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Hi I love your blog :) I know you love dogs but I was wondering what SHINee would be like as cats because I'm a cat addict? 🐱

Hello :) Thank you so much ♥ I’m so happy you like my blog.  Aww, I love cats too so I’ll do my best with this one :)

ONEW : (Mr Sunshine) ♥

JONGHYUN : (with Roo of course ♥)


KEY: ♥


SHINEE: (of course we can’t forget SHINyan) ♥

kitten | min yoongi (m)

pairing: Yoongi x Reader
genre/warnings: smut, daddy!kink, rough(ish) sex.
words: 11.4k
summary: Yoongi’s focus on work has subjected your relationship to having a dry spell, and with a little prompting from your best friend, you tell him exactly what he should do. But you don’t make the rules kitten, and the game you’re choosing to play is a dangerous one.

“It’s been how long?!” You winced at your best friend Jennie’s pitch, tilting your head away from her slightly as she continued to comically gape at you, mouth open to complete the look.

“Um, three months… nearly?” You carefully regarded her as a multitude of emotions crossed her face, finally settling on confusion.

“Why in the world have you not had sex in three months? Is something wrong?” She briefly glanced down at your lower half and you crossed your arms over your stomach quickly, shaking your head.

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Omg idk why I like it so much but can you do the s/o slipping and cracking their nose but with reaper, Hanzo, and s76? (I hope Roo is alright!)

rOO ARE YOU OKAY??? I haven’t heard an update since the incident and I am still concerned. <D



  • Immediately D i s t r e s s e d
  • Ready to call his best medic
  • You may have to calm him down
  • “Babe, it’s not as bad as it looks.”
  • “But you’re bleeding everywhere.”
  • His worrying may seem a little exaggerated but he has an extensive knowledge of injuries and how simple ones can lead to extremely painful deaths so I mean his freaking out is a little justified
  • Eventually you manage to come him down and get his help to lead you to the bathroom where you can clean up and check your nose
  • You check your nose with his help and depending how bad it is, you end up with an ice pack and possibly a trip to the med bay
  • He’s worried even after you’ve gotten settled and are just back to hanging out
  • Pampers you for the next couple days or so


  • Races to your side to make sure you’re okay but doesn’t get too worried right away
  • Helps you to the nearest washroom to clean up and properly check your nose
  • Even though he’s sure it’s nothing serious, he’s also not a professional 
  • If he can get a medic friend to come over and check, great, but if not he’s taking you to get checked out
  • It may or may not take a while but then he’ll take you to get your favorite treat or food before heading back home
  • Gentle kisses on your nose as it heals

Soldier 76

  • Scoffs and calls you clumsy as he walks over to help you
  • Hella worried but does his best to keep his composure
  • Asks you if you’re okay and if you think you need a doctor while helping you clean up
  • If you don’t feel too bad and it looks okay, he’s not going to worry too bad for the time being
  • For now you get an ice pack, a kiss on the forehead, and a soft warning about being more careful
  • Then he’ll take you to cuddle on the couch and watch a movie something
  • Asks you how you feel periodically
  • Plans a meeting with Mercy in the morning

if they ever make neopets merch again, i hope they don’t modernize it at all and continue to make very “early 2000s” themed merch like the cd cases. more ideas include:

  • a plushy neopet you can plug your ipod into
  • king roo themed fuzzy dice for your rearview mirror
  • flip phone cases
  • glitter lava lamp with little flotsams in it
  • shimmer body spray
  • neopet barettes with built-in hair extensions
  • glitter temporary tattoos
  • jelly sandals
  • neopet-themed buttons that go in the holes of your crocs


It’s finally done! It’s finally here!

Time to tag everyone.
















I’m so very sorry, I know I didn’t include a few people, but I was just so rushed because I put this off I only had time for the few that I put in, I’m no good with putting in a bunch of people into one drawing. ;3; I hope you guys like it anyways! 

There’s one with a white background and one transparent!

Drabble Bakery / Jonghyun

Idol!Au / Fluff 

Words count: 799

For anon, I hope you like it! - M

After four years of relationship, you learned something.  

It was impossible not to be enchanted to watch Kim Jonghyun. The way in which the spectacles slipped at the tip of his nose as he wrote quickly in his notebook, or when he played with Roo and lent more attention to her than to you, or even only when he smiled and noticed the people beside him light up and melt for that Marvel. You were no longer surprised at the effect that your boyfriend had on people, what still surprised you was the effect he had on you.  

The day began in the usual way, Roo asking for attention and his master who started playing with her while you were hiding between the sheets. Too tired to get up or do anything else.

