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the only one moment  i didn’t understand in the episode was why Regina let Emma go so easily in the end? even with the smile?

Because I know that 6x22l wasn’t Emma’s happy begining, and I just hope that they adresses it somehow, even if only in the subtext. But in first part of 7x02 they openly show it. 

Emma is pregnant, and if they argue with each other how to tell Henry about it, it doesn’t need to be so angry. But Regina and Hook confrontation was angry and dark, darker than usual. Like Emma is in some trouble.

Regina: What the hell was that? Why did you just lie to Henry?
Hook: Because that’s what Emma wanted. If he knew what really happened, he’d drop everything and come back. She wants to let him get on with his life.
Regina: Well, I think she’s wrong.

And after Regina tells Henry about everyone’s happy beginnings, he asks her “you forgot someone. How’s my moms? Are they happy?”


then Emma pops up from nowhere and tells Henry that she wants new family, that she missed things with him and wants to do  everything right from the start.

But the propblem is - Regina has already fixed that “missed” thing.

and Emma Swan was perfectly fine with her kid until she fell into the damn Book.

So why Regina let Emma go so easily? 

Because when the Pirate lied to Henry  he has lied to Regina too.

Regina: Well, I think she’s wrong.
Hook: Well, that’s not your decision. We have to respect Emma’s wishes.

( you can read here how he manipulated all of this)

Also, while we see how the Pirate separates mother and her kid in the Snow White’s book, in new book Regina’s little Prince fixes what he broked. Like mother like son.

So, back to Regina. She thinks it’s Emma’s wish. And when you love someone, you let them go. Even when you think they are wrong.

And that’s how, my dear swen_theynotcanon, Emma Swan lost her kid. Again. In canon.


Captain Swan AU 

The thing he feared the most has finally happened. Emma shutting him out, and running away after the first obstacle they faced as a couple. He tried reasoning with her, but she had made up her mind. His messages and phone calls have all gone unanswered. Killian wanted to fight for them, but he knew he had to give her time to think things through on her own. That was the hardest month of his life. He was losing hope but then Emma called and asked if they could talk…

Happy birthday @museelo!!! <3

I wrote an unbeta’d baby bit on the plane today based on my own theories and speculation for CS post 7x02. Even though they found their HEA, I can’t help but add a little angst to Killian Jones’ life. Sorry?

Fighting Fate


“So what are you hoping for, a boy or a girl?”

It’s a question that comes up often now that word of Emma’s pregnancy is public knowledge. Like most expectant parents, he parrots back the answer, “I could hardly care what our babe is, as long as he or she is healthy, I’ll love them regardless” hoping that his voice doesn’t betray his true feelings regarding the matter of his child’s biological sex.

Killian Jones isn’t lying when he says that he will love his child regardless of how he or she is born. Boy or girl, the knowledge of their mere existence is miracle enough to bring him to his knees. But, he’s a superstitious man and the fates have conspired against his family and loved ones one too many times to make him quake in his boots over one thing – a daughter.

Once upon a time, he hadn’t been afraid. In fact, if pressed, Killian might have admitted he wished for a daughter. He can picture her perfectly – Emma’s hair, his eyes – a perfect combination of both. A girl would mean one of each for Emma, a son and a daughter, and gods does his wife deserve to have everything life would have to offer.

But then Killian met him, and everything changed.

He can recall with distinct clarity the moment he felt as if he were looking into the mirror several years in the future, encountering his older self from Emma’s wish, alive and real and broken. And then all had come to light – the other man, the other him, had a daughter, but also lost one.

It’s a tale that’s haunted him for the past few months. He doesn’t share his anxieties with Emma, unwilling to add extra stress to her pregnancy. They had tried for so long and had their hearts shattered over the years in an effort to have a child, that Killian is unwilling to add any unnecessary pressure if he can avoid. After all, he doesn’t know if his fears could ever come to light. He only theorizes, but gods, he prays to whichever god will listen that he’s wrong.

