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Something Entirely New (Cullen x Inquisitor/Reader)

Cullen never really knew what it was like to be in love until recently.

Word Count: 600

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You had completely changed his life like he’d never thought possible.

He had felt his heart pound around others before, his mind draw to an utter blank, or even feel so flustered as to rush off.

But you were different.

Utterly and wonderfully different.

His stomach used to twist or tie into knots at the sight of you, and there were more times that he could count that you left him at a loss for words, hardly able to muster more than a few murmurs.

But you made him happy.

Happier than he thought possible.

Despite it all the moment he’d see you approach him his heart would skip a beat and a warmth bloom in his chest.

He hadn’t entirely thought he was in reality when you admitted the same to him, somehow able to maintain that sort of calmness you always had.

How you did, he hadn’t the faintest idea.

He could make a list about all of the things about you that amazed him.

But the idea of ever saying it to you left him near shaking.

But somedays he could come close.

And one morning he had come close.

He had woken to find you cradled in his arms, streams of sunlight pouring in from the glass of your quarters as his eyes opened.

He couldn’t help but smile as he felt your hands ribboned around him in return, only stirred as he let out a small yawn.

You crinkled your nose briefly, stretching before sinking back against him, your lids opening as you looked up to him, smiling.

“…Good morning.”

“Good morning.” He hummed, grinning at the sleepiness entangled in your tone.

You glanced up outside, folding your lips. “I’m not…I’m not sure I want to get up yet.” You raised your brow, sheepish. “What about you?”

“I don’t mind.” He simpered.

You thought for a moment. “I’m not…I’m not tired I just…” You giggled meekly, the tips of your ears reddening. “I don’t really want to leave this.”

It clicked in his head almost instantly, feeling his heart threatening to burst.

He hardly even thought before the words slipped from his mouth.

“I love you.” He said softly. “I love you so much did you know that?”

Your eyes widened like saucers, your face erupting into red in a moment’s notice.

And you began to laugh.

It was a beautiful sort of laugh, quiet and flustered as you responded.

“I love you too.”

He couldn’t seem to stop smiling you said that to him, tipping his forehead against your own.

“I…” He sighed. “I don’t even know how to begin to describe you.”

“What do you mean?”

“You’re just…” He folded his lips, trying to muster the courage to confess it. “I can’t believe I’m blessed enough to have this-to have y-you with me.”

You were speechless for a second, gaze shining with a sort of surprise in your expression.

And then you melted.

You curled your hands around his cheeks, peppering his face in kisses, eventually finding your fingertips tangled in his hair.

“You want to know something?”

“What?” He asked, trying to mask his embarrassment, his face slightly hidden within one of the pillows.

“I think I just might be the luckiest person in Thedas when I’m with you.”

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hi! i'm new to this whole tumblr thing and i was wondering if you could answer my question. Hopefully it's clear and you get what i mean. So, i have been messing around with my tumblr theme and i want to add a page, not a link but a page, and idk how to let it show up on my 'main page' (for example, on my cc finds, i want a page for every tag like clothes, hairs, etc..). i hope this was clear idk sorry, it's okay if you can't help me

Hi! I’ll try to help you as much as I can because I’m not that good at “pages” either. It really depends on what type of theme you have. If you have a theme that can link to another page where you can add your tags, that’s great! But, I am just making the assumption that you don’t, just like me. Using my theme for example, I go in to edit my theme and scroll all the way down through my options until I see “+ Add a page” When it opens up, you should see something that looks like this. feel free to put whatever you like in the “url” space. I put “test” just as an example. You can put a page title if you like. If you don’t want a title, you don’t need to put one. 

After adding a title (if you want) and changing the url, you’re ready to add your links. You can add a picture, but for this tutorial I’m only going to use text. I added a simple Click Here!, made it bold, and then chose to put a link on it. (You can put multiple links here. This really helps with differentiating different pieces of cc. You will just have to add /tagged/(taggeditem) when you add more links. Examples: (yoururl).tumblr.com/tagged/s4shirt 

I always make my links open in a new tab, but this is optional. I added my link, didn’t add a title and then chose Insert link. Sometimes the link doesn’t work immediately so you may need to go in multiple times to add the link to your text or photo. (The photo works the same way. You just need to highlight the photo like you would the text and do the same steps from there.) After you add your links and make the page the way you want it to look, save and then you go back to your “tabs” if you have any. Now, you may not have the “Link 1 Icon”, but you should have the title and link like so. You don’t have to choose the first tab, you can choose any one you like. 

