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“Hi! can I request a suga photographer au where he meets the reader in the park and he takes photos of them under the cherry blossom trees and later they go for coffee? Lots of fluff please! thank you so much I love your writing.”

I hope you like it, my dear <3 (AND I’M SO HAPPY IT’S NOT JUNGKOOK AND ALL THE MEMBERS ARE GETTING RECOGNITION – don’t get me wrong, I love jungkook, but all the others deserve love too)

 I just thought why not do one more cute request for ya’ll before I completely dedicate my time to Xeno? I think you deserve one more sweet thing before that angsty adventure is published. 1.4k Words

Pairing: Photographer!Min Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Fluff, College au!

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

Spring was probably your favorite season. It meant a new beginning, new life – and just perfect weather. Although, this was your favorite day of the year. The day where the cherry blossom trees were in full bloom, displaying an array of pink on the sides of the stone path in the park. Subtle breezes shook the petals off enough to create a pink snow. 

You were just in time for that. Just as you stopped in the middle of the path, you felt a gust of wind, then one by one, the petals started to gently graze your skin. The sight was beautiful to see – a lone, petite girl just enjoying the atmosphere whilst a few rays of the afternoon sun outlined her features. 

It was a sight worth a photograph, and a male a few meters away from you couldn’t resist clicking a picture. 

The next minute, you had tucked a strand of hair behind your ear, and started to walk again, this time with your hand out, as if trying to catch the petals, feel them as they fell.

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Can I request an imagine where Josh and the reader have a sleepover (They're already dating, they just don't live with each other) and it's really cute, at some point late at night they're dancing around the kitchen. You imagines are the cutest, I swear I've died 100 times whilst reading them!

(I had so much fun writing this one! Thank you for the prompt, hope you like it!!)

You park your car in the visitor parking spot, grabbed your over night bag from the passenger seat beside you, and locked your car before buzzing Josh to let you in. He had just gotten back from tour. The six months he was gone was too long it felt like. You basically live at his place while he was in town. Spending 5 out of 7 nights there. But six months was too long to not be at a place that felt so much like home.

You’re not sure if Josh ever locks his apartment door, because it always open when you go over - even when you’re surprising him. But you look past it, letting yourself in anyways.

You can see Josh, he has his back towards you, ear buds in and talking to someone on his phone while he sorts through the mail he had collected while being away. You’re thankful that he’s pretty oblivious to his surroundings as you sneak up. You throw your arms around his shoulders, jumping up onto his back.

“Whoah!” Josh shouts in surprise, pulling an ear bud out to hear what was going on. He turns his head to look at you, and you almost have tears in your eyes when he grins so big, you can hardly see his eyes.

“Hey, Mark,” he says to the person on the other line. “I’ll call you back.” He doesn’t even give Mark a chance to reply as he rips the other ear bud out, throws his phone on the table and turns to that he can wrap his arms around your small frame.

“I missed you,” you whisper into his chest and he tightens his grip around you. You feel complete again. Every time Josh leaves, it’s almost like he takes a part of your heart with him. Of course you miss him while he’s gone, but you get used to the empty feeling in your chest until he comes back and then you wonder how you ever went so long without him.

“I miss you too, baby,” he replies softly into your hair, before pressing a light kiss to your head. You look up, leaning in for more kisses, snaking your arms around his neck and standing on your tippy toes, trying to get as much as him as you can. You can tell he feels the same way when one of his hands finds his way to your hair, and now you’re feeling like there’s too much in between you guys.

“Josh?” You almost moan, as his lips find his way to your neck. And without warning he lifts you up by your legs and you take that as a sign to wrap your legs around his waist as he carries you towards his bedroom.

“Way ahead of you babe,” he smirks, pushing open the door and kicking it closed with his foot. He lightly tosses you on the bed before landing just over top of you and smothering you with kisses again. Your smile was so big, Josh never made you feel unwanted.

“You’re so beautiful,” he muses, holding himself overtop of you, eyes running everywhere over your body. “I missed you so much.”

You reach your hand out and touch the side of his face. His eyes are deep, like he has a thousand thoughts running through his mind. You do too, but as his body presses against yours, there’s only one that you can really think of. “Show me,” you tell him. He gets a mischievous grin and happily obliges.

