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William Nylander #4

Requested by Anon:  Nylander anon, promise this is my last message:) Could the prompt be William teaching the reader the basics of hockey? And i don’t mind waiting, take your time!

*Here it is!! I hope you like this one. And I put them on the stands than pn the ice because I think it’s nice to showcase a hockey player as a hockey fan too. Enjoy! :)*

Word count: 992

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You stopped yourself from falling backwards and looked at Willy, who was obviously having fun at your confusion, “please stop yapping,” you groaned, massaging your head for more dramatic effect, “I can’t take any more information.”

He chuckled, “imagine actually having to play the game and know all the rules and stuff,” he answered with a smile.

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I thought it was a dream M.C

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warning: smut

word count: 1500+

summary: Michael does things to you while he’s sleepwalking

requested?: yes, hope you liked it anon :)) so I accepted the challenge by a lovely anon to write 2 smuts in the 2 days that I’m home from school which means that there will be another smut going up tomorrow, I hope y’all are excited for it because I certainly am.

requests are currently closed but hopefully in a month or so I’ll be able to re-open them so you guys can request as many 

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“mikey stop” I groaned, shoving his hands away from my breasts for what seems like the fifth time tonight. It’s not him touching my boobs that’s the issue, for some odd reason Michael finds comfort in my boobs when he’s home from tour so it’s not uncommon for him to rest his hands on them or anything, it’s the fact that he keeps playing with my nipples, an instant turn on for me.

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No laughing Matter

This is a Haikyuu! fanfic.
The manga/anime and all the characters doesn’t belong to me.

This is just some silly pre-KageHina fanfic but I hopy you all like them.

“I wasn’t laughing!” nr 6 (Pre-KageHina, hope thats okay)

Word Count: 1919

Summary: Kageyama and Hinata being stupid dorks who don’t know they are in love with each other. That’s all tbh.
Warnings: This fanfic contains lots of fluff and tickling
Based on this prompt from anon:

“Ha! Got it!”

Hinata grinned as he returned the serve back to the Setter who stretched his hands out to catch the ball.

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How I Met Your Mommy (Jake X Female MC)

Title - How I Met Your Mommy (Jake X Female MC)
Request - “Fanfic of Jake and his little son Mike asking questions about his mother and Jake answering them 😊 while MC is out shopping.” From Anon
Pairing - Jake X Female MC
Word Count - 753

Warnings - Too much fluff. Domestic Jake is the best Jake though

Have I expressed my love for the headcanon that Jake and MC would totally name their first son Mike? Because I love this headcanon. Adore it. And I hope you like how I interpreted this~!
Also I’m sorry for the title but I had to.

“Daddy?” A small voice rang out as he waddled into the kitchen where Jake had finished doing the dishes and was drying his hands off with a small hand towel.

“Oh, my little man,” Jake chuckled and tossed the hand towel aside and picked up his son in his arms and spun him around once, before pulling him into a tight hug and sitting him on the top of the marble island in the middle of the kitchen, “What is it?”

“How did you and mommy meet?” He questioned, his feet dangling over the edge of the countertop and swinging back and forth like a pendulum in an old grandfather clock.

“I’m glad you asked,” Jake grinned and prepared a small bowl of food for his son.

He turned to see his expectant gaze and curious eyes and couldn’t help but smile, “Well, you see, mommy was in college and going on a big fun adventure with her friends.”

“Ooh, where to?” The boy was intensely interested in his story now, curiosity overcoming him.

“A mysterious island called La Huerta,” he moved all around the kitchen and with each word had a new and exaggerated facial expression.

“Tell me more!” He begged.

“I was flying the airplane she was on,” he explained making an exaggerated airplane engine noise as he took the spoon from the bowl of food he prepared and fed it to his son as if the spoon was an airplane.

“How long have you been flying? You must be ancient,” his little boy cackled teasingly.

“You watch who you call ancient, young man,” Jake played faux upset and waggled his finger.

“Keep going!” He pleaded.

“And she walked into the cockpit with me,” he explained, leaving out a key part of the story purposefully, and then spoke sincerely, “And from the moment I laid my eyes on her I knew she was the one.”