He can’t help but wonder that if he and Emma have a daughter, that the fates might conspire to steal her away – lock her in a tower, place her in a wardrobe and whisk her realms away. He knows not everything is the same between he and his other self, but enough is to make him question just what his and Emma’s future hold. The other Killian Jones has his face, his hook, and his name. If they share the same past, could they also share the same future?

Logically, he knows there are differences. In this world, he has Emma. If the child growing inside Emma proves to be a girl, he knows the science enough to know that she wouldn’t be the same as the one sired by his other self. But Killian also knows that though the DNA, as he’s learned, is different, some things are always the same. Snow White bites a poisoned apple. Sleeping Beauty falls under a sleeping curse. Cinderella loses her glass slipper. Could he be fated to have a daughter and lose her, no matter the realm?

It’s something he can’t bear to find out. Killian isn’t sure how he would survive failing both Emma and their child. After everything Emma suffered with Henry, he will not let her miss more years with her second child. And he, himself, refuses to allow his child to grow up like he and Emma had – alone, scared, and without a set of loving parents.

He would die to keep his family safe, already has done it before. He prays the opportunity never arises, and perhaps, perhaps a son might prevent that. But fate’s a strange mistress, and it’s with Emma gripping his hook, he learns just who his child might be.

“Congratulations! It looks like you’re having a girl.”


Yeah I finally got time to finish this fanart :D
It´s a modern zombie apocalypse AU. I thought that could be so cool bc imagine all the drama and fights between them x)  

Gaston would have so much fun shooting down undeads, he would be quite reckless and still trying to get Belle on his side xD But Belle still thinks he is a jerk and she would definitely surprise the guys with her fighting skills and strength. She can get really brutal haha xD Lefou is pretty concerned all the time and he´s got the medical skills in the team. But as much as he seems to worry and to be afraid, he is still very brave and wrecks some zombie asses. Lefou and Belle would be the ones who could save the whole team cause they are using their brains if you know what I mean haha XD Adam would have lots of fights with Gaston about who is better and all that. Both of them would be very annoying I imagine. Stanley is the one who, even tho it´s zombie apocalypse, still dresses with style xD And I imagine him to be very quiet and helpful. But he would probably stick with Gaston and Lefou if he had to chose a side (bc you know Lefou 💜 hehe) x)

See lots of drama haha but that´s just what I thought haha XD How would you think they would be as a team? :D

I wanted to give them modern clothes but stick a bit to the original colors ^^ Also I made a bloody and a normal version bc I dunno I couldn´t decide and I love painting some blood xD

Welp I hope you like it even tho it´s super messy xD

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do you have aus where Killian is Emma teacher/professor?

hold me in this wild, wild, world by @themmaswan [one night stand with the teacher which leads to some delicious bedsharing. i rec it a lot and you’ll see why]

Ship It by @lifeinahole27 [henry ships his teachers and vice versa. there’s a sequel and it’s steamy as hell. i have an unhealthy obsession with this two shot. hope there’s more someday]

The Busy & The Tired by @blessed-but-distressed [ Emma is a long-term high school sub and Killian offers to give her pointers. She declines, but realizes she needs it like 5 min. Into her first class]

Canon In D Major by @i-know-how-you-kiss [‘Hey we hooked up last night and it turns out you are my child’s teacher’ told in a sexy, delightful way. there’s a smut outtake too. liz, you’re a gift]

I don’t usually do this by @emmaofmisthaven (my title)

We Got Us by @lifeinahole27 (professor x teacher. their professions don’t play a role in the story, but read it and you’ll thank me)

Impression Soleil Levant by @princess-emma-of-misthaven 

Something There by onceuponacaptainswan  

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I know you normally don't take prompts, but if you were to write a smutty oneshot with deputy Killian and Emma I would not object. ;)

Author’s note: I finally got some time to write this! I hope you like it!

Also posted: FF.net / AO3

The Sheriff and the Deputy

She turned over the fifteenth (or was it more? She lost count) time, tugging on her pillow to find a cool spot. It was dark, perfectly silent, her eyes were firmly closed, and still Emma Swan could not fall asleep. It was too quiet. Too dark. Too cold. It was the middle of fall and while the air in Storybrooke was cool; she never felt it in her bed. Their bed. She always had her husband—the human furnace—there to chase away the chill.