You’re not sure what time it is when you roll over into Josh’s bare chest, nuzzling your head into his neck. He take his hand and lightly draws it against your arm, raising goosebumps. You’re in total bliss, you’re really not sure how this could get any better.

“You should go away more often,” you say after a couple minutes of quiet. Josh looks down at you, confused expression as he waits for you to continue. “That was incredible,” You grin. Josh rolls his eyes, smile appearing on his face. He moves so that he’s on top on you again, and you think that you can’t possibly go at it again. But instead he bends down, kisses you quickly and then hops out of bed, grabbing his boxers and putting them on swiftly. You sit up, giving him a curious look.

“If we’re going to keep this up, we need some food,” he states with his big, classic Josh Dun grin before disappearing out the bedroom door. You throw your head back in a light laugh before scrambling to get out of bed and find one of his shirts and following him to the kitchen.

The light on the microwave reads 2:33am when you enter into Josh’s tiny apartment kitchen. He has most of what was left in his fridge out on the counter. Which is basically eggs.

“I forgot to go grocery shopping,” he admits, with a squinty smile when he notices you.

You look around the tiny kitchen, trying to get ideas of what to make when you notice a Chinese take-out menu sitting on the counter. You grab it and hold it up to your boyfriend, raising an eyebrow.

“I like you’re thinking,” He nods. And half an hour later you’re both sitting on his couch with Chinese take-out boxes and binging X-Files. You’re sprawled across the couch, legs resting over top Josh’s lap. You’re half paying attention to the TV show, half scrolling through your twitter feed when you see a tweet from Paramore, releasing their new song.

“Did you know about the new Paramore song?” You ask, holding your phone up to him so he can see the post.

“Oh yeah!” His eyes light up. “Hayley mentioned something about that last time I saw her. Plug it into the speakers!”

You get up and plug your phone into the speakers Josh had set up across the room and press play. Both you and Josh are dead silent, listening, deciding if you liked what you were hearing. The song ends and you’re both still silent.

“Well,” Josh clears his throat after a couple of seconds pass. “I know what I’m going to listen to non-stop for the next - rest of my life.”

“Right!” You shout in agreement, immediately playing the song again. And by the 15th time of listening to it, both you and Josh are dancing on the furniture, singing the lyrics at the top of your lungs, pretending to play the instruments and genuinely just acting like idiots together.

You’re dancing on the couch as Josh passes you, so you take the opportunity to jump on his back for a piggy back. He spins you around as fast as he can before collapsing on the couch, both laughing till tears.

“Ah man,” Josh sighs after your laughing fit, looking over at you. And he can’t believe how beautiful you look in his over sized shirt. “I love you.”

That stops you mid laugh. You and Josh haven’t been dating for very long, only 8 months, and most of that had been long distance while he was on tour. And while you knew you loved him from the start, you never said it; afraid that he wouldn’t feel the same way. So you were perfectly content waiting until the time was right. What you didn’t expect was for him to say it first. “I really, really do Y/N,” he continues when you don’t say anything. “You make everything an adventure and I just, I love you.”

You’re grinning uncontrollably as Josh bares his soul to you, but you want to keep it cool. “Yeah, you’re alright.” You tease. Josh laughs and starts tickling you until you can’t breath, determined to get you to say it back. “Okay!” You shout in surrender, your sides sore from laughing. Josh pauses, keeping his hands close for another tickle attack if he doesn’t hear the right answer. “I love you, Joshua Dun.”

Beautiful - Yugyeom scenario (Requested, fluffy)

Originally posted by magiccastles

Anon said:  can you write a fluff yugyeom scenario where his s/o is sad bc they weigh more than him but he cheers them up? tysm 💚

- I apologizee for it being short, but I really hope you like it and enjoy <3

Genre: fluffy
Members: Yugyeom x You
Word count: 333

You looked at yourself in mirror and felt so sad. You felt like that Yugyeom doesn’t actually love you for being like this. That he just pretends everything and stays with you just because you won’t be able to live without him.

