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Pairing: Alex Standall x Reader

Request: “9 - Alex Standall”


9. “I am just protecting you.”

Word count: 1.547

Posted: 15th of May 2017

A/N: I miss my Alex imagines and I am having some feels right now. I need more Alex imagines, I admit! I miss that little inactive chicken nugget. Dude, post something on your social medias! I miss you. :(
Anyways, here’s another request from Aja and I hope that you like it. 
I hope you keep on supporting my writing, guys! I love you all so much and I thank you for the kind words, they really motivate me to write more and to think of the shitty things in my life less. Thank you so much.

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Warning: a little bit of angst, being drunk, swearing

“(Y/N), you’ve already drunk too much!” Your best friend, Alex, exclaimed as he stole the red plastic cup from your shaky hand. You had a blurry vision because you were already sleepy and you had to admit that you were also a little bit drunk.

Alex stopped you on drinking to impose you some limits, because he knew that drinking has never been good to people, mostly to you.

“Alex, you’re not my dad!” You slurred as you tried to snatch the cup back from his hands, but you had no success. The liquor spilt on the floor as Alex tried to distance the cup from yourself. “Fuck, Alex!”

You were in one of Bryce’s party to celebrate his team’s successful game the night before and all of the school was in his gobsmacking and enormous modern house, enjoying the music, the company and all of the bad things in life: drugs, cigarettes and alcohol.

“(Y/N), we’re going home!” Alex forcefully grabbed your hand as he put the almost empty plastic cup on the kitchen counter, a place where it would be a little bit difficult for you to reach.

“No, Alex! I still have to play that suck and blow thingy!” You drunkenly laughed as you pointed to the crowd that was doing the game.

“No, (Y/N)!” Alex protested, but his friends suddenly pulled him away, so he could leave you alone. You flirtatiously smiled to thank them and you carefully walked towards the group.

“Can I join?” You happily asked, feeling tired but happy at the same time. The feeling of being drunk was great as you didn’t have your problematic thoughts, you didn’t have to think of the stuffs that you were going through. You heard people cheering as you stood between Jeff, on your right, and Justin, on your left. You knew that the fun has just begun for you.

The game has started and people started sucking the card and they passed it on to the person on their right.

You felt enthusiastic and less pensive at that moment, you forgot everything in your life, mostly your feelings for Alex, as the alcohol took your mind’s control. You had no control of yourself and you knew that you needed someone to handle you, but who cared? The people around you were drunk too. They probably felt the same thing that you were feeling: they would remember something, but then their minds just would black out totally. Some of them wouldn’t even remember everything that happened during that night.

The game lasted for about two spins before the first card fell off your mouth. You were passing the card to Jeff and, because of your clumsiness or drunkenness, you accidentally let the card go. Even though you didn’t have the clearest mind at that moment, the rules were still clear to yourself: you had to kiss Jeff.

Your senses were awakened by people as they encouraged you to kiss Jeff. You were drunk and you had no problems on kissing any person at that moment. You were out of your control and that was why your best friend was being worried earlier.

“I guess we have to do this.” Jeff naughtily flirted with you as he grabbed your waist, he was a little bit drunk and out of himself too. You knew that Jeff has always liked you, but you loved Alex and you didn’t even know why you were doing this to yourself, but you went with the flow. After all, some party goers did this stuff often.

“It’s not a problem, Atkins!” You winked at him and you hyperactively wrapped your arms around his neck and you both closed the gap between the two of you without any problems.

You both shared a passionate and wet kiss as people made noise for your little hot making out session in front of them. You were both enjoying it as Jeff led you to a less crowded place. Little did you both know that there was someone who was getting his heart broken by watching the two of you, but then was called by his best friends to distract him.

“Let’s lead this thing in an appropriate place.” You bit your lip as you stunned Jeff with your sweet voice. He started giving you some wet kisses on your neck as you both found the way to an empty clean room.

You were both caught up in the moment that you both kept on kissing and left the door wide open. You and Jeff kept on making out as he led you to the warm and comfortable bed, falling on it, with him on top of you.

The things started to become steamy between you and Jeff. The heat in the room fogged up the glass window as the cold wind kissed it from the other side. You turned the tables over as you wanted to take the control of the thing. You couldn’t deny it, but you were both turned on, touching and caressing your body parts as long as you could.

“(Y/L/N), what the hell?” The pleasure that you shared with Jeff while kissing him was interrupted by your best friend, when he suddenly dragged you off Jeff’s body.

“What the fuck, Standall?” You faced him as you tried to protest for what he has done. You angrily pushed him away, but he was stronger than you. You were so drunk and weak, that you couldn’t move him, not even a little bit.

“We’re going home!” He loaded you in one of his shoulders as if you were a sack full of potatoes. Alex was surely thin and slim, but he used to work out, by Officer Standall’s orders, and his arms weren’t that weak as you thought.

“I don’t want to go home!” You protested like a kid, wiggling yourself to make him struggle. You continued on doing it, but you got tired of it as Alex started to walk out of the room. You peeked at Jeff, who was now sleeping peacefully on the bed, passed out, and you let out a heavy sigh as you thought that you deluded him.

You let yourself relax on Alex’s shoulder and you closed the door behind you, letting Jeff sleep peacefully. Alex walked in the middle of the drunk crowd and he made his way out of the suffocating place that you were both in.

He put you on the passenger’s seat of his car and buckled your seatbelt carefully. You had your eyes closed, but you still had the senses to feel Alex’s moves.

“Why did you do that?” You garbled as you felt the car moving. Alex didn’t drink at all and his mind was sober, meaning that you were safe with him.

I am just protecting you.” Alex shortly answered as he focused his eyes on the road, following the road’s speed limit. You weakly opened your eyes and stole a glance of his face: he had his forehead corrugated and a black aura surrounded his raging body.

“I was safe with Jeff too, Alex!” You protested in a calm way as you were so tired to start a fight between the two of you.

“You are drunk, just take a rest and I’m almost home.” He annoyingly answered with a dry toned voice. You hinted the indifference in his voice and you stopped asking things, still keeping your mind alive even though your eyes were closed.

The vehicle suddenly stopped and you assumed that you arrived in his family’s home. He carefully unbuckled your seatbelt as he quietly admired your peaceful face. It almost seemed that you were already sleeping, but the thoughts and your feelings for Alex kept you up and pensive once again.

“I was being protective, because I was jealous.” He caressed your face as you felt his hot breath against your skin, sending some shivers down your spine. “I love you, (Y/N), and it hurt me seeing you making out with someone else, in public.” He mumbled, fidgeting with his jacket as he confessed his hidden feelings to you.

You heard him sigh as he brushed his fingers on your lips, wishing that it was him who kissed you that night, wishing that it was him who you loved, obviously unbeknownst to your feelings for him.

“I love you so much.” He said once again as you felt some hot water sting your skin. Alex was vulnerable and you wanted to shout at him how much you loved him, but something suddenly stopped you.

Alex kept on crying and only God knew how much you wanted to open your tired eyes to confess your feelings for Alex too, but you were so afraid. Afraid of admitting everything, afraid of the consequences, afraid of what might happen next, although you discovered that he loved you back.