Basically, she’d gotten far too accustomed to sharing a bed and she missed him.

He was only down at the station. Manning to proverbial fort on a Saturday night. They were due at her parents’ house the next day for Sunday dinner; Killian gallantly suggested she get a good night’s sleep rather than man their usual Saturday night post at the station. It was a duty they typically took together, Saturday night being their busiest time in the sleepy town of Storybrooke. Ever since the Final Battle, things had been downright boring, not that she was complaining. Boring was good. It allowed her to enjoy some quality time with her new husband, something they’d had precious little of during their eventful courtship.

She was truly content, for the first time in her life.

Only not right now, because the man she loved so dearly was missing from their bed.

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“You sure this is a good idea?”

“Seeing as Magnus can’t make a portal, I’d say we have to.”

They were all outside, standing at the entrance to Alicante. Isabelle, Simon, Alec, Magnus—Max and Rafe were staying with Mayrse in Alicante until Magnus got better—the Blackthorns, Aline, Emma, and Kit. Everyone was shivering in the chilly air, uncommon for the summer in Alicante, but waiting patiently nevertheless. A warlock was meant to come and make them a portal for them to go back to the New York Institute, and then to Los Angeles for the Blackthorns, but he hadn’t turned up yet.

Simon looked around at all of them. The effects of the last few days was clearly shown on their faces. Magnus looked pale and thinner than usual, and grief was written over everyone’s faces. The shock that followed the fire-message that Simon had received was impossible to describe. Robert—dead? It wasn’t a possibility that he could have ever imagined. He had thought at the time he’d never be able to explain this to Izzy, who’s relationship with her father had strengthened so much over the last few years, to explain that her father was dead?

He didn’t have to. She had ripped the note from his numb fingers, seeing the expression on his face, probably panicking about her brother and Magnus—they’d all known he was ill—but she had instead received the news of her father death. He remembered with terrible clarity, the look on Izzy’s face when she’d dropped the note and started to weep in the middle of their kitchen. It was the worst feeling in the world.

Snapping back to the present, Simon watched the group all turn to see a dark red skinned warlock walk around the corner. His mind immediately supplied “Darth Maul”. God, he really needed to stop geeking out at the most inappropriate moments.

“Are you Daernus Cael?” Julian questioned, his voice determined but eyes distant from the rest of his body, as if he were in a completely different place to here. Simon supposed he was. Simon himself had experienced a family going through the loss of a little kid, and he definitely had not wanted to experience it again, but here he was.

“Yes.” The warlock answered with a thick accent that was hard to place. He looked over at Magnus and nodded to him, as a sign of respect or greeting Simon didn’t know. Magnus nodded back, albeit a bit slower. Their little crowd parted as to let the warlock work on a portal out of the main entrance of Alicante. He’d come by recommendation from one of the council members—Simon couldn’t remember who—as there weren’t any other warlocks that were capable of creating a portal at the moment, even Magnus. He remembered the tight grip that Izzy had placed on him when they’d seen Alec, grey-faced and wan, drooped near Magnus’s unconscious body in Mayrse’s house.

Izzy was in fact gripping his hand tightly now, whether to reassure herself or him he didn’t know. The warlock had taken a step back to finish his handy work, and Simon stepped forward closer to Isabelle. “You okay to go back to New York?” He asked in a low voice, squeezing her hand. She nodded, her dark eyes turned up to his, and then taking a deep reassuring breath and relaxing. He gave her a small smile, let go of her hands, and turned around, only to bump straight into Daernus. The warlock let something clatter out of his fingers, onto the floor. “Here, let me get that,” Simon said apologetically, before Daernus had the chance to say anything. He picked up what seemed to be a blue pendant hung on a chain, like a necklace. He closed his hand around it and felt a sudden warmth rush through his body, and then Daernus was snatching the necklace back, his face creased in annoyance. Weird.

