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Because I am a small man, my heart is moved by what’s in front of my eyes, not by what the world needs. I just can’t abandon what’s there in front of me. I want to protect everything I can.

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“A man sometimes devotes his life to a desire which he is not sure will ever be fulfilled. Those who laugh at this folly are, after all, no more than mere spectators of life.”

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There’s no one who can live their whole life being completely uncorrupted.

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Time for an unpopular opinion ™ with the rat!

Taking insp from another artist’s work is not the same as reposting or tracing.

I don’t own my style, it’s a slow burning stew of inspirations from other artists and I’m always adding ingredients. 

 The idea that someone owns a style to an extent that another artist using similar colors/shapes/aesthetics/animals is seen as a personal attack…is beyond incomprehensible. We all got here taking from others, art is not a one person development. 

Seeing discourse on my dashboard right now, vilifying an artist for taking that inspiration from a very popular artist….scares the hell out of me. It raises the question of who owns the way a line is drawn? Who owns brushes we can make and customize on a second by second basis?

If you’re so terrified of your style being copied to the point of actively discouraging others from learning from it, perhaps it was never that unique to begin with.

This is not an attack, it is a defense of artistic freedom. 

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Drop Everything Now (Meet Me in the Pouring Rain)

Summary: Phil never planned for a rainstorm to intrude on Dan’s second ever visit to Manchester–but maybe that’s exactly what they need to push them closer than ever.

Rating: G

Word Count: 5108

Warnings: vv light hurt/comfort

A/N: Literally when I saw the art for this fic, I just knew I had to write it–cuddly 2009!phan on a rainy day? Sign me the heck up!! Huge thanks to Jess @furryhowell for the simple yet wonderful idea and Courtney @danceswithsweaters for her lovely support when I got stuck and for giving this fic the finishing polish it needed–and both for putting up with my busy procrastinating ass! You can find Jess’ fantastic art here and I really hope that you love it as much as I do because it’s the softest damn thing I’ve ever seen and I can’t not scream about it. I hope you enjoy!!

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stenbrough + sweet avenue - jets to Brazil

Songs and Ships: Stenbrough / Jets To Brazil Sweet Avenue

thank you for making me see there’s a life in me, it was dying to get out

Stozier & The 1975 - Hanzier & Chuck Berry - Benverly & Ed Sheeran - Reddie & Elton John -  Reddie & Dua Lipa - Stanlon & Ed Sheeran - Reddie & COIN - Stozier & Paul Anka - Stenbrough & The Maine -

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On Takeout and Yoga

A Thanksgiving day present for a very special @barbabangme who requested this special and she deserves the absolute world!!

Sorry I dropped off the face of the earth, I’ve been traveling since I live far from my family and I haven’t seen them or a lot of my friends in a while, so I’ve been doing some visiting for the holiday. But alas, I have made a brief return to write something that isn’t a short, bulleted, HC and (hopefully) doesn’t read like it was written by a drunk 3rd grader!

So: A reader with Vaginismus and how she tells/works through it with sweet Sonny.

hun xx

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Break My Heart: Part Three

Chapter 16 of The Boy Next Door is now up!

On an ordinary day of my ordinary life without dark clouds over my head, full of energy and optimistic feelings I am talking to myself:

“Ha, Kathi, you don´t need likes or reblogs to push your self-confidence ;) you are a good artist and you learned so much in the last year! You are SO COOL GIRL!” *pat´s her own shoulder*

On a depressing, down pushing and emotional unstable feeling day of my ordinary life I am talking to myself:

“T______T please, guys, I need your help to come out of this hole and try to live on! I need your support so that I can say to myself that there is something I am worth living! It´s not because I am a shitty bitch who yearns for attention and likes and followers! It´s so that I can see that the thing that I am doing (drawing) is good enough to get your like and love. So that I can see that I am good in at least ONE THING even if I am hating myself for everything I am. It feels like that little “love” is not only for my drawing, it gets through to myself.” *builds a castle out of blankets and hopes for the day to pass*

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