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Gatekeeper p.3

Comments: This is like late I’m sorry but this is the begining of #babymonth. I hope ya love it.

Pairing: LafayettexReader

Warning: cursing i think thats it like smut but not really smut cause it’s like- you’ll figure it out. If it is smut to you then blast me in the comment section

Song Inspiration: Kill You- Eminem

Words: 1,071

“Yo Laf let’s go we made ego’s and we’re gonna watch a movie.” Hercules said from the other side of the door.

“Mon chéri would you like to watch whatever silly kids movie they have decided to watch?” Lafayette asked cupping you’re face in his hand wiping away some tears.

“I would love to Laf but I’m not sure that you’re friends would like that very much.” You said looking down.

“My friends will not care they are good people” Lafayette said ducking down to meet you’re eyes.

“Ok but if they feel awkward please inform me I don’t hesitate to tell me please” You said wiping the last tears from of you’re face.

“Let’s go then mon amour they have made eggo waffles the easy waffle” Lafayette said as he lead you out of the room.

“You know that it’s just called ego’s?” You asked jokingly.

“Non they are called eggo waffles” He said taking a seat on the couch.

“No it’s just ego’s Laf I promise” You said laughing a little.

“Wanna bet?” He asked smirking.

“I’m gonna win but sure I don’t care”You said sitting next to him.

“Hercules we need you!”

From that day on you and Lafayette had been inseparable constantly going to movies or just other cute coupley things. In the next week you had noticed that you were late with you’re period. Due to that you took a pregnacy test, it showed positive,you wanted think of a creative way to tell Lafayette.

That Night:

“Mon chéri I’m home” Lafayette said as he walked into the house that you rarely left.

“I’m in the room” You said as you got ready pulling out the box.

“How was you’re day sweetheart?” You asked not getting off you’re bed but waiting till he came closer to you.

“It was fine work was work got some really great pictures published.” He said sitting down next you.”How about you?”

“Oh nothing much I made dinner and I went to the mall” You said trying to sound as nonchalant as possible knowing that to both of you that was a big deal.

“Oh what’s for dinner- Wait you went outside!?” He asked getting off of the bed.

“Oh yea me and Eliza went out to the mall I wanted to get you something” You said giggling.

“But what about the paparazzi weren’t they following you?” Lafayette asked pacing across the room.

“No we had John tip them off that I went to Nobu for lunch” You said a smile never leaving you’re face.

“You shouldn’t of gone out someone would of tipped him off” Lafayette said.

“I don’t care about him. I went out to get my boyfriend something nice and I was going to do it either way.” You said folding you’re arms.

“I’m not worth you going out I promise.” He said pausing in front of you.

“I got you a gift” You pulled the box from behind you’re back and handed it to him.

“Y/N I can’t-”

“Lafayette you will open it this instant” You insisted.

He sighed and pulled off the wrapping paper and opened the box to reveal a white shirt that said “I’M A DADDY” in bold letters. He looked down at the shirt and then back to you.

“You’re?” He asked. You nodded and smiled probably the biggest one that you ever did you’re life.

“Y/N you’re pregnant!” He said picking you up and spinning you around you both giggling at the same time.

“But mon chéri we have not?” He said pausing for a second the smile slowly fading from his face.

“I know the baby she- I mean they aren’t yours.” You said sighing as he set you down on the bed.

“Oh I do not care I will raise them as my own son anyway we can name him George.” He said smiling as he kissed you’re cheek.

“What if it’s a girl?” You asked smirking as you sat up.

“It will not be a girl trust me I can feel it” He said dashing towards the doorway. “I must tell Alex, non we must tell Alex” He said running back over to you and extending his hand which of course you took.

“Alexander please will you come here?” Lafayette called from the living room.

“I’m really busy right now please can it wait?” Alex asked from his room.

“Alexander this is very important.” Lafayette said smirking. You heard some  rustling and he emerged from the room.

“This better be good” Alex said sighing as he crossed.