Then he was turning to the others, and announcing that they should make their way through the deep deep blue portal, two at a time at most, in his deep gravelly voice. Alec and Magnus went first, Magnus leaning on the former for support. They vanished in the swirl of shadows. After that came Helen and Aline, holding hands as they entered the portal. Simon wasn’t too sure what was happening with their exile, but it seemed they’d been let off the hook for now, considering Livia’s death. Next went a couple of the Blackthorns, Emma and Kit, Cristina and then finally Simon and Isabelle.

He felt a little more nervous than usual, going into a portal made by a warlock he didn’t know. He brushed it off as false superstitions, then took Izzy’s hand and led her to the portal.

Right before they stepped into the blue, sucking whirlpool, he heard the warlock say behind him: “Enjoy your trip.” Simon turned to say thank you, but stopped short when he caught sight of Daernus’s face. It was twisted into a horrible smile, but before Simon could yell at his fiancée to stop, to not go through, she had pulled him in and he felt the free falling sensation of the portal, and everything went black.

It felt different. It felt… wrong. He couldn’t call out to anyone in the abyss, couldn’t keep his hold on Izzy’s hand, and it felt as if he were being torn violently away from the world, which was a very wrong sensation indeed, and then he was falling, falling without Isabelle, and he needed to it to stop, he needed the world to……

- - -

Simon woke with a start, and jerked his body into a sitting position straight away. He felt groggy, his head was hammering, and his couldn’t concentrate.

Where was he?

He looked around blearily, and realised he was in an alley. Why was he in an alley? The the memories hit him fast and hard all at once. He stood bolt upright, winced when his head throbbed, and leaned one hand against the alley wall.

The warlock… the warlock that was supposed to have sent them to New York… had sent him here. Alone. Where was everyone else? And come to think of it, where the hell was he?

Simon stumbled out of the alleyway, and saw, to his great surprise, that he was in Brooklyn. Huh. Maybe Daernus had just sent them randomly placed over the city for… fun? Even in his head, that sounded stupid. He jogged a few years down the block, wondering where the hell he was going to find everyone, when he realised that he wasn’t far from Magnus’s loft. He quickened his stride, hoping to at least find someone at the loft, something. He didn’t know where the hell Izzy was, he thought, fighting down panic, and where anyone else had been sent! Simon swallowed hard. If Magnus was at the loft then he’d be able to help. Magnus was able to fix anything.

He skidded to a stop in front of the apartment building, and stopped short as he noticed the label. “Lightwood.” Magnus’s idea of a joke, maybe? But he was serious his relationship with Alec. He wouldn’t joke about being married.

Simon bounced on the balls of his feet, feeling more panicky than he should have. He pressed the buzzer, once, twice, and then the audio crackled to life. “What do you want?” A grumpy voice filtered through the buzzer.

Relief coursed through Simon like a wave. It was Alec. He wasn’t alone in this after all. He cleared his throat, and the words burst out of him. “Alec! Oh my god, thank god you’re okay, do you know where anyone else is? I can’t find anyone anywhere and I was just dumped out of the portal into an alleyway—”. The door buzzed as to let him in, and Simon, puzzled, swung open the door, stepping into the stairwell. He frowned. Something didn’t feel right.

He took the stairs three at a time, and got to the right floor, and sagged in relief when he saw Alec poking his head out of the door. He looked… different. Simon couldn’t pinpoint it. “Hey!” Simon panted, coming to a halt at the doorstep. Alec’s eyebrows furrowed. “Do I know you?” He asked.

Simon rolled his eyes. “Ha ha, very funny. Is Magnus in there with you?” He craned his head to see inside, but Alec moved and blocked the loft from view. “Seriously, who are you? Who’s Magnus?” Alec asked, seeming genuinely confused, and a little angry.

Simon felt his stomach turn. “Alec. It’s me. Simon Lewis? Mundane turned vampire turned Shadowhunter? Magnus is the High Warlock of Brooklyn?” He said, in a light tone that didn’t cover his mood. What the hell was going on? Did Alec gain a head injury coming through the portal?