You were afraid to love Alex as you both considered each other as best friends for a long time, so you set some limits between the two of you, just like how he set you the limit for your alcohol intake, just how he limited his driving, following the speed limits imposed.

Maybe those limits between the two of you would help you, or maybe not. Probably not.

I’m selfish. I left and thought your world would pause on its axis, as mine had. I’m selfish. I expected you to stay the same person, as I had. I’m selfish. I hoped you’d be begging for redemption; just like you once did. I’m selfish. I was too busy being the victim to realise that the world will continue to spin on its axis, that people will continue to change and that people will always give up once you build your walls 500ft high. I expect that everything is fair, rather than grasping that life goes on regardless.
I’m selfish, and most of all I miss you.
—  I can’t isolate myself only to speak of loneliness 

T- hey buddy!! I hope you are smiling and having a great day, because you deserve it. I really wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the amazing friends you have brought into my life. They make me feel so loved and they are there for me unconditionally. I am forever grateful for our friendship. Thanks to you too for being a lovely friend, someone who inspires me to be the best version of myself. I love you endlessly and I hope that someday we’ll get to meet. Sending you the biggest hug!! 💋


Hey it’s mod Toffee here, and some of you are wondering why it was just me on that post and we’ll get to that later but first I have a few things to say!.

I’m gonna be flying solo on this blog for the foreseeable future and I want to apologise if my art doesn’t live up to the standard that it did before. I’m going to try my very best to give you guys the greatest art I can!!.  I hope I don’t disappoint you guys!. d( ・ω´・ )

I know you’ll miss Anette but i’ll miss her even MORE!!!! ༼ಢ_ಢ༽

Hello my lovelies bbys!, It’s Anette, I’m sorry I can’t work on the blog for now since i’ll be gone from the internet for a while (until summer is over to be more specific). I won’t be only on hiatus here but in my main blog too! I want to let you guys know that i’ll miss y'all a lot over the summer! And so my precious friend Toffee! I’ll miss collaborating with her! Be nice with her while I’m gone! and i’ll miss all my other friends too.  I’ll come back so don’t worry too much guys…let’s just hope I’m still a sane human being when I come back!


Two Bosses Ch 1: You Can Do This

Hello! It’s me! So I’m going on vacation with my family and won’t be back until the 12th of August so I won’t be doing any writing during that time. So to hold you over I will be posting the first EXO story I every wrote! If you follow me on AFF you maybe read it. Well after a year of it being on hiatus I finished it! So I’ll be posting a chapter of that every day until I get home and write some more! Hope you don’t miss me too much!

Jimin(OC)xSehun&Kai (Xiumin is her best friend/fuck buddy)

Summary: Jimin has been working hard to get a good secretary job. With luck, she was able to get an amazing position as the secretary for two CEOs who own a massive company. The job is great, the pay is good, and the people are nice, the only problem happens to be her bosses who can’t seem to keep their hands off her.  

I snuggle deeper into his chest as the arms wrapped around me pull me closer, as if it is even possible. Our bodies fit perfectly together. The warmth between us keeps the cold air in the room at bay. He pulls the blanket higher so it’s over our heads, blocking out the raising sun. I can’t help but regret not closing the curtains last night. The screeching of my alarm makes us both groan. I try to push away from the man holding me in a death grip to turn it off but fail.

“Oppaaaaa!” I whine as he only holds me tighter.

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Wow, I cannot believe nor imagine this journey I have been on since roleplaying on tumblr this past month. When I started this blog, I made it to share my anime interests and I started off with 50 followers. Since turning this account into my Yuugi rp blog, I did not think that I would have come this far. I just… I want to thank you all so much for all of your support and the kindness you have all given me. Like, I am still speechless whenever someone follows me.

I did not think that my Yuugi would attract so much attention and I am just so happy and I feel so loved. We both feel loved and I cannot express how thankful I am to everyone of you. I absolutely enjoy my roleplays and I believe that you are all so very talented!

Despite the hate I have received a little while ago this week, I know better than to let that get to me. The way you all showed your support and told me that I deserved to be here, truly made me realize that I made a good decision in joining this fandom.

As a result, I would like to make a shout out to a few people, which I will add under a read more since I don’t want to make this too long for mobile and desktop users alike:

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“Someone will love you but someone isn’t me”

A/N: Hello,everyone x
Long time no see! I am so sorry for not writing for so long, I know I promised I won’t stop after the show is over but I overall lost any inspiration for everything related to my so called ‘writing.’ I wanted to write something Rucas related a while back and asked for some prompts and got a few waiting in my inbox and am slowly making my way through them (tho most of them include jealous Lucas and I don’t really like to write him to be honest, too familiar with the jealous type) but this is something like that and came to my mind last night at 4 and I had to write some parts down and finished it up today. It was inspired by Halsey’s song “Sorry” - go listen to it, it will break you! I think the song describes Riley in a way but I took only a few things from it. Anyway, I really hope you like this even though I think I am a little rusty haha I just felt the urge to write this. Also,I just found out it’s Andii’s birthday today - Happy birthday,love @grantsass ❤️ I wish you all the happiness in the world,all the love you can get and a never ending supply of good days! Here’s to more years of being mutuals because I love everything about you and your blog/fics/videos,gifs/etc. Here’s a little pain but I really hope you enjoy it!


Today was supposed to be my best friend’s happiest day, the day Farkle Minkus gets to make Isadora Smackle his lawfully wedded wife, the day I was going to tell my best friends that I am getting married, too. The day I was going to meet two shadows from my past – the day I’d finally understand if I have actually moved on. Lucas and Maya missed the church ceremony and were supposed to meet us all in the beautiful garden Farkle and Izzy picked out as a venue.

“You’ll be okay, honey,” Isadora put her hand on my shoulder, “You are strong and past this, everything will be just fine.”

“Also, please try to not break anything if you decide to fight,” Farkle chimed in, “We spent a lot of money on the wedding.”

“Farkle,” I laughed, he somehow always knew how to distract me from my dark thoughts.

“I’m just saying,” He laughed too and kissed the top of my head but his smile froze when he looked over my shoulder, “I think it’s time.”

“Are they here,” I was too scared to turn around, to face them after all this time, “I don’t think I’m ready.”

“He definitely is, but I think that Maya is not,” Izzy noted and that made me turn around in a heartbeat.

And of course, just like old times, our eyes met in no time. He hasn’t changed at all but he looked different. His eyes were different, or maybe they just weren’t mine anymore. Lucas smiled at Izzy and Farkle and mouthed “Congratulations” and they nodded, slowly walking away from me.

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Imagine Mycroft lying to Sherlock about you...

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“Did you miss me?” The taunting voice played through every speaker through the country, the screens illuminated with the sight of his face, and as they handed Sherlock a small tablet which showed the image which struck confusion into his whole being he heard the message change…

“Did you miss her? Did you miss her? Did you miss her?” It was the same taunting voice, yet the sight on the screen showed the face of the woman who had haunted Sherlock’s dreams since the day his brother told him she was dead. 

“Where is she?”Sherlock growled at the elder Holmes as he leaned against the umbrella in the flat located on 221 B Baker street, the new flat in which you insisted on moving into after the landlord whom you once rented from kindly asked you to move out by the end of the week when he discovered Sherlock’s collection of human tongues on the kitchen counter. 