Yugyeom always tells you are so beautiful, that he loves you the way you are, that he loves your cheeks, and every inch of you.
He never tells you “Hey stop eating that much.“ , “Y/N can you slow down with your eating.“ , “That is not healthy for you.“
Sometimes, he tells you and two of you talk about eating healthier. And He doesn’t want you to be offended or anything. You understand where he is coming from.

Most that gets to you, are the fans. Fans telling how can Yugyeom be with such a girl. It started to get to you a lot, but you learned to deal with it. You didn’t care because Yugyeom was always there for you.

As Yugyeom walked into the bedroom, he saw you looking at yourself. He right away knew what’s the deal.
“Y/N baby” he spoke and came behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist, hugging you from the behind.
“You know I love you?” he whispers and kisses your shoulder and you nod your head
“And you know you are beautiful. So beautiful Y/N” he smiled
“Look at me” he said and you turn around to look at his eyes
“If I could give you one thing in life, I would give you ability to see yourself through my eyes, only then would you realize how special and beautiful you are to me.”

You smiled widely and hugged him tightly.
“Please Y/N don’t ever feel this way you do. I will tell you like- ONE MILLION times even more that you are beautiful to me and that you don’t have to worry about anything.”

“I love you” you spoke
“I love you too Y/N” he smiled and kissed you softly

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I just need the fluffiest fluff of them taking care of each other after terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

Dear Anon,

This arrived, just before I posted my CC-Remix fic on AO3. Like, I was talking to my beta about the summary.  The remix fic had the working title of Phil’s Horrible No Good, Very Bad Day for at least a month before this came in!

Needless to say, if you’re not my beta, I hope you only use your powers for good.


PS Yes, this is a sequel to Phil’s Horrible No Good, Very Bad Day.

Phil woke up, warm and his face smashed into Clint’s chest. Clint’s arm wrapped around him. Phil sighed, nuzzling in a bit closer.

“Awake, huh?” Clint murmured. His voice heavy and think with sleep.

“Yeah,” Phil murmured, debating on falling asleep.

“Don’t go back to sleep, I gotta pee,” Clint said, nudging him gently.

Phil grumbled, but slid deeper into the couch to let Clint up. The other man slipped out, leaning down to kiss him, before hobbling over to the bathroom.

Clint came out, but instead of laying back down, he sat. He tugged Phil into his lap, letting him settle.

“Not tired anymore?” Phil asked.

“Ordered some food.”

Phil turned to frown at him.

Clint waved his cell phone. “I ordered online!”

Phil snorted, rolling to lay back down.

“I pee and talk to you all the time, why does it matter if I’m on the phone?”

“It’s disgusting,” Phil replied. “Plus I can choose not to respond.”

Clint sighed, and Phil rode the rise and fall of his chest.  "What’d you order?“

“Couple of things from different places,” Clint said with a slight shrug of the shoulders.  

Phil narrowed his eyes slightly.  "Clint? Why?“

"Because you look worn out and I… I wanted to take care of you, but I wasn’t going to ditch you to cook.” He glanced away, mumbling else.


“I like holding you.” Phil caught Clint’s mumble that time, thought it was only slightly more improved than before.  His voice was clearer. “Just let me take care of you, okay?”

Phil relented with a nod of his head.  "You’re injured.“

"It’s not that bad and you get to take care of me more often.”

“True,” Phil agreed with Clint kissing Phil’s smirking lips.

“I set you up for that one.”

Phil hummed his agreement and let him fall back onto Clint’s lap.

“So what happened?”

Phil hesitated, before launching into the full story.  Clint would wince whenever Phil described an injury.  Halfway through Clint reached out to hold Phil’s hand, thumb stroking over the back of it.  When he finished telling the tale. “I’m really glad you’re home. Makes the day better.”

Clint’s smile spread across his face.  "Yeah?“

Phil nodded.

Clint leaned in to kiss him again as there was a knock on the door. Both of them looked at the door before looking at each other.  Clint smirked, kissed him quickly, before lifting Phil up to go to the door.

Phil sat up and could hear Clint talking to several people. Spoiling him, is what Clint was up to. Phil shook his head, but he smiled to himself as he got up to see the bathroom.  That would give Clint time to set up whatever he wanted.  