Alec frowned at him. “Either you go away now, or I’ll magic you away. I have no idea what you’re talking about and I don’t want to. And I have no idea how you seem to know me. I’ve never seen you before in my life. And for your information— I’m the High Warlock of Brooklyn,” he said, looking pissed off. “Now go away and stop bothering me.”

“Alec—” he started, his stomach dropping even more, but Alec just glared at him and slammed the door.

What the fuck?

What had just happened?

His mind went blank, trying to process whatever had just happened. What the hell?

Simon walked down the stairs and out in an absolute daze, almost tripping, and then at the front door to the exit, realised what had been so weird about Alec’s appearance.

No runes.

— — — — —

hey guys!!! this is just something I’ve been wanting to write, i’m planning this fic as a multi-chapter (i was struck by inspiration) and i hope you all like it!! i can’t wait until the later chapters ;D

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Prompt: Captain Swan adopt a child! Thank you! xx :D

I finally did it! I hope it’s everything you wanted it to be! Thank you for being so patient while I struggled with words ahhh (also this is completely unedited so mistakes are all mine)

It’s David’s idea to allow high schoolers to come learn what it’s like at Storybrooke Sheriff’s Department. 

At first, there aren’t many serious candidates that come for an afternoon after classes are through.

Most of the kids that stop in mostly just want to hear stories from Killian and Emma about various villains they’ve had to face off against. Killian’s more than eager to comply, often weaving incredible tales that are just a little over dramatized.

It takes three weeks of the occasional interested teenager for them to get one that actually is interested in becoming a police officer.

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219! ❤️❤️

Anon, I gotta tell you, this one was a tricky little beast. I hope you like it, it’d be great if you could let me know! Thank you for sending it in :) Written for “I didn’t ask for any of this ! But do you know why I put up with it? Because I love you!”

The dorm room is a fucking mess.

Castiel pushes open the door to find the floor nearly covered with papers and various mechanical paraphernalia, obscuring the well-worn carpet to the point where he isn’t even sure if he could make it over to his bed. In the centre of it all, the epicenter of the explosion, sits his roommate. Dean’s black-framed reading glasses are perched on his nose as he peers at a set of blueprints in one hand, then looks over to the half-constructed something in his other.

Whenever Dean has a big project due, this is inevitably what ends up happening. Their dorm room is transformed into his ‘workshop,’ despite Castiel’s numerous protests, and his normally patient roommate becomes a snapping, snarling monster. Stressed Dean is Castiel’s least favourite type of Dean.

He clears his throat from the doorway and tries to avoid stepping on a thick report with a title so full of engineering jargon that there’s absolutely no hope at all of discerning its subject. Dean doesn’t look up, just bites his bottom lip and exchanges the blueprints for a screwdriver.

Dean,” Castiel tries, more forcefully. This time, he gets a reaction.

Dean’s hand jerks, and the screwdriver scrapes along a metal side. His roommate twists from his seat on the floor, and green eyes glare up at Castiel.

“Cas, what have I told you about interrupting me while I’m in the middle of important shit?” Dean snaps, running his thumb along the piece of metal to check that the screwdriver hadn’t damaged it. Thankfully, it appears that Dean’s project remains intact – if it hadn’t, this conversation would have escalated to a fight very quickly.

As it is, they still need to talk.

“This is my room too, Dean. I don’t mind you working here if you have to, but occupying it to the point where I can’t reach my own bed is a little excessive.”

Dean gestures vaguely at the floor in front of Castiel, his gaze still fixed on his creation. “Just move the papers on friction and resistance, and the bag of flange nuts, and you’ll be fine.” He carries on tinkering with his project, and Castiel can feel his frustration welling up in his chest. It’s not helped by the fact that he has no idea what on earth a ‘flange nut’ is.