“Sit down.” He ordered to the younger Holmes as he looked at Mycroft in disbelief. 

“”Micheal.” The word caused Mycroft to cringe as it left his lips, “Where is my wife?” The annoyance present in his voice as he started at the tall man with rage slowly taking over his gaze. 

“Sit down Sherl….”

“WHERE IS SHE?!”Sherlock shouted, cutting of the words of his brother who was now tired of trying to spare his younger brother’s feelings. 

“Dead.” He replied as Sherlock slowly sat upon the faded fabric of the chair you had purchased him as a moving in present, the weight of his body hitting the chair audible to the only two souls in the room. 

“Dead?” The question was faintly whispered into the air, but Mycroft could hear the heartbreak in his voice.

“Yes. She was in the line of fire. I am truly sor…”

“GET OUT!” Sherlock screamed as Mycroft slowly backed away, and out the door. 

He reached in his pocket and pulled out his phone, dialing some numbers into the keypad before putting it to his head, as he entered the crowded sideway all he could do was hiss, “Find Her.”

“MYCROFT!” Sherlock shouted as he entered the plane, along with the Watsons, “You told me she was dead.” 

“What is he talking about?” John asked in concern, staring at his best friend who was now standing and shouting at his brother, and his brother who was avoiding eye contact with Sherlock.

“I… I am sorry.”


“You were…”

“Shut up John.” Mary whispered

“I lied, it seemed easier to just tell you that instead of telling you…”

“That my greatest enemy kidnapped my wife years ago and you couldn’t find her. I could have helped you, I…”

“Would have gotten yourself killed, and as much as I hate to admit it William I would have hated to lose you.”

“That doesn’t make up for this.” Sherlock hissed, pointing a finger at him, “Now you will find her, NOW” and then he stormed from the plane.

“Sherlock’s married?” John asked once he was gone.

“Goodness John, I knew you were daft but please try to keep up.” Mycroft replied before leaving the jet.

It was months before you were found. Moriarty decided that you were to be discovered in a hospital in America, under your married name. Which had raised a red flag at Mycroft’s office, and triggered him to fly to America to retrieve you. 

Once back in England, you were kept hidden in the bunker, where Mycroft made sure you were stable and well enough to expose to Sherlock. For you checked out mentally and once you were talking you revealed to Mycroft that the only reason you were taken was to toy with Sherlock. It was also during this time that Mycroft filled you in on everything Sherlock had recently been up to. 

“So my husband faked his death, was almost involved with a dominatrix, has a best friend, was a best man, and is still an ass.”

“Yes, he has missed you. I am hoping that upon your reintroduction he will stop…”

“You know as well as I that William will never stop being an ass. He is too intelligent to stop.” You smiled as you longed to see Sherlock again.

Part Dos

Homesick - Avengers x Reader

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Words: 984
Pairing: Avengers x Reader
Warnings: none?
Requested by anon
Could you do an overall Avengers x reader, where the reader goes off to their first year of college and gets homesick and wants to come back to the tower?? And the avengers miss them just as much? (I’m really nervous for my first year of college if you couldn’t tell T.T) Thank You!!
Author’s Note: I wish you luck in college, anon! I hope the imagine eased you a little bit :)


You sighed as you sat on your bed.

I just want to come home, Tony. You sent the text.

Did something happen? Anyone you need us to fight? He replied.

No, I just miss being home. I like the school and stuff, and I’ve made a few friends, I just miss you guys and want to come home.

I’m sure a holiday is coming up soon, yeah? Tony asked.

Yeah, but like, I want to go back to the tower with you and everyone and stay there. Being without my best buds scares me…

We miss you, too, you aren’t alone. Find out your next holiday and I’ll buy you a plane ticket to come back for a few days. We need to see our (Y/N)! Tony said, and you had to admit that it made you smile.

I’ll figure it out. You sent. How’s everyone else doing?

Everyone’s been fine. Cap got hurt one day at a mission cause he forgot that he was fighting with Clint, and not you. Tony said, and you frowned. Sorry. Not helping the homesickness.

You sighed, now even more upset. I’ll talk to you when I figure out what days I have off. You sent.

Sounds good, kiddo.

You fell back on your bed. Luckily, you had your dorm to yourself tonight, as your roommate was going to a party. You couldn’t tell if your roommate liked you or not. You guys talked to each other, but weren’t the best of friends.

Your phone started ringing a few seconds later, and you smiled when you saw “CAPSICLE” come across the screen.

“Hello old man.” You said.

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No but imagine if like Sherlock, Erik fakes his death in Persia without the Daroga knowing and the poor man spends decades grieving for his friend and eventually moves to Paris, to see the city Erik had spoken about so often and to feel closer to his memory.

One day, there’s a knock on the door of his flat, and the Daroga nearly faints when he opens it.

Erik is unapologetic at first, tries to make an angry Nadir understand the necessity of his disappearance, how it would have been to risky to tell him..

A furious Nair roars at Erik, years of pent-up grief unleashing itself. Erik, easily angered, retaliates.






“AS IF- wait…you think of me as your friend? Your best friend?!”

“Well, I did before you pretended to die and left me behind to pick up the pieces.”

“I…Daroga…Nadir..I didn’t realise. I always thought you merely tolerated me. I never dared to hope that you thought of me as a friend. Erik has no friends.”

“I’m surprised you care at all. You always seemed annoyed with me.”

“Well, you are annoying. But I like being annoyed by you…my friend.”

“Hmpf. You’re as terrible as I remember. Perhaps I was better off without you.”

“I missed you too, you great booby.”

I Was Made For Loving You Pt. 1 (SehunxReaderxLay) *Angst*

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Summary: You and Lay have been dating for a while now, but some obstacles have been thrown at the two of you. It is true that you love Lay more than life itself, but Sehun has a special place in your heart as well. Who will you chose?

*Warning: Trigger warning?*

Pt2. , Pt3, Pt4, Pt5

“Are you kidding me!?” Lay screamed, as he walked up to Sehun angrily. 

“Lay, just chill okay. Nothing happened, he just fell asleep, I swear!” I held onto Lay’s wrist, begging him not to fight with the younger boy again.

“That’s not what it looked like to me!” He yelled, not breaking eye contact with Sehun.

“Dude, this is all just a misunderstanding, nothing happened.” Sehun raised his hands up, but Lay could see the smirk on his face.

This isn’t the first time these two have fought over some stupid misunderstanding. It’s been an everyday thing since two months ago when Sehun admitted to having feelings for me. 

“But you wanted something to happen, didn’t you?” Lay’s body tensed up and his hand balled up to fists.

“Lay, just drop this, please!” I begged, trying to pull him back, but he jerked his arm away from me. 

There was no point in trying to stop the two boys from going at it.

“Of course I did, is that even a question? I’d be a much better boyfriend for her anyways, so why does it matter?” He asked, sass spilling out of his mouth. 

“You’re so full of yourself, it’s disgusting.” Lay spat at him, his body was so tense, I could see him shaking. “Whatever, Sehun. You’re a waist of my time. She would never want you anyways.” He said, walking past me.

“That’s not how it was last night, you should’ve seen her going at it. Calling my name like it was the only word she knew.” Sehun said, smugly. Non of this happened of course. He just wanted to get under Lay’s skin, and it was working.