The barking of the little of the house had completely woken you two hours later and you had found yourself dragging your feet to the bathroom, crave that long bath you wanted from the night before and that, of course, you hadn’t done because to see your fiance after two months had brought other consequences, especially physical.  

And it would be all right if you hadn’t found yourself on the couch, a book on your legs and a cup of tea on the side table next to you. Because you knew exactly what happened when he found you staring at him. The ironic comments began, his lopsided smile and the shimmer in his eyes always translated into “tickle War”.  

But it had been stronger than you. He sat on the floor with the laptop resting on his thighs and had started composing bases filling the living room with sounds that you knew you would appreciate. After ten minutes you had begun to observe him trying to seem as discreet as possible. Small fleeting glances, immediately interrupted when he moved his head and looked like he was going to turn towards you. Longer glances, enchanted by his high cheekbones that rose every time the smile appeared on his face. And in the end you had surrendered, your book completely forgotten and your mind that traveled quickly dreaming to sit beside him and started brushing with the fingertip of your index his jawline, then follow that wake by replacing your finger with your mouth.  

“Staring isn’t a good thing, you know??”  

“Oh fuck,” You cursed and threw the book on the Couch, breaking free from the blanket and running into the kitchen to avoid the beginning of his torture. “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck,” Your voice came out more trembling than you thought, your stomach in full revolt with the butterflies fluttering in freedom and your heart with its erratic beat. You hid behind the door, knowing perfectly that he would follow you and especially seen your safe haven.  

The countdown began in your mind and was barely seven when his slightly cold hand slipped under your shirt, making you jump suddenly and yelling at him because it seemed to have an icicle pressed against the skin.  


“It’s you who is cold, Jagi,” he chuckled letting his hand slide on your hips and pressing slowly his fingers he grabbed you better dragging out of your hiding place. Directly in his arms, “Why were you staring at me?” He inquired with a smirk, laying his other hand on your shoulder and starting with his fingers to move the wide neck of the shirt so as to discover your skin, “at first I thought that the music sucked and you were staring at me to ask me to stop. ”  

“Fool, you know your music never sucks.. Except for that nasty song you’ve never published for my luck.”  

“Don’t mock me, hey. You’re the one caught on the fact, it’s you who must pay, ” he snorted like a child, while you threw your arms around his neck; intertwining your hands behind him letting his smile melt you completely.  

“What do you want me to do, sir? I will accept any punishment for my crime. ”  

He smiling biting the tip of your nose, making you giggle and shutting your eyes slightly. His hands, under your shirt, began to run along your hips and then up your back as the silence increased and you imagined that he was preparing for his attack. Tickle was always his favorite weapon because you were the most ticklish person in the world.  

“Go back to bed, cuddling and a marathon of your favorite dramas.”  

“Why mine and not yours?” Curiosity dripped your question, as you began to caress his hair ripping a small and tender moan that broke on your lips.  

“Because every time you look at me that way, I feel the luckiest person in the world Jagi.. You deserve a prize, too. ”  

Hello stickies 🐸
My name is Roo and I like to carry around bones and get brushes from mom ! 🐶
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I turned 5 on April 8th!

Hello Roo! 😀🐸🐶
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Okay, so I’m not sure if there are others familiar with both FNAF and Monsters University but after seeing this I’d like to give you all introduction for both of them.

So first there’s a protagonist named Mike who is unable to follow his career dream(s) and has to change them.


He gains a BFF who is sweet, precious and has a trouble with his self-esteem

As a part of their gang there is also a chubby cute guy with fluffy hair

and a suspicious, cheery purple guy who is hairy and probably been in jail.

The leader of the antagonists is a cocky and based on mammals, and have a strong eyebrown game. They are also able to scare the shit out of you.

There is also this poor purple cutie who is insecure yet wants to fit in with cool guys and owns an ability to sneak into a room unnoticed

And last but not least there are two fellas who have head of their own but share a torso. They both have only one eye and they have many limbs. Sometimes living together is difficult to them but they still are dear to each other


Late Night Aromatics

I said I’d write this like almost two days ago, but here I am, very drunk, and Trying My Best. Pls let me know if there are any major typos. Based on a post from here. Dedicated to @ripplebreeze for being a homie.


It’d all started as a crazy basket full of uncertainties. Peter Gregory’s mythical journals, Richard’s self-proclaimed “Not Crazy, Opposite” idea, Monica being generous enough to play sympathetic gatekeeper and let Richard in to the storage area. Jared had unquestioningly gone along, of course.

There were no guises anymore, no more cocked heads in silent question as he packed water and granola bars and a blanket just in case. It went unspoken that none of this was for himself, but rather for Richard, though, in a way, it was still for Jared. Subservience was written into his essence, something people of lesser mettle than Richard have taken advantage of in the past, and yet Jared persisted.