“Dean,” he growls, not moving from the doorway – because he’d probably only step on something important, and then Dean would yell at him, and they’d fall into an argument anyway. “I’m serious. Clean the floor, one of us is going to hurt ourselves, and I can’t get to my fucking bed.” He makes no attempt at hiding the anger and frustration in his voice, and Dean definitely hears it, because when he turns back to face Castiel, there’s a sharpness and a fire in those green eyes.

“I’m working on a project, Cas, deal with it.”

Castiel flinches as though he’s been slapped. For all the nights that they’ve hung out together, laughing and talking about nothing in particular with Castiel slowly falling further and further, this is the nasty side of Dean that rarely comes out to play, and it’s like being stabbed in the gut.

He’s hurting; his first instinct is to lash out in retaliation.

“Deal with it? Are you kidding me? This is my room, Dean, I have just as much right to the space as you do, now clean it up, or I’ll—“

“You’ll what?” Dean growls, setting the contraption aside, rising to his feet and pushing his heading glasses up on top of his head. He’s way too attractive like this, fierce fire and barely-contained thunderstorms, and Castiel clenches his teeth so hard that something in his jaw pops. “You’ll complain about me to the RA? Request a room swap? What, Cas? You got a fucking problem?”

And that’s just a push too far, to suggest that Castiel would throw away their whole friendship over a silly argument.

“I didn’t ask for any of this! But do you know why I put up with it all? Because I love you.”

Then again, he might’ve just thrown away their entire friendship anyway.

He slaps a hand over his mouth, his eyes going wide and mortified in an expression that he knows must mirror Dean’s own. The room is silent.

“You love me?” Dean whispers, his green eyes still wide with shock and arms hanging loosely by his side. Castiel wishes that he could turn back time, unsay it, unsay all of it. He’d put up with the bombsite of a room if it just meant that he and Dean could be okay.

“Please, just forget about it, it’s not – I don’t want it to come between us.” His own voice sounds tremulous, sad. Dean just stares at him.

And then he’s moving, delicately picking his way over his various piles of paraphernalia until he’s standing in front of a shocked and immobile Castiel. The pile of metal directly behind Dean means that they’re forced close together, Dean’s socked feet almost on top of Castiel’s tennis shoes, barely any space between their chests.

Castiel only has a second to register the closeness of those green eyes before there are firm, calloused engineer’s hands cupping his cheeks, and warm lips pressing against his own.

Dean is kissing him. He must be hallucinating, surely, but when he lifts one hand to brace himself against Dean’s chest, his roommate feels warm and sturdy and real. To hell with it, he thinks, and melts into the kiss.

It feels like it goes on forever, but it must have only been a few seconds before Dean pulls back, his cheeks flushed and a slightly goofy smile on his lips. “You really meant that?” he asks, and Castiel is too stunned to do anything but nod before Dean reels him in for another kiss. This one lasts significantly longer, and by the time they break apart, they’re both breathless and grinning.

Dean is looking at him like he hung the sun and moon and all the stars, and Castiel knows he must look the same.

“I still want you to clean up the floor,” Castiel tells him, his voice soft.

Dean laughs, and kisses him again.

Another Broken Soul (3/6)

Summary: Modern AU. Emma arrives in Storybrooke to start anew with her life. What she didn’t expect is to find someone there who she met ten years before, in completely different circumstances.

Ratings: General.

Disclaimer: I don’t own either Once Upon A Time, or its characters (I’d like to, at least some of them, but I don’t).

Chapters: One; Two; Three;

Thank you very much to my lovely beta @laschatzi

And thank you, thank you, thank you to each and everyone who is reading this story and, I hope, enjoying it. Here you have another chapter, a little bit longer than the previous ones. Next one will be in two weeks.

Chapter Three.

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Quick Prompt (1/2)


Friends to Lovers in a Small Town

Here Lies Part One of Two (I am incapable of brevity)


It was all David Nolan’s fault.

He was the one who’d decided to quit, swapping law enforcement for cleaning out rabbit hutches and walking three-legged dogs.

“It’s a better work-life balance,” he’d admitted sheepishly, when Emma had first found out. “Leo keeps having these little milestones, and I want to be around to see them.”

