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@therealjacksepticeye Heya Jackaboy!

So I initially made this for the last SepticArt, but by the time I was done the septicart video had already been made and done so I ended up not posting the picture because I felt like I had no reason to, I felt like there was something missing with my piece, and some stuff happened so I wasn’t able to finish it up the way I wanted. But now this has come around again (and plus its October) I decided it was finally time to post this pic of the glitch bitch, with full confidence that its just as fine as it is now! Hope you enjoy!

(also here’s a bonus gif version because I liked the two together? yeah)

(I also might do another one specifically for this septicart, but who knows?)

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Sabi Perf: *hugs teba* you deserve love, protection and comfort my dear teba sweetheart^^ btw i have something for you *puts around tebas neck a golden heart necklace you can open her and inside is a picture from her family* hope you like it

this was a good day for teba

ID #58361

Name: Olga
Age: 18
Country: Norway

Hi, I’m an 18 year old girl currently living in Norway. I’m in my last year of “high-school”, but I also work part-time. I enjoy meeting new people and I believe that everyone has a story to tell. I don’t have many friends as I’m not very outgoing, so I’m hoping to forge some meaningful friendships.

I like tea (strictly earl grey), animals, literature, playing video games, drawing and biology. In my future, I want to protect animals and maybe help prevent the end of the world (as a result of climate change). I have a cat and a budgie, and will definitely send you pictures of them if you like.

I’m fluent in English, Russian and Norwegian, whatever you prefer :) I don’t have a lot of money for snail mail, but I would be willing to send a letter now and then, for holidays and such, and we could also send each other snacks or something (I love food).

Preferences: Everyone!

Martin Wallström On Tumblr & Tyrelliot

Recorded this extremely cute part from a Swedish podcast in which Martin mentions Tyrelliot and is informed about a few blogs about him on Tumblr! Below you’ll find a rough translation of the script I threw together. Hope you like this as much as I do! :) Here’s a second part where Martin talks about Rami.

Karsten: I don’t know how much you know about this but you’re a bit of a Tumblr celebrity.
Martin: … What’s that?
Karsten: Did you know that? There’s lots of blogs, fanfiction and hashtags about you as well as the character Tyrell Wellick, for instance there’s @martinwallstromdaily 
Sara: *chuckles*
Martin: But what’s Tumblr? Is it like Twitter?
Karsten: It’s like a blogging platform.
Martin: Oh, I see! Okay, yeah.
Sara: There’s lots of pictures and stuff.
Karsten: Exactly. There’s @fyeahmartinwallstrom and there’s this hashtag called #tyrelliot
Martin: *enthusiastic humming sound*
Karsten: And there are those who insist that it was Tumblr fans who lead actors like Benedict Cumberbatch and Eddie Redmayne to the level of success at which they are at now. What if this is what Tumblr is going to do for you?
Martin: Ah! Maybe it’s that!
Karsten: Have you ever stumbled across any fanfiction? Have you tried searching “Tyrelliot” on Youtube? There’s sooo much content!
Martin: Oh, yeah, I know! I’ve seen people doing a few music videos and these very… people wanting Elliot and Tyrell to be… like… a couple! They’re like these “love videos” and I think they’re really beautiful.

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i dunno if you noticed but the rags got ahold of some racy pics of us... want i should take em out or nah

It was a good picture, Jack. I thought I should show it off a little. Hope that’s not too big a problem.

((just the picture under the cut))

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Hey! Green heart anon here (without the mask today :3 ) ! Thank you so much for gummy's perfect date!!! It was so lovely! May I ask now for a tiny s/o, like 5'0 (150cm~) with our giant gummy? SFW or NSFW, anything you'd like to do? May you have a great day/night! 💚💚

Well hello there! First, I love your profile picture and holy cow I’m loving the FatGum request! Thanks so much, it’s only 2:52pm here in adelaide right now but I’m ready for requests! This was so much fun to write, hope you enjoy it and I can’t wait to hear if you like it or not!

- Eclipse  🍰🍰🍰


🍬 Okay, so sometimes he might lose you.

🍬 Loves to give you piggy back rides/carrying you on his shoulders!

🍬 Despite your size you know how to eat and he heckin’ loves that about you!!!

🍬 If you’re in trouble, he will absorb you into his body to keep you safe!

🍬 Cuddles at night are heckin’ mind-blowing!


🍬 Since you’re so small, he has to be careful not to crush you!

🍬 Loves eating you out! You make the cutest noises for him!

🍭 Would actually change to FitGum! To make things more comfortable for you!

🍭 Loves to bend you over a counter/flat surface and pound into you until you scream out his name!