“Mon ami you are going to be an uncle!” Lafayette said smiling

“You know adopting a dog and calling it you’re child doesn’t make t you’re actual child right?” Alex asked turning around to go back to his room.

“No Alex were not getting a dog Y/N is pregnant!” Lafayette exclaimed.

“You guys really need to stop joking with people before we start a prank war” Alex said turning back to face you.

“No no I swear on every american flag I own even the t-shirts!” Lafayette chimed back.

“And I swear on the unborn child that’s growing in me that I’m pregnant Alex” You said laughing slightly.

“Wait you’re being serious?” Alex asked

“We have been being serious this whole time mon ami!” Lafayette said

“Oh my god you’re pregnant!” Alex said giving you a hug “I’m gonna be an Uncle! And you brother you’re gonna be a father!” Alex said going and giving Lafayette a hug

“I’m going to be a dad!” Lafayette said squeezing Alex back.

That Night:




“I’m coming” You said getting up and of the couch

“Mon chérii you should really stay of you’re fet now that you’re carrying a tiny human.” Lafayette said from the couch.

“Well you don’t seem to be getting the door do you.” You said as you opened the door. His cologne hit you before you even saw his face and you knew who it was as you looked up his icy blue eyes met yours.

“Well hello gorgeous I’ve been told we’re expecting” Ozzy said that permanent smirk still on his face his body leaning against the door frame.

BTS reaction to you cutting your previously Rapunzelesque hair

Jin: “Oh jagi, I think you’re beautiful with long or short hair, just please never shave your head.” 

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Suga: “Nice” 

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J-hope: “Oh my god, jagi, where’d your hair go?!” 

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Rap Mon: *Namjoon approves* *like a lot* *apparently* 

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Jimin: “It looks good jagi” 

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V: “Why’d you do that?” *he’ll get over it, p quick tho* 

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Jungkook: “It’s cute” 

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A/N: Thank you for requesting, I love doing these, feel free to request more! 

Bts reaction when finding out their girlfriends learned Korean traditions for meeting their family for the first time

Jin: He would be sooooo surprised like “did you really do that and spent so much time just because of my family??” He would be really happy too.

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Suga: “well no one told you to spent so much time on that..”

Gf/ y/n : “I just wanted to..could you say like wow babe you are so good or something like that instead?”

Suga: “You make me feel like shit because I don’t usually do anything like that to my family”

Gf/ y/n : Naahh..You´re the best

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Rap monster: He would just laugh and say that you didn’t have to do it but he would appreciate it a lot. He would probably promise you to take you out for dinner later.

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Jhope: He would be like Rap monster but 5 times more. He would start to dance, sing and rap just for you as a reward.

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Jimin: He would regret so much for not telling you that you don’t have to do anything when meeting his family.

Jimin: “nooo you shouldn’t have done it, you didn’t have to babe.”

Gf/ y/n : “Well I want to, I would have done it even if you told me to not anyway”

Jimin: “You are so stubborn”

Gf/ y/n: “so are you hehe.”

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Gf/ y/n: “yeah why?”

V:”No it´s just cute that you put time and effort for something that I love”

Gf/ y/n: “aww No problem baby, I really wanted to impress your family”

V:”You can do that just with your look but now with all this, they won’t let you go”

V outside: “I love you babe”

V inside: *dying and crying* “why is she so damn cute?”

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Jungkook: “Babeee I love you so much, you know this is why I love you, because you always put effort and time in whatever you do”

Gf/ y/n: “awwww thank you babe”

Jungkook: *starts crying and laid down on the floor*

Gf/ y/n: “ok why are you so dramatic?”

Jungkook: “Because I got such a great girlfriend”

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Hope you liked it! GF - girlfriend, Y/n - your name.

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hey everybody! it’s been a while, hasn’t it? little shiny Bumblebee here has perfect IV’s except for special attack, an adamant nature, and multiple egg moves + a fire stone for when you want to evolve her! I hope you all like her! i’m expecting today’s giveaway to be a bit slow since i haven’t had one in quite a while, so i’ll probably get to everyone’s deposits p fast!

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