And though Emma was justifiably angry, she couldn’t really fault him on his priorities. Spending time with your wife and infant son was undoubtedly a better way to spend one’s evenings than breaking up bar fights outside The Rabbit Hole and beating Emma’s high score on Minesweeper on their ancient desktop.

So yeah, she understood. She accepted it, even. But she was still down a Deputy, with tourist season approaching. It was this reason, and this reason only, she even considered hiring Killian Jones.

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non-spoilery Beauty & the Beast review

- Plumette (the feather duster)’s transformation was everything I could ever hope for. It was magical and beautiful *__*

- Ewan McGregor as Lumiere did not disappoint. Ewan! Singing! =D! Lumière/Plumette yasss. Also Ian McKellen as Cogsworth and Emma Thompson as Mrs. Potts whatttt

- You know you’ll like Kevin Kline as Maurice (Belle’s dad) because Kevin Kline has his moustache on for this movie

P.S. Don’t worry about LeFou. D o N o t W o r r y.

What’s Missing?

Alright @favoritefandoms, I’m your CSSV! I’m so sorry I’m posting this late! I really liked talking to you and getting to know you! It was great to make a new friend! I hope it’s worth the wait!

You mentioned you like AU’s so here’s a Coffee Shop AU. You also said you like friends/enemies to lovers, so I did a frenemies to lovers story! I hope you like it and I hope you had a great Valentine’s Day! xx :D 

ff.net link here

AO3 link here 

Every Saturday morning for the last year, Emma comes to the quaint coffee shop a few blocks away from her apartment building. Her days as a deputy keep her busy, but Saturday mornings are reserved for her chance to wind down and take a break. Enjoy her one hour of solitude away from work.

That is until the black-haired, blue-eyed nuisance started to show up.

Every time.

She still doesn’t know his name, hasn’t even spoken to him. The only form of acknowledgment is a nod and small smile when he walks through the door and sits at the table across from hers. (And the hint of mischief in his smile when it meets hers at the little game they’re playing).

All she knows is he came sweeping in one day, with his cocky nature and flirty attitude (he hasn’t flirted with her, but she’s seen the way he acts with the other women fawning over him), disturbing her peace. He deliberately chooses to come at the same time and day she’s there. She has thought about coming in at a different day to avoid him all together, but Emma Swan is not one step down, she was here first. This was her routine.

Plus, she found their little game too fun to stop.

She doesn’t even know how, but somehow he managed to learn what she orders.

And that’s when it begins.

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“All I’m saying, Swan, is that it would make far more sense if it was called the Easter Hen.” Killian says with a grunt as he straightens up from placing yet another rainbow colored egg in yet another bush. His spine cracks ominously when he’s upright and he grimaces, eyes closed for a moment in order to gather some much needed patience. 

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“Until we met, he was you. Which means that there’s hope. All you need to do is believe.”

What I really liked about Emma saying this to Wish Hook was that it reminded me of the S3 finale when Killian tells her, “Otherwise I’d remember that damn barwench I’d kissed.” Past Hook’s life would have changed course if Killian had remembered Emma in that moment because, as he told her, he knows how she kisses and he’d have gone after her. Since Wish Hook and our Killian were the same person before Regina’s curse hit (if I’m remembering this correctly from Wish Hook’s explanation), the significance of this moment and Emma (and Killian) knowing that she can help Wish Hook the same way she could have helped Past Hook (and did help our Killian) is really sweet and reinforces that whenever, wherever, Emma is a huge, huge positive influence in Killian’s life. The scene didn’t have a ton of emotional impact for me on the first watch, but I liked it a little better on the second and this line was why. It’s the one I’ve been thinking about all night.

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Could you write something about how *spoiler alert* the breaking of Charming's curse has something to do with Emma and Regina? Because Ginny said that it didn't have to do with Snow and Charming directly, so I thought.. hm, what if it's Swan Queen? :D Thank you!

Thank you for the prompt, Anon!! I hope you will like this ;D

“There is no way, is there?” Emma’s tired voice resonated in the loft from where she was seated at Snow’s bedside. 