🍭 Watching you suck on his dick while he’s in his FitGum! Form is much more satisfying for him too!

Y͝͏̵̵o̶ų́͝ ̸a̴̢̛̕͝r̷̴̢͞e̶ ̵̛̛͜͞a̛͘͜͢b̴͠͝o̵̧̨͘u̵͏t̶̶҉̶ ́́͠t̵̕ǫ̶̨͠ ҉̕͠d̴͟͟į̕͡é͜.  

I made a new Anti edit everyone! :D
I got super inspired to make some Antisepticeye edits because of the new SepticArt event. I haven’t edited a picture in a while so I’m a little rusty. But I’m super proud of how this came out and I hope that you all like it too. :)

- Life without love, is no life at all.

Leonardo Da Vinci + Salal: Madancy Edition for @crisisoninfintefandoms

i was a bit daunted at the task of trying to find renaissance-ish pictures of mads and hugh but i think this actually turned out looking semi-good?? couldn’t resist sneaking in a screenshot from antipasto too lol. 

anyway. hope you like it !!

i cringe when i see girls post a dressing room picture of themselves in lingerie or a bottom up their ass crack like i hope you bought that shit

Truth In Who We Are (100 Suns Trilogy: Chapter 14)

(A/N: I’m trying to update as much as possible between uni work and assignments, bare with me guys! Also to everyone commenting on my chapters; thank you! I do see them, I just don’t have time to reply to them, but your comments and views are welcomed so thank you!)

Shannon hit his drum sticks along the wall as he walked towards Jared’s bedroom, hoping that he’d not walk in on a scene like the other day. Ever since this Valery had been back in the picture, he saw that smile back on his brother’s face, one he’d not saw in months.

Sure maybe she wasn’t the best person to bring back that smile, but at least for once he was smiling and that was enough to make Shannon happy.

No more salty assed man who snapped at everyone and slept with wannabe models…

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Hey Mikey, I made this for you and your brothers. It’s a photo of all of you in the cartoon show, Camp Camp’s style. Hope you like it! *questions life like Mikey is doing in the picture *

This is cool! You’re really good at drawing dude!

okay there are so many things i want to talk about with this picture, so i will.

1. how in the lords cockwaffles am i supposed to see these as the same day? i mean he looks 40 years older

2. finn looks so good?? like he always does but he looks so good in both photos but i mean he grew up so much?? i love him.

3.whered his beautiful freckles go i mean can you see that polka dotted face on the left? whered they go? ill fight someone if they covered them, hope its the lighting.

4. what a beautiful boy 

5. picture on the right: his emotions I’m crying, he’s crying, everyones crying. kill me. stop crying bb iss okay


okay thats all for now also expect an ass load of stranger things content after the 27th okay 

Imagination || Colby Brock

elysamurphy: i was wondering if you were up to doing a imagine based on a song. the song would be “imagination” by shawn mendes for a colby imagine. you can play around with how you want it to be, but i thought the plot could be like he always sees this girl and he doesn’t know how to talk to her or get her attention but he has always pictured him together. you can listen to the song to get more of a visual if you want. i hope you had/are having a good day. lots of love xx💓

// i love writing based on songs legitttt!! ilyy requests are always opennn \

Colby watched out the window as you walked passed the front gate of his house, along the street on your way home. You were holding groceries, not realising the bag was about to rip but Colby knew. He rushed out the door as you crouched to collect up the items, after sighing embarrassed and frustrated. He made his way beside you and helped you pick them up, brushing your hand accidentally.

“You didn’t need to help me,” you smiled, putting your hair behind your ears.

Colby waved you off, helping you up. “I wanted to, I’ve seen you pass by a lot,” you put the items into another bag that Colby had brought out to you.

“Well, thank you,” you kissed his cheek. “Oh, shit that one stank,” Colby raised his eyebrows, confused at your words. It wasn’t until Colby was patted on the back by Elton that he realised he’d been daydreaming, and it was Elton’s words that had come from what Colby thought was you. When Colby had been snapped back to reality, he saw that he was still watching from the window and that it was Aaron who had helped the girl. “What’s got you down?” Elton asked, the two of them heading towards the kitchen counter.

“I can’t talk to this girl,” Colby admitted, head facing the floor. “Like all that keeps happening is my thoughts picture these things-“

“Her naked or?” Elton was semi-serious and half joking.

Colby rolled his eyes, “No… Well, I mean sometimes but that’s not the point. When I let my mind picture this shit, I then miss the moment. I just can’t talk to her, I don’t know why,” Colby sighed, running a hand through his hair as Aaron walked in through the front door, and Sam walked in from the room next door.