“Sehun!” I looked at Sehun, surprised he would say something like that. 

Lay stopped in his tracks and turned to face the boy again. “What the hell did you just say?” He asked, walking up to him again, this time getting closer, ready to fight. 

“Oh yes, the way she was squirming under me was great.” Sehun said. I couldn’t believe my ears. Sure, Lay and Sehun often fight, but he’s never gone this far to get under Lay’s skin like this. 

“Sehun, stop!” I tried to stand in between the two boys, but there was no use. 

“I think the words you were using was keep going.” He winked at me. As soon as he dropped eye contact, Lay threw a punch and hit Sehun square in the face. 

The next thing I knew, they were throwing punches left and right. The only thing I could think of to do, was get Suho. I ran to his room and flung the door open. 

“They’re fighting again.” I said, as he turned to look at me from his desk.

He let out a sigh and ran out the bedroom to where the two were. “I’m going to need help in here!” He yelled, summoning the other six boys out of their rooms.

Suho held Sehun back, and Chen held back Lay. “Come on guys, we have a performance soon. You shouldn’t be beating each other up now, would you?” Baekhyun asked, as he stood between them. 

They were both struggling to break free, but soon everyone else started to help hold them back. 

“(Y/N), take Lay to his room, please.” Suho said to me, still trying to keep Sehun from attacking Lay. 

I grabbed Lay’s hand, making him look at me. His expression softened a bit as he made eye contact with me, but he was still struggling to get to Sehun. “Lay, come on, it’s not worth it, let’s just go cuddle or something for a bit.” I said, trying to convince him to leave this whole ordeal be. 

He looked at Sehun then me, and he sighed. “Fine, we need to talk anyways.” He said, shaking everyone off of him and walking with me to our shared bedroom. 

He sat on the bed first and I shut the door, sighing to myself as I leaned against it. “This was the worst fight yet. Yixing, what were you thinking? Throwing punches like that. You could’ve gotten seriously hurt.” I said, now taking a seat next to him, touching the bruise that was now forming on his cheek. 

“What was I thinking? (Y/N), he was the one telling me about what you two did last night.” He looked at me, his eyes turning cold and realization setting on his face. He scooted away from me and scrunched his eyebrows. “Was all that true? What he said, was it true? Did you and him really…?” He asked, looking all around my face to see any hint of guilt, or lies. 

“What? You think we would actually do something? You think that I would let anything happen between me and him? Wow. That’s says a lot about what you think about me as a person, Lay.” I stood up, and crossed my arms.

“Look me in the eyes and tell me you didn’t.” He said seriously. He stood up as well and stared me dead in the eyes. 

I got really close to his face and looked him in the eyes as well. “I did not.” I said, backing away from him. “It hurts me that you think I ever would. I love you, Lay, not Sehun, okay? Don’t you trust me?” I asked, looking at my feet. 

Whereas it is true that I didn’t do anything with Sehun, it’s a lie that I don’t love him. I just love Lay more. And I would never let Sehun ruin our relationship in anyway. I refuse to let that happen. 

“I do trust you, I just don’t trust him. At all. I’ve lived with him long enough to know how he is when it comes to girls he has an interest with.” Lay lifted my chin so I would look at him instead of the floor. “I’m sorry for doubting you. I love you.” He smiled, and kissed my forehead. 

There was a knock on the door, and Sehun walked in the room, head hanging low. “Suho just yelled at me, he told me to apologize.” He sighed, and looked up at the two of us. He looked like a three year old who just got yelled at by his mother, it was kind of adorable. He took a deep breath and rubbed the back of his neck. “(Y/N) and I never did anything last night, or at all for that matter. i was just trying to piss you off. I’m sorry that I let it go too far.” He said, giving us an apologetic bow. 

There was a short silence between the three of us. I noticed that Lay wasn’t going to say anything, I think he could tell that this was a force apology, anyone could. “It’s alright, Sehun. Just try to not fight for a while. That goes to you too.” I said to Sehun, but turned to Lay and poked him in the side when I said the last part.

Sehun took another deep breath and closed his eyes for a moment, like he was trying to decide something. “I just wanted to say…” He paused for a second before continuing. “I’m only confident in myself so much, because people always tell me that I’m handsome. I really don’t think good looking to myself… You’re way higher up than me in my opinion, Lay. Hence why you have her and I’m alone.” He said, looking at the ground again. 

I stared at him, amazed that he thought this way. I was going to say something, but Lay beat me to it. “It’s not like you couldn’t get any girl if you wanted. (Y/N) wants you, I know she does. You’re handsome, smarter, catch on more quickly. You could easily steal her in a heartbeat, and I’m surprised you haven’t.” He said, looking down at me. I smiled at him, letting him know that I’m here with him for good. 

“I was too shy to tell her how I felt before she met you… Now it’s too late, because she’s madly in love with you. I mean, look at her. She’s staring at you like at any second you could disappear.” He sighed, and sadness filled his eyes. “I don’t stand a chance now, so you have nothing to worry about.” He gave Lay a sad smile, and walked out of the room, slamming the door behind him. 

I looked at Lay, who was staring at the door. “How could this happen? We let this whole thing go too far.” He said, staring blankly.

“I’ll go talk to him, you just rest okay? Put some ice on your cheek.” I said, pointing at his bruise, and walking out of the room. 

I go to Sehun’s room and knock on the door, but there was no answer, so I just decide to open it instead of waiting for him. However, he wasn’t in there. I walked around the dorm, but he was nowhere to be found. I asked around and no one has seen him. 

“Great.” I sighed and pulled out my phone to call him.

No answer.

I walked back to Lay’s room and let out yet another sigh. “He’s not in the dorm…” I told him. 

He put the ice pack down and started putting on his shoes and jacket. “Shit, tell Suho. I’ll start looking for him. It’s not the first time he’s run off like this. I just hope I’m not late this time.” He said, grabbing his phone. 

“Too late? What happened last time?” I asked, getting worried. 

“I’ll explain later, just get the others and call me when you head out, okay?” He kissed my cheek and ran out of the dorm.

I tell Suho first, and he gathers everyone else up first. We all discuss where he could have gone, and spilt up to look for him. Kai, Chen, and me were in a group. I called Lay to let him know where we were looking like he had asked. 

Thirty minutes in, it started pouring rain, making it a little harder to see. “There he is!” Kai shouted, pointing at a figure walking in the middle of the road. I could barely tell, but after my eyes adjusted, I could make out Sehun walking slowly. “Sehun! Get out of the road, you’ll get hit and it’s raining!” He shouted, trying to get Sehun to walk over to us. 

Sehun looked over at us and chuckled. “It’s not like anyone would care anyways, since I can’t get anybody to love me. All I do is fuck up. I’m the youngest, I’d be out of your hair.” He said, continuing to walk down the road. 

“Sehun, you’re being ridiculous right now!” Chen yelled, pulling out his phone and calling the other to let them know where we are.

“I’m one of the youngest too, we’re in this together (cue HSM), we made a pact. Remember the first day we met? You’re my best friend, please get out of the road. I would miss you, Exo would miss you, your fans would miss you, (Y/N) would miss you! Exo wouldn’t be the same without you. Please!” Kai’s pep talk wasn’t really working as well as he had hoped, because Sehun still refused to get out of the road.