It’s somewhere around three in the morning when Richard finds what he’s looking for. Exuberance bleeds from his bloodshot eyes. He bolts up like cattle prodded with a hot branding iron. Richard babbles excitedly, the word “babe” is thrown at Jared, and suddenly he’s being asked, “Can I just… try something?”

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Do you have any videos of shinee with dogs I need to see them to regain my sanity

worry not, I’ll provide you with all the shinee + dogs your heart can take (or not?) - starting with:

- jongkey and a small beautiful pup for the saem;

- more jongkey and a tiny pup for the saem;

- don’t forget the actual star of the bmu mv (+making of)

- and of the lucky star mv + making of (dl link only, sorry!);

- key’s dogs going to support them during the shooting of dtb;

- here you have jonghyun casually swallowing comme des down (feat. jinki);

- an entire key’s knowhow ep dedicated to comme des and garçons;

- and key’s my little television, of course~

- jjong & roo on 4 things show;

- oh and jonghyun’s instagram is also a great source for shinee + dogs goodness (preferably: fyjjong’s roo + blingstagram tag)

just like key’s insta;

- and lastly, I’ll leave here a pic of taemin with his pups adam and eve because we don’t get to see them enough:

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I literally just found out u existed BC of that elf practice fic so 50% is pretty good alrighty-roo I suppose

oh my god. 

i’d say that this is misrepresentative and that im so sorry this is your introduction to me, but also like, honestly? this is sort of what im like all the time. this is sort of just what its like around here all the time. sorry? im not sorry. hi. i hope you enjoyed elf practice a h a h a 

That Would Be Enough

A/N: Alright alright alright, the time has come for the longest oneshot I have ever written. This little beauty has been written in honor of @yourbuddyyourpalyourbucky‘s birthday. She deserves so much more than a fic, but I’m a terrible friend and haven’t gotten around to mailing the rest of it off yet. Regardless! Roo! I wrote this fic specifically for you! I really really hope you like it and that you have the best birthday ever!! I hope you enjoy the fic ;u;

Pairing: BuckyxReader

Word Count: 7627

Warnings: Angst, lots and lots of angst.

There are a lot of things that we take for granted in life. Things we forget to take in, savour, relish and appreciate. When I met him I made a promise to myself that I would slow down and live in every single moment I had with him. I made a promise to him that I would never lose myself. That I would make sure to slow down and take care of myself. Coincidentally, I made him make me the same promise.

James Buchanan Barnes is an incredible man. He’s strong, kind, soft, caring and intensely dedicated. He has a focus unlike any other person I’ve ever met. I admire him deeply. I might even go so far as to say that I love him. The only drawback to that is the fact that he doesn’t feel he deserves it. He’s very self destructive in that respect. After so many years as an assassin and of being alone, he always seems to talk himself out of any and every good thing that could possibly have a place in his life.

I remember quite vividly the first time I realized he was doing this.

After one of Stark’s famous after parties died down, the whole team was strewn about in one of the various lounges on one of the upper levels of the tower. Everyone was laughing, drinking, talking amongst themselves and just enjoying themselves in general. I remember watching Bucky from the other side of the coffee table. He was sitting quietly, observing everyone, listening to their banter, a small smile playing at his lips. Then, in an instant, it was gone. The grip he had on the beer bottle in his right hand tightened and his left hand seemed to clamp down on his thigh. I could practically see the gears turning in his head as he talked himself out of having a good time. His gaze fell from the group to his lap and I felt my heart plummet to the ground floor. This man has been through hell and back too many times to count and if anyone deserved a win, it was him. The only flaw in that logic being that he was at war with himself.

After a moment of concentrating on his lap he had downed his beer, said goodnight to Steve and excused himself from the room.

I remember staring at the whiskey in my rocks glass, wanting so badly to go after him. To convince him that he was allowed to have fun and bring him back to the group. In the end, I talked myself out of it and, instead, excused myself and went to my own room.

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is 33 requested? ;o; if not, that with jonghyun?

Originally posted by duevangogh

Kim Jonghyun: “Taking pictures of someone when they aren’t looking and laughing at the silly ones and falling a bit deeper for the beauty that represented them.”

In her lifetime, she had asked herself what to do in a lot of situations and making a decision was a nerve wrecking trial and error that she had to live until the very last second of her life, but life was that way and somehow, she had learnt to love the little bits of it, even if it meant that the tiniest of decisions could take away her night of sleep. Never in her life had she taken a decision as fast as she did that morning, as she walked in said park with a pair of sunglasses covering her features and her hand holding her phone as she tries to figure out what her friend was texting her but the sun tried to reflect over her screen so she couldn’t see it, which makes her sigh loudly. The decision isn’t the one she took when she curled her hand around her phone in order to create some shadow and be able to read the text that only had an emoticon, after all, it was the fact that she heard a small bark that called out for her attention. Somehow, she never thought that she’d be familiar to a dog’s bark but the tiny voice calls her out and the moment she sees the dog that was in front of her, her heart almost dropped to the floor. Big brown eyes, not so perky ears and the small name that hangs from her collar lets her know that it’s Roo…

Her ex boyfriend’s dog.