“We will find one, even if I have to spend the rest of my life searching for it.” Came Charming’s voice filled with will and devotion as he sat next to Snow, leaning against the headboard. 

“Not to burst your bubble, but I can’t see any foreseeable future where Snow and yourself are both awake.” Regina snapped, her hands going from her hips to her hair every two seconds as she paced around the bed. 

They were exhausted after days spent brainstorming. Henry had crashed upstairs and the loft was completely dark, bar the faint light of one bedside table lamp. Emma yawned and crawled on the bed to sit between her mother and father. She shut her eyes, almost dozing off. 

Regina sighed and sat on the edge of the bed by Snow’s side. Looking down at her with tired and defeated eyes, the softest of smiles graced her lips as she brushed a strand of hair off her forehead. She felt Snow slightly lean against her palm in her sleep. Her heart constricted as she was overcome with vivid memories of a 10 year old  seeking comfort from nightmares of her mother’s death. Night after night. 

Charming wrapped an arm around his daughter’s shoulders and she leaned against him. They all just existed together in silence. Feeling safe in this protective fatherly embrace Emma kissed her father’s cheek at the same time as Regina leaned in and kissed Snow’s forehead.

 A powerful burst of True Love blasted from the bed and Snow inhaled sharply, opened her eyes and blinked. Charming froze, waiting but as nothing happened, he smiled brightly.

“Snow!” He moved and kissed her lovingly.

Regina and Emma’s eyes glanced at their clasped hands on the bed before looking back up at each other. And they held their gaze for a second longer than usual. For a beat longer than usual. For a smile longer than usual. Together. That was the word that floated in their eyes as realization dawned on them that they had felt both their magic intertwine for a brief moment. As they let go, a spark burst and disappeared. 

A commotion was heard from the window and they all looked at each other. The Evil Queen. She must have felt the True Love blast and was already causing chaos in town. Regina and Emma looked at each other again and nodded. Together.


So I kinda like this but it’s kinda like pulling teeth at times (except the dialogue, the dialogue flows :D). Sooo hope you are enjoying it!

Blunders and (happy) Beginnings; CHAPTER 2; ~ 2, 500 words; FF.NET || AO3

The result of too much Jane Austen and associating everything with Captain Swan.

A public assembly, Miss Emma Swan decided years ago, was an occasion for one to be either extremely agreeable or completely disagreeable. And this particular dance in Storybrooke, on that particular night, she could, with only some little trouble to herself and some possible offense to others, arrange in those exact two categories.

The agreeable

Miss Emma Swan

At the very start of the evening Miss Swan herself was prepared to be extremely agreeable indeed. And the reason, for the most part, lay in the expression on Captain Killian Jones’ face when he entered the rooms.

If betting was an appropriate pastime for young ladies, she would’ve bet her fortune, her honour and the very gown she was wearing that there had never been, nor will there ever be, a more reluctant and ill-disposed man to cross that threshold.

Now, contrary to what a large part of their intimate acquaintance might believe, Miss Swan merely took pleasure in outwitting Captain Jones and none at all in causing him pain. But they had been acquainted two years now – due to her newfound, and his longstanding, friendship with the Nolans – and she had not once seen Jones at a ball, nor heard it talked of him attending one or having ever done so. Though she knew the last one to be impossible, for a man could hardly be the brother of Captain Liam Jones and the close friend of Mr and Mrs Nolan and never attend a ball (nor could he likely find a wife without doing so and she knew that he had had one of those some five years ago).

So, on the whole, Miss Swan was much too thrilled at the prospect of finally seeing the captain make such an appearance, and even more so at his obvious reluctance, to think about being anything but agreeable. Truthfully, she rather thought Captain Jones responsible for putting her in such a good mood and thus responsible for the unforeseen progression of her evening.

But that could wait. First she had to admit into her club of agreeableness the person of

Captain Liam Jones

Cunning as always, he still managed to impress her with what she perceived as nothing short of pure genius.

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