There was a car coming, and you could tell that they weren’t paying attention to where they were going. “Sehun, Please!” 

Suffer In Silence.- CH

He is your best friend. He is your other half. He is your missing piece.

But he isn’t yours.

He is someone else’s.

You are surrounded with a sea of eyes yet you are only searching for his.

It kills you to see him with her. His smile speaks a thousand words and the touch of his lips on her shoulder makes a chill run down your spine that stops you in your tracks. It’s sad. Everyone around you has had the chance to feel the rush of adrenaline that comes with love, everyone around you has felt what it is like to be loved. But not you. Instead you suffer in silence and let your unspoken words become coated with poison as they build in your head, waiting to be said.

It’s no surprise you can’t warm up to her, instead you flash a fake smile that you have perfected and pray that you have everyone else fooled. You don’t want to be the girl who sits on the side and waits but five years later nothing has changed and you still hope Calum will wake up one day and see what has been right in front of him from the very beginning. You don’t want to be that girl but here you are, holding back your tears as you watch them together and vow to yourself that she will never be able to love him like you do. You don’t want to be that girl but here you are, heart in hand willing for him to take it and call it his. But he won’t. He isn’t yours.

“What are you thinking about?” His voice startles you and it only takes one glance to be knocked off your feet by his mischievous grin. His shoulder playfully knocking yours.

“Nothing. Just like watching you being so happy. I’m happy for you, Cal.” You want to be telling the truth but one glance in her direction and you feel sick.

“See anyone you like? You know I can be a good wing man!” There it is. His eyes are searching yours and he throws a wink in your direction.

Instead you give him your best laugh that you can force and swallow the words that are rising in your chest. You clamp your mouth shut and let them cut you open with their sharp edges. It was supposed to get better but instead it hung over you like a sin, your own dirty little secret that you can’t share with anyone. You look at him and all you can picture is the way he looks at her, how he rung you after his first date and how his voice was filled with so much happiness that it made your stomach sink and your heart shatter. You look at him and ask how is it fair that she has him and you don’t? You were the one to pick him up after every fall, after every heart break and after every hard day. You were there, you had always been there. It is a constant struggle.

A part of you knows she doesn’t deserve him, you don’t deserve him either. How can you when you can’t even be happy for him without having a rage of jealousy surge through your veins. Unrequited love is one of the most potent forms of love there is, every feeling he gives you, she is giving him.

He is your best friend. He is your other half. He is your missing piece.

But he isn’t yours.

He is someone else’s.

But for the time being all you can do is hope, hope that one day he will let you live within the walls of his heart and let you call it home.

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@grcviity ;  casey  !!!  aka the daliette to my romeong  !!!  one of my best friend in rp  &  best friends in general.  you light up my day  &  i love you + your muses v v much.  i’m always here for you 100%  &  you’re doing such an amazing job w/ the krp discord.  thank you for always be your lovely self  &  i hope we continue being wives for a v v long time <333

@lonelylot / @gcthigh ;  b  !!!!  my graphic savior  !!!  thank you for always putting up w/ my annoying ass  &  making me cute things that are way too good for me  &  my blog lmao.  i miss writing with you a lot,  i miss our twin verse  !!!  i’m also needy to write other things with u bc im a needy bitch.  i remember you approached me ages ago  &  i legit nearly pissed myself bc i was so intimidated by you  &  your quality writing.  lowkey still am lol.  but ily a lot,  you’re an angel  +  thank you for torturing me w/ yoongi pics,  i appreciate it.

@gospcl​ ;  boIIIII I’VE MISSED WRITING W/ U SM. look …. angus  &  finn are legit the otp.  i love those boys so much  … those angsty lil shits.  your writing is incredible  &  i love all of your muses …. like i legit wanna have threads w/ all of them lmao.  i hope we can become good friends  &  continue writing together for a long time  !!

@amsijang ;  okay so we haven’t really done any threads together or talked much but we were mutuals when i was on dcspondent  &  also now and i just wanna say … wow i love your blog sm.  i’ve always admired you from afar,  i read your threads when they come on the dash .. your writing is so beautiful !!! so yes, i just want to thank you for being a lovely to follow  &  i’d love to write with you sometime in the future !

FanFic: Forwarded to Farkle

A/N: Here we are… the final chapter.  I just wanted to take a quick minute to thank @me-youhaveme for the amazing header pictures. Each one was better than I could have ever hoped for.  I also want to thank @friarsriles  @jurcyte  @shebe67 and @imaginarybird for always being willing to read a snippet or quote when I needed feedback.   Finally, I would like to send huge hugs and thanks to @drizzyyjayy  @dream–try–do-good @zombeeegurl & @gmwpluto for always being there to listen, kick my ass or in the case of this morning, talk me off the ledge. I wrote at least 9 different endings to this fic…7 they have read, 1 I accidentally deleted and the last one appears below. I hope they are happy with the direction I chose. 

A/N2: One final thanks….. to MJ for giving life to Rucas. While I adamantly disagree with recent storylines and scene cutting, I am still thankful he gave us Rucas.

Chapter 10: Choices

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Mummy: If you were to fall into an eternal sleep, do you think anyone would miss you?

“I don’t know about my parents, but I think Evan would, now that our relationship is better than before. Zoe probably would, being my girlfriend and all. Connor, I hope, since he’s my best friend. I’m not too sure about Jared, but maybe?”

happy holidays everyone!!!! christmas is over and the new year is approaching, so I thought that I would do a follow forever to say thank you and belated merry christmas to my favorite blogs!!!! I’m also switching urls and will be sticking with this one for a while. thank you to everyone who is on this list for making my blog an amazing place to be these past few months. I’ve had nothing but great experiences here, and I’m so thankful to everyone who took the time to say hello or click the follow button on my blog. ily all and hope you have the best holidays ever! stay safe & warm & I’m sending hugs and virtual love to you guys! if you’re on this ff, I follow you and that means that you have a fantastic blog and have no doubt made me smile at least once.. so thanks to you all!  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

♥  = absolute faves

@taeseyesnoiselips  ♥~ the jungkook to my jimin; tori is the real mvp and we’ve been through so much together.we’re basically an old married couple, and it feels weird to be in college and not see her every day. she never fails to make me eye smile and remember how far we’ve gotten in life. I hope you are having fun in the space state.. I miss you & I can’t wait to see you after charlotte!!!! <3

@hobixmas  ♥~ the yoongi to my jimin; hailey is my fave meme queen and I love her to the moon and back. I owe my kpop trash self to her bc she got the squad into kpop in the first place. I’m so glad we’re friends bc we can always be weird together and there’s never a dull moment when she’s around. thank you for being such an amazing person all of the time & putting up with my dumb jokes. ily and miss you too!!! see you soon bby <3

@taegisoo  ♥~ my exo stan and music queen, autumn. I’m so glad that we’re still in touch after I graduated, and I love that we are both literal kpop trash together. I hope you’re enjoying your stay in the squad kkt, and I wish you the best in your last semester in hell (high school) even though I know you’ll do well. :) I hope your break was amazing & I can’t wait to squad up again with the four of us. <3

thanks to everyone at @jungkooknetwork for making my fandom experience 100x better & thank you to @9597net for accepting me into the network!  ♥

all of the lovely people down below are great blogs that I am lucky to be following!~

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I’m so excited because I just hit my first ever thousand!! And you know what that means? I get to do my first ever follow forever!! Yes!! Okay, soo. First, special mentions: aka the people I hate most on this website. [edit: I’m really sorry for how long this is. Apparently I’m a sap.]

