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Could you do a BSM and SSM for them getting protective over you. And bythe way I love your blog xx

Thank you! Here you go :) Hope you guys like it Xx I’m so sorry that this took so long for me to write, I just had a hard time thinking of 6 scenarios 

BSM = brother-sister moment, and SSM = sister-sister moment

BSM/SSM preference, they’re protective:

Riker; [Age 5] You cling to your brother’s hand as he brings you backstage to an interview. You look around and smile at the new surroundings. You’ve been cooped up in the tour bus for the past few days, so you’re very excited to get out. “Okay Y/N, sit here.” He lifts you up and gently places you onto a chair. You whine and hold onto his hand when he tries to walk away. “Y/N baby I have to have the interview. I’ll be back soon.” He kisses your head then walks over to the others. You hop off of the chair and start to explore. You wander around, passing many people in the hallway. After a few minutes, you hear your brother’s panicked voice. “Where’s Y/N?!” You giggle and rush over to him. “Here I am!” You exclaim, tugging on his pant leg. He looks down and scoops you into his arms immediately. “Y/N don’t run away like that! You scared us… We had to pause the interview because you weren’t in your chair,” he says sternly. You pout and wrap your small arms around his neck. “I sowry Riker,” you mumble. He sighs and kisses your head gently. “It’s alright sweetie, just don’t do it again, okay?” He places you back down on your chair and you nod. “I promise,” you say. He smiles softly and ruffles your hair before joining the others for the interview. 

Ross; [Age 10] “Look how high I can go!” You exclaim from the swing, pumping your legs harder to give yourself more altitude. Ross watches you from the bench. “Don’t go too high,” he tells you. “I’ll be fine,” you assure him. After a few minutes, Ross walks over. “Too high,” he says. You roll your eyes. Ross frowns. “Don’t roll your eyes at me,” he tells you sternly. “You’re being so dumb though. I’m not even that high up.” You glance at him. “I’m not being dumb, I just don’t want me little sister getting hurt,” he tells you in a soft tone. You sigh softly and let your feet drag on the gravel, slowing the swing down. Ross smiles slightly. “Thank you,” he says. You chew your lip and look at your big brother. “Can you push me?” You ask. He smiles widely and stands up from the bench. “Of course I can,” he replies as he walks over to the swing. He stands behind you and gently starts to push you. “Thanks Ross,” you say, turning your head to glance at him. He gives you a smile and nods. “Anytime Y/N, anytime.” 

Rocky; [Age 16] As you fix your hair in the bathroom mirror, you see Rocky appear in the doorway. “Hey,” you say. He nods and leans against the door frame. “What time is what’s-his-face picking you up?” Rocky asks, referring to your date. You roll your eyes. “His name is Trevor. And he’s coming at six-thirty. So I still have fifteen minutes,” you reply. “Right, Trevor, yeah. What’s he like? Is he good in school? Does he play sports? Video games? Drink alcohol? Do drugs? Go partying?” Rocky narrows his eyes slightly once he’s finished asking you a load of questions. You groan. “He’s fine in school, and he plays on some of the school’s sports teams. Yes, sometimes, no, sometimes,” you answer the questions truthfully. “Hn, I guess he sounds alright. Be careful though. Don’t do anything you’re not comfortable with, tell him when to stop, make sure he knows his boundaries, and have fun.” Rocky smiles softly. You turn around to face him and give him a small smile. “Thanks,” you say, pushing past him as you walk down to the front door. “And use protection!” 

Rydel; [Age 12] When you walk through the front door after school, your big sister bounds down the stairs. “Hey Y/N! How was school?” She asks in a chipper voice. You shrug and toss your bag onto the floor once your shoes are off. “Fine,” you reply. “Just fine?” She asks. You nod and make your way to the kitchen. “What’s wrong?” Rydel asks, following you into the kitchen. “Nothing,” you mumble, looking through the cupboards for a snack. “Y/N, c’mon, you can tell me,” she persists. You sigh and look at her. “The two biggest bullies are in my class, and they’ve been making fun of me all week,” you confess. Rydel frowns. “Oh, I’m sorry … C’mere.” She opens her arms. You go over and hug Rydel tightly. She rubs your back gently, mumbling some sweet things to you. “I’ll talk to your teachers, okay? And if the bullies still don’t stop picking on you, then I’ll talk to them myself. I hate seeing you upset, and I hate thinking that some idiots feel better about themselves when they put someone as amazing as you down,” she says. You look up at her. “Thanks Delly,” you say with a small smile. “No problem. Now come on, let’s make some popcorn then watch cartoons.” 

Ryland; [Age 7] You run around on the stage as your brother Ryland fiddles around with his DJ equipment. None of the fans are allowed in yet, so you get to hang out with Ryland for a while. “Be careful,” Ryland says without looking at you. You roll your eyes and hop up onto the platform where the drums are. “Uh huh,” you reply, walking around the edge of the platform. “I mean it, Y/N. The equipment on here is very delicate,” he says with a more serious tone than before. You hum in response and tip toe around the platform. Your foot slips, causing you to fall onto the stage with a thud. Ryland’s head whips around, ready to scold you. “Y/N what did you- oh shit,” he mumbles the last part, not wanting you to hear him swear. He rushes over to you. “Are you okay?” He asks immediately. You sit up and shrug. “I think so,” you answer. Ryland feels your ankles and wrists just to make sure. “My elbow feels funny,” you comment as he lifts your left arm. Ryland rolls your sleeve up and inspects it. “Must’ve bumped it when you fell.” He kisses the tip of your elbow gently. “Better?” He asks. You nod and smile slightly, wrapping your arms around his neck. He lifts you up, resting you on your hip. “How about we go back stage and hang out there instead, yeah? You can help me arrange everyone’s instruments and stuff,” he suggests. You smile widely and nod, always eager to help your big brother in any way. 

Ellington; [Age 18] “Okay Y/N, there’s quite a few fans out there, you sure you want to leave now?” Ellington asks worriedly. He and you had gone out for a sibling brunch, but when his fans found out where you two were, they went there as soon as they could. You nod and wave a hand. “It’ll be fine. Your fans are always so nice anyways,” you reply, walking to the door. He follows closely, wrapping his arm around your waist. “Ell, I’ll be fine, okay?” You smile softly. He nods, tightening his grip on you as he opens the door. Several fans scream and squeal as they all move towards you and Ellington. “Don’t push please,” Ell says, loudly enough so everyone can hear. You look around. smiling and waving at the lovely people around you. “Careful around Y/N! She isn’t used to this,” Ellington frets. You giggle as you look back at him. “I’m fine Ell, really,” you assure him, although he still looks worried. “Just don’t want you to get hurt or scared or anything. You’re my little sister, and I need to protect you,” he says. A few fans whom heard him awe. You grin. “I appreciate your concern, but I’m perfectly okay, honest. Now stop worrying and let’s greet some fans.”

Happy 22nd Birthday Rydel! 

In my 22 years I’ve yet to meet someone who has a spirit and light like you do; one that shines brightly no matter what. You inspire so many people and you do it all with love and kindness. I hope the next year of your life is just as amazing (and even more so) than the last and that you have many more amazing experiences! I may not know you personally, but I’ve spoken with you enough times to know that you’re a truly beautiful soul and the people’s lives you touch are lucky to have you. I hope you have a wonderful birthday full of laughter, love and family.

-Alyssa <3