Choose a tab you would like to place the link into and add the title “Custom Content” if that is what you want it to be called (You can name it anything of course). After naming it, go down to the link url and copy and paste your “page url” into that slot. So, you would put (yourname).tumblr.com/(urlname). After that, save all of your work and preview it to see if the tab is somewhere on your blog. For me, it is the Home tab that I am showing off since I’m not actually adding this test page anywhere, but they all work exactly the same. 

Leave your customization and click on the “custom content” tab to make sure it goes to your page like so. For me, I just typed into the search bar my tumblr url and added /test.

Click your text or photo where you put your link and hopefully if it works (because sometimes links on pages don’t right away. I found if it doesn’t work, you can go in, click the “link” button, re-paste your link and then choose “update link”) it should bring you to your tagged items. For me, I linked it to my cc.)

Anndddd we’re done! I hope this helped. I’m not the best at tutorials or pages in general. This is probably the most basic page tutorial because I don’t dabble in making pages often. Thanks for the ask and I hope I could help in some way! 

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Hi, I'm fairly new to the CC fandom and have been recently hearing all this beard bs as in the result, I found your blog and I must say that I agree with you 100%. I have seen enough of her like no, she literally is everywhere like the new McDonald's menu like jesus christ can she not. I hope this hell ends for D and he can be truly happy and free.

Welcome!!! Always happy to have newbies around here. It really is a wonderful corner of the world.

I completely agree. I get some tired when I see or read about yet another stunt. I can only imagine how D feels.

The only thing we all want is for D to be free and happy. I feel like that’s a basic human right that they have taken away from him.

Thank You!

I just want to thank everyone who follows me old followers and new ones alike. I never thought I would make it this far having a Gun focused blog(even if I did start it as Hayato shh) Your likes, reblogs and notes are much appreciated. But the fact that you find my blog worthy of following is the biggest honor I can get. I hope I can continue to put out content you all enjoy and some of my own Gun trash ramble you might not enjoy. XD

I don’t want to mention any blogs cause I would forget someone along the line and then feel bad but you guys know who you are. My little circle of trust and hope. Making me smile and feel loved daily. I’m so glad to have met all of you even if we have known each other for a short time. I love you guys!

Thank you again everyone! Let’s continue to support Gun and LDH together!

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Hi! I'm new to your blog! And sorry for spamming to much...I hope I didn't cause any lags also can I get a hug from blackhat? Even tho he bit mean ;v; thanks

nah! you don’t! I made a base! you can use it for free! and if you don’t like it is ok! ypu can tell me and I’ll try to draw one for ya! 


hola! soy nueva en tu blog, perdon por el spam, puedo tener un abrazo de blackhat? 

nah! tu no haces! ¡Hice una base! ¡puedes usarlo gratis! y si no te gusta, está bien! ¡Me lo puedes decir y trataré de dibujar uno para ti!


                                                    200 followers studyblr icons

This blog reached 200 followers a few days ago and as a thank you to all you wonderful people I decided to make some studyblr icons! It’s my first shot at making flat icons so any feedback or advice is greatly appreciated. Hope you like them ~

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The Beginning 

My second #septicart!
I drew young Jack! This is a little thing where I imagined Sean finding Sam. He said it in a video before, imagining finding Sam in a cave. Ye I did too. :3c

I honestly like my first art I did for septicart than this one. It was Antisepticeye:

This was also my first attempt at drawing slime. Jack is making me try new things when drawing. Thank you for that! I enjoy doing this~
I also had to go back to Jack’s older videos and I looked at his old blogs and Skate 3 game play. I kept laughing and remembering his old videos. I think Little Inferno was what really got me to keep watching his videos. It is one of my favorite series from Jacksepticeye. ;w;
Hope you like the drawing and have a great day!
Oooo~ Shinyyy~ 

Characters belongs to:

Art belongs to myself:


A Bucky x Reader / smut

A/N: This is a rewrite of one of my SPN fics called ‘Purr’. I haven’t had much of a mojo to write anything new, but I wanted to put some kind of content out for you guys. Also, you’ll be happy to know it’s mechanic!Bucky. I hope you like it. Please let me know what you think ♥

Word Count: 1,629

- 18 or over please.
- if i see any blog under 18 like this or reblog it, I will have to block you.
- please, always wear a condom.