Special Mentions!

  • @rydenlarrie / @maydaypanicc : Dani. I hate you. So much. Mainly because you live too far away from me. Also for that thing you did where you made me read throam and ruined my entire life. But honestly I already got sappy with you once about how happy it makes me that I can send you anons and you screenshot them and come tell me that you know its me and that I’m not slick. Idk, I just haven’t had friends that get me like that in a really long time and I was super lonely until you expressed your desire for a pen pal. Okay, I’m gonna stop before I get too mushy and gross.
  • @htmlarry : Bee. Wife. Lover. Ryan Ross. Dallonfucker69. I can’t believe we started talking because of the Milk Fic. I can’t believe you read it after I told you not to. Anyway in a weird sort of way I’m glad you did. Honestly, babe, you’re hilarious. I actually feel funnier when I’m talking to you. But we’re not the romantic type, so let’s not embarrass ourselves.
  • @glitteringsarah : You unfollowed me again. But I’m gonna let it slide because my blog is probably really annoying, you not being into One Direction anymore. I guess you’re just too cool for that. You don’t have to follow me back. Anyway, I love you Sarah and I miss you a lot and I hope school is going well for you and you’re so pretty and you’re my best friend. kthxbai
  • @tastefullytightpants : Abby, you bet your booty that we WILL go to a concert together eventually. Tbh, it doesn’t even have to be a 1d concert. I’m just determined we go to a concert together. Anyway, you’re super cute and I love your snaps and you’re such a great friend and sorry about introducing you to throam.
  • @bigspookylou : RENEE! Hi, you’re super cute mega awesome hot. Anyway I love you a lot and you’re so sweet and funny and I’m so freaking glad I ended up in y’all’s group chat. You mean a lot to me.
  • @dmdghost : Bethanie, love. You’re the sweetest thing. Oh my god. I love you. You take no prisoners when people fuck up and you even come to my defense and it’s been a really long time since I’ve had people do that for me. Thank you for all those posts I make that you reblog and they take off.
  • @croptoplewie : Krystle. Krystle I love you a lot. I’m so glad to have met you in group chat. You’re so sweet. And you’re always on top of keeping us updated with Larry, while also managing to murder me with fluffy Larry stuff. Ugh, I love you.
  • @lovesincerelyharry : Victoria, you’re so pretty and sweet and I love hearing your input on things. I love tinhatting with you and the rest of our tinhat group because it’s an open and friendly discussion where we get to whip out conspiracy theories and headcanons.
  • @horanmypumpkin : Brittany, thank you for putting up with my Louie centric ways and opening me up to loving Niall more. But mostly thank you for being able to chill with us despite us all being old. Not everyone your age is cut out to mesh with all age groups. You’re a doll and I am so glad they chose you for the group chat. I’m gonna go all granny on you, and say you’re such a blessing. (Nope, never saying that again.)
  • @tomnlinboo : JENA!! Jena I love you to the moon and back. You’re the Tara to my Willow. I’m so glad you convinced me to watch Buffy again. I haven’t cried this much in a very long time, and, yes, that is actually a good thing. Season 5 was rough. You’re so pretty and sweet and lovely and all nice things and I love you lots and lots and lots <3 And I’m glad we had that Netflix date, too, even if you couldn’t get your sound to work for like, 30 minutes. Anyway… <33
  • @reallytinyglasses : You love One Direction. Don’t even lie to me.

Mutuals! Urls that I recognize with a fondness. Blogs that I love. Blogs/people that I get heart eyes for and might have even made a special mention for if I hadn’t thought it was too long already.


@1dfordays | @23yroldlouis | @2damnsexxy | @3words-larryisreal | @5-s-o-s-hemmo | @78tommo | @adidaspouses | @adifferentkindofson | @alexandraguertler | @all-aboutlou | @allthelarrylovex | @anastypasty | @angelic–styles | @aravis713 | @as-bright-as-our-stars | @ashmely | @asleepatsix | @astronialls | @autumnfic | @awkwardturtleashley | @babybluemay | @babymickflamingo | @babyryanross | @bandingdaily | @barcabiscotti | @becomingcaelan | @beforeifall21 | @bitchstickz | @black-in-the-moonlight | @blackmcqveen | @bliindingdrops | @blondandclever | @bottomlinsons | @bourbon-sea | @britishboat | @bubblylouii | @buttjands | @caffeine-clifford | @cali-loser | @cameronmansel | @canadianliverfailure | @carveditintomysoul | @cascadiangrace | @cashmoneylouis | @castiel-wifi | @cheshirebooty | @chipir | @chl0orine | @cockytomlinson | @computersaysfuckyeah | @confused-larry | @confusedphan | @cowboyhatharry | @craaveyoou | @crappydemo | @croptopharrie | @cupidumlarry | @curlsanddrumsticks | @curlycuelou | @cursedsocially-awkward | @cursedwellington | @damnharrydamn | @damninos | @daniediesattheend | @daniellegrace20 | @darkharru | @darkhorton | @deathbylouistomlinson | @dildoau | @dis-cxnnected | @dividedandafraid | @domeafavour2202 | @domeafavourharry | @donewithyoubye | @donnychapell | @donnyscheshire | @doodlezjm | @dotbelot | @dreamingnarwhal | @drugstore-bands | @drunkcasterparty | @drygulchishome | @dusksbutt | @dying-suffering-french-stalkers | @dysfunctional-boyband


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O Capitan my Capitan

O Capitan my Capitan, I’ll never have a friend like you.
To play board games with me that make our town into a zoo.
Or create a new green friend made of goo.
Someone who yells bangarang as pirates attack.
Or teaches me life lessons while I’m stuck in the back.
Curing me with laughter while in a hopeless state.
Or being the best nanny that a father could create.
O Capitan my Capitan, I’ll never have a friend like you.
Whether you played a robot a funny man or president too.
You were always an inspiration and will be greatly missed.
I hope you can find your Neverland bliss.

R.I.P. Robin Williams, one of the best actors who lived.

Dear Nana. /kaisooAU


Hi Nana!

Happy New Year! Mommy said she will help me writing letters to you now since you moved to another school and we can’t see eachother often. She said daddy will make sure to give them to your mommy at the office so you can read it the same day. Isn’t that cool?

Your best friend in the whole entire world.


Hi Nana!

I am so excited about my birthday party. Mommy is going to bake the biggest cake in the universe. It’s going to be as big as an elephant. You are coming right? I can’t wait to see you!



Hi Nana!

My mommy said you couldn’t make it to my 8th birthday party because your mommy got sick, she also said she was taken to a hospital. I really wanted to see you. I hope your mommy is okay.



Hi Nana.

I’m sorry if I did something wrong. Why aren’t you writing back? I want us to play together again like we used to. Mommy said you’d need some time to yourself but I don’t understand why you don’t want to talk to me. I’m sorry about your mommy. I bet you miss her so much.



Hi Nana.