Basically, it was her dog as well for quite some while too, when she used to live with Jonghyun in an apartment that was too tiny even for two people, hence why it was always a little bit of a headache having said small dog in that apartment ruining their new furniture and making them wait until they got their paychecks to buy new ones. She found it endearing, Roo was only a little puppy when she had entered Jonghyun’s life and she really thought of it as their little love-child, but now it felt a little bit off that she had found her there, in the middle of a crowd and after two years of their break up. She takes her in between her hands and pets its little head before pecking it about twenty times, because she wouldn’t dare to admit it but after she had broken up with Jonghyun…her apartment was a little bit lonelier than she’d like to admit and perhaps, she needed the company.

“Roo, there you…fucking shit.” Jonghyun’s voice goes from a higher tone to a lower one in the mere moment of a second and when she looks up, she sees that he was wearing the same attire as her, sunglasses and a cap, probably trying to hide his new hair for some comeback. The greeting isn’t the most pleasing one but by the sweat that was over his forehead she could tell that he was worried and even when they broke up because of their busy schedules and lack of communication, she could still know that he cared about Roo more than most people cared about their pets. “I, oh, hi?”

“Hello to you too.” She adds in a sarcastic manner and Jonghyun smiles awkwardly, making her let out a small chuckle because things had changed so much between the two. She had lost so much and so did he, she had listened to the songs he had written about her and she would deny to everyone that knew about her boyfriend that she was heartbroken. Years had passed, years of wanting to see him and once she does…she doesn’t know what to say. “Seems like Roo still recognizes me.”

“You’re kidding?” Jonghyun asks in between a chuckle and then he nods his head, even when his eyes were covered by sunglasses she could tell they were shining brightly. “I think she kept looking for you for an entire week after you left…” It sounds all too familiar, that tone that he uses for her, the one that meant that he didn’t want to tell the entire side of the story. She pets her one last time before placing it over the grass and giving the leash to her owner. However, once he grips the leash a little bit tighter, she sees a shining ring on his finger and that makes her heart stop. She doesn’t hesitate, she has never done so and she takes his hand in between hers to look at it.

“You’re getting married…”

“I…uh…” Jonghyun trails his voice and she knew that he was a loss of words, but when he looks up at her, she can see the closeness between the two. “Would you like to have some coffee so we can talk this through?” She forgot how velvety his voice could be and in the matter of seconds, she was nodding her head and walking by his side, hearing the sound of their footsteps and the faint small talk that would surface between the two.

Strangely enough, he still remembers how she liked her coffee and Roo still likes sleeping on her lap, but he tries to explain himself as best as he can without making the story too long. He met her seven months after they had broken up and it wasn’t exactly a wedding ring but a couple one instead. Jonghyun is very happily with someone and she is happily remembering what she liked about him, the curve of his smile and the way he scrunched up his nose, how he seems to take a liking for tea better than coffee and she remembers how much she loved him before things ended, not because they turned bitter but because their blinded heads only found break up as the only solution. When she stands up, knowing that she had to work in less than an hour, she opens her wallet and she looks through her things to pay for half the bill before she hears Jonghyun chuckling lightly.

“What is this picture?” Before she could stop him, he had taken a picture that she had inside her wallet and looked at it with a smile over his features. She expected him to act awkward…but it surprised her that he was incredibly happy to see that picture she had taken of Jonghyun and Roo back when they lived together and he remembered how much he would bother her to rip said photograph to shreds, but now he found some new beauty to it.

“Mhm, I keep it there…” She doesn’t give him an explanation but places the money over the table before petting Roo quickly. “Bye, Roo!” She says excitedly and then turns to Jonghyun, sighing a bit before speaking. “Bye, Jjong.”


Somehow, something inside him wants her to have the same phone number she had before…


Sleep tight

Really fast sketch.

Comic version of this post of mine.

P.S. Hiccy gave Jacky a hickey. ~(*_*~)

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I recently heard your favourite pokemon is shiny umbreon. So I made you a dapper mimikyu shiny umbreon. Its a umbreon dressed as a mimikyu because I felt like a mimikyu dressed as a umbreon would be expected. Plus a sketch of Oswald and Roo!  

Im trying something new with the lines so sorry if it looks crap to you. I hope you accept the offering.