“Still bugged about this girl?” Sam asked and Colby nodded, taking a seat and running his hand through his hair again, but giving Sam a side glance. “I don’t get it, you’ve fucked girls before but you can’t even talk to this girl?”

“This is so different, though,” Colby sat up and looked around the room to everyone. He then stood up and paced around. “I actually kinda like this girl, from afar obviously, but it feels so different. I picture scenarios, it’s crazy shit,” everyone was quiet, thinking of ways to help him.

“Well,” Elton said, clapping his hands together. “You’ve got a video to make and we have a drive to get there, so we’ll handle this another time.”


Colby was pretty miserable but tried to put up a front for the video. On the car ride, they’d stopped at a gas station for a break. The guys went to the toilet whilst Colby went searching for a drink, he picked up a water and a Lucozade, debating with himself which he should get.

“Water is usually the better option,” you walked and stood next to him. You placed some extra drinks on the shelves from a box in your arms.

“I didn’t know you worked here,” he said, surprised as he put the Lucozade back on the shelf. “I thought you went home.” You raised your eyebrows. “You walked passed my house.”

“I got a lift,” you laughed. “It doesn’t seem like you know me an awful lot at all, what you doing anyway?” you asked, folding the box you were originally holding. You struggled so Colby helped you out, passing you his camera while he did. You recorded some funny faces before handing it back.

“YouTube video,” he said, passing you the now folded box. “Exploring some places, not much else,” you nodded.

“You must be buzzed, sounds exciting. I’ve got work for another 3 hours and then I go home to cuddle my dog, maybe watch some shit-“

“(Y/N)! Get back to work,” your boss called out to you, coughing as he did.

“Sorry, Dave,” you called back. “Sorry, Colby, I got to get back,” you went to walk away and he just smiled. He didn’t know you knew his name but then thought how could you not? As you did other jobs, Colby decided to follow behind you and carry on talking. “Dude,” you said, amused at how he wasn’t giving up.

“What?” he shrugged, a confidence suddenly overcoming him. “As long as you still do your job, I can do this, (Y/N),” he smirked, mocking the fact that he now knew your name, trying to impress you. He rested against the sweet stand and almost knocked it over. “Fuck,” he muttered.

Your boss came over. “I’m going out back to smoke,” he went to walk away then turned back. “Try and make sure your boyfriend doesn’t destroy my fucking shop,” he then proceeded to walk to the back, cigarette already in his mouth.

You just laughed and Colby couldn’t help but feel like this was a dream. One of his occasional dreams, but something about it felt real. Sam came in, looking surprised at the fact that you and Colby were talking. “Hey,” Sam said. “Sorry to intrude but Colby we gotta go,” Colby bit his lip as Sam stood awkwardly.

“I’ll be right there,” Colby hinted for Sam to leave. As Sam left the shop he shouted to the other guys, “This is what dreams are made of,” making a reference to the Lizzie McGuire movie and at Colby talking to you. You laughed, clearly seeing that Colby was embarrassed. “Come with us,” he blurted without allowing his brain to process his words.

“Colby, I have work, I can’t,” you carried on doing your jobs. Colby was eager to get you to go. He gave you a 1 minute gesture and headed to the back towards your boss. You were stacking shelves and replacing items when Colby rushed back in and took the things out of your hands. “What are-“

“You’re joining us,” he said simply. You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion. “I promised to give the shop a shoutout in the video for you to get off early,” you sighed. “C’mon,” he whined.

“Fine,” you followed him out and into the car. “If you guys try and kill me, my boss knows who I’m with,” you stated and they all laughed. “Why are you laughing like that?”

One, we aren’t planning to kill you and two, even if we were going to, your boss doesn’t seem the most reliable person to count on,” Colby closed the car door and Elton started driving again.


You all finally arrived at the salvation mountain, your eyes widened in amazement. You all got out, Elton checking that he had all equipment, and headed towards the colourful area. Your eyes were fixated on the view and Colby’s eyes were fixated on you.

“This is so nice,” you said, looking around. You walked off whilst the boys stayed put.

“Can’t believe you actually spoke to her, bro,” Corey said, patting Colby’s back.

“So this is real?” Colby asked and they all nodded, a random guy walking passed nodded as well causing them all to laugh. “Okay good,” he said, looking over to you. He walked up towards you as you stared at a car covered in writing. “Hey,” he smiled.

“Can you believe someone drove this here and like people just wrote the most beautiful things on here?” you said, accidentally ignoring his greeting. “Like I mean look at that one,” you pointed to a sentence that Colby read in his head.