Daddy said he saw you today. He said your hair is shorter. I really wanna see you. I miss you.



Hi Nana!

I am so happy because I just read your letter! Also thank you for sending me your new home address. Now you’ll get my letters directly. How is your new home? Do you like it?



Hi Nana.

Dad said we will come visit you soon. I am so excited! I can’t wait for you to see my new monster truck!



Hi Nana.

Today at school a girl came to my table where i was sitting and kissed me. On the mouth!! Disgusting! That’s for adults. I hate girls! Except for you. You are my Nana.



Hi Nana.

I’m sorry it took me so long to reply. I don’t have much to tell. Since we’re on vacations, shouldn’t we do something fun? Like a trip or something? I really don’t want to stay home all day watching tv, or having my girlfriend over. I know this might sound mean but I’m starting to find her annoying. She’s always complaining about everything, about my hair, about my style, even about the way I talk. I am seriously thinking about dumping her ass real soon. How is Brian by the way? I haven’t heard of your lovely boyfriend lately.

Your best friend. JongIn.


Hi Nana.

Classes started rough this year. It’s just the beginning and it’s already a pain in the ass. I swear my math teacher hates me. I haven’t done anything. I just made an observation of how more feminine she would look of she waxed her mustache once in a while. Other than that, mom and dad call me EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Asking how is college treating me. It would be better if I didn’t have a math class and a phone buzzing at the wrong time when i’m trying to have some happy time. I’m seriously thinking about breaking up. SeulgI and I, this really isn’t working. I need to get rid of some stress and she doesn’t help at all.



Hi Nana.

Today something really weird happened. While I was walking down the hall towards my classroom I noticed this kid staring at me. It’s not the first time though. I’ve seen him before. I know he is a new student because Sehun told me so. He is just… I don’t know. His eyes are so big. It kind of scares me because he doesn’t even blink. It gives me the chills. Tell me the details of this weekend’s party. Say hello to Brian for me.



Hi Nana.

HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY!!! I wanna hug you so bad right now. I hope you like my gift. It isn’t nothing big but I made it myself. I wish the best for you. I love you so much.

Sehun says i’m weird because I write letters to you. He says that i’m from the 1800’s. He doesn’t know how to stop hating. He just wishes he had a friend that could stand being with him for more than an hour. Anyways, my birthday is coming up too. I hope to see you soon.

I miss you.



Hi Nana.

Remember the creepy kid that stares at me a lot? His name is KyungSoo, Do KyungSoo. He is friends with Jongdae, Joonmyeon’s brother. We talked for a while. I was a little creeped out at first but he is cool. He said that he stared at me because he can’t see shit. I feel bad for the guy. He was just trying to see what’s around him and there I was judging him.
I also met this girl at a party. She asked about you. Her name is Raina. Do you know her?



Hi Nana.

Remember KyungSoo? The stalker with big eyes? We’’ve been hanging out often lately. But last night… Well… I kinda had a dream last night. Where we were doing… stuff. Not just any kind of stuff… sexy stuff. I dreamed of having sex with him. And I can’t stop thinking about it because in my dream, I liked it. I don’t know how to feel. I like girls. I’m not gay.

Nana, i’m scared.


Hi Nana.

I am worried. I don’t know if he does it in purpose and enjoys my embarrassment or he is just an idiot who doesn’t notice what’s going on and does this things accidentally. But KyungSoo does this thing, where he subtly touches me. Totally UNNECESSARILY. He does it too often. The thing is that I don’t mind. In fact, I kind of like it. And I can’t stop thinking about him. Sometimes I catch myself staring at him. His eyes are really pretty. And when he smiles they look like half moons.
That’s what worries me. Does that make me gay?



Hi Nana.

I’m Gay.



Hi Nana.

Happy vanlentine’s day!
Today I decided to confess to KyungSoo. I asked him to go with me to get something for my mom and the oblivious idiot said yes. I took him to the rooftop of that tall building next to the huge billboard with the cute puppy advertising dog food. The one that has a pretty view of the city. I gave him some chocolates and I told him that I liked him for a while now. And the idiot laughed in my face! Do you have any idea of how much courage that took? Ungrateful midget. Later he said that he laughed because he was nervous. That he didn’t expected me to confess to him. He confessed that he likes me too. You were right all along. He did like me… Well, I mean, who wouldn’t.
He kissed me first and I have to admit that it was better than in my dreams. His lips are way softer. Nana, I think I like him a little too much.



Hi Nana.

I think i’m going crazy. I don’t think I ever liked someone this much. But KyungSoo makes everything better. His smile brights up my day. My heart swells every time I see it. I wish I could kiss him all the time. I can only think of him when he’s away. This is more than what I felt for any girlfriend I ever had.

Nana, is this what people call ‘being in love’?



Hi Nana.

I miss you so much. I want to hug you and tell you everything that Is happening right now. I want us to spend an entire day together like before. Why did you had to move to a country so far away? I’m thinking about telling my parents about KyungSoo. I don’t know how they will take it. But I want them to know about this. It’s important for me that my family knows about him. So we will tell them next week. Take care Nana.

I love you.



Hi Nana.

My father is still not talking to me. My mom said he will come around that he needs time. She said it was a surprise to her too but she is here to support me and she loves me no matter what. To be honest with you, dad hurt me a lot when he said those words to Kyungsoo. He doesn’t understand that this guy makes my world go round. Nana, I never felt like this before.



Hi Nana.

I finally met Kyungsoo’s family. It’s crazy how my midget looks so much like his mom. She even has an older version of his smile that I love so much. They were so nice, i’m happy that KyungSoo has such a supporting family. Even thought it was kind of awkward one morning after certain night when KyungSoo and I had a little too much fan in bed and he wasn’t as quiet as he should have been. His father was giving me the look but he never said anything about it which was even worse because to be honest with you, he was scary and the tension could be touched. Aside from that, we had a good time. They even asked me to visit more often. Getting to know more about my KyungSoo made me love him more.



Hi Nana.

Merry Christmas!! I hope you get my gift on time unlike these past few years where you had to wait a week later. I know you’ve been wanting that for a while and I had to pamper my best friend a little. How is Brian doing? Did he finally got rid of that ugly beard and decided once and for all to look like a human being? Tell him I say hi.

I love you



Hi Nana.

KyungSoo is crazy. Today we celebrate our birthdays, since his was yesterday and mine is tomorrow we decided to make it just one day. We’ve been taking about this for a while now but I didn’t think he was serious when he said that we should move in together. So today he showed me our new home. ( An apatment in a really quiet neighborhood) I have to admit that I loved it. We’ll be moving in in the next week or so. I’ll let you know the a dress of my new home. But honestly, anywhere where KyungSoo is, is home.



Hi Nana.

How are you doing? I haven’t seen you in so long. My mom says that you are expecting a baby. Congratulations!! I don’t remember you telling me you were pregnant. My head hurts a lot and even though I was released from the hospital two weeks ago, I still feel weird. Also my leg hurts, mom says that besides that nothing else is broken. I’m confused about some things. How far along are you? Am I going to be able to see you soon?
I miss you.

Your best friend, Jongin


Hi Nana.

I’m doing better. Mom and the doctor said I need to rest more. My leg hasn’t healed yet. But I want to go out, i’m tired of sitting at home. I wish I had you here. At least we could talk more.