Phil made sure to take his sweet time and when he came back out Clint hadn’t disappointed.  The coffee table now contained fried cheese curds, macaroni and cheese, brats, and some sort of bread.  Phil drove for the fried cheese curds, because those needed to be eaten hot. He bit into one and made a happy noise.  "Clint?”

“Putting away desert,” Clint called from the kitchen. He reappeared with two bottles in hand. One he offered to Phil. “Wisconsin beer.”

“I love you,” Phil said around another bite.  

Clint grinned, kissing Phil’s nose, before sitting down next to him.

“Where did you even find these in New York?” Phil asked, letting Clint have one.

“That’s my little secret,” Clint replied. “Besides, if I tell you, you’ll be there far too often.  Do you remember last time we visited Manitowoc?”

Phil looked away, thinking about how many different cheese stops they’d made and how much cheese curds he’d indulged in and how much grief his SHIELD approved dietician had given him.  "Fair enough.“

"Yeah, they’re not my secret weakness, but I can get them for you when you’ve had a shitty day.”

“Stark.” Phil surmised.

“Yes, Tony is involved, because Tony is my friend.  He likes you, too, you know.”

Phil nodded, not terribly surprised. He smiled.  "Thank you for all of this.“

"You’d do the same for me, have done,” Clint replied.  "Just glad that I finally get to return the favor.“

Phil chuckled, grabbing another fried cheese curd and popping it in his mouth.

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How would you write someone dancing ballet? Like most readers probably wouldn't understand 'she did a (dance move)' because they don't know what that dance move is, and it'd sound prettier if I described it I guess? For example if my character saw someone dancing and doesn't know anything about ballet. I hope u can help

Hi there!

I feel your struggle anon! Technical language may not be the best choice if you are not writing for a technical public and you’re absolutely right: there is a big difference in writing ‘she executed a perfect derriere attitude’ and ‘It was like her entire figure lifted all of a sudden. Light, ethereal, her leg lifted behind her without the fairest sign of effort, eyes barely open, grazing the tips of her extended fingers without seeing them. She wasn’t watching anymore. She wasn’t dancing anymore. She was the music and the stage was her home’ or something like that. 

Try to look at dance and describe it with your words. How would you describe an attitude or an arabesque? How would you describe a move you don’t even know the name of? The important thing here is feeling. You can even just write ‘she lifted her leg’ but how does it feel to you? What do you think about when you see it? What feelings can the dancer elicit in you? Make it as personal as you want: ballet is an art so you don’t have to know the terminology to appreciate it and if you can get something from watching dance and communicate that something through your words, then your readers will definitely feel it too.

Hope this helps!

Script Ballerina

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Hey if this isn't too much to ask would you please do Reaper's S/O who always covers her face with a mask like 24/7 but one day Reaper's finds his S/O without it how would he react ( bonus points if he takes off his mask) thank you~♡

This sounds super adorable!!! I hope you enjoy it, anon!

You were part of an elite force at Talon. You were tasked with handling any and all missions that dealt with scouting areas and creating entry points for the main Talon force, compromised of Reaper, Sombra, and the ever elusive Widowmaker.

All three of them were the so-called “big dogs” of Talon, being tasked with assassinating key figures and potential threats to the organization.

For some reason, you were grouped together with them this mission. You were supposed to infiltrate a building and steal important, classified information about the shutdown of Overwatch.

You’d been given the job of finding a weak point in the high-security facility, and taking complete and total advantage of it.

And that’s exactly what you had done.

In front of you lay two men, both of their necks sliced open and currently bleeding out by their jugular.

You adjusted the cuffs on your sleeves, and twisted your wrists, a small knife gripped in your left hand. You felt a slight amount of guilt, but quickly brushed it away as you sheathed your knife.

Reaper, the main brute of the group, walked up from behind you, kicking away the corpses of the now dead security guards that guarded the west entrance of the building.

“Not much of a security guard if they can’t defend themselves against you.” Reaper spoke.

“Quiet.” You sneered, your mask muffling your voice as you did.

“You can at least say thank you.”

Reaper scoffed, grabbing one of his guns and quickly drawing it, shooting in the direction of a security camera, quickly disabling it.

