girlfriend. You know that, right?”

“Hm, and what would that be?”

“When we first started this, I said we should be free to see other people if we wanted to. I said that because I was afraid you would start to hate me half as much as I hate myself and want to leave me. But you didn’t, you’ve always been there, (Y/N). Every time I tried to ask you, my tongue swelled up and my mind thought of you rejecting me. I can’t handle you’re rejection. You’re the first thing I think of when I wake and the last person I talk to before I go to bed. Not having you in my life, like if we broke up, would kill meThat’s why it has to be this way.” He said

I sat up ad straddled his hips so he had no choice but to pay attention to me. “Jack I’m not going to leave you. No way in Hell. But if you’re brain won’t let you ask me out, then I will do something about it. Jack, will you be my boyfriend?” I asked.

He smiled and nodded. “Thank you.” He whispered.

“You’re welcome, baby.” I kissed his nose and slid off of him.

“I kind of liked you in that position better.” He smirked at me.

“Now there is the Jack I know.”

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Boo you whore. You know that you fantasize about a guys back, shoulders, and hey maybe even their dick. A book is the freedom to write whatever the author wants, the thing is everyone is categorized by social standards. Imo, just view yourself as an equal to all society, male and female, and move on. Dwelling on these stupid little nuisances of practised writing makes you the problem, not a writer who's trying to find freedom in what they want. #nodisrespect #freedomofspeechtoall

This post is a perfect, shining example of exactly the kind of shitty behavior I’m talking about. You kick it off by calling me a whore–i.e., shaming me for being sexually promiscuous, which frankly you have no knowledge of, and even if I am, YOU’RE GOING AGAINST YOUR OWN FUCKING LINE OF ARGUMENT BY USING IT AS A PEJORATIVE TERM, YOU IGNORANT SNOTSTAIN. (I’m fully aware it’s a movie quote, but that does not change the meaning or choice to use the word.) You then proceed to shame me further by suggesting that I fantasize about men and am therefore guilty of something untoward (because god forbid a woman take ownership of her own sexuality and refuse to let it be dictated by a man and what he finds desirable).

Once again, because I’ve said this before in the last fucking hour, you can write whatever the fuck you want. But I’m not obligated to like it. And frankly, when authors treat female characters as sex toys who exist purely for the gratification of male characters and nothing more, I don’t like it. It’s fucking offensive. It’s also fucking shitty writing. Maybe you’ve never interacted with a real woman, but we are not just bums and tits and if that’s all you make us you are a fucking shitty writer. You DO have the freedom to write that way if you want to, but I do not have to fucking like it. And in the same sense that you’re free to write that way, I’m free to disparage it. 

On a less formal note, I think you and the other anon (if you’re even different people) are nothing but self-righteous blustering drain crust trying to defend your own ass-backwards way of thinking, and I sincerely hope you never get laid again, if a woman or anyone else has ever condescended to touch you thus far. Please un-fucking-follow me and take this bullshit elsewhere.

#somuchdisrespectitisunreal #freedomofspeechalsoappliestome

Guys, look at that tiny smirk  on his lips. Does that look like a man who knows he will never see the girl he loves ever again? A man who is giving up?

No. He has hope in his eyes because he knows that he’s finally wearing her down. He wasn’t happy because he knew he was gonna get laid. I don’t think anyone could’ve predicted that if it hadn’t been for the stills.

All he needed to know was this wasn’t one-sided. Now that he has a confirmation he will never give up on her.

All he’s doing is leaving the door open for her. 

Basically this scene is just saying, “If you want me, come and get me, love.”