Your best friend


Hi Nana.

There’s this guy who keeps coming over to my house. He says he knows me but I don’t know him. I asked my mom who he was and she told me that he is a friend. He comes and cooks for me which is weird but my mom let’s him do it. I guess he must be a family friend, but I don’t think i’ve seen him before. It’s weird because he tells me: “It’s going to be okay, Jonginnie” and I think sometimes his eyes get all teary. He told me his name is KyungSoo. My father leaves the house whenever Kyungsoo comes over. Sometimes I think he doesn’t like him. I am so confused.

Tell me about you.

Your best friend.


Hi Nana.

Its great what you told me about Brian. I’m happy for him. He deserves it. I can finally walk again. The doctor said i’m recovering well since the accident. KyungSoo keeps coming over. He’s a good guy. I still don’t understand why he spends so much time checking on me. I mean, it doesn’t really bother me. But doesn’t he have friends to hang out with? I’m not complaining, i’m thankful for his company even. He’s funny and a good friend. That doesn’t take away how creepy he looks sometimes when he just stares at me. It gives me the chills. My mom explained to me though, that he isn’t staring, that he is just blind as hell and he can’t see shit. I feel bad for him.

Do you know your baby’s gender yet?

Your best friend. JongIn


Hi Nana.

I’m feeling a lot better. I can even run. It took a while but now I can move faster. KyungSoo is a really good friend. He races with me and sometimes he pretends to trip so I can win. I know i’m faster than him anyways so there is no need to pretend. He will lose anyways.
He treats me differently, you know? I don’t know what it is about him. Sometimes I think he likes me as more than a friend. Can you imagine that? It’s just, the way he looks at me. Its different. It kind of worries me.

Why don’t you wanna know your baby’s gender? What do you mean you’’ll wait 'till birth?!



Hi Nana!

Guess what! KyungSoo and I are celebrating our birthdays together! His birthday is the 12th and mine is the 14nth so we are celebrating them together. KyungSoo showed up at my door with a box on his hands. Guess what it had inside. A puppy!! He got me a puppy. I was so happy I gave him a hug.Then my mom walked to him and hugged him too while I was playing with my puppy. Man, he must have been glad that I liked the present because I think he was crying.

I still have to name my puppy.

When are you coming back? It has been to long



Hi Nana.

I feel weird. Sometimes I get the feeling that I’ve known Kyungsoo from before I met him. His gestures are kind of familiar. It doesnt feel like i’ve known him for a few months now. Has that ever happened to you? Lately i’ve been been having a dream where he tells me something. I don’t know what though, I can’t hear it. Then he takes my hand, pulls me towards him and kisses me. The weird thing is that I kiss him back. In my dream my chest is about to burst from happiness.

Now When I look at him I see him differently. His smile is really pretty and when he smiles his eyes look like half moons. Sometimes I get flashes of images in my head , of him, of us, doing things that I would never do with another guy. It’s not something I imagine. The images come in a second and they leave. I would dare to say it’s like a memory of something that has never happened.

Maybe this is something I want to do. When I think about this, doing things like kissing him and touching him and letting him touch me, it doesn’t really bothers me. To be honest, I think i’m a little attracted to him.

You’re close to your due date. Please be extra careful.



Hi Nana.

Congratulations!! I knew it was a boy!! Just wait 'till I see him. I’m going to spoil him so much. I’m happy to know that everything went well. My mom also sent you some stuff on the package I sent. Look at the greeting card. You’ll laugh your as s off.

I can’t wait to see you again. And meet your baby boy.



Hi Nana.

How’s Manson? Why did you have to move to the other side of the world where there is no Wi-Fi? Oh right, to save life’s. I’m proud of you. Brian should feel like the luckiest guy in the world. Because he is.

Nana, I think KyungSoo really likes me. We’ve been hanging out a lot but to me it looks like we’re going on dates. He took me to this rooftop of a building next to a huge billboard that has puppy on it. We drank some beer there. It was a beautiful view of the city from up there. That’s a place I would take the person that I like and confess to them. It has that romantic touch.

I told my mom about it. We became closer after the accident… I think… She told me that if I liked him, then I shouldn’t let him go. After all, KyungSoo is a wonderful guy and has been the person who has been there for me always. And he is wonderful indeed.

Please keep sending me pictures of Manson. Every time I see him he is bigger than before.



Hi Nana.

KyungSoo took me to his place yesterday. It’s an small apartment in a quiet neighborhood. I liked it. When I sat at the couch I saw some pictures on the book stand. I was in some of those pictures. I don’t remember taking them. I don’t remember going skying with Kyungsoo or going to some sort of festival. I asked him about it and he got nervous. I had the feeling that I knew him before. He didn’t want to talk about it though.

I want to know, Nana. Who is KyungSoo.



Hi Nana.

I kissed him. We were watching tv in my living room. I couldn’t focus on the screen though. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. I can’t believe he has done all of this for me.

When you sent me the letters I’ve sent you over the years and I realized what he is to me and all that he has done, I couldn’t help myself and leaned closer so when he looked at me with those eyes, asking me what I was doing, I couldn’t help myself. I kissed him, Nana and his lips in mine felt like the most wonderful thing in the world. I kept giving him small kisses all over his face and he kept laughing and I was the happiest person alive because it was right all along. All those confusing thoughts and feelings were right.

When I looked at him he asked me if I remembered.
The thing is, that I don’t. I don’t remember meeting him before he entered my bedroom last year. That doesn’t stop me from loving him the way he deserves to be loved, now giving me more reasons to do so.

He said he didn’t tell me who he was because he was waiting for my memories to come back. He was afraid I would reject him if he said he was my boyfriend. And i’m glad he didn’t. I don’t know how I would have reacted if he told me right away.

Nana, I’ve never liked someone this much.

Your best friend, Jongin


My Dear Nana.

I’m so happy to know that you’re moving back in town. I can finally meet Manson and spoil him properly.

You will finally meet KyungSoo after many years. When you asked me if I love him because of what I read in my letters, if I love him just because I used to before, I had to think about it.
All these months that I spent with him, not knowing exactly who he was and just enjoying his company, I realized that I was falling. I told you that I liked him before knowing the truth. Knowing that he stood by my side even when I didn’t know who he was, made me love him even more. He tells me stories of the things we did. I don’t remember doing them so he basically takes me to those places to re-live the moment.

That’s why today I bought an engagement ring. I will ask him to marry me on Christmas. Hopefully you’’ll be here by then.
I will take him to that rooftop and propose there. I want it to be special, he says I first confessed to him there, I took him there because of the beautiful view. To be honest with you, whenever we are up there, I don’t look at the horizon like he does. I can only look at him because he is the most beautiful view.

I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with the man I fell in love not once, but twice.

I love you, Nana. I can’t wait to see you.


Happy birthday to Franny and Ronan.

I missed Franny’s birthday due to personal reasons but I’m here to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ONE OF THE BEST PEOPLE EVER. Franny you are the best person ever because no matter what happened you always talked to me and made my day a bit better. You’re literally the best person I met on this website and I’m glad I met you. So thank you for being an amazing friend and person in general. I hope you had a good birthday and I hope Ronan has a good birthday too.