“I’ll thank you once we’re done, now get moving.” He ordered, pointing a clawed hand towards the door in front of you two. “Go.”

You rolled your eyes and walked out of the blood stained room.

This was way beyond your pay grade.

WAY beyond.

You looked over at Reaper and Sombra, and then looked around the room.

It was now splattered in blood, because of you and Reaper. What felt like a swarm of security guards had come into the small, central room of the building you were currently in. You and the robed man had to hold them off while Sombra read, copied, and extracted the classified information you were after.

You were absolutely tired, this is not what you’re used to doing. Sure, you’d have to kill one person here and there in order to create an entry point, but 59 of them? No goddamn way.

“Annnnd we’re done!” Chimed Sombra, pulling the thumb drive out from the computer in front of her. “I’m going on ahead, I’ll see you two later.”

And with that, Sombra was gone.

“Again, why am I here?” You looked over in Reaper’s direction “She could’ve handled it by herself, with the invisibility and all.”

“Maybe I just wanted your company.” Reaper replied, no hint of sarcasm in his voice.

You felt a little taken aback by his comment, furrowing your eyebrows beneath your mask.

“Oh.” Is all you could think of to reply.

You had finally made your way through the winding corridors of which you came, back to the area that you entered from. You were walking in silence beside Reaper, still a little flustered from his earlier comment.

You were knocked out of your thoughts when you heard a very loud tink come from behind you, accompanied by the sound of shattering glass. The sudden sound made you turn around-


Barreling down the hallway, came a cloud of dust-colored smoke.

You felt a clawed hand grasp your own and sneered as he tugged on it hard.

“Don’t just stand there and stare at it, get moving!” He yelled, his mask making his voice sound ragged.

As he finished speaking, you both took off in a sprint down the narrow corridor leading to your escape. You were still absolutely exhausted from pretty much slaughtering the entire building, and your legs gave out for a moment, making you stumble and trip, falling on your face with a loud thud.

You screamed in agony, the taste of iron pooling in your mouth as you made contact with the floor. You didn’t linger for long, and quickly brought yourself back up to your feet.

Too late.

You had become encased in the ominous gray smoke, and you felt weak.

What the fuck is this stuff?!” Was all you could think, struggling to keep yourself steady. On top of that, the smoke had infiltrated your mask and you began to cough violently.

You felt yourself losing consciousness, when suddenly you were enveloped in an even darker smoke, the smoke pulling you off of the ground and dragging you towards the escape as your vision went black.

You woke up, feeling the hard, uncomfortable concrete beneath your butt and on your back. You turned your head, assessing your surroundings and wondering what was going on.

You also had a killer headache, and you wanted that fixed immediately. Bringing your hand up to your head, you gently pressed it against your forehea-

“Wait,” You spoke, albeit to yourself “Where’s my mask?”

“Right here.” Reaper said, tossing your incredibly cracked mask beside you. “It prevented you from busting your goddamn brains out whenever you fell earlier.”

Your head turned to look at the man who was hovering above you, examining him as he spoke.

Wait,” You repeated “Where’s your mask?”

You’d seen him without his mask before, but only a handful of times.

“Didn’t feel right to have mine on if you didn’t.” He responded simply, shrugging.

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Just gotta ask: what kinds of swimwear would Takeshi like to see his female s/o wear? 😆

Of course, my lovely anon! Thank you for your request and I hope you’ll enjoy!

  • Yamamoto would honestly prefer that his partner was comfortable. If a modest one-piece makes them the most comfortable and happy, he’ll be happiest with that. If a skimpy thong bikini makes them happiest, he’ll be happy with that. He just wants to make sure they’re happy with what they’re wearing and will be able to have fun in it.
  • However, he does think a sporty but cute one-piece looks good on almost every girl. Something like this one would appeal to him because it looks comfortable, meaning his partner would have no issues swimming and playing beach games with him, but still is sexy in a tomboyish way with the exposed back and high cut legs.
  • He also really enjoys tankini’s, especially ones in more vibrant colours like this one. Again, they look comfortable but are still cute enough for him to really appreciate seeing on his partner.

anonymous asked:

Hello! Headcanons or scenario about Mirio having a crush with someone that have low self-esteem

Hello! I did head canons cause my inbox is pretty flooded with scenario requests. I hope you like it >//

  • Mirio knows how to handle people who have low self-esteem because of experience. Ehem, amajiki, ehem.
  • He would give them random compliments. It could just be a simple ‘You did good at the sparring,’ but he means it with all his heart. 
  •  He will show them support, and be a little ball of sun that he is. He would listen to their problems and try to help them with it. 
  • If he’d confess their feelings for them for the first time, he will give them flowers. 
  • Mirio would leave anonymous encouraging notes on their locker, reminding them they deserve the world. 