Tags: (no tags this time besides my peeps, please see the bottom of this fic if you would like to be tagged in future fics)

*gif is not mine.

Bucky had been gawking at you all day like a lovesick teenager. When your eyes would meet his sapphire blues, he’d quickly look away, as if he didn’t want you to notice his wandering eyes. You saw him though, saw his shimmering orbs scan over every inch of your body, stopping at your breasts and lingering there. Sometimes his mouth would hang open just an inch as he stared and you were surprised he never drooled, those perfect pouty lips making you want to attack his mouth in broad daylight.

You’d be lying if you said you were the innocent one, the urge to fuck his brains out growing with each moment you spent with him. When he was practicing his combat skills at Stark Tower, or tuning up Steve’s bike in the garage, you’d watch the muscles work underneath his skin with each movement, longing to run your fingers over each vein.

You’d brought him a bottle of water and watched drops of sweat run down his forehead, across his cheek, and disappear into his shirt. You’d balled your hands into fists at your sides, the urge to taste the salty liquid from his skin overwhelming you. So many times you had thought about what it would be like to feel his huge, strong hands working you over like he did baby’s engine.

“Y/N?” Bucky said sharply, snapping you out of your dirty thoughts. You clenched your thighs together and could already feel the wetness pooling in your panties. “Can you pass me that wrench from the toolbox?” You got up on shaky legs and grabbed the wrench you thought he needed from the rusted, red toolbox on the backseat.

“Thank you,” he started, taking it from your hands. “But that’s not the one. Let me show you.” His hand found the small of your back, leading you to the toolbox. He pulled out the correct wrench and presented it to you. His hand was on your back again, guiding you back to Steve’s bike. “See, this one fits because of the way this bolt goes.” You watched him bend over, admiring the grease that was speckled up and down his forearms and biceps. You were suddenly uncomfortable, your thoughts turning to pure filth as you imagined him smearing that grease all over your naked skin.

“I- I’m gonna go inside,” you stammered, fidgeting with your hands. “It’s too hot out here.”

You could feel Bucky’s eyes on you as you walked to the door of your motel room, your heart beating loudly in your chest. You closed the door behind you and pressed your back to it, letting out the deep breath you didn’t know you’d been holding. Suddenly exhausted, you flopped down on your stomach onto the bed closest to the door, and fell asleep almost instantly.

You had no idea how much time had passed, but sunlight was still shining through the curtains as you fluttered your eyelids open. After your brain peeked through your sleep induced fog, your senses realized what had awoken you. Calloused fingertips ran down your bare thighs from behind you, followed by full hands rubbing your tired muscles. You closed your eyes again and took moment to catch your breath, knowing it was Bucky.

“Is this okay?” You heard him whisper, the smell of oil and leather invading your senses. Suddenly, his hands were right below your ass, cupping the soft flesh there.

“Are you joking?” you asked without thinking, feeling goosebumps rise along your skin at his touch. This is what you’d been dreaming about for weeks. “Please don’t stop.”

As if a switch had been flipped in him, Bucky suddenly had his hands around your waist, flipping you over onto your back. He was still covered in grease, even more so now from working on the bike. His hands moved hungrily underneath your shirt, smearing the black substance along your heated skin. You felt like you were on fire, about to combust, when his lips suddenly crashed into yours. A moan escaped your lips and got lost in his mouth, as he brought your bottom lip between his teeth.

“Do you have any idea how long I’ve been waiting for this? To touch you like this?” He growled into your neck, as he peppered it with quick and lustful kisses. “Too fucking long.”

