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DreamWorks Animation + Villains

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ido100  asked:

I know that in your au, Moon passed away, but still, can you draw cressie talking to Moon? And hugging her?

Moon doesn’t have to be alive to meet Cressida.

And while Grandma pays a visit, she wants to know how her daughter is doing.

and please don’t ask me how it’s possible or why or anything else, i just want to see a ‘what if’ scenario.

peachiebeans  asked:

Oh my god, Izzy I aDORE your Voltron HCs so mUCH— I find myself rereading them often when I need a giggle omg. Keep doing what u do u radiant garden flower..... u succulent peach...... u beautiful dominos two for one deal...... 👌😩🌻🌻🌻

honestly that’s,,, the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me

  • [literally anything happens] “houston we have a problem”
    • *coran voice* “who’s houston?? i’m coran???”
  • allura: “i’m a diplomat” also allura: wakes up, insults someone’s ears, tries to break their arm
  • if coran finds a gray hair on his head he’ll shapeshift it back to orange
  • hunk: “well panicking didn’t solve the problem so i guess i’m out of ideas”
  • keith swears that sometimes in battle he can faintly hear lance going “pew pew pew” when he shoots at robots
  • keith: [about to do that shit] shiro: “ke-” lance: “keith
    • keith: “…fine >:(” shiro: ?????
    • lmao so how long do you think it takes shiro to realize that lance is keith’s new voice of reason?
  • pidge: “this plan will require using lance’s greatest strength” lance: “what? my hair? my eyes?” pidge: “your obnoxious personality”

Will Love Be There by lululawrence for @tvshows-addict

Louis didn’t care who he had to pay or how much, but he was pretty sure he would give his entire life’s savings and a year’s salary if it meant that whatever was causing someone’s fucking phone to ring would stop.

The person calling must have gone to voicemail, because it stopped ringing and vibrating, but it started up again almost immediately.

“Make it stop,” Louis whined. He lifted his head enough to pull the pillow out from beneath it and smothered his head to dull the sound. “Oh shit, I think I’m gonna puke.”

“Just be sure to get out of bed first, please,” a deep, gravelly voice said from right beside Louis.

“Holy fucking shit!” Louis cried in surprise as he shot up in bed.

Or the one where Louis attends a Steve Aoki concert and accidentally ends up with a husband.

Happy early birthday, Addy!  I know I’ve been teasing you with this for awhile now, and I’m super excited for you to finally have it.  I hope you love it!  Love you, babes!!!

This fic was also written as part of the @larriedinvegasficfest as well as part of the 1000 Feelings challenge, for which you can find the masterpost here.


you think we’ll still be friends when we’re dead?
i will if you will. 
− happy birthday, tina!


ASOIAF AU: Elia and Lyanna raise their children together (modern au)
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make me choose @alaseux asked: jerejean or renison

“allison beat up whoever was stupid enough to grab her so hard, but maybe renee had handled that for her.”

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I wanna say something, for a long while i havnt felt like it was ok to like sonic. i used to collect the comics, figurines, even draw some. But people would judge my comic choice, hate on the games i loved, and generally question it.. so I started to think it wasn't ok to like what i liked. But I really liked scourge, so while browsing i was excited to see someone drawing him. So I followed you, and you've slowly brought back my love of sonic. So i wanted to say thank you. :)

aaaaaaaaa~ I’m glad I was able to achieve that for you with my silly doodles nvn

haha I even remember the reason why i had made so many flipnotes with Scourge in them on Hatena when that site was still running was so that I could show other people that he was a really cool & interesting twist on Sonic (and a bigger dork too >vo ), and it did work! .o.

and thank you for the follow, and I do hope you’ll be excited for the next chapter of the comic i’m working on involving Scourge & his world \ouo/

Losers as alcohol drinks

(yes i remember what they’ve been drinking in the library but it’s not what they would drink, it’s what they represent. kind of?)

Bill: scotch

Bev: red wine

Mike: lager

Stan: ginger grog

Ben: dandelion wine 

Richie: Flaming Mouthwash shots 

Eddie: cough syrup

@bananannabeth mentioned something about percabeth as Han and Leia and I couldn’t help myself–they’re just too cute!

(Not to mention a frustrated Annabeth secretly pining over a crush she thinks she SHOULD NOT HAVE is my weakness)


Okay, so I  know  that 100 isn’t that much compared to some crazy high-number celebrations I’ve been seeing, but for me that feels… HUGE !! I never ever thought that over 100 people would look at my blog and actually want to interact with me, so. I’m kind of amazed, and I want to thank each and every one of you !! Pete shall do their best to organize this and offer everyone some love here !!

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