★ “Stop talking. I will win. That’s… what heroes do.” | “So I’m going to be a hero. I’ll make that money… So that my mom and dad can have easier lives!” ★
Katsuki & Ochako | Brave Heroes | Requested by anon  o(〃^▽^〃)o  

anonymous asked:

Can I request a scenario with Tokoyami & his slightly chubby s/o? Like he finds them staring at themselves in the mirror, criticizing them self & he comforts them?

Here you go anon! I hope you enjoy it!! Sorry it took so long!

Life was hard. Tokoyami knew this. He understood this. Life was cruel, and unfair, and horrible. But, life was also very beautiful. From blooming cherry blossoms, to friendly strangers greeting others as they go on with their day. But to Tokoyami, the most beautiful thing in this short, sometimes cruel world, was you. His amazing Y/N, who looked beyond his looks and darkness and serious exterior, revealing a love inside of him he never knew existed. A love so warm, so accepting so..beautiful. And what was even more beautiful was the fact you saw beauty in everything. How each person, each living thing, had their own story, their own life. You saw how it was so complicated, but so simple..You saw each person’s unique beauty.

Each person, that is, except for yourself.

He came home one night, tired from an exhausting day of hero work, and he looked forward to nothing but spending the night with you in his arms. When he entered the room however, he saw you looking at yourself in the mirror with nothing but the purest of hate, of disgust, grabbing the fat you thought shouldn’t be there. This was what made you, in your own mind, ugly and horrid. You stood there, crying at the absence of beauty, muttering how disgusting you were. It broke Tokoyami’s heart. How could you not see what he saw? How could you not see how incredibly beautiful you were? How breathtaking you were? How could you see anything other than the absolute radiance you seemed to give off?

Slowly and quietly, Tokoyami came up behind you, wrapping his arms around you. “..I know..You don’t like how you look..I could always go on about how you aren’t fat, or you’re beautiful no matter what. And you are beautiful no matter what. But..I know that isn’t what you wish to hear. And, I know that you wonder why I love you if you look the way you do. But Y/N, I don’t understand how you don’t see what I see? You’re so beautiful to me..” He whispered to you.

“..Why? Why am I so beautiful to you? What can you possibly see?” You asked bitterly.

“You’re beautiful because you see the beauty in everything. And you’re beautiful because you taught me how to love.” He started. “Y/N, beauty is so much more than a physical appearance. True beauty is reflected in your soul. It is the caring you so lovingly give, the passion that you show. And this..amazingly ethereal beauty you show in your soul..it just grows with each passing year.”

Those words broke you, making you sob in a way that showed how much you’ve been holding in. They helped in so many ways, and as you hugged your amazing boyfriend, you started to see the beauty he held much more clearer, as well as your own.


Ice Dance Elements presented by Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir | Dance Lifts

insp. by @eggplantgifs​ and feat. special guest appearance by Marie France Dubreuil and Patrice Lauzon

Lifts are essential elements in any Ice Dance program. They are used to enhance the character, music and choreography of the dance. They are graded on a level scale and awarded Grades of Execution (GOEs). Levels are awarded based on difficultly in the form of difficult positions, change of positions, entry and exit features, and number of rotations. Unlike pairs lifts, in Ice Dance the lifted partner cannot be supported over the head of the lifter so the lifts are identified by the position of the lifter and are split into two categories:

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Make Me Choose

Todoroki Shouto or Bakugou Katsuki asked by anon ❀

anonymous asked:

Thank you for remembering Kinoshita and Narita in your karasuno art!!!

thank you for noticing them!!!