“I- I saw the way you looked at me,” you managed to say, Bucky’s lips moving down to your collarbone and suckling there. “Like you were undressing me with your eyes.”

Bucky brought his eyes up to meet yours; those beautiful, swirling pools of blue. You felt your breath hitch at the sudden eye contact, your teeth biting on your bottom lip. You swore his face was made of marble, the beautiful creases by his eyes and even the tiny scar on his cheek so beautiful. You brought your hand up to trace the lines on his cheeks, and his eyes instinctively closed at your soft touch.

“You caught me,” he answered with a sly smile, his tongue snaking out to swipe over his plush bottom lip. “Now I want to undress you for real. Do you mind?”

His eyes were glinting with mischief and lust. How could you say no to someone so attractive? You shook your head no, unable to form words. Bucky quickly disposed of your grease covered t-shirt and bra, following with your cotton shorts. You suddenly remembered that you had failed to put on any panties today, suddenly self-consciously naked under his intimidating gaze. Bucky whistled, the sound echoing off the motel room walls.

“Would you look at that pretty pussy?” he groaned out, brushing his thumb softly across your already swollen clit. “Just as I imagined it would be.”

He got down on his knees at the end of the bed and put his palms underneath your ass to pull you closer to him. Your nipples were so sensitive and hard already, you couldn’t help but roll them between your fingers as you watched Bucky’s mouth come closer and closer to your dripping sex. “What do you say I make you purr like Steve’s bike outside, hmm?”

Before you could even answer, his soft lips were wrapped around your clit. At first, his tongue moved in torturous circles around your bundle of nerves, before sucking it into his mouth and making your toes curl. Every few seconds he’d stop, allowing you to catch your breath and swiping his tongue inside you to taste your juices, before sucking your clit into his mouth again and again. You were so close to cumming already and he could tell, your entire body trembling, your legs instinctively trying to close around his head. Bucky inserted one of his thick fingers inside you, growling at your walls pulsing around it.

“Fuck,” he growled, curling up his finger to brush perfectly against your g-spot. “Let me feel you cum, Y/N.”

That’s all it took for your orgasm to crash through you in a violent wave, your entire body jerking on the bed, your moans reaching the ceiling.

“You’re so sweet and you taste even sweeter,” Bucky said, sucking your juices off his finger. Your entire chest and face was flushed scarlet from your orgasm, your pussy aching for Bucky to fill you up.

“Please, Bucky,” you begged, tugging at his belt and pulling him closer.

“Tell me,” he commanded, brushing his thumb along your cheek.

“I need to feel you fill me,” you whispered, and his eyes lit up even more. His pants and boxers were pooled around his feet quicker than you could blink. You gasped at the sight of his hard, thick cock pointed right in your direction. You couldn’t help but reach your hand out to grab it, to feel the ridges and veins glide in your palm as you stroked him up and down. You licked the bead of precum off the tip of his cock, ensuring you made eye contact with him the entire time.

“Lay back,” he said, taking his cock into his own hand and lazily stroking it. He spread your legs apart with his free hand and ran the head along your slick folds, brushing it against your clit with each turn. He eased himself in slow, allowing your tight walls to accommodate his size. Bucky hissed between his teeth as he sunk himself deep inside you, feeling your sweetest spot against his sensitive tip. He pumped his hips into you at a slow pace at first, but you were already desperate for more friction, desperate for him to fuck the ever loving shit out of you.

“Faster,” you breathed out, the desperation in your voice thick and needy. “Harder. Fuck me.”

Bucky pumped into you faster and faster, the redness creeping up his chest as he fucked you deeper and deeper. His fingers dug into your ankles so deeply, he left marks. The sweat from his brow was dripping onto your stomach now,

“I’m going to fucking cum so deep inside you,” he grunted out between thrusts, the feeling of his hard cock pulling at your walls making you want to cum again. “I can’t hold it anymore.” You watched as Bucky’s face contorted and you felt his cock twitch inside you as he came, sending you over the brink yourself. You both moaned each other's’ names as you released, tingles pricking at your skin. He collapsed on top of you, the grease from his arms now rubbing all over you once more. Once you were both able to catch your breath, Bucky propped himself up on his elbow to look at you.

“You’re all dirty,” he said, a sly smirk on his face. “What do you say I go clean you up?”

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Let Me Help You

Writer - @damndescendants

Requested - yes by: @spacebabeofglitterplanet

Could you possibly do one with Harry and the daughter of tinker bell and she’s super short and under 5ft and needs help reaching things in her fix it shop so harry kind of helps her out but not with out fluff of him making her jump for it?? Thanks so much for taking time to read this

Disclaimer - I do not own any of Descendants’ characters and/or ideas all credit goes to the creator and producers of Disney Descendants

Pairing - Harry Hook x Reader

Summary – (Y/N), the daughter of Tinker Bell, is fixing something and her boyfriend, Harry Hook isn’t being the biggest of help

Warning(s) - teasing and a slight make out session at the end

Originally posted by im-in-every-fandom-cuz-im-alone

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First original post on studyblr. My school year started three weeks ago. I’m already stressed out. Last week we were in Vienna, Austria. The city was really beautiful. If you would like to see some pictures of my trip let me know.

Today I did some revision notes on our first topic in my management class. It was about how to start a company. Lately I’m always studying at night, but I want to change that. I struggle with two subjects this year and I hope this community will motivate me to study better and achieve more!🌙

how to add fancy font support to your theme

hey y'all here’s a quick tut on how to get that new fancy cursive font to display on your all’s blogs because otherwise it just looks like normal text!

(this is the font i’m talking about btw)

okay so go into your theme customize page (it’s the palette icon in the top-right corner on desktop), click “edit html”, and paste this in directly under <style type="text/css">:

@font-face {
     font-family: fairwater;
     src: url('https://assets.tumblr.com/fonts/fairwater/fairwater_script_regular-webfont.woff2?v=b7ab7a58cded3365889a447bfd9e9c45');
.npf_quirky {
     font-family: fairwater, serif;
     font-size: 14pt;

to quickly explain what that does:

the @font-face bit imports the font from tumblr’s servers to your blog, because the vast majority of computers don’t have it natively installed and so if you didn’t do that it would just show up as a standard serif font like times new roman or some shit (whatever’s default for your browser).

the .npf_quirky bit is what actually changes the font in paragraphs/whatever that have class="npf_quirky" tacked onto them (as in <p class="npf_quirky"></p>). i also set the size to larger than my theme’s usual because it’s kind of a tiny font.

anyways i hope this is helpful and have fun!


Tell me, what do you feel for my kingly nephew?” “I love him with all my heart,” Sansa said at once. “Truly?” He did not sound convinced. “Even now?” “My love for His Grace is greater than it has ever been.” The Imp laughed aloud. “Well, someone has taught you to lie well. You may be grateful for that one day, child.

        Tyrion admiring Sansa (and her survivng skills) - for Anonymous

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Hi hi hi!! Your art is gorgeous, and I've been meaning to ask, how do you paint noses so well? :O Especially from a 3/4th angle? I've been trying to paint realism myself, but I haven't been able to get the noses right, haha! Keep being lovely~!!

Thank you anon, and also I’m sorry for taking so long to respond!

Thanks again for being patient, I’m very slow with answering asks ;-; 

Like I said above, I didn’t want to repeat info that was already pretty widely available, I hope anyone reading this got something new out of it. Thanks for reading, re-blogging, liking or whatever else. Have a nice day, and some extra resources are below.

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I’m thinking your body…should be illegal  ~  [Black Out M2 Fan Cam - Leo Vers]

It looks like Egg is hatching!

Congratulations! Your Egg hatched into Rufflet!

(??? the Rufflet is now available for asks!)

lol my mom is so adorable.. i guess she seen that leo-sims converted my conversions and wrote in the comments of their post:

lmao thanks mom for being so proud that i know how to convert things <333


vivi_am waffle cardigan(TS3)

*2 swatches

*new mesh

*all recolorable

this is an event gift for my 33333th visitor of my naver blog :3

I tried to make a basic fit cardigan, don’t know you guys like it or not

always thanks for using my cc and hope you enjoy this :>




If you agree with the T.O.U plz turn to