As he finished talking he placed a gentle kiss on his son’s forehead and his son laughed uproariously as he lifted him up and twirled him around.

“You knew that early?”

An all too familiar voice came from the doorway and his eyes shot up to meet yours, a loving smile on his face.

“Hey, I thought you weren’t coming back till later!” He chuckled in his defense and walked up to you, kissing you softly, your son making a face that screamed ‘ew gross’ which filled you with unexplainable joy to see.

“I missed you too, Mikey,” you chuckled kissing his cheek and then allowing Jake to set him down muttering a short “go play, I’ll be there in a second” as he did.

“What are you doing home so ea–?” He started and you cut him off as your son ran to the living room by wrapping your arms around his neck and kissing him passionately.

“Mm.. How’d I earn that one?” He laughed, placing his forehead to yours.

“You’re a wonderful father, you know that?” You ignored his question and answered with a compliment instead.

“I mean, I had an idea but it’s still nice to hear,” he joked and then gave you an appreciative nod, “Thank you anyways.”

“And did you know that I love you so much?” You smiled.

“Yeah, but that one’s a little nicer to hear,” he snaked his arms around your waist and pulled your body up against him, “I love you too.”

“You’re adorable when you’re with him,” you admitted, rubbing your nose to his lovingly.

“I don’t know about adorable,” he flushed, and then teased you, “I prefer to think I’m rather manly.”

“Oh yeah sure, 'manly’,” you mocked and then imitated his air plane noise.

“Low blow,” he tickled your sides for a moment and then lifted you up and kissed you deeply one final time before walking into the living room to play with your son.

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Hello Hello Hello! I was wondering if I could get a text of the boys, after an interview they text Their gf about her being called Mrs.... And their last name. Just them fanboying about it. Like Mrs. Kim or Mrs. Park then they get super cutely fanboyish. Thank you and I hope that you can understand. Btw I love your blog! It's me, The Jin's dad jokes anon. ಠ_ಠ

yooooo waddup homie

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do you know where i can find resources for hindi?

I literally have no idea, but is this going to stop me from searching some resources? Nope. So let’s see what i can find ^^

Avashy is for writing
A list with verbs
Learn Hindi seems very good, and it also has children’s books with eng translation
Hindi university
Start talking hindi
Anil Mahato has some videos about grammar
More videos about grammar
Hindi program at Penn
Virtual Hindi
Hindi Su
A door into Hindi
Ukindia learn to read Hindi
Learn Hindi
Surface languages 

You have a lot of videos and audios in these links so here’s a folder with a lot of pdfs (some of them have audio, so feel free to download which one you like, btw, at the .rar files, download them one by one).
Children’s books

Enjoy your studying anon~ ^ ^ i hope these are enough, if you need anything else, feel free to tell me.

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What do you think, what comeback (mv) will this be like? Ballad? Or dance? Based on the historical pictures, one of them will surely be a slow song but I hope the other one is a bop. I lowkey wish they returned to more hip-hop sound. I know that the vocals need to be exposed, but if the included 1-2 rap songs that would be amazing! I can imagine an album consisting of 10 songs, 1 just vocals, 1 double b rap, 3 slower songs, 2 "my type" kind, 3 bops. Also wish they released more mvs.

I personally think it will be a faster song since they’ll most likely release it April-june. So I guess it’ll be more of a summer like song + they have a hard choreo as Hanbin confirmed (Chanwoo even got hurt bcs of it during filming remember). I doubt it will be a ballad nor a super fast song but maybe smth in the middle 😂 But as two MV’s are confirmed, they’ll probably also do two different sounds, genres and concepts. As for the album as a whole, Hanbin said it’s a ‘friendly’ album with more melody parts and vocals so I think it will be less of an ‘original hiphop style’ but more of a vocal mix rap with focus on vocal line kind of album. Hanbin said they divided the parts evenly so I don’t think double b will have less parts than the others. I just think and hope their lyrics will be different and more mature ☺️

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If you somewhat enjoyed writing the pregnancy h/cs I hope you don't mind me asking for some more...? Maybe for Ukitake (bless his soul), Hisagi and Gin? thanks!