“Wanna go out?” he joked after he read it.

“Yeah,” you said pretty casually, still staring at the car as Colby choked on his own breathing and looked down at you. His eyes were wide and you took a double look at his expression. “Wait were you joking?” he nodded slowly, eyes still wide. “Oh fuck,” you muttered.

“But I also wasn’t,” he admitted. “So… do you actually?” you shrugged.

“I mean,” you stumbled over your words. “I would if you wanted to but like-“

“Yeah I do,” he said quickly. He coughed into a fist. “I can do if you want to.”

“Jesus,” Corey laughed. “Just say you both want to,” you both looked at each other.

“Do you wanna go-“

“This is an upgrade from your car, Colby,” Elton said, walking up to you guys and standing beside Corey.

“Elton,” Corey shouted and wailed his arms. “You just ruined the moment.”

// literally read the last line in corey’s voice lmaooo- i’m in too deep rippp \


persona 5 wallpapers - requested by anon


  One person’s crazyness is another person’s reality - Tim Burton

Drawing youtubers as the Tim Burton style speedpaint video

So I’ve rewatched this episode a few times at this point, and each time I noticed new things about this scene. As more pieces fell together, we get a clear picture as to just how brutal Lars’ death was.

And this specific screenshot says it all.

Why? Because LARS IS CLEARLY STILL ALIVE AT THIS MOMENT. (Look at how tense his facial features are. There is no way that Lars could make this face if he was dead right now.)

Why is that important? Look at what happened seconds before, and what happens shortly after.

1) The explosion.
The robanoid had just exploded, and Lars was physically on top of it when it happened. At this point-blank range, and without any sort of protection, Lars was exposed to the full force of the blast. Just imagine being blown up at point-blank. All the fire, all the force, and whatever shrapnel would have been flying around, that’s what Lars was exposed to. AND HE WAS STILL ALIVE TO FEEL ALL OF IT.

2) The impact.
This happens a fraction of a second after this screenshot, but is still well worth noting. When Lars hit the wall, we could clearly hear a definite ‘crack’ noise. Judging by how he hit the wall, he most likely broke not just his neck, but probably his spine and skull, as well as several other bones, like his ribs or his arms. Along with this, there’s also a good chance that some of his organs may have been ruptured, such as his heart or his lungs. (Especially since the edge of the gem hole would likely have somewhat impaled him on impact.)

This is definitely the moment Lars died, as shown by how his face and body goes completely limp afterwards. But it’s still very likely he felt the agony of the impact for the split second before his death.

3) Lars’ scar.
This is probably the most brutal part of all of this.
As first said by the lovely @bedknees , the fact that Lars’ scarred eye was specifically covered by his hair before resurrection makes it very likely that his head was split open in that spot.

And I completely agree with this.

But how could this have happened? Shrapnel.

One of the reasons bombs are so deadly is not just because of the explosion, but also the resulting shrapnel that would be launched in all directions at anything in range. With Lars being at point-blank range of the explosion, he could’ve easily been exposed to this. And that’s exactly what I think happened.

Why? Because Lars’ scar doesn’t just slice through his cheek and forehead like skimming across a rocky surface may do. Lars’ scar also goes over his eyelid, which is shown whenever he blinks after his resurrection.

So how would’ve this gone down?

I think that a piece of the robanoid’s outer layer, probably sheetlike in shape, was shot through Lars’ head in a fraction of a second, cutting through this eye, skull, and brain, and launching out the other side. AND HE WAS STILL ALIVE TO FEEL THIS.(His hair deliberately covers his eye in this screenshot, in this moment where he is still alive, which probably proves this.)

And you can clearly see Lars’ face twisted in AGONY in the fraction of a second prior to his death.

Lars’ death was not a long, drawn out one, but was still a torturous one. To see just how violent and brutal his death was, it shows just how tragic this moment really is.

Bonus: Other possible scenarios

1) The shrapnel could’ve stopped partway into Lars’ skull, ultimately altering his brain function. (Steven’s magic likely wouldn’t be able to heal where the shrapnel would still be in)
(Although I think this is incredibly unlikely, since Lars is shown to act and function in the same way both before and after death. The areas of the brain that would’ve been affected would impair his speech, his perception of the environment, his motor abilities, his judgement, his emotional reactions, and his sense of self. This would result in a vastly different Lars than the one we know.)
(A similar injury has happened in real life; Phineas Gage. I suggest Googling him)
2) If the shrapnel had been much bigger, it would’ve cleanly cut off a large chunk of Lars’ head in a Mortal Kombat style death.