Wow! You guys must really like those pregnancy headcanons! I’m actually really glad to see some more requests for them!
I’m not sure why, but I really love doing these! And dear anon….my sweet sweet anon….You have just requested 3 of my favorites!!! Omg…so sweet every one of them…(yes, even Gin…fight me! ok ok…I admit, I probably say they’re all my favorites…)


Ok so, I think it would take a while for Jushiro to finally get his s/o pregnant but…
Your sweet Jushiro would be so thrilled. He would be (possibly) more excited than you…You’ll have to repeat yourself though since he wants to make sure he heard you right…After all, he’s been a bit concerned about the chances of the two of you getting pregnant. (I feel like it would be lower with his sick spells and all)
“Y/N this is amazing! I couldn’t be more happy!”
He would scoop you up in his arms and hold you so close, possibly even shed a few tears with you too. He’s just so so happy to have this wonderful news.

He would be really concerned with the whole illness issue too. Though I wouldn’t address it in fear of worrying his s/o too. He would often express his worry to Shunsui because he’s also afraid of putting extra stress on you as well.
Shunsui would visit pretty often too, especially during the times Jushiro fell ill. He would bring you things, even if you didn’t ask. He’d make sure you had what you needed while Jushiro is in recovery.


This poor child wouldn’t know the first thing about parenting. He would be so nervous after he processed what “I’m pregnant” even meant.
As if Shuhei doesn’t have enough anxiety already, he would spend what little time he has during breaks to brush up on pregnancy and the whole process…I can kind of see him as being sort of a hypochondriac so when his s/o starts complaining about something that hurts he’s doing all the research into what it could be…Only to worry even more. Even Kensei would tell him he needs to chill out….Mashiro would probably ask him if he sure he wasn’t the pregnant one….To which Kensei would probably tell her to shut up and stop making such stupid remarks…

“I’ve narrowed down your symptoms…I think it’s best to go back to Captian Unohana..Just to make sure it’s not something serious…”
When it came down to it, you would probably be comforting him more than he would you…but you can enjoy those sweet and quiet moments, laying in his arms while he rubs your belly.
As soon as you go into labor though Shuhei wouldn’t know what to do, despite the many months he’s had to plan, he’s been so worried about everything else it would be the only thing he over looked.
Just imagine…
“My water broke…”
“What?!” *starts to panic* "We gotta get you to Unohana’s! Can you walk? Does it hurt?…What does that even mean?“


"Did I do that?”
Would be his exact words….He’d have that stupid, attractive, amazing, (Look, you mentioned Gin and now I’m playing favorites…) grin plastered on his face. "You’re going to have to be more careful Y/N ya know…“
After he teases you a little bit he would smile even wider (is that even possible?) and pull you into his arms. 
"My, my a little one running around might now be so bad…”

(Just think about Gin’s mini me running around the Soul Society….being just as mischievous as he is…)
Gin would go to great lengths to make sure you have what you need and that you are well taken care of. If the two of you are in Hueco Mundo Gin would see to it that the arrancars are taking care of you while he’s away. He would make sure that each one knew that if any harm fell on you while he was away (inflicted by them or something else) that he would make sure they were never heard from again.

Gin would probably ask that you stayed in Hueco Mundo and refrained from leaving since he doesn’t want anything to happen to you. He knows what the Soul Society might do if they caught you and he couldn’t have them hurt you or use you and the baby against him. It was just too risky.

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Jimin is kind and a trustworthy friend. I talk to him the most,
and if I have any worries, he’s the friend that I tell first.”


kara&lena - Star Wars AU

for the anon that requested a jedi!kara edit, i hope you like it :D 

(i’m so sorry my hand slipped and i added sith!lena in the mix, i just can’t help myself when it comes to them)


@stellalights and anon I hope you don’t mind combining your requests but this silly idea came in mind ^^’

Ladybug is tired of your shit Chloe

I’m not taking more requests, just finishing the one’s left C: